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DeltaOverall score based on 30131 reviews
Airline reviews

I liked the friendliness of the crew. How they greeted you boarding and leaving the plane. The friendliness of the crew passing out snacks.

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I liked the friendliness of the crew. How they greeted you boarding and leaving the plane. The friendliness of the crew passing out snacks.

Flight was on time. Boarding was relatively fast and the crew very pleasant. The plane was new and clean. Snack was O. K. , fine for a 2hr. Flight. 👍👍

Cons: "Superior customer service"
Pros: "Flight was smooth and short"
Cons: "The entertainment system kept resetting over and over throughout the flight. And drinks were served late in a not so comfortable temperature cabin. But everything else was ok"
Pros: "Was boarded promptly"
Pros: "Food selection, service, and variety of entertaining entertainment options."
Cons: "More leg room for economy."
Pros: "Delta app is awesome."
Cons: "Really nothing. They did a great job."
Pros: "Better than spirit"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Boarded on time."
Cons: "After boarding the door was closed and the jet way was moved back. 5 minutes later they said they were going to bring the jet way back and open door to let more people on board. They broke 2 FAA regulations by doing this and we were delayed an hour because Deltas computer would not allow this."
Cons: "On my opinion Delta is one of the best airlines. Staff are friendly and they made me feel service. They are really nice and they.take care of been on time and anything you ask them they are there to answer. Great airline"
Cons: "Very late and boarded too long before leaving the gate."
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "Quick boarding, extra space to put things in front of you"
Pros: "Great leg room"
Cons: "I was next to an obese person who literally took half of my seat. That was extremely uncomfortable."
Pros: "All things connected to the flight were just right"
Cons: "Nothing was an issue."
Cons: "They ran out of blankets, earphones on the flight"
Pros: "Service is excellent. And the comfort too."
Cons: "A couple of rude passengers that were complaining for everything and I felt Delta crew had to be a little more strict with that situation specially when other customers want to have a comfortable and pleasant flight ."
Pros: "We left and arrived early. Smooth flight overall just a great experience"
Cons: "We couldn’t have peanuts. Not really a negative but"
Pros: "On time. Connecting through Atlanta is quick and efficient"
Pros: "Comfortable seats"
Pros: "Flight was on time, flight attendants were very nice and professional."
Pros: "Nothing in particular stands out."
Cons: "The boarding process seemed backward, took longer than usual to board the plane."
Pros: "On time! Easy boarding!"
Cons: "They had problems with both the wifi and the entertainment system. Super friendly crew further."
Pros: "We landed earlier than expected"
Cons: "Bathroom was very smelly"
Pros: "Movies"
Pros: "On Time"
Cons: "No opportunity to purchase additional food"
Cons: "Got put on standby despite having purchased my ticket over 1 month in advance"
Pros: "I am liking the new Delta terminal at LAX. The flight crew was nice pleasant and helpful. The pilots kept us informed."
Cons: "The Delta Sky club was small and over crowed. If you go take the first seat spot you can find. It doesn’t get bigger. I have high hopes for the new combined lounge between the terminals. The flight itself felt like an older 737-800 while it had power there were only two and the two others in my row snagged them. I was in Delta Comfort and have to say the extra leg room isn’t a lot."
Pros: "We made it it was short 1 hour 11 min"
Cons: "I had a long lay over it was more then 12 hours"
Pros: "gate staff were great"
Cons: "plane cabin staff looked overworked"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "With a short layiver, it would be nice to have the option to pirchas a sandwich on board"
Pros: "Crew was as helpful as they could be. Even though they didn't have much info about the delay, they answered questions and stayed calm."
Cons: "2 hour delay. Got a free bottle of water."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Everything was perfect"
Pros: "Plane was clean. Hotel due to missing connection was nice."
Cons: "Flight delays cause cascade of irritable passengers. Flight out of Phoenix delayed due to late departure from previous location. We were told mechanical reasons was the cause of the delay. This caused many passengers to miss their connecting flight in Atlanta. When we arrived after midnight, one gate person was attempting to help 50 people with morning connecting flights and room accommodations. The airline knew 3 hours prior that they would have tired, hungry, frustrated passengers. To then have to wait more than an hour in a line to get a bed and or a meal was too much for most people. There were other smaller examples of how Delta's staff or procedures were not customer centric. I will avoid Delta for travel in the future, and I am getting out of their stock."
