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STL — Cayman Islands
Sep 29 — Oct 61
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0 bags
Wed 9/29
Wed 10/6

Good to know

Low season

NovemberBest time to beat the crowds with an average 1% drop in price.

High season

DecemberMost popular time to fly with an average 4% increase in price.

Average price round-trip

$487(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal round-trip

$414or less

Good deal one-way

$322or less

Top tips for finding cheap flights to the Cayman Islands

  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to the Cayman Islands is March.

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Top 3 airlines serving Lambert-St Louis to Cayman Islands

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
British AirwaysOverall score based on 23021 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Seats were comfortable.
Cons: There was no food or drinks on an international flight - you had to pay for even a coffee or tea ...... not acceptable!

Read more about British Airways

Pros: Seats were comfortable.
Cons: There was no food or drinks on an international flight - you had to pay for even a coffee or tea ...... not acceptable!

Cons: Legroom was no better than economy class

Cons: Great experience

Pros: Nothing British airways was fine
Cons: Your website messed up and booked my flight for the wrong month. I booked sept 20 2019 and your site errored out. Eventually it booked the flight but apparently it was for oct 20, 2019 and I couldn’t get a refund because it was through kayak not British airways. I’m never using kayak ever again

Cons: Please provide enough blankets. The canin was cold!!!

Pros: Great !
Cons: Kosher meal a bit hard to open

Pros: Absolutely nothing.
Cons: Swat comfort. Boarding. Crew warmth (at least pretend you don’t hate your job).

Cons: It started over an hour late and they lost my luggage

Pros: In time departure and friendly staff
Cons: No complaints

Cons: Flight was over hour and a half late. Flight attendant forgot about me and my drink order on board. They didn’t pick up the trash we had to ask for it. Gate wasn’t ready upon arrival

Cons: Being late and I missed my next flight. I talked with the customer service to book me on next flight from Dallas to London. They did that and told me that they moved my luaggage to the new booking but didn’t happen and I was going around in London looking for my luggage.

Pros: Fruebdjf, courteous and good food.
Cons: Nothing!

Pros: I like everything.

Cons: stuffy staff, not helpful, horrible seating - definitely don't see things from customer point of view. Will never fly BA again

Cons: Service level and carelessness of the crew

Pros: BA overall service was good.
Cons: Boarding at venice was a disaster. they changed gate without annoncing it in english. I am sure they did it in Italian but not every travel speaks italian. getting on bus to airplane was not organized at all. staff let people ahead of me taking their carry on bags larger than my normal size bag but asked me to check in mine. i thought perhaps i am amoung the last and there is no room left. how ever while i was waiting they let many others take their carry on with them. i explained them that i have expensive Murrano glass in my carry on and prefer not to check in or at least provide a tag to mark it fragile. response was that we are out of tag! and i have no choioce. i was very upset theway they trreated me and told them i will file a complain and took their picture. almost by the time i was getting on bus one of crew approached me with at Fragile tag to add to my bag. after all when i received my carry on bag in LAX many of my gifts were smashed and broken.

Pros: The crew was outstanding.

Pros: The modern plane and comfortable seats, fast boarding with little queue
Cons: The new strange self check in and baggage drop proceedure

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They were late, once we were ready to board the plane it has been changed to another gate due to Brittish delay, so we had to do nother security review. We faced a bad attitude in the countter that was very dissapointing.

Pros: Timely.

Pros: Good leg room
Cons: Movie system frequently had to be rebooted.

Pros: Plane had to be de-iced which delayed departure time and then wait for landing slot.
Cons: Heathrow need to build more capacity to reduce emissions and delays.

Cons: It was on Air Lingus not BA. No Entertainment -

Pros: Clean, informative pilot
Cons: 2 hours delay!

Pros: Nice crew
Cons: Less spaces and food and drinks for purchase. Really bad!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything... including from London to Venice I need check my small luggage and they broke all . The small and the big one how I can be reimbursed for the damages? I need throw in the garbage both luggage’s now..I am really mad about it.

