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July Best time to beat the crowds with an average 3% drop in price.

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Pros: "JetBlue gave each passenger a $150 credit"
Cons: "The plane was delayed by 5.5 hours. We had a 6:45 pm reservation that didn't leave till 12:15 AM. We got home Monday morning at 4 am. Normally it wouldn't be "terrible" but my son was starting a new position that Monday. I learned my lesson, don't book the last flight out. I just don't understand why they didn't get new equipment and a new crew sooner. As it was they had to fly in a different plane in and flew up a crew from Ft. Lauderdale who flew us home to Ft. Lauderdale. I'm still not sure what caused this problem."

Pros: "No food for 11:30 flight - even though it was lunch time. snacks are "fair" at best Ontime seats and space are fine"
Cons: "very limited TV and movies ... other airlines are better ..."

Pros: "jet blue staff are generally friendly and flight was comfortable"
Cons: "Delayed an hour and boarding process is unorganized"

Pros: "Boarding at Cartagena was perfect, crew very friendly, courteous and fast. Crew on board was mostly good, one particularly friendly and helpful. We took off on time and arrived in FLL early."
Cons: "On board the seat recline and TV buttons were all broken. Seat was very uncomfortable. A lot of advertising on the TV that couldn't be changed and also by the crew before disembarking. Some crew members seemed to not want to be there."

Pros: "Flight was good and service above average"

Cons: "They information re the baggage was incorrect"

Pros: "Flight was very smooth even though we flew through some tubalence - very good pilot."
Cons: "Flight was delayed twice. The boarding took a long time and we ran into overtime. The boarding staff members seem to have no urgency in boarding customers on an already delayed flight. Very mediocre."

Pros: "On time and great food and service"

Cons: "We had mechanical problems prior to take off. Our flight was delayed for a couple of hours. Once inside the aircraft, we were kept there for an additional 2 1/2 hours before take off. We landed in Fort Lauderdale 5 hours later than the scheduled time. We got home at 5:00 AM. Unexeptable!!!!!!"

Pros: "Amazing !"
Cons: "No complains !"

Cons: "The delay and the fact that I had to pay extra for an under pound suitcase."

Cons: "Flight was cancelled with no explanation why"

Pros: "Not Much. Worst airline I have ever flown on."
Cons: "Food was a bag of chips. No in flight movies. Flight was delayed several hours."

Pros: "Very good!"

Pros: "One crew member who was patient enough to take care of me"
Cons: "Little entertainment and 5 hours delayed, plus the Colombian officers were so dump to select me for a revision of my hand luggages just before I'm birding my flight...the had 5 hours to do that and they do it minutes before I board, wrong timing, that's stupid!!"

Pros: "TV SYSTEMS were not working"
Cons: "Emergency row was very spacious"

Cons: "My flight got delayed 4 times"

Pros: "Everything was fantastic!!"

Pros: "The leg room and stretch out was good. Seat was comfy The crew was very attentive and supportive. Pilot was informative"
Cons: "Some of the snacks could be more healthy There was a take off delay (mechanical) which was only explained when solved"

Pros: "Most flight attendants were friendly. Food and entertainment were great."
Cons: "One of the male flight attendants was rude to me as I was politely trying to get to the bathroom. Flight was delayed and there was no reason given to us."

Pros: "On time departure and early arrival. Roomy seats."

Pros: "The customer service was great. They compensated me for the delay. The seats were spacious."
Cons: "A 6 hour flight delay. Luckily me for my connecting flight wasn't until the following afternoon. Had it been earlier I would have been extremely upset because it could have derailed my entire travel plans."

Pros: "Free wifi!"

Pros: "The flight itself was too bumpy and scary"

Pros: "Everything was perfect I will recommend people to use JetBlue"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "great everything. on time. easy check in. great service."

Pros: "Smooth flying of the plane. Customer service"

Cons: "Flight was delayed more than 6 hours and we missed the connection. The only alternative offered was the same flight 2 days later. To avoid similar risk we went to FLL on the delayed flight, but we were responsible for transportation and hotel for 2 days! Understandable that they can't control the weather, but no excuse for forcing us to stay or paying extra."

