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DeltaOverall score based on 29854 reviews
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Pros: The stewardess working first class was very rude to my son. Her negative attitude set the tone for the entire flight and ruined our experience.

Pros: On time!

Pros: Crew was the best experience, the seating was trash my back was killing me.
Cons: Better seats? Lol

Pros: Excellent crew.
Cons: Gate agents were a little snippy.

Pros: I would like to have ore of a grace period to check baggage.

Pros: Liked the attitude of staff and comfort of 50% capacity.
Cons: There were costumers taking off mask and walking through plane.

Pros: Both flight attendants were excellent
Cons: Everything perfect

Cons: Don’t be delayed by more than 1 hour. Twice the same day / both directions.

Cons: Broken monitor and seat

Cons: Great flight

Pros: Fast boarding, quick flight, friendly attendants.

Pros: Super crew. Reasonably good food. Liked how safety conscious crew was.
Cons: Nothing. Great job everyone

Cons: Sat on tarmac for 20 mins because we were early...

Pros: The landing was super smooth! Compliments tip the pilate:-)
Cons: N/A

Cons: Freezing flight! So cold. From Atlanta to Pensacola in June, one should not freeze.

Pros: crew was amazing
Cons: there was water leaking from window during landing and the food was not hot and was just bland and uncooked

Pros: New plane, charging stations

Pros: I loved Craig on our flight he made it a hilarious and fun experience! And he needs a raise!
Cons: The seat was a bit uncomfortable, and boarding was slow. To be expected I assume for anything not first class.

Pros: The crew really took care of us. You could tell they care.
Cons: I wish the headphone jacks allowed standard headphones. I brought a nice set and didn't have an adapter. I used the ones they included which were ok, but not great.

Pros: The crew was excellent
Cons: We had mechanical problems and had to come back to Atlanta, get off our plane and get on another one

Pros: We left early

Pros: How does one describe spending 10+ hours in a metal tube approximately 18 feet wide at 30,000 feet with 300 of your closest friends breathing the same air while having the seat in front of you pushed back so you cannot adequately see the passenger monitor because it's too close to focus on as your knees are under your chin? Flying in "steerage" is not comfortable as humans get larger and airplane seats get squeezed smaller. Please unsqueeze! Cabin crew members were excellent. Other than that, Europe was great!
Cons: See other side.

Pros: Direct flight

Pros: On time and helpful staff.
Cons: Very cramped seating.

Pros: They were very helpful. I hurt my leg and am on crutches and they were extremely helpful to get me to my next gate in Minneapolis and to get me to baggage claim in Philadelphia.

Pros: The flight itself was fine, boarded on time and arrived on time.
Cons: A pet peeve of mine is having to check my carry on. They said the overhead bins were all completely full, so I checked my bag at the gate. Come to find out, there were a few spaces left and it wasn't necessary. Really annoying.

Pros: All things connected to the flight were just right
Cons: Nothing was an issue.

Pros: Arrived
Cons: Delta changed our seat assignment and our seats sucked

Cons: Wifi didn't work the entire flight

Pros: The fact I arrived safely
Cons: Delayed 40 min then boarded the plane without pilots. Waited another 30 mins for pilots and by the time they got there and settled weather delayed. Sat on plane for another 30 mins then were finally let off the plane. Quiet announcements for reboard most passengers late. Then waited in line for take off for another 25 min. Whole thing was poorly executed. Would expect better from a large airline

Pros: Beautiful plane, great entertainment system, two bathrooms for economy class, decent food

Pros: After being redirected and behind on travel plans due to weather and missed flights this was a welcomed relief. Everything went as planned and staff was very helpful.

Pros: Delta plane was renovated for the entertainment and seat comfort. This was the first time I didn't have to recline the seat because the normal incline felt fine. Legroom was good also. Every seat had a screen and free media to choose from. Very impressed. Great job Delta!
Cons: There was wifi onboard and it was advertised that we could connect and use iMessage, whatsApp and Facebook messenger free of charge but I wasn't able to do so on this flight. I didn't ask about it but this would be an excellent amenity to keep in touch with the people on the ground

Pros: Wouldn't know wasn't able to make it to the flight
Cons: The fact that for the second time in 2 months Delta issues kept me from making my flight

Cons: Too tight and seats not comfortable.

