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The agent at the check-in changed our seats to row 17, at the bulkhead for economy, and the two middle seats. I ALWAYS sit on the aisle, thus my wife had to crawl over someone to go to the bathroom. Four times a flight is not what a 73 year old women wants to navigate. The check-in agent wanted us to have more leg room...I understand her motive but, not a good idea. I had no option to decline. The food again on an international flight was a one out of ten. Since we were at the bulkhead the fold out tray was VERY unstable and my drink spilled (luckily, it did not spill on my neighbor or me). I refused breakfast. If I held a drink in my hand, I felt secure. If I put it on the tray, I felt VERY insecure. Both of the women stewardesses basicaly threw the drinks at me. Zero understanding of the problems of stability (ok, the plane was full and they had a lot of work to serve everyone, but a little understnding would comfort their clients). GRU to MIA is a short flight, and, the pilot did a wonderful job (takeoff to landing, 8 hours), absolutely no turbulence. Very clear communication from the flight deck. I will probably fly American again, ticket purchase was simple and the cost was quite good; wheelchair excellent both in GRU and MIA.

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The agent at the check-in changed our seats to row 17, at the bulkhead for economy, and the two middle seats. I ALWAYS sit on the aisle, thus my wife had to crawl over someone to go to the bathroom. Four times a flight is not what a 73 year old women wants to navigate. The check-in agent wanted us to have more leg room...I understand her motive but, not a good idea. I had no option to decline. The food again on an international flight was a one out of ten. Since we were at the bulkhead the fold out tray was VERY unstable and my drink spilled (luckily, it did not spill on my neighbor or me). I refused breakfast. If I held a drink in my hand, I felt secure. If I put it on the tray, I felt VERY insecure. Both of the women stewardesses basicaly threw the drinks at me. Zero understanding of the problems of stability (ok, the plane was full and they had a lot of work to serve everyone, but a little understnding would comfort their clients). GRU to MIA is a short flight, and, the pilot did a wonderful job (takeoff to landing, 8 hours), absolutely no turbulence. Very clear communication from the flight deck. I will probably fly American again, ticket purchase was simple and the cost was quite good; wheelchair excellent both in GRU and MIA.

It was not that good. The AC of the the airplane was off for 30 minutes before it took of. When asked for it to be turned on, the flight attendant was completely rude and said that I would have the option to get off the plane if I didn’t like the situation. I thought it was disrespectful and unnecessary for him to act like that, especially when there were passengers that were tired and without sleep after an international flight.

Standard flight. Could be better by taking off on time and landing on time.

The plane could have been ready to go at 11 rather than 3!

Pros: "Nothing to write home about."
Cons: "Squished seats, mediocre food. Competitor deliver more for the same price or less."
Pros: "Crew was awesome!"
Cons: "it was great!"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Na"
Pros: "Boarding priority for infants"
Cons: "Food was pretty bad quality wise and some of the crew members were really short tempered drill Sargents who were in a very bad mood"
Cons: "Our second international flight was at lunch hour and all they offer was a biscuit (2 units per person)"
Pros: "Expensive, tight seats, They now charge extra if you want to sit by the window. Mediocre."
Cons: "They lost my luggage. Avoid this airline like the plague. Never again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Boarding procedure could have been a bit more organized as we had trouble hearing what seats were boarding."
Cons: "Crew should be trained again in basic stuffs."
Pros: "The seat was comfortable. The snack was dry."
Cons: "We were delayed because of paperwork that the captain was waiting for however, we were kept updated."
Pros: "Uneventful"
Cons: "Diet Gingerale please"
Pros: "Used system wide upgrade to first class. Seat is spacious and comfortable. Mattress pad is a good addition."
Cons: "Crew member serving 1st class was bad, average business was class crew is much nicer and more helpful"
Pros: "Great food"
Cons: "Need a polite crew"
Pros: "Woman at ticket counter was great. Was traveling with 2 kids and she moved our seats closer to the front"
Pros: "Seat upgrade."
