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Everything went smoothly. Could not eat at Atlanta long lines. A sandwich on the plane would have been nice.

Pros: "Safe, uneventful flight. Everything was great!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The crew was polite and professional. Boarding went very smoothly and the flight left on time. Baggage was very quick when we arrived in Seattle as it was already coming out when we arrived in the baggage claim area."
Cons: "I would have like to have been offered disinfectant wipes to use on the food tray. Otherwise it was a perfect experience."
Pros: "Flight was Good"
Cons: "checked baggage was damaged"
Pros: "Just ok"
Cons: "update the gate info correctly and immediately. I was directed by app to go B5A but actually it is B5 gate in SEA-TAC"
Pros: "The crew was nice. They did a very good job under the circumstance."
Cons: "The flight was delayed over an hour because of an error on Delta‘s part. They did not verify people as they were boarding. Further the person in 17 F was doing video chat as we were preparing to take off and he had very foul language throughout the flight. The crew never said anything."
Cons: "The most courteous staff - on ground, in air, and at destination!"
Pros: "Although we had to get a replacement plane due to fuel leak on the original, Delta accomplished the switch quickly and efficiently. The Captain came out to greet us, and the flight crew was pleasant, courteous, and professional."
Cons: "The little individual TV screens are tough to see for older eyes."
Pros: "Enjoy flying with Delta, crew was great."
Cons: "disappointed they didn't have a few more snacks available."
Pros: "Crew could have been better."
Pros: "There was those head rest flaps on my chair head rest. Checkin my luggage was seamless."
Cons: "Boarding process was bit disorganized."
Cons: "Left A bag behind in NY"
Pros: "Good crew. Ample legroom."
Cons: "Plane was delayed by more than an hour."
Pros: "Crew was very friendly and attentive. Smooth and comfortable flight."
Cons: "Seats are not as comfortable as usual, yet all flights seem to be getting worse regarding seat comfort. Time to start replacing."
Cons: "gate agent said I could check my bags at door of plane -nobody was waiting there so I asked flight attendant & he was very rude to me wouldn’t help me & didn’t tell me where to hang up my coats when I asked / not my fault plane boarded 25 min late"
Pros: "Everything A-Z"
Cons: "They sell the headsets for $2!!!!!!"
Pros: "Good boarding process. Friendly flight attendants."
Cons: "Its a long, long flight so can't really complain too much. Overall, it was a good flight."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "The turbulence. Poor california git lits of smoke."
Cons: "The flight was very hot. Passengers near me were sweating and we Hall had thick layers on because it was cold out. I understand trying to make it warm it there’s no need to turn up the heat that high."
Pros: "The crew was very helpful and reassuring. I’m not a frequent traveler and they kindness towards my anxiousness stood out."
Cons: "The bumpy air. But you can’t fix that. Lol."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The worst flight I have ever been on. Sat on the plane for an hour before taking off with no AC"
Pros: ".."
Cons: ".."
Pros: "On time. Seat upgraded seat to Delta Comfort plus, courteous flight crew, music before take off and landing."
Cons: "Never took it!"
Pros: "Fantastic Pilots and a great flight attendant."
Pros: "Courteous and professional staff"
Cons: "If we're going to be early, have a gate ready."
Pros: "Delta did find us a new route to get us to our final destination after west jet booked on a flight that was already sold out ."
Cons: "We had to add on an extra connecting flight . We had to then fly from Toronto to Detroit then on yo Atlanta ."
Cons: "For a 3 hour flight no onboard entertainment. Such a let down"
Pros: "Anna from South Africa was funny, and super accomidatinf"
Cons: "it stink inside the plane, the seats in front of us were dirty and smelled bad!"
Cons: "They change schedule day before we flight, the change schedule 2 time while were flighting"
Pros: "Direct flight"
Pros: "It was crouded seat were uncomfortable otherwise ok"
Pros: "Same as above"
Cons: "Same as above"
Pros: "At least they serve us dinner."
Cons: "The toilet was very sticky. over crowded and kids was crying all over the flight."
Pros: "Flight arrived early!!"
Pros: "Great experience"
Pros: "In-flight entertainment (if you brought a tablet or laptop with you), yummy gluten free pretzels, good flight attendants."
Cons: "A complimentary sandwich would have been nice for a 4 hour flight."
