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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
DeltaOverall score based on 31186 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Food & timeliness"
Cons: "Cramped seat and no window (14a)"
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Pros: "Food & timeliness"
Cons: "Cramped seat and no window (14a)"
Pros: "great everything!"
Pros: "Very attentive and engaging crew."
Cons: "really nothing!"
Pros: "The two people who were in charge of boarding the plane were especially nice, efficient, and accommodating. I really really liked them."
Cons: "The flight was too warm."
Pros: "Short flight and no problems."
Pros: "Great crew, early arrival"
Cons: "Old screens, snacks getting smaller, too much ice in the drinks"
Pros: "Great crew, nice plane, awesome entertainment"
Cons: "Bag drop agent was not helpful."
Pros: "I liked the choices of movies"
Cons: "The seats were dirty and the snack choices are not healthy at all."
Cons: "Late flight. Unacceptable"
Pros: "Crew was great, seats were comfy and the entertainment options were good."
Cons: "Flight was delayed but it happens."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly. Everyone was helpful."
Pros: "Great Service and flight was without problems or delays. Arrived on time ."
Cons: "Paid for particular seat within 2-3 rows of back galley as unaccompanied minor for my son. For his comfort, he chose an aisle seat. Flight attendants onboard moved him to farthest back row in window seat and he was not able to get out to use the lavatory easily."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Better customer service. Your employees should be te-trained and reminded they are in a service industry where your clients have other options to fly."
Pros: "Yes, . Amazing crew Seat was comfortable."
Cons: "Plane left 4 mins early knowing that passengers were on a delayed flight."
Pros: "Just fine, beverage service was friendly."
Cons: "The entertainment system was out the entire flight. The flight attendants were just talking to each other as we left, even when I tried to say thank you."
Pros: "Crew was awesome"
Pros: "Issac was amazing!! Best flight attendant I’ve had in years."
Cons: "Nothing. My experience was fantastic."
Cons: "The only problem with the food was it was all canceled because of rough weather."
Pros: "Great service!"
Pros: "The plane was 2 hours late and I could not get home. Missed the connection to Greenville at 11:38. They told me there were no hotels in Atlanta and I would have to stay in the airport and then take the 8:55 am fight to Greenville. That took an hour in line and there was no help."
Cons: "The pilot was awesome. He flew as fast as he could to help anyone make their connection but it didn’t help. But I appreciate him trying. Just frustrated that being military I didn’t get to board earlier or that they didn’t help me find a way home"
Pros: "Surprisingly comfortable for such a short flight. The approach is impressive. Friendly attendants and captain kept everyone updated when there was a slight delay. Was overall a really nice flight"
Cons: "Delta put me on an aisle rather than window I am broad shouldered and got pummeled throughout the flight by passengers and crew passing by Gal next to me fell asleep on my shoulder It was ok. She was attractive. :-)"
Pros: "nothing- the plane took of late and AGAIN with no reason given why - pilot blamed it on ATC"
Cons: "TAKING OFF ON TIME!! AN entertainment screen that actually worked, and not the very last seat in the plane (last row)."
Cons: "Crew did not make passenger in front of me bring his seat back up for landing."
Pros: "Friendly crew and on time flight"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "You guys did an all around great job and my flight experience was the best I’ve ever had. The quality of the service was exceptional."
Pros: "Snacks & drinks & TV movies good"
Cons: "One hostess was very rude & slow forget our headphones Kept getting me to help her with getting attention of other hostesses also very bad at giving snacks and kept my husband and another man waiting for 10 mins while she gathered rubbish despite repeated requests which would have been easy as she was at the front of plane obviously unsuited for this position"
Cons: "This was the longest part of a three flight trip back to DCA and there was no movies. This was completely unexpected, so I wasn't prepared to entertain myself for 5 very long hours. It would have been nice to have know this ahead of time so I could have brought a book with me. Early notification thru the app is the way to go."
Pros: "Despite the turbulence and delay, this was possibly the best flight I've ever been on. I have never been treated so well by a flight crew before. Also, the attendant at the gate managed to get my wife seated next to me when our seats ended up separated. Great experience!"