Cons: Lost luggage. Bag that I should have been allowed to take on as a carry on but woman at check in said it was a full flight. Meaning while the whole bin above me was empty. At least let me gate check bag if it didn’t fit. Especially because she let the couple in front of me take their bag as a carry on afyer she first told them they couldn’t take it. Double standard. Then after all that the bag is lost. I fly foreign often and Food was mediocre.

Cons: We have to pay for even water or tea or coffee. So we stay thirsty.

Cons: Same as above.

Pros: There is nothing to like. I paid for three return tickets from Amsterdam to London. My family and I were at airport and couldn't get on the flight. Even return trip wasn't honored. I made a mistake by choosing this carrier and would never do this or even recommend British Airline to anyone. . What disaster.

Pros: I thought British Airways was a better airline. I hope they do better job to when I return back to my home next mointh!

Pros: Staff was excellent
Cons: Seats were very cramped

Pros: Left on time
Cons: Charged me an extra 120 to check my bags

Pros: A new low!

Pros: In general I liked the flight.

Pros: the only somewhat helpful person was the customer service attendant that i called the day before i flew who tried his best to be helpful after the worst flying experiences i have ever had
Cons: the lack of anyone willing to assist me in the airport, over the phone, online. i was not able to check in had to call customer service several times because i was getting hung up on or told that nothing could be done to check me in, issue me boarding passes or just answer general questions. Went to the airport 3 hours prior for a transatlantic flight like recommended (6:45). The attendants showed up to the desk at 8, with no sign as to when they would show up even though the desk was getting called constantly starting at 7am. was told that in dublin we would have to check in to flight and we would be assigned seats then. even thought the attendant printed our boarding passes for the connecting flight but did not give them to us. When in dublin was told that we had already been checked in and we could have been assigned our seats in madrid by the connections desk. When talking to others on same flight they told us they were allowed to checkin into all flights and had no issues at the airport

Cons: flight was cancelled and they abandoned us

Cons: For some reason British Airways has a bug in its computers and does not allow me to check in on line. This is not the first time.

Pros: Every thing was in time Service was good
Cons: Not enough room to sit or eat The salmon dish was not good in my opinion

Cons: Too many busses to take to different terminals.

Pros: Boarded easily plenty of room for bags
Cons: All snacks and drinks cost money! Paid for extra legroom row but my knees still touched seat in front of me. Exceptionally poor aircraft configuration - business class had center seats blocked. Remove those rows and make business class 2x2 and I will consider buying it.

Cons: Flight was 3 hr delayed, seats were uncomfortable, flight was oversold and could not seat next to spouse even though we booked well in advance.

Pros: Lots of luggage space, even in the back. Infotainment system takes away the pain of flying steerage class.
Cons: Was in the final row of a 777-400 series. Super small 4 across seats and limited recline.

Pros: The flight attendants were cheerful and ever so attentive. Love & appreciate the hospitality rendered. I like that there is a vegetatian meal option too.
Cons: I could do with a little more leg space but I suppose it is not possible. An ice cream as replacemenrlt perhaps?

Pros: I landed in San Diego
Cons: The seat was so small if I dropped something there was no way I could pick it up off the floor. I had to hold my arms in front of me because with an adult beside me there was no way both our arms could rest at the same time. I think if seating in coach gets any smaller you'll have to give disclaimers that only children should consider coach seats as suitable.

Pros: Standard BA dependability. Like a dependable but stodgy old uncle.
Cons: Chaotic boarding process. No enforcement of boarding groups

Pros: The food and entertainment options were both above average.
Cons: The flight was being run by Iberia, not British Airways. Iberia has a policy which did not allow me to check in without proof of a return flight. Unfortunately, my travel partner had booked the return flight and did not share the details with me. I was not able to reach my travel partner and, as such, was forced to buy a new ~$2,300 return ticket on the spot in order to provide the necessary proof. This was an extreme inconvenience, as I nearly missed my flight. If Iberia or British Airways made its travelers aware of this policy in advance of their check in. I have no intention of flying Iberia ever again.

Cons: No good music in the entertainment and no good movies either.

