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Korean AirOverall score based on 4971 reviews
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Pros: "All"
Cons: "Good news from others."
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Pros: "All"
Cons: "Good news from others."
Cons: "Korean Air was wonderful. BUT KAYAK made my reservation through KIWI.COM which is absolutely horrible. My reservation was ONLY for Dallas to Incheon. They booked me a ticket all the way to Singapore without ever asking my permission or informing me. As a result, I was unable to use the ticket, and had to purchase a new one at the airport ticket counter. I called them several times to attempt to fix the issue, but they were utterly unhelpful. I have requested a refund, but am not hopeful based on their past performance. KAYAK should cut all ties with KIWI if it wants to remain reputable."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "My prayority was safely, then was accomplish."
Cons: "Was accomplish, so I wanted to say thank you, for your services."
Cons: "More offers of water and drinks."
Pros: "Overall good, comfortable, nice and food and entertainment was very good quality."
Cons: "I didn't realized we were on a code share flight from Seoul to Hanoi until we got to check in counter and they couldn't issue boarding pass even though it was a through check in for till Hanoi. In our booking itinerary it was printed as Korean air with a small print that said operated by jinair. It wasn't so bad but the hassle of going to another terminal to board and being in a smaller aircraft after a long flight wasn't the best."
Pros: "We liked the boarding in Atlanta and in Seoul with the people boarding by the numbers of their rows - boarded the back rows, then the middle then the front. Worked so much better than everyone rushing to get on! Flight attendants were very helpful with everything and always kind. Loved being able to sit in the exit row seats!!"
Cons: "Food was okay - we fly Korean Air whenever we travel to SE Asia and it seems the food is the same no matter what flight we are on. We like the pizza snack better than the bun with meat inside they served us on this trip."
Pros: "Boarded on time; everything efficiently done; pleasant staff. Breakfast was not great - too sweet overall. Usually korean does well with food."
Pros: "Great legroom. Food better than last Korean Air flight a few years ago."
Cons: "Changed to smaller aircraft, last row in the aeroplane."
Cons: "flew from seattle on delta. i paid for korean air but delta put me on delta going from boston to seoul. very disappointed with the experience going to seoul."
Pros: "The Koreans are masters at whatever they do, super clean, polite and attentive. Always a smile. I'd fly with them anytime."
Cons: "They tend to keep the plane a tad warm and no individual "fresh air" control over head."
Pros: "I received a meal for a two leg flight of overall only 4.5 hours. The seating was nice and the food was very tasty. I love the layout of the Incheon Airport as well as the transfer experience."
Cons: "Good that have a night in the hotel to stretch and a good night sleep and a proper meal, and are all included within the ticket."
Pros: "Efficiency, hospitality, professionalism, cleanliness, ..."
Pros: "My husband, my baby(14 months) and I took the flight from Hanoi to New York which was transferred in Korea. The flight from Hanoi to Korea got delayed so we have to fly with Asian Anna instead. The checking took so long and confusing. We barely made the flight from Hanoi to Korea and ran from different terminals to catch the flight from Korea to New York. We paid extra to select seat to sit to gether but then we found out it was just a joke to get money from Justfly since Korean Air said they only arranged seat at check in which we couldn’t check in as early as we wished due to the delay. And from Korea to New York, they lost our 4 luggages. How horrible could that be ? We are thinking about suing justly."
Pros: "Very professional crew good service"
Cons: "Nothing really pilot couldn't understand him but does it really matter unless is an emergency"
Pros: "On both of my long haul flights I had very nice, new planes to fly on which were very clean. Staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating despite having a huge number of people to attend to. Food was good when I ate it. Seats reclined very nicely and there was the most room I've had on a flight ever. Still cramped, but you take what you can get! Would definitely fly again."
Cons: "2 complaints I would pose. 1. If we're flying on a super long flight overnight, do you have to turn on every light in the pane to serve food? Can we not keep it kind of dim while literally everyone is trying to sleep? Also, why are you serving a meal at 3AM?! I know we took off 2 hours ago and people may want food before we get into the bulk of the trip, but it's 3AM! Everyone just wants to sleep and now the lights are on and you're offering me a full meal?! Believe me, it's great that you're trying to keep me fed, but come on, we've got 12 hours of flight left to go! 2. The movies offered were really sub par. The "new releases' only had a handful of movies I'd even heard of before and only like 3 I even cared to watch. The "movie classics" were the same way. Gotta step up your movie options when I'm trapped in your plane for 14 hours."
Pros: "Very organized"
Cons: "Wish the cabin crew speak more universal language, English, and the snack between meals more regularly without having to ask."
Pros: "I like the Korean Bibimpap on the plane, taste was good."
Cons: "Old style business seating, quite uncomfortable, not a full recline, very uncomfortable when fully reclined compared to other business planes, TV was small, not good quality, selection of movies was only ok, not great, service was ok, not great, they cater more to Korean customers then other guests, if you are on the upper deck de-planning is difficult and awkward as you have to go through the economy section and staff doesn't keep them seated, so no extra bonus for business in de-planing. washroom items not replaced (toothbrush / mouthwash), overall very average"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and handled the delay as best as they could. The food was good. Cabin temperature was good."
Cons: "It was raining and the airport was making a lot of announcements about flights that were delayed/canceled but our flight to Korea wasnt mentioned. About an hr before boarding time they changed the gate. The plane we were taking was late arriving. Boarding time was pushed back 30 min. Everyone got on pretty quickly but then we sat in the plane, on the tarmac for over 2 hours. Idk if it was an issue with the plane, or the airport or what. I was sleeping so I didn't bother to ask but my mom was listening. She couldn't hear anything on the PA system. It was too fuzzy."
