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DeltaOverall score based on 29329 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Peaceful in cabin"
Cons: "Blanket ,"
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Pros: "Peaceful in cabin"
Cons: "Blanket ,"
Pros: "Crew could have been more helpful, had a 30 min layover and the gate was very far away. They could have told us directions"
Pros: "Very attentive staff"
Cons: "I have no complaints"
Cons: "90 minute delay"
Pros: "NOTHING."
Cons: "Missed the flight due to the sheer unhelpfulness and incompetence of the gate personnel. They would not let me board, since I was about 10 minutes late. THEN THE PLANE WAS DELAYED FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS!!! I was stranded in NY, overnight, and had to pay hundreds of dollars for a train ticket and a cab."
Pros: "Flight was smooth"
Cons: "More leg room"
Pros: "Great crew. Seat was not too bad."
Pros: "The flight was on time and quick."
Cons: "the number of kids......not too fond. :/"
Cons: "If there could have been some sort of services to take travelers to their connecting flight, for cases of really short time window of course, it’d be extremely helpful."
Pros: "Delta’s crew is always the best. On schedule"
Cons: "This was a 2 hour flight, some entertainment would be nice..."
Pros: "Seats were comfortable. On time. Entertainment was outstanding. Made the trip “fly” by!!"
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "New plane with great entertainment arrived 30 mins early"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and we arrived earlier than expected"
Cons: "Seats are too tight and too expensive to upgrade."
Pros: "I love Delta! Always professional, efficient and polite. They disappoint on this round-trip flight. They are my go-to carrier. When I call the people whom I speak to are always very polite and efficient"
Cons: "The person next to me was a very large individual and the seats were not wide. This phenomenon had nothing to do with Delta as a carrier, however."
Pros: "The plane was an older model but staff allowed main cabin to use 1sr class bathroom."
Cons: "The choices of free snacks were limited. They should also give more than 1 package of peanut."
Pros: "It was very quick! Great service."
Cons: "We need more food options and a little bit more legroom."
Pros: "Not sure why this flight was delayed inbound. But it made the departure late by over 30 minutes."
Cons: "Never told why we were delayed by more than 90 minutes"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Seats very uncomfortable no room to move"
Pros: "The Delta Help Desk at the airport was actually pretty helpful for the times I had to use them."
Cons: "Flight was delayed....3 times(more?) from late at night to early morning the next day. Delta Help Desk rescheduled me and got me a room at Howard Johnson’s for the night. Called HoJo’s to confirm they had non-smoking rooms available. Got on the hotel’s shuttle bus and the driver announced that HoJo was full and all voucher holders would go to Rodeway Inn but those without vouchers would go to HoJo....huh!?? Called HoJo and the same person I’d spoken to 20 mins prior said it was correct, that Rodeway was a sister property. The Rodeway Inn Metro Airport is pretty disgusting. This is my opinion after coming from remote Mexico and extensive travel in Africa. It should be torn down. Delta/HoJo should not send customers there."
Pros: "Everyone was friendly and got us to our destination"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No food, no outlets, a terrible delayed not explained to passengers."
Pros: "No waits, front desk personnel were helpful about baggage accommodations. Clear communications."
Cons: "No issues."
Pros: "Quick flight"
Pros: "Easy work trip and with the storms coming in I was able to get out early without fees"
Cons: "Snow storms. Not a fan."
Cons: "The airline booked us on two flights from SLC to BWI. Unfortunately, our seats on our original connection were released so when we arrived at our gate our only option was to split up and take middle seats - even though we had paid over $100 ea. for upgrades. Delta offered nothing for this. One of the flight attendants was in a terrible mood - she was cold and rude and would not even look at passengers - which her fellow crewmates noticed and tried to compensate for."
Pros: "The plane was new and very comfortable. Free entertainment and plug for charging electronics. Love this airline!"
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Seat was very cramped and I want able to be comfortable at all. I couldn't even sit back I the seat!"
Cons: "JFK was depressing but not Delta’s problem."
Pros: "Snacks & beverages on a 1 hour flight. Very nice crew"
Cons: "Older plane, no entertainment"
Pros: "Kyle was our flight attendant. He was great. Attentive the whole trip and served us water and snacks."
Pros: "I missed my flight and was not able to rebook any of it, losing 600 dollars..."
Pros: "Nice crew, comfortable"
Cons: "Had to check in my carry on because there was "no space" left but after me were some people who could go in with their carry ons"
Pros: "I am 6’3” and have difficulty with leg room on planes. Staff help me out by moving my son and I to Comfort seating row."
Pros: "Crew was good. Flight was early."
Cons: "Poor booking experience."
Pros: "Where the flight attendants on my AeroMexico portion were authentically compassionate, the flight attendants for delta were superficial. The flight attendant,while serving us drinks, started saying what great passengers we were but her flight from Dallas the day before was definitely a feeling the effects of the full moon. This was our first interaction with a flight attendant. She had no basis for saying we were great and as we didn't have a relationship other than ordering drinks she had no basis for complaining about her Dallas to us. She would leave it to us that she was being put upon by the customers that she was getting paid to serve. Where the Aeromexico flight attendant genuinely enjoyed serving her customers."
Cons: "They forced everyone in the third zone to check our hand carry and there was no entertainment."
Cons: "Whatever hack airline you are contracting with to do shuttle flights is terrible. Both the flight itself and the customer handling. If I ever see the option "operated by endeavor air" I am avoiding at all costs."
Pros: "very little"
Cons: "Could they make sears smaller? The plane was really old too."
Pros: "Had a chance to download the entertainment app during layover, so could take advantage of movies available on second flight. Crew still good; gate attendants friendly; snacks/drinks readily available."
Pros: "Comfortable seating and roomy"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Delta auto-booked me so I didn't have that worry once I arrived in Atlanta."
Cons: "Their system gives too-short layovers so any delay at the point of origin means a risk of missing connections. Many people on my flight were worried about connections because Delta delayed our start by over 30 minutes to "change a switch," whatever that means. Then for passengers with short connection times, they should NEVER be seated in the rear of the plane when it takes 20-30 minutes for the rear-seated passengers. Not very consumer-oriented."
Pros: "I would like the airline service to do more for our veterans. Especially the 100% disabled veterans"
Cons: "Seats not comfortable enough"
Cons: "My flight from ATL to BWI was horrible. It was not a Delta plane. Possibly borrowed from SpiritAirlines, which is an airline I will never fly again even if offered a free flight. That's how strongly I feel about their planes and service. I was seated in a 2across row where the seats were small and my knees were jammed into the seat in front of me the entire flight. I'll grant you I am a big girl at 6' 250 however the first leg of my flight from FLL to ATL which WAS on a Delta plane, was fine. I did not feel smashed into the seat. For the money, I feel like I am due more than being locked into the seat unable to move more than 1/2 inch for an entire flight. Thankfully the flight was under 2 hours."
Cons: "After checking in at a kisok I had to wait in a huge line for over 20 minutes just to drop the bag. This the second time I have had this experience with them."
Pros: "Crew was nice and friendly."
Cons: "Plane was not cleaned well from the previous flight and looked dirty from being overlooked for so long. There was garbage in my seat back pocket and the overhead areas all looked dirty as if they were never cleaned at all."
Pros: "Delta met and exceeded all of my expectations on this Atlanta to Baltimore flight."
Cons: "Wonderful service, on time departure and arrival."