Pros: AA has domestic US mkt. monopoly - they don't care to improve. People will not stop traveling so take them for suckers!!!
Cons: On flight service

Pros: It made it.
Cons: Once were on board our pilot informed us there would be a 1 hour hold time by the tower. After 20 minutes, things changed and we left. We arrived late, but it was Terminal 3 to Terminal 3. Fast right? Nope. Walked for days and then we got to go through security again. Arrived to gate. More of room with in access, but no out access. Good thing there were bathrooms in there - oh no wait - there weren't. Good long wait with kids before we could board.

Cons: Terrible logistics. Stuck on tarmac because they couldn’t clear the previous plane out of the gate. Fellow passengers missed their connecting flights.

Cons: Canceled flight caused me to remain in a hotel for another day. Confusing check in. No one to help. Machines broken. Unable to disembark from the plane. Bad logistics all the way around.

Cons: Same old tiny uncomfortable commuter jet.

Pros: Crew members were okay
Cons: Wifi could be better

Pros: Very friendly and accommodating.
Cons: tv screens on the back of seats

Cons: First time we have flown First Class on American Airlines and service was outstanding and perfect! Thank you for an amazing experience!!

Pros: The crew was fantastic and very nicely got us into an earlier flight and allowed my wife and I to sit together for our 10th anniversary
Cons: The entertainment apps were difficult to use

Pros: Timelness
Cons: More leg room

Pros: Seat uncomfortable. I am an elite flier and was put in an n uncomfortable middle seat with no choice.
Cons: Seat should with choice.

Pros: WiFi entertainment system.
Cons: Hard seats, no arm padding. No power to recharge phone and iPad.

Cons: When the delayed flight landed, the crew should help expedite those connecting to other flights. They should announce our connecting gates so that we don’t have to look it up.

Cons: 2 hour delays on both flights of a round trip

Cons: 4 hour plane availability delay - of course planned on weather but not planning

Pros: You got us there safely.
Cons: Not sure who is at fault for running out of de-ice solution, but keeping us sitting on the tarmac without air ventilation for almost 3 hours... with only an apology and a last minute glass of water? that was terrible customer service.

Pros: Flight left St. Louis on time,
Cons: My connecting flight was cancelled while I was in the air. Customer service was SWAMPED with cancellations with only a handful of staff to help. My plane was a mechanical cancellation so I received a food and hotel voucher. Trying to get another flight from LaGuardia to YYZ was horrible.

Pros: One flight attendant was very nice and petsonable.
Cons: Already checked in and then flight canceled 10 hours before departure. Paid for preferred seating but rebooked on smaller aircraft full and had to sit in last row. Not happy and arrived 2 hours latet than original flight. Tried to explain this at gate to American employee but she told me to sit down until name was called. Probably could have had better seats earlier if she could have listened to my issue but she wouldn't listen to me. Didn't even have the chance to tell her what had happened.

Pros: A cheap option to upgrade to 1st was offered that ended up being a net 0 cost upgrade for me so I took it. Comfortable on an old (but oh so nice) aircraft.
Cons: Arrived 30 minutes early to the airport but then had to sit at a remote pad so that we ended up being 5 minutes late to the gate. A short transfer was made even more difficult, and a massive waste if time and fuel sitting and waiting. Figure out your gates early and better, and move around if needed. At the very least, bring up some stairs and buses to get passengers to the terminal and then tow the aircraft in when you have a gate available.

Pros: I fflew Delta last Nov. Had meals movies dinner inks etc. American I am serv d beverages no meals and no movies. Getting ridiculous

Pros: Great seats in first class
Cons: N/a

Pros: We got to our destination aver 12 hours late.
Cons: In addition to being rebooked approximately 12 hours after our original flight, this flight left about 40 minutes late.

Pros: The pilot was great. Avoided turbulence and arrived about 20min early. Easy to find seat and stow bag. Smooth takeoff and landing.
Cons: Alaska airlines was who I thought I was riding with but the itinerary changed past min. Gate change and the airline itself was changed. Really confusing since I printed my boarding pass the night before.

Pros: Everything went smoothly.

Cons: Boarding chaos at Miami airport.