Pros: Delta has a pretty good entertainment system. Lots of movies to watch and the system works well.
Cons: Seats are very tight and uncomfortable. The food was horrible. Tasted like a $1 frozen meal that was microwaved til mushy. It was chicken but I couldn't tell you more. And flight attendant helpfully described it as 'chicken'. Breakfast was a cold roll, a piece of cheese and some awful yogurt. This was the most unbearable 8.5 hours of my life.

Cons: When I got to the airport they were not helping me to get to the right place to get my flight I lost it

Pros: Delta is the best--I sat in a comfy seat (middle seat at that) and watched 3 movies during my flight. Couldn't be better!

Pros: Customer services

Pros: Clean & new plane, some of the stewards were fine, good pilot
Cons: head of the stewards was nasty with everybody, not polite and passive aggressive. Very poor food selection, even if you paid for it.

Pros: nothing
Cons: not enough leg room and space. The business class should be at the minimum for economy. My standard carry on luggage did not fit the over head compartment.

Cons: Flight delayed due to weather and mechanical.. nightmare! Still not sure when I'll get to DCA . I was suppose to get in at 9:30 pm. Flight from atlanta won't leave until 10:20 pm.

Pros: Fast flight
Cons: Long wait in hot plane before take off.

Pros: There were a lot of free movie options for a 6hour flight. The tv was new and had good definition. The food offered was quite substantial. The staff kept coming around with water and asking if there was anything else we needed. They gave free blankets. The lavatories were a little larger and more well lit than other airlines.
Cons: The seats did not recline for anyone on the plane.

Cons: Flight was delayed an hour

Pros: First class crew was great! Smooth ride, arrived early
Cons: Lunch option on LAX-AUS wasn't that good (chicken salad or meatballs), also was pretty sparse on the meal itself compared to other airlines

Pros: The leg room was great, the blanket and pillow provided was great and the crew did not disturb me.

Cons: Ok. My wife and I are both disabled and use our own scooters to get around airports. My scooter broke down when I got off the plane. Toronto airport became a LOT longer pushing my scooter then. Fortunately CANADIANS GAVE ME A HAND TO GET THROUGH CUSTOMS, BAGGAGE CLAIM AND CAR RENTAL. Ok, what to do if something like this happens in America. Maybe to work with security staff cause I was in dire straights without the Canadians to help me. Thank them all. Alton Cason

Pros: crew was very respectful and kind
Cons: Flight was moved to a different gate, then delayed. We were given the absolute last seat in the plane that could not recline- not the seats I had selected before hand.

Pros: Crew and pilot were great.
Cons: The plane was absolutely PACKED during the peak of a global pandemic. Completely irresponsible to not have people spaced out by at least one seat.

Cons: Our gate (E38c) shared the same walkway (or whatever the place between the terminal gate and the plane door is called) with four other flights. It was a long and poorly-marked sidewalk amidst ongoing construction. The crews had to make sure everyone boarding each plane was on the plane heading to the correct destination. There was essentially nothing stopping people from any of the five flights getting on any of the five planes. Other than that, it was a good flight with great crew.

Pros: If I could choose my seat

Pros: Crew!

Pros: The Crew was amazing The seat was not comfortable at all Had a broken back rest
Cons: Fix the seat Broken back rest aren’t comfortable

Cons: never made it to this flight.

Cons: We waited in the shuttle bus for one hour while they determined the plane needed maintenance and found another plane to warm up

Cons: If delay to much pls let customer out of plane

Pros: On time flight, efficient, friendly crew. Clean plane.
Cons: I was told that 30 minutes is plenty of time to make a connection at DCA. However in order to make a connection there you need to take a bus across the tarmac. The bus sat on the tarmac loading up with way too many people for 10+ min… Almost missed our connection

Pros: Great stews
Cons: Food, 1st class had granola bars. Live tv was advertised, but not available

Pros: Seat was okay. Crew was definitely amazing.
Cons: I wish the seats were even just an inch wider and more legroom for really tall people like myself.

