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Low season

August Best time to beat the crowds with an average 6% drop in price.

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December Most popular time to fly with an average 21% increase in price.

Average price round-trip

$1,099 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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$688 or less

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$383 or less

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Top airlines flying Oregon to Curitiba Afonso Pena

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

American Airlines
Overall score based on 44,877 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Amazing crew. Departed and arrived on time."

Pros: "Enough leg and seat space for coach. Timely, easy boarding, clean airplane."
Cons: "Entertainment screens (though good selection for iPhone entertainment) , ability to charge phone."

Pros: "Very accommodating crew as we were traveling with my elderly grandmother."
Cons: "Nothing really"

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Decaf tea"

Pros: "Leg room"
Cons: "Plane was late for takeoff and we arrived 30 minutes after scheduled time. They didn’t announce a delay or apologize."

Pros: "Flight was mostly smooth."
Cons: "Flight crew announcements were too loud and too frequent. Landing at PHL was unusually rough."

Pros: "Being relatively on-time was nice for a change."
Cons: "Seats are tight / uncomfortable. Crew could be better at spotting intoxicated passengers and not continuing to serve them."

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Crew were good"
Cons: "Way late. This flight has been over 45 minutes late 1/4 of the time in the last 60 days. Today was the 1 in 3 days."

Pros: "Crew seemed friendly and considerate"
Cons: "Flight from SLT was delayed by weather, so our flight left almost one hour late."

Pros: "The crew did a great job."
Cons: "Seating is very uncomfortable."

Cons: "Flight had a/c that didn’t cool - everyone was incredibly hot and complaining. Flight delayed for an hour and a half with no reason."

Pros: "amazing seat and awesome crew couldn't ask for more"

Pros: "Arrived early with great service which is most important when flying."
Cons: "Entertainment was not on par with competitors like Delta, especially on a long flight. Movies depended on downloading the gogo app before you boarded which most were not aware of until we were airborne."

Pros: "The most cramped seats ever"

Pros: "Everything was ok."
Cons: "very little service"

Cons: "Not BA's fault, but I didn't like the long flight. I liked the pillow and blanket provided."

Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "Ran out of sandwiches on PDX to CLT leg. ☹️"

Pros: "I liked the inflight entertainment."
Cons: "The flight attendants going down the middle aisle and bumping me as I had an aisle seat."

Pros: "Entertainment and meals"
Cons: "Crew could of been friendlier"

Pros: "Once in the air things went well."
Cons: "We spent more time on the tarmac than in the air. The plane was unusually noisy on landing. There was little room"

Pros: "The movies were great. Staff wonderful, accommodating."
Cons: "I absolutely hated the flight from pdx to Minnesota. Plane felt unsafe, smelly & generally scary."

Pros: "Very efficient crew. Pleasant enough"
Cons: "Bumpy flight, obviously not something that could be helped (tho the pilot came on and said he was hoping to find a smoother altitude, greatly appreciate him trying!)"

Cons: "Holding pattern over Dallas for 45 minutes."

Pros: "The in flight entertainment was perfect, new, and relevant. I also had an empty seat between myself and another passenger so my legs weren't as cramped."

Pros: "Ticket agents at all airports were helpful and very considerate."
Cons: "We were not able to print our boarding passes the day before as expected per the website and purchase docs for the tickets, despite providing passport numbers (several times) and Global Entry registrations. Had to go to a ticket desk at first departure and third departure points to have them printed, with no explanations given. Also not allowed to choose our seats for the third leg. Food was barely edible. Paid extra for roomier seats on one leg, making it more comfortable, but were extremely tight on another leg which had many empty seats scattered throughout the cabin. Cabin attendants seemed more interested in pushing items that generated revenue than providing the ones that came with the ticket (which is never cheap to begin with)."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Every single bit. Was horrible and the crew was just aweful."

