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Top airlines flying from Nevada to the Cayman Islands

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
American AirlinesOverall score based on 46332 reviews

Pros: Crew members were okay
Cons: Wifi could be better

Pros: Very friendly and accommodating.
Cons: tv screens on the back of seats

Cons: I always have preferred American Airlines but they seem to have constant problems with the aircraft these days. This causes delays and missed connections. This in turn causes no breakfast or lunch or dinner opportunities. I travel with snacks in my bag at all times now just in case so I won’t get sick for lack of nourishment or water! This last flight I missed my connection altogether and had to take a shuttle home, then catch a ride back to the airport to pick up my luggage and then get my car to drive home. It was 4 hours past my expected time home.

Cons: Was not allowed to get on slightly early with a car seat and a 3 year old to get situated in the seats, though on every other flight we have been allowed to. There was a delay that caused us to miss our connecting flight.

Pros: The crew was fantastic and very nicely got us into an earlier flight and allowed my wife and I to sit together for our 10th anniversary
Cons: The entertainment apps were difficult to use

Pros: Seats very comfortable
Cons: No money for baggage registred

Pros: Everything was good!

Cons: The flight attendants were very polite. Both of us are blind, and they told us the information we needed – how far away is the nearest exit row. Otherwise they treated us like everyone else!

Pros: WiFi entertainment system.
Cons: Hard seats, no arm padding. No power to recharge phone and iPad.

Pros: Gate check of carry-on luggage was nice. The connecting flight from DFW to FLL was on time and the boarding process was very smoothly executed by the gate agent. Well done!!
Cons: The flight out of RNO early in the morning was chaotic. One of the kiosks was down and the line to self-check was long and moved very slowly because there was only one agent behind the self-check baggage drop. She did well keeping up but there was a long line of unhappy customers due to the long wait. No snack was offered but I did get a glass of water. Not enough overhead storage for the carry-on bags because passengers get the luggage check tag but brought the carry-on onboard anyway.

Pros: I feel like there is more leg room in the seats then in other discount airlines! I like the snack and drink, this breaks up the flight a bit. This is nice for me because I don’t like to fly.
Cons: The staff seemed miserable. No one was nice or even smiled. Just felt like they couldn’t wait for this leg of their day/trip to be over.

Pros: Short flight
Cons: Poor ratings for food Is result of not eating any food. No entertainment.

Pros: Sat in exit and it

Pros: Flight was on time. Crew was very helpful
Cons: the staff were not knowledgeable on visa requirements at checkin in Reno. As a result my checkin took long at the counter. Small CRJ700 plane was cramped though fast.

Cons: I think things would run so much smoother if the plane was loaded from the back to the front. That way you don't have to wait as long for people to put things in the overhead and then sit down.

Pros: Flight box waste of money for sure. The middle seat was vacant and it was fantastic. We travelbwith a guide dog.
Cons: The boxed food

Pros: We got to our destination aver 12 hours late.
Cons: In addition to being rebooked approximately 12 hours after our original flight, this flight left about 40 minutes late.

Pros: Automatic ticket rebooking
Cons: It being cancelled.

Pros: Arrived slightly early. The crew was efficient and friendly. The interior and seats looked new.
Cons: Nothing was negative.

Cons: How a flight attendant was berating a passenger to help her with his bag. She was extremely rude to him and It set the tone for the rest of the flight.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Delays without updates, rude flight staff, lost baggage

Cons: Coach seating is too tight

Cons: The breakfast was not very good. I would have liked more fruit and maybe a real regular muffin.

Cons: Boarding chaos at Miami airport.

Pros: Crew did the best they could considering the situation.
Cons: There were multiple delays, leaving half my flight with missed connections in Phoenix.

Cons: delayed and missed connecting flight

Pros: Great attendants excellent customer service
Cons: Awful TSAs

Pros: .
Cons: .

Pros: Food was okay for airplane food
Cons: I was overlooked multiple times during beverage distribution and kept getting bumped in the head even though I did not rest my head outside the headrests. Makes it difficult to get some sleep on long flights.

