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Aerolineas ArgentinasOverall score based on 2411 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "For three Months same movies"
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Cons: "For three Months same movies"
Cons: "The airline’s contact phone lines are never answered you are left to n hold for ever I gave up after 30 minutes hold"
Cons: "They charge $50 to check my only bag."
Pros: "After we bought waters through the gate, we had to throw them out before we got on the plane. Then every time we would click the button for a flight attendant to come over to give us water, it seemed like an issue. We got maybe a single gulp in every cup. It got to the point where they ignored us."
Cons: "The flight attendants. The food. Being able to bring your own water after buying it THROUGH the gate. Everything."
Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "Crew manners"
Pros: "The quantity of food was pretty good. The entertainment options very fun."
Cons: "The announcement at 7am could have been avoided. It woke people up."
Pros: "Carry on luggage could not fit in the overhead bin, Crew told me that they will give me the luggage at JFK. but, they did not on the plane. Airline told me not certain answer. Make me nervous"
Pros: "Try to obtain Rows 1-2 premium economy on domestic flights -- tons of room in 2-2 leather seating and first-off timing. Not sure how we ended up with this, as it did not show on our confirmation papers. Crew welcoming and efficient. Plane was clean, and flight exactly on-time out of AEP."
Pros: "seat"
Cons: "כאשר הזמנתי את הטיסה היה כתוב בבירור שיש לי מזוודה כלול במחיר וכאשר הגעתי לטיסה חייבו אותי לשלם כסף נוסף על זה!!"
Pros: "Seats comfortable, till passenger in front leans all the way back."
Cons: "Pressed call light button. More than 1 hour later, crew noticed it, while serving beverages and simply shut it off without even asking what I needed. With difficulty, I got her attention and asked for her help. Announcement made before descending that seat backs should be up. Person in front of me ignored instructions. Cabin crew walked up aisle so fast she missed that and I could not catch her attention. So, seatback was in my face, a safety hazard, the entire descent. When we left, crew muttered thank you for flying us while she was looking at her phone. Did you ever feel that the cabin crew was totally useless?"
Pros: "It got us to where we were going so we could have an awesome vacation."
Cons: "Don't forget to pick up your baggage in Buenos Aires and recheck it to your final destination if this is where you go through customs. We didn't and almost didn't have our cold weather gear for our Antarctic Cruise. Also, we had to leave the international terminal and walk a pretty long distance to the terminal for Ushuaia which was originally difficult to figure out as there wasn't a lot of signage"
Pros: "Uneventful trip"
Cons: "Tight space on the seats."
Cons: "It took very long to get the luggage after we had landed"
Pros: "Everything was great. No problems at all. Very professional staff!"
Cons: "My only complaint was the food was loaded with carbs. Bread more bread and lots of sugar. Other than that everything was fine...."
Pros: "Snacks were good. Boarding process was good. Checked bags were delivered quickly."
Cons: "Entertainment was mainly on spanish. Not many entertainment choices for english speakers. However this was not really a problem because i watched a program that was full of nature and landscape shots so it was ok even though it was in spanish."
Cons: "Coldddddddd"
Pros: "Boarding the plane back to front is common sense! Food was decent, the dessert was somehow really delicious."
Cons: "Checking-in in Argentina was chaotic and hard to understand, but they got the job done, apparently they have a system that works for them, but as an outsider it's hard to recognize. Way too many announcements for an overnight flight. They also served breakfast at midnight for some reason? Could just be the awkward time of the flight."
Pros: "Well-run efficient processes. On time actually served food!"
Cons: "Boarding in Buenos Aires was an unorganized mess. The seats were very uncomfortable on the plane. Food was bad."
Pros: "The snacks were ok."
Cons: "The seats on this plane were not meant for tall people. At 6'4", I was miserable on the entire flight."
Pros: "Crew were very responsible and respectful."
Cons: "At Ezeiza Airport the Aerolineas Argentinas attendants for the checking were too slow! Food/ dinner very poor. The flight/ pilot was good. Crew was good. At the JFK I have to wait almost 4 hours for the luggage!!"