Cons: "Turbulence and delay was bad, but the flight crew made up for it."
Cons: "not prepared in Maintenance to fix a very small problem in an efficient timeframe. Also, this plane was very dirty ..bathroom, walls, seat rails, floors....not good Delta"
Cons: "was a difficult transition from delta to west jet in Toronto and we almost missed the flight"
Pros: "Lisa, the flight attendant, went above and beyond to help solve a situation that occurred during the flight."
Pros: "Quick flight, great landing and takeoff."
Cons: "Everything was great today."
Pros: "Comfortable seats in coach Good snacks Friendly crew"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Wi-FI available (although I didn't use it)"
Cons: "No direct flight in the morning, so had to take two connecting flights, and leave home very early in the morning."
Pros: "Free movies helped make the flight go faster. Also when possible my girlfriend and I were seated together despite having seats assigned at the gate."
Cons: "Being in zone three meant checking bags on every flight. That's a side effect of picking the cheapest tickets so not really Delta's fault but it says that I have to put something here."
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "My roundtrip flights with delta were all delayed at least 2 hours. That's what you pay for for a cheap flight. There were no inclement weather and the staff didn't give a reason for the delay."
Pros: "Staff was friendly, and we got there safely"
Cons: "Really wished we had tv's like we had on our flight to SLC. It really helps with those who have anxiety to distract their minds. Wifi is expensive therefore I chose not to use it"
Pros: "I paid only $100 more round trip to DTW from SLC then I would have with other carriers, minus the hassle of connecting flights and paying fees that they don't tell you about up front (like $25 for a carry-on bag, oh and a another $12 per leg for a window seat). My experience, like my previous Delta experiences was absolutely enjoyable. From the quick boarding, super friendly gate agents, and flight crew, to the free on board entertainment, Delta has won me over once again. Oh and did I mention how great it is to board a flight, relax and watch a good movie, take a small nap, and deplane at your destination! Awesome!!"
Pros: "Quick trip and relaxing --- no high way traffic issues, accidents or construction hold ups."
Cons: "There wasn't anything I did not like."
Pros: "shorter flight"
Cons: "Entertainment system is not working."
Pros: "Ok"
Cons: "Was ok"
Pros: "I liked the service. It was incredible."
Cons: "I did not like the delay or the continued delay on the runway"
Cons: "Enforce your baggage size and number limits. A significant number of passengers take bags onboard that are oversized."
Cons: "Delta connect carrier not good for comfort seating and service. Would not fly them again. Would go to another airline iinstead."
Pros: "Everything was great from the check in process to the de-planing in Detroit. When we checked in at SLC the agent used my last name, which showed me the extra mile Delta staff will go to make the travel with them professional and curious. The flight left on time and when we arrived in Detroit our bags were already there waiting for us. Couldn't have asked for more!"
Cons: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "The attendants on this flight were gossiping right behind us and we heard them talk about ignoring calls from people during our wait on the tarmac at LAX. Again we were in the last seats in the plane and this time it was stinky."

Late. Take off. Due to having no crew to fly. Food dry and old. In first class. Poor service. Crew just sat in galley talking

Cons: "Gate agent was cold rude and incompetent"
Pros: "Flight attendant was very fun. It was her birthday and made the day fun for everyone."
Cons: "Seats are always too close together - left to right and front to back. A sad reality that only improves for the well-to-do."
Cons: "Lack of social distancing with American Airlines"
Pros: "Only masked picking up trash during pandemic - difficult to rate crew"
Cons: "Organized exit vs. usual crowded chaos of passengers in a hurry"
Cons: "American Airlines has to be the worst airlines there is. It never fails that they try I Cath someone and try to pretend that their carry-on bagIs too big. They have this tiny little frame no reasonable carry-on could possibly fit into. Over and over again I see people including myself and my traveling companion’s having to check their carry-on bag because their “too big” this is nonsense. These are standard size bags. It’s more than enough space on board the plane. In a way in which the gate check individuals handle this interaction is a palling you’re insulting demanding and don’t give you a chance to rearrange your luggage so I can go into their absurd dimensions"
Cons: "I wish there were charging ports so I could charge my device on such a long flight."
