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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Qatar AirwaysOverall score based on 11092 reviews

Pros: Add snacks between the males
Cons: Thank you

Pros: Private cabins in business class
Cons: Better control over boarding process

Pros: Everything is excellent
Cons: All is well

Cons: Plane was too warm and movie selection was the same for all flights. Too many marvel kid movies.

Pros: Service & information
Cons: I didn’t get a hotel despite having more than 12 hours transit. I was told I don’t qualify for hotel stay but didn’t get the reason why

Pros: Crew . Food . Service was great .
Cons: Every things was good .

Pros: The crew was very friendly and helpful
Cons: Longer wifi time and faster connection

Pros: The crew was nice but never got the menu.
Cons: The crew was amazing and delightful but should provide food to kids first before even those special diet or vegetarians.

Cons: The luggage’s handler was probably throwing all the luggages around which cause my items to be broken. I have informed the counter staff of my fragile item yet I was shocked when I saw what has happened. I would appreciate if some compensation will be given.

Pros: The crew was very cheerful and helpful even though I was puking my guts out on a long flight with a lot of turbulence
Cons: It was an insanely long and pukey flight. The airsick bags have this seal that you have to tear off before you can open it which my son discovered a little too late.

Pros: Crew was good! Food was good! Boarding was on time !
Cons: Economy comfort could be better.

Cons: Great

Pros: Service

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

Cons: I was moved from the front to the very back upon checking in at the gate due to "Weight and Balance" issues. I was able to move back to my original seat once in the air, but there was no forewarning of this even with advanced purchased tickets. Just a hassle since this flight was long and all I wanted to do was get some rest.

Pros: Smooth flying regardless of the air wake turbulence, excellent treatment from flight attendants. I felt safe during the flight.
Cons: Give more time for checking in the luggage, Cancelation my flight with 0% reimbursed on my funds, on boarding time 10 minutes delay was truly unfair.

Pros: Excellent crew and food.
Cons: No WiFi.

Cons: I really didn’t like hke the Internet is free for just one hour. And how I cannot make international calls using the doha’s airport wifi.

Pros: We carefully taken care . The Hotess were alright
Cons: Their food are ok

Pros: Food was great.
Cons: Passengers in the back seat kept shaking my seat. I told them to stop, but they kept doing that.

Pros: Great

Pros: Staff was excellent

Cons: I requested a chicken meal and I told the steward that I would wait because he did not have anymore at that moment. He never came back until it was time to pick up trash. I proceeded to tell him I never got the main course, he apologized and told me that there was only an egg entree left. I went ahead and took it, then as a way to apologize he offered to get me a piece of fruit, a banana. I accepted but he never came back with it. It was not a big deal but I did not appreciate being offered something and then no follow up. Next time do not offer something and then not follow through.

Cons: No

Pros: very courteous flight crew
Cons: baggage took along time to come business class luggage came after economy

Pros: Staff worked fast to feed and water everyone.

Cons: The seats were cramped

Pros: Great Cabin Crew, the pilot was extremely talented and landed very well at a low speed so as to not wake everyone in Nagpur up.
Cons: seats are a bit tight

Pros: Excellent travel with Qatar Airways
Cons: Only thing is security was too tight at Doha Airport

Cons: The electronics ban on US-bound flights was handled poorly in Doha, resulting in multiple passes through the security check for many passengers, including two in my party. It left a bad impression that lingered, unfortunately.

Cons: Service

Cons: Seats were not very comfortable for economy class for a journey as long as these .

Pros: this was very different nice service, crews with courtesy and ready to listen to any problem.Pauline.

Pros: Ok
Cons: Wheel chair was not available on arrival. Had to wait 45 minutes

Pros: Plane
Cons: The crew have very strong accent which makes difficult to understand them, but they are very nice and helpful

Pros: I liked everything about the flight and the service was great!

Pros: Flight was on time .
Cons: The seating was not organized when people needed to bored. It was busy and people where rushing to get in the plane .

