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Find cheap flights from Aguadilla to Michigan

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Low season

February Best time to beat the crowds with an average 6% drop in price.

High season

October Most popular time to fly with an average 27% increase in price.

Average price round-trip

$363 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal round-trip

$255 or less

Good deal one-way

$138 or less

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  • High season is considered to be January, February and December. The cheapest month to fly to Michigan is January.

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Top airlines flying Aguadilla Borinquen to Michigan

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

United Airlines
Overall score based on 67,768 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "Screaming babies the entire time"

Cons: "The fact that United forces basic economy customers to check carry-on luggage is nothing but a cash grab. Some of the overhead compartments were completely empty yet they force you to pay ?30/ bag. They also gouge you an extra $25 per bag if you bring your carry on to the gate."

Cons: "More leg room"

Pros: "Fast boarding process."

Pros: "Flight Attendent, crew and aircraft"
Cons: "Had to wait 35 minutes for luggage at Bradley. Poor"

Pros: "Seating"
Cons: "We were delayed to no fault of the airline"

Cons: "Delayed for hours, luggage was lost"

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Both outbound and invound flights were delayed 3 hours and no reason was every given. The staff at the gate and on the plane in both directions were not friendly or helpful at all."

Pros: "Crew we're very friendly and helpful"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They have no customer service."

Pros: "On time boarding, comfortable seating. The young man who was the sole flight attendant was excellent (attentive, competent, kind)."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Apart from the poor attitude of the lady in Denver the rest went fine."

Pros: "Crew was helpful and friendly."
Cons: "Flight got delayed and almost missed my connection."

Pros: "I don't love to fly, so I wasn't thrilled about a 7 hour flight. Actually, the flight itself went well, good food (for an airplane), staff was VERY nice, and boarding was easy enough. My issue unfortunately the people sitting behind me with 2 kids under age 3-4 years old. One of the kids screamed and cried for probably close to 5 hours. I didn't sleep at all. At one point, he cried for a continuous 2 hours while he kicked my seat. I felt like the staff should have asked if they could help, maybe suggest walking him around, etc. The child must have had ear pain, he cried constantly. I felt so badly for him."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Poor customer service.Flight was delayed and the employees at the counter where not helpful at almost missed my connection if the crew in Jersey weren't waiting for our flight to arrive.Since then I try my best not using United to flight"

Pros: "Very nice flight attendant!"
Cons: "They must have changed my seat multiple times. Originally i was given the first seat. Then changed to 11d. However when i scanned my boarding pass the lady indicated i was in an exit row. 11d was of course occupied. So i moved from seat to seat in the exit row (8) until i finally got the only empty seat which was presumably mine."

Pros: "Aguadilla airport is crazy at 2:00 am. I never really heard them call for me to get on the plane to Newark so if I wasn't really paying attention I might have missed my flight"
Cons: "It was late and getting there was even worse. I was told I wouldn't make my connecting flight in Newark on the way there so I had to go home and come back the next day. Of course it was weather related so you can't control that."

Pros: "the United app"
Cons: "the bag of mix"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Your company and crew make me sick, and all of you should feel ashamed and embarrassed."

Pros: "It's was on time."
Cons: "The airplaine smells bad."

Cons: "The day we were to return to San Francisco United cancelled our flight making us scramble to get another flight. Thank goodness for Alaska. They got us a return flight and went to Seattle instead of San Fransico. United and San Francisco is a joke. Never again."

Pros: "Nice, friendly personnel. Plane was fairly comfortable. Made up some lost time due to late take off."
Cons: "Late departure."

Pros: "Everything was fine. Little tight in economy plus for an extra 76 dollars. Other than that good flight good crew and the entertainment worked on this one finally."

Pros: "always enjoy the short flight home and I even got a glass of water"

Pros: "The flight attendants were courteous, despite the screw-ups caused by the computer system."
Cons: "The computer system issued the same seat number to my wife and two other people, and two me and one other person. Other people had duplicate seat assignments as well. Worse, for an overnight flight, my seat would not recline."

Pros: "I broke my arm and all of the gate agents were wonderful trying and succeeding in getting me A seats for my comfort."

Pros: "All flights were professional mostly smooth. On time great experience."

Cons: "united reliability and transperecency can b painful"

Pros: "Everything was good I can't complain thanks for everything."

Pros: "That is a short time period and the staff was at their best."

Pros: "Perfec"

Cons: "It seems that United is always overbooked and does not have space for carry-on's (obligating you to place carry-on's with regular baggage)."