Pros: "The crew was friendly and the flight was almost on time."
Cons: "The power outlet at my seat didn't work. The baggage was delivered to the wrong carousel at DFW. The seats are TOO DAMN SMALL."
Cons: "Nothing. Everything was great."
Pros: "The same answers apply as did the flight from Richmond to Miami."
Cons: "Same answers apply as the flight from Richmond to Miami."
Pros: "Fast boarding and efficient, friendly crew. I paid for an upgraded economy seat, which had more legroom and fit my body (more or less)."
Cons: "AA's seats seem to have gotten thinner in recent years, so I find them less comfortable. There's no in-flight entertainment; you have to download the airline's flight app on your device and stream from there."
Cons: "Flight was 90 mins late departing"
Cons: "The wifi didn't work at all"
Pros: "last minute upgrade was nice, made sleeping much nicer. food was good, flight uneventful which is always a good thing."
Cons: "Some of the flight attendants had an attitude and we not very personable to others. Just doing their job, ticking off the boxes. One was very kind, the others not so much."
Cons: "I was forced to check my bag bc the plane was “full” but when I got on there were more than 5 completely empty overhead bins. So now I’m waiting in baggage claim, after an already delayed flight, when there was absolutely plenty of room on board for my bag (which was of acceptable size)."
Pros: "I liked the ability to choose my meal ahead of time."
Cons: "Pre-boarding drinks could have been offered to all business class customers, but again, the flight attendants with American aren’t as customer service oriented as those from Delta."
Pros: "Wi-Fi and USB ports worked great. Seat was comfortable after 11 upgrade. On time."
Cons: "Having to pay extra for a aisle seat"
Pros: "Seats were nice, flight was efficient, arrived early."
Cons: "Gate agent spoke so ridiculously fast and swallowed so many sounds that it was virtually impossible to understand most of what he was saying. Most importantly we all missed that our roll-on bags wouldn’t fight in the overhead bins. As a result many people pulled their bags on and fought and struggled to force their luggage above, only to give up. The on-board agents recognized early the problem and then proceeded to allow many other passengers to stroll by them with their large roll-on bags, only to delay the boarding process and frustrate everyone. When making their safety announcement the flight attendant was clearly competing for fastest speaking human and rushed through at blazing speeds. In all my 30+ years of travel, I’ve never heard anything like it."
Pros: "Nothing it totally messed us up"
Cons: "We missed our 1night in Rome-had to go home and come back the next day-we missed our train tickets and hotel in Rome and it made our trip a lot shorter!"
Pros: "I liked the fact that, my flight was miraculously on time leaving salt lake city"
Cons: "I don’t like, however, the fact that 3 of the last 5 times I’ve flown American round trip midland tx to Salt Lake City I have missed my connecting flight on the way back due to no fault of my own. I have flown this trip once a month for the past six months and have to do it two more times before December. American sucks"
Cons: "Seats are so uncomfortable! Too close together"
Pros: "Time was good. Ground service was good. In-flight was okay. Because I love Cathay so much I took a 3 hour longer trip through LA (vs. Seattle) and paid more. But I was berating myself for that. But the flight back was Cathay service at its finest."
Cons: "We were not told our passports needed to have an expiration past six months of travel even though we got back before the expiration. We entered our passport info including our expiration dates and we’re given no warning. We even had our boarding passes prior to showing up at the airport. We will not use Kayak in the future and will book direct through the airline moving forward."
Cons: "charged a surprise of $175 for my third bag although Kayak mentioned i should be charged $75 at the time of booking. AA says it is due to Jordanyan Airlines, why was I surprised by this extra charge?!"
Cons: "Snacks were okay, nothing to shout about. Streaming movies is still of a mystery to me, not an intuitive experience in any sense of the word. the sites AA provides to answer one's questions don't give any real guidance on 'how', just state what, kept pointing me to the app which doesn't have any menu item to view movies. took me well over ten minutes to find any helpful information."