Pros: Everything was great except Food and service comfort of the plane Cleanliness was superior
Cons: One crew member was a pain if you wanted ice you got 3 cubes ask for more he would ignore you. He was rud and nasty. I mentioned to other crew members they say just his way. If that is his way maybe he need find new job.

Cons: I was Told the flight form Doha back to Houston was over booked so I had to get re-routed through another city. For a $6,600 business class ticket this is very bad form.

Pros: Excellent customer service, smooth boarding, good food.
Cons: "Enhanced" screening at Doha airport not only was more invasive but also held up passengers until end of boarding.

Pros: Comfortable and easy
Cons: Departs in early morning

Pros: Everything
Cons: N/A

Pros: the best air line I've ever been

Pros: Overall flight was pretty good
Cons: Food wasn't as good as the other 3 legs of the trip (Houston-Doha, Doha-Kathmandu and Bengaluru-Doha) The hand rests on these planes didn't go all the way up making it less comfortable to be travelling on a 16 hour flight with a toddler.

Cons: Not sufficient food, less quantity or quality of food, cramped seat, there was a big guy sitting next to me, unable to even rest my hand

Pros: The service was great

Pros: Service and food
Cons: It was stated that they allow bagpack and carryon luggage but they allowed only one

Pros: Crew was excellent, and the distance between rows are enough so seats are very nice.
Cons: Food stuff was not good & Turkish Airlines can not do anything to that due to Covid 19 Issue and they are following the rules.

Cons: The flight from Cairo to Istanbul was delayed one hour and I missed my flight from Istanbul to Houston and i had to get a visa for $30 in cash and spend the night in Istanbul thus I will be arriving a day late in Houston. I was offered no assistance to avoid missing my flight. I had to run only to find my other plane left without me...

Cons: Amazing how little legroom you can get away with, on a 13+ hour flight. You should be so ashamed!!!

Pros: Crew was outstanding, seats were comfortable. The food was awesome!
Cons: it was perfect.

Pros: The crew was good and spent time attending to your needs. It’s what I’ve come to expect from Turkish Airlines.
Cons: I was reassigned a new seat without notice. I later learned it was due to a malfunction in the seat or IFE system. Several seats seemed effected and broken. The boarding process was disorganized which is unusual for this airline.

Pros: Once we boarded, staff were attentive and service was good in business class. Food was high quality but in their effort to serve an elaborate 4-5 course meal, there was less attention on making sure people had drinks to pair with their meals.
Cons: We were delayed for 3 hours. We were held in a the boarding area behind security for 2 hours with no seats, no water, no space, and no information. Turkish Airline representatives looked clueless and did not provide information or even look concerned. That was the worst handled delay in my over 30 years of flying all over the world on any many carriers. Once we boarded, the flight went well from there.

Pros: Crew was nice. I was really thirsty and I kept asking for water. He should have just given me a small bottle. Also need more than 4 Bollywood movies. This was a returning flight after 2 weeks and it had the same 4 movies which I had already seen.
Cons: I had a 14 hour layover in istanbul airport. Arrived at midnight and flight wasn’t until 2 pm the next day. I just assumed that they would give me a hotel. Come to find out thats wasnt the case when I landed. Given all kinds of reasons/excuses. The guy at the transfer desk told me”you should have known that your layover was this long since you booked it”. Will have second thoughts about flying Turkish again. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Might stick with Emirates or Qatar.

Pros: Food was fine, and crew admirable. Good entertainment even without internet connection on flight.
Cons: I’d change out the Mac and cheese at the prelanding meal. Service took awhile and I ended up in the zone in the back where choices were gone. Biggest factor was inability of phone center or inter et to check me in.

Pros: On the plus side, the food, service, entertainment, and comfort on Turkish are the best of any Economy class overseas flights. For that reason, they are my top pick.
Cons: I can't understand why I was booked with an impossibly tight connection. It's a huge airport, with multiple security checkpoints with long lines. I had an hour between flights, and the first flight landed just five minutes late. The gate for the second flight had already closed by the time I cleared the first security checkpoint. It would have been completely impossible to make it to the gate on time. Turkish put me up in a hotel, etc., for the night, and there were dozens of people in similar situations. But the airline shouldn't offer connections that are totally impossible.

