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Kuah is a town in Malaysia. As the capital of Langkawi island, it usually acts as the entry point for those coming from the mainland via the ferry services.

Most of the land on which the town sits on has been reclaimed from the sea. The island is characterized by mountains, with the highest point recorded at 2,890 feet above sea level.

There are many sightseeing locations, especially on the slopes of the Gunung Raya Mountain, where you can view exotic bird species and other forms of wildlife. Additionally, the friendly locals in what was once a low-key fishing village are welcoming and make you feel right at home.

Kuah is a town with all the charms, and visiting this area is bound to give you a thrilling experience.

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The area has a tropical monsoon climate, so it is advisable to visit the region in November, December, January, and February when it is generally warm with minimal rain. The temperature has highs of 89.6 and lows of 78.8 between November and December. In January through to February, the highest temperature experienced is 93.2 while the lowest is 78.8.

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Where to Stay in Kuah

There is no shortage of world-class accommodation facilities in Kuah, with numerous 3-star hotels such as the Bayview hotel, Kondo Istana Langkawi, Century Suria Service Suites, and Hotel Grand Continental, all of which offer competitive prices. If you do not mind paying top dollar during your visit, then perhaps the Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa 5-star resort will interest you. Taman Mahsuri is a good area to spend time in. Here, you can buy souvenirs, clothes, and more from the HiG duty-free shops. Taman Seri Negeri, famous for its seafood exploits and the Wildlife Planet Sdn Bhd, is also worth checking out.

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There are a couple of duty-free shops around Kuah, which makes most items such as electronic gadgets and clothes very cheap. Most of the duty-free shops are centered around the Jalan Pandak Mayah 7, Jalan Pandak Mayah 6, Jalan Pandak Mayah 1, and Jalan Pandak Mayah 5 roads. There is also a large presence of night markets organized by the locals, where you can buy anything ranging from fish and other seafood to textiles.

Supermarkets and Food Stores

If you are looking to stock up on groceries and other basic commodities such as a deodorant or sunblock, then you can visit the Perniagaan Haji Ismail Group supermarket located between Jalan Pandak Mayah 1 and Jalan Payak Mayah 2 for affordable products. A tilapia fish will go for around RM5.98, while a 300ml can of deodorant costs about RM11.97. Here, there is a grocery section where you can grab groceries among other snacks especially if you are looking forward to a day of nature trail walks and picnics.

Where to Eat in Kuah

If you prefer seafood, then the Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant is the place to be. Here, they prepare prawns in a soup that is served alongside locally baked bread, which costs about RM23.94 per plate. If you want to splurge, head to the Kayu Puti, a fine dining restaurant serving vegetarian food. You can sample their Adaman lobster special, which is served with lemon caviar, pickled pumpkin, and homemade sambal at RM159 per person.