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Top airline flying California to Khabarovsk Novyy

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
AeroflotOverall score based on 8688 reviews

Pros: Great service and clean.

Cons: Seats itself not really ok, neighbor any size gonna touch you every time. Crew not ready to do anything with passengers with little kids, only my headset helped me survive. So I could sleep because of this issue only 1 hour for 12 hours flight. Good luck. As second issue doesn’t happen too often

Pros: Quick boarding and departure. Good selection of films.
Cons: Customer service. Leg room.

Pros: Crew was attentive and nice. Timeliness of meals and service was nice. Boarding process was efficient.
Cons: First time I’ve traveled that I may have preferred an economy ticket instead of my premium economy seat. It was like sitting in a rock hard shell. Seat does not recline but rather slides forward slouching you down and hurting your back the second you move the seat, let alone 11 hours of sitting.

Cons: My flight was 5 hours late. They lost my bag with expensive stuff.

Pros: They were very accommodating
Cons: Better selection of movies

Cons: Seats were very close to each other

Pros: Flight was smooth and on time. Food was tasty and plentiful. Amenities were clean.

Pros: Decent movie options I gues?
Cons: Pretty much everything else. Old and uncomfortable looking plane, bad air conditioning, unhelpful staff

Pros: uneventful flight, good movie selection. Crew was polite and thorough.
Cons: Very crowded. Sears are so close together. . doctors recommend getting up periodically and walking around to improve circulation. Nearly impossible with such narrow aisles and people with legs and belongings sprawled in the bulkheads. The flight attendant seemed surprised and confused when u told I

Pros: Food was good
Cons: The seats was not comfortable

Pros: ?
Cons: Very uncomfortable seating. Only saving grace was I had two seats to myself. Not sure I would have kept my sanity and feelibgbib my legs if I had to share.

Cons: Slight delay in departure

Pros: The crew was always pleasant and helpful.
Cons: There wasn’t the ability to control overhead airflow stream which made for a long, humid and dreadfully sweaty fight. The food was unpalatable.

Cons: This time food wasn’t organized well, because in the menu was two dishes, beef stroganoff or some fish, when came our turn to choose, we didn’t have choice, because only the fish was left. Second time was fish(again) and chicken, and also the salad was made from fish too... this time we got lucky, there was a choice because the serving started from our side. The chicken wasn’t good though, And still it is too much fish, and it didn’t taste good. I can compare , because I had other Aeroflot flights, and the food was really good, compare to this one.

Pros: Sleeping mask and earplugs were provided
Cons: Food is edible, but doesn't taste good. Limited vegetarian options

Pros: Crew was very nice and food was pretty good, even got an ice cream!!!
Cons: I can never sleep on a plane and TV wasnt working :( It worked for the safety video, but stopped right after... for the whole duration of the flight... its hard to stay entertained on 12.5 hours flight... i only had one game on my phone... it felt like 48 hours... hopefully it doesn't happen on the way back

Cons: The crew had no smile, neither a hospitable attitude. The food in the second meal seemed stale. I did not finish the meal for fear of getting sick. The entertainment system was the slowest I have ever used in my life. The glass holder for my seat was broken. It took me 7-8 times calling assistance that someone finally came, which took at least 40 minutes. And last but not the least there was water dripping on the passenger next to me.

Pros: This was my grandma's flight, and she said it was good (as usual she doesn't complain and is positive)!

Cons: I haven't flown Aeroflot since early 1990s. Will not fly it again. Boarding was a mess. Then sat on the plane for almost 2 hours. Don't even try their food. Legroom in economy worse than on US flights. Touchscreen didn't work. And, they left ALL the luggage in LAX. Spent 4 hours in SVO filling out papers for the lost/delayed luggage.

Pros: Nice flight on newer aircraft. good food. But no gift for kids except a magazine.
Cons: Hated the boarding at Sheremetyevo. It was a complete stampede. Not organized at all.

Pros: I met an English speaking Russian that is trying to help me out.
Cons: My gear bag is missing. It never arrived on my flight.