Pros: "I love that you get meals and snacks. A lot of airlines really skimp on this, and you are left miserable, hungry, and thirsty. Korean Air will bring you drinks outside the service times set. Free additional bottles of water as well. The service is excellent, the meals are good, and I absolutely love that you get slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, and even free headphones should you forget yours. Top service! Good meal portions! I also like that you have 3-4 different meal or snack options each service. CLEAN BATHROOMS!!!! Also, the flight attendants are very polite and courteous. You never feel like they just don't care. They even help with families traveling with small children. A+ guys!"
Cons: "I really have nothing negative to say about this airline. They are my favorite, and I fly with them every time I am able, 7 times international to date."
Pros: "I enjoy flying Korean Air. I get great deals with great service and accommodation."
Cons: "It was a late direct flight from Bali to Seoul. The flight was for a 0120 departure, and about 7 hours long. For the flight being a very late departure and both locations being around the same timezone (1 hour difference) I feel as if the lights were left on for too long, over an hour after departure, and then turned on too early, 2 hours prior to landing. Too improve comfort I would suggest to begin service upon takeoff and turning the lights off immediately after, and turning them on an hour before landing to conduct service. Better yet, if possible, conduct service with the lights off and individuals that require additional lighting may use their individual light. I believe, and witnessed in my area, a majority of personnel that just wanted to sleep during these flight hours."
Pros: "Planes r great service is good"
Cons: "We did not like the food but they did give us other tray when we told them we don't like the smelly fish"
Pros: "The service, food, comfort and entertainment are all VERY good on Korean Air. I was very pleased with everything."
Cons: "The only weird thing that happened was we were not able to take more then one snack. It would have been nice to have the option of more."
Pros: "Cool; collected; patient; helpful; calm; respectful; overall, people doing their best for their customers."
Pros: "the company you gave too me were no good i did like then i hope you please do not give that company too no one i did take the fly on Korea air korea air is good but not the company you gave too me too by my ticket from"
Pros: "This is the first time I experienced courteous crew. They confirmed my meal plans and enquirer abt my meal."
Cons: "The choice on entertainment is limited. It did not impact me much but will like to have more options."
Pros: "Plane did not have vents, it was about 80 in the plane too hot. When it was mentioned, crew could do nothing about it"
Pros: "From the April 12 Sydney to Seoul flight, the landing at Seoul was so smooth, so professionally done I hardly knew we had touched ground. That Captain has much to teach all pilots wanting a higher standard to their skills and the recognition of these standards. That caption is worth his/her weight in gold, giving Koran Air a gold standard. To compare, the landing at Osaka April 12, late at night, was done by an apprentice who has much to learn from your gold star captain.."
Cons: "The same Sydney to Seoul flight, crossed the Qld Great Barrier Reef around 11am April 12. Having a window seat, so much detail of the Reef was visible which greatly surprised me. Beautiful colours galore. Having my face glued to the window at this time, I was unaware of cabin happenings. A male steward tapped me on the shoulder and said "Close your window blind". The beautiful scene outside my window was a first and being 76 old, likely not to happen again for me. Naturally, I ask the male steward "Why", He repeated 4 more times, "Close your window blind". Each time my reply was the same, "Why". On his last request, his voice raised, so in turn, my reply was raised. Sadly, he walked away silently, hands waving in disgust. Only then did I realise the cabin was completely black, no light seen. If at 11am, traditionally, this is a custom, a service to passengers on that particular flight, the male steward didn't say. He clearly expected to be obeyed and didn't expect a challenge. But also felt I didn't deserve a reason for his, what clearly was a demand. Would he have treated a male passenger differently. I flew economy because that is what my budget demands. Flying is not common for me but certainly a thrill that demands a window seat. I give much praise to all other staff, especially the captain landing that very craft at Seoul. At my age, years of experience allows me to be aware and notice. A beautifully presented mature female stewardess in economy, served me. When I requested a beer with the main meal, she said I will give you my favourite. I knew this was double talk for having only one brand beer left, that was a weak American beer. I watched this lovely lady many times being distracted by other staff with questions and 2 other passengers near me, asking for changes. She never blew it. And she passed me in the Sydney terminal, end of the day for her and believe it or not, she remembered me. She was not in such a hurry to get to her destination, that she gave time by turning her body, giving me a wide smile with eyes saying, Yes, I served you. You see, she's never off the job of customer service. I learned much, flying with Korean Air. Many thanks, Sally"
Pros: "Amazing service, very polite and professional. The food was very good and the facilities were clean/thoughtful, and the seats fairly spacious and comfortable. Tv screens worked well with good sound. Will fly again!"
Pros: "Everything was perfect perfect service excellent food the best I ever flown so far"
Pros: "Acceptable legroom. Appreciated the cups of water and juice served regularly. Very good breakfast."
Cons: "Hostesses could have redistributed passengers to empty seats so everyone could have been more comfortable, especially for an overnight flight."
Pros: "I liked everything from leg room, comfortable, good food to really great service and the on time/off departure."
Cons: "Nothing that I can think off."
Pros: "- Great Service by inflight crew. - Very good Indian veg meal options i.e. Hindu Veg Meal and Asian Veg Meal. I would suggest the non veg folks to try these next time."
Pros: "Service was immaculate, friendly staff, smooth flight, comfortable plane. Wonderful experience, would recommend it to everyone."
Cons: "None"
Pros: "seat spacing good in economy personal entertainment system crew very helpful and courteous good overhead storage"
Cons: "On 2 of our 4 flights on this itinerary, we were last to be served meals and there was only the Korean meal left. My husband chose to eat it both times but I declined... need to provide more western meals."
Pros: "I liked their positive & happy attitudes as well as their work ethic."
Cons: "Perhaps there could have been a larger & wider selection of movies. I would have liked to have had a hard copy menu so that I could make a more informed choice with my meals."
