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ORF — Utah
Oct 27 — Nov 31
1 adult
0 bags
Thu 10/27
Thu 11/3

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  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be May, June and July. The cheapest month to fly from Norfolk is October.
  • Morning departure is around 21% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
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DeltaOverall score based on 31457 reviews
Airline reviews

The flight staff were polite, seats were comfortable, and we reached our destinations on time. This was my first time traveling first class since the pandemic. The difference in service was dramatic and made me seriously regret having paid three times more for a first class ticket. Specifically No Sky Cap lounge - One of the main reasons I traveled first class was to use the Sky Cap lounge since we were going to have to wait for our flight for several hours at PDX. PDX Sky Cap would not allow us to enter as first class passengers. The receptionist said we needed to have their American Express Card. Further the Las Vegas Sky Cap lounge is permanently closed. Food - Our first flight was early in the morning, so I thought no need to grab breakfast in the airport, I'm traveling first class. The only food we were served or offered between LAS and PDX was Biscoff cookies. Our return trip was the same. Seems the days of being served a hot meal in first class are long gone.

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The flight staff were polite, seats were comfortable, and we reached our destinations on time. This was my first time traveling first class since the pandemic. The difference in service was dramatic and made me seriously regret having paid three times more for a first class ticket. Specifically No Sky Cap lounge - One of the main reasons I traveled first class was to use the Sky Cap lounge since we were going to have to wait for our flight for several hours at PDX. PDX Sky Cap would not allow us to enter as first class passengers. The receptionist said we needed to have their American Express Card. Further the Las Vegas Sky Cap lounge is permanently closed. Food - Our first flight was early in the morning, so I thought no need to grab breakfast in the airport, I'm traveling first class. The only food we were served or offered between LAS and PDX was Biscoff cookies. Our return trip was the same. Seems the days of being served a hot meal in first class are long gone.

Cons: "Just water and coffee. Needed some variety."
Pros: "Crew was great, very generous with snacks and beverages, and prior to boarding we were able to switch flights and seats without problem. All the Delta agents were extremely helpful, and had great customer service!"
Pros: "The agent at the bag drop was very helpful. We had two reservations and she took the extra step to call someone and helped check our luggage all the way to destination. Thanks for the wonderful service. Flight attendants were all smiling and very friendly. A very special treat that we got two snacks each which were very much appreciated as it was an early morning flight and we didn't get a chance to get breakfasts."
Pros: "Crew is always friendly"
Cons: "Aircraft broke, had to route me to an additional three stops just to get me home and through the night. Also, still unsure of where my checked baggage is."
Pros: "New plane, friendly crew."
Cons: "Departure time"
Cons: "Better choice of snacks"
Pros: "Crew and service were outstanding"
Cons: "Good taste perhaps...?"
Pros: "Clean aircraft, efficient and friendly crew. On time performance"
Pros: "The crew was polite and welcoming."
Pros: "Good snacks, comfortable flight."
Cons: "After my flight was delayed for over 3 hrs - the counter clerk was rude and unhelpful. She felt it was appropriate for her to flick the customer service phone number in front of my teenage daughters. I would say avoid Delta!"
Pros: "Inflight entertainment was great. Movies, games, moving map. Best I’ve ever seen in main cabin for free."
Cons: "The seating was too cramped. It’s extremely uncomfortable. Seems tighter both on knees and elbows."
Pros: "Pilot was super nice and informative when the flight was delayed."
Pros: "Seats were comfortable but crowded. Was nice to have the built in screen for entertainment."
Cons: "Did not like being bumped to a flight with a five hour layover in SLC. Travel day was already very long. We booked the flight originally based on the shorter layover of an hour and a half. Seemed very inconsiderate."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for hours due to a mechanical issue. I had to take a much later flight and arrived at my final destination after midnight."
Cons: "Way crowded even in comfort plus Flight very late leaving Missoula Got to SLC just as flight was boarding for LA"
Cons: "Plane left without me because they don’t know how to put gas in the plane in Jackson"
Cons: "Delta delayed the flight from LAX to SLC, which subsequently made me miss the connecting flight from SLC to ORD. Completely unacceptable"
Cons: "Flight was delayed, for unkown reasons."
Pros: "Had a great experience with Delta all around. Seating and crew were lovely, in flight entertainment was great. Overall, very pleasant experience and flight was on time."
Pros: "Excellent flight crew, flight had decent leg room. Loved the inflight entertainment. Clean plane, boarding was easy."
