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MRY — Switzerland
Feb 16 — Feb 231
1 adult
0 bags
Wed 2/16
Wed 2/23

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  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be June and July. The cheapest month to fly to Switzerland is January.

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United AirlinesOverall score based on 68972 reviews
Airline reviews

Serve sodas - but maybe there wasn’t time.

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Serve sodas - but maybe there wasn’t time.

This flight was a mess. For almost 6 hours, we were told conflicting information from the pilot, crew, members stationed at the gate and United members online and at the service desk. We had multiple technical difficulties that were communicated to us falsely or extremely late, leaving the passengers in a state of constant chaos. We boarded our flight after a heavy delay, then we were told by the pilot that we could not fly and deplaned. Dozens and dozens of people were sent across the entire gate to the customer service center that was no help for over an hour before finally telling us our flight was still leaving and stationed at a new gate. At this point, we were all unsure who to trust but went to the then empty gate, all very exhausted and frustrated. We finally left almost 2 hours later, arriving hours after our scheduled arrival. The first meal options contained both wheat, something I was unable to previously able to request special meals from the airline, and the ice cream was completely melted. Breakfast 6 hours later was also lackluster, containing only cookie briskets and a small Jogurt.

Pros: "The crew was very helpful"
Cons: "Comfort seats"
Cons: "The seats were very cramped and the cabin was very hot for the entire flight to the point I couldn't sleep."
Cons: "Had to wait on the plane for an hour before takeoff for a 2.5 hr flight."
Pros: "first flight was cancelled: second flight was 4 hours late so I did not get on it because I would miss connections and any later flight would put into Kiev at 1 AM... thus 3 nights with no sleep. I then cancelled."
Cons: "first cancellation was understandable but everything after that was a fiasco including waiting 11 hours in Customer Service line to rebook cancelled flight."
Pros: "3 seats to stretch out and sleep"
Cons: "4 seats to stretch out"
Cons: "Seat was too narrow. Flight delayed 4 hours."
Cons: "Seats are very close together and when someone reclines the lap tray is on your lap. Nothingnthe crew can do - since it comes from upper management"
Pros: "The food was really good."
Cons: "Temperature in the plane was way too hot. No AC plug anymore on Swiss planes. This is a really big problem as their entertainment system is not optimal. There is of course USB but does not allow to charge a laptop. Leg space is a nightmare (I’m 1m96). Other airlines are better"
Cons: "If the flight had not been cancelled!"
Pros: "Safety of the flight, the route"
Cons: "The remote for the AV was so torn. I coukdnt even use it"
Cons: "1.5 delay and no help offered to make my connection and not miss it."
Pros: "Great gate staff at each leg. Fantastic crew DEN to IAH"
Cons: "Nothing really. The layovers allowed me time to work on schoolwork and to enjoy lounges."
Pros: "Spa first class but seats are pretty comfortable. Wi-Fi works well ."
Cons: "Parked at gate getting in without gate availability. I hate those delays ."
Pros: "Very smooth ride"
Cons: "Foos was mediocre"
Pros: "Everything was okay. No complaints as such."
Cons: "It took a while for the plane to take off after boarding.m"
Cons: "Crazy cold all flight long, made me even waking up. They should have served gloves and hats."
Pros: "Flight attendants fixed my meal issues. Plenty of movies to pick from."
Cons: "Wouldn't let me select a seat at check-in, meal selection only worked for return flight, and the airline confirmation number provided by Kayak wasn't accepted by United. Kayak referred me to Swiss Air's website rather than United's. The whole check-in process was a convoluted mess when I've never had any issue with other airlines. I'm a slender guy with broad shoulders and the middle seat felt very crowded when surrounded by medium build people. Didn't manage to sleep a bit on an 8 hr red-eye flight."
Cons: "would like fruit as desert, not ice cream."
Pros: "Everyone was so friendly and nice!"
Cons: "There was nothing I didn’t like."
Pros: "United got me from Dulles t o Zurich. The boarding, flight, and food was as expected."
Cons: "Not being able to select my seat in advance of the day before the flight is not ideal."
Pros: "On time courteous staff excellent service"
Pros: "There was vegetarian options in the food and it was good."
Cons: "I could not initially check in online since the flight was operated by United. It would have been good for the ticketing agent to tell me I should contact United and give the United Confirmation number. Also the crew were somewhat tired and even seemed a bit irritable. They wanted as few questions as possible."
Cons: "You failed to properly put me on a plane"
Pros: "The crew on board was very nice."
