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The air above my seat wasn’t working & I sweat the entire flight, not to mention the seats are incredibly uncomfortable. The crew was amazing though, I hate that they had to keep reminding folks to sit down & pull up their masks- two things that should be common sense by now. They’re great!

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The air above my seat wasn’t working & I sweat the entire flight, not to mention the seats are incredibly uncomfortable. The crew was amazing though, I hate that they had to keep reminding folks to sit down & pull up their masks- two things that should be common sense by now. They’re great!

Cons: "Not push my flight time back"

This is a very short flight, so there actually wasn't any food or entertainment onboard. Although the pilot had warned of turbulence, the flight actually was quite smooth, especially compared to the VERY turbulent FAT-CHI leg we had just endured.

Cons: "The staff at the checkin proceeded to pretend to type in the keyboard until 7 min after our allowed checkin time- they refused to allow us to check in or board although at the airport 1.5 hrs early!"
Pros: "The price of the flight was competitive which is why we went with American. The aircraft was clean and crew aboard the aircraft were by by courteous and professional."
Cons: "American Airlines changed our flight times drastically which caused us to have to rearrange our travel plans. The boarding process at St Croix was terribly unorganized and inefficient. The airplane was hot and stuffy with little airflow. They don’t offer any beverages to customers other than first class passengers citing COVID issues. There is no risk if COVID spread through giving each passenger a soda. It is incredibly unfair that first class passengers are served both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages in cups but other passengers are not."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, so missed connection."
Pros: "Everything except the rental agreement"
Pros: "Knowing that the pilot takes out safety seriously is to be commended. Thank you"
Cons: "Not have a breakdown would be nice but I know that breakdowns are unexpected and it’s better to be safe than sorry with our safety. So thank you"
Pros: "Flight attendant very good at updating the passenger"
Pros: "Great 1st class service."
Cons: "Food served in 1st class fair"
Cons: "We were delayed because we were waiting on a crew member. It was kind of ridiculous"
Pros: "I suppose we’re grateful for “free entertainment on your own device”."
Cons: "Robust entertainment on a seat-back screen."
Pros: "Crew was nice and I was comfortable"
Cons: "Well on the way to Florida I had an entertainment screen that froze and in this flight the screen was blue needing maintenance so it was out of service too."
Pros: "Everything."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Comfortable seats"
Cons: "Landing"
Pros: "Kind crew"
Cons: "The plane felt like it was going to fall apart."
Pros: "Nothing. It was a miserable 2+ hrs."
Cons: "Work harder at making flying more comfortable for travelers without breaking the bank."
Pros: "The crew and plane was great"
Cons: "The first flight was delayed causing me to miss my second flight and having to spend an extra night at my layover location but the airline accommodated me accordingly with a room and flight the next morning Dallas airport was a shambles not being helpful at all with the people who were delayed"
Pros: "The crew is good and attention"
Cons: "They need to prevent to inconvenience or un conformity towards to the people or customers becouse they don't give information in time"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled. Zero accommodations"
Cons: "the flight was delayed 5 hours due to maintenance. The captain had to finally, after several hours, come to the boarding area to inform all of us that there was problem that was not communicated correctly so we then had to wait an additional 2.5 hours more on top of the original 2.5 hour delay for the two certified mechanics on St. Croix to attest that the plane could fly. No one asked them to come earlier, so we waited for pretty much five (5) hours. We were promised meals and hotel in Miami. the Miami American Airlines service desk told us, sorry, there's so many people, we could not be accommodated. This is outrageous, and I want my money back. I paid for 4 people on that flight and we were treated horribly. On top of that....Cheapoair, representative from whom I bought the tickets, sold me tickets without my understanding that we only had 41 minutes to get off the original flight from Christiansted find the next flight and board it. We never would have made it. Final point, the Cheapoair guy who sold me the tickets charged me about 500 dollars more than what he said the cost was. He quoted and said "all in" 1150 per ticket (I bought 4 tickets). He then charged me nearly 5300 Again this is outrageous and a complete sham. I demand to be compensated for this."