Pros: "Nice snack"
Pros: "-"
Cons: "my flight was delayed one day due to overbooking, basically they gave my place to someone else. I lost one day of accommodation at destination and had to pay another one in Buenos Aires for which they reimburse max 55 usd, and when you wait fir reimbursement those guys move so slow you won’t believe is true, imagine you have also some people before you- i waited for 2h and 30 min and had 5 people before me. Overall Aerolineas is not a stable company so watch out when you plan your itinerary in Argentina with them i lost two flights because of them in one week"
Cons: "I get to the counter in Ushuaia and my tick t do not work! I was forced to buy a new ticket right there. And it wasn’t cheap of course. I bought it form Flight Network through your website. The charged my credit card for this ticket. I don’t know who is responsible here but I obviously want me money back. And I would suggest not linking to them ever again in the future. That was ridiculous."
Cons: "El cojín del asiento estaba vencido! Se sentía como tener el trasero hundido en un pozo... eso por +8hs... muy poco agradable. Y la comida horrible. Vuelo bastante x AR y nunca me había pasado esto... si se empieza a repetir cambio."
Pros: "Left on time, arrived on time. Not a lot of unnecessary announcements so I could try to sleep."
Cons: "Very tight seating. Seat B - in the middle of a row - left me very little room for my arms."
Pros: "Nice new plane, excellent and friendly crew."
Cons: "Left 20 minuets late for some reason, nobody knows why or ever informed anyone. We all just sat at the gate looking at the airplane."
Pros: "On time. Generous with the drinks ( non-alcohol)"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seat. Only titbits and drinks available for a 3.5 hours flight"
Pros: "First time first class. Not expected. Super comfortable."
Pros: "Once we were in the air everything was fine. Crew was great, flight entertainment was fine."
Cons: "Flight was delayed for about 30 minutes. While we waited in to board it blocks other gates for other passengers. There is one place to eat in the national departure area in this hotel after security and the tables hadon't been cleaned off."
Pros: "On time, nothing to say"
Cons: "Boarding call whas even erlier than usual"
Cons: "I didn't like the movies not working for the entire flight for everyone and that the crew was terrible and only came by once to give me a drink."
Cons: "There was no entertainment"
Cons: "small portion on cofe / wine"
Cons: "It seems like there is no simple grasp of what priority luggage means. It means that it should be handled first and that it would come out first on the carousel. This did not happen and caused significant delay in our departure."
Pros: "Organized boarding process. Clean plane"
Cons: "Food. Service slow"
Cons: "I was double booked on the same flight using Kayak. Aerolineas Argentina is so far refusing to reverse the double credit card charge. Terrible customer service. Not sure I'll ever use Kayak or fly Aerolineas Argentina again. I am telling everyone I know about the experience so they will beware of using Kayak."
Pros: "Comfortable seats. Enough legroom. On time arrival. Great experience."
Pros: "Good quality modern plane and excellent clues for money. Boarding was a bit late and not explained but for the price (much less than AA) it was excellent. I would definitely flybeoth them again"
Pros: "Crew was friendly, good selection of movies, easy boarding process"
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seating and headphones. Crew did not come around with water at all during the night"
Cons: "In flight entertainment had relatively few, interesting films and no games at all. Food was really poor (for business class) and the drinks on offer were VERY limited e.g. No Whisky at all - despite being on the menu card as available! Only four spirits on offer. Service by the crew was OK but certainly not up to what we are used to in other airlines Business class. Really very little attention given to the passengers (except when asked - not on a preemptive basis)."
Cons: "flight cancelled just informing me the night before departure. no redirecting, no options, no reimbursement"
Pros: "Of the six flights we flew, all were on time. Also, the crew (pilots/flight attendants) were very professional and took their jobs seriously."
Cons: "I had no complaints. I had read other accounts of problems with the airline, but I didn't see that at all."