Cons: "Nervous neighbors"
Pros: "Flight did not take place because of cancelled return flight. the whole itinerary was cancelled."
Cons: "because of cancelled flight I had to schedule a new itinerary directly through American Airlines. The cost increased from $947.50 to $1,873 plus airport parking for 17 days."
Cons: "Crew do not know what kind of menu they have. We had white fish moqueca, rice was uncooked. Moqueca was flavored Boarding was very confused, we bought premium economy, on advertising we could check-in on business class, no specific line for business or economic, only separated line for first clas"
Pros: "It was on time, no delays"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Crew was very professional and communicated well. Boarding was very efficient."
Cons: "WiFi did not work. AA going through a transition to new carrier and hard to know what services to prepay for as it is not on the flight"
Pros: "Direct flight. Larger drink serving."
Cons: "Our seat row didn’t recline. Row in front of emergency exit."
Pros: "AA is always on time! Love the premium economy!"
Cons: "Today’s flight was extremely cold. Almost everyone in the plan was under the covers at some point."
Pros: "Pleasant and helpful staff"
Pros: "Entertainment, crew"
Cons: "Several flights were delayed and canceled on last minute."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Was informed when we checked in that the flight we had purchased did not exists. We were informed thatcher would have to wait 24hours (after an already 7 hour layover) to catch another flight to Los Angeles. After debating with customer servinge several times and being forced to wait in line after being told things were fixed several time we had to threaten to record conversations and had someone call American Airlines headquarters and finally was able to get in the flight the same night. We at work be point were laughed at by an American Airlines customer service professional. I had purchased upgraded seats since I’m over 6 feet tall and they were not able to accommodate on the new flight, the flight was horrible and I had ton stand up every hour to make I the whole 12 hours."
Pros: "Everything was on time and comfortable."
Cons: "We didn’t have food service because of turbulence. But that wasn’t the crew’s fault."
Pros: "The only decent point was the food. Not great but at least edible."
Cons: "Since check in in São Paulo was a complete chaos. There were only 2 people helping on check in (in machines) and these people were still not helping people (like me) with questions about on how to do check in in those machines. On the other hand to dispatch the bags there were almost 8 attendants to receive the bags. Ridiculous! I’ve tried calling American Airlines and Latam several times to assign a seat for me and they swore there were only middle seats but I know how airlines work to make extra money on these seats. At the end, they only gave me a middle seat option and I had to take I.t of course. On the plane I realized there were dozens of empty seats and yet they made sure not give them to me or anyone else. Unbelievable! Unfortunately I still have to use AA on my way back to Brazil. After this, I’ll chose another airlines for sure. Also, the 3,4,3 arrangement is ridiculous: there’s no corridor space making people touching you everything someone passes by your seat. And boy! Those seats are so uncomfortable and there’s no way to incline the chair so you can even have a little rest (because it’s impossible to even sleep on those seats). The crew were simply doing their jobs! No pleasure! No smile! No engaging with anyone unfortunately! They looked miserable and I asked for water and the flight attendant NEVER brought me anything. Seriously! Water is free!"
Pros: "Clean comfortable and on time"
Pros: "Seats were comefortable"
Cons: "Didn’t serve proper meals. Sorry, a hot pocket is not dinner. Crew as ambivalent."
Cons: "Seats and food"
Cons: "1hr delay"
Pros: "Dinner was decent"
Cons: "Breakfast seemed poor."
Pros: "Nice meals, attentive staff"
Cons: "24hrs delay and very poor communication from crew are not acceptable."
Pros: "During the time we were wkaiting for final decision on the flight delay I did not like any activity from crew and AA's emplyees."
Cons: "I understand some delays can occur due to tecnical problems and most of the times they are out of control but negative issues related to communications they are controllable and they must be reviewed and implemente properly."
Pros: "Lots of movie options."
Cons: "I didn't like anything else about the flight. My seat was broken and the seats are incredibly cramped! Absolutely no leg room whatsoever. I am 6 feet tall which is an average male height so I can't imagine how anyone taller fits in those seats."