Cons: "Our flight was originally scheduled for departure at 7:45 PM. We got an alert stating that the flight was going to be delayed but we were already almost to the airport when I received the first message on my smartphone. We received three additional alerts making our total wait time at the airport 5½ hours before we could approach the gate and board the aircraft. Seating in immediate gate area was not comfortable. Boarding was chaotic at best with very little control and guidance provided by Delta staff. The audio over the PA system was difficult to decipher much of the time. The only other available boarding status information was presented on the screens stationed near the gate and indicated PREMIUM the entire time during our boarding process and was never updated. We literally had to scramble through the crowd to get to the gate desk and get our boarding passes validated so we could board our flight with our group of passengers. Our seating on board the aircraft was thankfully good which is why I rated Comfort as Okay. We were saddled with one more delay after the flight left the gate and taxied briefly down the runway and then sat there for almost an hour. My suggestions to improve customer satisfaction based on my experience would include the following 1. Provide extended alerts for passengers travelling especially if the anticipated delay is known to the airline more than 2 hours before scheduled flight time. 2. Improve seating in the waiting areas near all Delta gates. 3. Re-orient all staff in proper boarding process and utilizing all available resources properly to provide clear and intelligible (not speeding) overhead audio messaging and current boarding status prompts on displays. 4. Maintain or replace audio equipment if necessary to help improve quality of audio messaging in all boarding areas."
Cons: "My email read check into Aeromexico I could not check in the Aeromexico using my phone I was dropped off at the Aeromexico terminal after standing in line for half an hour I find I was in the wrong terminal I needed to be in a different terminal with Delta because Aeromexico even on my reservation read that does not fly to Tampa. I had to find a shuttle to another terminal the shuttlesare not marked it was very confusing"
Pros: "Friendly but efficient. Allowed me to keep my bag with me without a fight."
Pros: "Was a nice flay , thanks"
Cons: "I like the AirFrance seats more than I like the Delta seats. AirFranxe has better entertainment too."
Cons: "No seat assignment prior to arriving at the gate"
Pros: "Everything else good."
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "My connecting flight left 20 min early!!! I missed it because my original flight was 25 min late."
Pros: "Very good."
Cons: "Snack food not health.Cold and I lost my glasses in the boarding lounge and found the lost and found difficult to fill in as I didn't know area code. It took me a while to get I have not had a reply"
Cons: "Made me check a small bag and let others carry on 2 and3 bags very rude"
Pros: "The passenger seated next to me with a sense of humor about our situation."
Cons: "For some reason when I booked my flight, for this leg of it, I had "get seat assignment at gate". Once I got my seat assignment I thought I had a window seat: however, when I boarded the plane, I realized that I was in the very last seat of the plane in the window position, but no window. I was crammed in next to a wall and claustrophobic the whole way as I couldn't see anything, couldn't recline at all because behind me was the bathroom, and the engine roared at times in my ears to where I couldn't hear the passenger next to me when we tried to have conversation as the engine was right outside my "wall". We joked, when we could hear each other, that we must've pissed someone at Delta off the last time we flew them. I have no idea why I had to get my seat assignment at the gate for this particular flight, or why I was put in the 'flying coffin' seat, but it made for a very unpleasant experience. Why even have that seat in the plane? Everyone pays a lot of money to fly these days and deserves better than that seat when doing so. just take those two seats out and give everyone else a little more leg room = much better passenger experience for suggestion if Delta really cares about the quality of passenger experience."
Cons: "No entertainment and only pretzel and peanuts available"
Pros: "Flight delayed for four hours, then delayed another hour before we left. Delta won't let you pick your seats, so although we were 3rd in line at the gate, they put my family of four at the rear of the plane. I will never fly Delta again."
Pros: "Arriving and departing flights were at totally opposite ends of airport"
Cons: "My suitcase was damaged(torn through!)"
Pros: "After flying American Delta was an miracle. I didn't have to spend the night in the airport. It was on time. Everyone was nice & helpful. Easy."