Pros: "On time with no delays"
Pros: "Cabin crew was excellent."
Cons: "Deplaning at an inconvenient remote terminal with unattractive and minimal facilities, which involved waiting in a long line for a series of buses for transport to the main terminal. Arrival at the main terminal required climbing a flight of stairs. No in-flight food service offered except a choice between one cookie or one cracker."
Cons: "I am very frustrated that a single part could not be located in the early afternoon to allow the plane to fly. I will be late again for work and it seems to be American Airlines and not Delta that has all the delays or is late."
Pros: "Flight attendants"
Cons: "The flight got delayed from salt lake and we had to spend a day in Charlotte before another flight came"
Pros: "Everything was perfect"
Cons: "Not enough snow in salt lake"
Pros: "I went to check in for my flight and was told that it changed to American Airlines. By the time I arrived to the gate it the flight was full and they wouldn't let me on. I want a refund."
Cons: "See above."
Pros: "Good in-flight service, comfortable first class seat."
Cons: "Arrival gate was remote from main terminal, requiring a crowded and disorganized wait for a bus to the main terminal and baggage claim. The extremely small overhead storage cabinets of the Canadair required many passengers to check normally acceptably sized carry-on bags after boarding and finding it impossible to fit. Waiting time for retrieving these on the ramp at the destination was excessive."
Pros: "Free movies and tv"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The Three days it took to get 10 hours away horrible customer service no one was there to help us.30 people were stranded"
Pros: "They were so helpful as we checked in and checked our bags! :)"
Pros: "Comfort, snacks, boarding process"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "All good"
Cons: "No entertainment without paying"
Pros: "Both American flights (on Airbus 321, I think) I've taken in the past two weeks had comfortable seating with great legroom. My knees were not knocking the seat in front of me! Seat width also comfortable. Not sure how I lucked up on both flights!"
Pros: "For tall people more room for the legs"
Cons: "The Seats aré very near"
Pros: "Grest staff"
Cons: "Thought the first row seating would provide extra leg room which the reservation page said it would and we paid extra for the seats - not so. it also felt quite claustrophobic with a panel within a short distance of our faces. We had upgraded for better seats but it turns out the seating wasn't better at all. The flight home in seats much further back were MUCH more comfortable. I'm thinking the airline shouldn't book the front seats by the panel as 'better' for the extra price as they were definitely not."
Pros: "Courteous and professional crew"
Cons: "Delay taking off, due to technical issues with aircraft. Seat area is much too small for an adult."
Pros: "Snacks and entertainment"
Pros: "The planes were comfortable."
Cons: "I didn't get a boarding pass for my third flight."
Pros: "Completely satisfactory for my needs"
Pros: "Good pilot communications. On time departure and arrival."
Cons: "Very cramped quarters. Broken seat. Out of control heating system. Rude staff An hour wait for baggage."
Pros: "Convenient and close to home. Don't have to drive many hours either to Omaha or Denver."
Cons: "Seats don't recline."
Pros: "Delta is better"
Pros: "Everything went well. Great assistance because I can't walk far. They got me to my gate on time."
Cons: "Delayed plane on last leg of flight, over 1 hr."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything!"
Cons: "I had to sit next to a huge overweight guy who took all of his own seat and at least 1/3 of mine. He had to have a seatbelt extension... not so cozy. My shoulder was damp from his armpit sweat by the time I arrived in Dallas. The flight was full or I would have requested a different seat."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by 3 hours, but not United's fault. Also the snack selection not great. They did play movies on back of headrests, but we had no volume and no where to plug in headsets that I could see. So basically had to watch a movie with no sound."
Pros: "United- I cannot believe that the computer assigned seats in the last row since we have been United/Continental frequent fliers for over 30 years. We will always choose Delta over United based on our experience on Saturday/Sunday."
Pros: "The strip waffles"
Cons: "Not having to pay for specific seats or carry ons"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Crew was not helpful, entertainment on screen was archaic and all but useless. Terrible leg room, no accommodation for carry on luggage and just generally in pleasant experience with united"
Pros: "The crew was polite"
Cons: "We got stopped waiting to pull up to the gate for over an hour. This on top of the flight being delayed. The TV screens didn't work and the flight tracker didn't work."