Pros: "The friendly co-travelers as there is no food or entertainment for people on a budget. Better than my flight TO SLC which was cancelled the first day, then delayed the 2nd day. Airport services saved my day by carting me to the connecting flight TO SLC from Denver as there was only 15 minutes to get from one end of the concourse to the other. A little difficult to run there at my age. Any chance of allowing people with connecting flights disembark first instead of last in this situation?"
Cons: "Due to inclement weather conditions no liquids were served. Small bottles of water would be great - less likely to spill over in bad weather and thirst would also be quenched. Lack of luggage space for those of us with the correct allowance hand luggage instead of all the extra large pieces because people don't want to go to baggage claims or pay for baggage. Truly their suitcase not paid for is the same as mine paid for. Difference is the inconvenience of having to keep my hand luggage at my feet because of the larger pieces filled by passengers in group 1, 2, and 3 over my designated seat area."

Pros: "No complaints whatsoever."

Pros: "Every one including the crew was very nice and polite"
Cons: "We left late and my seat was very uncomfortable"

Pros: "Lovely flight. Comfortable seating."

Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "Having to go from one end of the airport to the other to get my luggage. I will never fly united again"

Pros: "They give me a opportunity to check my bags it also was overweight and they give me a chance to flight my bags and paid the extra"

Pros: "Flight attendants were good. Pilot kept folks updated when there was an initial delay."
Cons: "Seats on United seem to be even smaller than other carriers. I'm 5'5'' and 110 lbs and I was still quite cramped."

Pros: "The crew was awe some. Comfy flight."
Cons: "Lack of general snacks, prices for actual food, entertainment was submitted par."

Cons: "The flight was canceled with no explanation or an offer to reschedule. The next flight available was tomorrow afternoon which was not acceptable. When I asked customer service about a refund I was told to go to the website, but it was not guaranteed. Highly disappointed."

Pros: "Food was surprisingly good . I had last row on plane, aisle seat in central section. Good because there are only 3 seats across. Flight attendants very pleasant."
Cons: "The recline of my seat was not working properly. I could push it back and it would have been quite comfortable since seat slid forward a bit when back rest went back, but my seat would just spring back into upright position."

Cons: "El vuelo se atraso"

Pros: "Overall fine"

Cons: "I paid the 25.00 for my small bag which could have easily been a carry on, but I had a purse and small carry bag. I felt that WAY too many folks had backpack and two small carry ones, but by bringing them to the gate - the announcement was made its a full flight so you can check your bag for FREE! Next time, I will not follow the rules and just simply check at gate?? That is message loud and clear from your gate folks."

Cons: "I upgraded to first class but when I went to the airport, they made me wait in a line and tended coach passengers first. When I got to Newark, some of my luggage came out first but the rest came out after coach. I think for what I paid, service was lousy."

Pros: "The boarding was pretty quick considering we boarded from outside and used 2 different enterances depending where on the place you are sitting. We arrived early which is always nice."
Cons: "No snacks just beverage for a 4 hour flight. Wifi was terrible and seats need some cushion."

Pros: "everything was good"

Cons: "The flight was delayed and boarding was never posted. We were online checking while having food next to the gate. We missed the flight by 2 minutes and have to fly out 24 hours later, missing a wedding which was the whole purpose going."

Pros: "Crew was great, flight was quick, left right on time and even landed a little early"
Cons: "Limited leg room, but I’m also 6’4”. No food or entertainment options (at least not without paying for it) on the flight but with a budget airline that’s what you expect. Beyond that it was fine"

Cons: "By the time you pay for all the "extras" it's no bargain."

Pros: "Nothing made me happy about this, or any of the other flights I had with Spirit on this trip"
Cons: "The additional charges when picking a seat on the flight. This should have been part of the cost of booking a flight"

Pros: "cheap flight"
Cons: "you have to pay for everything from seating to baggage to food"

Pros: "Boarding was easy and left on time"
Cons: "Charging for water"

Pros: "The flight attendants were very friendly and plane left on time and got to our destination slightly early. The fight was really smooth"
Cons: "They charge extra for everything. They charge you to book your seat, they charge you for any kind of bags (carry on or luggage), They charge you to check in at the desk. They charge you for refreshments on the plane. Seats are very uncomfortable."

Cons: "I was told that I could bring my carry-on on the plane for no extra fee and when I arrived at the airport I was told that my bag would have to be an extra $69. If Spirit has a different policy for carry-on than other airlines they should let that be known in advance. I even reached out and called the airline in advance because this was my first time flying Spirit and I wanted to make sure everything would be set."

Cons: "Didn't like the extreme added on expenses. $57 for a checked bag to Seattle. No seat reservation fee going to Seattle. On the return $47 for a checked bag. Had to reserve a seat for the return. The fee started at $18 the website went down and upon getting back online the seat reservation fee increased from $18 to $20 in a matter of 1-2 minutes"

Pros: "We had an hour delay. Staff was great at letting us know and keeping us updated pilots got us there safe, smooth and fast. that's always great!"
Cons: "Hour delay waiting on staff. Seats were not to comfortable."