Pros: "We did get home. 24 hours late."
Cons: "We got home 24 hours late after sleeping in chairs in Dallas airport."
Pros: "They were gracious and courteous, the flight attendants. Very nice people."
Cons: "The last seat empty thing was weird but im sure that has to do with some new regulations or something and not the airline itself."
Pros: "I made it home..."
Cons: "Plane was grounded due to mechanical issues, another plane was found and we were able to get home, but 1+ hours after the scheduled arrival."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was canceled after being delayed 3 times"
Cons: "There planes are just to tight and the seats are incredibly uncomfortable."
Pros: "Thankful for the pilot..."
Cons: "I'm not a fan of being bribed into credit cards, and the whole class system... Everyone is a human passenger"
Pros: "Quick and painless flight"
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "The crew and planes were excellent."
Cons: "When we booked our flights the web site did not show us all the possibilities for return flights. When inn Puerto Maldanado we checked on line and discovered we did not have to have the 18 hour and 19 hour lay overs. We rebooked and were hammered with the $400 charges. We will not book future flights with your organization because of this deceptive practice."
Cons: "Seat space very narrow and uncomfortable seats"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "We had plenty of space. Wine, beer and food was tasty and complimentary. Mark, our flight attendant, was very friendly and learned our kids names."
Cons: "Great flight!"
Pros: "Getting out of the plane! and the landing was very good."
Cons: "Bad service no entertainment besides a one very childish movie. My tray stayed with me the whole flight, I had almost to beg to take it and never s flight attendant seem happy, pleasant or even profissional. The landing by the pilots was amazing."
Pros: "Nice flight attendant A full can of soda"
Cons: "Board on the tarmac Tiny plane Hardly any overhead storage Had to sit on the taxiway for another 30 min once we landed"
Pros: "Boarding was smooth, staff was responsive and we arrived early. Basic flight - not bad and nothing wow."
Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "Always seems to have a delay connecting through DFW, caused me an extra day of parking fee for coming back late."
Pros: "Flight was on time, crew were friendly."
Cons: "Even though paying an extra 82 dollars per seat for emergency exit as i am tall and need the leg room, the seats did not recline. Extra cost, less functionality."
Cons: "I took the bus from Ohare to Gen Mitchell airport because of delay at Ohare. No crew, again."
Pros: "I sat next to a friend I haven't seen in almost a year"
Pros: "The crew did the best they could after 3 delays and having to then get off the plane for another hour while a tire was changed."
Cons: "This entire flight was pretty god awful. The plane itself was the old MD-80 which looks and feels like a museum reject."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Seating"
Pros: "How amazing is it in any service oriented business that the professionals around you provide service with a smile and are attentive to your needs!"
Pros: "I loved how there were screens to pass the time with. I watched a movie the whole way back home and it really made the ride smooth and enjoyable. There were some great movie selections."
Cons: "I had trouble choosing one movie. Too many good movies."
Cons: "No food, no good entertainment"
Pros: "We landed 30 minutes early."
Cons: "the flight did not have charging areas on the plane for phones for the regular seating. also, the seating was much tighter and our arm rest was not functioning. On all the planes going to our destination the accommodations were much different."
Pros: "The crew moved quickly to get us in the air once we had a plane to get on."
Cons: "I waited in an airport for 10 hours because there wasn't a place to get on. They messed up the schedule then two different planes had problems that made them unsafe. This made me feel uneasy about flying with them at all. Overall not a good experience."
Pros: "The flight was great. The pilot spoke with passengers as to what was happening. The crew was polite. It was a smooth flight."
Cons: "The long wait in line to board in Christensted."
Pros: "Standard boarding"
Cons: "Once again more delays. Parked on the Tarmac for over half hour until takeoff. Don't know why but thankfully the pilot didn't lie like the previous flight."