Pros: "Nothing to speak of. Nothing exceptional from any other airline - basic"
Pros: "Wifi"
Cons: "No shoulder room"
Cons: "Our carry-on luggage was taken away from us because the gate agent decided it looked too big. A family of four with luggage larger than ours was allowed to carry theirs on. Our luggage was then sent down to the baggage carousel at Baltimore. We took carry-on to avoid this. I don't think we will fly Delta again."
Cons: "For some reason I had to get my seat at the gate and waste extra time for it"

Boarding went fine, the plane was clean, and the crew was very friendly. Seats were a bit cramped, but that seems to be typical on all airlines anymore. Cookies and pretzels were offered as were beverages - the usual. I’d fly American again.

Cons: "Good👍👍👍"
Pros: "The pilot gave all the information pleasantly. It was easy to find my seat and everyone was compliant with COVID-19 rules/restrictions."
Cons: "Boarding process could’ve been a bit quicker. There should be free accessible WiFi for everyone."
Cons: "Flight attendants need to enforce all policies. It makes no sense to enforce a seat being leaned back a 1/2 inch but allow a Face Mask be worn as a Chin Guard through the entire flight instead wearing it properly!"
Cons: "Great"
Cons: "Nothing really needed to be better this time around"
Pros: "Awesome Customer Service"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "More space."
Pros: "Convenient departure time originally"
Cons: "Late start due to needing more fuel because of weather at the destination. So after everyone had boarded, at the minute we were supposed to take off, they beg for 2 volunteers to get off the flight to compensate for the weight of the excess fuel. Eventually 2 people b3came annoyed enough to get off and take a $200 voucher (probably for another delayed flight.) so we were late taking off for that. At our destination there were clear sunn6 skies. Extra fuel was needed for that. So I was stuck in a seat the size of a child’s car seat for an extra 40 minutes? And when we could finally get off, my legs had fallen asleep ffrom being too squeezed in for that relatively short flight. When will the airlines focus on the passengers’ safety & comfort and not on excessive profits?"
Pros: "?"
Cons: "the fact they changed my schedule and had to come in earlier customer service was awful and my luggage came back dirty and the best response was that the belts are dirty and i can expect wear and tear. not only that i had to book myself an earlier trip to pay the standby fee so i can leave the same time my brother left tsa screening had us wait 20 min before we move in the line for the fact no worker was there but one guy and i was the last person to board the plane after almost missing closing gates my expierence was awful and disrespectful"
Pros: "The flight crew"
Cons: "Small space. Old plane. Tight seats."
Cons: "Pushy crowd.."
Cons: "Over 45 mins for bags to get on the belt ? Ridiculous. Won’t fly with AA again"
Pros: "Amazing and comfortable"
Cons: "We left a little late."
Pros: "I was under the weather and she was very very very helpful Mary and all AA flight attendants are great I will fly AA as often as I can because of Mary"
Pros: "-Efficient Boarding -Great flight attendants -Communicative Pilots (flight time, number in line on runway, etc)"
Cons: "Did not dislike anything on this trip."
Cons: "I could tell you how I liked it if I wasn’t sleeping inthe Ronald Reagan National Airport."
Pros: "No problems."
Cons: "All was well."
Pros: "Great crew, efficient boarding, on time flight."
Cons: "The seats remain too small and the chairback gave my shoulders cramps."
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that I was told to preboard when I checked in before the flight and was told by another employee i was in group 6 and shouldnt be in line. Had to explain why I was preboarding and didn't like having to hold up the line. It was embarrassing."
Pros: "People were nice"
Pros: "Great light, great staff. They did not have any movies or music you could listen to, but everything else was fabulous."
Pros: "Crew was outstanding"
Cons: "Hurried beverage service since arriving early. R"
Cons: "No baggage controls from seat 18 to 28 no bags would fit. As we exited all the front rows we're waiting to get there bags stored in back of planes overhead bins. That's just not right, especially when they charge us extra to take a bag for overhead bins storage."
Pros: "courteous helpful & friendly crew and really great ground crew too"
Pros: "The plane was newer, drinks are available. Seat only reclines half an inch or so so get ready for that."
Cons: "Crew on aa is the worst bunch of entitled fools, almost as horrendous as united."
Pros: "flight crew on my way to BWI were great!!!"
Cons: "american airlines does not care about the privacy of their passengers. even after several calls my information wasn't updated correctly and my flight confirmation was passed along to members who weren't even traveling. there was no in flight entertainment and in order to pick seats together i needed to pay extra (i thought i was flying with american not spirit) apparently the only way i can be helped is writing a letter to customer service which they will review within 10 business days. THANKS american for starting a war in my family and ruining my trip. unfortunate the crew is so awesome but the customer service is mortifying, rude, inconsiderate and completely mechanical. i dont ever intend on flying with them again unless necessary."
Pros: "Roomie seat"
Cons: "Made me Put my purse in back of plane"
Pros: "On time, smooth flight, no hassles"
Cons: "Tight space but overall not unexpected"
Pros: "Was on time, flight attendants very nice and professional"
Cons: "flight was overbooked good thing people volunteered to give up seats"
Pros: "The plane was new and nice looking"
Cons: "The flight was delayed. The crew was rude . Seats were not assigned until boarding NPILWL3B. Of course they give you the worst seats."
Cons: "The flight was delayed, at not fault of the crew on board, however the flight attendants did very little to update the passengers on connecting flights and did not try to help in making the connecting flight aware that some passengers would be delayed. I missed my connection by MINUTES (I saw it still taxied at the gate) and they could not hold the plane for 5 passengers connecting. Awful service and procedures."
Pros: "the flight was great and comfortable"
Pros: "Service is excellent"
Cons: "I didn't like the seats are to small"
Pros: "Perfect"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "-missed my connecting flight at 10pm due to weather. -waited in long line for customer service -received a phone number to book hotel -waited 30 minutes for shuttle -waited behind 8 people who checked into their rooms -when it was finally my turn they had not received my reservation and I was told to take a seat and wait, -eventually I called the booking number again, the call got dropped due to no service in the hotel lobby -I had to go outside to call after midnight! (a female alone) -finally after 45 minutes they received my reservation. -I didnt get to my room until 1am and had to get up at 5 to get the shuttle back to the airport -Frustrating and nerve racking experience"
Pros: "Got me home safe"
Cons: "1st: the gate was changed three 20 mins before boarding 2nd: we were in the plane for an hr before actually flying out"
Pros: "Ease of travel"
Pros: "I liked that the middle seat was open on my flight and that they checked my carry on for free because the plane was filled."
Cons: "I didn't like the minimal leg room. Also, there is no way to try and work on a computer anymore because of the lack of room."
Pros: "Roomy seat, great price"
Cons: "No ice in my water."
Pros: "Overall good experience"
Cons: "Delayed almost an hour."
Pros: "Got us in a little early. Nice smooth flight"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "It was on time. Crew was friendly."
Cons: "No direct flight to my destination. Cramped seating. Didn't realize end of plane seats don't lean back."
Pros: "Flight was on time, flight was good. Overall I was very happy with the overall fight experience."
Cons: "Seats weren't comfy, plus no entertainment and Wi-Fi."
Cons: "Delayed for 'weather' but weather was fine and missed my connection by 10 min and needed to sleep the entire night in airport"
Pros: "Good"
Cons: "No e"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Fast easy boarding and direct non stop flight"
Cons: "Explain works and perks better."