Cons: "I was told I could not be issued a boarding pass because it was too close to takeoff. I then purchased an outrageously priced one way ticket to get home on another airline. Before taking off on that flight, I received an email saying that my original flight was delayed 2+ hours, even though I had checked the status of that flight up until I walked up to get my boarding pass. This email was sent to me 5 minutes before the delayed flight was scheduled to take off. Spirit said that they could not help me at all and the issue ended up costing me $370. I will not be flying with Spirit ever again."

Cons: "Return Flight on 5/31 / #770 Detroit to Seattle: upon arriving at the Detroit airport learned we had to pay $59 per carry on bag. DID NOT have to do that for first flight from Seattle. Nickel & dimed the whole flight . Paid more than we would have with other preferred airline which we normally travel Impersonal service Broken seat in front of me so that tray did not operate & leg room - what there was of it - very compromised Staff on board are sloppy when giving instructions, especially on the intercom. Need speaking training. Talk way to fast, slur their words. Will NEVER fly Spirit again. You get what you pay for."

Pros: "Waste our whole day not worth it Lots of late and not a qualified staff."
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "2 hour delay because hey didn't have any available flight crew"

Pros: "I am glad that our flight did not get cancelled or deleayed"

Cons: "just awful!"

Cons: "After paying $50 for my checked piece of luggage, Spirit employees decided to leave it in Atlanta. I was offered nothing to make it right, except that they would deliver it to me once it arrived the next day. Probably the last time I fly Spirit."

Pros: "The service was great. I needed assistance with a wheelchair and the people who helped me were wonderful ✈️"
Cons: "The 4 hour delay but I realize that sometimes things happen beyond our control"

Pros: "Got in early despite a few minute delay boarding."

Pros: "The crew was very friendly and helpful"

Pros: "Flight was smooth quick and on time and I got a good price"

Pros: "Spirit Airlines fools folks with low fares and then gouges wallets with baggage fees. I was disappointed with the SA representative at LGA who was rude and inflexible when I realized that I had not printed out my boarding pass. He made me go to the back of the line after waiting through a long, pre-holiday check in line. Enforcing the rules is one thing, but he was rude and unkind. Flight was left/arrived on time."

Pros: "Good flight on time. I fly a lot - exceptional soft landing. Personable, helpful crew."

Cons: "Due to Fox car rental triple charging my VISA I was instructed to speak to a manager when I returned my rental car. Knowing this would take more time, I arrived 30 minutes earlier to discuss the matter. It wasn't an easy fix. As a result, I arrived at McCarren Airport to check my bag at 10:55 p.m. for an 11:30 p.m. flight. I was told I was to late and would have to take the next flight to Detroit, which wasn't until 8:15 a.m. I pleaded and offered to take my luggage to the plane and carry it to the baggage workers, but it was to no avail. I was booked for the 8:15 a.m. flight to Detroit. I was very disappointed to be informed that it would cost me $99.00 to make the change."

Pros: "The only thing I enjoyed was the economy class seating which gave a little more leg room, however the seats don't recline."
Cons: "I flew from Philly to Las Vegas and then Las Vegas to Atlanta to Philly on the way back. Each time the flights were delayed due to the previous connecting flights inability to be on time. At the airport the gate staff did not give updates for the airline departure. Once aboard the aircraft, the flight crew were loudly carrying on for the entire flight giving little regard for those around them especially since one flight was a redeye flight. I will not be flying this airline again."

Pros: "I had more leg room than I thought I would. Also the window seats were nice. My personal item fit nicely under the seat in front of me too. Flight attendants were wonderful!"
Cons: "A bottle of water cost $3! Come on man :-/"

Pros: "Crew was pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "The extra charges to actually use the ticket came to more than the flight."

Cons: "I'm surprise they don't charge for the oxygen in the plane. Every move it's charge including water."

Cons: "We waited over 1 1/2 hours in line to just check our bags. It was terrible, no organization., we were there almost three hours early and just made our flight. No excuse for this needed more staff period or staff that could work a little faster. Someone even gave a staffer money to get her moved up in line. No acceptable."

Pros: "Snacks and liquor options were great! The menu was easy to read."
Cons: "No onboard entertainment such as TVs."