Cons: All good

Cons: Flight delayed 2hrs - but no fault of the airline.

Pros: They have Wow Bao in the airport.
Cons: Being allowed to fly on the plane.

Pros: Another customer allowed me to sit in the aisle seat rather than the assigned middle seat. That was much appreciated. And I enjoyed an movie during the flight. I like being able to choose what I want to watch and stream it on my own device.
Cons: It was really cold on the airplane. I kept my jacket on for the entire flight. I’m typically warm natured, so it was unusually cold.

Cons: Pilot or co pilot never spoke once. Was as if there was no pilot

Pros: We left a few minutes early

Pros: The flight was on time. The crew was friendly.
Cons: Too little legroom.

Pros: Entertainment
Cons: Boarding and the crew was not nice

Pros: Everything
Cons: None

Cons: Beat up baggage

Pros: Fast quick flight. Bags out quickly.
Cons: Seats are far too cramped for someone who is 6,2.

Cons: Were not there to rate but someone paid you an extra fare so you made double the money on one 2 seats! BRAVO

Pros: The crew was pleasant
Cons: We sat on the taxi runway for almost an hour waiting for our turn. Then some rain came and the captain didn’t want to take off. I can understand snow, but rain?

Pros: It was ok

Pros: Friendly Staff

Pros: Everyone was very helpful and pleasant.
Cons: No USB ports

Cons: Nothing. It was cancelled with little to none explanation

Cons: Where me seat was located and being able to set with my family.

Cons: I am STILL in Chicago :(

Pros: On time, non stop
Cons: New higher prices for less service.

Pros: Not over crowded and friendly crew.
Cons: N/A

Pros: The flight delayed 6 hours.

Cons: Delayed over two hrs due to mech. Known long befire scheduled departure according to pilot. Did not know why alt plane was not provided sooner! Not best airline as claimed!

Cons: There was just an announcement that the refreshments will be served shortly but there were no refreshments. Take off and landing was horrible. Flight was shaking way more than usual.

Pros: Nice plane
Cons: Slow set up of gateway upon arrival

Pros: Entertainment was great. I really liked the touch screens on the chairbacks. Food was fine for airplane food. It came more than I expected. Get sandwiches over the meals, they are better quality. A vegetarian guy had a hard time but the crew tried to help him out. Comfort was ok for a 13 hour trip. The chairs are not really the best and my back hurt after a while. Make sure you stretch! Crew was nice except for one lady. But she wasent rude just... non responsive. Other members were fantastic though. Boarding was very painless.

Cons: Almost did not make it on the dieses flight because totally crowded at security check point.

Cons: Had to wait for pilot coming from Mexico flight for 20 mins after everyone boarded

Pros: it was on time and the flight was without incident
Cons: the food was terrible, even by airplane standards no personal entertainment system

Cons: Delayed like 5 times, finally canceled. Rerouted thru additional stops than bought.

Pros: There was a crew member Dario, from Lima to Buenos Aires that was super nice.
Cons: The ticket was printed as Avianca trans to American Airlines. That was wrong. The ticket was for Avianca and I went to American and I lost a lot of time. Then the line was long and took me for ever to check in

Cons: Baggage delay, flight delayed by 36 hours and no customer support

Pros: I lucked out and was able to get a emergency row seat which helped tremendously because of having long legs.
Cons: What I don't like is what is true of all airlines now and that is that if you are born with long legs you are penalized and expected to pay more money than people with short legs - that is prejudice and not fair to people that cannot do anything about it. I understand charging obese people extra because they have a chance to change it. Also, seats are too narrow now!!!

Cons: Did not get to finish the movie I was watching on my first flight and movies were not offered on this flight.