Cons: The seats are very tight and small, caused me a very terrible knee pain. I will never ever use and suggest Turkish airlines for long distance flights. And I also they don't care about fragile items which is very inconvenience.

Cons: They are not considerate at all . It was a pain till they find Me another flight. The flight won’t take off till the next day And the lay over in Los Angeles is 7hrs . It’s a 2 days flight. They didn’t even try to take the time to find me a sooner flight because there were other upset customers waiting. So disappointed on how poor the help desk at Turkish airline.

Pros: Same as above
Cons: No air or ventilation on the flight. I took four flights on this trip and all were hot and uncomfortable. Space was very tight. I’m not very tall, yet I was struggling to get comfortable or even eat in the small space of my seat.

Pros: After the first 2 1/2 hour flight this 777 had pretty comfortable seats for this 13 plus hour plane ride.
Cons: Maybe charge just $10.00 more and serve a little bit better food.

Cons: After returning home I found items had been stolen from my luggage. Specifically about half of the items in my first aid kit were taken. Total cost of replacement will be approx $30.

Pros: The movie options and quality of the screens was excellent. That's what got us through the flight.
Cons: The food was horrible and served at odd times. The people around us smelled really bad so we had a rough time. I know it's pout of the airlines control but it really made the whole flight difficult.

Pros: I liked personal, food and comfortable

Pros: There was ample leg room in economy. The food was good. Plenty to eat. Good selection of entertainment. Boarding was relatively good.
Cons: I did not like the fact that my U.S. bound plane had to be boarded from the tarmac. I’m assuming it had something to with u.s. security issues with carriers from predominantly Muslim countries. The crew need to check passengers that want to place their feet anywhere except the floor or footrest. I see exactly how fights happen in the planes. It is not ok to place ones feet on someone else’s armrest.

Pros: I was so impressed by every staff of Turkish Airlines.. I was very young when TWA. Was an elite airlines, with the flight attendants dress perfect.. it made me feel like I was flying first class...with this being my first time using Turkish airlines I actually will use them over the American Airlines; just because the way I was treated and how quickly someone was willing to assist anyone.... I say you are the best!

Pros: Trip from Istanbul was On Time. As a Disabled Person, I was picked up at the baggage ticket counter and expedited through. It was excellent service in Istanbul for me. The plane experience was smooth, with wonderful entertainment on your personal screen with excellent movie, news and music offerings. The crew was wonderful, friendly, smiling and accommodating. No charge on alcoholic drinks! Food was great. Flight was good. At Houston, the assistants for Disabled Persons was wonderful, accompanying me up until I was dropped at Shuttle service to my car. Turkish airlines really impressed me and would use them anytime.
Cons: In Istanbul, I had to walk from the gate entrance to the plane. Took me 10 minutes to walk the plank, struggling, but no one offered me a wheelchair or assistance. In Istanbul, there was a considerable amount of people waiting to check bags but there were no agents at 2 counters and it really bothered the people waiting and waiting for them to show up. Then the baggage loading track stopped and it stopped all the traffic for a while. Inconveniences but, nevertheless, it affected the travelers anxiety.

Pros: I got a return ticket from Houston to Lagos, the first leg of my trip went pretty well, no hassle at all, the staff and crew were great and professional.
Cons: But the second leg of my trip which was Lagos back to Houston was horrible, the Turkish Airlines employees at the Murtala Mohammed International airport Lagos were the worst ever, unprofessional, rude and lack basic knowledge of boarding. Decided to do their own thing rather than what the airline allows. It's almost like they lacked training or just don't want to learn. No accountability whatsoever as one of the employee said "it's not like it's gonna affect my job anyways". Poor poor terrible customer service, no courtesy, no etiquette. I can go on and on but ain't nobody got time for their negativity.