Cons: "Due to mechanical issues our 8am flight kept getting delayed in 30 minute increments until around 9:45 when the front desk attendants told us the necessary part had to be driven from Seattle and wouldn't be available until noon, and that their was no certainty the part would work, and that we should make other arrangements. So we did, but their earliest we could get us into Chicago was 9:30pm (original arrival was 2pm). We booked the arrangements only to find out that our original flight took off at 10:55 and American didn't even attempt to contact us. The cherry on top was that our flight (which was indirect through SFO) got delayed and we're now going to miss our connection in SFO. So currently looking at 10:30pm arrival in Chicago."

Pros: "Friendly staff ice landong"
Cons: "No leg room & I am only 5'6' & slim."

Pros: "Snacks"
Cons: "They wouldn't allow me to check my bag at the main gate so I had to go through security and check it at the boarding gate. Souvenirs were confiscated because the bag couldn't be check sooner. Then they tagged my bag with the wrong name and destination. It was 48 hours later before I got my bag."

Pros: "The crew is caring and attentive. AA is upgrading all their planes and the individual monitors so you can watch and/or listen to any entertainment you wants. Plane left on time and arrive early, making transfer less stressful."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "."

Pros: "Timeliness"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Entertainment and great beverage options"

Pros: "Comfort, convienience. Great service. Will fly again."

Pros: "The switch up w amaerican air Can't find flight for check in no one is on the phone over night. Finally figured out the prob. Did like amer air And all the shuttling. Chaos"

Pros: "Comfortable seats"
Cons: "Lack of entertainment and no free WiFi. Also food choice was not the greatest"

Pros: "The flight attendants were super nice. The flight went smoothly."
Cons: "Let's get some tvs on the backs of the seats!"

Cons: "I used to fly with American Airlines a lot more and every time the staff somehow finds a way to be rude and ruin my day so I try to avoid this airline. On this particular flight it was the very rude asian flight attendant that really set the mood. The attitude of the staff really makes or breaks the experience and it seems like American Airlines doesnt care about the quality of thier employees"

Pros: "Pretty comfortable"

Pros: "I like that they had a TV show showing at no extra cost"
Cons: "The seats were so uncomfortable, I've been on planes before but after an hours I couldn't get comfortable at all."

Pros: "From getting called stupid by Linda B in the phl airport bc I used the first class check-in computers vs the regular ones, then she says "what you can't spell"? After I asked for her name, what a horrible overall experience from American airline s. Won't ever fly your airline again. I'll pay more money to avoid your company.."
Cons: "Zero entertainment on flighta out to weSr coast. Plane was very hot during red eye coming back."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Ticket agent would not let me pay for up grade was first flight for me to fly with my wife she sat in first class while I was at the back of the plane!! And there was a seat available for me in first class he just wouldn't let me have it I would not recommend American to any one"

Cons: "Numerous delays and disappointments. Two delays before boarding. Another long delay after boarding waiting for paperwork to be completed. Long taxi period. Waited over half hour for baggage claim conveyor to start rolling."

Pros: "The in flight attendants were very helpful. They never got upset with anyone when I got walked passed my seat while boarding and had traffic backed up while boarding.Such a pleasant flight. I would rather fly American Airlines than spirit, United."
Cons: "The only thing I can say I didn't like was the vents did not blow the air condition hard enough. .."

Cons: "Flight was delayed"

Pros: "The flight, attendants, timeliness"
Cons: "Unable to check in unless paying extra for only available seats. At DFW was scolded for nit checkibg in sooner and was assigned "the last seat" because of overbooking. Same today trying to check in JAN to DFW. Must pay extra or wait untill get to airport.Reserved months ago. Assign seat upon reservation!"

Pros: "Friendly staff, great service, and how since it was a night flight the lights were off."
Cons: "There was nothing I didnt like"

Pros: "Went smoothly including tsa"
Cons: "Flights aalways toi close together. 1st flight arrived early and still just made boarding for second flight"

Cons: "Bad smell"

Pros: "Aircraft well laid out."
Cons: "Full flight snd everyone seemed to have a carry on bag.."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Awful flight attendants. They all hate their jobs."

Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "Middle seat but not that bad in the end. Nice people on both sides. Still i booked 7 months out and wasn’t able to get a window or aisle."

Pros: "The pasta dinner in economy was quite good even by airline food standards. Flight attendants very good, very positive attitudes, which always makes for a better flight experience."
Cons: "The United boarding system sucks.....unless you have $$$$."

Pros: "When we were checking in, the personal service from staff was outstanding."

Pros: "I liked the good options on the flight and the picture menu, the uncomplicated boarding and great check in service"
Cons: "All good"

Pros: "It was an ok flight i guess but there was no good free in flight entertainment."

Pros: "It was fine."

Pros: "Good service."
Cons: "The website is pretty bad, not user friendly. Took several times for things to take, and was a frustrating experience. Luftansa's website. Not United."

Pros: "the price of the flight was the best part of the deal"
Cons: "have to pay for movies, and no good selection of snacks on flight."

Pros: "Got everything we needed."
Cons: "No complaints."

Pros: "I boooked through Kayak based on recommendations fron Rick Steves. When I tried to check in the night before, I was told I wasn't on the flights I had booked. Turns out SAS had switched me to a later flight without any notice. It took hours on the night I was readying yo leave for a three-week trip to find out what had happened. At best, I would have found out the next day at the airport and waited an extra three hours. Not the big fun! At worst, who knows? Would someone have been able to figure it out in time? Huge run-around!"
Cons: "See above. Also no vegetarian meal offerings."

Cons: "We had to check our hand luggage and be charged EUR120.00 We should have been aware of this before we obtained the boarding pass..."

Pros: "Appreciated the boarding style, more organized crowds"
Cons: "Seats are getting too small, not enough room for elbows"

Cons: "Had to circle 3 time before landing due to air traffic."

Pros: "The long haul from Latvia to Oregon is usually a pain but the SAS employees worked to make it as positive as possible. Everything was great from the seats and accommodation to the food and staff."

Pros: "Entertainment selection was good"
Cons: "Seating comfort was *horrible*! Looks like they've made the seats more cramped, especially when the seats recline"

Pros: "United transfer me to Alaska Airlines because there was delay that would impacted my layover.. So they gave me non stop with Alaska. I'm pleased with their service!"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Plenty of personal space. this first leg was actually quite pleasant I would give this leg a 4.5"
Cons: "The spicy snack was awful, I needed water, it took a while to get to me."

Pros: "No delays! First time that's happened in a while! So easy!"

Pros: "Very unhappy employees. I work at Nordstrom so maybe my expectations are a bit high when it comes to customer service, but if I owned united airlines I would be ashamed of the way United employees treat people. I paid an extra 300 than I had to to get to Hartford Connecticut at the time I chose when purchasing the ticket. Every plane was delayed. EVERY FLIGHT by at least an hour. I missed my connections and was rebooked twice. the average joe customer service lines were ridiculous with the separate priority line having first dibs. The first customer service man I met with was helpful and kind. With the exception of that man and one flight attendant on my trip back to Portland, every employee was indifferent, condescending and in some cases, actually mean. I say that seriously! (I can't believe it either). I am not a difficult person to get along with and I never showed upset despite the many mishaps I encountered on this trip. Customer service is so important and could have made up for the obvious poor planning and lack of communication by which united airlines functions. Unfortunately, I would rather fly any other airline if given the choice after this trip. Even spirit (and let me tell you, I've only flown spirit once and there is a good reason for that). So disappointing. I am upset over my experience and again, will avoid this airline at all costs in the future whenever possible."
Cons: "Above."

Pros: "Free Upgrade"
Cons: "What wasn't there to like"

Pros: "No delays."
Cons: "No complaints."

Pros: "Friendliness of the crew"
Cons: "Having to wait for wheelchairs to be delivered when we requested them before the flight. No aisle chair delivered at all."

Pros: "Flight was uneventful. Went smoothly."
Cons: "Seating wa very cramped. Long legged people were shoving their knees into my husband's back and I was unable to stretch my legs. Also, there was not a free gluten free snack available."

