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Long Beach is a port city located in Southern California, popular for its many white sand beaches, artistic neighborhoods, and rich cultural activities and performances.

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RMS Queen Mary

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The best time to visit is between May and September when there are many outdoor festivals, sports, and other cultural activities in the city.

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ONT Ontario

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Where to Stay in Long Beach

Residence Inn by Marriott offers water-facing rooms with breakfast included within walking distance to the Queen Mary.

Popular Neighborhoods in Long Beach

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How to Get Around Long Beach

The Cost of Living in Long Beach

Shopping Streets

Belmont Shore is the most popular pedestrian place to shop for clothes, accessories, and hobby-related items.

Groceries and Other

Vons, Ralphs, and Costco are the three biggest grocery stores in Long Beach. A dozen eggs costs $3.50.

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Cheap meal
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A pair of jeans
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Where to Eat in Long Beach

Claire's at the Long Beach Museum of Art offers a unique dining experience on manicured lawns overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and serves sandwiches, seafood, and delicious breakfasts. A typical meal for two with drinks costs $70.

Most popular restaurants in Long Beach

555 East
555 East
Excellent (409 reviews)
Nick's on 2nd
Excellent (361 reviews)
Parkers' Lighthouse
Excellent (324 reviews)
Excellent (244 reviews)
Queen Mary Royal Sunday Brunch
Excellent (222 reviews)
Sir Winston's Aboard The Queen Mary
Excellent (173 reviews)