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August Best time to beat the crowds with an average 2% drop in price.

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June Most popular time to fly with an average 3% increase in price.

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$1,019 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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$446 or less

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

American Airlines
Overall score based on 44,799 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "comfortable"
Cons: "boarding delay, we must arrived at 13:48hrs, but our flight return to miami due to problems in navigation, we have to await at airport and arrived at Guatemala at 18:30hrs."

Cons: "AA needs to be more prepared than delaying"

Pros: "Crew was very helpful. I volunteered to move so a mother could sit next to her 4 1/2 year old daughter. The flight attendant found me a seat with no other passenger. She also comped by glass of wine."
Cons: "I wish the flight was a bit longer so I could eat a bit."

Pros: "They got me home eventually"
Cons: "Timeliness was awful. Late crew delayed the flight 50 min. Then ripped cargo net resulted in cargo shift."

Cons: "No deberían cojerse los artículos personales de los pasajeros"

Pros: "Overall is a good flight"
Cons: "seats"

Cons: "Flight delays twice coming out of Augusta. Barely made connection otherwise flight was ok"

Pros: "They weee calm dealing with angry passengers."
Cons: "Leave on time. Nearly 3 hours late. Horrible."

Pros: "Width of the seat is nice"
Cons: "Boarding process is not great and delays while already boarded are terribly frustrating"

Pros: "Worst flight of my life"
Cons: "The crew was rude, the entertainment system was broken, there was 0 leg room, and it took hitting the call button 4 times to get water after beverage service (the second time they walked up, turned it off and walked away). I vowed to never fly American again after this flight."

Pros: "The flight was probably one of the worst I've ever taken. The seats and aisles are so narrow. You had to walk side ways to get down the aisles. Very uncomfortable flight. It was so bad I had to upgrade to first class on the return flight because I just couldn't bear it again. I was not happy ."

Cons: "Commuter jet boarding at DCA is going to stink until the new terminal is completed. Just is."

Pros: "Free tv which is rare"
Cons: "I had selected my seats ahead of time and they weren’t kept. Day of I tried to buy a seat and it told me there were tech issues and I had to go to a front desk to check in/purchase. Well all that got me was the very last row, middle seat. No recline and seriously no leg room or breathing room once the person in the row ahead leans back. Crew was not helpful. Not to mention, the security line was outrageously long and I got to my flight just before it left only to find out my seating arrangement and be presented with more disappointment. Took over an hour where I’ve never waited more than 20 minutes in this airport (I fly often). Didn’t have time to go to BR or grab a snack Then my second flight was (again another middle seat) way too warm. The attendants said “there’s nothing we can do”. I was so nauseous and uncomfortable the whole time."

Pros: "Boarding was fairly quick, and improvement has been made with people waiting for their boarding group to be called from crowding the boarding line. The crew was friendly and accommodating."
Cons: "Several seat changes had to be made, but it all worked out."

Pros: "Leaving that airplane 8 hours after expected."
Cons: "The fact that I was delayed twice, given false information, had to wait to board because a flight attendant was late for her shift and then had to run from terminal to terminal to find my flight on my own because no representative could help me or show up."

Pros: "I got there on time and they didn't lose my luggage."
Cons: "The planes are too cramped, costs are too high, staff just love pointing out a carry on isn't a carry on even though it's sold as one and fits in every other airline's definition of one. Boarding process is ridiculous."

Pros: "I took my girlfriend on her first airplane ride! The flight was bumpless from wheels to wheels. The Pilots did a fantastic job! Thank you so much for a remarkable first plane trip! THEN!!!! The have Buffalo Trace Bourbon! I mean.... what else do you need ?!"

Pros: "I found the crew to be nice and friendly and the breakfast was good."
Cons: "It seems like American Airlines has lived up to its reputation. More seats in a plane and less comfort. On top of that, the entertainment system has not been upgraded since the 70's. TV monitors in the middle and everyone has to watch the same thing. Of course, the sound system did not work for one entire side of the plane so I could only watch the movie and not hear it. If you are not going to have individual monitors for each seat, allow your passengers to what from their mobil devises like almost all other airlines are doing."