Pros: "It got me home"
Cons: "I got bashed by the cart many times"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Better foods and free entertainment (movies..)"
Cons: "Fellow passengers; too many howling kids with clueless parents"
Pros: "The crew were very nice and polite."
Cons: "No snack options. Only pretzels. Seat cushion very thin."
Cons: "Flight attendants seemed completely unwilling to accommodate any requests outside of their "service time"."
Pros: "Was not offered snacks or food. Usually when I take united to california, which is a shorter flight, they give out pretzels or something. Was not even offered the chance to purchase breakfast."
Cons: "Stated above."
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "The Denver airport is nice."
Cons: "United made our first flight late by not having equipment together, so we run through the Denver airport over a distance of 30+ gates only to find our next flight had left 3 minutes prior. The woman at the desk said, can't help you, go to the help desk. At the help desk they never said sorry, just rebooked us for a flight leaving 6.5 hoursgot later. Here are some food vouchers (which don't work at all of the food places in the airport). Have a good day."
Pros: "Everything was wonderful"
Cons: "The trip was too long but it is what it is"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No one is actually caring. They read a script without emotion this making the safety inspection a nuisance rather than informative. Southwest is much better st this."
Pros: "On the whole plane,my row was the only one with a vacant seat. I needed wheelchair assistance getting from check -in counter to the plane and the person who helped me could not have been nicer or more helpful."
Cons: "The savory pretzel snack was very skimpy and I could not drink their water because they only had Dasani which contains an ingredient that I am allergic to."
Pros: "Fast flight."
Pros: "We had 2 stops each way, I'm glad all of the gates were next to each other and our flights were on time."
Cons: "It was great"
Pros: "free entertainment"
Pros: "The food was surprisingly decent."
Cons: "No entertainment."
Pros: "Boarding was orderly, crew was reasonably nice."
Cons: "Comfort, food and entertainment (extra $$) is very mediocre."
Pros: "Drinks in flight movie"
Pros: "We enjoyed the flight and received a snack and a Drink!"
Cons: "I wish I could have gotten more beverage (water) during the flight. Very dry in the cabin but all-in-all, it was a pleasant experience."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Gate attendant was rude and prematurely gave my seat away before boarding was closed so My infant and I missed the original flight. Check in attendant was rude, picked up my bag stickers and when we disagreed on a military regulation he set the stickers down and walked away and did not assist me. Boarding was extremely disorganized and not enough room for carry on items. It was an aweful experience and I will not be traveling with united airlines ever again."
Pros: "Very friendly staff and I was very comfortable. I will fly United again."
Cons: "Those delays I mentioned."
Pros: "Estuvo a tiempo. Y el vuelo fue agreeable."
Cons: "No tube ventana y fue muy incomodo el viene."
Pros: "Tailwind got it all over faster. The flight crew was professional."
Cons: "I paid for the insurance just in case I needed to change my flight. Well I did need to change my flight to get a few more things done before returning home. The answer I recieved when I called was that I had to pay 600 dollars for the change and then file a claim for possible reimbursement. The whole round trip flight only cost $250."
Pros: "The friendly co-travelers as there is no food or entertainment for people on a budget. Better than my flight TO SLC which was cancelled the first day, then delayed the 2nd day. Airport services saved my day by carting me to the connecting flight TO SLC from Denver as there was only 15 minutes to get from one end of the concourse to the other. A little difficult to run there at my age. Any chance of allowing people with connecting flights disembark first instead of last in this situation?"
Cons: "Due to inclement weather conditions no liquids were served. Small bottles of water would be great - less likely to spill over in bad weather and thirst would also be quenched. Lack of luggage space for those of us with the correct allowance hand luggage instead of all the extra large pieces because people don't want to go to baggage claims or pay for baggage. Truly their suitcase not paid for is the same as mine paid for. Difference is the inconvenience of having to keep my hand luggage at my feet because of the larger pieces filled by passengers in group 1, 2, and 3 over my designated seat area."
Pros: "Nice attendants."