Pros: "Collectively, my new wife and I have travelled through dozens of different airlines, including 8-10 international flights, and our journey with Korean Air was the best flight experience we have ever had. The staff was so attentive, the selection of Korean music, and the access to movies, and the comfort of even Economy class was fantastic. Despite the long hours spent on board, Korean Air made it as comfortable as possible. We especially loved the hot towels, and the stickers that allowed the flight attendants to note if we wanted to be woken for meals, or left to sleep!"
Cons: "We have no complaints. Everything was just lovely."
Pros: "The air hostess is very kind and helpful when she noticed that I was not well and she has offered me a honey lemon drink even I didn't request."
Pros: "screen contents very good"
Cons: "seat is smaller than other flight"
Pros: "You can go on a free city tour if you are transiting at Incheon airport. Also fantastic public area for transiting customer with free showers, upholstered day bed, charge stations. Paid massages , Paid airport hotels or lounges with buffet."
Cons: "There was nothing we didn't like about our flight to Seoul"
Pros: "Friendly service and food pretty good. Great price for value."
Cons: "Seating was changed even though i prebooked."
Pros: "The experience was good attendants are friendly and food was good we were fed snacks breakfast and dinner also free entertainment"
Pros: "Great value plus layover hotel bonus"
Cons: "It was all good"
Pros: "The boarding went smoothly considering the number of people on board. It took a while to take off and to land, but that's because the airports are busy. The crew was incredibly well dressed in professional attire. The accommodations were amazing - the flight came with the standard pillow/blanket combo, disposable slippers, headphones, a toothbrush, two meals, a snack, drinks, and the attendants dimmed the lights whenever they weren't serving - all free. The entertainment was amazing - I watched four Hollywood movies that I had been wanting to watch, and that was one section of the movies. There were also TV series and music available, both in English and Korean."
Cons: "It was difficult to get the crew's attention, especially from the center seat while speaking English. One of the meals gave me terrible gas, which was uncomfortable for me and my seat mates."
Pros: "Indian music in Audio section and Bollywood movies"
Pros: "I liked everything about the flight except I couldn't sleep on a 13 hour flight."
Cons: "The lady behind my seat was big and with her purse I couldn't move my seat back enough. I'm a big man so I need more recline ability."
Cons: "I wasn't able to choose my seat on line and ended up in a window seat. With the seats in front of my row reclined all the way back, I could not get out of my seat to use the restroom. Having just transferred from Korean Airlines and taken other asian airlines on my trip, it's a hard comparison to a domestic airline, although Hawaiian is among one of the better domestics. On my food tray, there was a bowl of miso soup, that the attendant was trying to hand me, while there was turbulence. The bowl of miso was smiling all over the tray, and on my napkin, and since I was on the inside seat, almost spilled all over me. On a previous Korean airline fight, also with turbulence, the attendant had taken the bowl off the tray, and covered it with a saran, and then handed it to me to make sure it wouldn't spill all over me. There's a bit of difference there."
Pros: "The movie selection"
Cons: "Let's start with the overrated leg space and seating comfort. It was cramped as with any other regular airline. Seats in the economy section are not comfortable and have no back support. These seats should have better cushions and back support. Our flight attendant had a bad attitude after we asked for wine and didn't offered us any beverages for at least two occasions. No warm towel either. She just skipped us like we were not there. The meals are just ok. Nothing remarkable. Then we stand in line for almost two hours after a 14.5 hours flight to get through immigration. The overall experience was not good at all and for that price the comfort and service should be much better."
Pros: "in a relatively short flight I was surprised of the quality of the service, the entertainment and how small details were taken care of."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The crew are amazing"
Cons: "Chinese airlines often require you to take a bus at boarding and then carry your suitcases up large flights of steps to enter the plane - this was the case in Xiamen. This flight often is delayed and this was the case. The food was below average. WiFi is free but it blocks google and gmail."
Pros: "In time"
Cons: "Don’t let customer wait long time for gate after landing"
Pros: "Attentive crews, food on board - Food on board provides couple of choices of mainly Chinese food. I don't claim it to be extraordinary but it is far better than most of food other airlines provides in the economy class."
Cons: "There is no individual entertainment screen. The small screen from the ceiling of the airplane was far from sufficient."
Cons: "The crew should speak better English. They polite and helpful but clear English is a plus value"
Pros: "great price and overall service"
Pros: "attentive and polite flight attendants"
Pros: "The Xiamen reps at the SGN airport was insensitive and arrogant. We were not able to board because of a misunderstanding on the China visa-free program. I still fully believe they are wrong. I had to book 2 new one way tickets with China Southern and wait all day at the airport."
Cons: "Helpful, courteous, and well-informed Xiamen representatives."
Pros: "I like the web that show me my travel schedules, I don’t need to look for email. But when I check in airport, they ask me flight confirmation number which I don’t know either that number doesn’t indicate. So I hope that you also include flight confirmation number too."
Pros: "crew is ok though not much speaking english"
Cons: "no other comment"
Pros: "Great airplane (787 Dreamliner), comfortable seats, lots of meals, free beer and wine. Great ticket price!"
Cons: "The cabin crew did not really understand english. When I asked something, it was clear that they didn't understand. I had to claim my checked bag and recheck it at every flight segment. No ability to select seats unless it was more than 72 hours before departure."
Pros: "Just good overall. Beats any American carrier (which is not saying too much!)."
Cons: "Was late. But they were very apologetic (not their fault). Seattle port entry is HORRIBLE. I thought China was bad!"
Pros: "Staff"
Cons: "Better movies , better vegan food"
Pros: "The plane was very new. Good movies and tv shows."
Cons: "The pineapple went bad...and it was just served. Also a tiny pastry, it had a flavor that the nuts had been sitting for a while."
Pros: "Crew was amazing. Welcoming, helpful and caroming to passengers needs."
