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One of the finest beach destinations in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Varkala is strung along bright red cliffs and presents a gorgeous sight. Laid-back and friendly, it also has an intriguing historical side, and always makes visitors feel welcome.

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The best time to go is definitely between September and April, when you can avoid the wet season and the humidity and intense heat of summer.

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Where to Stay in Varkala

Varkala has some excellent hotels, including the Hindustan Beach Retreat and the Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort, where yoga comes as part of the package.

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Shopping Streets

If you want to shop for tourist souvenirs, Varkala's clifftop is the place to head, but there are also more notable art dealers like the Art of India and boutiques like Shalimar Weaves.

Groceries and Other

Supermarkets in the town center include Merlyn and Margin Free, where 12 eggs will come to around ₹75.

Where to Eat in Varkala

Beachfront options worth checking out include Wait n Watch (which has great sea views), Cafe del Mar, and Trattorias, where you'll find dishes from around the world. Hotel Dwaraka is a great city center option too. Meals should come to less than ₹400 per head.

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