Pros: "Upgrade to first class"
Pros: "accommodating and friendly staff food and drinks were good -I had a layover that was boarding before we had reached the terminal and the staff let me know and guided me about how to get to the other flight and let the other flight crew know so I wouldn't lose my flight. Super appreciative of this. :)"
Cons: "cramped seating warm / poor air circulation super hot in the cabin - this is probably because of Salt Lake City, rather than the plane though."
Pros: "Staff friendly,efficient and courteous. On time. Different snacks. Prompt service. Power source each seat worked."
Cons: "Gate area for flight change filthy. LAX gates 31-38. Garbage overflow with no seating. No entertainment option on flight."
Pros: "Easy boarding. Due to bad weather they kept us well informed. One hour late but not their fault."
Cons: "A little chilly in the waiting are."
Pros: "Wheeler chair service is available"
Cons: "Gate changed in the last minute and non-English speaking wheeler chair customer (my 89 years old mother) was left at the old gate by their wheeler chair services and no agent at the gate knew about her. Both round trip flights! This is totally NOT acceptable. She could have been lost and with no ability to help herself and miss the flights. It was lucky that she found Chinese speaking customers to help her."
Cons: "The airport crew at the check-in desk was rude"
Pros: "I was able to do my check in and seat picking fast with no problem"
Cons: "A lot of the airport employees and staff negative and Grouchi mean attitude but does not take away nothing with the airline company staff very helpful and positive people"
Cons: "Overcrowded terminal, last minute gate changes, poor signage and confused staff."
Pros: "Daughter's first flight and the crew really made it a special experience for her."
Pros: "Short flight time"
Cons: "Delayed for 2 hours due flat tire. They should've checked tires before we boarded. Cabinets were almost full. I had a hard time to put my skateboard and backpack in a cabinet. Attendant didn't help out at all! It took over a minute to figure out to fit my stuff in there like Tetris. One passenger was upset that I took his bag out. It was frustrating when attendant didn't help to store my bag."

The staff was very friendly, they were enforcing good safety practices. It's pretty good value for the money, too.

Pros: "Nothing. Literally nothing."
Cons: "EVERYTHING!! Packed like sardines with ZERO distancing for a four hour flight. Flight attendants were horrible and did nothing to mandate mask wearing. Literally watched a guy sleep nearly the entire flight with his mask off and the FA walked by him multiple times without saying anything. Will never fly with American after their abysmal attempt to keep us safe. I did not feel safe for a second on that horrendous flight. Definitely getting a COVID test and I will know where I got it from if I test positive. Also the seats are uncomfortable and it was a very bumpy flight (I understand that part cannot be avoided). I don’t understand how you cancel flights and bump people to other flights only for them to be SUPER packed. I thought at the rate of cases rising airlines should be doing a better job at taking safety precautions. Not American. Why do they think it’s a safe idea at this time to have my wife and I packed in with a total stranger for four hours? No social distancing whatsoever! Overall I cannot say a single good thing about this flight. Worst in my entire life"
Cons: "The flight was 2 hours delayed because there was a mechanical issue on the plane. We sat and waited on the plane for 1 hour while the Maintenance crew tried fixing the problem. After sitting there for one hour, they told us the problem wasn’t fixed and we have to change aircrafts. The other aircraft was all the way in terminal D (we were in terminal A) and the boarding process took a long time. Overall it was an awful flight and experience with American Airlines. I missed my mother’s birthday party because of the 2 hour delay."
Pros: "The crew were wonderful and understanding and good sports."
Cons: "There were problems as soon as the plane got to the gate. After the passengers got off the plane, the man at the counter came on the P.A and said it’ll be a few minutes, they’re catering the plane now from the back to the front. The flight crew still needed to get on a preform safety checks. He apologized again. Then it was 8:40, time to take off and we’re still waiting to even board. The man at the counter said again, thank you for your patience and relayed the same message, only this time the flight attendants were walking away from the gate. Around 9 some lady higher up told the man to announce that the flight crew had timed out and stand by crew was on the way to the gate, said sorry again. A little later the man says sorry, there’s a gate change. You’re going to K6 now. When we get to the new gate it’s almost 9:30pm and while we were all gathered at the gate, the flight crew that supposedly “timed out” showed up and proceeded to get on the plane. Passengers started getting mad and saying we were lied to and to just tell us the truth. Chicago PD started showing up. We finally got on the plane but it would be another 30 minutes before we moved because of issues getting our bags off the original plane. We ended up being almost 2 hours delayed."
