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American AirlinesOverall score based on 46175 reviews
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Flight was delayed by one hour, then another 1/2 hour then cancelled and changed till the next day. We were not allowed to get our luggage & put up in a dirty hotel. I had cockroaches in the bathroom. When I finally arrived home…i noticed the airline had damaged the zipper on my suitcase.

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Flight was delayed by one hour, then another 1/2 hour then cancelled and changed till the next day. We were not allowed to get our luggage & put up in a dirty hotel. I had cockroaches in the bathroom. When I finally arrived home…i noticed the airline had damaged the zipper on my suitcase.


Pros: "Titos Vodka"
Cons: "If they would have put my wife and I together and not lose ALL 4 pieces of our luggage"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delayed. We almost missed our connection. Bags were lost No food or alcohol for first class. Pathetic."
Cons: "Water, sanitizer"
Pros: "On time, only one gate change!"
Cons: "Cheaper. Ran out of food on the incoming flight. Should have planned better"
Pros: "The plane ride was quick and easy!!!"
Pros: "Smooth. We will definitely fly AA again."
Cons: "Why are seats so small?"
Cons: "The flight was late with no explanation. The incoming equipment was at the gate in time."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Sat on the ramp for an hour with no A/C, no water. Jaded crew. Not good overall."
Cons: "Plane was delayed 3 hours, then delayed 30 minutes more because a flight attendant went to the wrong terminal. AA offered food to us, but this was after I had purchased food from a restaurant in the terminal. Would have been nice to at least offer free WiFi on the flight."
Pros: "Worst flight crew in business class ....super lazy"
Pros: "Crew had great personalities"
Cons: "Late to leave and arrive"
Pros: "Very cool touchscreen players on the back of each seat."
Cons: "The lights were on 90% of the flight...a night flight."
Pros: "Good boarding and on time departure."
Cons: "1) Very uncomfortable seats and spacement between the seats too small and you feel very cramped specially when the person in front of you reclines his seat you can hardly move. 2) Very poor attitude of crew member when asked a question when she was serving drinks. She had a very unpleasant face, and her attitude was like she was not happy on what she was doing"
Pros: "1) Puntuality in departing and arrival times 2) Very pleasant crew members"
Pros: "Nothing, okay the movie"
Cons: "Flight attendant in back rude from start to end for no reason."
Cons: "see above."
Pros: "Very nice crew. Thank you. I get to see my family."
Pros: "The crew was very nice and helpful"
Cons: "The new AA rule about not being able to bring any carry on. Next we won’t be able to get a coat or a purse on. They making it harder and harder to fly with them."
Cons: "I got tranafered to 4 different gates aand my flight was delayed for 3 hrs with no explaination and the staff didn't try to help"
Cons: "Delays, not helpful staff, not even a meal for a 5+ hr flight. No headphones available. All of this after American Airlines delayed flights and caused us to miss connecting. A whole night delay with no luggage because not one American Airlines staff could step up and help us. It was easier for them to be lazy and say “I know how you feel”. Never Again American Airlines"
Pros: "We had our passes available on our iPhone to assist the boarding process. Very enjoyable trip with the crew and we plan to fly AA again in the future."
Cons: "We had some light turbulence but other than flight was great."
Pros: "Power kept me working, big value to me"
Pros: "Left on time Nice flight attendants Arrived early"
Cons: "Runway time in New York"
Pros: "unAnnounced gate change"
Cons: "Running in airport"
Cons: "The crew wasn't very friendly - which is something I have noticed between AA and United. United seems to be much more friendly and welcoming."
Pros: "On time Friendly attendants Great service Mike in First Class was awesome"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "Boarding was very efficient"
Cons: "Stewardess were not very friendly. Plane apparence inside was not updated needs overall refurbish Having to pay extra for 1st luggage and seat selection"
Pros: "The crew did everything they could for the passengers to make them comfortable and informed about the situation but unfortunately it was out of their hands."