Pros: "Excellent"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Newer plane. Friendly crew. Landed safely and on time."
Pros: "The crew, the food, the amount of beverages served"
Cons: "Leg room"
Cons: "There was nothing I didn’t like."
Pros: "The chargers worked in neither airplane."
Cons: "The chargers worked in neither airplane."
Cons: "Rapid City, I could check my BAG through to PDX."
Pros: "Delta....ticket counter...gate agents....flight attendants....pilots...amazing customer service with a smile! Very attentive and everyone thanked me ( and other passengers as well for flying with Delta."
Cons: "Nothing negative to say!"
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "In SLC they boarded by row numbers and not zones. Weird..."
Pros: "The crew members were very friendly"
Cons: "Coach seats still a little too small. Always bump the person next to me"
Pros: "Loved the roomy seats and the upgrade wasn't terribly expensive"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "The delay"
Cons: "They wouldn't deal with any flight changes."
Pros: "Great people and crew early arrival nice passengers"
Pros: "How they take off and land"
Cons: "The price versus other companies"
Cons: "Delta airlines has very poor costumer service. THE WORST I HAVE EXPERIENCED. I wasn't the only one feeling this way, I witness a couple people fighting on the phone like me. When my 1st flight was delayed I asked to be rebooked then and the delta employee insisted that I would make my connection. I didn't make it. This is not all. I could have gotten to a near city several hours after but on the same day, but the mediocrecy of this employes did not allow me to get there until the next day at 7 am. Happy new year to me. This two women (or one of them) on the phone, lied to me. There was an option to get me here and one of them failed to do their job right AND LIED TO MY FACE ON THE PHONE. Just unacceptable. I will sue them, I had an under age waiting for me in Cancun and a pet with me!. With no food or access to do its necessities. AND THERE WAS AN OPTION THAT "they missed" on porpuse."
Pros: "Could be among the best landings ever. I felt nothing as we touched down in Salt Lake!!!"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Good"
Pros: "Early"
Cons: "Crowded"
Pros: "Short, straight-forward flight."
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "Wifi wasn't working for a while and it was a plane without screens"
Pros: "Pilot flew flawless crew kind and helpful it was a full flight and impressed helpful passengers to get on board was."
Cons: "Disappointed airplane not equipped with free movies. I bought ear buds on return flight for that purpose"
Pros: "On time. Good customer service. Easy route, no hassles."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The interior of this Boing 757-200 was New with a great entertainment system in the seat backs in economy, and the crew was free endlessly and attentive."
Cons: "The APU was inoperative, so the flight departure was delayed 40 minutes awaiting a ground start unit to get the engines going. It took,me some time to convince my fellow passengers that the loss of the APU was not a safety-of-flight issue. Also, a humongous passenger waddled down to our row and wedged herself into the window seat just before the doors closed. She immediately wanted to raise the seat divider, claiming that it was uncomfortable. The middle seat passenger insisted that she wanted to have it down, correctly pointing out that she had paid for a whole space. Despite the seat divider, the obese person's body oozed over and below into the middle seat during the flight, cramming the middle passenger. These folks Need to buy a second seat..."
Cons: "Boarding wasn't very prompt, but went smoothly once it began."
Cons: "We were delayed one hour leaving Salt Lake due to mechanical failure. Otherwise, everything was great"
Pros: "Met my cousins from Portland in SLC and killed layover time"
Cons: "Delayed 3 hrs missed connecting flight waited 3 hrs for next one"
Pros: "Delta crew are always attentive."
Cons: "Snack quantity and choices."
Pros: "Reasonably comfortable, quick flight."
Cons: "Missed connections due to late flights - twice."
Pros: "Flight was slightly delayed (20 min). However, boarding was quick."
Cons: "The flight was full so no option to distance."
Pros: "excellent service very happy with the crew"
Cons: "Better food"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Be on time. Run planes that aren’t constantly breaking down."
Pros: "Great crew and staff."
Cons: "I didn’t notice that the aircraft didn’t have chargers so my phone died mid flight. I wish there were chargers on long flights."
Pros: "Pilot was awesome. Beautiful landing. Got us there safely."
Pros: "Easy boarding process, friendly crew member and smooth flight"
Cons: "The flight was delayed which impacted our connecting flight."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing!"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for no reason given. Flight attendant touched my baby without asking if it was ok. Too many announcements over the speaker. 20 min one trying to sell us a credit card was ridicoluolously long. It was also after an ad for it on the video screen."