Pros: "Everything was great. I especially liked the enter active map that showed some towns and lakes we flew over and the speed and elevation of the aircraft."
Cons: "More details on the map, for example, show landforms, mountain ranges, major roadways, rivers, etc."
Cons: "Amazing!"
Pros: "The place to charge the phone is easily accessible on the back of the seat in front (as opposed to underneath)."
Cons: "Did not like that I had to check my bag at the gate"
Pros: "The plane, Embrair 175 is very comfortable."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Horrible !!!"
Cons: "Be on time !!!!"
Pros: "I didn’t interact with the crew but they seems nice."
Cons: "The trip from HonoluIu to Los Angeles was too warm."
Cons: "The WiFi I was terrible other than that great flight"
Cons: "Be on time. Plus we were in first class and it would be nice if the center counsel was smaller giving the passenger more seat room."
Pros: "pleasant crew"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "The carrier was supposed to be Alaska it turned out to be American Airlines and with that comes the confusion checking in with the wrong confirmation number. On a separate note, this was a bundled itinerary and the Thrifty Car shuttle was so infrequent and slow to the terminal I nearly missed my flight... I am not sure if I would bundle my travel plans again..,,also Thrifty car rental was short on cars in Liz Angeles on arrival"
Pros: "It was on time, no delays"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Made it to destination"
Cons: "Gate changed without any notification"
Pros: "Speedy check in and security check in. Seats in plane comfortable. Staff wonderful"
Cons: "Nothing,"
Cons: "I had a delay of 4 hours. Got home very late. Not what I had planned on."
Cons: "Delayed takeoff by 1 hour waiting for a crew to fly in. Upon crew arrival, new crew member states that there are standby crew available and he's not sure why they didn't call on them. Then we continued to wait for 3 more passengers who were delayed and now had a chance to board our flight. Once landed, gate was occupied by yet another flight running late so we waited for 15 minutes to get to the gate."
Cons: "Our departure flight was cancelled several times and we were not given an explanation. Poor communication and customer service."
Cons: "Changing terminals atleast 4 times"
Cons: "Because of airline delay and increased immigration wait time, we missed our flight. No compensation but we were connected to another flight to Sac. 1-1/2 hours later, which worked out okay, except we got home very late at night."
Pros: "It was o k."
Cons: "No complain"
Pros: "It was generally ok"
Cons: "The tourbulance was crazy The fact I received my bag in Sacramento and it was damaged upset me a lot"
Pros: "Arrived early"
Cons: "Diverted and delayed. Got home 8 hours later then I should have."
Pros: "nothing really"
Cons: "crowded seats , packed flight,"
Pros: "The flight out was really comfortable but the flight back was a little cramped. The crew was great."
Cons: "The return flight"
Pros: "The flight was on time."
Cons: "The seats are hard and uncomfortable"
Cons: "Flight was very delayed"
Cons: "The long delay was terrible"
Pros: "Dunno"
Cons: "Dunno"
Cons: "Flight into DFW was delayed over an hour and ended up missing connection from DFW to SMF by less than 10 minutes because connecting flight left the gate early! We had 5 people in our group, including 3 children under the age of 10. Instead of taking off on time or just a couple minutes late (and oh by the way, the flight to SMF was scheduled to land early because of favorable winds) the flight left the gate early while we were sprinting from gate C31 to A17, missing the door closing by minutes and stranding our party for a three hour wait for an aircraft that went to SFO instead (75 miles away from Sacramento). As the coup de gras, our luggage didn't make it on the plane to SFO so now it's sitting in Sacramento awaiting delivery. I know there were a lot of upset people with the weather delays yesterday, but a bit of foresight or accommodation by American or a particularly savvy gate agent could have prevented the 5 of us from being among them."
Cons: "It also didn't happen due to rerouting"
Pros: "It seemed like it took longer to board this time. Otherwise, all was good. Flight was on time leaving and early landing."
Cons: "It seemed like boarding took longer that usual this time. It seems like it would go more smoothly if it were set up that everyone boards in the order from where they are seated, starting in the back, working forward."
Cons: "There was an announcement made after takeoff that due to "turbulence" no hot beverages would be served. That is just unbelievable! I spent a good amount on a ticket and you mean to tell me that you won't serve coffee due to turbulence?? Turbulence is staple of every flight. What an excuse!!! American Airlines stinks! No tvs on any of the flights too."