Cons: "It may be La Guardia Airport that is the one to blame and not AA, but long story short I was on the airplane on the ground in NY for about 5 hours. We had a domino effect of things happen that caused us to be delayed and then cancelled. First a Gate change to a different terminal after boarding was suppose to begin so we had to take a shuttle over and we're still missing 50 passengers, Engine problem that required maintenance, refuel because we were in the plane on the ground waiting for so long, deplane and replane for 10 mins because of a law, on the runway and back to the gate for all these different occasions. When they finally let us off the plane after all these hours it was because of weather (although the skies were blue and the pilot was confident it wouldn't be an issue) they didn't actually cancel the flight until 5pm, my flight was suppose to take off at 9am. They were also required by law to give us free snacks Bc we hadn't eaten all day or had fresh air--these were all chips and gluten free so I had to starve. AA customer relations said they couldn't compensate because the issue that was documented in their records for my flight cancellation was because of "weather"... my flight couldn't be rescheduled until the following afternoon, making me have to cancel work 2 days in a row and pay for multiple taxis and and extra night of boarding. I will NEVER fly AA or La Guardia again."
Pros: "I liked the ease of the gate for the airplane."
Cons: "There was no entertainment. The airline did not offer a complimentary headphones, and failr sure the wifi was not even working. Also was not that big of a fan with the extra long layover. Was not a fan of the extra time in the holding pattern above Indianapolis, nor the extra time 150 feet from the gate after we landed."
Pros: "Clean, quiet, nice staff"
Cons: "Was late"
Cons: "A little bumpy"
Cons: "The gate the flight was originally on changed, however there was never an announcement made over the intercom advising of the change. When the gate I was waiting at finally showed the flight information to Toledo, I had to find what gate I my flight was now on and had fifteen minutes to make it to the correct gate. Had the original gate displayed the new information any later I would have missed my flight."
Pros: "Great announcements by lead flight attendant."
Pros: "Except for comments under what I didn't like. AA experience was O.K."
Cons: "The restrooms needed cleaned better. Big airplane lots of people, needs cleaned before, during, and after. Had to pay for the Wi-Fi, that I used for 30 min, basically for E-Mail."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight has to stop over to refuel (unplanned on a "non-stop" flight). TV entertainment was bad, inappropropriate and boring. Personal entertainment monitor did not work for the first leg of the flight. Got to final destination 2hrs after schedule. No food for international flight, even considering an additional 2hrs on top of the 6.5 hr flight."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The only thing I liked was how polite and helpful the staff was at the airport."
Cons: "The flight attendants both seemed unhappy and we're not very polite. They hardly came through the cabin at all. It took a while to get anything. They mostly just stayed in the back talking to each other. The pilot didn't greet us. Just stood there when we walked in. And there was a kid screaming for most of the trip. My seat was broken and wouldn't recline. This was my first trip flying, and on the trip to Miami I flew with Delta. The service with them was tremendously better. I was really disappointed."
Cons: "Sat on the ground for an hour."
Pros: "I was shocked to finally get a snack. Seems like years since that happened. And we arrived in Indy thirty minutes early!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was incredibly delayed."
Cons: "Flight was very late. Boarding was not good!"
Pros: "I really like the crew on this flight, they were very polite and very friendly."
Cons: "Boarding again same comment as above. Comfort was good because I had paid for an upgrade which I actually thought I was paying for the international flight but found out it was actually for the Charlotte flight which was a surprise it was not very clear from the tool. So hence the Comfort was great on this flight. But the tool needs to make it much more clear as to what you are selecting the upgrade for. Food, there has got to be something else out there other than pretzels, I understand why we do not have peanuts, but a little bit more variety would be very nice. I understand there's a cost tractor, but often pretzels tend to be fairly stale. Short flights entertainment."
Pros: "This flight was comfortable and the crew was very nice"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "I missed my flight due to LA traffic. American Airlines was very accommodating. They put me at ease and helped reach my destination. I wasn't treated like it was my fault. They totally understood and were very compassionate. Thank you."
Pros: "No complaints. Love American!"
Pros: "Although the flight was booked solid I was bery comfortable. The plane had frontal entertainment which made time go by fast."
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Delayed for over four hours with no explanation or terrible communication"

My flight got delayed, then to make it better I had to stay in Las Vegas for 12 HOURS

Pros: "The crew was very kind! The flight was fine."
Cons: "I would have liked to see a little more social distancing precautions taken. There were none. That’s just my personal feelings."
Pros: "I like the option to have a big seat up front without the cost of first class tickets."
Cons: "Our luggage didn’t even make it on the plane! My husband was there on a business trip and now doesn’t have any of his tools for work for the week. Spirit told him his luggage didn’t even get loaded on the flight."
Pros: "The fare."
Cons: "Seats don’t recline."
Pros: "The crew was super rude and not helpful to any of the guests. There was nothing to like."