Pros: I like the comfort, food and the entertainment.
Cons: As much as I love flying Turkish Airlines, they have this problem of boarding passengers on time as they now feel like "hot cake." They need to improve in this aspect.

Cons: Tried to cancel due to flooding in home and they would not refund my ticket. Neither would, whom I purchased the ticket through.

Pros: Service, hospitality, free internet movies food unlimited sandwich and cake, usb charging, clean restroom

Pros: Very spacious seats, attentive and friendly crew, delicious food selection and presentation of food, fresh food offered for snacks, outstanding lounge in Istanbul
Cons: Extra security check before getting on the plane during which my 11-year-old son was separated from me since they had different lines for males and for females.

Pros: Busy flight with many kids and the entire crew was friendly and professional with service.

Cons: After having booked an aisle seat near many family members I was traveling with, a Turkish airlines crew member came and asked me to move seats so as to accommodate a couple that wanted to sit together. I willingly gave up my seat to allow this. The crew didn't have another seat in mind, however, and I spent several minutes simply waiting in the aisle before they shuffled me to the front of the plane and made me sit in a much worse seat--a middle seat nowhere near any of my family members, nestled next to a large man who was clearly extending well into the seat they meant for me to take. It was clearly a terrible seat and I made the following 12 hour flight in significant discomfort. I was very dissatisfied with the crew's behavior. When a passenger books a comfortable seat near my family, and willingly gives it up to accommodate other passengers, they should not be treated so poorly

Pros: They run a quality airline, inexpensive and a lot of direct flights to a lot of locations.
Cons: This flight was a terrible experience and the longest day of my life!! That having been said, Turkish airlines had little control over most of it. I could tell the staff was just as tired of the long day as I was, but they held it together and performed adequately. I thought we were all going to die on the landing! I don't know what happened, but I was waiting any moment for the 777 to just roll and go up in flames! It took 1 hour and a half to get our checked bags. Don't know if there is a way to speed that up, but it was the icing on the cake after having spent 16 hours on the plane.

Pros: Service, Food, Crew, short announcements, boarding, entertainment
Cons: AC unit was off while boarding, first 20min it was super hot. AC turned off again about 30min prior to landing, again the plane heated up rather quickly.

Pros: Everything this airline goes out of their way to make the flier happy and pleased, food and entertainment superb and American Airlines in general should learn from them
Cons: N/A

Pros: The flight and crew were fine. The food and drinks are free, which I wish some US carriers would take note of and adopt.
Cons: New US regulations requiring tablets and laptops to be stored in checked baggage were not relayed to me. I booked the trip in February and the new regulations went into effect in March, but I was never notified. When we got to Istanbul from Brussels and made our way to the gate, we had to go through a security checkpoint where I was informed that my tablets would be confiscated and given back to me once we landed. They had a claim area set up next to our baggage claim turn-style to get tablets and laptops back, but it took us 30 mintues to get our tablets (only 5 mintues to get our baggage). Again, I realize they're only doing their jobs and this regulation is new, but the system they put in place for it and their total lack of communication for customers who had already booked trips was awful. Also, at the checkpoint I was told my tablets would be confiscated and my passport had a sticker put on it. I moved down the line where I was told they would take my tablets and the next guy told me I was clear to go. I asked for verification and he ushered me along, so along I went. Then, while sitting in the plane waiting to leave, a group of 5 or 6 people came on board and searched me out, saying they didn't have a record of my tablets being handed over. I told them I was told to move on at the second checkpoint and they gave me a look as though I was lying, but then said it wasn't my fault and made me retrieve them from my bag and hand them over. It wasn't a huge deal, but it sure did make me look like an idiot in front of everyone else on the flight who could see it happen. The whole reason we brought our tablets was to read books on the flight, and a 13 hour flight doesn't exactly go by quickly. I udnerstand they're just doing their job, but they should have sent an update to people on these flights.