Pros: "Super service from a great crew!"
Cons: "The seats even in first class were so old the springs were stabbing me in the back. No entertainment system. American Airlines is ALWAYS late. I was delayed 5 hours. Food is horrid. Rating applies to all American flights I've been on."
Pros: "Flight was on time, seats were comfortable."
Pros: "No comment."
Cons: "Due to flight delays and missed flight because of the delays, we had to rebook and reticket and took a different airline"
Pros: "not bad, I upgraded to first for the leg room, I'm 6'6", so it kinda worked out."
Cons: "Very old plane."
Cons: "Flight attendant rude. No smile, only saw them once"
Cons: "The weather was bad in Dallas preventing our landing. Our plane had to be diverted to be refueled which caused us to miss our connecting flight. There was no one at the counter to help us, but one of the crew told us to call the 800 number which told us our connecting flight was in the air. When we finally found someone to help us, they rescheduled us for the next flight out 11 hours later. When we asked about accommodations, we were told there would be none since it was weather related. Then we were told we could "look for a cot", but she didn't know where any cots were."
Cons: "The layover was supposed to be an hour...ended up taking 3.5 hours!"
Pros: "everything"
Cons: "They forced me to check my bag in to baggage claim instead of at the gate. The airport staff were extremely rude and disrespectful."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Everything was perfect"
Pros: "Non"
Cons: "I could not change the flight with less payment so I missed the flight and booked another one."
Pros: "Music/radio was nice at my seat; got into Sacramento early"
Cons: "No gate # on boarding pass, almost missed flight; kind of had to slouch to look out the window; rough/fast landing"
Pros: "I like that I was finally able to come home"
Cons: "The United Airlines reps could have shown some empathy to the passengers who were delayed. The arline knew we had connecting flights and could've alerted the other flight that we were there and to wait on us. The connecting flight was scheduled to leave at 9:50. I arrived at the gate at 9:49 only to find that the flight had not only boarded but had already left. The reps at the counter showed no level of empathy and acted put out when asked to provide transportation to the reassigned gate. Lastly, the flight could've offered something more than a $10 food voucher, especially since the majority of the food in the airport is greater than $10."
Cons: "Plugs would be nice. Food isn’t great and drinks are more expensive than other airlines"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing. Everything was great"
Pros: "yes"
Cons: "the plane's seating"
Pros: "Great service. Attendants were very kind."
Cons: "Couldn’t get the WiFi to work"
Pros: "Lot of space nice flight professional crews"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Started with waiting in the terminal, only way to get anything to eat is through United self checkout. Bought a veggie burger paid for it then told at the pick up counter they don’t have any. Need to track down a manager to get a refund. He says he issues me a refund but it never came through. Then on the flight WiFi isn’t working, no entertainment on a cross country flight of 6 hours. Not a word mentioned, no credit offered. Was offered credit by delta for the same issue on a flight half the length of time. Super uncomfortable seats. Also no current to charge devices. My friend moved up to a different seat that was empty to try to get power for her phone and told she needs to pay 160$ to sit in that seat even though the plane is half empty. Just really poor experience overall.."
Cons: "Again United ugh! They took us to the gate where we had a 4 hour layover. We watched an emergency happening at the gate (not their fault) which caused delays at that gate. When it was getting close to the time for our flight and they were still boarding an earlier flight, I checked with them to see if ours would be delayed. They had changed the gate without making an announcement. We had to get ourselves to the new gate with barely time to spare. They never turned the seatbelt light off for the trip so we could not use the restroom"
Pros: "Flight was on time and I loved going through US customs in Ireland, so that it made my connection to my USA flight a breeze."
Cons: "Too many crying babies and children. (Flights need a section for young children and infants.) I can handle a 2 hour flight, but not 6+ hours of constant noise) I did not use it, but the entertainment system kept locking up and the flight attendants needed to reboot. If I had been depending on this entertainment it would not have been good. The flight attendants did not come through the cabin enough to pick up trash."
Cons: "Temp was way too hot. Made for a long flight."
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "Boarded on the tarmac when it was cold and windy and in no particular order so it was a long time standing in the cold"
Pros: "Being a nonstop flight."
Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "Luggage delay"
Pros: "We arrive a half hour early."
Pros: "Ahead of schedule"
Cons: "Plane was hot. Light sweat almost whole flight"
Pros: "Friendly flight attendant"
Cons: "Long walk to gate"
Pros: "We got there safely with our stuff."