Pros: "Love jet blue. Everyone is extremely nice, professional, attentive and helpful. Best leg room, comfortable seats."
Cons: "Delayed!"

Pros: "The plane"
Cons: "That they lost my suitcase on my trip to Nashville for 30 hours I was going to a party and had no clothes to wear"

Cons: "Did not have anywhere for me to hang my suit like on other jets. had to fold and use overhead bin which caused m y suit to wrinkle"

Cons: "International fly without food, what a shame!!"

Pros: "Flight attendant and crew were pleasant"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "The flight was smooth and comfortable, flight attendants nice and helpful. And the seats are more spacious than other airlines"
Cons: "The flight was over 2 hours delayed but they kept us informed throughout the wait via text and email"

Pros: "Seats are comfy, plane was clean. Don't really have anything else to say."
Cons: "They never bothered to put our bags on the plane. Gate checked, and they just never put them on the plane. Then we had terrible customer service from the baggage service crew, it was unacceptable. The lack of care they showed really says a lot about the airline."

Pros: "How easy it was to go to the airport, security and boarding."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The crew was very funny and nice. They handed out healthy snacks, not just cookies and crackers and being able to watch th during flight helped the time pass"
Cons: "i just didn't like that you had to pay for anything extra.. if you wanted a blanket, headset, food or some drinks. Just seemed like a little much"

Pros: "I do like the extra legroom option, but only in the aisle seats"
Cons: "Yeah. Being seated in a window seat was not a comfortable experience, seated alongside two other large people, despite the extra legroom option. Also the movie/entertainment system did not work until the final third of the film."

Pros: "Nothing"

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "You cancelled my flight and left me stranded. Extended my day and caused me a lot of aggravation. I will never fly Jet Blue again. You did this for your convenience as the flight was not full."

Pros: "Smooth flight"

Pros: "Seating was spacious in 4A, and I am a larger than average person. Loved the Terra Chips for a snack! Generously gave me the whole can of Coke Zero, where some airlines dole drinks out in half can servings. Left and arrived on time."
Cons: "There was some entertainment at Ft Lauderdale Airport when we arrived. The person who knew how to drive the bridge between aircraft and terminal was not there. Someone pitched in and rammed the aircraft around 4 times, trying to make a good connection."

Cons: "Tsa precheck line was long and then the"

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "I like the fact that you had the option between movies n seeing the ruth path we were traveling."
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that I didn't get a cook meal worst the fact that the flight delayed for such a long time. We should be more prepared for the fare we paid. I also didn't like the fact after paying that fair you still have to pay for the checked on bag. I believe we sould have at least get one bag checked on and then pay for any additional bags checking on."

Pros: "Service and friendly staff"

Pros: "Seat was ok"
Cons: "Flight delayed, airport waiting room congested, I had to pay 200 extra to find seats together, flight location on monitor not working"

Pros: "Boarding was on time and done without problems."
Cons: "Space is very limited, me and my partner seats were appart."

Pros: "The best flight ever, the crew, the attention, the flight, everithing great! Even the snacks!"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Quick boarding process! Everything was on time as estimated."

Pros: "The entertainment"
Cons: "Departure times"

Pros: "The crew was amazing"
Cons: "Other travellers where rude"

Cons: "Just hate the super smaller seats and the reduced spaces everywhere"

Pros: "The crew was amazing, the seats were super comfortable, entertainment was great, lots of movies to choose from. Also they handed out a lot of great snacks"

Cons: "The delay was totally unexpected and frustrating particularly when no bad weather around!"

Pros: "The crew was great."
Cons: "The flight and crew were great. But I was not able to choose my seat because I purchased an economy flight. I was very uncomfortable. But I was luck that that people that were sitting with me were great."

Pros: "The crew was so nice especially the man who came to thank me for keeping my body out of the way of those who were serving and those using the bathroom. My husband an I were in the last row. He offered me a free drink, which I didn’t accept but I felt so good."