Cons: "Replace worn out seats."
Pros: "Very responsible and kind cabin crew. We were delayed by maybe 8-10 hours because of weather. The crew would have to work all night, but were very kind about the situation."
Cons: "Short flight; so there was no real in-flight entertainment. That's really alright though."
Cons: "got severe food poisoning from the airline food."
Pros: "Almost nothing, this was a terrible flight and experience! The movies were good, that's about it."
Cons: "No online check-in, long waiting at in-person check-in. Rude, inattentive personnel; worst is that every passenger in transit need to go through customs in Xiamen which is terribly complicated. No word about this upon booking or on Xiamen airline's website. Customs in China isn't a nice experience either. Nobody was able to find the right way for check-in, it was a mess. I will never fly again Xiamen Airlines and I recommend to everyone to avoid this airline under any circumstances."
Cons: "The seats don't even recline, so I could not lie back to rest. The entertainment system was very bad, didn't provide earphones and could barely see the screen. I would not choose to fly this airline again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Had to process in and out of immigration then back into airport No transit area"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "I liked playing tetris and pacman with a controller that was like that of a console. My flight had a lot of empty seats, and I noticed they staggered the seating so that there was nobody in front of me or behind me. Flight crew was genuinely nice and helpful even though we didn't speak the same language. The little cup holder was actually pretty cool. There even seemed to be ample leg room compared to other Chinese international flights I've been on. I've flown previously with china southern and China eastern, so that is my basis for comparison."
Cons: "They didn't give me boarding passes for both flights (had a long layover in china). Other airlines printed both at the start of trip. This added quite a bit of confusion for me, seemingly unnecessarily. Also, I'm a bit disappointed in their free hotel room deal for long layovers. When I had a long layover previously with either china southern or china easter (can't remember which one), I got my own free hotel room, a free meal, and a free ride to and from the hotel. That was a real perk for my 12 hour layover. The deal with xiaman is you get a free hotel room, but you have to share it with a stranger of the same gender, and you have to pay for taxi to and from the hotel. Although you do supposedly get a free meal, I chose not to take them up on the hotel offer. Instead I took them up on their transfers lounge. This is a dark, quiet room full of dingy, dirty padded chairs and people sprawled out and snoring. I would have stayed more than 15 minutes if there were more phone charging plugs, but instead I went and ate mcdonalds and found a plug in at the kfc. Aside from all that, I would suggest getting some better Hollywood movies to choose from, as xiamen's competition has them beat there as well, in my opinion."
Pros: "The plane was new, the plane was clean, and all the airline hostesses were not 65 years old. Oh and everyone complaining about the visa requirements for China. Bend over a take one for the team like a man just Go to a travel agent in any in China Town. $100 US will get you a bias good for 10 years and it only take a week. Otherwise fly Delta for $1200."
Cons: "Limited selection of English language movies but hey it was a China airline so no bit surprise there."
Pros: "This leg was continuation of flight that began in Xiamen. Same plane and crew. 787 Dreamliner layout is efficient, generous legroom and recline is better than American carriers. Crew works as team, fast and courteous. Very helpful and professional, Water offered frequently, trash pick up kept cabin neat, bathrooms always clean. Passenger announcements are clear and crisp is English and Chinese."
Cons: "Really, no complaints. More entertainment choices would be appreciated however is not my priority."
Pros: "The flight is easy to check gave us 23kgs check in luggage 46kgs if u have intl flight. Free hotel with breakfast. Not bad at all."
Cons: "They require us to get the luggage and check in again tomorrow."
Cons: "We meet different problem in this flight. First, the boarding start late and we arrive late more than one hour. They could organize the entrance with range of number. The food was ok, but the beverage is poor, just half glass of wine or juice. no more. one small bottle should be normal fro lunch or dinner."
Pros: "the order of boarding the plane"
Cons: "food was dry"
Pros: "Clean plane. Left on time. Better than average legroom."
Cons: "Movie selection was virtually all violent related. Nothing the airline can do about the numerous Security checks passing through this Airport."
Pros: "Complimentary wifi and excellent crew service"
Cons: "The econ seat is too low, when front seater tilted the seat backward, the screen is right in front of my face. Entertainment video screen doesn’t adjust; in other words, it cannot be adjust in angle, causing neck pain over time. Meals are average, definitely different from the quality compared to regional or domestic equivalent. Very sad, considering that Xiamen Air has a good reputation inside China. The restroom is also poorly stocked — no toilet roll constantly"
Pros: "The cabin crew were very nice and courteous!"
Cons: "Couldn't be helped, it was just a long flight!"
Pros: "Nice wide seats, well run flight. Lots of food served, though very mixed quality. The unfortunate experiences described in the negatives of this review, do not repeat on the return flight."
Cons: "In the fine print is the fact that the flight includes a stop in Shenzen. On the outbound flight this was a nightmare experience with Chinese immigration. Exhausted from a 14 hour flight, passengers had their passports taken away; were put through a bizarre 45 minute finger printing process using machines that did not work; and then left to wait for an hour or more with no information. The continuation flight was in another part of the airport - a very long walk; and it turned out not to be at the departing gate that was displayed on the monitors. We arrived at the indicated (wrong) gate with no guidance. Very nearly missed the continuation flight. Once in Xiamen, our arrival was late enough that the second floor of the airport was closed. There were no ATMs on the first floor; no way to get the Chinese cash needed to take a taxi to the airport. Fortunately a kind citizen agreed to exchange some cash, using mental calculations and sign language about the exchange rate."
Pros: "I like the price but best of all the service and the attention given to us by all staff members."
Cons: "Everything was great!"