Pros: "Inexpensive, direct flight. Very friendly flight crew."
Cons: "Works, Perks explanation. Misleading buy one covers all whennavtually buy one means everyone has to buy it"
Pros: "30- minutes early"
Pros: "the crew was pretty good and very communicative about delays."
Cons: "It was a rough flight- too many ground delays before take off and more delays at arrival gates. The flight faced stiff headwinds which made for a basic delay but that can't be helped."
Cons: "Horrible service in orlando . Super delayed departing and arriving . Luggage was delayed as well . No responsw from customer service neither . Never again"
Pros: "Crews were good"
Cons: "Restroom smells awlful"
Cons: "Apparently, if you pay extra for carry on luggage and you have seats in rows two and three, you can’t use the overhead compartment, which then somewhat defeats the extra legroom you paid for when your carry on has to go under the seat ahead of you. And the flight attendant was rather rude in her insistence about where my luggage “couldn’t” go."
Pros: "The guy at the front desk was awesome. Friendly and very helpful."
Cons: "We were delayed for 2 hours with little to no notification or accommodation"
Pros: "Smooth flight, friendly crew, actual leg room"
Cons: "Basic seat configuration"
Pros: "An itenirary update ahead of time. We missed our flight."
Cons: "Send us an update the day before about upcoming flight."
Pros: "Flight from Hartford to Denver was excellent. First time flying From brier so I was unaware that snacks only were available for purchase so I arrived very hungry in Denver."
Cons: "Flight attendant was somewhat rude when I had to make a run for the bathroom when the fasten seatbelt sign was on, but I couldn’t delay. Had to wait until they finished serving water instead of pushing their cart forward so I could return to my seat. Shortly after, the pilot made an announcement to please be respectful of the fasten seatbelt sign. I’m a seasoned and obedient passenger but sometimes the need for a trip to the bathroom is immediate. I think the flight attendant could have been a little nicer about it."
Pros: "On time departure, early arrival. Lead crew member helped me find a trading card Frontier does with all their animal mascots I use for scrapbooking my trip. She took the extra time to find one in a kid snack pack and gave me whole thing! Made my day."
Cons: "Plane was a bit dirty from quick turnaround service. Crumbs on all my row, window smudged with who knows what. My Lysol wipe came in handy."
Pros: "Crew was super pleasant and chipper. Passengers seemed to have a handle on how to board in a timely manner."
Cons: "Management could schedule time for maintenance software updates so as not to affect departure time. We were 20 minutes delayed."
Pros: "Great customer service. Bag drop is super easy and fast."
Cons: "No WiFi."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed to 5pm. But left almost an hour early. Flight left without me. Not much notice to other passengers. Every airport display and the gate display said 5pm. Many passengers left behind"
Pros: "Low price and on time"
Cons: "More legroom, free carry ons would be nice. Pet fee of $75 is high."
Cons: "Everything was late."
Pros: "Crew was nice flight was 2hrs late"
Pros: "The plane was timely and clean."
Cons: "It’s suggested to arrive 2hours before your flight, however the check in desk wouldn’t allow anyone to check in and take luggage until 1 hour before the flight began boarding. Keep in mind we still needed to get through security. Was a little annoying but not to awful. The worst part was the seating"
Cons: "The seats are very uncomfortable for a long flight."
Cons: "Crew pretty lazy.. sat most of flight talking"
Pros: "Nothing in particular"
Cons: "Frontier has issues with maintaining schedules. Also, the aircraft are too basic."
Pros: "Non stop"
Cons: "Seats suck"
Cons: "Service got better"
Cons: "I took my 11 year old daughter for her first unaccompanied airplane trip to Florida today on Frontier Airlines. I paid for a window seat in the back row, which is where she wanted to sit and is also required to sit being unaccompanied. A few minutes after she boarded she texted me that a mom told her to move over so her kids could sit at the window seats (my daughters seat). My daughter of course just listened and moved over. I was livid. I told her to tell the flight attendant but she didn’t want to make a fuss over it. What was this flight attendant doing? She had to notice the seat assignment switch at some point. I do understand that she also has other responsibilities and can’t be a hawk over my daughter. Why wouldn’t she make them move to their own assigned seats when she did notice a seat change? I understand that another adult passengers can make a seat assignment switch but NOT a child. I am also fine with a flight attendant asking my daughter to move but not another passenger. It sounds like a bully just wanting the best for her kids at the expense of my daughter. I was a fury of no sleep (I work night shift)and pregnant (emotional) looking for help at the airport and there was no one to help me! I wasn’t allowed to leave the gate until the plane pushed back but the gate attendant had left before the airplane pushed back. I should have called my daughter and had her put the flight attendant on the phone but at the time the thought never crossed my mind. After the plane left I complained to the ticketing counter who told me they couldn’t do anything to help me and gave me a number for customer service. I was then on with customer service for at least 45 minutes. They weren’t rude but definitely didn’t have a response that was very caring. They asked me why my daughter didn’t speak up on the airplane. I said, “because she is 11 and listens to adults when they tell her to do something.” They said they would report my case/ complaint to the “back office” so this would “never” happen again and gave me back my money for my daughters checked bag of $45. I had to push them to give me back any sort compensation. At this point I didn’t want to make it about money... it didn’t seem right. This is about my daughter and her safety and the service I paid for her to have in my absence. So I took the $45 deal and got off the phone. I am still so angry. This was her first flight alone and she’s a little scared, a little sad, and then she has to give up the one thing that she was looking forward to on the flight. If something would have happened on the flight they wouldn’t even know what seat she was in! I don’t know if I will ever book flights with frontier again. The flight also left 40 minutes late without any given reason."
Pros: "If its delay please let us know by texting or email please. I came there earlier 8.00pm And have to wait about 4 hours... No complimentary food... Just wait at the 51B Is so hard to get some power to recharge all my gadget... Overall the staff are good... I'm so tired, i don't know are they give a food/no?"
Cons: "No. 1. Delay 2. No power for rechargeable 3. No food at least a cup of tea/coffee for waiting that long."
Pros: "Didn't take flight"
Cons: "Don't overbook take care of customers. You have booked if you are late for flights you enter into contracts with them follow through"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "It was uncomfortable flight. One flight attendant was rude and had an unpleasant attitude. Outrages hidden fees for snacks, beverages, and luggage. Ridiculous. Not flying with frontier in the future."
Cons: "With priceline I receive email notifications of coming phone email goes back only so far so I was unable to dig it out of history ave that was mildly inconvenient not exactly knowing or remembering departure time, flight number, etc"
Pros: "Late...Late...Real late"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The bag fees are ridiculously high, seats are super small and I'm only 5'2". Crew was pulling people on and off the flight when leaving Phoenix. Early check in online is not mobile friendly. With bag fees and seat upgrade I spent an additional $87....never again."
Cons: "40 dollar carry on fee Non reclining seat No inflight refreshments No inflight wifi availibility"
Pros: "I liked the crew"
Cons: "The flight was stacked with hidden fees and charges after my purchase. We had to pay for seats - in addition to the ticket price?! We had to pay for carry-ons.. And their food and beverage service has a price tag attached to everything. "Surprise! Your $50 flight costs $150 by the time you actually arrive!" ..sneaky."
Pros: "Delays happen. However, to be stuck at the ticket counter and not to get past that to the comfort of a lounge or restaurant is something else. So not only was there a delay, but those of us who got there early could do nothing but wait-- with NO ONE at the ticket counter for the first 40 minutes."