Pros: Crew was extremely nice. I dont' like to fly and the take off was so rough, I spent the whole flight in the bathroom. The flight attendant gave me ginger ale and pretzels and let me sit in the back so i didn't have to go back and forth. The other flight attendant had aroma therapy that helped a lot but i was just too freaked out. Those two made the flight as nice as possible.
Cons: Very rough take off but that is mother nature not the air line :) Took off almost an hour late. LAX scheduled too many flight to land at the same time, Had to wait on the runway in Reno.

Pros: Clean, smooth flight, on time.
Cons: Small plane claustrophobia, entertainment required your own debice

Cons: Missed my connecting flight to to 3 delays.

Pros: Fabulous crew and service, absolutely fantastic.
Cons: Having to get off!

Pros: We left 55 minutes late. Person at counter was annoying. Kept grabbing the microphone, think he liked hearing himself talk. Wanted to valet all the carryons but there was room in the airplane for them.
Cons: being late and uncomfortable seats.

Pros: Flight was one time.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Time was on point. And the flight was smooth. No complaints

Cons: It was a standard boarding. The standard ride. I have nothing to complain about

Pros: Flight research tools.
Cons: After choosing seats through this website we were kicked out of all of them and was separated from my partner. Every single flight we took was late and we missed a connection due to a late take off. The low cost was not worth the extreme effort and connecting flights.

Pros: Boarding was easy & seamless
Cons: Had to lie about forgetting my phone charger in the waiting area to get off the plane & give my niece a hug who arrived early on a neighboring flight from NY to RNO as we switched off to take care of my dad who just had a triple bypass. If two people are past security - there should be NO ISSUE with them meeting - we have already been screened & a hug or anything else should not be a crime.

Cons: I still have not received my luggage

Pros: Medical emergency response and support was excellent.
Cons: No pre-boarding for infant. Straight legroom in 13D still had seat in front recline into my knees at 6'5". Extra legroom purchase did not provide any extra legroom. Need to know what seats provide extra legroom for 6'5" tall passengers.

Pros: Everything!
Cons: Nothing!

Pros: Entertainment was free.
Cons: Had to wait for mechanical issues so we were delayed.

Cons: The previous crew did not do some kind of check so leaving Reno was delayed which left almost no time to get to my connecting flight. No one seemed very happy at all.

Pros: Boarding was smooth. Flight was on time. Some weather en route but pilot was able to avoid the turbulence. Overall a good flight.
Cons: Unrelated to the flight- but immigration and customs in Grand Cayman was slow. 200+ people arrived on this plane and there ware 4 immigration agents although they had more stations. We spent about a half hour in line in each- immigration and then customs. Rental cars is another situation to be aware of regarding insurance.

Pros: Politeness of the crew
Cons: Not very spacious and entertainment only offered at My own expense

Pros: I was allocated a seat on the plane, and we even made it from point A to point B
Cons: Woah man American Airlines exemplifies everything that I hate about flying. It feels like the staff are just trying to make it work with a company that just isn't run as well as it could be. That leaves the staff to clean up the mess that was probably made by people higher up the chain. Flight delays all over the terminal, overbooked flights, and just a general feeling of disorganization makes everything with American Airlines feel a little more tense than it really needs to be. Once we all got crammed into our seats the plane took off and landed at my final destination, which really at the end of the day is the part that matters.

Cons: Broken down seat cushion .

Pros: Quick flight (made up for lost time), good pilot, smooth landing.
Cons: - Delayed by 30 minutes or so at take off - Too cold in the cabin, no more blankets to provide - Overhead compartments were full so people with a luggage where asked to get back to the front of the plane to check in their luggage. Very inefficient process as there were still people trying to board at the same time - No in-flight entertainment

Pros: No one was sitting beside me.
Cons: Better snacks

Pros: The seat was uncomfortable and the flight was full. The crew was okay. Friendly enough.
Cons: Next time I will fly first class.. More legroom

Pros: The crew was nice. Quick flight.
Cons: They used a crappy old plane. The seats were very worn. It was obviously a really old aircraft. For first class I should have flown coach. No drink offered upon boarding. Just very minimal with the high price attached.