Cons: Flight connections time was not enough for mam with infant.we missed the flight should better set up that kind of big airport

Pros: To be fair. The flight is only 50 minutes. By th time you get a drink it's time to land. It is completely unfair to the staff to have to do that. A flight like that. Have a box with a snack and some coolers that have 5 different beverages. I wouldn't even sell booze. I person can hold out for a flight that shot to get one on the connection or in the terminal.
Cons: It's always a cramped flight. Nothing to be done except use a bigger, more spacious plane. The good thing is it's the fastest way to get to Chicago from where I lived it would take 6hrs by car.

Pros: I was so happy I could check in online and boarding was a breeze. I actually got to sit by the window when my original seat was in the middle. So nice of the ladies to suggest it to me.
Cons: No complaints

Pros: A nonstop flight, with a friendly efficient crew, met my expectations. A crew member went above and beyond when I asked for a coffee stirrer with my coke and ice.
Cons: I've been spoiled by another airline's access to screens on the back of the headrest. I have my own hand held devices to entertain myself instead.

Cons: Flight was late, got a message from Kayak that it was delayed 3 hours...thank goodness I happened to check again, because then it was only delayed for 41 mins, then it gave me an update that it was only 21 mins delayed, then went back to 41! Pretty inconvenient, and it would have been nice to get a text, not just some silent pop up

Pros: Got to La Guardia almost 26 minutes early but then waited FORTY minutes for the gate!
Cons: AA needs better coordination with the horrible La Guardia airport

Pros: Flight was on time, staff was friendly and boarding was organized.
Cons: I'm a small person (5'-2", 105lbs) and I didn't have room to breathe in that tiny little seat.

Pros: Arrived to the airport well ahead of time and encountered lines so long that we were not able to make our flight. Only 2 attendants working and so many people had to be rebooked we didn't get another flight for 3 days. Did I mention I was traveling with a baby?

Pros: On time arrival
Cons: Everything else

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The storage are very small, by the time i boarded everything was full. I had to hand carry bags and i had to put it in front of me which is a very small space already, on top of that i had the window sit so i had no space to move. it was very uncomfortable, and flight was delayed. We sat there for an hour before taking off but i understand its due to the weather but it was my worst plane ride not worth 300dollars. I will not ride american airline again.

Pros: JAL is customer oriented and it's always a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, though the return trip is also JAL, the cabin crew isn't.

Cons: Everything was great.

Cons: Only suggestion would be to make the connection process a little easier. If the passenger doesn't speak English, the fact you need to print the international ticket in Miami, then re-enter at checkpoint might create confusion.

Pros: The flight attendants were great and very friendly!
Cons: The wifi wasn't very good so I couldn't access the in flight entertainment I also had my own snacks so I didn't buy any food

Pros: Boarding was good, Good flight , good service , plane was small for the distance with limited space for movement ,

Pros: On time. Good leg room.
Cons: Valet flight, i.e. even normal sized carry-on cannot be stowed above the seat We arrived at the gate 20 min before departure, due to TSA delays. But they closed the door and no one was around to even talk to. At least they put us in the next flight.... Still, as we're not checking in any bags, they could have let us in.

Pros: Non stop
Cons: Airline

Cons: Boarding took forever, the flight was over 2 hours late which caused me to miss my connecting flight and my military orders were not honored - I still had to pay extra to take all my gear back to my duty station. Never had that issue with any other American airline.

Pros: Fabulous crew and service, absolutely fantastic.
Cons: Having to get off!

Pros: I don't know how airlines get away with all the stipulations and regualations they have in the buying process there is. Otho g I like about the scam artist they are
Cons: The fact they they can just make it a policy and then because the employees have to have a job and enforce it blows my mind. 200 dollar transfer fee plus the difference in the ticket when it's over two weeks in advance. You people are scam artist

Pros: You provide me with the best ticket prices and to me that was the the most important part of of the trip thx
Cons: The airlines charging for your luggage

Pros: Plenty of leg room no entertainment so I dozed.
Cons: People stuffing oversized bags in overhead.