Cons: "I've been on four Frontier fligts in the past week and a half. Every single one has been delayed over an hour because they weren't properly staffed. Just pay more to fly a different airline."
Pros: "I had enough room to stretch out my bad left knee from my aisle seat. Staff was very nice and helpful"
Cons: "One customer was very loud and talked the entire 4 hours"
Cons: "Long flights not compatible with seat design. Seems like a health hazzard. Can't keep head from falling forward. Always takes long time to check in. Kills you with fees. Will only use as last resort."
Pros: "Flight crew to Denver was pleasant."
Cons: "Everything is extra. Carry on, checked bag, sear assignment, beverages, snacks. The initial price is,totally misleading!!"
Pros: "Absolutely not one positive comment on this airline."
Cons: "I have never and probably will never have such a negative experience with an airline as I did with Frontier. The staff was rude and unruly. I was dealt with unprofessionally. Every process used was executed poorly. Then to top it all off I was contacted about the location of where my bad ended up.. Once I went to retrieve it, they no longer knew of the location. It took the employees an hour to find my bag and then I discovered it had been ripped open with missing items and they failed to mention that information when they called me with the location of it. Poor customer service and I would be embarassed to be a frontier employee."
Pros: "They held the flight so thirty people coming on other other late frontier flights could make the connection."
Cons: "No inflight wifi options for purchase, no screens, no free beverages. Hard seats with a tray table so small that nothing could fit on it."
Pros: "The seats offered enough room, and the flight attendants were very nice"
Cons: "They wanted to charge me $35 for a carry on, and charge me for choosing my seat."
Pros: "There was a polite air crew member."
Cons: "Frontier charge you to sit ANYWHERE on the plane when it comes to check in. Very sneaky hidden charge which will add about $100 to the cost of the flight overall for my wife and I. I've never come across such sharp practice before and I was flabbergasted. I won't be using this airline again as a result. Memo to Frontier, if you want customers to come back, be honest with them up front about the cost of a seat on your plane."
Pros: "It left on time"
Cons: "The chairs are like torture devices. They replaced their humane, padded chairs with these ultra slim hard plastic ones that don't recline so you're stuck sitting at a 90 degree angle with basically no padding so they can fit more seats on the plane with tiny tray tables. I'd like to see the CEO spend a couple of hours in one these. I'll never fly Frontier again because they've completely lost touch with the concept of treating customers with dignity."
Pros: "Direct flight from Denver to Portland. Staff were friendly and efficient."
Cons: "Seats didn't go back, seats were very uncomfortable with little padding. The only thing that was free was water. Carry on bags were limited be size unless you wanted to pay extra for it."
Cons: "Frontier is a third tier airline with service that is average at best. Everything from customer service to staff service was a little off. Make sure that youlook into total price before booking. Otherwise you will pay more than if you had taken a quality carrier"
Cons: "Lots of extras charges, rude staff, and delayed for six hours. Worst flight ever."
Pros: "Smooth flight, on time"
Pros: "on time arrival/departure, online check-in quick bag drop off at front counter didn't have to wait in line behind people checking in."
Cons: "The new seats were very uncomfortable for such a long trip. Too close together. BTW I'm 5'1" and weigh 100 lbs. I didn't pay up for more leg room my but I know lots of bigger people were very uncomfortable. paying for a very limited choice of unhealthy snacks"
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "Partner has heart and breathing problems. We were brought to airport early by cruise line. Spirit would not accept any bags, including heavy suitcases until 4 hours before flight, "due to just imposed TSA direction". Spoke with supervisor who hid behind policies and wouldn't even take into account the situation. They merely directed us to the cafeteria Down the hallway. I checked with a TSA agent and he investigated and said no such restrictions were communicated to any airlines. He said Spirit has been telling people that all day because they are understaffed. When we went back to drop off bags, we were only 20 minutes until the 4 hours and the agent almost wouldn't take them again until I spoke with a different supervisor again. When we got on the plane, crew didn't seem to know who was doing what. Announcement was made that if we are connecting through Baltimore to let flight attendant know so we can get gate information. When I told the flight attendant, she asked why am I telling her? And then told me to just check the board in terminal. I guess I interrupted her child counseling session with the mom ahead of us that went on the entire flight. It was one of the worst flights I have ever experienced. Won't be using Spirit ever again."
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable"
Pros: "The check in process was swift and efficient"
Cons: "1.The plane had a crying child the entire 4 hours and the parents did very little to calm him down. There were other children in the plane but this poor child kept crying and no one helped him.Flight attendants walked past and did not ask the parents to calm the child down. 2. I was seated in third row at the front of the plane. I have never seen so much unprofessional conduct by flight attendants. I fly monthly for work and this was the first time I have seen an A320 plane all 6 flight attendants congregate at the front of the plane to chit chat the whole time. They stopped to serve drinks and went right back to chatting animatedly. I admire that they as coworkers get along but flight attendant is a revered profession and they should uphold it as such. Not act like its a picnic job by laughing and catching up on stories in full view of the entire flight :-( I guess I cant complain too much because its Spirit Airlines after all. You get what you pay for."
Pros: "I don’t know if it was bc we checked in early, or the airline was trying to make up for the miserable experience on the first leg of our trip, or some higher benevolent power was smiling on us, but not only did our random seating assignment put me next to my family member, but we got sat in one of the four “nice” seats in the first two rows!! It’s the most leg room either of us have had on s plane since were children, and it was phenomenal! The crew was just as great as the first portion of our trip (Spirit Airline’s one consistent bright spot), and, although the seats were still quite poor quality, they were spacious."
Cons: "I could feel the knees of the person behind me through the back of my seat, and the take off and landing of one of the “youngest planes flying” (S.A’s words, not mine) was disturbingly loud and shaky."
Pros: "Good"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Seats too small. Didn’t recline"
Cons: "Small seats"
Pros: "The low price!"
Cons: "nothing really"
Pros: "flight attendant was nice, but..."
Cons: "The flight attendant said that i was sick and they escorted me off the plane after i ran to it from check in counter because they were boarding already. I ate literally in the car before i got to the air port, so check in told me to run to make it. the tsa knew i asked people if i can jump ahead in line and they said yes, they all knew i was in a hurry, the boarding door guy knew that i was out of breath and i told him i was out of shape, so dont mind me. I was one of the last people to sit down. So after 15 minutes of me cooling down, and after the flight attendant gave me water, napkins, and an ice pack, then i felt nauseous and i threw up in the bathroom. I felt much better because it was the food that i just ate right before i did all the running. I told them that this is what happened, and as you can see i am sweaty and was in a hurry to make it here. they said for my safety that i need to get off the plane to be examined. I literary purged the full stomach i had after running from one end of the air port to the other. It has been told to most people that you must let your food digest before doing physical activity. I am out of shape and that run over exerted my body. So they had me removed off the plane, after i desperately attempted to make the flight before they stopped boarding, which i did, and I got taken off. Rude."
Pros: "Low cost travel with no frills attached. Friendly crew. On-time boarding, before scheduled time arrival! Had heard a lot of bad things but my experience was not bad at all."
Cons: "Not even basic beverages & snacks provided for 5-6 hour flight."