Pros: "food is great"
Cons: "check in time is too long (about 1 hour)"
Pros: "Crew from lax to xiamen were good they took care of my meal from xiamen to bkk . They offered me their food which was pretty generous of them"
Cons: "I called 24 hrs prior to my flight to ask for Vegetarian meal but that was not available... There was so much problem with food . And the toilets were very very dirty :("
Pros: "Crew working hard. Seat comfort and clean restroom."
Cons: "Awful food. I basically not eating, going hungry."
Pros: "Nice new plane, efficient crew, lots of food ... if a bit bland. Airline provided a free hotel in Ciamen for the overnight."
Cons: "Terrible paper shuffle in Shenzhen getting a require temporary visa, because the leg from Shenzhen to Xiamen was domestic. 2 hours or paper shuffle during which they took away our passports, with no guidance in English about what the heck was happening"
Cons: "直飞"
Pros: "All announcements in Chinese and English. They keep feeding you."
Cons: "Lots of checkpoints but hey. Why complain about them trying to keep us safe."
Pros: "Staff was friendly"
Pros: "The food was surprisingly good. I would have expected some of it from a restaurant, not an airline. The in-seat entertainment was functional and had a lot of things to watch and games to play."
Cons: "Nothing really. We have to keep in mind that an airline can only do so much to help us get through flights that are many hours long. This Xiamen flight was about as good as I can imagine a long international flight could be."
Cons: "XiamenAir lost one of my bags and has still not found it"
Pros: "Crew, comfort, food, entertainment."
Cons: "Boarding."
Pros: "no regards for customers"
Cons: "no regards for customers"
Pros: "I really liked the space in Business and the priority boardings in Asia. Worth every penny. Food was great. A lil slow on serving alcohol though. Very relaxing trip."
Cons: "Not much. Liked I mentioned, slow on serving the alcohol. You have to push to get a drink."
Pros: "Crew was super friendly, professional and excellent!"
Cons: "The 10 hour layover :("
Cons: "The flight was delayed due to air traffic control. Subsequently I missed my connecting flight -- Xiamen to Manila that evening and had to spend another night in China. Next flight out of Xiamen was 6pm, Nov 2. Xiamen ground staff was very helpful in booking me the option to fly China Southern to Guangzhou the night of Nov 1, stay for free in a hotel, and then take the 0835 morning China Southern flight from Guangzhou to Manila. It was difficult to identify the right people to speak with and get clear assistance and direction in both Xiamen and Guangzhou."
Pros: "Hostess"
Cons: "Xiamen airlines are horrible I will never fly them again. Phillipines airline was excellent"
Pros: "Overall Ok"
Cons: "They stole my laptop on board, and they cannot secure the thief even though we know who it was My bike bag was broken"
Pros: "Service in flight was great ! Meals were surprisingly tast and the seatback entertainment was well equipped for the 13 hour journey"
Cons: "Since the airline is so small, they don't schedule agents for check-in prior to a couple hours before boarding. That was a bit frustrating when we wanted to be at the gate early."
Pros: "Seat was great"
Cons: "Food was horrible, can be better"
Pros: "Great customer services On time Clean Everything was perfect . Also they didnt have more chicken food since i don’t eat pork so one of the flight attendent gave me her food so i could nt be starving . Thats was amazing from her . I dnt remember her name but just wanna say thank you"
Pros: "I liked the snacks serviced"
Pros: "The staff was very attentive."
Cons: "The food was mediocre"
Pros: "From the staff and everything was nice."
Cons: "The entertainment was very old movies and musics."
Pros: "On time flights"
Cons: "All was good"
Pros: "Overall I didn’t like the flight"
Cons: "Food,customer service,comfort and entertainment"
Cons: "Excellent service. Business class. 777. Very well worth the price."
Pros: "It was on time."
Cons: "None"
Cons: "There was a long wait to transit or transfer but besides that everything was great"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "aweful airport staff, worst food. would have been better riding a cattle truck"
Pros: "Everything was smooth."
Cons: "Custom sucks in China, slow and not efficient."
Pros: "Comfortable seats; friendly flight attendants"
Cons: "-Legroom Super poor -Food was terrible -Once you check in, they wont let you leave. -not worth rhe 100$ cheaper pricemark"
Pros: "Just do yourself a favor and sleep. Even though the flight is shorter they still give you a meal and a bottle of water which I found to be nice."
Cons: "Seats were definitely a lot more cramped and there was no sort of entertainment aside from the window or magazines (but then again, makes sense since the flight is a much shorter one)."
Cons: "the plane was downgraded from airbus 330 to boeing 737"
Pros: "Crew seemed friendly."
Cons: "Boarding was delayed 30 min. The attendant who spoke to me, spoke in clear English. The one giving the announcement, her pronunciation was not completely clear. For a routine speech like that, it should be well-rehearsed and clear."
Pros: "Our flight was just fine. The food was about what you'd expect on an airplane, the crew was friendly and helpful. I was surprised that we couldn't even turn our phones on during the flight, although this makes sense to me. Unfortunately, I had loaded up all my books on my phone and not my tablet. Overall, about what you'd expect and not deserving of the negative reviews I've seen."
Pros: "Price was cheap and I got to where I was going mostly on time. Food was fine. Most staff members are friendly."
Cons: "In addition to the issues I mentioned above, even though my flight back was practically empty, they would not let people move to exit rows without paying 1000 RMB extra, which was annoying."
Pros: "Departures and arrivals always on time. Staff on the counters were very friendly and courteous. Staff on the flights, excellent customer service oriented, specially the master flight attendant whom will accommodate any especial need to fit any passenger aboard ."
Cons: "People taking advantage of the great services the airline provide."