Pros: Entertainment on board was the best part. Food is decent.
Cons: Worst customer service I've ever had in an airport at Attaturk. Turkish airline staff was horribly rude, wouldn't acknowledge their mistakes, very uninforming and all of it to pretty much force you to pay the airline more money in penalty fees for changing flight arrangements and new ticket purchases. And be careful THEY DON'T have any announcement on the intercom system at Attaturk (I had no clue as to that being the case there, nor have I ever been at an airport that doesn't). No boarding announcement, no gate change announcement, no nothing.....and if and when you miss a flight because you didn't know the gate changed while you're sitting at what you thought was your gate and no one bothered to let you know (including the person who checked your boarding pass when you came into that gate area, it's down hill from there! They will tell you it's your fault and not give a dam* what you say to argue otherwise....and......if you don't pay the penalty they dictate to change your flight ($1114 on a $780 ticket in my case so I purchased another ticket on Turkish air on my own for $236 to get me where I was going), they WILL cancel your return flight without telling you, at which point you will have to buy a new ticket to get back home and they end up getting the money out of you regardless. This was an absolute nightmare of a trip, couple with being treated like dirt by everyone at the airport. I will not ever again fly Turkish Air if I can help it.

Cons: Boarding process in Istanbul was very difficult. 5 security checks just getting from the plane from Brussels to our gate is excessive and time consuming. Very little organization at the gate as well. Not smooth at all.

Cons: They made us choose an alternate schedule and offered our money back completely 1 week before our trip. This change by Turkish Airlines cost me $610. I had to rearrange the flight schedule for the person dog and house sitting for me. We had to spend an extra vacation day from work. The hotel Turkish Airlines put us in had terrible food and was so isolated that you could not walk to a restaurant. This airline was the lowest price, but I will definitely be looking for a different way for my next trip.

Pros: good movie selections
Cons: We were pushed to stand-by at the check-in and were told that seat number would be available at the gate. However, this never happened. At the gate, we (30+ people) were told that there are no more seats available on the plane and we have to go to their customer service for another flight. There are no Turkish Airline staff at the gate to explain why this would happen and provide any assistance. We spend the next 2 hours trying to get boarding pass for the next day's flight and the hotel. Again, no apologies nor explanation were given. Thank you Turkish Airline for wasting 1 day of my life. I will try to avoid this airline in the future.

Pros: Entertainment options were excellent for adults and ado. The crew were very accommodating
Cons: Screaming children and passengers that don't follow simple instructions or cue with respect

Cons: For a flight this long the seat is very hard after some time. More space is needed between rows. When the person in front of me put his seat back I felt very trapped in my seat.

Cons: The worst customer service ever. Turkish airlines changes 6 hour transit time we purchased to more than 24 hours transit time and they refuse to help us when we try to change the flight to other day. Because of that we are forced to stay in terminal for morethan a day with out any hotel arrangment. I wouldn't recommend their service to any one. So sad

Pros: The included meal/drinks is always a bonus on these shorter flights and makes a difference.
Cons: I had a pillow of my own and so it didn't matter too much, but I noticed the lack of a pillow on this early morning flight.

Cons: poor customer service and lack of speaking english made the trip very challenging. I don't think i will travel with Turkish air again.

Pros: Non
Cons: From the moment we boarded until we arrived home he trip was a disaster

Pros: Onboard experience very good. Food, entertainment, facilities. Tight seats - per usual.
Cons: Getting boarding passes and checking luggage took two hours. Literally was being dealt with for two hours personally while a couple employees typed and complained to reticket us after airline inexplicably cancelled our reservation on flight home. Until about 30 minutes before departure, no employee had assured us we would get on the plane we paid to be on. Just no concern for the anxiety we were dealing with - and Turkish caused.

Pros: Turkish delights on-board
Cons: Chaos at the Istanbul terminal. Connecting flight was literally a mile away. We had to run through the entire terminal only to miss our connection. No help/information from the airline. They made us walk even more to get us transferred to hotel for a night. Their crew repeatedly lied about how to get new boarding passes as they were busy and didn't want to do it for us. Sent us to another transfer desk. No veg. food option even after making a special request. They said sometimes those mistakes happen. You can't call the crew from your sit to get snacks. They make you get out of your middle sit and walk to the back of the plane to get a sandwich. The boarding process at the Istanbul airport is even more chaotic. They have their own security (after having done security at the o origin in Rome AND at the IST airport), which requires standing in an hour long line and getting profiled and judged by the airline staff.