Pros: "Early departure and arrival, mostly comfortable flight, satisfying food, helpful crew"
Cons: "I did not have the option to reserve an aisle seat in advance, and I was stuck with a middle seat."
Pros: "Customer service good. Offered food/service quickly."
Cons: "Film selection was subpar, and had no subtitles available. Flight safety information video so unbelievably boring. Flight crew repeated all instructions at least 3 times including video interruptions. What is the point of having in flight entertainment if crew will interrupt said entertainment at least once every 10 min to remind you you are still in turbulent air? Do they honestly think the passengers forgot? We are in the plane too! I understand they have to be careful due to liability but this airline is ridiculous. Believe it or not customers do not like being treated like children. Would not recommend to others or fly this airline again. Also, the lunch was awful even by airline standards. Btw the airline was avianca not AA. kayak must have messed up or they are owned by AA. AA is great and I recommend them wholeheartedly but Avianca is awful. Stay away if you can afford to do so."
Pros: "Boarding was smooth"
Cons: "Plane is dated and a little crowded"
Pros: "The AA app for entertainment works well, friendly crew."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 90+ minutes, yet they didn't tell anyone until 90 minutes prior to departure. They knew of system delays and should have updated many hours before the flight but they didn't and had us all there very early waiting around doing nothing."
Pros: "Slept very well in business. Great crew!"
Cons: "I did not fly I lost my flight they had a problem with the airplane on my flight from brasilia to sao paulo so I arrived late lost the connection to my other flight from Sao Paulo to LAX. Also they lost my luggage. LATAM and American Air Lines doesnt know where my luggage is. I arrived at my LAX 12 hours after. They still dont know where my luggage is"
Cons: "I had my reservation cancelled despiste numerous phone calls. The flight was operated by AA, and they told me I wasn't on the flight, but after many phone calls LATAN assured me I was booked on the flight. When I got to the airport, I was not allowed to board my direct flight from GRU to LAX, instead I was sent to Miami then Charlestown , I took me an extra 12 hours to get home. I lost a day of work. Who's going to reimburse me for that ???"
Cons: "The crew definitely needs to be changed. There needs to be hostesses who are more attentive and actually care about their passengers."
Cons: "I thought I was booking an Alaska Airlines flight. I booked on Alaska Airlines website. I picked seats. I missed the part in the email I received later saying I didn't have seats. I never received a check in notification email. It took forever to check in at the airport because the the kiosk took a while to pull up my reservation after asking for additional information. I got stuck with middle seats on 5 hour plus flights when I had actually checked to confirm I could still select a window seat before I booked and did indeed select window seats when I booked."


Good job

I desapointed that all, not happy.

Cons: "We had the best flight attendant, Nina. She seemed to enjoy her job so much that I couldn’t help but to feel as if Spirit has to be an excellent place to work."
Cons: "WiFi and charge ports for my phone"
Pros: "Great crew. On time, nice flight."
Cons: "I paid $30 upgrade for exit-row aisle seat. So did a linebacker and his huge wife, both FAR TOO WIDE to be allowed in standard width seats! You should screen for this! Exit row seats are longer, not wider. The guy was half into my seat. I had to lean into aisle the entire trip. Stupid!"
Cons: "3 hour delay. Boarded 3x plane emptied twice. Nothing to do with TSA"
Pros: "We had over 1 hour delay due to weather"
Cons: "No WiFi"
Pros: "Very helpful"
Cons: "Cramped seats and the $50 baggage charge:)"
Pros: "Spirit is a nickle and dime operation, with very uncomfortable seating"
Pros: "Getting on the plane was quick and we took off on time. The plane was clean and the seats were as comfortable as i guess airplane seats can be."
Cons: "I didn’t like the fact that they made me check my bags and then there was so much space on the plane where i could have placed my very small duffle. It was totally a waist of $50 and the attitude i received from the flight attendant wasn’t appreciated."