Pros: "When purchasing the ticket they were Very upfront about alerting you to possible baggage restrictions and fees for ANY carryon aside from one small item. I was only traveling overnight so I was able to carefully pack in one very small "personal item" sized backpack. If I hadn't carefully checked their website I would have had to pay $55 for a regular small carry on and far more for checking a suitcase. Most people had similar small personal bags. I was astonished when a woman showed up with a huge rolling suitcase and large carryon. I hoped she was traveling for a month to justify the fees she would incur!!"
Cons: "What they don't tell you up front is you have to pay $23 per person per flight if you want to pick your seat to insure you sit next to the person you're traveling with. I was flying wirh my boyfriend so of course I wanted to sit next to him for the 2 1/2 flights but didn't want to pay $100 for the privilege. We rolled the dice and we're luckily assigned seats together. Not the case for several other people flying together. They also don't tell you, until it's time to print your boarding pass, that if you can't download the boarding pass by smartphone or print at home it costs $10 to print at the kiosk. I had to scramble ro get it printed because the code doesn't show up on an android phone. Again, we got lucky because my boyfriend has an iPhone and could download and print screen our boarding passes. We weren't surprised at all that all food and beverages (yes, water included) had costs associated but thats become fairly standard in the industry now. Overall it was a pleasant flight, the flight attendants were efficient and helpful and we arrived right on schedule."
Pros: "One and only one of the agents at check in and boarding seemed to care at all about serving their customers---even on the phone.. With that exception, all others seemed to have received NO training in what is a service industry or what the bare minimum of professional behavior of their employment might look like. The airline flight attendant made SPIRITS training very clear when I asked for water to administer an Rx drug needed because a plane departure delay of 3 hours required my Rx while in flight: "That will be 3 dollars for water; everything is for sale on this plane.""
Cons: "I did not like that my wife and I did not really believe that the reviews could really be true. THE REVIEWS ARE TRUE. Your experience at SPIRIT will probably be as reported as our experience proved. TERRIBLE AND EVEN HUMILIATING AT TIMES. On a scale of zero to ten, SPIRIT deserves a zero."
Pros: "They were hesitant to book me on another airline, but I flew Alaskan Airlines back."
Cons: "I'll never fly Spirit again. They sent me three emails about the flight being delayed TO San Diego and then boarded ON TIME. They didn't want to let me on the plane, even though they never paged me nor did they change the departure screen in BWI. I kept knocking on the door while the stewards looked at me while they were on their phone, dismissing my plea to be on the plane. The plane left an HOUR late... but wait! The lady at the counter was going to rebook my flight and then someone called and told her they needed to let me on the plane because they hadn't even refueled yet. So she begrudgingly let me on the plane... but wait! She forgot to scan my boarding card, so do you know what that means? I was MIA on that flight. Not only did they not have a record of me on the flight (thankfully nothing tragic happened), but they canceled my return flight from SAN to BWI. So after a lengthy phone call to get rebooked, they delayed this flight twice and then just canceled it. I had to go to the counter and beg to be put on another flight. And then they offered me a $50 flight credit. For what? Because I want to fly Spirit again? Um. No."
Pros: "Flight was non stop"
Cons: "All the additional charges for carry on and paying for my selected seat. Will not fly this airline again. by the time I paid all the added $174 of cost it was the same price as any other airline. The epic logistic failure at Ft Lauderdale. I got to the airport 2 plus hours early and still barely made my flight in time. I wanted to get something to eat but I couldn't because I had to wait in two lines to get my boarding pass, because the Kiosk would not print my ticket. In addtion to Spirit overloading TSA in their terminal. My worst flying experience ever, and I fly a lot!"
Pros: "It was a terrible experience start to finish and I will never fly with Spirit again. It started off with inefficient and confusing lines and then it was delayed over 3 hours with no posted updates at the gate of explanations. There were no apologies or offers to amend the situation. The seats do not recline and the space is very cramped and I don't think it is actually legal to not offer free drinking water when passengers are stuck on board for over 6 hours which was the case for this flight. Only because after boarding everyone they realized the door wouldn't close properly and had maintenance work on it for over an hour. on my return trip to Seattle the check in process at BWI was even worse and the flight attendants were late to the gate so boarding was delayed. They also told me there were no available seats to transfer too, but once on board I discovered there were over 80 seats available on the flight. So she completely lied to me for no explainable reason. Over all I was appalled on both trips and quite frankly, the tickets are not that much less than any other airline going from BWI to SEA and back - the benefit of reasonable comfort and human decency far out weighs the possible 30 bucks I saved and then spent on a carry on bag. Spirit should not be allowed to operate, it is a shady and mean organization and I have made sure to broadcast my terrible experience to everyone I know. As a travel site you should really consider you're role in promoting such a dismal travel experience/airline. I am loyal to kayak and generally trust the validity of the site, but i am disappointed that I was encouraged to purchase such a terrible trip through your site and may consider different options in the future."
Cons: "No part of this flight was an enjoyable experience."
Pros: "The crew during the flight was pleasant."
Cons: "They say why're the cheapest airline around, and that's the worst ways. The flight itself isn't expensive, but they charge $30 per bag you carry on and more for checked bags. They don't offer free water on long flights, and they make you pay for any and all beverages. Nothing is included in your flight. Their new planes, while 'green' and fuel efficient are unbearably uncomfortable to fly in. The seats are hard molded plastic with about an inch of padding and aren't adjustable T all. Flying more than four hours was pure hell, seated upright. Also, be sure to pay for your bag at the ticket counter. They charge you twice as much at the gate if you don't remember. And it's printed on your boarding pass, so don't think they're letting you off easy. It's a trap to get you to pay more."
Pros: "Cheap fare, newer plane, it was great to get an advance email warning of flight delay so I was able to leave for the airport later."
Cons: "Very little leg room with bulkhead (window) seats, at least in the rear of the plane where Spirit assigned me when I didn't want to pay extra to select my own seat. Simple bag drop at BWI airport meant waiting in three lines because evidently you can't use your boarding pass on your phone, it must be a paper version, so after waiting to drop bag off was redirected to the check in line to get a paper boarding pass, then had to go back to the bag drop line to check my luggage, only to have the attendant there reprint my boarding pass (I don't understand why she couldn't do that when I was in that line the first time). Frustrating experience with the BWI crew..."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Spirit airlines is the worst airlines by showing cheap ticket prices, but then charges you for getting a seat and carry-on bags. Their customer service is just as bad. Had a medical emergency and a family member had to be taken to the emergency room on the departure day and although the ticket was unrefundable they gave me a stinken $60 credit that has to be booked in the next month. Unlike the other airlines I was flying back on that gave me a FULL credit of the unrefundable ticket price to be used within the next year! Kudos to American Airlines!!"
Pros: "Nothing. If this airline lasts a year I will be surprised."
Cons: "Pricing is deceptive as any assigned seat costs extra. Boarding is a mess. I think they sell group 2 boarding as an extra but let group 2and 3 board together. Aisle, window and middle seats board together so people are constantly clogging aisles during boarding to let people into middle and window seats. As a result the policies that reduce carry-ons don't speed up boarding. They do clog up the departure lounge as people who haven't paid for a carry-on are pulled aside for a charge that makes their total flight cost the same as a carrier with the usual, albeit slim, amenities of most domestic airlines.This flight was hours late as was the other leg of this trip. Seats do not recline, at all. Some seat backs are just a layer of fabric, so if someone puts a knee or foot forward you get a real jab."