Cons: "The stupid led by the unwilling."
Pros: "Great crew, boarding process, drink service"
Cons: "No entertainment or food served on flight for free"
Cons: "Flights from SMF to ORD to IND included on board flight entertainment at no cost. Flight from IND to ORD it was included. However from ORD back to SMF there was a fee. For the amount of money paid for the flight and for someone on a tight budget, this was extremely disappointing."
Cons: "Customer service was terrible. I was told I was not their customer and they wouldn't help me. When the agents sent me away for the 2nd time, after promising to hold the door, I returned and the agent closed it in my face."
Pros: "See above"
Cons: "See above"
Cons: ""Dish Network TV" $7 for every 2 hours, if you don't pay they just repeat the add in front of you for the entire flight. So greedy. This is why Delta is so much better. Tons of movies, newer, and FREE. United Airlines is terrible."
Pros: "Smaller plane enhanced comfort"
Cons: "Did not use entertainment app"
Pros: "Close gate our connection."
Cons: "More trouble and delay on take off."
Pros: "Same as above. I miss the old days of magazines as some of us cannot pay for the Wi-Fi"
Cons: "You have very good crew people. There was a male flight Ttendant Chicago to Sac whoncalmlynand deftly handled a grouchy passenger People get testy on long uncomfortable flights. He handled this guy very well."
Cons: "Very noisy!! A dog whinned the whole time. Flight attendants were ok."
Pros: "Leg room"
Cons: "Staff in main cabin was nasty"
Cons: "Understandable they could not help about weather, but was terrible about keeping us updated."
Pros: "Quick flight, beautiful day, interesting company sitting next to me very pleasant flight."
Cons: "The flight was overbooked and they were offering vouchers for later flights, wasn't a bad thing, though, I'd have done it."
Pros: "No bad weather, no bad experiences, all good."
Cons: "Again, N/A"
Pros: "I had a terrible time flying from IAH to Pensacola with United. I was flying on Christmas Day and there were not enough employees from United to help the customers. One of United employees completely disregarded me when I needed help, and I ended up missing my flight."
Cons: "S"
Pros: "Due to weather delays "not able to accommodate" Service representative had an attitude. I understand there are a lot of issues, but it's their job in customer service and if anyone should be upset it should be the customer for not being able to make their flight as scheduled."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "United Express (Skywest Airlines in the SFO area) is simply unreliable. This time the flight was 3 hours late. With United Express (Skywest), the only thing you can count on are cancellations and delays."
Pros: "Consistenty"
Cons: "They cancelled the flight and we took a small bus instead. It took over 2 hours after the flight was cancelled for us to be on a bus to make the 90 min drive to Sacramento. Horrible, I wish I would have paid for a bus ticket instead of paying for a flight."
Pros: "My flight was on time. I appreciate that."
Cons: "Narrow seats. Literally no leg room for me. It was a terrible time for me, especially since I was in the middle seat."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Nice and smooth. There was an issue with the plane but they transitioned us quickly and I was impressed that we were hardly delayed."
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Bigger plane more smooth ride the pizza was excellent"
Cons: "The running to the next plane in 15 min because of the delay the landing was hard"
Pros: "The attendant was very nice, professional and friendly. My flight was only an hour."
Pros: "The seats on the E175 were more comfortable than those on other RJs."
Pros: "Seating was very nice in Delta select, lots of leg room!!!"
Cons: "There were 3 flight attendants on this flight and two of the three were great. One however was the rudest woman I've ever met. Her favorite word was "no" and she talked down to everyone, including her fellow flight attendants. I really wish I had gotten her name but when I asked her, her response was, "why?" I was so fed yo with her I just said forget it and avoided her. I understand people have bad days but I have a feeling this was more of a personality issue. She acted better than everyone else. It really only takes one person to ruin the whole flight"
Cons: "Our seats and boarding passes were given to two other people! How can someone else board a plane with our names on the boarding passes?!"
Pros: "the customer service rep was very professional and helped us out."