Pros: I had a great experience overall. I don't give 5 stars because there is always room for improvement no matter how good your service is.
Cons: Size of the snacks

Pros: fly was on time
Cons: food

Pros: Crew
Cons: Paying extra for seating

Pros: Wasn't over booked
Cons: No entertainment no offer to up grade

Cons: When I noticed on the itinerary that the layover only gave me 35 minutes I knew it would be a problem. I missed my flight and never got to Pensacola . AA staff were not very Empathetic. It seems to happen often. I'm in a hotel and praying that my flight leaves today.

Pros: Comfy plane
Cons: Food so so in economy

Pros: The crew was amazing
Cons: Our baggage was left in another airport and the customer service from the baggage section was horrendous! They lied to us several times.

Pros: Everything perfect
Cons: The only issue that would have improved the trip would be if tickets were free Lol

Pros: It was just okay
Cons: Nothing just flying in a smaller plane

Pros: That I made it to my destination.
Cons: Slow and inefficient boarding, small seats, terrible WiFi, No overhead space.

Pros: Quick flight
Cons: Hard seats

Cons: Nothing

Pros: My economy plus seat was good (once I finally got it) and for all the hassle they did free tv for the whole plane. THey found a new plane FAST!
Cons: They changed gates last minute - plane was in for maintenance and slight delay - then cancelled that plane - did the series of 15 minute additional delays. They found a new plane - changed the gates (big distance) again - and 'the computer' had reseated 1/2 the plane. DISTASTER to fix.

Pros: Cleanness, efficiency
Cons: The restrooms constant traffic and there are no participation’s or curtains to darken the lights and the constant interruptions

Pros: Flew United out of Sioux Falls. Check in took forever. United employees were miserable. Did get some help from a very nice TSA woman. TSA check in was a nightmare. Almost missed flight. Complete chaos. The sat on runway for 40 minutes waging for luggage to be loaded. Almost missed connecting flight. Just plane horrible. Very helpful stewardess however.

Pros: - orderly boarding - calm crew despite many frustrating circumstances which delayed the flight
Cons: - Had to wait for catering to deliver carts before take off (this also caused a weight balance issue) - After carts were delivered, we were informed catering had forgotten one which caused more of a delay - While we were waiting, the plane started to become unbearably hot - After finally taking off, we were promised free Directv access for the delay but the entertainment was turned off 5 min into the flight due to technical difficulties

Cons: Maintnece delayed our flight for nearly 3 hours. We remained aboard the parked plan for this time span and not allowed to get off of plan.

Pros: They served butternut squash tortellini, fresh salad, and a fresh roll for dinner. I normally eat because I have to on international flights, but I actually enjoyed this meal. Too much pepper in the salad dressing, though. Besides the food, the rest of the flight was good; not much turbulence, and I got a lot of rest.
Cons: Power outlets were hard to find, and the volume for movies was on the screen, so you had to pause the movie to change the volume.

Pros: Friendly crew.
Cons: Stuck in Denver because our flight was delayed so we missed our connection to Houston. Couldn’t get a hotel voucher because they are claiming a weather delay (which there was none).

Cons: delayed in piecemeal by 6 hrs before move to another gate. than mechanical delay and then cancelled. Arrived at hotel after midnight without food or drink. Substitute flight was next day noon - original offer was for late afternoon flight! That flight had poor service. Attendant dawdled so there were no drinks served.

Cons: We had a 15 hours flight and a one small meal 2 hours into the flight and a light snack sandwich after 10 hours.

Pros: It was great! Excellent service.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything

Pros: The lead flight attendant was great. Great sense of humor and very informative.
Cons: baggage delivery time at SFO is so far behind other airlines

Pros: Turbulence after take-off from Frankfurt but captain kept us informed of this and its expected duration which was a nice touch. Flight attendants were good and attentive. We were in economy so by those standards the flight was relatively comfortable. Flight arrived ahead of schedule.

Pros: Crew was friendly
Cons: Food limited . Wifi not free , seat was uncomfortable

Pros: They check my bag for free but so did American

Pros: Time

Pros: The flight attention is good.
Cons: We have stay the night In SAF without food, water and the Airline staft very indifferent.