Cons: "I accidentally booked an 9pm flight when I meant to select 9am flight at 8am after missing my jetblue flight. I needed to get to Baltimore for work. I went through security and while I was about to board the plane they turned me away due to my ticket being incorrect. The woman checking the boarding passes rudely said "there's no room on this plane so we can't switch this ticket to 9am." I went to Spirit customer service minutes after I was turned away and they told me there was in fact room on that plane. So because of an honest mistake, they 1) wouldn't refund my ticket and 2) were rude and unhelpful and refused to let me on a plane that had plenty of space but they didn't want to inconvenience themselves for 5 minutes to change my boarding pass even after I had gone through security. I will never book Spirit again, even if I'm desperate."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "A lady helping to help us print boarding passes wasn't very professional. She just said, "you have to print your boarding passes before you go check in your bags." Her tone was commanding and rude. Could use improvement and some fine tuning. I know she didn't mean to be rude. Just needs more training. I got the notice of the gate change when I got home to Baltimore. And things are just too expensive. Even though I checked my bags and paid online, I still paid $40. Too expensive. And you pay for every little thing. I would fly Spirit again, but likely not my first choice."
Pros: "Only think I like flight was on time on the ride was smooth and the pilot did a good job and the seat was very comfortable."
Cons: "I hate I couldn't have personal purse out and 1 small carry-on which I have to pay $55 for that take up no space whatsoever my small carry on which go over the head off the plane my personal items which is a small purse which go under the seat but I have my wallet some documents in could not hold into that small bag they wanted me to push my personal item bag into my carry-on when it couldn't hold a charge me $55 for that bag which I think was unfair it wasn't a pool suitcase it wasn't a big large bag it was a small bag so I had two small bags we can take up no space because it is overhead bin and small personal thing where you can put under your seat and they charged me $55 and that hurt me."
Pros: "boarding easy"
Cons: "having to join frequent flyer program to check in- paying additional for seat and carry on- didn't know ahead of time so my low flight was really no bargin cramped seating - almost no leg room flight from and to baltimore had patrons with service dogs- one with a middle seat- no room for dog except on floor at her feet where both aisle and window seat people also had to put feet- on outbound trip were two nuns and a large service dog who they said they made known prior to booking but no more dog room for them either-"
Pros: "My flight into florida not bad except I thought the plane was going to shake apart for the first 1/3 of the ride"
Cons: "Some how they did something wrong when they put my information in the computer for my return flight departing from Ft. Lauderdale. I was not able to check in and print my boarding pass ahead of time. I called the customer service line twice to confirm that my reservation was intact even though I could not print the pass. At the airport there was no "bag drop" so everyone from all Spirit flights had to wait in a line that was 2 blocks long (no lie.) It took 45 mins. to get to the counter. Once there no one could seem to figure out what was wrong and it didn't seem to be a priority for them as they were putting out quite a few other fires. I stood at the counter for another 45 mins. They finally were able to print my boarding pass. Thank god I was TSA approved or I would not have made the flight. That did not seem to bother any of their employees. They won't be seeing me again!"
Cons: "There was 3 1/2 delay instead of getting home by 10 pm Sunday night, it was 2 am Monday morning . The whole Spirit Airline experience was poor, paying for luggage was one thing having to pay for a seat that's unreasonable. The additional $110 expense when attempting to get a boarding pass really stinks. In addition to the above disappointment, Spirit didn't load my luggage on the Bwi to Atl leg of this trip. My luggage was delivered the next day. The experience was for going and coming back I seriously doubt I will use Spirit Airlines again."
Pros: "My trip once in Las Vegas was great, however my experience flying with Spirit was the worst for my girlfriend and I. We tried to pay our luggage fees from home but weren't able to do so from our mobile phones, they charged us each $55 for one piece of luggage & they only allow you 40 pounds. Then once at the gate & before boarding the plane they told me I had to pay $65 for my small carry on, it fitted perfectly in their sample measurement they have there & still the woman from Spirit told me if you want to get on the plane you need to pay $65 now or you'll lose the flight. Same for coming back. They didn't even allowed us to sit together. So initially the flight was apparently cheap but with all the expensive luggage fees came up to $500 RT from BWI to Vegas. Worst experience ever! I've flown all over & with many airlines & this has been the worst experience ever, I'm never flying with them again & same for my girlfriend."
Pros: "Smooth flight after it began."
Cons: "The plane was delayed but no information was given to the crowded waiting passengers. Only after the 8:35 departure time had passed did the updated 9:00 pm time get posted without any announcement nor explanation. At 8:55 the time was again changed to 9:30 pm without announcement. When the boarding commenced there was request for orderly boarding by groups. After the plane was boarded, there was a 10 minute delay and then additional passengers began boarding by dribs and drabs. Finally we did take off and the flight was uneventful. I believe you could have made announcements to explain that there was a necessary delay and this would have allayed the passengers anxiety and allowed a more relaxed boarding process. This is the second flight I took in two day on Spirit and both flights were substantially delayed without any public announcement of the delays. This is less professional than most other airlines' behavior."
Pros: "I arrived."
Cons: "Every time I fly Spirit Airlines, I swear I'll never do it again. Then I see the low fares and I say "okay, just one more time." This experience was another leg in that cycle. A low fare, a "one more time," and a fierce "oh hell no--never again." When I arrived at the airport, the ticket counter looked like a flea market. It was absolutely mobbed. My flight was departing in about an hour, and one woman in line had already been waiting for 2.5 hours. Since Spirit Airlines does not participate in the mobile boarding pass process (FOR SOME INANE GODFORSAKEN BULLSHIT REASON), I still had to check in and get my boarding pass. And since two other Spirit flights had recently been cancelled, the ticket counter line was a trainwreck. An utter mass of dispirited humanity, waiting, ironically enough, at a counter called "Spirit." I managed to maneuver my way through, and with several strokes of luck and a possible intervention from God, I left the sad zoo of passengers behind me and made it through security, to the gate, and into the boarding line, with my idiotic paper boarding pass. As you might imagine, I was somewhat rushed and a touch flustered, though grateful to be en route to my destination. I was thirsty though, a combination of the morning's odyssey, the recycled cabin air, and this human need to hydrate that we share with literally every living thing on the planet. So I waited patiently for the pilot to extinguish the "seatbelt" sign, walked up to the flight attendants and politely asked for a glass of water. "That will be $3.00," she said. I paused for a moment. Surely there must be a mistake. I wanted water. Not coffee or tea or lemonade or a cocktail. Just a glass of water. This is how I came to realize that access to something that is a biological necessity for survival--that I would be granted gratis almost anywhere else--costs, on Spirit Airlines. Only those with access to a functioning credit card will be served water. Now I understand that keeping costs down is the only way this poor excuse for an airline stays in business. Every one of its passengers is there as a personal compromise, dodging hidden fees for "legroom" and seat selection and peanuts at every turn to get to their location without selling their souls to the corporate demons who've re-vamped the age-old "bait and switch" and call it a bargain. But if Spirit persists in being a seething mess of a nightmare of a preposterous front of a business, and if their customers continue to play along and manage to navigate the utter catastrophe of a process it can become to reach a destination via Spirit Airlines, one might believe that once they sit down in their unassigned (unless you're willing to pay an additional $14 each way) se"
Pros: "I feel like the seats are a bit more comfortable and also bigger than in other airlines planes."
