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Family vacation (Flight+Hotel) $437
Romantic vacation (Flight+Hotel) $532
Luxury vacation (Flight+Hotel) $465
Budget vacation (Flight+Hotel) $350

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Why should you book a vacation package to Greece?

The cradle of western civilization and one of the world's foremost destinations for sunseekers, Greece is an enchanting nation. Whether you hop between its islands, tour the ruins of Athens, or veg out at a luxury resort, trips to Greece are always rewarding.


If you intend to visit in the near future, it's well worth considering Greece vacation packages. By booking hotels, flights and vehicle rentals together, you can make seeing the Acropolis or relaxing on secluded island beaches much cheaper.

And with a little extra cash, you can stock up on retsina or Greek pottery, add an extra round of golf to your schedule or splash out on gourmet meals. So why not explore our Greece travel deals?

When should you book a vacation package to Greece?

During the peak summer months, Greece becomes one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world, with over 22 million arrivals every year. So if you want to find a budget Greece package vacation, try to avoid the period between June and September.

Instead, it makes sense to aim for late spring or the fall. April and June should ensure fine weather, and October is warm as well. And with mild winter temperatures an Athens sightseeing break in December or January can also be very enjoyable.

Where should you stay in Greece during your vacation?

For any vacation type in Greece:

Rhodes' Cathrin Hotel is a great candidate for anyone's vacation accommodation. Situated on Faliraki's main street, it's 9 minutes walk from the beach and boasts gyms, pools and plenty of parking. Taxis from Rhodes Airport take just 18 minutes to get there, too.

If you need a solid all-rounder in Athens, the Athens Marriott fits the bill. Located near the port, you can get into town easily but also escape to the islands if the weather is too warm. It's around 40 minutes by road from Athens International Airport.

For family vacations in Greece:

Situated on Corfu, the Aquis Pelekas Beach Hotel is perfect for families who need access to a pristine beach, and also offers a lively kids' club. Shuttle bus or road transfers from the airport take around 25 minutes.

The Mirabelle Hotel on Zakynthos is more like a mini-Greek village than a standard hotel, but comes with child-friendly pools and large gardens that kids will love. It's also just a couple of miles from Zakynthos Airport.

For romantic vacations in Greece:

With private bungalows and beautiful views, the Dessolle Mirabello vacation village in Agios Nikolaos is one of Crete's most romantic refuges, with great hiking and plenty to do on site. It's around 90 minutes' drive from Heraklion airport.

Close to the Acropolis and the quaint Plaka neighborhood, the Acropolis Select is a stylish spot with comfort to spare (and free drinks for all arrivals). Traveling from the airport is simple, as Syngrou-Fix metro station is 200 meters away.

For luxury vacations in Greece:

Built in a lavish ancient Greek style, Tharroe of Mykonos commands gorgeous sea views, has great access to the island's old town, and is only 2 miles from Mykonos Airport.

The Apostolata Island Resort on Kefalonia is a luxury spa retreat built onto a steep hillside on the island's southern coast. If you want total relaxation, nowhere comes close. Taxis from the airport should take about 30 minutes.

For budget vacations in Greece:

If you want an affordable break on the island of Rhodes, Kalithea Sun & Sky is ideal. Set in an attractive pine forest, it's just a few hundred meters from the sea, and the airport is only 15 miles away.

Affordable and comfortable, the Amazones Villas in Malia place vacationers in one of Crete's liveliest resorts, but are set aside from the center of town, so peace and quiet is assured. Shuttles run from Heraklion to Malia and the transfer won't take over an hour.