Pros: "Crew was kind and attentive"
Cons: "Flight delayed 3 hours and sat on tarmac in nyc for 45 minutes"
Cons: "Cramped seating and illogical boarding process"
Pros: "Excellent seats and early arrival"
Cons: "Lack of food choices or entertainment"
Pros: "Military boards with first class."
Cons: "It was very warm on plane. Sat on tarmac for 30 min with no explanation. Flight attendant said she didn’t have any head phones but the. I saw another one with head phones later in the flight."
Pros: "We got there."
Cons: "Long delay. We were worried we would miss our connection and we had to dash to catch our next flight."
Cons: "Waited one hour and 50 minutes for my luggage. The ENTIRE flight had to wait 1 hour and 50 minutes for our bags to come in on the carousel. There were no apologies or explanations or compensation offered for our wait. Absolutely unacceptable."
Pros: "Wonderful and on-time!"
Pros: "Comfortable seating and attentive service"
Cons: "Remote terminal which required walking stairs with carry-on bags, and two bus rides to reach the plane. No food other than packaged snacks in first class. No seatback video screen."
Pros: "ontime easy boarding comfortable and quiet"
Cons: "no gluten/dairy free items"
Pros: "Crew was efficient and cordial"
Cons: "Overhead bins are small so they take rolling luggages down. Would have been good to know ahead of time d/t fragile items in carry-on"
Pros: "Crew was wonderful"
Cons: "Not getting service even SW served on 45 min flight"
Pros: "Finally getting my Bud Light"
Cons: "The inflexibility if crew about changing into empty seats at same price range. Gate attendant not allowing my to carry my purse on beats had to hide it."
Pros: "Non stop and an on time arrival after 20 min delay at phl when no gate agent could deplane previous flight. After being re-ticketed from overbooked united flight all in all not bad at all."
Cons: "They happen from time to time,... from many unassigned seats causing long gate line where several butted to the front to random noises during the flight from passengers to 6 bathroom trip guy just weird all around. Plus the multiple gate changes by PHL which are to be expected. Just a regular PHL departure,..."
Pros: "The flight crew was very nice."
Cons: "Small, ol, uncomfortable plane."
Pros: "No problems, friendly crew"
Pros: "Professional crew. Good landing."
Cons: "Twice delayed because of delays in Newark connection. Need more room in coach."
Cons: "did not use the flight. The flight was delayed and I would have missed the connection, so AA switched me to other flights."
Pros: "No big crowds trying to board. Everyone had room for their items in the over head. Love the one seat by itself. Very short flight but the one steward still served beverages and cookies."
Pros: "Our flight crew was very nice."
Cons: "it was a short flight, no food or drinks."
Pros: "Everything was fine"
Cons: "The trip was good"
Cons: "3 to 4 hour early flight should have chargers on the plane."
Pros: "Comfortable aircraft with an efficient and present crew."
Cons: "First, passengers had to wait in the main terminal for a bus ride to a remote terminal to wait to board. The only food items offered in first class were unhealthful packaged snacks. On a flight such as this, at 8:12 am, something like a breakfast wrap would be more appropriate, especially considering the fare charged."
Pros: "Nothing spectacular when sitting in economy."
Cons: "Agent at lost baggage was less than desirable. His attempts to read my mind failed miserably."
Pros: "Easy to change the flight to another time of the day."
Cons: "Very good. Service. They try to bring customers ‘ convenience."
Cons: "Escape row seat in a non-escape row wasn’t too fun or comfy. Took half the flight to connect to the WiFi to watch movies to discover that the selection was limited and poor selections at that."
Pros: "Crew On time Boarding"
Cons: "Seat space very tight and I’m not a very big person Seat ahead of me fully reclined left me even less space Seats are very uncomfortable Expected more for the cost of over $200 one way"
Pros: "The crew were very kind and helpful, going above what was needed!"
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "First of all, the announcements that come on after we take off and last for 20 minutes is very annoying. We have brains, we can figure out how to plug our head phones in to watch the inflight entertainment. After saying the “show” was going to start, it never did. The screens were down the whole time and it remained black. good thing I had my phone with a movie on it, or I would be very bored for the 3 1/2 hour flight. Never flying with American Airlines again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "An S80? Really? This plane was older than me! Horrible plane! The crew looked like they had been up since 4 am. Looked exhausted and unfriendly. I do want to clarify that this was an American Airlines operated plane, not etihad."