Cons: "my girlfriend and I were removed from the plane. she had received troubling news from her family that kept stacking on, not to mention we were tired from traveling all day thanks to delays making us miss our flights. and when we gestured for an attendant to come by, light dark skin, facial hair, glasses. he had customer service come by and we reiterated the question if we decided we would like to get off the plane would it be possible to receive a voucher for the flight. but we told him that we were just trying to consider options and we were good to go, and the customer service told us that the attendant did not feel comfortable with us on the plane, and that my girlfriend reached out and touched him and he did not feel safe. we never even raised our hands our eye brows. they caused us all kinds of hell, we couldn't get another flight till 2210, they embarrassed and humiliated my girlfriend because she was crying. unacceptable."
Pros: "The cookies and drunk selection"
Cons: "No entertainment not comfortable"
Pros: "Everything else was fine"
Cons: "For such a long flight and quite expensive some food should be provided. I have never flown before like that (over hundreds of overseas flights) and had NO FOOD given at all."
Pros: "being group 3, yet row 30. Not being cramped. being with an actual United flight crew (instead of a Sky West)."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "6 hour delay in SFO is apparently not unusual. Gate agent tells us that they will always bump that flight for other western regional airport since SMF doesn't have a curfew. United could care less and not transparent. And then they have the gull to tell us it was weather related. There was no bad weather anywhere in the western US that day! I tracked the plane backwards online and it never left Cali all day. United lies to shift blame away from their decision to screw all those on that flight. Advise: If you have this connection skip it, rent a car in SFO and drive to SMF. You will be to the good many hours."
Cons: "On April 15 we flew from Sacramento to Basel, via Los Angeles and Munich. We did exactly what we were told re reserving seats. We were told to call 23 hrs. in advance to reserve seats. When we tried to follow directions, we were not able to check in. Without checking in, we could not reserve seats. After numerous phone calls, to various numbers, we were not able to check in or reserve seats. By continuing to ask questions, to try and understand, we were told we were "under airport control". This was an "at random" situation and online check in was not available. Only 5 minutes earlier, we were still being instructed to check in online! We had never heard of this. I contacted a neighbor, who flies often internationally and within the U.S. He said it had happened to him once. He agreed that driving to the airport in Sacramento was a wise decision. This is not what we wanted to be doing 1 day before departure. At Sacramento we found a kind gentleman who saw our dilemma and checked us in as a favor. We saw assigned seats. He suggested we request to improve our seats the following travel day. It was a very challenging morning. As I tried to improve our seating the following day I was told, by airport staff, that this happened because we booked through Kayak? Rather with an attitude that we should have booked differently. This was a vacation we had looked forward to for years. I worked hard at not letting this difficult start damage my trip. Upon arrival in Amsterdam, I tried to learn more, to prevent a similar situation on the way home."

Plane was nice, flight attendants seemed like they'd rather be somewhere else. Spirit doesn't offer complimentary snack or drink, very bare bones.

Check in could be better , very pushy & not very good explaining or guiding people to where they should be .

Flight was fine. Attendants were pleasant. We did not have in flight food or entertainment. Plane was clean and well prepared even with a quick turnaround.

The flight attendants was rude missed my connection flight because spirit is very unorganized and now I have to wait till tomorrow night to get home I hate spirit

Pros: "The crew did a good job for a short flight."
Cons: "I’ve been in uncomfortable seats before on other airlines. However I’ve never been in seats that didn’t recline at least a small degree. When they say Budget airline, they mean it. The plane literally felt like it was going to fall apart on takeoff and landing. Rattling from multiple Compartments and the worst whining of the engine I’ve ever heard. It was a bit unsettling as well as unnecessary. If the mechanics can’t quiet things down and tighten the compartments to stop things from making that much racket then Spirit needs to take the plane out of commission. Not a smooth quiet flight for sure. It would be hard to recommend Spirit airlines to anyone."
Pros: "Quick boarding process"
Cons: "Don’t board us to sit in the uncomfortable warm plane when the pilot is 45 minutes delayed!"
Pros: "The crew was efficient with the exception of being told there was a full flight with plenty of seats available. That said, they were able to accommodate a much needed change, so I'm appreciative of that."
Cons: "The delay of 4 hours is such a common occurrence among Spirit, it's insane. I'm not sure why things are always delayed, c acned, or rearranged on this airline, but their planner needs to be reassigned."
Pros: "Crew moved me because I have a service animal. Then offered the guy they moved compensation for moving him. But not me. Huh."
Cons: "Anything. Everything. Spirit sucks."