Cons: "The crew members are all in all just terribly unfriendly. I had a question and went to the information desk. The gentleman there didn't bother to stop talking to the other crew member and they were obviously not talking about something really important that is job related. Then he answered my question and made sure that I understood how stupid he thought I was to ask this kind of question. I had big problems to understand him because he was speaking very fast and with a strong accent and my English is not that good either. The boarding process was good. I can't say anything else about the service because there is none in the plane."
Pros: "The crew on the plane and the crew at the gate at FLL were courteous and helpful."
Cons: "The gate crew at BWI as we prepared to board for FLL was just downright awful. They treated customers more like juvenile deliquents on the way to a prison than valued customers. I have never been treated in such a manner while flying. The person at the gate basically berated all of us, very sternly telling people to consolidate their personal items. Then she said, "if you have a carry on with wheels and you're not in Zone 1, you need to come up here and pay $65. If you don't, we'll charge you $100 on the flight." As a first time traveler with Spirit Airlines, I couldn't believe they charged that amount for a carry on. At first, I thought it was a joke, but when I went to the counter, sure enough, they charged me $65. I asked why anyone would ever travel with Spirit Air given all these hidden fees for regular travel practices (like bringing a carry on), she shrugged and rudely mumbled, "I don't know." Then she told families with small children to 'feel free boarding in Zone 2'. I was traveling alone, but I felt that was a ridiculous policy. However, I noticed on the return leg from FLL to BWI, they allowed families with small children to board first. Then when I got onto the plane from BWI to FLL, I had a window seat with no window. I've never even seen that before. I felt a bit chlaustrophobic, and I never feel that way. The only reason I didn't give the 'crew' a score of poor, is because the crew on the plane to FLL and the full spectrum of crew on the return trip, from the crew working the gate at FFL to the crew on the plane back to BWI was excellent. But what I experienced as a customer with the crew in BWI, from check in to the gate was outrageous. The check-in for Spirit Airlines is one of the most chaotic I've ever experienced. There was no signage for what to do, and there was a guy at BWI yelling at people to stand in particular lines, causing people with luggage to basically stampede over one another. What in the hell is Spirit Airline's customer experience strategy? How do they want customers to feel about the airline and themselves as they travel with the airline? Because I actually felt worse about myself during the entire experience. Even though the crew on both planes were great and the gate crew at FLL was great, I will never fly Spirit Airlines again. The 'less money. more go' slogan is a sham, considering I ended up paying way more than I would have with another airline while doing the same thing (bringing on a carry-on). Where's my incentive to fly with them after being treated so poorly at check in and at the gate and then paying more than I would have with American or Delta or United or Southwest or JetBlue? As a director of customer experience at my company, this was a wonderful example of what we do not want to be. In that, I can thank Spirit Airlines."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Never even made it into our flight because it was being perpetually delayed and when I called to ask what was the latest it could be delayed to before being cancelled the customer service guy would not answer my question. Which it would have been helpful to know since we had to drive three hours to make it to the airport and had a car rental whose return was dependent on us being able to fly out. I understand flight delays and even cancellation especially in such a busy holiday season, what I didn't appreciate was the fact that they couldn't reschedule us on a flight for another three days! And they wouldn't pay for you to go on another airline's flight if they couldn't accommodate you on their own. Then they had the audacity to ask if we wanted to join their membership program....ummm no."
Pros: "Non stop between Baltimore and Chicago was the only positive thing."
Cons: "When you do check in you realize that they charge $90 round trip for the second hand bag and $80 for the first checked luggage. I was happy thinking I got a great price, after that I realized I paid over $150 more per ticket than any other airline, the naked price slogan is a scam. None of the seats reclined in the whole airplane and they were very uncomfortable and looked very cheap. They don't even give you soda and chips, not even water, crew were nice but ticketing staff in Chicago was unpleasant. I will never fly spirit again, don't waste your money like I did."
Pros: "I was apprehensive to book a flight from this airline due to its size and relative unknown but was pleasantly surprise by the experience. The steward was hilarious and kept everyone on board attentions for the duration of the flight by making very good and funny jokes about the airline including tasteful tacky joke about how not to expect much from them because we all knew what we had paid for.... The flight was very smooth and pleasant! Overall I was very pleased!"
Cons: "Spirit Website and the way it tries to get more for seating, bag is understandable but is a turn off to me.... I was not able to put a should bag which normally goes under the seat in place due to the fact that there was an oversize person who sit in the seat in front . And as I tried to push the bag in, I felt much resistance and the person said I can't as it was pushing against her feet! I had to have it under my feet the duration of the fight and curiously attendant did not see or asked me to put it overhead! the bag fits under my return flight with another airline fine !"
Pros: "I paid for 5 tickets so I liked the price."
Cons: "It cost me more than the price of 1 ticket to check only 2 bags both ways for the 5 of us. Checking in in Orlando was the worst experience ever and I fly at least monthly. We were put in 3 different lines in 30 minutes. The last line we were put in, the agent said she would have to charge us for PRINTING OUT BOARDING PASSES though we were told to go to that line without boarding passes. Security was terrible experience. Took forever. I nearly missed the flight. The door had already been closed when I got there. Airline staff were surly even though it was not my fault. Flight was good. Will never fly Spirit again"
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "I didn't know there was a deadline to check in 45 minutes before your flight and I didn't know we were to check in with self serve kiosks. I went to one and was thinking about getting a seat upgrade but decided against it and cancelled out of the menu. I went to retry checking in and I was literally two minutes late. And they didn't have any flights until the next day so I had to buy a ticket from a different airline for significantly more money. Oh and guess what, I didn't receive a refund. Here's the real terrible thing, I got to the airport to fly from Boston back to Baltimore and I bought a round trip ticket with spirit and made sure I came in two hours before the flight so I would avoid checking in late again. Well, it turns out since I missed my outbound flight they also cancelled my flight home so I had to buy another plane ticket from a different airline. Honestly I've used kayak plenty of times and as a college student who went to a school across the country I flew frequently and still do for work. This was my worst experience flying ever and a trip that should have cost $100 to fly out cost an additional $500. I honestly hope spirit airlines goes out of service, I'm not alone in this sentiment. If you look you'll find numerous online articles for many users citing how poor the service is, unexpected cancellation of tickets, byanztine and not well advertised rules and I didn't know it at the time but it is consistently ranked as the worst airline in the US and for good reason."
Pros: "Fast boarding and unboarding."
Cons: "Charging $55 fee for a carry-on is way too much!! If you pay for your carry-ons online it is $10 dollars less.I tried to do that, but, unfortunately every time I tried to complete the transaction the page keep redirecting me to buy more "extra services". I chose check out without any extras but nothing!! The webpage was no responsive!! I tried to pay for my carry-on from my cell, laptop and tablet. But same result, that page became frozen without allowing me to pay the fee. I don't know if this was an unfortunately condidence, or is done on purpose to charge the extra $10!!"
Pros: "My flight wasn't delayed and I had no trouble with my luggage. Once I was at the airport, everything went smoothly. Ticket price was reasonable."
Cons: "My only bad experience was checking in online. I made a mistake when one of those incessant ads popped up, and afterwards I could never get back to the screen for checking in. I was forced to do it at the airport. When I called customer service the guy on the other end could not suggest anything except to try over and over what I already knew was useless--- checking in online. He was very polite and helpful but the fact that he couldn't speak English very well made it even harder to communicate on the phone. Spirit airlines is a great way to save money, but don't bother with their customer service."