Cons: "Too many delays"
Pros: "Flying beats driving"
Cons: "no entertainment or food."
Pros: "The airplale MD 80 are old"
Pros: "My flight was very good and I had no issues.I was very surprised how smooth everything went and I will be use kayak again."
Cons: "There was nothing to dislike.I will use kayak again I know that much"
Pros: "Biscotti, pilot, crew"
Cons: "Seating is so uncomfortable, unable to recline more than an inch or so, then everybody rushes around making you return to an upright position! What's the point?"
Pros: "Upgraded to business class"
Cons: "I've never been so cold on a flight in my life. Had two blankets on me and still shivered the whole flight. Others in the cabin were wearing coats and sweaters - in July. Crazy cold."
Pros: "Excellent service and very friendly; thanks!"
Pros: "The FAs on this flight were nice, engaging and caring, the way they should be, so I was happy about that."
Cons: "There was a teenager in front of me that was turning back every few seconds and made me nervous what she was looking back for. Then, there was an elderly woman sitting right next to me that kept pushing me every time she'd get out her tablet, pills, pocketbook, etc. By the end of the short 2-hour flight, I've had it with her."
Pros: "Great selection of movies, comfortable flight overall."
Cons: "Only one drink service for 5 hours, attendants not friendly or attentive, and it took an eternity--again with AA--for the bags to hit the carousel. Over 30 minutes' wait."
Pros: "Laura was very helpful and so was the gate agent."
Pros: "Staff was accommodating throughout the trip"
Cons: "We were delayed on every leg of the flight - even sitting on the tarmac for 1.5 hours. No nursing rooms available in the airports."
Pros: "Crew was very attentive and professional, and the food and beverage on the Lufthansa transatlantic sector were better than US carriers offer."
Cons: "The economy seats on the Lufthansa A350 were extremely uncomfortable and seemed excessively narrow as well has having cramped legroom. I could not get comfortable let alone sleep, and my backside felt like I had been sitting on a park bench rather than a long haul coach airline seat. I will avoid this aircraft if possible in the future."
Pros: "efficient, punctual"
Pros: "Nothing...I missed this flight due to negligence, miscommunication, and incompetence by the front desk agents."
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "proverbially poor United service, this time compounded by weather-related flight delay. when gate agents are nowhere to be found and all the information one gets is terse departure update via the app, one knows that flight should have booked on a different airline."
Pros: "Friendly crew and comfortable seats"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "We landed 45 minutes early!"
Cons: "The fight was fine. however on the flight to Houston they loaded one of my suitcases onto another flight. It arrived to late for me to get it before the ship left. Their customer service is horrible!!! They continually lied about where my luggage was. Never again!!!!!"
Cons: "The flight took off late due to baggage not being loaded in a timely manner and the wait on the flight when we arrived was much longer due to equipment not being handled properly; because of this my family and I missed our connecting flight."
Pros: "The ease of boarding."
Cons: "The air conditioner went out and it was quite warm."
Cons: "I never got there."
Pros: "On time."
Cons: "Flight attendants were dis-engaged. No smiles. Not pleasant. RUDE to those wairing for bathroom. Not polite nor particularly helpful. Could not understand pilot at all. No one could dicipher his message. NO emtertainment without extra cost... on 4 1/2 hour flight!! Shame on you United! BOOO. Hardly anyone paid for entertainment. Very boring and hard flight. Will give another airline my $500 next time. Everyone who buys a cross-country ticket should get free entertainment. NO food except one cookie on 4 1/2 hour flight. Are you kidding?? I was starving! A small snack-meal was expected for the high cost we pay for ticket. BOO UNITED. UNTIL UNITED PUTS CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COMFORT FIRST... I and my family will be flying another airline. Very very disappointed."
Pros: "enjoyed getting moved up to economy plus with my premier silver status."
Cons: "the little kid kicking my seat behind me which is no one's fault except the parent which you can't police."
Pros: "The small plane, all seats were good seats"
Cons: "The guy that was farting on the plane"
Pros: "Early arrival. Smooth flight"
Cons: "Check in was confusing."
Pros: "The check in process"
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "Service was outstanding"
Cons: "Flight was late, at the end they told people to hurry up so they can be on their way with the next destination"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 2 hours"
Pros: "I arrived safely at my destination."