Pros: "Snacks"
Cons: "Window seat with no window Was delayed"
Pros: "none"
Cons: "staff can not speak english"
Cons: "Again, like 3 hours late"
Cons: "Delayed nearly three hours for no apparent reason and no updates were ever put up on the board or otherwise communicated. If you fly this airline you must rely on tripit or like tool for status."
Pros: "I liked the size of the plane. It made boarding quick and easy and there was lots of space for carry-on luggage. I also liked the amount of space I had for my feet. I was surprised we got a little snack and I thought the crackers, chocolate cookie, and lemon cookie were great."
Cons: "I wish I had had a pillow to sleep with. There was also some extremely rough turbulence when leaving Buenos Aires heading south and it made me really nervous, and I normally never get nervous on flights."
Pros: "Buena la atención, los asientos y la cabina"
Cons: "Podría haber un poco más de espacio entre los asientos."
Pros: "They keep their time schedule!"
Cons: "Food is very poor!"
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "You misled people not telling I have to pay for luggage"
Pros: "Food."
Cons: "It took 1.5 hours to leave the tarmac in NYC. We just sat there with little communication."
Pros: "Seats are fairly comfortable. Almost all planes have seats crammed too close together."
Cons: "More choices of TV shows to watch."
Pros: "Nothing. It was a short flight with nothing special to mention."
Cons: "The flight actually leaving on time and not half an hour late."
Cons: "The food ."
Pros: "Nice crew, easy on line and airport check in. Flight slightly delayed but arrived on time."
Cons: "The San Andrés airport was way too small for all the passengers. People sitting in the aisles, clogging up fire exits, Very unsafe. The AC was too low, locals were fanning themselves. Gate was changed, crowds pushing to line up. I’ve never wanted to get on a plane and OUT of the airport so much."
Pros: "There was a blonde flight attendant who was extremely attractive which distracted from how hot the plane was during boarding and prior to take off since the air was not on."
Cons: "Turn the air on before you start boarding the flight."
Cons: "They lost my luggage"
Cons: "Nothing. All excelent"
Pros: "Crew was very kind"
Cons: "wifi"
Pros: "It was on time and boarding was efficient. I’ve never been on a flight where they board window seats first, then middle, then aisle. I can see how that makes a lot of sense and makes the process better."
Cons: "I wasn’t sure why my small rolling luggage was being tagged and told to be left at the gate. Others had their rolling pieces brought onto the plane and there was enough room, so I was a little worried about if someone was going through it or if it would make it to the destination. It did show up."
Pros: "Seats were acceptable. Crew was competent and prompt."
Cons: "Boarding was adjacent to C04 with the Aerolineas flight leaving 5 minutes before us. This congested the boarding but was well handled."
Pros: "On time."
Cons: "No transfer ability between domestic connections, even on same airline."
Pros: "Amazing crew, very comfortable seat, delicious food."
Cons: "Overall a good experience."
Pros: "Seats were newish, crew was very friendly"
Cons: "They mistakenly sent one of my bags on a later flight so I couldn't pick it up at the airport and instead need to wait for them to deliver it tomorrow"
Cons: "This connection was 1 hour and 20 minutes and I was asked to pickup my luggage and do check-in again, when I arrived to the desk they said that I needed to be there 2 hours ago and just after arguing my connection situation they let my pass"
Pros: "n/a"
Cons: "n/a"
Pros: "The staff were very friendly at all times. Everything was clean an the flight atgandants were always near by incase you needed anything else."
Pros: "latam airlines only wants your money, if you miss your flight they will book your seat to someone else, you will be stranded, and they will not reschedule or refund. i now live in the airpot and I sold my car for this and I just want to die now"
Cons: "less ignorant/greedy management"
Cons: "Everything was great. Maybe more modern movies if anything"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Was delay 2 hours and they tell us 3 hours before the dlight"
Pros: "Entretenimiento"
Cons: "Retraso en el abordaje y salida De Santiag y retraso en la entrega del equipaje en Lima"
Cons: "Aeronave muito velha, parecia que ia desmontar no ar."
Cons: "Delayed more than 4 hours and I couldn’t get to my next connections. And they didn’t give us a good solution and they gaved me wrong advice and at the end they wasn’t successful on assisting any request that you did"
Pros: "On time flight & very nice service."