Pros: Food was nice plus vine

Pros: The crew was super friendly and super helpful! Which was awesome since I don't travel internationally too much! But when I was running late for my connection due to a delay they made sure I made my flight on time. If only my Carry on bag would have made it too (it cannot run as fast as me through the airport). But overall, incredible experience!
Cons: The was okay (for airplane food it was pretty good), then my tv broke halfway through the flight so the last 6 hours were a little longer. But still an incredible time!

Pros: The employees were great to work with!
Cons: The food...even in Bus class was a little ehhh. Also on the transfer from Moscow to Milan....Our bags weren't transferred with us. The agency that works the lost luggage cases was except, however 2 days without fresh clothes is terrible on any account.

Pros: Flight attendants was great! I would give them A+ customer service and big props for their patience.
Cons: Everything was great! I wish there was more A/C and more space in the sitting row

Pros: Very quick boarding, painless check in.
Cons: Sat in plane an hour before take off, as well as an hour late.

Cons: The entertainment system is slow and old and get stuck all the time. The food is not good, dry bread. Crew is not very helpful or nice.

Cons: food was not good

Pros: LAX & Moscow boarding was like a confused cattle call with ratty hand held signs and zero order that I could detect. 2nd flight had Zero entertainment which was problematic as passengers behaved horribly, including singing the entire floght as if it was americas got talent. it was hell.

Cons: Boarded 1.5 hrs late for no apparent reason... nothing was stated for why we kept waiting

Cons: It was delayed and very tiring

Pros: every movie you can think of is available, meals and drinks provided
Cons: small seats, not a lot of room

Pros: The crew was friendly and plenty of movie options
Cons: It was too hot on board

Pros: It was a nice surprise that the most inexpensive flight to Warsaw happened to be pretty awesome!
Cons: The organization of the boarding process was a bit confusing and disorganized. They also ran out of beef and chicken options for our section of the plane, but made an exception for one lady who complained A LOT.

Cons: I was not able to cancel or freeze the flight, so I missed it.

Pros: Great job

Cons: The food was terrible and they lost our luggage. One suitcase that was not lost came completely broken.

Pros: I flew in the business class cabin direct non-stop Los Angeles -> Moscow Russia. It was a pretty normal business class experience, nothing too special, but nothing lacking. Mostly I slept for 9 hours in the fully lay flat business class seats and they left me alone.
Cons: While serving dinner, the flight attendants acted REALLY stressed out, as if what they were doing was super ultra important that they get it right or they would be fired (or taken out back and shot). It was a strange vibe. I mean, we're all trapped in the air for an 11 hour flight, it isn't like I have an important meeting to attend in 5 minutes. :-) The flight attendants should smile, say hello, be professional but relaxed!!

Pros: The seats were nice and the service was ample.
Cons: The headphone jack didn't allow for regular headphones and the provided ones were very uncomfortable.

Pros: The dessert with dinner was the best part.
Cons: The food was hard to swallow and I was not offered enough drinks or beer/wine.

Pros: Pretty smooth flight, nothing special.
Cons: My shoulders were literally wider than the seat so they stuck out, making me constantly change positions to try not to bump the person next to me.

Pros: I absolutely enjoyed everything about my flight from LA to Moscow. The plane was very nice, the food was good, and there were multiple drink services. I appreciated the slippers and eye mask at every seat. The in-flight video system worked well and had lots to choose from. I especially enjoyed watching subtitled Russian movies to get a taste of the culture.

Pros: Good, efficient flight and route from LAX to RIX. Crew was very hospitable.
Cons: Entertainment systems were a little slow and the food is smaller portions, so if you're an eater it is recommended to take lots of extra snacks.

Pros: Movies choice was good, some were rather new. However, control panel didn't work properly, so I had to spend significant time to make my selection work.
Cons: Landed 30 min later than scheduled

Pros: I enjoyed the services of Aeroflot!

Cons: entertainment ...

Pros: there was enoughn room for the legs stewardess were kind
Cons: The fish i ate cod was not very fresh to my taste; but otherwise good food thank you The entertainment was hard for me to access

Pros: They've gotten their boarding act toget

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from California to Khabarovsk

Airlines flying from California to Khabarovsk have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from California to Khabarovsk

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from California to Khabarovsk

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from California to Khabarovsk

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from California to Khabarovsk

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from California to Khabarovsk

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