Pros: When we couldn't fly United (due to cost) we were not sure what to expect from Turkish Airlines since we didn't know anyone who had flown it before. It was very pleasant and we thoroughly enjoyed the flight. We felt like we received first class treatment in the economy section of the plane. From warm hand towels, beautiful menus for meals and beverages available, a toiletry bag and much more. The inflight entertainment was awesome. Love the large screen and the touch screen abilities. So many great choices.
Cons: The temperature of the cabin changed drastically from being very hot to very cold in a short matter of time. The boarding process was also not organized well at all as we lined up in our groups, but people did not follow this so although we were group A, somehow people from lower groups were boarding before us. The seats were a bit hard.

Pros: Really amazing except for...
Cons: Stewardesses did their jobs, but as far as checking on passengers at non-food and assigned drink times, they were sitting in the back drinking coffee and talking. On top of not making rounds, there was no call button to summon a stewardess. Twice, my husband who was ill had a "coughing attack" and needed a glass of water... there was nobody was available. A passenger had to go and get them from the back. Perhaps due to this being a 13 hour flight, this is not a normal situation for them, but to go three hours at a time without taking a stroll through the cabin seems unprofessional. Otherwise this airline really does amazing service! I did not realize that such airline service still existed. American ones should pay attention!

Cons: The flight TK 119 (Khi - Istanbul) reached Istanbul late by half an hour. The layover at Istanbul was 1 hr 25 m. The distance to reach Gate 504 was terribly long. I had to run all that long distance to reach gate. After passing thru security checks, etc. I was completely exhausted. All that trouble to be dropped from plane on the runway and then using bus to reach terminal building and vice versa for the onward flight TK 33, was a terrible experience. The layover time and the lengthy and tiring procedure need immediate revision and rectification. Instead of comfort, passengers get high blood pressure and exhaustion. Very troublesome experience.

Pros: Love the "welcome aboard" Turkish delight. Enjoyed the pide sandwich snack.
Cons: Offer water or any drinks instead of us having go to the kitchen area. Would be better to offer drinks in bottles instead of a glass. Also, bring snack offerings throughout cabin. I was traveling with 3 children. Could you think about offering food to the passengers with children first? This would help in getting them settled into the plane instead of waiting for their food -- which for them seems like an eternity.

Pros: The crew was very friendly. Plane very clean and comfortable. Service promt.
Cons: The baggage claim carousel was not published in the airport. I did receive a message but my phone had been off during the flight so I didn't turn it on until much later.

Pros: very professional, great entertainment
Cons: 13 hours from Istambul is very very long.

Cons: Unexpected $100 baggage fee for second checked baggage

Cons: Very long flight

Cons: I was between two large men and couldn’t sit all the back in my seat. Eating was a real trick!

Pros: Super comfortable
Cons: Every think was very better

Pros: Leg room

Cons: Good food, on time and semi comfortable seats

Pros: Nice to have more legroom, crew was egficient and accomodating, they treated a sick passanger in the row in front of me with great empathy and professionalism.

Pros: I like how the crew was friendly

Pros: Yes
Cons: Better selection of entertainment

Pros: Everything, comfort, quietness,
Cons: Boarding, de-icing made us wait long on plane n it got stuffy

Pros: Everything was great. The crew was outstanding!
Cons: Nothing

Pros: service much better Dennis was excellent and attentive!

Pros: This was my first experience flying with Lufthansa airlines and the experience was outstanding from start to finish! This is what flying should be like! Other airlines should do what they do!
Cons: Nothing

Pros: I’ve travelled many times with Lufthansa and I always enjoy my trip. The crew are always attentive and caring. I always recommend Lufthansa to all my family and friends, and I will continue to travel with Lufthansa.