Pros: "Nothing about it"
Cons: "Rude staff in spite of paying almost close to Cathay Pacific, journey date was forcefully changed just days before traveling with a layover time of 16hours instead of the original plan of 3 hours so was forced to stay overnight at a shitty hotel provided by China Eastern, Check in baggage not handled at Kunming by staff, airport hotel not inside airport, but 20mins away in some dirty part of Kunming, not even in the city. Taxi from airport to and from hotel had no space for checkin baggage and they had to be kept on our laps. No food provided at hotel. Very discomforting experience overall."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for half an hour, and then waited in the plane for another three hours before take off. I guess a few hours of delay is normal when you fly in China. The passengers waited seating in the plane for more than 3 hours not knowing the reason of the delay nor when will it take off. There were no choice of meal. The meal was very basic and was with too authentic flavor and material. Rice was undercooked and compressed in rectangular shape probably by food producing machine. No individual grains can be seen. There were no individual monitors or entertainment available, but understandable, considering that it is a two and a half hour flight."
Pros: "Cabin service was awesome!"
Cons: "Food was quite poor."
Pros: "nothing, bad food, small uncomfortable seats"
Cons: "nothing, bad food, small uncomfortable seats was not compensated for a whole day spent stuck in pudong airport, with no timeframe for delay given, so we had to stay in the airport. 6 hours in the airport, then 2.5 hours waiting ON THE AIRPLANE"
Pros: "Service was nice, quick"
Cons: "Not very good meals"
Cons: "Was not allowed to board because we were military and denied boarding because we did not have passports"
Pros: "It was the best airplane food I have ever had, service was good"
Cons: "No phone policy is a huge con and will probably make me avoid China Eastern in my future, and this particular plane wasn't too comfy"
Pros: "I made a friend"
Cons: "I lost a friend"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing ... all went well"
Pros: "there was room to sit"
Cons: "One of the crew started getting upset with me for needing water."
Cons: "Because of flight delays a connecting flight left me behind, making this a 36-hour trip. Nothing can compensate for the agony that caused."
Cons: "Vegetarian options should be included in meals. I wish there were more movie options,l."
Pros: "The plane from LAX to Shanghai-Pudong was very nice and modern. It was a Boeing 777-300ER and was pretty comfortable in economy class with individual monitors behind each headrest. The entertainment on board was very good. The food was mediocre at best, but for the price point I have absolutely no regrets. The stewardess that was in our section was very cold but not unfriendly. We had a brief layover in Shanghai before heading to Seoul Incheon. The plane from Shanghai to Seoul was an older Airbus 330. It was pretty outdated and my armrest next to the window seat was actually half missing. Overall though, I was pleasantly surprised that they served a meal on the fight, and the flight attendants on this fight were much more friendlier than the previous international route. One recommendation is that China Eastern not post the production date on their bread rolls. There was a Korean passenger in front of me who thought the bread was expired and it caused a commotion on the plane. I was very impressed by how the attendants handled the situation. They were very friendly and even the head flight attendant came by to apologize although it was not needed."
Cons: "Cold flight attendants. The attendants did their jobs, but I felt like they were there to collect their paychecks not to provide world class service or be friendly. (LAX to Shanghai) Very spotty Wi-Fi in Shanghai (not the airlines fault). Food was not memorable. I was missing a large piece of my armrest from Shanghai to Seoul."
Cons: "i took china eastern airline couple of times. There is always a delay. This is frustrating since I want to get home ASAP."
Pros: "China Eastern came in several hundred dollars less than the competition for our roundtrip international flights from NYC to Bangkok via Shanghai. Because of this, we were naturally a bit worried. China Eastern did not disappoint. Their check in process and boarding process is a bit lengthy; however, we boarded seamlessly and were able to be as comfortable as possible during our 15 hour flights. 3 meals were served in this time period, and a pillow and blanket and earphones were provided. There was never a long line for the toilets, and there was an ample selection of movies on the entertainment front. Overall, would use China Eastern again for our international travels to Asia."
Cons: "Other patrons were pushy/pissy, but you cannot please everyone. Look at other reviews, for example :)"
Pros: "No hand soap in any restroom.food is bad .after 20 min your meal then they server dinner roll ?"
Pros: "I liked the movies"
Cons: "We sat boarded, buckled and not moving for over an hour without any info on why we are not taking off - at the least the crew could have told us there was a delay or said we could move around or let us to go the bathrooms."
Pros: "The flight crew on this flight was extemely professional."
Cons: "Waiting over an hour to get a boarding pass. Pudong staff behaves like prison guards. Its so horrible that its comical."
Pros: "For the most part the flight was everything I hope it would be. No major complaints."
Cons: "Might flight was delayed by an hour, which was not too bad. We were kept waiting at the bottom of the stair, while standing on the runway at the plane. Were told flight was delayed do to wind, but we could see other flights taking off. Thought we were going to be taken back to the waiting area, but fortunately someone finally got the bright idea to let us just wait on board the plane. We all boarded and placed our carry on items overhead. Sat on the plane for about 40 minutes. Then an additional maybe 20 or 30 passengers boarded, who had not at the gate at boarding time. This was probably the REAL reason the flight was delayed."
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Phones not allowed to be on in flight, even in airplane mode Battery packs not allowed to be on in flight, no charging"
Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable and food was awful. I had rice and fish and had to literally put butter on the rice so that itll taste like something. Yuck! Second flight was delayed. Same two movies for the 4 flights all in chinese, the subtitles were too small and no english audio."
Pros: "The food was pretty good. Except for one flight that served a sandwich filled with mayonnaise. The take off and landing from SF to Shanghai was pretty good. I couldn't feel them, so the pilot was excellent."
Cons: "Nobody there speaks ENGLISH! It was so bad! And staffs would try to ignore you since they couldn't speak English. I don't know how I got through this flight. But I would not recommend for anyone who has never flown with this airline, and does not speak Chinese. Also, I was constipated when I got to my second flight change bc of the little water that was provided on the plane."