Cons: "Annoying travelers in same row"
Pros: "Seats are tiny and I’m always next to 2 other 6 foot men. Ha ha. We arrived early,...yay!"
Cons: "Seats are too small"
Pros: "The flight attendants was very friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Taking care of social distance inside the airplane."
Pros: "Seats could use a little thicker padding. No tilt back adjustment on seat."
Cons: "At least free water"
Cons: "I was needing a wheel chair and got abandoned at the gate in Boston."
Pros: "Yes it was a good trip"
Cons: "I will never fly spirit again. Never had a worse experience with an airline. Everyone that works for them is extremely rude and they charge for everything."
Pros: "Smooth flight great crew."
Pros: "Clean, newer aircraft."
Cons: "Seats that recline and have more cushioning."
Cons: "The honesty"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Regular"
Pros: "Easy process"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Smooth flight after 20-min delay on tarmac at LAX (not the airline's fault). Captain did very well to make up the time and got us to gate on schedule. Only one working restroom went far better than expected and whole flight crew seemed very attentive."
Cons: "Poor selection for food choices (gas station options at triple the price), but we had packed snacks and made do. No entertainment to speak of, but we had audiobooks on our phones. Upcharges for baggage were outrageous (an extra $100 for two 20-lb bags), but at least they got it all on the carousel fairly quickly once we arrived, thanks to TPA ground crew. Still, don't ever book a Spirit flight thinking you're done paying once you've purchased the ticket--that charge is only the beginning. Bags, seats, boarding time, food--it's all extra."
Pros: "Spirit is supposed to be discounted travel and many people paid very little for their flight - I foolishly paid a premium for my flights in July nobless thinking the cost would only increase toward Christmas. Then add the bags $31 each bag each way. Then add seats $17 each seat each way. Suffice it to say NOW I know. Additionally, you have to pay for drinks and the seats don't recline - rough at 6am. The flight crew was LOVELY, the takenoff and landing despite heavy snow was amazing. My ignorance is my only real complaint."
Cons: "Added costs Seats don't recline"
Pros: "On time and everything ran smoothly"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "Once I boarded and found MY seat actually there, right where it was supposed to be, and we departed early, pleasant attendants (way nicer and knowledgeable than on-line booking crew!), uncrowded plane, no frantic, rude rush to get us through snack service, early arrival, uncomplicated, speedy disembarking, maybe, just maybe , I'll fly Spirit again. Now that I know all the ropes, rules, fine-print, etc.I'll price to see if it's really worth the drive to TIA, the parking expense, all the add-ons, or if it's easier and less agita just to leave from SRQ, my down-the-street airport and maybe just a few $$ more."
Cons: "The absolute chicanery of your on-line booking process!!!! Get real, people...I bet YOU couldnt even complete the process and remain sane!!!! I just read some reviews: people are rude loud and angry because of your online process I know you claim bare costs, but we are still giving you our hard-earned miney. We do it because we cant fly first-class (-$$$-) so dont make us feel like we are settling for steerage. It's a lot of money to us!"
Pros: "Pilots did a Great Job navigating through storms!"
Cons: "Charged $84 for my husband's & my little carry on small pull along suitcase. What a rip off!"
Cons: "On my trip to Atlanta, I paid 52.00 for my luggage to ride because I was told i needed a ticket after telling the representative my luggage fit inside the sample boxes. After paying I get to the flight gate and i see people with luggage bigger than mine. I asked how much did it cost to bring it on and they told me it is free for one piece of luggage. So on my way back to Tampa I didn't mention anything about a bag and it was free. I feel the representative should have told me it was free to take it on."
Pros: "Everyone working for Spirit Airlines was polite, and pleasant. Trying to help as much as they could."
Cons: "Delays.. Flying from Tampa the plane was delayed by about an hour..flying from Atlanta is was delayed by an hour again, altho beit because of bad weather."
Pros: "Direct flight and on time"
Cons: "Be sure to do your research before going. I paid $57 to carry on a bag and you even have to pay for water. The seats are very uncomfortable. Another person told me there are a lot of ins and out to get better deals so just know before u go. I won't be flying with them again."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed over 5 times! It was supposed to depart Detroit at 7:31am, we all had to get up at 4:30am to get ready and drive to the airport and it traveling with a 14 months old alone. So we get to the airport only to find out the flight has been delayed! They kept pushing it back further and it ended up being 2 hours delayed due to the fact they were 1 flight attendant short. My toddler was not happy having to sit at the airport for 3+ hours, never mind the fact she also had to get up at 5am. We sat at the last row and seats were very narrow and no leg room. We had to listen to the loud engine the entire time and strong smell of fuel during landing. My baby's ear hurt during landing and cried. I'm very unsatisfied with the flying experience with Spirit. Oh, our first flight was also delayed, from Tampa to Detroit, over 3 hours delayed! I don't think I'll be flying with sprirt again."
Cons: "Customer assistants were extremely rude. I paid for 2 plane tickets one for me and one for my 2 year old and we had one carry on each spirit made me pay for one carry on and it was $120. Flights might be less expensive but the service and every other thing they charge for is not worth it. Will not fly spirit again."