Cons: "We were delayed leaving IAD. We sat on the tarmac for 20 - 25 minutes waiting for a gate at SLC. The flight attendant neglected to look my way when picking up discarded trash, (I raised it up when she passed me - she was looking the other way and raced up the aisle), so I sat with my trash during the final 30 minutes of flight (and additional 20-25 minutes waiting for gate)"
Pros: "Despite all the restrictions, my wife and I were able to be seated together."
Cons: "When I booked the flight, I was not aware that I was booking a seriously restricted flight, ie no carry on baggage, can't sit together, etc. This is the first time I experienced these kinds of restrictions on a major airline. I did not like the having to pay for checked baggage of a carry on. A bit too much."
Cons: "Delays. Miscommunication."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I never made it to Newark"
Pros: "Pretty good crew but much less communication regarding flight and connection times."
Cons: "I wish the pilot would have told us what we were flying over!"
Pros: "i was slow getting off the plane but a person was waiting patiently. when i boarded the plane a flight attendant helped me figure out why my luggage wasnt going easily into overhead compartment and at the end of flight helped me get it out."
Cons: "aisles on plane too narrow to get luggage easily down aisle"
Pros: "Flint got delayed"
Cons: "My suitcase was damaged no longer usable"
Pros: "The space and entertainment was good"
Pros: "The people on the plane were friiendly enough, the customer service once we were on the ground was terrible"
Cons: "United Customer Service Blamed weather for a delay, I am a pilot and didn't see any weather delays posted for Newark. Even if there was weather, they didn't hold our outbound flight and missed it by 15 minutes. Didn't comp us for a hotel, had to stay in Jersey out of pocket, Jersey is busy, dirty, smelly, and overcrowded. Not enough infrastructure for the people. We were lucky we got there 2 hours prior to flight time and had TSA Pre Check."
Cons: "The whole trip was a nightmare and to top it all off, THEY LOST MY LUGGAGE!!!"
Cons: "Seat room was terrible, ridiculous."
Cons: "Food,crew could be better"
Cons: "I think a whole can of soda is the least that should be provided for any flight."
Pros: "The gate person was rude gave me a boarding pass to somewhere else under someone else's name and then told me she couldn't help me."
Pros: "See above"
Pros: "Pilot did a great job tried to hit as little turbulence as possible. Smooth landing. Flight attendants were very nice from Norfolk to Newark"
Pros: "The United skybus we were on from ORF to EWR was comfy."
Cons: "Waiting on the tarmac at ORF for 1.5hr to find a de-icing crew and nearly missing the next flight leading to a multi-terminal sprint to make it."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled"
Cons: "My seat doesn't recline, on top of being as comfortable as a rock. Passenger in front of my threw their garbage everywhere"
Pros: "They were always very attentive to let you know about gate changes or seat changes. Which to me personally is very important. I have had very bad experiences with other airlines in the past because they did not communicate properly their gate change and I missed my flight and missed events I was flying for. Excellent job to United for communicating gate changes very well! They did not break any of my luggage and the seats were fairly comfortable. The employees were also very attentive and willing to answer any questions."
Cons: "It was a bit confusing gate wise. I did have to ask an employee what was going on but they cleared up the confusion pretty quick. I flew on a jet verses a regular plane, and it was very loud. I had my movie turned up all the way with headphones and I still could barely hear it. It wasn't the fact that I couldn't hear my movie but in general it just hurt my ears. I was sitting towards the back of the jet though so I'm assuming if I was closer to the front it wouldn't have been as bad? Overall it was still a great experience"
Pros: "wheelchair and cart to get to my plane because of a knee injury"
Pros: "Extra leg room, larger plane"
Cons: "We got moved from United to American Airlines because United overbooked out first flight. We finally landed in SLC 8 hours later than we were supposed to only to be told that they had left out luggage in Chicago. It is now a week later and I still don't have my luggage! This has been the worst travel experience I have ever had!"
Pros: "Norfolk is always good and professional"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "The flights were on the empty side so there was an open seat next to me"
Cons: "The first flight got delayed so I missed my connection. My connecting flight got delayed about five times and sat on the runway for over an hour. I ended getting home at eleven PM when I was anticipating getting home st 9:45 AM"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fact that not only was my flight cancelled but so was its replacement with no explanation."
Cons: "Our flight had a "mechanical delay" which drug on for several hours (every 30 min there would be another 30 min delay). This eventually meant we would miss our connection to Munich and had to be rescheduled to the following day. The next day we had another round of "mechanical delays" and just barely made the connection."