Pros: "The food was good, the flight was smooth"
Cons: "Boarding was slow and one (maybe new?) flight attendant kept slipping up."
Pros: "The entertainment was good. Food from SFO to Shanghai was better than Shanghai to Toronto."
Cons: "On our flight from Shanghai to Toronto (September 27th, 2016 @ 12pm - flight MU207) was total madness. A lot of the passengers were out of control. I've never seen anything like it. The amount of people walking around were unbelievable. People were playing cards, doing jumping jacks and tai chi around the emergency exit. None of the flight attendants tried to control the crowd nor informed them that they shouldn't be doing that by the emergency door. We had to inform the flight attendants of what was going on while they were hanging it or doing whatever they were doing in their own area. If that wasn't stressful enough, the passenger behind me started punching my seat and shaking my headrest multiple times because he wasn't happy that I had my chair reclined. EVERYONE HAD THEIR CHAIR RECLINED. We called the flight attendant and she apologized for what the man had done instead of putting him in his place and him apologizing for what he did because not long after she left he did the same thing! I've never experienced such a horrible flight and I've been on over 20+ flights just this year. China Eastern really needs to train their flight attendants better and teach them how to manage passengers when they are out of control. I've never written any reviews before but this was just such a terrible experience that I needed to leave this review."
Pros: "New planes."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "There were clearly ATC delays at Pudong but it us not the habit of Chinese airlines to keep passengers updated. A frustrating hour on board."
Cons: "No info"
Cons: "Flight was delayed one hour - no announcements were made, no notifications for the customers, no apologies. Very unprofessional on many levels."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for almost half day without any explanation. No customer service available. Will not take any flight of China Eastern!!"
Cons: "Company website does not work and cannont do check in ahead of time."
Pros: "Food was OK"
Cons: "Flight attendants barely speaks English. Difficult communication. On the top of it, the PVG airport was closed and we had to land in Xiamen. They kept us 3hours inside the plain"
Pros: "Food and drink was plentiful and good. Seats were roomier than expected. Entertainment options were great."
Pros: "The crews were amazing, quick services."
Cons: "The transfer waiting time is too long, 7-9 hours. The plane took off and landing were a little rough."
Cons: "I've found China Eastern to be much better than adequate. I have yet to encounter any of the negative things pointed out in so many on- line reviews (though their website is deeply into the realm of dysfunctional). The planes are clean and new, flight attendants are austere but attentive."
Cons: "Food, movoes"
Cons: "Airline service was bad."
Pros: "Take off was reasonably on time."
Cons: "The plane was so old that is still had cigarette holders in the armrests. Exit row seats did not decline, which had for a back-aching 5 hour flight."
Cons: "There was no in-flight entertainment"
Pros: "Crew are speedy, serious, efficient, friendly and professional"
Cons: "Breakfast was unhealthy- bread, muffin, crackers..,no nutritional value."
Pros: "Being fed twice was nice. Good selection of movies."
Cons: "Food was not so good. Was no vegetarian option so pack ahead if you are vegetarian/vegan."
Pros: "Brought me back safely"
Cons: "The flight got pushed back 6 hours! I almost missed the train to my hotel when I finally landed."
Pros: "Check-in and boarding were hassle-free and efficient. The staff was friendly and accommodating. Food was passable, and attendants were quick to refill water and other drinks."
Cons: "Upon arrival in PVG, CEA representative met me and gave 2 meal vouchers even though I was supposed to receive a hotel for the 20 hour layover. She denied that any hotel was supposed to be provided and told me to go talk to the transfer counter, despite it being obvious that no one was at the counter. All CEA counters in the airport were in fact closed because it was 1am, and the best the phone hotline could do was verify my reservation but tell me that since all their employees had gone home there was no one in the airport they could reach. They suggested I “quickly look around” the airport to see if I might find a CEA employee to show the reservation to. I ended paying for what turned out to be a horribly dirty motel for the night. Will definitely be avoiding CEA in the future. Also, plane smelled like people were smoking on board."
Pros: "Boarded well."
Cons: "A three hour flight should have TV's for entertainment."
Pros: "The flight was pretty much on time. Only one hour late. My expectations are pretty low with this airline now."
Cons: "Plane was so old there were no TV’s. Five hour flight should have some form of entertainment. The snippy flight attendants yelling at the small children who have to use the bathroom when the attendant doesn’t think it’s the right time was not entertaining at all. Is the snippy attendant a China Eastern thing or an anorexic ex-model who has to earn a dime any way they can? So rude."
Pros: "We had heard terrible reviews but overall they were great! We didn't run into any delays. One leg they moved us to another flight (2 hours later) but they paid us $150 each... which was awesome."
Cons: "Food was terrible but we had heard that and carried our meals on, plus snacks."
Pros: "I liked the plane comfort and food and the fact that they serve some thng evry few hours. Theyre diligent about coming around with water to keep you hydrated. In flight entertainment is pretty good too."
Cons: "They changed our connecting flight several times causing us to miss our connecting flight. I tried to resolved this over the phone but they keep reassuring me that the connection would be fine. Of course we missed our flight and the next one wasnt for 24hrs. They put us in a hotel that barely had heat after hours of waiting for answer on what the next step was. They constantly move flights so theres no assurance you would ever catch your connecting flight. If you're booking with them make sure you have at least 4 hrs to layover to avoid these issues."
Cons: "having to walk out siside to get on the bus to the plane and then from the bus to the airoplane while it was cold and snow caused me to cache a bad cold...would be better if that could be avoided..."
Pros: "Fast boarding. Crew was nice"
Cons: "Only water for drinks. One movie played for the whole plane. Food was not great"
Pros: "China needs a lot more development in service area"
Cons: "This flight very old and no flat screen and no usb charging"
Pros: "Had a perfectly fine experience flying China Eastern. The staff was pleasant and helpful. My seat was comfortable. And the plane took off and landed on time. After reading negative reviews, I had low expectations for my CE flights. Glad that they were beat!"