Cons: "$60 bag fee same day; zero customer service in Fort Lauderdale; headphone- wearing, uncaring staff. Joke."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Low price"
Cons: "Couldn't check in through email like you can with Delta, got to the airport check in counter 45 mins before flight left but was told we'd have to wait 7 hours for the next flight and pay $200 to transfer the flight. We agreed because we had no other choice, but made it through security and to our gate in time to see people STILL boarding our plain and had to watch the plain leave while we just sat there waiting the 7 hours. Good customer service would've accommodated people who still had time to make the plain, and we will never use Spirit again. I hope they spend the flight transfer fee well because they'll never get money from us for tickets again."
Cons: "I was offered one of the larger seats at check-in for my bad back and then spent 2 hours in the row behind them listening to two young women giggling the whole way"
Pros: "the price very good. The availability of flight times is a definite plus ."
Cons: "I paid an additional $7.00 for short cut security as is printed on my boarding pass. When I got to security check in I showed the TSA agent my boarding pass and asked him about shortcut security he told me he knew nothing about it and had never seen that on a boarding pass. I had to go thru complete check including a pat down. Way to go Spirit take advantage of a senior citizen, Also I am a Viet nam vet. Looks like like Spirit is just after a buck any way they can get it. Doesn't inspire much confidence in Spirit I am not afraid in signing this review Robert Kanar 16735 Arnold Rd. Gregory Mi. 48137 H- 734 375-6040 C-734 417 3475"
Pros: "We liked the reasonable rates and on time flights. Ease of early online check in and good seats."
Cons: "Having to be very careful not to mistakenly sign up for extras. Also making sure to measure personal bags so as not to have outrageous fees on baggage."
Pros: "It made it on time to get airline counter when I went to get my boarding they told me I had a balance of $20 when I did pay for everything they ask to on the website. The reason for my flight it was to see my money cause she has cancer and I was very happy that I was gonna go to see her but nobody help me out . My family was waiting for me to come home to make our mom happy that me and my brother were gonna be there for her . It's a shame that you had people onto the ticket counter that are very unprofessional with the customer service. I regret that I bought a plane ticket with spirit airlines. If someone come ask ask for spirit airlines I will not recommended because the very poor customer service. I have work in hotel and other places that customer service it's the #1 and we did everything we can to make every customer happy you guys are far away from it. Ms. Yoel Camacho Rivera"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "This was my first time flying with Spirit, after hearing several negative comments about the company. It was an overall trrrible experience beginning with not being able to check in via mobile (paper tickets are outdated), followed by not being able to use my TSA Pre (had to wait in line for almost an hour when I've spent money so I don't have to). There was a malfunction with the plane where all passengers were removed after boarding. Flight was delayed by 2+ hours. There were other factors, but at this point they're not even worth mentioning. Never again!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "The only thing that I can say that I liked was the plane seemed some what new, and clean."
Cons: "There is not one thing to like about spirit, we have now travel twice with them. The first time was not good but it's only fare to give them a second chance. It's false to think there cheap they charge for everything eavan to check u in if u do not do it on line. The staff that we came in contact where cheap like the airline. In fact the cabin manger on the flight home was so rude and controlling I thought he mite of been a dictator I strongly advise every body that flys with them to look carefully at what they charge and what they do before u book your flight."
Cons: "Nothing is complimentary, all snacks and drinks for purchase are inexcusably expensive when other companies provide for free, hefty fee for checked bags and carry-on 40-50$ paid to and from which makes up the difference for their cheap flights (not much cheaper than JetBlue or American) my luggage was left in the city I was visiting and when I asked for a refund for my returning checked bag fee, I was denied because I paid cash at check-in and it wasn't on my reservation (obviously I had paid to have it flown because it was supposed to go on board). All in all terrible experience and not worth the 25$ travel voucher I received--which doesn't even cover cost of luggage 1-way--because I'll honestly never fly spirit again."
Pros: "aircrew was nice"
Cons: "My flight was delayed and no Spirit Airlines employees around to provide answers to angry/concerned costumers."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I feel robbed. I signed up for flight updates and tracked it's progress all day. At 10:30 last night the flight was still delayed to fly out until 12:55 am, so I took a screen cap with my phone and hopped in the shower. I ordered an uber and got to the airport at 11:30 pm. When I got to ticketing there was only one spirit airline employee, who informed me that the flight departed at 11:30 pm and there was nothing she could do. I basically donated 8 hours of my time plus the cost of the ticket to Spirit airlines and now still have to find my own way home. I will never use the company again."
Pros: "This space is needed only if there is something more or better than NORMAL is observed or commented upon .."