Cons: So bad

Pros: Business class
Cons: Nothing not to like

Pros: Movie selection. Flight attendants very polite and friendly and helpful. Roomy upstairs with room to stretch and stand.
Cons: Poor wine selection (one red one white) Flight attendants overserved alcohol to passenger in my area to point of slurring and not walking off plane. Food..bread hard and poor.

Cons: First flight was delayed too much for me to make a connecting flight to Frankfurt. Had to ask twice to be rebooked. Had to connect through Chicago O'Hare and walk for miles there. Arrived in Germany 3 hours behind schedule.

Cons: flight Frankfurt to Houston: 2 hours delay in Frankfurt, 1 suitcase lost and Lufthansa doesn't know where it is

Pros: Entertainment was good and varied
Cons: Seats were horrible. I'm only 5'1" and the seats were too short. Also there was no room under the seat in front of me so that the backpack that always fits completely under the seat in front stuck out and there was no room for my feet. I could not move. Food nice but pretty tasteless.

Pros: Entertainment was good
Cons: Food and drinks were far in between. We were on Delta for an international flight and they almost didn’t stop offering stuff to us. I had a another man with broad shoulders like me next to me and had to spend the next 9 hours leaning to the other side to fit. Asked for help to find a different seat even if I had to pay for an upgrade and was told I couldn’t do that after the flight had started

Pros: Getting off the plane in the snow is ridiculous. Lufthansa needs to use the jetways.

Cons: Can’t tell you anything- missed connection

Pros: food was excellent
Cons: no 'breakfast' specifically, other snack items were available

Pros: Premium Economy is awesome! Bigger seats with more leg room than I need (I'm just over 6 feet tall), leg rest (oh yeah) and a travel kit with toothbrush, toothpaste, socks and travel sleep mask. The crew was very good-hospitable and accommodating.
Cons: Security at Frankfurt is terrible!!! They open every other bag despite scanning with X-Rays!! Took me 50 minutes to get through security and to my next gate.

Cons: They lost my baggage for three days, and it would have been four if I didn’t drive to the distribution center to pick up my bag.

Cons: I am 5'4" and weigh about 110 lbs. I was seated between two very large men who could not fit into the cramped seating and caused me to sit with my legs cramped and no arm rest. One was drinking heavily and the other watching open on his phone both of which made me even more uncomfortable. To make it even worse my TV was broken and there was nothing for me to do but be miserable for an 11 hour flight. Worse trip of my life.

Cons: Never made it and they knew several people were still in customs

Pros: The food was delicious.
Cons: I missed my Lufthansa flight due to being parked away from the Frankfurt airport which caused us to be late, which caused me to be late to my already closely booked connecting flight. That was extremely inconvenient. Lufthansa was amazing at getting me a same day rebooking, but the UA plane I was booked on was a little older. I was already a bit sick with a head cold and the heating element was very dry heat.. it made everyone pretty miserable on the flight. I was a bit disappointed to have to be rescheduled off of Lufthansa.

Pros: Crew, condition of planes, food all excellent
Cons: Connection at Frankfurt bad. Had to be unloaded from plane and put on buses and dumped at terminal. Extra 25 minutes plus customs and ran to make connecting international flight. They have a HUGE opportunity for improvement in the way they move people in Airport.

Pros: Same as a above
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Sweet crew with a lot of patience.
Cons: The plane was full of immigrants and they left a HUGE MESS everywhere. Half eaten chocolates, wrappers, cups and you name it strewn all over the floor and aisles. It was disgusting to sit through 10.5 hours of. Somehow though, they knew how to watch Baywatch.

Pros: Selection of meals (veg / non veg), nice and polite crew, selection of entertainment options, availability of drinks and snacks on the plane in between meal service. Seats are decent in size and comfortable in the economy class, the aircraft feels like new, clean and fresh.
Cons: The movie selection button on the screen is a bit hard to use and slow scrolling thru the titles. Nonetheless, enjoyed watching movies. Good variety of movie genres.