Cons: "Cancelled and rerouting of flights. Long waits in airports."
Cons: "My luggage took about 30 min, incredibly frustrating. Most airlines have this process figured out, wish United could do the same."
Pros: "I liked the takeoff it was entertaining and fun also I liked the flight crew where every 30 min they would check on us and bring us water and snacks."
Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice. The plane was clean."
Cons: "The economy seats are TOO CLOSE TOGETHER. Attendants NEED to be more aware of the size of carry-on items and the amount each person brings onto the plane. People in the front 10 rows of the plane should not be putting their luggage in the back, taking up space so people in groups 3-5 have space to put their luggage."
Pros: "Everyone was very friendly and a very smooth ride"
Cons: "Everything was excellent"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Baggage didn't make next flight"
Pros: "Boarding Zones included seats throughout plane so it wasn't so bunched up when putting luggage away."
Cons: "Seats too close together and no TV's"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Kayak did not confirm my seat. Was not able to get a flight. Called customer service and they told me to rebook. My card was charged twice. The airplane had faulted hardware. Waited in line for 2 hours to get a different flight. All flights to Phoenix were full. Didn't make the standby list. Couldn't make the rebook flight. Worst day ever Now, No one can give me a refund. mind you I took a day off from work this was a last minute. The reason this trip was so important to me is because my grandma is in the ICU. I hardly ever complain about any customer service experience. Overall to get a hold of customer service is awful."
Pros: "Everything was in time."
Cons: "Delay time boarding. Taxi time once landed"
Pros: "The crew was helpful to a family with a girl in a wheelchair."
Cons: "Tray table and windows were dirty. Don't care for the waffle cookie they serve."
Cons: "the older plane. not as much personal space per seat"
Pros: "The person sitting next to me was normal."
Cons: "The space was to small, flying makes me sick, my legs hurt, my back hurt and Didn't offer Dr. Pepper"
Cons: "Hours and comfort was horrible"
Cons: "United airlines plane from SLC to SFO departed 45 minutes late due to maintenance issue. Then the connecting flight from SFO to Bakersfield left 10 minutes early, thus resulting in a small group missing the connection. Spent Father's Day in the airport for 10+ hours to get on the last flight out of SFO to Bakersfield. Customer service was unhelpful and rude until they found out that the issue was at the fault of united Airlines and not external circumstances."
Pros: "Flight was delayed for 3 hours. They did provide free movies and extra snacks for some passengers."
Cons: "See above."
Pros: "The crew. The booking experience and the check in were all very good to great. I liked the plane on the Houston to cle flight. A 737 I think"
Cons: "The small planes to spend the day in cle to Chicago to slc And the small plane to Houston. Did not eat or use entertainment. No not used answer avail"
Pros: "Nice to have free streaming of entertainment/movies."
Cons: "SLC to Houston couldn't connected to the advertised entertainment even after it was announced. Perhaps it wasn't activated? That said, very friendly crew; on time and comfortable flight."
Pros: "I love to fly! Everyone with United was great. TSA was pleasant as well."
Pros: "On time, boarded quickly, checked my carry on all the way through Tampa for me"

Overpricing luggage and delayed flights

I like the amount of space the seating has. I'm 6ft 1in and didn't feel cramped. The flight attendants were very nice as well.

Pros: "Honestly nothing. Plane was so uncomfortable"
Cons: "Make seats for normal ppl. And trays for normal ppl. Thwy are pointless. Armrest are too low. The entire set up is uncomfortable."
Cons: "Seats"
Pros: "The crew the very nice"
Cons: "I didn’t like setting in the back because my ears hurt very bad"
Pros: "Not the best"
Cons: "Boarding pass was bad, exhaustion some in salon, not clean bathroom. Crew was not nice"
Pros: "It was easy to board and get everything stowed and get seated. No issues with check in, or navigating to the gate."
Cons: "It was very cold on flight, other passengers mentioned being cold too."
Pros: "We were sitting in the first row but this guy behind us had a sick dog. There was poop all over the seat and everything. We ended up moving towards the very back of the cabin to get away from the smell."