Cons: "She missed this flight due to her first flight from Little Rock getting cancelled."
Cons: "Apparently flight crews are limited and even though our plane was ready to leave we had to wait for a crew member to arrive that was delayed at another airport which in turn delayed our flight."
Cons: "After getting pushed back 3 times it finally got canceled and left me and 4 other strangers to drive back home so I wouldn't miss work. Another not being late to work in the military is not good to go."
Pros: "Boarding was quick once it happened"
Cons: "Both of my united flights were delayed due to crew issues, one they were stuck in traffic, we'll they should leave early like we do. The next they were late for some clearance issues. The seats on this air craft were very thin and uncomfortable, you could feel the metal."
Cons: "Too many delays and small seats. But, round trip to Vegas from Salt Lake for 28 bucks total, I can handle a little inconvenience and discomfort."
Pros: "I didn't like anything about this flight except the gate agent was trying to be friendly. Everything else was horrible. We were 7 hors late leaving, and I wasn't given enough of a food voucher to even buy a salad at a fast food restaurant."
Cons: "A few more dollars for a meal voucher since we were 7 hours delayed."
Cons: "Getting off the plane my stroller wasn’t there. Then I was directed to 3 different places before I could find it near the baggage area. The reason I had the stroller... to help me Navigate an airport with little children. Totally defeated the purpose. Never again frontier. You all suck"
Pros: "The seat was a true misery."
Cons: "The airline, perhaps due mostly to the weather, repeatedly delayed and then cancelled my two flights. Even the next-day substitute flights were delayed. I was supposed to get to my destination at midnight, but I actually arrived one day and two hours later--at two in the morning. Got home at 4 am"
Pros: "We arrived slightly earlier than expected"
Cons: "Nickeling and diming sucks, stop selling credit cards, the boarding process was disorganized and chaotic"
Pros: "I have very long legs and broad shoulders and usually hate flying economy due to the lack of room. Because my short flight was only about an hour, I decided I could deal with the cramped space. I was excited to find out that the leg room on my flight was excellent and the shoulder room was good as well! What I was dreading, became very nice! Thanks for not cutting back on comfort!"
Cons: "I didn't like having to pay for refreshments or water. It would have been nice if the seat could have reclined as well. Otherwise, no complaints."
Pros: "Very friendly crew. Very affordable. Awesome customer service. Clean plane."
Cons: "Late flight"
Pros: "That y’all kept changing the times from 3pm to 8pm to 4am to 11:45pm"
Cons: "Y’all made me super late and missed an very important meeting ... you guys gave us an 15 dollar voucher like what good is that for 8 hrs of waiting ... believe me when I say after this trip I will not be using your company for anything ever again ... I can’t believe y’all"
Cons: "Frontier fraudulently bumped us off our connection at Dulles and rebooked us on a connection 4 hours later. On arriving at Denver we found that the Frontier flight that we were originally booked on was still on the ground and had been held back. Frontier gate agent Sonia for the SLC flight was extremely rude. Lodged a complaint with the manager Rema who was not helpful either. Had to go through Security and rechecking in of baggage all over again, not to mention the time that we were robbed of."
Cons: "Never got any notice that our flight was cancelled. Had to stay in the airport for a few hours. No customer service people were there. Tried to call frontier and couldn’t get a real person on the phone. Horrible. Wasted our day in the airport."
Pros: "Great flight from start to finish. Had boarding passes, so easy, Quick luggage checkin, easy boarding, and easy, Quick luggage retrieval at end of flight."
Cons: "All of the unexpected baggage fees ($40 for a carry on bag? Really?) and fees if you wanted to pick your seat. You even had to pay for snacks and drinks that are always complimentary! And I have never sat in more uncomfortable airplane seats (they didn't recline AT ALL). Plus could they have made a smaller seat tray? Frontier is a joke of an airline"
Pros: "The crew was great. Boarding was pretty easy, but I couldnt hear which zones were loading. The pilots got us in safe."
Cons: "My seat didn't recline. No free snacks/drinks. Very small seatback pockets. Very very small tray table. Not Frontier's fault, but the plane was bumpy and late due to weather."
Pros: "The searing as well the customer service. The schedule and time management of the flight was also very good"
Cons: "No free snacks but it's alright, no big deal"
Cons: "Carry on bags charge is rediculosly high."