Pros: "Aeroplane"
Cons: "Better cleaning please"
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "There were not enough agents at ticket counter to support the needs of passengers. Lines were unorganized and agents kept pushing us off to another line or agent. Once we got to one, she kept talking to her friend agent next to her and gave me really short annoyed answers when I needed help."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "What didn’t I like?"
Pros: "Empty flight"
Cons: "Having to wait 45 minutes for baggage"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Surprised with $55 fee each way for a carry on bag...."
Pros: "Boarding was very efficient and orderly; crew was motivated and supportive; they charge for a cup of water."
Cons: "Delay taking off; baggage pick-up carousel was announced and then changed without any announcement"
Pros: "the Crew are good..."
Cons: "The notification system was really bad. I almost miss the flight due the change from 6:00 PM back to 4:10 PM. I didn't get anything until 3:25 that leave me very short time to get to the airport and go through security."
Cons: "This was my first flight ever and the baggage was not explain thoroughly until it was time to board. When i spoke with the lady at the desk while actually checking my bag she told me to take care of it on my flight back home (maybe they could give you a credit). On the flight back home I spoke with a supervisor about my situation and she told me there is no more on the account so we can't help."
Pros: "The price. The face that there weren't classes: we're all in this together!"
Cons: "The check-in process was really slow and inefficient. Either there were no check-in kiosks, or they were in a weird place that was hard to find. Long lines reaulted. Boarding staff also seemed a little harried, but it went smoothly."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Everything else"
Pros: "Flight attendants were all super nice. Very friendly and caring. My first time taking plane with Spirit. Loved it!"
Cons: "There is no actually good meal so I had to take it with me. I'm pregnant so I need lots of good snacks and a lot of water too. So I just took with me to take care of myself. Will food and drinks you need to stay healthy includes in one carry on baggage? Cause if so, I had problem with it. :("
Pros: "Flight on time"
Cons: "With your a la carte menu, where even a glass of water requires an extra charge, I can't say I'm very impressed with your food options. And as far as I know, you have no entertainment, so to ask for a review is absurd."
Cons: "Flight delayed 3 hours and nowhere to sit inside security way overcrowded"
Pros: "Absolutely NOTHING !!!!"
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable, doesn't serve refreshments, just horrible!"
Pros: "Staff is very nice and professional"
Cons: "Seats are not comfortable"
Cons: "Flights are constantly delayed or cancelled. Do not fly with spirit"
Pros: "Low price, clean plane and arrived safely."
Cons: "40 pound limit of. Bag I paid $50 for and 41 pounds means another $30. No drink or peanuts."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled with little warning. We were told it was due to weather, yet we were able to book another flight the same day and return home."
Cons: "When I called your 1-800 number listed on the Spirit website, a recording informed me that that number was changed to a new number, and when I called that new number, a recording said the new number was out of service, so there was no way to check flight status via phone"
Pros: "I got to the airport 40 minutes before the flight was departing, I hadn't printed out my boarding pass, and I had a checked bag. I thought I was being pushed to the next flight (tomorrow morning) for sure. Instead, the gate agent just told me I had to sign something saying it was my fault if the bag didn't make it onto the airplane in time (very reasonable!) and that I should hustle to the gate. No fees, I made the flight, and when I got to Oakland my bag had make it."
Pros: "The flight"
Cons: "Luggage rates are to high price for carry on."
Pros: "A flight voucher or something. Otherwise I'll never fly spirit again."
Cons: "Gatinb issues, late boarding, rude gate attendants and no passenger accommodations whatsoever."
Pros: "Flight from LGA to Fort Lauderdale was great. The crew was very nice. exceptional actually"
Cons: "The Kiosk in Fort Lauderdale did not work and I had to stand on a line for 30 minutes. Also having to check in at terminal 4 and then go to the gate in terminal 3 was a pain."
Pros: "Cheap ticket purchase price"
Cons: "I was charged for carrying on my roll on bag because of its shape. While my brother on the same flight carried on an even larger backpack.But, it was considered a personal item. Also because we did not wish to pay even more to pick our seats, we were assigned the last row on the plane where the fuselage begins to taper towards the tail of a plane. Therefore it there was not nearly enough shoulder room for my brother and me. Overall the discomfort, lackadaisical staff, and shrewd penny-pinching policies insured that I will never fly Spirit Airlines again."