Pros: Everything was cool, smooth flight

Pros: Boarding and deplaning was organized and efficient.
Cons: The flight was completely full, including every middle seat. It did NOT feel safe to have a completely full flight during COVID. Some passengers kept on taking off their masks to talk to each other, completely defeating the purpose of the mask. I will not fly United again during COVID.

Pros: Plane was clean, newish interior and my economy plus seat was comfortable. I did take a red eye, and there was WiFi & power, which was a huge plus, but there was no seat back entertainment like on the way out. That may be by design so people are encouraged to sleep, but it still would have nice to know that want available on the plane. Was happy that a carry on and personal item was a trip option, that was awesome. Bathrooms were very clean. Communication was excellent regarding flight status, fullness of flights, upgrade options, etc.
Cons: Boarding on the way out was efficient, overall great, but on the way home, it was slow, tedious and at times utter chaos. There were several near altercations on the plane over seat assignments. The size water bottle passed out for a 5 hour flight could have been more generous. No food offered due to Covid.

Pros: All overall good
Cons: There’s no much to improve,beside the Covid19 situation,everything was good

Pros: I liked the fact that there were screens at each seat
Cons: I was extremely disappointed to be in the very last row and unable to recline. I had emailed and requested an aisle seat when I booked because I would need to express milk and get back and forth to the bathroom. I was told I would need to pay for the option to request a seat. Ridiculous! This was my first trip away from my 4 month old and I simply wanted to be comfortable. Instead I had to sit in the worst seat on the plane without even being able to easily get out to wash my hands before pumping.

Pros: A delayed flight, made me late for work, I cannot depends on this airline
Cons: Timeliness

Pros: WiFi entertainment
Cons: Power outlets

Pros: Avaiability
Cons: Food

Pros: The plane had lots of leg room.
Cons: Punctuality. The plane left the gate more than 30 minutes after scheduled departure time.

Pros: Courteous professional service Good landing Flight was on time
Cons: Food can be improved Better entertainment

Pros: Crew was great.
Cons: Flights should not be delayed by over an hour.

Cons: Headphone jack did not work

Pros: I was able to find a space for my luggage in the overhead compartment
Cons: Seat outlets didn’t work. Flight attendant on the PA didn’t know what city we were flying to. Poor communication regarding reason for flight delay Flight attendant making snarking comments about if we get to their seats we do if we don’t we don’t.

Pros: The crew was excellent. They were professional, efficient and very accommodating. The pilot was also excellent. He kept us informed of the status of the flight throughout the trip.
Cons: The plane was terrible. The seats are so close together that you cannot move. The aisle is so narrow that one person can barely down it. Forget it if you have to pass by someone. The bathroom too is so small that you cannot move in it. It’s so uncomfortable. The new boarding process is just dumb. And to make matters worse they don’t even bother to check the boarding groups when you board. I had a person in a later boarding group in front of me and they let her on anyway — so what’s the point of having boarding groups. They should just go back to boarding from the rear of the plane first - that is the most efficient and quick way to do it. The so called entertainment is a joke. There is a very small choice of movies/TV shows to watch and that’s it. The free wi-fi gets you nowhere.

Pros: The flight got delayed however, it went well once in the air. Some turbulence on account of the weather but the crew were very friendly. We got free TV on account of the delay.

Pros: Nothinb
Cons: Awful experience. Flight was delayed two hours, employees are rude and we got NOTHING on flight

Pros: On time
Cons: No snavks

Pros: It was fast and eazy!
Cons: Rare but we were forced to wait 27 mins in Las Vegas because there was too much "flow" or incoming planes to San Fran.