Cons: "Food was terrible and the audio was broken for the entire plane and couldn't watch the movie they played on the flight."

Pros: "Newer seating configuration on A321. Decent leg room."
Cons: "Crew claimed turbulence prevented in-flight service. Also couldn’t use GoGo WiFi from either of my iPhones. Disappointing, unremarkable flight."

Cons: "Past was dry... It was the first time but changed my experience"

Pros: "Food, cleanliness"

Pros: "We didn't crash"
Cons: "The crew met their requirements. I dont think you’ll survive they dont go beyond."

Cons: "Had to wait 4 hours inside a tiny plane while taxing in DCA before taking off. Crew offered water just once during this 4 hr delay inside a plane. The flight was supposed to be 45 min so most of the passengers weren't prepared for it. Terrible. Most of the people on the plane lost their connections."

Pros: "CRJ 900s have more leg room than expected"

Cons: "My flight was delayed. I felt lucky when they gave me a place in a plane leaving 1 hour earlier. But that flight was delayed twice because of mechanical problems: the first time we had to go back to the gate and the second time we stayed on the runway just before take off Not enough room in overhead bins. They asked people to check small suitcase or bag."

Pros: "I was in Business class and had some room to spread out."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by almost three hours. Crew provided NO service, but it was a late flight."

Pros: "I am happy to have made it to my final destination."
Cons: "This was a disappointing experience to say the very least. The boarding process in Quito was chaotic to say the least. The AA staff did not make an effort to maintain any kind of order. My husband and I are both enrolled in the AA frequent flyer program and had at least 6 people cut in front of us while on-line. When we finally approached the AA representative, Dayana Gómez, She was rude and not helpful. Our seats on the UIO-Dallas flight did not even recline. We sat completely upright for the duration of the 6 hour overnight night flight into Dallas."

Cons: "American refused to board me becouse LAN did not send the reservation to AA system. Flight was full and AA did not even talk with me about what to do. They just unloaded my bag allready checked to MIA.. After two hours standing at LAN counter they changed my flight to Lima and than to Miami. I came to Miami 12 hours late, very disappointed by this service. According to AA my ticket was never confirmed by the airline !! How can you sell it to customer ??"

Pros: "The crew was incredibly helpful and friendly, the seats are so comfortable and the free tv is such a perk!"
Cons: "I wish the flight crew could more strongly enforce the storage issue. When I have to check my bag, adding another 40 mins to my airport experience, because someone puts their purse in the overhead storage it peeves me a bit."

Pros: "Little"
Cons: "Mechanical issues, late late late, bad communication, no apologies or compensation for huge waste of time."

Cons: "Completely ignored for beverage service"

Cons: "Poor communication Delays -3 hrs"

Pros: "Great flight on time for a change! Landing was flawless on the way back although delayed a few minutes"
Cons: "Mosquitos in Cuba!"

Cons: "When I arrived in Kingston after a long day of traveling only ONE of my TWO checked bags arrived that has my clothes swimsuits shoes jewelry and a host of other important items"

Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Slow and confusing boarding process"

Pros: "All good"

Pros: "I liked boarding on time food ok crew freindly"
Cons: "My seat was so bad I could not recline it and it was tilted to one side"

Pros: "The guy at the check in counter was awesome, even though his English wasn't great. He upgraded me to the exit row seats since my legs are long; usually you need to pay for this. The seats were huge and comfortable, though the arm rests didn't move, so you could stretch out (the flight wasn't that full)."
Cons: "One flight attendant was basically rude to everyone. She was so comically unfriendly that people on the plane were actually mocking her (for good reason). She refused to explain to us how the emergent slide worked. We asked because the visual instructions on the door were different from those in the seat back pamphlet. In fact, I still don't know which directions are the correct ones (they were contradictory)."

Pros: "American Airlines has alot more commodities than most"
Cons: "Alaska sold passengers to American"

Cons: "Same as above"

Pros: "The entire plane crew to the ground crew did their best with a situation that was out of their control. The luggage door would not close, so we had an apps 4 hour delay"
Cons: "All good."