Pros: Entertainment was free.
Cons: Had to wait for mechanical issues so we were delayed.

Pros: One I love free sodies and two I love free sodies with a smile. I definitely got both with this flight crew.
Cons: Not enough sodies and I couldn't smell my own farts.

Cons: We were delayed for 4 hours, due to a mechanical issue. We were not given any forms of reimbursement. I would like a 500.00 voucher.

Cons: Would be nice to know ahead of time if flight is equipped with an in seat television so as to be prepared to bring headphones.

Pros: Fast flight Social distancing A whole row to almost every person
Cons: N/A

Pros: seats were pretty cramped in economy

Pros: Great service
Cons: Wifi was spotty

Pros: The flight was comfortable some of the crew were nice though not all
Cons: The food was horrible. Entertainment was limited. The boarding process is terrible. Staff needs to learn to smile more.

Pros: The answers were defaulted with a star selection and I could not change it. Our air Canada flight for Vancouver to Maui was just OK. It was an Air Canada Jazz flight. Very uncomfortable seats (and we were in business class). The flight was uneventful and the service was great. I would change my answers above to 1 star for comfort; zero stars for entertainment. The movies were old and it was very hard to hear the shows with the ear buds they provided.
Cons: See above.

Cons: First trip with AerLingus. It was late by 40 minutes. When we finally boarded they made a comment we were right on time when we most definitely were not. Then on the flight the only beverage service was almost non-existent because the flight attendants rush by rather than actually wanting to give anyone a beverage. Several people including me had connecting flights yet no one bothered to help us get to them on time. I barely made it to mine but several people probably did not as we got there 5 minutes before their flights were to take off.

Pros: They were very kind and helpful when my daughter became unexpectedly ill during the flight, bringing cold wash cloths, ice etc, and they checked in on her regularly until landing. Much appreciated!

Cons: crew was rude and unhelpful with delayed flight

Pros: Boarding was excellent, most of the staff except one was excellent. The flight was smooth. Got hooked on a new series that I started watching on the plane.
Cons: The wait time between flights on the way home was brutal but you expect that if you are flying on points. What made it worse was that I had to leave the secure area and collect my bags then wait 8 hours in the airport only to go through security again. On top of that trying to get my baggage tag there was a female agent that should have retired 100 years ago directing people like it was our fault she still had to work. If you can't be nice you should not be in customer service.

Pros: Entertainment still free with behind each seat screens still.
Cons: Only one security line to U.S. connections in Montreal Trudeau, which was slow and disappointing as both my wife and I are Nexus holders and usually enjoy relaxed screening in shorter lines.

Pros: The flight was so not packed. There were rows and rows of empty seats. I had a row to myself to sleep on, it was amazing.
Cons: Food wasn't great. Especially breakfast

Cons: The Air Canada counter officer do not help me at all. She only told me to call Air Canada which I can not since the Shanghai office is close and the US number did not work. I ended up bought a new ticket with AA.

Pros: Easy to board and pass through customs on the way to Canada. Crew was nice. Overall a pretty average flight.
Cons: Entertainment system was broken for my seat. Screen wouldn't work properly. This was a problem in every seat I sat in.

Pros: They provided a meal, a snack, and plenty of beverages. The crew was pleasant, attentive, and helpful.
Cons: Our flight was delayed three hours. My flight and one other were the last to leave that night. There were no TVs on this flight. The only way to watch movies was on a smart phone or electronic device through their app. My poor old fashioned dad, didn't bring his phone so he would have just sat there for seven and a half hours if I didn't let him borrow mine. AirCanada's alternative is to rent an iPad from them, just another way for airline companies to get money out of us. The movie choices on their app were bad and older. International flights usually have new movies to so it is less likely passengers have seen them already.

Pros: The flight was quick. Great crew.
Cons: My flight out of CLT was delayed but I was still able to catch my connection in Toronto so it all worked out.

Pros: Overall service & friendliness

Cons: I had to eat a big pizza from outside.. nonsense food and only water being served 24/7 as if I am from a desert..bullshit.

Pros: Very professional but also pleasant. Clean, good food.