Pros: Nothing really stood out to me.
Cons: Sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes. The flight attendants didn't encourage those with connections to get let off first.

Cons: The flight was delayed. There seats were too close for comfort and the aircraft had an odor. When we finally arrived in Newark, we were sent to the wrong gate by the operations team. After we were moved to the correct gate there were issues connecting the jetway.

Pros: kept us advised on why we were delayed. somethings are out of your control abbr I understand that
Cons: one of the crew members was not so friendly.

Pros: Flight was okay
Cons: Flight was almost 2 hrs delayed

Pros: The flight was fine. Crew was polite. No problems with that part.
Cons: Tell me why it costs $470 to fly 1.5 hours from S.F. To Denver. Absurd! I flew from Denver to San Fran for $90, the same week. Never again!

Pros: Short direct flight

Pros: Well, my original flight was cancelled due to bad weather, got to spend 2 extra days with my family! Gave up my seat on the last leg of my flight, got a 500$ voucher, put up in a beautiful hotel, w/ a nice meal and transportation. Like winning a sweepstake. Always love United, great airline, great staff.
Cons: There was nothing i didn't like. Airline of choice, for always!

Pros: N/A
Cons: Great confusion @ BCN on return flight...caused missing the UNITED FLT. Confusing/indecipherable/greatly problematic relationship among Kayak, Lufthansa and United.

Pros: Mostly I like that crew is nice, aircraft is big, and from EWR direcect flight to Delhi.
Cons: 1) flight from Bos to EWR is never on time and connection time is very tight. On day before my uncle missed the same flight because flight Boston got cancelled. 2) business class seats are not comfortable.

Pros: No hassle direct flight overnight.
Cons: Ignoring the SHITTY, SHITTY, SHITTY airport experience that seems to be unavoidable, the on board entertainment that one had to pay for required a card swipe, but the reader didn't work, so I didn't get to use it.

Cons: Two hour delay for start of engines.. Not enough chichen and pasta was not good

Pros: Flight Attendants were nice.
Cons: The flight was expensive and they wouldn't let us or anyone place carry ons in the over head bin. It was an expensive ticket and didn't include checked bags ($25 more). Carry-ons wound up being "stowed". It would have been nice to know before I bought the tickets that I needed a smaller carry on.

Pros: Same as Co's to Houston

Pros: Seemed to be a newer plane, and there was in-seat entertainment at each seat. Mine didn't work, though.
Cons: United has to have the smallest seats of any carrier. There couldn't have been more than three inches between my seat and the seat in front of me. The guy in the middle seat wasn't a large guy, yet he poured over into my space. It's insanely small.

Pros: Ride was ok. Both our flights from Chicago were delayed. No one tried to explain or offer any apology. No one offered to complete anything or offer coupons for meals. I thought that was extremely rude.
Cons: See above. Very disappointed. There were four of us and my 76 year old father has health issues and was very uncomfortable.

Cons: This flight is notoriously late.

Pros: courteous attendents and airport personnel. on time flight
Cons: nothing

Cons: Some inspector idiot decided that the exterior cover stickers weren't "up to code" literally half an hour before my flight, delaying us 2 hours. I got onto a different flight at the last second, then the same thing happened to that plane. Brilliant on their parts. I almost lost a job interview thanks to your people.

Pros: Left on time,luggage not missed and good landing

Pros: Friendly and efficient. All went as planned

Pros: Nothing. Very unhappy

Cons: Delays

Cons: Almost missed our flight because they wanted to close the gate early..other than that a good flight.

Pros: Service was good. Flight was on time. Comfort was fair. Bathroom on board plane was so small my knees would hit door.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from South Dakota to Alabama

Airlines flying from South Dakota to Alabama have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from South Dakota to Alabama

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from South Dakota to Alabama

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from South Dakota to Alabama

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from South Dakota to Alabama

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from South Dakota to Alabama

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