Cons: "Flight from LAX was late causing our flight to leave 2 hours late missing our flight to CAE. This would have caused us to miss wedding events on Sat Drove to DIA took Red Eye to CLT and drove to CAE to pick up car and drive to Charleston for wedding event at 11:00 Am"

Cons: "Due to mechanical issues our 8am flight kept getting delayed in 30 minute increments until around 9:45 when the front desk attendants told us the necessary part had to be driven from Seattle and wouldn't be available until noon, and that their was no certainty the part would work, and that we should make other arrangements. So we did, but their earliest we could get us into Chicago was 9:30pm (original arrival was 2pm). We booked the arrangements only to find out that our original flight took off at 10:55 and American didn't even attempt to contact us. The cherry on top was that our flight (which was indirect through SFO) got delayed and we're now going to miss our connection in SFO. So currently looking at 10:30pm arrival in Chicago."

Pros: "Good entertainment set up"
Cons: "Gross smelly bathrooms, only vegetarian meal options"

Pros: "The pilot and crew were considerate that it was very early on a Sunday and so they kept interruptions to a minimum."
Cons: "The legroom seemed particularly tight on this flight. Not sure why. I fly a lot. Maybe this plane was diffferent - or I was particularly interested in napping and it was hard?"

Pros: "Crew was pretty good"
Cons: "Food was terrible as was the boarding expensive. Had to wait in line then get put into a second line for more security questions"

Pros: "Clean, friendly staff, great baggage tracking. Smooth flight."
Cons: "Overcrowded, but that's the same no matter where. Usual rude frequent fliers."

Cons: "No food, no good entertainment"

Pros: "empty plan"
Cons: "food"

Pros: "Crew were very respectful and friendly"
Cons: "interjet needs to let us know if we are being charged luggage after booking."

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything! We were delayed by 5 hours. Communication to let passangers know what was going on was unacceptable. I would never fly interjet ever again!!"

Cons: "Not to change the flight schedule please that is awful"

Pros: "Lots of leg room"
Cons: "Flight was late and seats are uncomfortable."

Cons: "Could actually have a flight or a transfer to another airline, they cancelled the flight and sent us to a hotel for the next day flight. After numerous complaints and calls to customer service there was no response. Interjet so far is the worst experience I’ve ever had flying internationally"

Cons: "Ended up missing this flight because my first flight got cancelled. Again will not be flying with interjet"

Cons: "They lost my two luggage and know one can assist not even customer service. Online services are very poor. Need to improve"

Cons: "I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED OF MY FLIGHT TIME CHANGE. I NEVER RECIEVED AN EMAIL FROM KAYAK or justfly or interjet about the time change so when I showed up at LAX, I had missed my flight. Absolutely unacceptable"

Pros: "The flight itself was fine but there was s delay due do a mechanical issue in the plane which caused many people to miss their connecting flights and Interjet did not say anything about it. We had to approach the service desk and explain what happened in order to get on another flight."
Cons: "The flogjt"

Pros: "The crew was ok. The boarding process went smooth."
Cons: "We arrived in MEX 15 mins early. There were plenty of open gates, but our flight was sent way to the end of the runway. We waited over 30 mins for them to send a bus crew to pick us up. We had to walk down stairs to get off the plain. If MEX is the best airport Mexico has... they need to upgrade!"

Pros: "Excellent Service"
Cons: "To see the take off and landing as they said thru the outside camera."

Pros: "Nothing! FLIGHT CANCELLED along many others of the same airline. Ground crew helped as much as they could"
Cons: "They could have advice in advanced, they knew for days they would cancel. Still haven't received reimbursement. WORST travel experience ever, you-all should NOT list InterJet anymore, their discredit will damage your agency for sure!"

Cons: "Flight staff did not take the courtesy to inform the reasons for the delay nor give an approximate departure time."

Cons: "They are always really late"

Pros: "Seat very comfortable, lots of leg room and love that we can get drinks and food for no additional charge."
Cons: "Checking in was a very long process, they had too many flights checking in at the same time and the lines were not organized well."