Pros: Flight from STL to YYZ was unremarkable, which isn't a bad thing when it comes to air transportation. Bit of a delay leaving, waiting for de-icing trucks to show up and do their work, but I'm not sure that's Air Canada's fault.

Pros: The flight from YVR to SFO was good, but the flight from SFO to YVR was horrible. So I'm giving you an average score from both flights. Note: both flights were booked through Air Canada but were operated by United.
Cons: I booked through Air Canada but the flight was operated through United. There was NO communication regarding what terminal the flight left from and I almost missed my flight because the board said international but that was incorrect. Many people did miss their flights and everyone was MAD. I was re-booked on a later flight but fortunately I made the original flight because I happened to be walking by the gate when they called for final boarding. My seat was at the very back of the plane next to the bathrooms. When the flight took off a funnel of water poured down my back from the baggage bins above. My entire back, pants and underwear got soaked. It was disgusting. The stewardess said it was most likely water from condensation/air conditioner and offered me some paper towels. I moved to the aisle seat. Thank goodness it was open, because when we landed a ton more water poured on to my old empty seat. Once again the stewardesses didn't think it was a big deal. I feel badly for whomever sat in that back seat the next flight out. I'm sure they got soaked too. The stewardesses could not have cared less. I'm sure they didn't bother to report it.

Pros: Nothing.

Pros: Attendant Wendy was fantastic in service and friendliness.
Cons: Once again big guy put into seat 33F. Seat doesnt go back and no legroom.

Pros: The boarding went smooth. The seats are very comfortable and there was a lot of leg room. The food was delicious and the service was great. I loved the selection of movies.

Pros: unfortunately, not much.
Cons: The check in was a mess. Ticket counters were scattered, three flights going to Canada and no one was directing the lines. People in line were shouting at each other and getting angry. Took two hours to check in.....had to run to catch flight and I was there two hours before boarding time.

Pros: I loved the entertainment options, we must of had a very old plane on the trip there because it lacked entertainment unless you brought your own tablet/smart phone or paid to rent one. The food was terrible both directions, please fix that because it's a long flight to be hungry!
Cons: Food needs serious improvement

Pros: Friendly and helpful flight attendants

Pros: The flight was good.
Cons: I ordered a kosher meal, but they did not have it.

Cons: I would have liked a coffee

Pros: Nice crew
Cons: No complaints

Pros: Great service and attention

Cons: Audio jack for entertainment weren't working.

Pros: Movies ok
Cons: Very very very cold and no blanket !!!!! Was a struggle

Pros: Entertainment was excellent. Water was offered.
Cons: Service was desultory at best. Eg. Had to pass by crew on East to bathroom and they barely moved out of the way and continued their chitchat as if I didn't exist.

Pros: A fine flight, considering how small the plane was.
Cons: Boring food. Better than none at all, I suppose. I had the vegan option. Perhaps they are trying to discourage vegetarians from eating on the plane at all? It took half an hour on the phone to even arrange it.

Pros: The crew was really nice and on top of things. Prompt service and very pleasant.
Cons: The wifi movies and tv were not captioned in English for the deaf and hard of hearing. Accessibility was not provided.

Pros: The crew was very friendly.
Cons: The plane boarded early and the food was not good. The pasta was over cooked and essentially a mash.

Pros: The flight itself was fine- comfortable with nice amenities and a professional staff.
Cons: My first flight was late then cancelled, then replaced by another. That one was late too and made me miss my connecting flight. I had to spend the night stuck in the Toronto airport with nowhere to safely sleep and my late arrival meant the entire first day of my long planned vacation was ruined. I was supposed to get to my destination around 10 in the morning, instead I arrived around one in the morning the next day. All I got from Air Canada for this trouble was a $10 meal voucher for airport restaurants that cost $25 and were closed during my stay.

Pros: The Crew´s attention
Cons: Is terrible that in a flight of 9 hours the airplane did not have TV programs or Films is deplorable we should rent an Ipad for enterteinment.

Pros: It was a short flight but smooth and on time.