Pros: "The crew was amazing. My seat was comfortable."
Cons: "The plane was delayed. It arrived over 25 minutes after it was originally scheduled to."

Cons: "Flight was delayed due to crew not being available."

Pros: "While biased since I was in First class, everything was enjoyable and as expected of a first class experience. The free Wi-Fi on this flight made it extra special- can’t wait until its standard on all flights!!"
Cons: "Only real complaint is that Delta doesn’t seem to restrict size of bags taken as carry on and the time wasted but some trying to squeeze their obviously oversized bags into overhead compartments is painful."

Cons: "Passengers should have the option to ask for additional snacks."

Pros: "Crew was friendly and graciously got the hot tea I wanted."

Cons: "Seats were a little tight."

Pros: "On time."

Cons: "Friday when I supposed to depart at 7:21 am my flight was delayed to 6:00 pm and yesterday when I supposed to depart from New York at 7:21 pm my flight was delayed until 11:20 pm was horrible! I never again i would took Delta because I call a day before my departure to see if they would help me changing my flight by morning and they couldn’t they told me that i have to pay $300 dollars."

Pros: "Everything in 1 class"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Snacks and drinks were yummy and very appreciated. Entertainment was great. Tons of shows and movies and all for free. There was also free iMessage only WiFi which was enjoyed while messaging friends and loved ones while in the air."
Cons: "For the amount of passengers boarding, they started the boarding process way too late which resulting in a delay taking off. The entire boarding process felt sloppy, disorganized, and hectic. They allowed passengers to board that were seated at the end of the plane while some 1 was boarding, causing tons of congestion. The boarding process was the slowest I have ever experienced in all the flights I’ve been on. The crew was ok, but slightly snappy/rude like typical New Yorkers. The flight from ft. Lauderdale to New York was much more pleasant."

Pros: "Quick, safe flight. Very good pilot."
Cons: "In flight entertainment did not work at all during the 2.5 hour flight. Was very disappointed."

Pros: "The welcoming and kindness of flight attendants and staff"
Cons: "That headsets are not free and the leg space seemed tighter than usual"

Pros: "I like Delta's onboard entertainment, Delta Studio. I also like that I can use wifi messaging onboard. The flight attendants did an excellent job as usual. I was in First Class so that was nice. I like the ice cream for dessert. I like the snack variety in First Class."
Cons: "For first class the seat pitch is not great. I had a steak, it was dry. The rest of the meal was OK."

Pros: "Early arrival!"
Cons: "Didn’t know that I didn’t have a window on the row I was on"

Cons: "When the passenger in front reclines their seat it was in my face The legroom wasn’t terrible but I had a hard time even reading since it was so close"

Cons: "The two hour delay"

Pros: "Aircraft appeared to be brand new"

Pros: "I always enjoy my flights on Delta the staff members are always pleasant and helpful, not to mention a smooth flight. :)"

Pros: "Great crew"

Pros: "Staff"
Cons: "I was not aware, when I picked my seat, that we were ahead of the Emergency Exit. My seat was extremely uncomfortable."

Pros: "Everything went wonderful. Excellent crew"
Cons: "No problems"

Pros: "Delta made sure my husband and I had seats together and my husband was thrilled to have a window seat. We took off and arrived earlier than scheduled."
Cons: "Everything was perfect. Nothing negative to report."

Pros: "New Plane - super roomy great selections of movies to watch for free on the TV!"

Pros: "We made it safe."
Cons: "The constant delays. And nothing was done about it. Not even we're sorry. Here's a voucher. Or here's something on us due to the circumstances."

Pros: "Everything went smoothly boarding etc."
Cons: "Because of packed flight many of us had to check our luggage. Not horrible, but slightly annoying. As well as taking a long time to de-plane."