Pros: "Que el vuelo salió eventualmente"
Cons: "TODO. no vender un vuelo sin tripulación, todos pasajeros desinformados del incidente, algún tipo de compensación por el tiempo perdido, que el baño no huela a orina seca.... por mencionar lo más relevante"

Pros: "The free meal was a plus."
Cons: "Clear baggage fees. I wasn't charged for my carry-on going to Mexico but was charged on the return flight. Very confusing and I was under the impression that I had to check my luggage in. Very dissatisfied with paying extra."

Pros: "The sandwich but i think its cuz we had been sitting for so long that my body needed sustenance."
Cons: "We sat in the plane for 4 hrs but i did pay $218 so...the price reflects the service."

Pros: "Crew was great, seats were good."
Cons: "At least 1 meal would have been better on a 4 hour flight!"

Pros: "The crew was very helpful and accommodating - since my x-rays didn't fit in the head compartment and couldn't put them under the seat, the stewardess offered to take them to their closet in front of the plane so they would not get damaged. Also, the flight was very smooth from departure to landing."
Cons: "In this particular flight, I did not experience any setbacks."

Cons: "Better cushion sits. They are worn out.."

Pros: "It was on time."
Cons: "Seats and food are horrible."

Pros: "I loved the fact when I arrive at check in desk 60 minutes prior and find zero staff to help us print our tickets, mind you NO LUGGAGE, just a back pack."
Cons: "Have at least ONE worker at check in station to help customers"

Cons: "To be able to pick our seats ahead of time"

Pros: "Not too much. Maybe price ?"
Cons: "Long flight delay. They also lost my baggge for 4 daus"

Cons: "we had to wait over 40min to get our Luggage That was unacceptable."

Cons: "Horrible service after being delayed for an hour and a half"

Pros: "Great flight. We flew with Interjet"

Pros: "On time, fast, good service. NO CHARGE ON LUGGAGE"

Cons: "Delay more than 2 hours"

Pros: "To be on time"
Cons: "Not to be late"

Pros: "Everything was on time, which is really the main thing."
Cons: "Some of the gray tables were broken in a way that if you pull it down, you end up pulling the person in front of you’s chair."

Pros: "Efficent boarding and quickly got bags."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats"

Pros: "By"
Cons: "First time they weighed our carry-on."

Pros: "Arrive in Cancun early. Seats were comfy and legroom for tall people. Wish there was wifo and better in flight entertainment."

Pros: "they offered headphones"
Cons: "I couldnt recline my chair, it didn't work."

Pros: "todo es muy servicio"
Cons: "solo necesita covijitas y almohaditas"

Cons: "Delayed for three hours. Didn’t announce gate until minutes before departure and even then it was unclear and confusing. Hot and uncomfortable on the plane."

Cons: "They did not refund my ticket I had to buy a completely new one because of their mistake"

Pros: "Alcohol was free"
Cons: "Unable to sleep due to person leaving light on"

Pros: "All good"

Pros: "Boarding was quick and efficient, and so was landing and getting off the plane. Really comfortable seats and leg space."
Cons: "Lights off as soon as we took flight and lights turned on full 30-45 mins in flight for no reason. Very loud speakers, the staff was yelling. Could have offered drinks and food..."

Pros: "good leg room"
Cons: "5.5 hrs and the food was 1 sandwich that was all bread a single slice of bologna and cheese. yuck! I was in row 8 on one flight and the crew ran out of water to serve us! Unheard of. Finally, on another leg of the trip they never played the safety video nor gave the demonstration. I know that's against the law"

Pros: "Crew was nice. Most things were satisfactory and fine."
Cons: "Didn't know/wasn't told that their area is closed until 5am-ish( 6:55am flight) so couldn't pass through security and had to sit/stand outside in the main area waiting for in-person check-in. There was no online check-in and all seats were automatically assigned, but maybe that's a cost savings - and I got lucky to not get a middle seat."

Pros: "Astounded that the process was so smooth considering that the computer system was down."
Cons: "We asked to move up since there were full rows that were empty; but the crew keep insisting that we should ask later. We asked up until the point when other people started to pick seats for themselves. Would have appreciated them helping us out earlier."

Cons: "This flight was ok. However, after my experience dealing with FlightNetwork on a different flight I probably will never use Kayak again."

