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  • KAYAK is a travel search engine. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from Maryland to Mahón.

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  • Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. You could then fly to Mahón with an airline and back to Maryland with another airline.

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Top airlines flying Maryland to Menorca/Mahon

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
American AirlinesOverall score based on 46338 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: Super cramped rows. No leg room at all. Delayed awaiting takeoff.

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Cons: Super cramped rows. No leg room at all. Delayed awaiting takeoff.

Cons: Nothing really: standard AA service

Pros: Nothing. Crew on all four flights were rude.
Cons: The flight attendant could have gone and gotten my meds or let me get my meds that I left at the at the gate

Cons: Every seat sold. No social distancing. Mask rule not enforced.

Pros: Flight was super short.
Cons: Flight attendant stated that phones couldn’t be used for the duration of the flight; even in airplane mode The gate and terminal changed at least 5 separate times before boarding.

Cons: Ask the ticket agent and flight attendants about changing seats and they weren’t helpful. Also their response was abrasive. Didn’t appreciate it!

Pros: Travel is becoming a pain ... what’s new?
Cons: Just the way travel has become —loathsome

Pros: The crew was great if bored out of their minds with little to do.
Cons: Could have been on time.

Pros: Crew was nice, especially the AE crew
Cons: No delays, there were 4, communication via text was nice, but a reason why so many delays would’ve been nice

Cons: My inflight entertainment wouldnt work.

Cons: Lots of delays and sometimes confusing communications from the airlines about departure times.

Cons: Seat wasn’t comfortable and the on flight entertainment didn’t work. AA in flight WiFi kept giving error messages

Pros: Crew
Cons: Be on time

Pros: Nothing
Cons: You were late per usual. I wouldn’t have a job if I operated like you. It would be nice if there was some accountability

Pros: MIA to EZE we got the priority seats and it was worth the extra expense.
Cons: Honoring paid reservations. Our flight was cancelled and rescheduled 4 times within the last few days. Communication. No one emailed me or called me to give me options or to even tell me they were kicking me out

Cons: Larger plane. Had to crouch all the way to my seat. Seat was comfortable enough.

Cons: British Airways but the flights were operated by American Airlines who I've always had terrible experiences with. This was no different. TOTAL NIGHTMARE

Pros: WiFi was fast, entertainment was very good.
Cons: Aesthetically the plane was a disaster. Broken tray table in my exit row seat. Poor updates regarding why flight was delayed. Boarding process was poorly managed by staff, who were more interested in cracking jokes with each other than doing their job. I find that unacceptable, given the situation.

Pros: Service was American average. Not necessarily a good thing, but it could have been worse.
Cons: Seats with more leg room required for people over 6' tall.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Excellent

Pros: Game of Throne as a boxset
Cons: if my return flight was by AA rather than another operator

Pros: It s american!

Cons: No personal entertainment for an international flight.

Pros: Nice new 737-800 w/ comfy seats, but the plane was nearly 40 mins late due to previous flights.
Cons: The flight was fine, just be on-time.

Cons: One crew member was rude, another confused. The grey blazer crew member was friendly

Pros: Crew was very nice.
Cons: WiFi was not gogo; entertainment system didn’t work - no audio. They rebooted it multiple times but it would not work. No compensation was offered and the entertainment in the app did not work either.

Pros: It was ok. Got there safe and sound. That's what counts.
Cons: N/A

Cons: Turbulence throughout the entire flight, couldnt sleep, and they didnt offer any snacks because of this

Cons: Flight was delayed & ultimately cancelled. Replacement flight required going to another airport. That flight too was delayed putting at risk our ability to make the BA flight to Lisbon. Therefore, we took AA flight to JFK and a TAP flight to Lisbon.did not take this flight.

Pros: Once we boarded in philly
Cons: The amount of time on the ground

Pros: Crew
Cons: Delays departing delays connecting delays delays delays. Flight attendants were very pleasant.

Pros: Our first upgrade to 1st class since I stopped working for IBM in 2009!

Pros: The inflight wifi and entertainment was ok
Cons: Inconsistent gate staff. Happened twice to. Me in the recent trip where a multi flight journey the first leg my luggage was fine to get in board, the second flight it was tagged as too big. I've seen massive pieces of luggage go through no problem and then a random person is stopped to have their bags checked in.

Cons: Lost the flight because of TSA who didn’t care I was missing the flight and gate personnel who didn’t allow me to get on board while the jet was still there. A nightmare and my luggages are still somewhere...

Pros: One of the flight attendants was nice.
Cons: AA is now trying to save money (presumably) by doing like Delta: forcing half of us to connect in Charlotte. Unfortunately, the Charlotte airport is not ready to accommodate so many people. The airport looks like it is being renovated, which is fine, but there is no tape/cones to mark off the renovated areas from the walkways. You literally walk through dirt and construction sites. I didn't even think that was legal in the US?! Anyway, maybe it will be worth it once the renovations are complete, especially if AA is going to use it as a hub.