Pros: "they made Me Miss Mu Flight because they couldn't find the boarding pass confirmation which was in there face the whole time. The worker kept insisting I find it at the kiosk but there had to be numbers & letters & they couldn't pull it up bout time they got a manager the lady stated well you won't be able to board now there closing the gates 25 mins prior to its original flight time"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Everything. Flight never showed, plane was broken. Had to fly a different airline."
Pros: "I selected the larger seats for a bit more money, but it was well worth it. There was ample leg room and arm room."
Cons: "I don't like that Spirit doesn't participate in the TSA pre-check program. I have a pre-check number, which makes getting through the airport loads easier. Without this convenience, I'm not certain I'll fly them again."
Pros: "The passenger fares were good."
Cons: "The exorbitant extra charges for bags are a turn off."
Cons: "I didn't like that the seats don't recline"
Pros: "The crew was very nice and accommodating."
Cons: "My flights to and from Cleveland were delayed- not due to weather. We were not told why the first flight was delayed but we were told on our flight from Cleveland to Boston that the plane had a broken part. It seemed like the aircraft itself was cheap (even the tray tables are half the size of normal tray tables) and I wondered about my safety. Won't be flying Spirit again."
Pros: "Spirit canceled my flight to AC on Friday 9/2/16! I never got there so there was no need for me to get back. Tried contacting spirit and can't reach a live person! I want a full refund!!!"
Cons: "I want my money back, because they canceled my flight and ruined my weekend"
Cons: "Spirit charges extra for EVERYTHING. I fly often and, as usual, booked through 3rd Party and didn't realize this until after booking. TERRIBLE experience. The way they run their business should be illegal. What started as a reasonably priced flight turned into almost an additional $200 in baggage fees, etc for a short flight from New Orleans to ATL. NEVER AGAIN will I fly Spirit. I'm honestly surprised they didn't charge me to use the restroom on the flight..."
Cons: "To start, when we arrived at the Detroit airport at 5:30am for our 7am flight, the line to check bags was clear across the building. It eventually got to the point where they had to make a special line for our flight to check in at around 6:30am. Fortunately we were towards the front of that line and when we finally got through security we raced to our gate and made it just before they were about to close the doors. There were many people behind us still trying to make their way either through the check-in line or security and we tried to speak up and tell the flight attendants just that as they announced we were shutting the doors and about to push back. One lady sitting near us was on the phone with her friend whom she was traveling with that was at the gate along with a dozen other people trying to get on the plane. When we tried to tell the flight attendants to wait, one flight attendant had the dignity to come over to me and said "if my party wasn't on the plane then I could get off the plane." Finally, they opened the doors one last time and about 15 people came through, however, there were still plenty of open seats on a flight that typically is quite full so I'm certain many more missed the flight. Once we got to Denver it was no surprise that only about 12 pieces of luggage came through the carousel so more than half the plane was missing their luggage. We were then told that if we had a late check-in, which everyone who checked luggage did, then we would have to come back to the airport to retrieve ti. Fortunately, they made an exception for our flight and our luggage was delivered the next morning. All in all, I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated with the way Spirit handled everything, with the exception of finally agreeing to deliver our luggage. The lack of communication, efficiency, and concern, between everyone at Spirit, those checking people in, the flight attendants, the luggage crew, the person in charge of lost luggage, is so unacceptable. From now on, I will gladly pay more just so I NEVER have to fly Spirit ever again! They not only lost my business but also from those who were on the flight with us standing in line to file our lost luggage claim as well."
Cons: "Flight was 4 hours late. Several reasons were given. Not dure which was actual reason"
Pros: "The pilot was very informative about weather and anticipated delays."
Cons: "Why charge extra fees for everything? People generally take belongings when they fly. There were empty seats in the flight yet customers were crammed together in other areas of the flight. Flight attendants NEVER smiled."
Cons: "The Gate was changed and for some reason this meant that we all had to go through security a second time. Any thing we had purchased to eat and drink after our first security check we had to throw away before we could go through the second security check. This effected many of the passengers on my flight."
Pros: "Reasonable far every high baggage fee. Non reclining seats"
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Excessive baggage fees Only smaller bags accepted Pre boarding was a mess Cannot choose seats without a fee No entertainment on board Seat did not recline No food/drinks My luggage got damaged Things inside my luggage got destroyed"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Alabama to Sacramento

Airlines flying from Alabama to Sacramento have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Alabama to Sacramento

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Alabama to Sacramento

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Alabama to Sacramento

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Alabama to Sacramento

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Alabama to Sacramento

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