Pros: Departure was on time. Flight was fine on 777 aircraft.
Cons: Food was OK but they came through with food and drinks too often to get any sleep on a long flight.

Cons: Pushed call button twice as I could not get entertainment system in business class to work, never came

Pros: Comfortable seats, great complimentary entertainment.

Pros: Very friendly, helpful staff. I was traveling alone with 3 children and they placed us with extra seats.
Cons: No individual screens on in international flight with 3 kids. Luckily they had iPads to rent.

Pros: As opposed to my flight from Tokyo to Toronto, the return leg from Toronto to Baltimore had only one exception, which was that the flight attendant was very nice.
Cons: From boarding (everything was late, from departure to arrival), to how the baggage carousel announcement was wrong, and up to the bus that will take us back to the parking (all the other buses: Amtrak/Marc, Long Term A, Daily Parking, Express Parking came and went for about 4 times or more but none came for Long Term B, you can see all the frustration from the other waiting passengers, including us). A lot of improvements needed from BWI airport if they want to retain their customers.

Cons: They made me wait so long on the phone just to buy tickets and when I bought one, the staff member didn't include the returning flight, so I had to call back again and wait even longer for somebody to assist me. It was a nightmare. Also, I they don't refund or transfer tickets so be aware of that. Flight's were on time though.

Pros: Plane arrived pretty much on time. Boarding was uneventful.
Cons: Plane too low to use jetway at Pearson. Epic walk from US gates to immigration. Insufficient leg room if you're over 5'10", but that's how it is these days.

Pros: 787 atmospherics good - humidity, etc Decent price for this flight
Cons: Economy Cabin one of the most uncomfortable. Attendants were angry, short and disgruntled the entire flight.

Pros: Flight attendants were great, very nice, professional, accommodating. I woke up in the middle of the night and they politely gave me a glass of water, good food and drink service. I was so tired, I chose not to eat the dinner, so I can't speak to that, but the breakfast was juice, coffee and a slice of banana bread which was very good. Pilot was great, easy flight, easy landing. No complaints!

Pros: My air Canada app. Worked great for entertainment
Cons: Sitting on the plane for over an hour before we could take off The plane needs a good cleaning. Small size bits of garbage on the floor next to the wall. It's getting missed ... Needs to be vacuumed

Cons: First time flying air canada and flight was delayed 1 hour

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from St. Louis to the Cayman Islands

Airlines flying from St. Louis to the Cayman Islands have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from St. Louis to the Cayman Islands

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from St. Louis to the Cayman Islands

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from St. Louis to the Cayman Islands

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from St. Louis to the Cayman Islands

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from St. Louis to the Cayman Islands

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24h 06mSTL-GCM
1 stopMultiple Airlines
10h 15mGCM-STL
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
28h 20mSTL-GCM
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
35h 24mGCM-STL
1 stopAmerican Airlines
16h 48mSTL-GCM
1 stopAmerican Airlines
17h 12mGCM-STL
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
17h 18mSTL-GCM
1 stopAmerican Airlines
17h 12mGCM-STL
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
20h 51mSTL-GCM
1 stopMultiple Airlines
10h 15mGCM-STL
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
20h 32mSTL-GCM
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 06mGCM-STL
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
20h 32mSTL-GCM
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
29h 30mGCM-STL
1 stopMultiple Airlines
23h 50mSTL-GCM
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
31h 05mGCM-STL
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
33h 10mSTL-GCM
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
29h 30mGCM-STL
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
28h 20mSTL-GCM
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
31h 05mGCM-STL
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
32h 20mSTL-GCM
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
31h 05mGCM-STL
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
18h 54mSTL-GCM
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
16h 45mGCM-STL
2 stopsAir Canada
22h 40mSTL-GCM
2 stopsAir Canada
26h 38mGCM-STL
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
21h 40mSTL-GCM
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
42h 40mGCM-STL
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
15h 30mSTL-GCM
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
26h 56mGCM-STL
2 stopsAir Canada
22h 40mSTL-GCM
2 stopsAir Canada
34h 24mGCM-STL

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St. Louis - Cayman Islands Flights


St. Louis (STL)United States

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