Pros: Crew and actual flight were great but something was broken on the rear air conditioning unit. It was a full flight and 86F in Dallas and 77F in Columbia. I was seated in rear of the plane very very hot with all the people on the plane. I felt it was difficult to breath once we were on the ground in como. We were at the gate and everyone stood up to get off but the doors remained closed for awhile. It seemed to get even hotter.
Cons: Crew was great and the flight was smooth.

Pros: The crew were wonderful! Everyone was polite and accommodating. The entertainment available was on point. The food was both tasty and offered often.
Cons: The seat were ok. There was not enough legroom, but honestly no airline has enough unless its business of first class. The Wi-Fi availability was misleading, though it did not advertise that it was free.

Pros: Crew is usually very nice
Cons: Customer service is horrible. No tvs on the seats, no entertainment shown no options for snack except hummus privacy is no concern to American

Pros: Very nice in flight staff

Cons: Flight was cancelled and we were never notified!

Pros: Puntuality in both fly's

Cons: Plane was delayed due to a mechanical in Charlotte (Old USAir Airbus) then ground stop due to weather after it finally got to Baltimore. Loaded us up and then deplaned us. They brought out water and sodas while we waited. Then reboarded and got into Charlotte about three hours late. Lots of very unhappy people. They passed out 800 numbers to rebook. A lot of people missed connections.

Pros: Crew was as communicative as possible about the delay process. Answered questions and suggested solutions for travelers who were affected by the delay.
Cons: The maintenance crew delayed the flight by over an hour because they were not able to get a technician to the plane until an hour after the scheduled takeoff time.

Pros: Everything was perfect.
Cons: .

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The worst airline. Poor customer setvice and every single fligt was delayed and they offered nothing.

Pros: The flight was cancelled and they refused to pay for my hotel and food. They finally paid for the hotel but not food.

Pros: Flight was fine
Cons: Gate in Miami wasn't ready and we sat for 45 minutes until they opened a gate for us to deplane. Ridiculous.

Pros: All

Cons: The first leg was cancelled and no one maee me aware of this and no additioaal flights were placed for this leg of the flight.. Kayak said it is British Airways fault and of course BA stated it was Kayak's fault. I donkt think i will be using Kayak anymore, becuase of the way this matter was dealt. I am also planning to contact bebber businness bureau for this as well.

Cons: Diverted to OKC due to weather in Dallas, missed connecting flight and they couldn't get us on the last flight out

Pros: I really like the preferred seating area and the crew overall
Cons: Boarding was communicated by areas one time only. I would suggest to repeat communication of the areas that were told to board before so if you missed the first one you don’t have to wait until the end

Pros: Iberia is great
Cons: Great airline Iberia is great

Cons: Great flight !!!

Pros: Great selection
Cons: Bathrooms are not enough

Pros: modern plane, large overhead bins, comfy seat with adjustable headrest, very good entertainment system
Cons: There was a broken restroom on the plane in the main section, so then, they should keep an eye on the remaining restrooms as they get dirtier sooner. Madrid barajas airport is an ordeal, Iberia needs to explain better that passport control happens when you get to terminal 4S on the tram AND then there are TWO more passport controls. then there isn't enough space for people to line up for the various groups, creating friction. Iberia just needs to be more organized.

Cons: crew seemed a tad sour. came around with morning tea but without proper cups. attendant seemed annoyed when my neighbor asked for a paper cup in lieu of the plastic juice cup he already had. not a big deal but kinda weird

Cons: They had problem with plane and had to change it. Then we havd the proper allowed carry on and they had no space.... short thrip of a little over an hour but the getting to leave was the worse....

Cons: Mucho frío y baños muy sucios.

Pros: The aircraft comfort
Cons: Do the checking before not 15 min before the departure

Pros: Don’t feel fully informed of what is going on. Had overhead bin opened and seat reclined during takeoff.

Cons: Pedí que me manden la factura del vuelo y no me a llegado nunca.

Pros: It was IBERIA Flight:
Cons: It was IBERIA Flight:

Pros: Not full, attendants went out of way to accommodate seating requests

Pros: The flight was short and smooth.
Cons: Iberia put me on standby with no notification or explanation. My entire trip came to a screeching hault. The stress and anxiety of waiting to see if I got on a flight with my new fiancé was wildly inexcusable on Iberia’s end. I am incredibly lucky to have made it on but it is deeply disturbing that Iberia would rely on luck so heavily after screwing me out of a seat I payed a lot for. I would have missed my connecting flights and been stuck in Spain for god knows how long since they wouldn’t tell me other flight information. I am very worried about flying with Iberia again.

Cons: See above.

Pros: Good, quick flight!
Cons: Being told that we could not bring cabin luggage on board with us when there were empty seats and luggage space around us.

Pros: Extremely comfortable and was served lots of delicious food
Cons: My touch screen froze at the beginning and I couldn't use it at all for the entire flight. Then I tried to use the headphones, but they crackled so loud in my ear and didn't work either.

Cons: Iberia lost one of our bags and also broke our stroller

Pros: I like the staff and the generous host of them
Cons: The price was not matching the benefits of the ticket because it was without check in bag (luggage) and every single thing you have to pay The type of aircraft there are using its too small business class is very poor nothing to compare with other company.