Cons: "1. Deceptive pricing schemes in booking flights/bags 2. Setting traps for customers in fine print where it's our "fault" for neglecting to read every line so that when we arrive at the airport we have no choice but to pay ridiculous prices in order to proceed onto the flight. 3. Low availability of food/drink options from the menu announced at the start of the flight. My menu was heavily stained and sticky. 4. Poor air circulation made it difficult to breathe the whole flight. 5. Cramped cabin with loud passengers made for a disruptive and nauseating atmosphere. 6. Carnival-like harangue at the end of the flight about "discounts" lasted over 15 minutes, was way too loud on the speaker systems (I couldn't hear my friend speaking next to me), and insulted us personally for being stupid in paying the "full" prices. 7. I'm filing a complain with the FAA."
Cons: "There were several very loud travellers who were screaming at each other and laughing loudly from several aisles away. I could hear them over my noise cancelling headphones with an audiobook on. The flight attendants did nothing. Finally, another passenger asked them to be quiet and the two groups argued. The flight attendants were very slow to ameliorate and moderate."
Pros: "The thought of getting away for a day"
Cons: "Rwal life knocks at the door and wont leave most times"
Pros: "If I was a college student who only uses a backpack to travel it would be a nice trip. After finishing College and being a successful business person I want more out of an airline."
Cons: "I didn’t like the fact that I had to pay extra for my Carryon. The seats didn’t recline and sleeping on my trip was extremely uncomfortable. At the end of the flight I had bad back pain and neck pain. I don’t think I will be flying Spirit again. I would rather pay a little extra and feel comfortable on my flights."
Pros: "The price. The face that there weren't classes: we're all in this together!"
Cons: "The check-in process was really slow and inefficient. Either there were no check-in kiosks, or they were in a weird place that was hard to find. Long lines reaulted. Boarding staff also seemed a little harried, but it went smoothly."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We were surprised with the baggage fees first off. We would not have booked through you if we were aware of the high fees. Also, the seats didn't recline and were very uncomfortable. Lastly, I was sound asleep when the stewardess blasted loudly over the loud speaker regarding trying to get us to signup for your credit card. Very annoying, disruptive, pushy and unprofessional. We will not be flying spirit ever again."
Pros: "Easy process boarding and on-time flight."
Cons: "Baggage claim took forever. Need to figure out a way to speed up the delivery of bags."
Pros: "Easy, straight forward process."
Cons: "TSA"
Cons: "spent more time in the plane on the ground than in the air and was left on the dark as to why."
Cons: "Why dont the let the back of the plane board before the front so I dont have to bump everyone while I am making my way down the isle. They nickle and dime you for everything."
Pros: "Price and on time"
Cons: "No food or drink offered. Seats don't recline"
Pros: "My flight from Oakland to Las Vegas was cancelled, and Spirit airlines were super helpful and allowed me to choose a different flight on a different airline charge free and hustle free! I was impressed by their great costumer support."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "My granddaughter and her friend had two on time flights between Ft. Myers and Boston. They had no problems with boarding, checking bags, or going through security."
Pros: "My flight got canceled after being delayed for more than 5 hours. I called the Airline and still haven't gotten a reimbursement, or a voucher or anything. I understand things happen, but the poor accodomation and response from the spirit airline have been unprofessional and unresponsive."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "$40 for one piece of baggage."
Pros: "Notta"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Overpriced bag fees, rude flight attendants, shitty planes."
Pros: "It sucked"
Cons: "Flight got council. Never ever again."
Cons: "Boarded an hour later then expected"
Pros: "I liked tat the plane was cold and well lit"
Cons: "I hated the website, very difficult to check in. Poor mobile compatibility. Check in at tempa was rude and the bag prices are out of control. The seats are entirely too small for a normal human and mine didn't even have a oickemr, just bungee cords. By the time you add a bag (which is a NECESSITY), the value of spirit airlines goes out the window. I'll never fky this company again."
Pros: "The only thing spirit has going for it is cost."