Pros: "I like the small size. The food and drink are so minimal it's hard to rate. The flight attendants were courteous and efficient. The flight was on time."
Cons: "The bathroom was more "used" than usual..."

Cons: "There was no food for such a long flight"

Cons: "I would like to see free movies added to the flight like American Airlines have."

Pros: "Nice smooth flight"
Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Plane was 3 hours late missed my connection. Was due to poor maintenance of the aircraft. Will not fly United again"

Cons: "My flight got canceled down, had to rent a car, my flight on the way back "accidentally" got cancelled by staff, and had to deal with a delayed flight and running through the airport to catch my connection. Didn't get my bags back until the next day, and overall spent a lot of time fixing problems..."

Pros: "Nice terminal"
Cons: "United is chronically late"

Pros: "Everyone was very helpful, always smiling and super nice. I was having a rough, long day and not looking forward to any of it. They really helped me get through it!"
Cons: "No free snacks, I could've used some pretzels"

Pros: "Too much delays in getting on and off flights. Both legs were delayed for long periods. Had to hassle way through to avoid missing connection. Gate info for 2nd leg was not available until 15 minutes prior to boarding; compounded with delay."

Cons: "Over a hour and a half late leaving portland"

Pros: "Wish there was complimentary snacks ie peanuts or crackers"

Pros: "The flight from the Denver leg to Des Moines was great. The crew was exceptionally friendly, especially the stewardess. I really loved taking the smaller plane into Des Moines. It made the boarding and deboarding go very quickly. In the future when traveling to destinations outside of a major hub, I will look for flights with smaller planes. It was an incredibly pleasant flight experience."

Pros: "Everything was great."
Cons: "Food got a poor rating because there was no food service on either flight. You might think about creating another column with N/A (not applicable) as a heading. Entertainment got a mediocre rating simply because I didn't indulge. I might have been tempted more if I could have seen a price somewhere for the entertainment. I was very hesitant to just start swiping without knowing what I was getting myself in to."

Pros: "Although I only got a water, other people were ordering, but the older flight attendant was not at all personable and was very impolite. Being a chef, I would never give poor quality customer service as he did. My flight attendants from DEN to TYS was much more personable and made the flight much more enjoyable."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "This is the second time my flight was canceled due to maintenence and I had to fly out the next day not the same day."

Cons: "It was cancelled... I waited in line at the airport for over two hours and on hold on the phone for another two to have my flight changed. The new flight was not direct, and got me in to Chicago almost 24 hours late. Both of my rebooked flights were delayed."

Cons: "United Customer Service was terrible on the plane. The gate agent messed up out seat assignments and put 2 of us in the same seat and then a airline attendant on the plane was so rude and condescending to the few of us on the plane about the seat confusion that again was not the passengers fault but United. I am trying to track down her name to file a formal complaint. She made a remark that was disrespectful to people not being able to "read" correctly, she was very rude. Also on our return flight it is not showing our seat assignments. Very poor experience with United. I will go back to Alaska and SW airlines before choosing them again."

Cons: "Weather related, complete cancellation! Rebooking was beyond a nightmare & new flight was 36 hours later!"

Pros: "Seats were fairly supportive and felt good on my back."
Cons: "Seat pitach was horrible. Row in front was basically in you face before they reclined. Paying extra for in seat entertainment was not appreciated (and not done)."

Pros: "No crew so we waited for two hours for one to arrive."

Pros: "even though i was leaving under difficult circumstances, the flight attendant kept us smiling. the service was very amazing and i couldn't have asked for a better flight"

Pros: "Comfort on time."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "I LOVED the crew. So kind and helpful!"
Cons: "I didn't like how crammed the Seats were and how loud it was in the back row. My mistake."

Pros: "Aircraft was clean, seats were comfortable."
Cons: "No tv to watch."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Oregon to Curitiba

Airlines flying from Oregon to Curitiba have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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