Cons: "THE TOTAL LACK OF CONCEPT OF TIME & DELAY. While we appreciate the intricacies of flight-scheduling and the uncertainties in forecasting time, there should not be an inordinate difference between actual and Forecasted. something like 10 - 15 minutes are acceptable BUT NOT TEN TIMES LIKE 90 -150 minutes .. I want to suggest that "in cases of UNCERTAIN delays Beyond 150 minutes and liable to either GAIN or LOSE minutes " the intimation that must appear on FLIGHT STATUS can be =" delayed > 2Hrs Pl check @ *** " *** must be 45 minutes from the current reckoning time P.S hope that my suggestion is fully understood. It can be used more meaningfully & I can be contacted for any clarification"
Pros: "To upset about what went wrong to think about any thing positive."
Cons: "Flight was delayed for so long, that when we factor in the time that it toke to wait plus the two hours that I had to show up in advance plus the 45 minutes that I had to wait for my luggage, it would have been more convenient to drive From ATL To Tampa, The reason given was that there was no crew to flight the Plane, I missed the meeting I was supposed to be attending, so, I ended up just flying to Tampa For the pleasure that it is to fly in Spirit where they nickle and dime you for every single thing even if your flight is delayed for the same length of time it would take you to drive to your destination."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We boarded late because the prior flight was late. We taxied out to a spot in the airport and sat for 3 hours. At 2 hours we got a small glass of water. We returned to the gate and the flight was canceled. We waited in line for an hour to get a refund.... there was absolutely nothing to like about this experience."
Pros: "The flight attendants salvaged the experience. I think weather delayed the flight, but the info provided before getting on the plane just made it seem like the pilots just weren't there. Couple that with discussion about how often Spirit is not on time a lot, led to a frustrating experience. Finish that off with boarding onto a plane that wasn't running, a/c was off and pilots still weren't there. Flight attendants jumped on it. Apologized for the inconvenience multiple times, kept everyone updated on efforts to get a/c started, passed out water, very friendly. Kudos also to the pilots who came in from Vegas and were supposed to be done for the day. They got on our plane and flew us to Tampa. I would guess that they didn't have to do that and if they had not, we may have been further delayed. I generally fly Delta. Had the on board experience not been what it was, I would be a one & done flyer with your airline. I will try you again based on the actions of those mentioned above."
Cons: "Gate personnel could have provided additional details and communicated better. It was just like, well we're delayed....sorry. Deal with it."
Cons: "Over priced, instead of charging one rate and include the standards, a seat, a carry on, everything was a fee! Then the flight is delayed and there was no way to find information on line, had to drive to the airport to find the counter closed, and there was no way of making my connection, decided not to fly at all on this airline and bought a ticket someplace else. Am hoping to get a refund for all the expenses, but I have been trying to cancel the flight, and now the website doesn't seem to be working. Keeps telling me to try again!!"
Cons: "They cancelled my flight due to "weather" while every other airline was flying in and out of IAH. They offered to get me to my destination on the day I was to return or my $200 back. I booked early so I could get a better deal. At the time of my refund tickets were $1000 each. Ruined my bachelor party weekend and the trips of the other 6 people that were traveling for the occasion. Will never fly or recommend Spirit airline again! Worst experience I have ever had and would gladly pay regular fares from a reputable airline in the future. It is just not worth it."
Pros: "Quick. Organized."
Cons: "Don't see how you can ask to rate food or entertainment when there was none."
Pros: "Non-stop flight was a plus"
Cons: "Seats too close together"
Pros: "The entire process was flawless. Plane was extremely clean, flight attendants very nice, even funny and mocking themselves a bit considering Spirit charges for EVERYTHING! The key to flying Spirit and not getting hit with large additional charges is to understand whats expected of you as far as baggage. Get this right and the rest of the experience is better than any other airline Ive had the displeasure of flying over the past 15 years. Apparently all passengers on this flight were well aware of the baggage limitations as boarding and exiting the plane once in Tampa went VERY quickly and rather than passengers getting bent out of shape during this process everyone was smiling! Havent seen this...ever!"
Cons: "Wish there was a Wifi option on the flight. Spirit charges for everything and this would have been another revenue stream for them and I guarantee most passengers would have used it and paid the $5-10 for access to the internet."
Cons: "4.5 hour delay with no explanation, boarding staff were disorganized, sloppy. They boarded flight without scanning boarding passes. Once we were boarded they discovered that three people had boarded with a different destination. It was horrible. When you make people wait over 4 hours you shouldn't also charge them for water."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Bucaramanga to Tampa

Airlines flying from Bucaramanga to Tampa have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Bucaramanga to Tampa

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Bucaramanga to Tampa

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Bucaramanga to Tampa

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Bucaramanga to Tampa

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Bucaramanga to Tampa

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