Cons: "Spirits communication when something goes wrong is purely abysmal. We sat in the terminal for just over 5 hours after sitting in the runway for 1 hour. Every 30 minutes we were told to get ready to board only to be pushed back 30 minutes again. No alternate equipment since they cut margins razor thin. Know the risks you take to save a few dollars."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Neighbors had cell phones on loud with no ear piece and nobody would do anything."
Pros: "nothing at all"
Pros: "The price."
Cons: "The Terrible American Lack of Service, and the malfunctioning website."
Pros: "I liked that the lady working at the gate had empathy for me and understanding why I'd be upset for not knowing that I would be charged $55 at the gate to carry on a bag. She was nice and just doing her job despite having a large unexpected fee."
Cons: "Not being aware that I would be charged $55 to carry on a bag. That was totally unexpected. And according to the person working the gate, if I had known they charged for carry on bags, I could've paid at the time of the ticket purchase and paid only $22."
Pros: "There was nothing about this airline, the plane or the crew that was in the least bit decent."
Cons: "Airline was overpriced, plane was an embarrassment. I've been on jump planes and cargo planes that were more comfortable. The crew was extremely rude. They lied to the entire plane and treated everyone on board the extreme disrespect. I will do everything in my power never to fly spirit again"
Pros: "No food or water"
Cons: "Ran late"
Pros: "Crew was good. Flight attendants very friendly. Tried to make everyone comfortable."
Cons: "Delayed 2 hours at gate due to Spirit IT system glitch. Paperwork had to be done by hand and single supervisor working on another flight that she needed to get on ground before she could work on us. Everything extra. Need to pay step fees to get decent seat, reasonable amount of luggage, and even water. By the time you add all this up, not a bargain. Also they don't participate in TSA pre check so had to wait on lines even with this."
Pros: "I liked being on a newer plane it appears more spacious than the older planes."
Cons: "The flight was 2 hours delayed"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Dear Spirit Airlines, First, $45 for a carry on bag is absurd. It was not made clear when purchasing the ticket that I'd pay almost $100 extra for my round-trip. Second, this is the 2nd time Spirit Airlines has cancelled a flight due to weather when other airlines did not cancel similar flights. I have only flown Spirit twice, so 0 for 2. I will not fly Spirit again. The earliest I could be rebooked for my cancelled Saturday flight was Tuesday which was unacceptable since I had to work Sunday morning. This whole situation meant I had to rent a car with a stranger and drive all night from Detroit to NYC. Spirit refunded half my trip, which is appreciated, but I still incurred an additional $100 in rental car expenses, gas, tolls, etc, even with splitting the cost with the stranger. Not to mention losing an entire night's sleep. I am not a wealthy person. My rent was just increased and I am a teacher and actually really struggling financially this summer. I feel ripped off by Spirit with the bags and with the flight cancellation and only partial refund. This vacation, which was already a stretch financially, turned into a financial burde. Spirit advertises as being a bargain, but you have all these ways of trying to squeeze money out of people. Being cancelled twice almost makes me wonder if somehow it's to Spirit's advantage to do so. You try to offer credits to people instead of refunds so maybe you get away with that and that works out in your favor. Regardless, I won't fly Spirit again and will certainly advise friends and family to avoid the trouble that seems inherent in traveling with you. Third, your website window "loading something awesome" is silly and annoying. If someone actually reads this, thank you for your time. I will be leaving similar reviews on other websites. Sincerely, Christy Hayner"
Pros: "Great price for the flight, until you have to pay extra for a single carry-on, then it's no longer a great price. Flights were on time."
Cons: "Surprise, a single carry-on costs extra! Also, the seats are very narrow, and don't recline at all. The plane was not clean. And you want food or drink? Even a tiny snack costs extra. I've been on third-world airlines that were nicer. Never again."
Cons: "Delays without proper updates"
Cons: "$52 to check a bag less than 50lbs is preposterous."