Cons: "The plane had not been cleaned and there was gum on the tray table and food in all the seats. The crew had people clean their own seats instead of helping them."
Pros: "The craft was clean and the staff friendly. I guess it is nice to have an airline where you decide what perks you want to pay for, but any first-timer booking on Spirit should check out all of the extra costs before reserving their flight. It isn't the great deal it appears to be unless you are a Florida commuter."
Cons: "For a flight during a worldwide pandemic, it was terribly crowded. By the end of the 2 hour flight, my back and legs were aching from the inability to move in the small, closely packed seats. Sanitizer wasn't passed out, and it would have been appreciated."
Cons: "Spirit could stop charging for everything even coffee and tea."
Pros: "Smooth and quick flight."
Pros: "Mask covering one's nose was reenforced"
Cons: "Boarding started late"
Cons: "My suitcase was left in Florida."
Pros: "The time"
Cons: "Spirit airlines is as cheap as they are on the front end because they have a ton of fees they charge on the backend, and it’s a 100% rip off. Very upsetting to know that the luggage is only 40 pounds And they charge for extra carry-on items."
Pros: "Nothing at all!"
Cons: "Stop charging for a carry on bag to get over on your customers!"
Cons: "Seats are very uncomfortable"
Pros: "Our flight boarded and landed on time."
Cons: "Seat comfort, complimentary snack and drink would be great even if it was just water, flight attendants were not very friendly. Not the crew on our planes fault, but we were stuck taxiing for over an hour...nearly missed our connection, checked bag didn't make connection."
Cons: "Need more clarification of carry-on rates; and the customer service people need less "attitude"!"
Cons: "The flight was filled with crying children Im"
Pros: "It was on time and hassle free."
Cons: "None"
Cons: "I am 6.5 and I don't fit in does small sits But overall it was amazing"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The first flight was delayed almost 2 hours which made me miss my connecting flight. I had to purchase a brand new ticket I will never book Spirit again or kayak"
Pros: "Direct flight to O’Hare that was on time."
Cons: "$45 carry on fee EACH WAY is outrageous Seats are super uncomfortable and don’t recline. Flights over 4 hours would be completely insane and tortuous The whole point in booking a discount airliner is to save money but when they hit you with $90 in carryon fees you might as well fly with a better airline."
Pros: "bag"
Cons: "My bag never left Myrtle beach"
Cons: "I made my reservation through Flight Network site. I didn't see anywhere when securing the flights that this was their basic economy. On checking in on-line the next night, we found our great fare was definitely not! $160 for 2 suitcases round trip plus $60 to have assigned seats. If this was shown on Flight Network, I sure didn't see that This was the first time flying Spirit, so didn't know it is primarily a basic economy type of airline."
Pros: "Crew was friendly. Flight was faster than anticipated"
Cons: "QRS code for boarding pass wouldn't load on mine or my boyfriend's phone (using Gmail and Outlook). Computers were down at the gate in Tampa so I had to wait in line for full-service for over 30 minutes, despite "checking in" online (no bags). Employees at ticketing gate wouldn't reassure myself and 14 other passengers that we would make our flights due to Airline error. Once on the plane, unable to even open my 15inch laptop all the way because the seats were so small and tray tables were impossible. Surrounded by children. Asked for headphones, none provided. When I removed my coat from the under seat compartment, it had a piece of twizzler and an orange stain on it."
Pros: "The pilot landed his plane and I did not even realize . Best landing experience ever"
Cons: "Na"
Cons: "Flight was an hour late!"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Seats were incredible thin and narrow. Forget personal space! Person behind me kept pushing knees into seat which I felt quite clearly. $45 to carry on luggage is absurd!"
Pros: "Nice plane"
Cons: "When checkkng in i was surprised by all of the upcharges. Felt like it was a bait and switch."
Pros: "Only thing good, email alerts that the flight was going to be delayed, allowed us to do some extra sight seeing in Dallas. Went out to the Southfork Ranch and enjoyed a tour."
Cons: "Late, late, late and did I say LATE. 2nd time to fly this airline, return trip. Both times, hour and a half late."
Cons: "Boarding process... seat no was not available at checkin counter since this was the basic economy ticket"
Pros: "Price, cleanliness"
Cons: "The seats are very narrow, even at 5'2" tall my hips could barely fit. Flight attendants were not loud enough, could not make out announcements at all."