Cons: "There were no snacks, not one drink was free, and the seats did not even recline. I will not be purchasing any further trips with Frontier no matter the price."
Pros: "price"
Cons: "$45 for a carry on bag on an airline that is constantly delaying flights is a little much to ask for. Can't even have a free drink on your flight either. Will not book again"
Pros: "My flight took off on time but airline kept plane on tarmac for 56 minutes to wait for a gate to open up. Then on flight back to SLC the piolet held up the plane for 30 saying they had to wait for people who missed their connection. The plane lands late and Frontier loses my luggage. The worst experience ever. The crew did not care and it showed. I will never fly Frontier again"
Pros: "Crew members were very nice."
Cons: "3 hrs late because there was not a crew to fly the plane. No apologies, no compensation."
Pros: "We landed safely"
Pros: "The seat was roomy enough for me."
Cons: "Charging $45 for a carry on bag is ridiculous and piracy!"
Pros: "At least I did not have to wait on the tarmac for 4.5 hours like I did in Denver."
Cons: "the aft steward was a power-hungry tyrant. He kept telling me to get into my seat which was occupied. When that could not be resolved, he told me to get out of the aisle so others could board. I was in the penultimate row and the people in my row needed to move to the last row. So who was I blocking from boarding? Also, the flight was extremely turbulent and not one seat in the last 4 rows had barf bags. As I deplaned, it looked as if 10-12 others did not have them either - - good luck cleaning that plane. The seats are sized for 5-yr olds. And lastly - you stick it to passengers with all the non-disclosed fees."
Pros: "The crew was good- at least one of the guys was. Never saw the others so I can't speak about them."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats. A plastic chair with barely a 1/4" foam on it. Smallest tray tables ever- probably for the drink and snacks they charge you for. Not roomy at all. And more expensive than my other flight- only reason I took this one was because it was the only non stop flight to SLC. Paid $357 then was charged an additional $60 to pick my seat and for a carry on- what the heck was the $357 for?? Not to mention the plane was dirty- I guess they didn't have time to clean it between flights- not the crews fault I guess. I will go out of my way to avoid frontier from now on. It was my first and last flight with them. I'll take my chances on the plane they transported the Ebola patient in from overseas. How are companies with this many low ratings still in business?"
Pros: "It was cheap. Although in the end I would have paid much more for a flight that actually got me somewhere."
Cons: "Flight was delayed from 4pm to 10:13 pm. Then boarding it too slow and we get in the plane at 10:45. Then, we wait at the gate for various reasons (?????) until 12:30, at which point the crew informs us that the crew has exceeded their time limit and we're returning to the gate. 8 hours of exhaustion and no flight,"
Pros: "Flight attendants were friendly, greeted us with a smile."
Cons: "Boarding process was a pain waiting for luggage again. Having to pay for drinks and carry-ons, even though there was plenty of overhead space, still having to pay and extra fee making it more expensive than most other airlines."
Pros: "Cabin was relatively clean and crew were friendly"
Cons: "Took a long time to board and we pushed back late, then on arrival we had to wait a half hour for a gate. I guess you get what you pay for."
Pros: "It was crazy cheap"
Cons: "The seats were tight, there was no movie, no snacks or drinks except to purchase, no tray table, and the bathrooms stunk up the plane frequently.... sigh I haven't flown in a while but I don't remember flights being this terrible"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Will never fly frontier again! Not only did I buy my flight. Then when I went to check in I had to pay for my seat, carry on then pay carry on again on my way home that had gone up in price!"
Pros: "see previous review"
Cons: "see previous review"
Pros: "I find it absurd they frontier charges you to choose a seat, they charge for checked bags and for all carry-ons."
Pros: "Nice people work at Frontier for most part. Very affordable flights due to cost cutting all over. As long as you just want a basic flight to and from, Frontier is solid."
Cons: "Try to charge ya for a coke, guess that's why they are so cheap, no freebies. Seats remind me of luxurious greyhound seats. Can tell Frontier cuts corners left and right to lower ticket cost. Delayed an hour, probably due to Ohare Airport."
Cons: "I think I overpaid because your website is not clear about when you need to pay extra for your seat and one carryon."
Pros: "Frontier is a good airline and they get the job (of getting you there) done. The seats are comfortable and the attendants are friendly. No complaints."