Pros: "The crew and gate persons were very good. Meal was very tasty and it was nice to eat with metal utensils."
Cons: "Seat size and the fact that the passengers in front smacked their seats on to our laps."
Pros: "Smooth boarding. On time. Good crew."
Cons: "For a rather long flight, amazed that we had to pay even for water. This isn't a low cost airline! Painful lack of legroom (I'm 5'10"). When the kid in front of me leaned back it was like a hammer on my kneecaps."
Pros: "The aircraft room and comfort"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "They lost my bags"
Pros: "Staff is on top of everything on every aspect, from beginning to end. My favorite airline, far away from the rest, crew seems eager to help and make your trip the best possible experience."
Cons: "Everything was great."
Cons: "They were unable to check my bag through my final destination thus I had to clear customs, secure my checked luggage, and recheck. If the agents had responded to my situation and taken charge, I would have made my connection."
Pros: "Timely and leg room ok."
Cons: "I’d rather have the option to buy good food than to get prepaid substandard food. No entertainment system available but these days everybody brings their own tablet anyway. Crew was polite and professional."
Pros: "The crew service is excellent: prompt, efficient, and friendly. The free streaming inflight entertainment to use on your smartphone, tablet or laptop is a very nice feature on a 3-hour plus flight. The food for sale onboard is tasty and fresh. In my experience most domestic flights operated by Latam are on time."
Cons: "Latam crams its single-aisle Airbus fleet with one or two rows of seats too many: the seat space is crammed. The exception are the first three rows and exit rows, for extra pay or free for elite passengers. The first three rows have power outlets -nice and useful to watch streaming movies without draining your smartphone battery."
Pros: "airplane was new"
Cons: "i was not able to do online check in"
Pros: "I enjoyed the customer appreciation the crew showed, at all times. Catered my vegetarian diet and their food was exceptional!"
Cons: "Had minor technical problems with my headphones. However, my flight was not crowded and was able to use the empty seat next to mine to watch a movie."
Pros: "Punctual, clean, courteous , good entertainment, steel cutlery."
Pros: "Enjoyed looking at the Andes. Flight was underbooked. Open seats."
Cons: "Boarding was a cattle call. Typical these days. Crew was aloof. Brought my own food and drink because i know how airlines can be. Didn't pay much attention. Looked out the window."
Cons: "Foods service was very very slow. Foods were not good at all"
Pros: "We left a pocketbook at our Apt that we did not realize until we arrived at the airport. We called LATAM Airlines to cancel our flight. Can we receive any refund? Thanks, Tom and Leigh King"
Pros: "This was the last leg of a very long trip. It went great and the whole trip went as planned. Highly recommend LATAm and American."
Pros: "electronic boarding pass"
Cons: "1 hour delay"
Pros: "Everything except departures line at JFK airport was great"
Cons: "Departures line at JFK airport was unusually long"
Cons: "The flight from Lisa was cancelled and the 18 hour wait in Lina was horrible!!! All day at the airport!"
Pros: "I travel a lot and for an international flight during lunch time I expected more than a small sandwich. Small airplane (A320) so no personal screen and tight spaces between seats. Service was ok. Flight ok. I miss big airplanes between Chile and Brasil"
Cons: "I travel a lot and for an international flight during lunch time I expected more than a small sandwich. Small airplane (A320) so no personal screen and tight spaces between seats. Service was ok. Flight ok. I miss big airplanes between Chile and Brasil"
Pros: "Very professional crew. Not a stressful flight. Great fare to Lima, Peru. Definitely will use again."
Cons: "The seats are not the most comfortable. Durable for 7 hours."
Pros: "Once again, I was impressed with the food and the service. The flight crew was very friendly and accommodating."
Cons: "My entertainment center didn't have audio for one of the movies so I had to use closed caption to read what the characters were saying. I had some issues trying to get the movie to play because the screen froze for a moment."
Pros: "Bosrdi g wss easy"
Cons: "Food Entertainment Leg space"
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