Pros: "The long delay could of been avoided if the Delta counter had lied to me by saying I wouldn't have a problem changing my flight out early once I got into NYC from China Not a happy Delta customer There were delays and no compensation"

Pros: "Delta Comfort seats"
Cons: "Shuttle driver stopped to talk to a friend thus making me late snd missed my connecton. Rude agents at gate and when I called and spoke to a Delta representative, was told that they would have never put me on that flight due to short connection time. To which I replied that thet is an issue between Delta and their business withthe booking site and the customer should not be to blame"

Pros: "Delta Comfort seats"
Cons: "Delta employee who drive shuttle to connection stopped to drop off a passenger and proceed to chat w other workers thereby getting me to my gate late and missing my connection and getting me to Florida almost 3 hours later than planned. Agents at desk in JFK were rude. There was another Delta employee also on the shuttle who was the only one who seemed to show concern. He alerted the driver, called the boarding gate and led me to it."

Cons: "Out of all the airlines I have flown, this was quite disorganized in my opinion. The fact that I was not able to select a seat, nor did I have one assigned to me until prior to an hour before boarding, gave me a bit of anxiety. I don't think it's fair to take away this option to those that get the "cheap, standard" tickets."

Cons: "Amazing"

Cons: "They were rude and notnhelpful lost my luggage"

Pros: "Overall it was good"

Pros: "Boarding time and schedules were as expected or faster and other than the food incident, good attention from the flight crew."
Cons: "No choice during for lunch since the flight crew didn't have enough meals to cover the preferences of the first class travelers."

Pros: "I felt the entire flight crew was there to make my trip more pleasant. The plane was new and had free video and usb outlets to charge my devices."
Cons: "Nothing, truly an excellent experience."

Cons: "Completely threw our afternoon plans and next day on their head because of the flight delays. Not cool."

Cons: "Flying from Sydney Australia and this being the final segment, Delta lost my luggage with no explanation as to why. It made it around the world only to get lost on the shortest segment. A real pain after 21 hours of flying to be delayed late at night by airline. No offer for compensation."

Pros: "The new plane was great. TV's on each seat back w/ great entertainment options"
Cons: "Flight was scheduled to leave early, the plane arrived, but they couldn't turn the plane around fast enough. We left the gat late, then pilot said we would still be arriving half an hour early. We arrived about 45 minutes late, and that was a problem because our connecting flight was due to depart now in 15 minutes. Lightning forced the airport to shutdown, which was great, we had a chance to catch our flight, but we were stuck in the airplane, and we couldn't get to our gate until the all-clear. I know this is not Delta's fault, but they did arrive quite late on a flight that, according to them, would be early. They also never communicated to the other flight that there were several passengers catching that connection. So by the time we had ran to catch our connection they had closed the ramp. Lightning hit again, and they shutdown the airport once again, so the airplane was still at the gate for about an hour, and they did not allow the 20+ passengers to board that plane, which was right there. So frustrating. The only thing that saved it was that our new flight was the new airbus, and although it left an hour and a half later, the comfort level was phenomenal."

Pros: "Really surprised to see that Deltas new 737's had free in seat entertainment."
Cons: "Boarding was a little awkward."

Cons: "Old plane Zero entertainment First class seats worn thin and uncomfortable. I've been flying AA quite a bit lately and thought I'd give Delta another try. Too bad, it's clearly not up to today's standards"

Pros: "flight itself was fine"
Cons: "When we arrived in LGA, the luggage conveyor belt was broken and luggage was piled up and driven to another terminal. As a result half of our luggage did not arrive on our flight but arrived on subsequent flight. However, one bag was nowhere to be found and Delta staff could not clarify the issue. They did find it next day and delivered to the FLL airport, but we had to get a cab and go to the airport to pick-up as we could not take a chance of it not making it to us before the cruise departure. I am extremely disappointed"

Cons: "There was no dinner service in first class!"

Cons: "I wasn't able to choose my seat even though I bought my ticket a while back. Seat assignments were given at the gate and we were never given a real reason for this. I ended up in a middle seat sandwiched between people, and the man at the end slept the entire time, making it difficult to get up and walk around which I need to do as I am prone to DVTs."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Dominica to Florida

Airlines flying from Dominica to Florida have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Dominica to Florida

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Dominica to Florida

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Dominica to Florida

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Dominica to Florida

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