Pros: Received a text that the flight from Denver to Frankfurt is delayed 2 hours.
Cons: Delay notification message did suggest calling the airlines to make change nor stating that I'll miss my connection in Frankfurt. I assumed I'll be missing it so I called Lufthansa to make changes. Their attempts to help took too much time, they did not look tat the trip from origination to provide best alternatives until I arrived to airport in Las Vegas to find out that again they had to change the booking and issue a new ticket. This took more than two hours. Had I not was preemptive I would have been stuck in Frankfort for an extra day.

Pros: As usual, the crew was excellent. Very professional and courteous. The pilot kept us informed of progress throughout the flight and was also very personable.
Cons: NO RROM TO MOVE!! There is no legroom, no arm room and one person just barely fit in the aisle. If you are sitting on the aisle you are constantly getting hit by the people walking in the aisle and the beverage cart.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Had to pay 70 bux extra for a seat number. Also the outlet that was provided as a perk had an unusual fitting. Additionally, the adapter was not for sale.

Cons: Flight got delayed, they said "no one transfer will be affected " then I paid $450 for a flight with a bag on the cabin They made me check the bag! It doesn't seem a lot , but wen the flight got delayed landing at 6:59 and you have a bus at 7:10 to work makes the difference!

Pros: It got us from a to b but not much more to be said!
Cons: The idea of the entertainment system broadcast to your hand held device is fine - it didn't work for me though.

Pros: The crew was great and loved being able to board first with my baby without paying extra.
Cons: The five hour delay was insane and unorganized.

Cons: Tail # N75435 Boeing 737-900 .... not the best bird in the fleet right now. Took nearly half the flight to get internet going, and in-seat power was not working at all.

Cons: Very cool staring at the gates... only 5 of them and no crew to bring us in. Even the shortest flights on Alaska or any other airline had cabin service. No drinks and no snacks from San Francisco. Alaska had complimentary beer and wine on a shorter flight from.Medford to Portland and even Portland to Seattle, but United can't even get us to the gate... let alone have any sort of in-flight service. Why is this so expensive again. I would compare flying these commercial named flights to a horrible carnival. Lack luster, over priced and not worth it. Cans vs. Uber... the world is changing my friends.

Cons: Southwest has much better experience.

Cons: United changed their luggage policy and because I booked through priceline/kayak I was not made aware of this new policy. Basic economy only allows you to bring a personal item on the plane, YOU CANNOT HAVE A CARRYON ITEM. Therefore they charge $25 to check your carry on bag and my flight then became more expensive than a different flight. Poor dissemination of information.

Pros: The staff was very friendly and professional. The flight also arrived early.
Cons: If you're going to offer personal device entertainment, you need to offer power outlets. How is that not common sense?

Cons: The crew was kind and we boarded quickly however the seats were small. Which mean when your 3.5 hour flight turns into 9 hours due to weather this can become very painful. There is no entertainment unless you brought your own device and without a plug to charge it becomes useless quickly.

Pros: The snack mix. The power outlets underneath my seat.
Cons: The steward wasn't very friendly and had a curt attitude when I had any requests for water and a refill of water. I didn't like that you needed the United app in order to watch in flight entertainment. That should be specified before getting on the plane because had I known I would have downloaded it to watch movies. Rather you MUST purchase the internet to download the app once in the air and that was just frustrating to find out an hour into a 5 hour flight. The lack of snacks. There is no variety, I had no idea what I was getting and the offerings they did have felt very restricted. Leg room was atrocious. Especially because we had no overhead room to store our backpacks which meant we had to place it under the chair in front of us. I am relatively tall so I wanted to stretch out my feet under the chair in front of me but they had to straddle my fat backpack and the gentleman who sat in front of me was very large and he kept kicking and hitting my feet underneath his chair.

Cons: Ended up sitting on the tarmac for 30-40 minutes. Many people almost missed or did miss flights.

Pros: Staff were courteous and I greatly appreciate not being charged for a beverage!!!
Cons: The Denver airport was chaotic and the trains were totally messed up!!

Pros: Flight was delayed but arrived only 1/2 hour later. Check in was smooth. Plane was rather old and not enough leg space.