Cons: "The smell"
Cons: "The fly was cancel and my mother is a old lady and she is sick, and your people do nothing for her. :("
Cons: "The guy at the kiosk wearing a spirit vest checked me in on it, and without asking questions, filled in that I had no carry on bags, and printed my friends boarding pass at the same time, when she wasn’t with me and also had a carry on. When we got the gate, they first said it would be 65 but helped us by making it 55 since it was his fault. However we didn’t know about it being 35 online, and when we showed them something on the spirit website saying they’d help us with that if we showed that site to them, they said they didn’t know what that was and it didn’t mean they’d help us with the cost."
Pros: "Flight attendants"
Cons: "Limited food selections & no entertainment/wifi"
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "The seats do not recline. For the price of tickets. Complimentary beverages non alcoholic should be served. The airlines have gotten out of hospitality and into nickel and diming"
Pros: "Easy boarding, printing boarding passes,nice flight attendants, early arrival times, clean"
Cons: "The chairs don’t recline and very little leg room. Couldn’t go on a flight over 3 hours on spirit"
Pros: "It was $140 round trip to Seattle."
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable. You feel vibrations from everyone in your column, not just your row."
Pros: "Flight was cheap, on time, and run by good flight attendants."
Cons: "Tickets were booked through Kayak’s partner shady, terrible reviews on Yelp made me wonder whether I would actually get to my destination with all my money). Ultimately, FN overcharged me 30 dollars and lied to me in writing about the charges after I called to complain. I’m having my bank reverse the charges since FN won’t. Can’t believe Kayak would send us to them, and this seriously undermined my opinion of Kayak’s trustworthiness."
Cons: "seats do not recline"
Pros: "The flight attendants did their job well."
Cons: "Only one fuctioning toilet on board."
Cons: "I didn't like being rudely lectured at by the counter agent as I had been having trouble printing my ticket from the kiosk. I probably will never fly Spirit again after her bad attitude to a rushed customer."
Pros: "Crew was friendly. Plane was comfortable."
Cons: "Poor online experience. The barcode wasn't on my email when I checked in so I had to check in again and print my boarding pass immediately from the website which is also not optimized for mobile. The flight was delayed 4.5 hours and we had to board two times at two different gates because there was an issue with the first plane. For all our trouble, we were compensated with a complementary cup of water and a small wafer cookie. Not even a free drink to boost morale on the flight. Very disappointed with 98% of my experience with Spirit and will try to never fly with them again."
Pros: "Check in was quick and simple."
Pros: "On time!!"
Pros: "Easy flight, on time, courteous staff, great seats"
Cons: "There was not any on flight entertainment."
Pros: "We bought seats in the exit row and has plenty of room. We boarded on time, no delays. Flight were very price competitive."
Pros: "Clean surfaces, well kept. On time."
Cons: "Rows arranged too closely, no recline available. Baggage fees are especially bad if you factor in that carry-on is so expensive & so strict re: size."
Pros: "That we landed"
Cons: "I'm very mad that I had to pay 50.00 for my luggage when I could have carried it on. Your MAN at the counter said I couldn't n it was clear that I could have over i was in board!! I want a refund!!!!"
Pros: "I loved the overall service of all the employees!"
Cons: "Being that this was my first time flying with this company I didn't know you have to pay for water and snacks..."
Pros: "The price , but you pay for carry on and checked bags. Cheaper if you get online . They don't say."
Cons: "No seat assignments until check -in. Can only check in at airport. No free water , no recline seats , terminal was like a bus station . Overcrowded and run down. Flights are always late . No tv screen."
Cons: "I'm only 5'6" and my knees were jammed into the seat in front of me... wildly uncomfortable."
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "I liked absolutely nothing about this airline to the point where I didn't even fly with them the day of my flight"
Cons: "They were not willing to work with me to change my flight date do to a family emergency and couldn't give me credit towards further flights, goes to show how broke this airline is if they really need the money and couldn't refund me like other past and BETTER airlines have done in the past, I will NEVER fly this airline ever again and have told many people to do the same, this was my first and last experience. As a side note I had to DRIVE MYSELF TO LAS VEGAS FROM SAN DIEGO because they were not willing to work with me but I still made it to and from my destination"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Our flight out of San Jose was delayed so we missed our connection from FLL to BWI."