Pros: "Cost"
Cons: "Baggage fees and lack of leg room"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was initially reported as bing 2 hours late, then every hour that passed by they would delay another hour. It was a sunday evening Flight and I had to be at work at 6am. The short 1 hour flight was supposed to leave at 9pm and didn't take off until 2am! No explanation was given on why the delay. Then when we were on the plane, we were towards the back and We couldn't even get any sleep because the stewardess was talking loudly and non-stop to her partner. (Flight to Boston was delayed 1 hour as well)."
Pros: "Polite staff on board"
Cons: "Unannounced gate change at the last minute. Almost missed plane because the change affected the terminal. It never displayed on the board. We had gone through security and had to exit the airport to get to the switched terminal which was far (10 walk) and had to get through new security check. After going through the full body scanner, a TSA agent patted my hair with her dirty gloves. Nobody should have their hair patted down after going through a full body scanner. This is a violation of my person, of my privacy. Also noted that only coloured women had their hair patted down. We should never be treated like animals or differently than other travelers."
Pros: "I liked that this is a choice you can make for a cheap airline to get to a close destination."
Cons: "Everything is an extra charge including baggage that should be allowed and first come first serve for seating instead of paying 25 dollars or getting random seating. They were telling people that they were allowed only under the seat bag but no overhead (even though you were originally allowed to) and it was 100 dollars for the bag. The plane was delayed and no one knew why so they kept telling us that we were leaving later and later so I went to get dinner and all of a sudden we were boarding. They typed in our seat numbers and were delayed even more because there were people not from our flight on the plane and people were in the wrong seats. Everyone was angry and saying they will never take this airline again. I thought the whole process was ridiculous and definitely didn't impress."
Pros: "Landed safely"
Cons: "I expected the bad (overpriced bags, long waits, "bare fare" bare service). However, the lines and staff were terrible at checkin. Many passengers (who did not arrive late) missed flights, then multiple flights were held. Signage was terrible, process of check-in was inconvenient. Staff members were busy rescheduling flights and checking in passengers who were about to miss flights, and left zero staff to continue checkin for everyone else, making everyone wait and everyone late. Staff members were rude and seemed incompetent, as usual. To top it off, staff members yelled at customers and said if we did not already have our passes out and unfolded with our IDs (us, at the back of a 2-hour line), then WE are the reason the line is taking so long. Also took them 45 minutes to tell people that the line was for bag drop ONLY, not check-in, at which point people who had been waiting had to leave the line, but they continued to check people in and take money for bags instead of redirecting to kiosks. Terrible all around."
Pros: "The crew seemed friendly, and the baggage arrived at the carousel very quickly."
Cons: "Spirit isn't clear about their fees. It would have been nice to know baggage is cheapest when paid for at the time of buying the ticket, and gets increasingly more expensive throughout the ticket buying and check in procedure. It's bizarre that you have to pay to have carry on luggage, and it seems like their trying to trick their customers into paying the ridiculous $100 fee at the gate. In addition, I don't like that you have to pay $10 to check in at the airport. Not everyone has access to the internet before their flight, especially low income people who are most likely to fly Spirit, so it seems they are taking advantage of that."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled at 7:30 am day of departure, we had already gone through security and gotten to the gate, before we were notified. Pilot could not be found, and did not show up for work.. No real attempt to help us find another flight. we had a 9 am departure, and had to be in Baltimore for my wife's conference at 5 p.m. We were told that Spirit had a 9 pm flight. That did us no good. That is all we were told. as an after thought, we were told there may be a flight at Jet Blue and we should go there. we flew through the terminal to get to the Jet Blue desk, and we said we were coming from a cancelled Spirit flight- they said "say no more, we are used to getting customers from Spirit cancelled flights," Jet Blue could not have been any nicer, and rebooked us on a 10:30 am flight to Baltimore. WE love Jet BLue, We hate Sprit."
Cons: "On the website there was no mention of an additional charge for a carryon. However, at the airport we are asked by Spirit front office to pay for each of our carryon's $55.00 each. Very disappointed by the unethical business practice. Had I known this charge at the time of purchase I would have chosen another carrier. Will never fly with Spirit and purchase a ticket from Kayak. Good luck with your deceptive business practices, By the way both of our carryons were small size and under 15lb's. What a shame."
Pros: "come on, have you ever been on more than 1 Spirit flight that landed at the expected arrival time?"
Cons: "being delayed 2 hours due to who knows what and missing captains :-/ And it makes a difference when you're trying to catch a train to DC after midnigt. Every time I fly Spirit, I swear I will never do it again, but the tickets are so cheap and the crew is always so nice. So WTF? Charge me 10 ir 20 more bucks and take off on time a little more than 60% of the time and maybe I'll recommend you to fellow travelers. Otherwise you stay a guilty pleasure and your flight continue to go unfilled. I know I'm not the only one to this..."
Cons: "Security lines were terribly long and would have required passengers to arrive at the airport at least 4 hours early which is unrealistic. On top of that Spirit airline employees were unsympathetic and rude and would not accommodate any credit towards another flight. I can understand not wanting to refund flights but I think they could have at least gave back credit towards another flight as show of their good will and good business. Lesson learned was I got what I payed for. Cheap prices I guess means cheap and terrible service. I will never fly spirit or out of BWI ever again. I will just fork over the extra money and fly United or American out of DCA or Dulles."
Cons: "Previous flight delayed, caused extreme stress to get to this flight! Got through customs and border protection, very long process and our bags were not at the baggage claim yet! Had to wait over 30 minutes for our bags. If Spirit charges for every bag, they should provide better baggage service! Had to wait in another long line to show our passports. Then run to recheck our bags. Spirit offered no assistants at all to speed this process up. As we are trying to check our bag they are starting to load the plane and we have to go through TSA yet! again another long process. We made it to our flight just in time. But I was completely sweated and stressed out! These flights originally had a three and a half hour layover scheduled between flights."
Pros: "Price was very good on a short booking, did not realize the limitation of baggage and food would increase the true cost."
Cons: "Requested wheel chair assistance in airport, noted on boarding info that I would need help at both start and end of the flight segments but had to wait for help, you switched gates at the start of the flight and no one looked to provide help to move. No one at destination again after the flight, agaiin I had to wait for help to get to baggage claim, 100% rated disabled veteran, no spirit of help provided from the staff. I informed boarding argent I would need extra time at boarding, time between asking for disabled patrons and phase 1 boarding was 3 seconds, again no help on this issue, plane was late on the turn so it wast just get then in so we can leave the gate."
Pros: "The aircrew, flight attendants and pilots, were very good. The aircraft are new."
Cons: "Customer service at the gate was horrible. The baggage policy is different than any airline I've ever flown... Which is fine if you understand it. But since this was my first flight with spirit, I wanted to make sure. After many threatening announcements of a $100 charge if your ONE allowable item is too big, I went to counter to see if my backpack was of appropriate size, When I approached the podium to verify I was ok, the two gate agents were talking so I stood and waited to be helped. After several minutes, one finally looked over, with a very annoyed expression and asked, " Do you need something?" (Actual quote) I asked my question, which was answered with equal distain and then I was dismissed and the agent returned to her conversation. Throughout the entire trip, it felt as if the ground crew were there to herd you on and off the aircraft... That's it... They were completely unapproachable. My recommendation? Spend the few dollars more and go with another carrier... If you do choose to fly Spirit, set your expectations very low and then you'll only be slightly disappointed."

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