Pros: You can't beat the German's at efficiency. Awesome!
Cons: Houston isn't their hub and I have to put up with United.

Pros: The flight crew was exceptional in handling a medical emergency on the flight.
Cons: Lufthansa bumped us from our preassigned seats. We purchased our tickets five months in advance to ensure our family would sit together. When we arrived, they had our family of five sitting in three different rows. Two of our young children had to sit alone, eight rows away from the nearest parent. After telling them we would not board sitting apart like that, they moved us closer together but still separate from two of our children. Highly disappointed.

Pros: I have always wanted to travel with Lufthansa and will do so in future too. For my wife it was her first and she loved it.

Pros: Boarding staff was cooperative On time departures and arrivals
Cons: Crew in Lufthansa are racist. Don't want to elaborate here but trust me for this. Bad quality food. They don't even have sufficient food for everyone. I didn't get two meals on one flight. Loo's are not maintained. Crew too rude. Had called a flight attendant for service but didn't show up until an hour (exactly an hour). Later I had to get up and take it. Can write an essay on my whole journey.

Pros: Without a doubt, the flight crew on this flight was amazing. They went out of their way to assist everyone and make sure that people had whatever they needed.
Cons: The chairs were small, even though we upgraded to economy plus, and the outlets and my tv screen did not work. On a 10 hour flight, that's a big deal! It seems like I paid extra to get less. Terrible!

Pros: Good entertainment options
Cons: I got 2 vegetarian meals on this flight. The first one was so mushy that it induced my gag reflex. I managed one bite and no more. The second meal had some ravioli that was much better but still was heated unevenly. But at that point I was so hungry that I ate it anyway. The boarding was chaotic because all economy rows boarded at the same time

Pros: Excellent all around.!
Cons: Only complaint is the comfort of the seats on Airbus 380-800. Not as comfortable as on other airlnes/planes, especially given 10+ hours flight.

Pros: Friendly service and good food.
Cons: Long flight

Cons: Nothing

Pros: Great A380 aircraft

Pros: Most all was good.
Cons: The kids screaming!

Cons: The seats were very cramped. A little about my height, I'm 5'2" and had a difficult time with no leg room. I sat by the window which gave me a little more wiggle room but it was not the most comfortable flight. Also a note about being able to get up from the seat to move about. The other person in the row had to get up to allow me in and out and I still had to make sure not to pull on the seat in front of me just trying to get up out of the seat. Thankfully, I only had to get out twice through the whole flight.

Cons: It was not Lufthansa but United Irlines. I wish it was Lufthansa.

Cons: I will never gonna buy a ticket here again because didn't even take me i lost all my money

Cons: This was actually operated by United and as usual united service food and quality was way below the norm. Very disappointing.

Cons: The controls on movie screen did not respond to touch very well.

Pros: the ease of booking the trip
Cons: The fact that my mother suffered a major medical episode which lead to her being hospitalized for six days in Germany has left me very bitter regarding our flight. I have flown Lufthansa before in the past and AWAYS had a wonderful experience. However, I have NOTHING good to say regarding Lufthansa/KAYAK/Vaymara regarding your missed flight/re-booking policy, nor working with anyone who speaks anything other than broken English at best. If it had been possible my mother and I would have completed the flight from Frankfurt to Houston on 5/15/16; however, my mother's medical condition precluded that from happening. I submitted hospital admission paperwork which I was told that the airline was requesting that I needed to get the forms in English. REALLY???? We were in Germany; the hospital admission and discharge paperwork are in German. Lufthansa is a German - based airline. Nobody speaks or can read German? The hospital did not offer an option of English paperwork and I could pay for translating the paperwork for a price and it would take a couple of weeks.. I had to re-book through another carrier after receiving clearance and a certificate that my mother was medically cleared to fly. The price was ridiculously high but I had no other option since your representative told me it would take 4-6 weeks to reach a decision. Thank you so VERY much for inquiring in to my satisfaction on flight from Frankfurt to Houston Intercontinental on Lufthansa. As you can was quite the experience.

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