Pros: "the space between the seat infront was comfortable."
Cons: "The seat was uncomfortable for a four hour flight. the head set could have been better."
Pros: "The check-in/baggage drop off counter at LAX was extremely slow so they opened up the priority check-in lane to let the passengers through so they would not miss their flight. The seats are quite spacious for such a low-cost airline. The plane seemed clean and the flight crew appeared to be very friendly."
Cons: "For a cheap 100 usd flight from LA to Baltimore the real cost will end up in the extra luggage the airline makes you pay as they do not allow you to bring a carry-on piece onto the plane. This resulted in an additional cost of 100 usd for two small bags to be checked in."
Pros: "Horrible customer service ! Not worth saving the money . Took a day and a half to get out on my flight and then all we get is a $50 voucher. I missed two days of my vacation and took those two days off work for nothing !"
Pros: "The flight has been delayed several times and when I got home it was 5 am instead of 11pm. :(("
Pros: "They try to get money in every way possible. They give you a good price on the flight ticket and then they get you on your luggage in a terrible way. 40 pounds instead of 50 like every one else. You have to pay for the carry on as well. They won't even give you water. First and last time with them. No thanks."
Cons: "I hate their crooked way to do business."
Pros: "Food vouchers for delay, that's it."
Cons: "The flight was delayed twice and the customer service was horrible."
Cons: "Rude crew members"
Cons: "They lost my luggage during my vacation. I had to call them several times so that I make sure that the luggage catch up with me in. Apart from the luggage, it was always very stressful, you are never sure that you will managed to board . Bad Organization!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The manager did not help me at all. He was very rude"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was pretty cheap at first glance. Then after already booked and paid for I found out I could only bring my purse unless I paid for more then I got first class and found out once on the plane that all that includes is a big seat. I couldn't even get a bottle of water to take my medication with. It was completely ridiculous and I will never give them another penny of my money. A $150 flight turned into almost $350."
Cons: "Overpriced cost of bags."
Cons: "Spirit Airlines is perhaps the worst commercial airline out there, I'm surprised you list them on Kayak. From carry on fee, to no TSA precheck, or the worst of all, zero priority at the airport and the distinct possibility that your flight will be cancelled while all other airlines takeoff on time, I did everything I could do to get out of my ticket. On my way to the airport I called Spirit to ask why I couldn't enter my known traveler number but quickly hung up when I was warned that connecting with one of their personnel would cost me $25 - great customer service. After pleading with the ticketing agent in Atlanta I was lucky enough to be refunded the ticket price ($35+) and the bag fee ($45), and run to the Delta desk to buy a $360 one way ticket (worth every penny). I would love for Kayak to cover the difference in fare that I had to pay due in order to avoid the nightmare/death trap that I learned Spirit is, but at a minimum I feel Kayak should refund me the $9+ that they pocketed from this flight I was fortunate enough to avoid."
Pros: "in general everything was ok. i did not particularly like anything."
Cons: "the seats were old and no leg room at all."
Cons: "Seat 3e. I am 6'4 and it was impossible to get comfortable. Knees Jammed into the seat with no wiggle room left and right. Plus tray tables came out of the armrests which makes it even more inconvenient"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Maybe I was sleeping. I didn't get any snacks, and no other people was having snacks also. So I guess, no snacks and drinks. On my seat, I didn't even find a magazine. It was hard just sitting there and doing nothing. Moreover, I had a flight with United Airline (or American Airline maybe), they only charge 35USD for each bag delivery. But Spirit charged me for 50USD."
Cons: "My suitcase was opened and damaged, my leave tag was missing and no one cares. I am fine with the prices. I understand how that works. I am not ok with the poor customer service and the fact you are not paperless."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "bought ticket for 10 am conformation showed 10 pm tried to cancel and was told I could only get a credit.I will never use these guys again"
Cons: "Not charge for luggage"

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