Pros: Very bad organization Changed seats for everybody and no priority to board

Pros: Crew - all professional and helpful. We left on time/arrived early - no mishaps. Movie selection - excellent, made the time go faster for first flight. Very comfortable the first flight. Pleasant experience.
Cons: Food was not so great. Too much fat on the chicken. The salad smelled off/bad and didn't look appertizing. the beverages too smaller cup/quantity given (hot tea).

Pros: Service, food, plane cleanliness and quality of entertainment.

Pros: Crew was very attentive and cabin was clean . There was no entertainment so I gave that question a 3 star not that it was bad.
Cons: Can’t think of anything I didn’t like

Pros: Arrived on time
Cons: The seat pitch was so small my knees were hard against the seat in front of me for 1.5 hours and I was miserable the whole time. To put this in perspective this was the most uncomfortable I have ever been on an airplane. My legs hurt the whole flight. This was the first leg of an expensive international flight and given the price of the 2 legs I should have been upgraded to a more comfortable seat. My flight to Europe on Iberia was excellent. However based on this bad experience I plan to avoid Iberia in the future because they treat their high price paying customers poorly. Peter Valorz

Pros: We arrived on time and safely.
Cons: Like everyone says, you are cattle jammed in a sardine can. Barely any leg room and I’m 5’3. Other thoughts: the plane was old, my seat had a lump in it, zero entertainment, food was over priced. (3 Euro for a tiny water). This may seem petty but ultimately the appearance and function of the plane represents their company as a whole. From my first impressions, I’m thinking as a passenger is: I just hope the age and appearance of the plane isn’t reflective of their repairs and maintenance work as well.

Pros: Dinner was good. Sandwiches and breakfast are just bread
Cons: Crew could pretend to be nicer

Cons: Flight was ontime and food was good

Pros: Usually on time
Cons: Too crowd. Bad food. They do not clean at all between flights.

Pros: I am of average height -6 feet- and my knees were touching the seat in front of me. Not comfortable but not too bad either.
Cons: Boarding was extremely chaotic.

Cons: The crew is so rough, never smiling, and speaking very poor English. Well, it was Iberia, and they are famous for that. When the Spanish company will address the fact that customer service should be their top priority is still to be seen.

Pros: Quick boarding.
Cons: No movies or videos. Children crying and screaming.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Take off was delayed for six hours and Iberia's representative in Madrid told me me missing my train to Valencia is not their problem and Iberia will not reimburse me for the train nor the Iberia flight I had to take to get to Valencia. I've been an Iberia's customer for many years. Horrible customer service and poor airline service. Shame

Pros: Crew was nice enough.
Cons: Boarding started very late and left airport late, somehow landed "on time" but without enough time or guidance to make connecting flight. Although arrived at gate before schedule flight time, were not allowed to board, missing the connecting flight and was then charged a ludicrous amount in fees. Will never travel again.

Cons: my bag was lost

Pros: Extremely professional, capable, friendly staff. Very good food. Great selection of films. Comfortable seating.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: The staff is incredibly friendly and they serve you a lot of food and drinks. I think the seats on the larger planes are older but they are more comfortable for me and I loved my movie selections! I took 4 flights with Iberia 2 long ones (11 hours each way) and two shorter ones (5 hours each way) and they were on time, friendly and very comfortable on every flight! I will definitely be flying with them again!

Pros: Quick pickup of baggage.

Pros: It was on time. It was efficient.
Cons: Should offer at least water.

Cons: Chair design very uncomfortable. Food was for sale - I find that really cheap. It's a two-hour flight. Drinks and snacks should be part of the package.

Pros: I got a connection in Madrid to my destination, but the previous flight was delayed about 30 minutes. I got in the airport about 15 min before the gate closed. The gate that i arrived to my connection flight was around 26 min away. I have a condition on my leg and i cannot run, so i walked really fast through the airport and I was so happy to see that they were waiting for my delayed flight... which is very unusual. Thank you!!!!

Pros: On-time with excellent service. Clean.
Cons: TV/movie screen was not working.

Pros: Timeliness

Pros: The staff were helpful and approachable.
Cons: The space available for a nine hours flight is poor. There were not enough entertainment.

Pros: The crew members where very helpful throughout the flight with whatever I needed.
Cons: The fact that everything costed more money.

Cons: flight was delayed, still don't have my luggage

Pros: All airplane attendants were very helpful and always on the call.

Pros: Love the individual screen on each seat.

Pros: Big comfortable seats.

Pros: On time
Cons: Seats were cramped. Boarding process did not follow the assigned group numbers. No drinks or snacks were offered. Checkin window assignment in the airport was not made until 2 hours before flight time and we were forced to check in the carryon boxes.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Maryland to Mahón

Airlines flying from Maryland to Mahón have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Maryland to Mahón

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Maryland to Mahón

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Maryland to Mahón

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Maryland to Mahón

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Maryland to Mahón

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