Spirit is an awful airline. Rude gate workers in Las Vegas. Ridiculous bag charges. No leg room. I'll never be lured to this airline again.

The agent at the counter was horrible and lacked any people skills. She couldn’t find my reservation so she insisted I wait for another flight. Needless to say she was wrong and I had to ask for an apology. Although I paid to bypass the security line it wasn’t on my boarding pass and we left over two hours late.

how does the flight attendants not say anything when people are not wearing their masks at all - people were getting on the flight with no mask. People were not wearing it at all during the flight. It makes things really uncomfortable and puts everyone at risk.

Spirit changed their flight by 12 hours so I cancelled through the airline. The flight was booked through justfly. Spirit said they cancelled and refunded in early August but justfly hasn’t refunded me yet. I have contacted them several times and all they say is that they need more time. Not a good experience with either partner.

I hope nobody has to fly spirit airlines in the future what a mess of a day and I still don’t even know when my new flight will be rescheduled

Pros: "The man greeting was very nice but when looking for my seat the plane was NOT clean. Crumbs, chip bag. So whoever the woman steward was didn’t handle it appropriately when asked to clean it. She was grouchy! This is unacceptable especially with covid. Spirit is the worst airline!!"
Cons: "Spell out how expensive it is to ck a bag is beyond ridiculous. I will never fly with spirit again!"
Pros: "Pretty comfortable. Slept most of the way. Flight attendants were delighted. Easygoing."
Cons: "Entertainment."
Pros: "It was a good ride"
Cons: "Food prices for everything and seats"
Pros: "The back of the plane didn’t smell."
Cons: "The attendants gossiped and whined about their job the whole flight. Find attendants that really love their job. If we were to have an emergency, I would not trust them with my life after everything I heard."
Pros: "Great crew!"
Pros: "The crew was super nice! The plane was on time and the flight was uneventful -- a good thing when it comes to flying!"
Cons: "It was really all good!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Not being told until everyone was at the airport that the flight was delayed 4 hours. Then not being offered anything, not even waters. Thanks spirit for being so cheap you don't even care about the people on your planes and treating them like numbers."
Pros: "Horrible they canceled my flight I need my money back the worst"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They charge for everything I was to get charged to breath"
Pros: "The on time take off and landing"
Cons: "Every thing has a price tag, if you want to check early, you pay, to select a seat you pay. Every is associated with some payment."
Pros: "loved that they gave away free miles. on time for everything."
Pros: "The pilot tried make up the delay"
Cons: "Multiple delay"
Pros: "I accidentally left my cell phone in a bin at security before my flight. I went to my gate and explained my situation. The staff at Spirit made a couple of phone calls, and directed me how to get back to security without having to go through security again. I made it back to my gate in plenty of time to board my flight. What a relief! Thank you guys!"
Pros: "Everything except seats was great. Flight left on time and, with the tail wind, we arrived an hour early. Personel were kind, professional, promt, and curtious just as it used to be with all airlines. We are very pleased overall."
Cons: "seats were too narrow for both of us and I didn't have enough leg room. My knees were forced into the seat in front of me and my arms hung over both armrests while they were as close to my side as I could get them. My companion is small and even she had the same problems."
Pros: "Flight crew was great!"
Pros: "Smooth boarding and offboarding"
Cons: "Seats are narrow, feels squeezed"
Pros: "No delays. Quick boarding and arrived on time."
Cons: "Only one restroom available. Pilot was funny when he introduced himself in the beginning. The crew was nice although one was a little too casual and unprofessional over the speaker. "Um yeah.." shouldn't be used."
Pros: "It was a smooth flight"
Cons: "I don't think I'll fly with Spirit again. I cost more to fly with Spirit after charging extra to carry on my own luggage. Delta was a better deal."
Cons: "Although I checked in, printed my boarding passes, and paid for checked bags before arriving at the airport, I had to wait in a very long and slow line because all boarding passes were being reissued. I barely had time to get to the gate before the doors were closing. I was told there were computer problems."
Pros: "An email was sent for the cancellation instead of finding out at the front desk."
Cons: "The flight was canceled on my way to the airport when I was following their recommendations of arriving 2 hours earlier for each flight."
Cons: "well left late and sat on tarmac in fll for long time had to run and customs was slow and almost flight . i booked this flight with 2 hrs and 50 minutes and if was less time would have missed connection.also when i booked flight was to be in 3 am you changed to 3 pm not happy had to get hotel for noght and late getting home so will never fly with spirit again even if flight is free will never fly you idiots again .should have belived all the bad reviews they are real you spirit is a joke"
Cons: "Our friend died, sadly, just 3 weeks before the 3 of us were to vacation together for his 70th birthday. We informed Spirit 2 weeks before the flight. However, it became clear that no one at Spirit talks to anyone else. At each leg of the flight (one stop, so 4 legs), we had to explain to crew that no, our travel companion died weeks ago & will not be coming, and no, he will not be needing the wheelchair that he had arranged. We "only" had to discuss the wheelchair 6 times; apparently, 2 crews at takeoff informed the landing site it was not needed. And 2 didn't. It made a sad situation maudlin. This is separate from Spirit's shabby business model; appear to charge less than others and make it up in fees. Really, a boarding pass is an "extra" one should pay for? Try getting on a flight without one and you'll see how "extra" it is."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We received notification that the flight was 2 hours delay. We arrived at airport 1-1/2 hrs before new departure time and the flight was boarding. We missed the flight. No communication. No help. No responsibility by Spirit Airlines. Last time flyimg with them and lobbying a boycott for future flyers"