Cons: "I think I may have flown my last flight on Frontier. The cost of the tickets was great, and then I found out why. They charge you extra for EVERYTHING. I had to pay extra to get an assigned seat. (Some of the seats are very expensive!) I had to pay extra to check my luggage and extra for my carry-on luggage. My personal item (small backpack) was free. I had to pay extra for food / drink, too. Not a meal and an alcoholic beverage, I'm talking about peanuts and soda. Frontier will almost certainly figure out a way to charge us for the air we breathe during the flight. My "cheap" tickets turned out to be incredibly expensive. Thanks for being deceptive, Frontier!"
Cons: "it's was delayed and made me miss work. very disappointed."
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "Charge for carrying on bag"
Cons: "Can't take a carry on or you pay. Lame!"
Pros: "There was nothing to like, maybe there could be one thing to hate slightly less."
Cons: "The seats, the policies and the purposeful intentions of actively screwing over paying customers."
Pros: "Nothing particular"
Cons: "Exact the same things as the flight from MSP to near 3 hours delayed on schedule which had caused inconvenience and problems for pick up. Frontier staff are not helpful to let passengers know which gate has been changed to."
Pros: "There wasn't anything worth mentioning for this flight. It was terrible."
Cons: "It is not uncommon for a flight to be delayed, however, when most flights are delayed for over two hours most airlines try to make their customers more comfortable. I didn't have any feeling that the crew or the company cared that we were being held up for over two hours. This was the worst flight I have ever been on and am extremely disappointed with Frontier Airlines."
Pros: "The rate of the flight. It's a little bit cheaper than Delta and American flights."
Cons: "No entertainment on the flight. It cost extra to change seats. All the snacks cost money. And the bag fee is 40$"
Pros: "I was sent the wrong boarding code which caused me to miss my flight. No one from the airline will look at this computer glich."
Pros: "at least this flight was on time (this time)"
Cons: "They wait until the last minute to tell you there are fees for carry ons. I received no confirmation from Frontier about my flight and no communication explaining the unusual carry on fees. I didn't know that I would be expected to pay to carry on my small backpack and tiny suitcase until it was time to board. At that time, the customer service girl told me that it would $120 to check in my two tiny carry ons. She called for help and another woman told me that I would "only" have to pay $60 for the suitcase (which is the most outrageous baggage fee I've ever heard). At that point, I handed my ticket to the woman at the counter and asked her to charge my ticket. When I tried to board, I realized that I didn't have my ticket so I went back to get my ticket from the woman - she LOST it and needed to reprint it. When I got home, I saw that in addition to the $60 bag fee, they charged me $2.50 to print my ticket! Frontier's business practices are deceptive! Sure, the tickets were about $100 cheaper but having to pay extra for baggage fees and dealing with delayed flights makes it not worth the money at all!"
Pros: "I didn't like anything"
Cons: "Pricing seemed good until you get to the gate and find out they charge for Carry on, $60!!!! That is a horrible hidden charge, I have flown with almost every airline and have NEVER paid for a carry on. Then the flight was delayed 3 hours due to the pilot not being there, the plane was sitting there in front of us for those 3 hours. I honestly won't be flying Frontier ever again"
Pros: "On time flight. Easy booking"
Cons: "There was no where in the booking process that indicated I needed to pay for a carry on. I was charged at the gate which was totally unexpected."
Cons: "I was chargedoing an extra amount for my carry on bag. The lady at the counter said they can charge whatever they want. I was charged 45 dollars but if I checked it online it was $25."
Cons: "Starting off with a 2 hour delay before boarding, and then sitting a the gate for another 45 mins before we departed. The flight attendants were rude and it felt like we were inconveniencing them by being on the flight. But the overall worst part, was how we had to pay for baggage, and then when we land it SLC we waited over an hour for our bags to reach the carousel. Unacceptable. The Frontier Baggage lady had no idea why and was not doing anything to get to the route of why it took so long. No only does it inconvenience all the passagers, but also the people who are having to pick us up. I will also choose to never fly frontier again after this experience."
Cons: "The tray tables are so small it was impossible to use them. We never were even offered water and the cost for a simple soft drink or juice is overpriced. Things we expect and get from the airlines are not available on Frontier. Shame on you!!!"
Cons: "Charged me for my carryon, no water (you have to buy) no snacks (ie. peanuts, you have to buy) squished seating (no reclining seats) families couldn't book seats together (you have to pay), so kids were distributed all over the plan without their parents. If this "pay if you want" model works for you, by all means, but it doesn't make for great travel experience. I will choose other airlines."

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