Cons: "The Flight itinerary said Swiss Airlines but it was actually United Airlines. I almost missed my flight. How is this possible."
Pros: "Direct with a great price!"
Cons: "Food was just ok....."
Cons: "False advertising it was a United not a Swiss flight"
Pros: "This was one of the worst domestic flights I’ve ever taken. United Airlines had a maintenance problem I’m delayed this plane by one hour every hour for six hours keeping us captive at the airport !! Horrible service horrible Airline I will try to avoid this at all costS."
Pros: "Boarding was organized and prompt. Crew was fantastic."
Cons: "Flight was to short."
Pros: "Food was okay"
Cons: "Agent took an hour trying to figure out how to check me due to the connecting flight being under a different carrier. This is clearly something I couldn’t do anything about. kayak allowed me to book a flight and expect that no matter the number of carriers, there should not be an issue tying the connection with the other flight at the time of check-in. Because of the delay, my husband and I sat apart on am 8 hour flight and because we both were assigned middle seats, no one wanted to sswitch with us. The check in staff was very unfriendly and seemed stressed and overworked. United needs to ramp up on resources quick. The flight crew were very unpleasant. It was just the worst of all flights."
Pros: "Comfortable flight, good dinner, friendly personnel and good entertainment choices"
Cons: "We were delayed, apparently due to missing luggage. They estimated 10min but it probably took over a half hour. This affected our connecting flight."
Pros: "The boarding was a bit confusing by having another carrier handle the boarding. It was a Swiss airline but we had to check in with United...? Entertainment was great, easy to use. Flight was seamless with no rough turbulence. Smooth landing. Very good experience in all."
Cons: "The food and comfort could have been better, not bad overall. The fact that the connecting flight info (gate number) could have been shown on the screen much sooner so there would be a smooth transition,"
Pros: "Loved the fast boarding and quick flight! The crew did their best to inform us about our various delays."
Cons: "Cmon dudes, just plan ahead. Don't leave us to taxi on the tarmac for an hour before take off, only to do the same once we land! This shouldn't take quite so long."
Cons: "My 1st class seat was broken but the food was excellent as was the service and we arrived early."
Cons: "Whether it is Kayak or Swiss, you should warn passengers they can't enter Kenya with a passport that expires within 6 months. I had to miss my flight and get a new passport before I could fly."
Pros: "Crew, leg room, and entertainment."
Cons: "We had to be redirected because the plane's instrument landing system (ILS) failed. We were redirected to another airport where they had to make repairs and then fly back from Geneva to Zürich Switzerland. It made for a very long flight."
Cons: "United check-in at IAD was chaotic. Worst process I have ever seen."
Pros: "Constantly getting beverage service and so many movies and shows to choose from."
Pros: "Short flight.... no food or ENT. But quick easy and pretty on time. Thx."
Pros: "Gate staff was nice."
Cons: "Difficult to understand steward on flight"
Pros: "Punctuality, efficiency and courteous and prompt service."
Cons: "Only that WiFi is too expensive"
Cons: "Waited for clearance to take off for about 10-15 minutes on the tarmac."
Cons: "Worst trip ever! United overbooked the flight, and then I got delayed in LAX and had to cancel my trip all together! No planes in to Duluth or MSP until Monday. Had to fly home to Monterey!! Totally pissed customer right now"
Cons: "This flight was my third delayed United flight in under 3 days. I will not be flying with United again. Absolutely unacceptable."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, causing major inconveniences, especially as I was on my way to a funeral Only compensation was a food/beverage voucher equal to the value of 5 Swiss Francs, enough to buy a bottle of water despite HOURS wasted"
Cons: "THe sits where very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I'm still at the airport !!!"
Cons: "They cancelled the flight ! This was our connecting flight so we have to stay there (Newark) till the next day 6pm with our own expenses."
Cons: "The boarding process is an absurdly disorganized, terrible process. Don't encourage people to line up if there is no room in the terminal for them to do so. Food was also pathetic, especially compared to European competitors on the same route."
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Monterey to Switzerland

Airlines flying from Monterey to Switzerland have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Monterey to Switzerland

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Monterey to Switzerland

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Monterey to Switzerland

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Monterey to Switzerland

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Monterey to Switzerland

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