Pros: "Crew friendly. Ride smooth. Kept up to date on reason for delay."
Pros: "miserable flight..."
Pros: "The flight attendants on the way to Vegas were wonderful courteous"
Cons: "at a minimum water should be served to all."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Spirit stranded me in FLL, with no assistance"
Cons: "The pricing is not really a "bargain" because of bag fees. I could have gotten a better price watching American or United. Regardless, I paid for my bags online $45 each way for an additional total of $90. The crew could not deal with the crowd and not only did they board out of "zone" order they allowed people on board with bags without checking boarding passes/paid for carry on baggage. Never again will I fly Spirit."
Pros: "The boarding was quick and easy, the staff on board was nice and the ride was comfortable. First time using spirit and it was enjoyable."
Pros: "More roomy then expected"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for no reason, overbooked, and no updates or notifications regarding flight status or check in."
Cons: "On return trip, the plane was over 4 hours late I was never informed of the flight delay until I got to the airport. no email or telephone notification."
Pros: "They are cheap, and it's obvious where they are making their money."
Cons: "I got to the airport about an hour before my flight. I went up to the kiosk to print my pass and went through the whole thing just for it to tell me it was having an issue taking payment. I moved over to a few other kiosks just for them to do the same thing. Finally got one to take my card and it tells me to go see an associate to get my pass printed. I go see them, and the lady spends at least 12 minutes standing there typing without telling me why she wasn't printing my pass. Eventually she stops typing and tells me it is now too late and the gates are closed. She basically strung me along just to get me to pay the extra 100 to reschedule my flight for the next morning. When I told them that I couldn't afford that and asked why it took so long to print my pass in the first place she just told me to call customer service to try and get the fee waived. This was already almost as much as my flight cost in the first place. So when I call and explain my situation how it was technical difficulties or something causing me to miss my flight, I was ignored and told it would be 200 to reschedule my flight. Which is insane because that is more than my flight was in the first place. So that was my experience with spirit, I'll never fly with them again."
Cons: "Got onto the tarmac and then sat on the plane for two hours. They offered a refund if you would like to get off and cancel your trip but that only occurred after the two hours and 10 minutes before we took off."
Pros: "Check-in and boarding was very efficient and quick. The crew were very nice and friendly."
Cons: "The plane was extremely uncomfortable. I didn't realize that reclining chairs weren't standard on all aircrafts."
Cons: "Food should be available on flight complimentary and also carry on should be free."
Pros: "Nothing and no one, charged for water and to have a nag under thebplanr"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "flights was delayed there and back when was totally canceled for two days"
Pros: "The crew was polite and helpful. There were individual lights and air blowers per person. Oh and seatbelts!"
Cons: "The chairs were small and in the emergency row (E-row) there weren't tables. I understand safety however if the smaller rows are allowed tables, one would think the emergency row (which is larger) would be allowed also. I've been on planes with tables I the E-row. Basically our airplane looked gutted out and replaced with less than basic. I'd really appreciate in LARGE print about carry-ons costing extra. I was charged $55 for my carry-on, more than the cost of my plane ticket."
Pros: "only the price"
Cons: "The stewardesses and captain were nice from the start but when we hit multiple pockets of turbulence there was no warning and at one point the seat belt sign only went on a few min before we dropped out of the sky. Also no warning on landings just dropping and wheels popping out. Would be nice if they'd communicate with the passengers before we drop out of the sky for any length of time. People had babies and a dog and there was no preparation made for the amount of turbulence we hit and when I said we dropped out of the sky I mean people who didn't have their seatbelts tight were floating out of their seats."
Cons: "We did not received a complimentary snack. I was very hungry and needed to take my medication with water. I didn't traveled with credit cards and I didn't had enough cash to buy a water or soda."
Pros: "trip on time friendly staff clean plain."
Cons: "seats, no refreshments. lost my wallet."
Cons: "I will never USE SPIRIT AGAIN its better to just pay that little bit more with any other airline"
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Saint Croix to Milwaukee

Airlines flying from Saint Croix to Milwaukee have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Saint Croix to Milwaukee

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Saint Croix to Milwaukee

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Saint Croix to Milwaukee

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Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Saint Croix to Milwaukee

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Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Saint Croix to Milwaukee

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