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Top airline flying Boston Logan Intl to Dillingham

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Alaska Airlines
Overall score based on 29,198 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Entertainment ststem"
Cons: "Heat: service; lack of water/drinks; lack of soap in bathroom"

Pros: "It is ridiculous to be paying a full fare a BD then be charged for luggage! Worst policy going"

Pros: "Very pleasant crew."

Pros: "Free wifi and charging stations for each seat! Bot of my flights, Alaska landed earlier than expected which was awesome. Compared to other family members who took another airline(which was delayed and cancelled) this was by far the best!"

Pros: "Price of the ticket last minute one way from Boston to Anchorage for a family members surgery. Did a one way coming back even cheaper! Also missed connecting flight in Seattle and CS rep was kind enough to put me on a very booked flight 2 hours later. She waived the $200 change fee she could have charged. TY very much Brittany in Seattle!"
Cons: "Bring ur own snacks. Food is expensive like every other airline and not necessarily what one might feel like eating at that time."

Pros: "Good prices on snacks and food. Friendly staff"
Cons: "Delays both routes There's nothing on website stating seatbelt extensions cannot be used in emergency seating area."

Pros: "Flights were on time. friendly personnel."
Cons: "cramped seats, long boarding process, no entertainment, limited snacks."

Cons: ".My flight was cancelled in Boston and according to the gate agent it is their policy to not give an explanation. Travelers already tired and anxious about flying this only compounds the problem.They did get me a hotel room,but only issue meal vouchers one at a time. Alaska's ticketing and check in area is only manned for a short time and not on the weekend. Talk abourt a "Catch-22" I would rather have my money back than a flight voucher. I would only use Alaska if it was the only option."

Pros: "The pilot did a great job! His landing was commendable given the high winds Portland was having!"

Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Great people with awesome service. Wish all air line was like Alaska."

Pros: "Flying to and from my destination wifi was awful. Not with the $40."

Cons: "That I can not smoke inside Secure inside of airport security almost missed my flight because I have to go to the street to smoke and then back though tsa"

Pros: "Rue and her crew were wonderful and very friendly. Wrote down notes for me as I am deaf which was much appreciated."

Pros: "Flight was outstanding, only complaint was the security in Boston. It was very slow."

Pros: "I was late to checking-in the attendant called the boarding door and they gave away my seat but found another one for me and got me home on time"

Pros: "Crew were excellent"

Pros: "Crew was great - very accommodating."
Cons: "The internet didn't work at all and is really overpriced. It was a long flight and all you had was snack boxes. I think a couple sandwiches or a salad offering would have been appropriate."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything worst flight experience EVER!!"

Cons: "Seats are a little short for a tall person, long legs, even in the emergency exit aisle. Pan of the seat could be longer for more comfort on long flights."

Pros: "Crew was great!"
Cons: "If JetBlue can provide complimentary TV and music I don't see why Alaska can't do the same."

Pros: "Very attentive staff, it seems like they were constantly walking the aisle to ask if anyone needed anything"
Cons: "The captains were late because they had to be off for ten hours, so that got us in the air late"

Pros: "Each seat has it's own power outlets. USB and AC. Free. Charged my phone and watched movies the whole flight."
Cons: "Delta has a much superior entertainment package."

Pros: "Nice crew."
Cons: "A 5 1/2 flight and just a tiny bag of pretzels. Bring back meals to flights, with NO extra charge up front or on flight. Planes with tv's built into seats are better. On cross-country trips, movies should be free as well as WiFi. These extra charges are proposterous."

Pros: "Pleasant staff. Pilot informed us that due to bad weather we had to divert quite a bit north to avoid the worst of it, which was good."
Cons: "No entertainment system without paying, nothing other than a small pretzel bag and a small drink without paying, and the seat was unpadded and narrow to say the least. A miserably long time to be treated like cattle. Boarding process was a mad rush and mess; the boarding pass reader broke and the waiting area was a fraction of the size needed to hold the passengers waiting for the flight. When will US carriers ever learn?"

Pros: "Very spacious"
Cons: "Had to pay for a meal"

Cons: "You need to get TV's/internet for cross country flights"

Pros: "The staff was great, the food choices were good too. I like healthy food choices."
Cons: "The in flight entertainment is $10 on top of the $50 I spent on checking my bags. With Other airlines, Both were included at no extra cost."

Pros: "Seats are comfortable and the power options are great for keeping devices charged and running."
Cons: "I was not impressed with the food for sale. The Tom Douglas special was messy to eat and didn't seem to be a very good value. The entertainment options were lacking. I was not able to use the system with my Amazon Kindle Fire, and the cost and selection were not a good value."

Pros: "Cabin crew was excellent"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "We took off right on time, the flight got to the destination on time. The crew went around 3 times on a 6 hr flight to offer drinks."
Cons: "The seats didn't recline, nor did it say this when I signed up for the seats. I am approximately 215 lbs and 6' 0" tall and was seated next to an older, larger man who kept taking up my space."

Pros: "The crew tried to get someone to swap with me but nothing worked out."
Cons: "I essentially paid more money to be painfully tortured."

Pros: "The plane was nice. Crew friendly. All went well."
Cons: "I didn't have any of the food. Didn't have any entertainment. So don't know how any of that was."

Cons: "These seats aren't any better than those you find on other airlines, though the leg room is adequate. They're hard and not very comfortable."

Cons: "1 hr late taking off but made up most of time in the air"

Pros: "The bulk of the flight was uneventful. Seat, boarding, good flight attendants, and a pilot who got us in 30 minutes early. I especially liked that they show films from the SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival )."
Cons: "Unfortunately they lost my bag. My wife's made it through even though they were checked together. They were quick to fill out the necessary paperwork and offered to reimburse me for replacement items. They found it and delivered it to my hotel by the time that I woke up the next morning."

Pros: "Fast boarding, friendly crew, lots of headroom"
Cons: "No free entertainment (movies were all paid rentals) and no food (one packet of nuts is not much for a 6 hour flight departing at dinner time)."

Pros: "Crew was super friendly!"
Cons: "Charging for meals."

Cons: "No window in the window seat! Just a blank panel. Severely disappointed."

Pros: "The overhead storage is nifty. The seats were comfortable and crew was friendly."
Cons: "This in flight wifi you pay for in lieu of free entertainment was a disappointment. I'm glad I brought my own stuff for my kids to do. You have to have your own device or you rent theirs, feels a little nickel and dimed. The cost of the food was high for what you get also."

Pros: "The flight attendants."
Cons: "Purchasing wifi, etc. was confusing."

Pros: "The airline is great. Food is good, service is great and they offer a $10 tablet with preloaded movies, some very recent, which is great."
Cons: "The gate they're in at Logan is terrible. There's really no fault to the airline here but if I had a choice I'd choose another airline specifically because there are no restaurants past security. It's terrible and there are no stores or even enough seats for a 737 load of passengers at a given gate. It's the worst experience I've had at Logan."

Pros: "Boarding was very easy and flight crew were attentive"

Pros: "Flight was good.Made up some of the delay time .Full size soda and decent sized bag of pretzels :) WiFi would be nice."
Cons: "Delayed an hour- no explanation"

Cons: "No Alaska personnel were available when we arrived at Logan Airport ."

Pros: "I personally was good with the seating."
Cons: "On my flight home to Boston I was treated with far more respect. I was asked if I was a service member and then rewarded with a fruit and cheese tray. This trip I wasn't acknowledged."

Pros: "Flight was on time and quick to take off after boarding."

Pros: "Power connections for the kids to recharge there play items"

Pros: "The service"
Cons: "The uncomfortable seats"

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