Cons: "The food way okay, but I wasn't expecting much because airline food is alaways just okay."
Pros: "Small seats uncomfortable Too hard, No entertainment"
Cons: "Seats very uncomfortable"
Pros: "I was able to upgrade to sky priority and tot business class. Saved me a lot of time and to not have to stand in line. Great service over all."
Cons: "The airport did not have a kiosk which was not convenient and created log lines for check in."
Pros: "Average airline with weird twists. They showed cat videos on the common screen above the middle row - over and over again. Then movie trailers - over and over again. It was funny at first, then got really old....it was a at least a 10 hour flight....ug. Food was okay. Staff were good. More leg room than I was used to on American type airlines. But it was okay...."
Cons: "Seats we're a bit small"
Pros: "Need aircraft like this one On Honolulu flight"
Cons: "All okay"
Cons: "When updating flight info they only spoke Chinese in a new York airport. Complained to tsa they said it's not their jurisdiction. Tsa employees caught 0 terrorists so far tsa agents were arrested over 800 times mostly for theft. Therefore tsa = terrorists. Get rid of them they are the terrorists just like the gop Guardians of Putin party."
Pros: "Everything was great!"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "Its been a week and still no refund I bought a ticket that needed a visa for a 2 hour layover. china eastern is puckered butt hole filled with fried pork"
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "China Eastern Airlines returned baggage in transit airport."
Pros: "nothing i am not a fan of this airline and the only positive is i will never have to fly with them again."
Cons: "The food was awful, the service was awful the flight attendants would purposely stop and tell me to turn my phone off even though everyone else had theirs on. My flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai involved sitting on the tarmac for 5 hours creating an incredibly horrible experience and forcing me to miss my flight back to Tokyo. When i finally arrived at shanghai the workers yelled at me saying i missed my flight i had to explain to them multiple times that my flight was delayed. When they finally found out it was delayed they gave me a flight the next morning and a free night in a crappy hotel. Will never fly again"
Pros: "Terrible customer service, old plane still had ashtrays, served warm coke with no ice, food was shockingly bad, raw onion and squid salad, searched 3 times in communist china, no air conditioning in main terminal in Shanghai, crew was rude. Etc. etc"
Cons: "Terrible food. Bad customer service, old plane, power points broken, rude flight attendants, no air conditioning in main terminal in Shanghai- worst flying experience of my life."
Pros: "The food and nice service"
Cons: "The flight delay out of Shanghai"
Pros: "What good is about flight departure is on time , Flight is not delay like other times. It's unbelievable"
Cons: "Cebin Crew from the ground and on the plane are rude, not nice , yell and not welcome. Food is one choice, dry, no qulaity, smell bad with rice. Entertainment with 8" Monitor of cinema for share ."
Cons: "Worst food I've ever had."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats, butt hurts after a while. Seat heads didn't adjust at all, so even harder to sleep comfortably."
Pros: "I had a connecting flight from Hk to Tel Aviv. Ground crew beef ore take off and air crew in air assured me that I would make the el al flight scheduled to take off at 9 pm. We landed at hk at 8.20 pm. Although I was front of the passengers to get off, it took 10 mins for the door to open, I had to wait on the regulnar bus to get to terminal and when we did get there, at 8.40 pm the ground hostess told me that I had missed my plane and they had other arrangements for me."
Cons: "By the delay I had to stay in honk kong for two days. El al does not fly on Friday. Shanghai air put me ina hotel and agreed to pay for one night only. The 2nd night cost US $310 which I had to pay!"
Pros: "Comfortable seats, legroom, I'm over six feed. Staff was great."
Cons: "Food was just snacks. Flight was only four hours. No personal entertainment. They did play a movie however with English subtitles. Plane was delayed indefinitely, then, took off immediately. Almost went tonthge bathroom and missed boarding."
Cons: "Chinese airlines often keep the interior beyond 22 C inside. This flight was no exception. It felt closer to 25-28 C which was uncomfortable for me as a westerner but it did not seem to be uncomfortable for the Chinese on the plane."
Pros: "I like that we got a snack it wasn't much but it was okay"
Cons: "They couldn't check my baggage through to Calgary so I had to pick it up at the Shanghia Airport which was a massive hassle! Making my trip far more difficult then it needed to be. Also there were no movies or any type of entertainment."
Pros: "Overbooked - diverted to Thai Airlines."
Pros: "Service overall was good but the experience was lacking in some areas. The seating was fine but entertainment selection was really limited. The wifi didn't really work or was so slow you couldn't open anything. Meal selections and snacks were just ok. There was really nothing on the menus that were spectacular. Headphones and things like that were cheap and not really any better then economy. Lay flat was what was important to me and the price was really good but knowing now what I know would pay more for a better carrier with better business class amenities."
Cons: "They lost my luggage, told me they couldn't find it for days and that they weren't responsible for returning it to me, and they gave me no stipend to buy soap, toothpaste etc so I had to cover all these expenses myself during the 2 days until I finally got my bag back."
Cons: "Bagged food."
Cons: "Shanghai Airline knew that my flight will connect with Hainan airline, but Shanghai airline required us to pickup our baggage at PVG terminal 1. It took us too many time and labor to wait for baggage and bring them to terminal 2 (PVG does not allow customers use baggage car between terminal 1 and terminal 2."
Pros: "Seats"
Pros: "Flight was diverted to a different city due to weather in Shanghai. They kept us on the plane for hours with no food, water, or toilet paper. After we got out took another 2 hours to get the luggage. Nobody provided much of the information. Never again on this airline"
Pros: "Muy buen vuelo lastima que salió con una hora de atraso"
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