Cons: "-I'd rather pay more upfront than sit thought a 7hrour flight that doesn't even offer complimentary water to its passengers. -lacking reclining seats"

Pros: "I selected random seating and got the 2nd row. Lots of leg room but the sides of the seat were quit constricting"
Cons: "The lga terminal is terrible, a.c was extremely poor, not enough seating, food options are terrible, and communication from the actual gate was worse. It's tucked away in the corner and there wasn't enough seating so I had to sit in another section therefore I could never hear any announcements, even though I gather there weren't many made even with an hour plus delay. Also, I am 6 months pregnant and travel quit a bit for work. It amazes me how flight attendants do not offer to assist with putting up my luggage. I never willingly chose spirit as my airline, I will do anything in my power to fly another but it just so happens this week was drastically cheaper so I had to select your airline and I am definitely not willing to do so again"

Pros: "that I eventually got to my destination"
Cons: "Everything else"

Pros: "The seat was comfortable for an airplane seat and no one sat in the middle seat in my row."
Cons: "Having to wait in line to pay to check a bag, as well as pay to carry on, and then having to wait in a line wrapping around the door in order to give the agent my checked bag was inefficient. I'm not sure if it was a Spirit process or a FLL airport process, but I have to imagine a lot of people missed their flights because of it."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "You should watch the video of the employee harassing a customer on the flight we took. Flight was scheduled to depart at 5:19 we left at 8:45. Apparently the plane was too hot. No communication. Rude employees. No apology. Just horrible. Never again. I only booked this because I had to get to an important event that night at 8 and there were no other flights. Missed the event and had horrible service. Just perfect. First and last timeI will ever fly spirit."

Pros: "The crew on board the plane was nice, gave updates and the plane itself was clean"
Cons: "The experience at the gate was the worst example of customer service I have ever had. The flight was delayed for 3 hours but no one was updating us on anything. The crew was very rude and extremely unprofessional. I'd rather pay the extra money for good service."

Pros: "Everything from the moment we arrived at ticketing/baggage check-in until we hit the ground at home - everything went well. The plane crew were cordial and efficient; the captain even knew how to deliver the right message in a good tone."
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "After playing the game and being overcharged for a carry-on (paid for something I was allowed) and having to pay more for a real seat the flight was delayed multiple times and I had to book on another airline (and pay the premium) to get to Detroit. Then it took them 30 minutes to round up my bag making me almost miss the other flight. I won't fly Spirit again"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My flight was cancelled and no alternatives were given. The experience was terrible ad staff was not helpful."


Pros: "Nothing really. Uncomfortable, small seats, not smooth flying."
Cons: "My suitcase that cost $80 got broken and I am very upset and would like something done about it. It was the one that was put under the plane. The zipper is now broken and it's all tore up and I am not happy and will no longer fly with spirit unless anything is done to resolve this matter."

Pros: "The crew got us home earlier"
Cons: "We got earlier to the gate but no gate to pull the plane in. Then the wait for luggage was terrible. At 12:30am at night to wait 40 min with children is terrible."

Cons: "We boarded and then we were asked to unboard with our carryons. We asked when or if we could reboard. They had no answers. We waited until 2:30am and were reboarded. (3 hour wait) Most ticket holders left out of frustration. Biggest problem was that they wouldn't tell us were our checked luggage was."

Cons: "Flight was delayed for almost one hour My luggage was delayed because of rain and all my clothes was soaking wet."

Cons: "I understand if the flight is cancelled due to weather conditions, but we were able to get on another flight at the exact same time to the exact same destination, just through another airline. In addition, prior to my cancelled flight I barely received any emails letting me know of the status change and received NO phone text message. Spirit should text every person if a flight is cancelled. Lastly, it has now been 6 full days and no one has reached out about my refund. I requested it at the airport but have not received anything in the mail or via phone call. Disappointing customer service and horrible management."

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "the customer service call center is way ineffective, you need to hold over 30 min to get someone on the phone, total disregard to customer flights needs specially when you connect to an international flight, flight cancelation is a nightmare, call center does not answer, the staff is impolite and make the customer feel like dirt"

Pros: "The cost"
Cons: "Charge for certain seats, charge for bags, charge for a soda even on a 4 1/2 hr flight, no perks no reclining seats. Only good for short weekend trips. If you need to pack a bag that cant fit under a seat you would be silly not to fly a dif carrier because cost adds up and the perks still stay at zero."

Pros: "Price of ticketmultiple"
Cons: "Multiple delays"

Pros: "The gate agent was very short and snippy at 5:30 am. So, that kind of makes everyone else in a bad mood. Too bad, because nobody was really awake and was looking forward going to the cold North. She could have made it a more pleasant boarding time..."

Pros: "nice flight, crew was very kind"
Cons: "This flight was nice, but the way Spirit did me for my not flight down will make me never to fly Spirit again. Very disappointed with this Airlines and the way I was treated."

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