Cons: "They separated us and put my 2 yr old all by herself 17 rows back and we have 3 children they put the other two children alone 3 and 8. They charged us for carry ons that were with in guideless except for the wheels on the return flight we didn't let them see the carry ons and no one said anything and were not charged the ripped us off on the out bound for 82.00"
Cons: "was not notified of any delays until I was boarded onto the plane. Had to reschedule my flight for this morning instead of last night because my flight was delayed until 3:30 am"
Pros: "The flight crew were awesome"
Cons: "The delays AND the gate changes back and forth to opposite directions of the terminal"
Cons: "It took a bit longer to start boarding this flight, I'm not sure the reason. I just know that we began boarding closer to 2:40 than the 2:20 mentioned, which also led to a bit of a rushed boarding to get the flight out in time. After everyone was boarded and seated we sat at the gate for longer than normal as well. Of course, this may have been something to do with flying out of ATL? I know a lot of flights go through there so it wouldn't surprise me if there were mini-plane-traffic-jams."
Pros: "Speedy boarding and take off."
Cons: "Had to pay to move to open seats."
Pros: "All services"
Cons: "The worst airline. I was treated badly all the way from Aruba to Denver. They had my flying for 3 days to get to my destination because they delayed the first flight and couldn't make my connection. Their customer service was awful, they scream at me if I didn't like their suggestion and threaten me that I would end up without a flight if I didn't want to do what they suggested. They racially discriminated me and other passengers at the baggage service area. They were the worst company over all!!!"
Pros: "Cheap and on time"
Cons: "There is no app to check in and if you don't print your boarding pass ahead of time, they charge you $10"
Pros: "The cheapest prince and the one stop flight"
Cons: "There was no serves for food and drink on the flight. Besides, the flight company only allows one free personal package. If you have a carry-on package, you need to pay $55 for it. And if you pay the $55, the price would become same as AA."
Pros: "I packed literally three pieces of clothing, perfume, shoes and lotions for a 3 day trip. Paid $50 each check-in, total $100 for luggage. Absolute rip off!"
Cons: "Luggage fees and not even water on board."
Pros: "The fact it was direct."
Cons: "Seats uncomfortable. Cheaper fare, but it wound up expensive. $50 for luggage and $18 for a seat EACH way is very pricey. Not even water was offered, $3.50 a bottle could be purchased."
Pros: "Staff was friendly, no complaints there."
Cons: "Everything has an additional cost... $100 extra just to bring a bag that would have been free on any other airline. The ticket was cheaper than other airlines, but not THAT much cheaper. Online check in process was overly complicated, it's obvious they want to discourage you from easily paying for bags in advance because it costs much more to do so at the airport/gate. Everyone told me this airline was the worst but I thought for a quick flight/trip it couldn't be THAT bad... wrong."
Pros: "Got an exit seat 90.18 for round trip"
Cons: "2 hour delay seats uncomfortable 4.50 for a half glass of coke"
Cons: "I was in line at Myrtle Beach International and was late for my flight home due to a cancelled flight before. By the time I was at the front desk and checked in, I was notified that final call has passed, which I still had 25 minutes till departure. Being informed, and losing my $200 ticket, I was forced to buy another $200 ticket for the next day. Only to find out after I left the airport that my original flight was delayed 45 mins, which would have given me plenty of time to reach my ordinal flight. So I spent $400 in 2 days to get home and was never refunded or reimbursed for my missed flight."
Cons: "On an Atlanta to Boston trip, they cancelled the flight an hour before takeoff, said we couldn't fly out until the next afternoon, and refused to help us rebook with another airline. I was able to rebook with Southwest at double the cost (and it wasn't even a direct flight). Spirit said the flight was cancelled due to weather but every other airline was still flying to Boston."
Pros: "There was nothing enjoyable about my return flight."
Cons: "We boarded 2 hours late. When I would ask the customer service representative at the gate how much longer I would get an attitude. When we actually boarded the flight attendant was rude and pushy. They were more worried about getting your other spirit employees on board first ( non working employees that were just hitching a ride). I asked three times for a water when we took off(still waiting on it). Whomever controls the air conditioner on board had it way too high. As everyone around me was sweating. I and people around me asked several times regarding this. So for a 4 hour long flight it was not enjoyable at all."
Pros: "Nice clean newer plane"
Cons: "Sat next to a bigger guy. I had to sit sideways for 4 hrs."
Pros: "Nothing would never fly spirit! Nickel & dime u to death could have flown first class on any other airline by time finished all additional supplement payments!"
Cons: "See above"

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