Pros: Flight attendants were helpful and friendly, even though it was an evening flight.
Cons: When we boarded we had been moved back to last row, contrary to our reservations, backs up against toilet cabins, not reclinable, and with reduced legroom. Good thing it was only 45 minutes. Also beverage service was so slow that most people were not served. Must be subbed plane. No tv/vid screen.

Pros: I liked that I landed safely on the ground
Cons: The cabin was not properly decompressed so it made for a very uncomfortable flight for my ears. Also the plane was cold, bumpy & just overall unpleasant. The systems were down while we boarded the plane so it took longer to board than usual.

Pros: Boarding process was expedited. Great leg room on Economy Plus- I did pay extra for that but it wasn't much.
Cons: Only got pretzels and a glass of water. No other drinks available

Pros: Connections were on time. Staff was nice.
Cons: Wish I had a shorter wait in Denver. I had a 3-hour wait between my Las Vegas landing and take off for Omaha. Very tired.

Pros: The ground crew handled the carry-ons well by alerting group 5
Cons: No WiFi No free TV stations Seats way too tight (had a toddler next to me on her mothers lap)

Cons: The plane operated from LV to Washington smelled like urine. Yak! The plane from Washington to Vienna: Food - nothing special. The new touch screan tv's are great to watch but terrible to feel. The person sitting behind me kept hitting buttons for 7 hours, so i didn't get any sleep at all. I was furious!!!! And exhauated. Will not fly with these airlines again nor will reccomend.

Pros: Amazing flight to Dulles international Airport. The United representative came up and saw that I was traveling alone and upgraded me to first class. It was the first time I have ever flown first-class. I was excited I didn't sleep at all so I can take advantage of all the programming that was on TV. I'm so very appreciative of the flight because I could enjoy stretching my legs out and enjoying a comfortable seat. The very attentive crew allowed me opportunity to quench my thirst with countless glasses of water and to watch and keep up with my sports programming throughout the entire flight. Now it will be extremely hard to ever fly coach again. I have flown United the last couple of summers and I have been nothing but thrilled with their service and their staff. Moving forward United would be the only airline that I would care to fly. Thank you for everything and thank you for my safe travels!
Cons: Nothing at all. Everything was amazing. United is now my only option for air travel. Thank you for everything United. My business will be with you for the rest of my days.

Cons: It was the last seat of the plane, didn't recline smelled the bathroom..very uncomfortable for 4 hors and stunk

Cons: We had issues with every part of this flight. The kiosk wouldn't find our confirmation, and it took 20 MINUTES to get assistance. The ticket attendant called the gate to let them know we were coming, then when we got to the gate (after over 30 minutes in security) the employee at the door stopped us and said we were "too late". The plane was still connected and the door was still open. We were there for 10 minutes trying to reschedule, and the plane took that much time to leave the gate. The gate attendants were very rude and tried to route us on a flight from Las Vegas to Chicago, then to Anchorage. When I questioned them, they put us on a flight that was 6 hours shorter, and arrived at the same time. They didn't even sit my husband and I together, even though there were seats available.

Cons: They offer no food on a 5 hour flight unless you want to pay extra money, they only gave one small bags of mixed chips, I feel on a 5 hour flight they should atleast give you something more then that. Also no movies on a 5 hour flight unless you use your credit card and pay, again on a 5 hour flight have something that you don't have to pay extra for.

Pros: The staff was helpful my flight to vages was awesome they blew me away so really my high marks are for them the flight into Newark the crew seemed tired less engaged not rude just Kurt friendly yet short

Pros: Great crew, very efficient boarding
Cons: Not much that could be helped. Short flight, very turbulent on takeoff and landing. Getting stuck in front of a kid who kept dropping her tray table open and slamming it shut wasn't fun, but I know United isn't responsible for someone else's sucky parenting. And when did the leg room shrink???

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Nevada to the Cayman Islands

Airlines flying from Nevada to the Cayman Islands have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Nevada to the Cayman Islands

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Nevada to the Cayman Islands

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Nevada to the Cayman Islands

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Nevada to the Cayman Islands

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Nevada to the Cayman Islands

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