Pros: "Staff was very nice. I had entered the incorrect return date, instead of June I had entered July as my return date. The young lady corrected it and I had to pay a few dollars more. Had I not checked, I would be in Atlanta for an extra MONTH!! Whew, I'm glad it wasn't pass the 24 hr timeline. When you're over 50 these things happen. Lol I'm just glad you all cut me some slack on that one!! Thanks for helping me out. However the fee for the carry on bags are rediculous. But the overall trip was pleasant."
Cons: "The carry on and checked bag fee was something serious. However $25.00 per bag may put a better taste in a passenger's mouth. One would think you are taking advantage of an already stressful situation. However being a company that would never treat their customers this way, allows me to give you guys the benefit of the doubt. For all you do these buds are for you"
Pros: "I love that the crew is genuinely warm and welcoming. They were not scripted in their safety demo or any of the in-flight announcements/chatter. Very friendly, helpful and entertaining. First time I've ever heard so many passengers laughing!"
Pros: "The plane was clean and smooth"
Cons: "The checkin counter had about 5 people behind the counter but they had 2 people working with each customer. So I had to wait. I get to the gate and the information is not correct on the screen. Numerous people had to ask if this was the correct gate. They made a few annoyed announcements about it because they were tired of asking questions about it. The plane was an hour and a half delayed due to them changing crews? How about come to work on time? Lastly, the flight attendants were nice but unprofessional. They were joking around and laughing through announcements, etc. I'm not a fuddy duddy and its okay to have a little fun but...I just didn't feel like they were taking it seriously at all."
Cons: "They charged my father $75 for his carry-on Are you serious? Carry-on is almost the same price as the ticket round way that i paid $130 Definitely not a great experience for an old man who only had $100 in his pocket expecting to pay $35 for his bag and you took almost all his money. I hope you don't do the same on his way back on Saturday. The flight was delayed for over 2 hrs!"
Cons: "It's sad you only want my review from my return flight. If I had a choice not to fly back on Spirit I wouldn't have. The first flight seats were horrible. The passenger in front of me reclined and the seats rested on my knees and hurt the entire flight. Paying for carry on was absolutely ridiculous. Having to pay for a glass or cup of water, not bottle, was beyond horrific. Flight attendants were not friendly. This experience is so far the worst flight experience I've ever had. It was my first on Spirit and I pray I don't have to give you my money ever again."
Pros: "The woman at the airport desk was wonderful and very helpful. She took off 10 dollars from each bag because she said she could see that we tried to login. She put notes in the record and said we could possibly get more refunded but I have not heard from anyone about it. Now I get to call and be on hold for ever. She also informed us that the flight confirmation number we had was a kayak, not spirit number???????? There was no indication about this. Also boarding was very efficient."
Cons: "When I purchased the ticket from Kayak I was not informed about the need to purchase a seat or bags or given the opportunity to do so. There was no notification that one could not have a personal item and a small bag -- only one. When I tried to get my boarding pass on line, I was unable to do so. At that time I learned about the baggage policy. The system had me in a loop that I could not get out of. I was not allowed to request an account so I concluded that I might have gotten one when I logged in. I tried to sign in repeatedly and asked for a new password because it kept saying it was wrong. I never got it and I had to leave for the airport or risk missing the flight. So, I was charged $40 per bag (two of us were flying) for both the outbound and return trips. That is roughly twice what I would have been charged if I had been informed and had been given the chance to buy the bags when I bought the ticket. It would have been much cheaper to buy a ticket on another carrier once I paid 160 for two small (what would easily fit in overhead). I had a carry on (personal item) so had to pay. Our flight was delayed and the gate was moved several times. We were not kept informed about the weather conditions, the fact that the plane was on the ground, or what time the flight was supposed to arrive after all the delays. The flight crew was too busy visiting with each other to deal with a problem in the seat next to me -- I kept trying to get their attention. A tall man kept his feet in the aisle and, most importantly, he was talking loudly on his cell phone until the plane was barreling down the runway to take off. They had told us to put electronics in flight mode way before that. He just kept talking. I tried to get the crews attention but no problem."

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