Pros: "The flight attendants were very professional and very good looking!"

Pros: "Boarding was delayed. The flight attendants were very kind. Food and beverages provided."
Cons: "Communal entertainment system played tv shows and commercials with volume through our the cabin the whole time."

Pros: "I liked the service of the flight attendants and the crew."
Cons: "The wifi partially worked but I was trying to download songs onto my device and the wifi didn’t let me download anything."

Cons: "The gate attendant was a little snarky; shirt with an older passenger. The snacks were just okay; almonds would be good, or kind bars."

Cons: "Well the delay was the whole problem, so as of 11:17 I am still in Chicago. Nothing against Chicago but I didn’t pay as much as I did to stay here."

Pros: "I booked business, so not too bad."
Cons: "I don't know why United doesn't take the 8 hr flight to Honolulu as serious as they do international flights. The business class was like being in Priorty seats with food and reclining. I was in the middle seat of 4 seats. still a crowed feeling. I would not waste my money on business on that flight"

Pros: "The crew was outstanding and the flight on time."
Cons: "One of the bathrooms was not working properly so everyone had to do with two bathrooms."

Pros: "Bad service Unfriendly crew"
Cons: "Considerate staff and crew."

Pros: "Good crew, great landing, short flight"
Cons: "The seats are crampy"

Pros: "The crew in the plane was very nice. The pilot gave us many updates. There was available entertainment on flight."
Cons: "The plane was again delayed. 4 flights with United, ALL 4 flights delayed. Plane is not quite comfortable. Boarding was messy. Could use lane for group 1 once they are boarded for all the other groups or have 2 ppl boarding for faster smoother turn around."

Pros: "Delayed by 2 hours"

Pros: "Smooth flight. Early arrival. Friendly flight attendants."

Pros: "Rude flight attendant, 2 hrs late, crowded and uncomfortable. Had to beg for water. Just not good service."

Pros: "None, Zero..."
Cons: "I did not like how we were treated by the United Airline Crew front desk when we were getting our boarding pass, they immediately say that due to myself having a Philippine Passport and A US Green Card holder they needed to check with Japan Immigration and in the end of waiting they said that we can’t board the plane because of my citizenship status and I needed to get a Japan VISA, I felt discriminated for something I do not know about when I purchased the tickets via online it doesn’t even show if there were any requirements needed in order for me to travel to Japan. My overall Review is a big ZERO and Unsatisfactory of how they treat their customers."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Terrible service. Flight delayed (two hours)."

Cons: "Boarding delayed for cleaning. Then sat on tarmac for another 20 min"

Cons: "Flight 1039 dec 16 was delayed due to late inbound arrival to Aruba. United gave the reason "delayed Maintenance" which United denied as mechanical failure. We missed connected flight to Albany. United gave us only option: morning flight to Washington and then To Albany which is inacceptable option. We took rental car. Also: Workers at Newark do not coordinate. Super Slow and give disinformation."

Pros: "Crew were helpful. They got the plane boarded early for an early takeoff. It was easy getting from landing gate to my next takeoff gate."
Cons: "The boarding was a little quicker and more controlled."

Cons: "2.5 hour delay!"

Cons: "No movie without paying"

Cons: "Continuously moving departure time back."

Pros: "Comfy seats and they offered a beverage"
Cons: "Our plane smelled horrible: like a bus full of HS boys after playing basketball in Satan's sauna for 2 1/2 hrs. No entertainment options but it was less than an hour flight so didn't really care. Our flight attendant said nothing about our carry on being bigger than the compartments of our tiny plane so we walked to the back with our bag just to bring it bag and them check it"

Cons: "It took an hour and 20 minutes to get our bags from baggage claim which is ridiculous"

Pros: "All good without delays. Great pilot."

Cons: "They kept delaying the flight. It stressed me out."

Pros: "The crew on my 2 united flights on me way to Phoenix were extremely professional. One of my flight attendants, Carolyn (from Chicago) was excellent. United is not usually know for its great reviews, but I was very impressed. I will fly United again!"

Pros: "The flight left on time and landed on time."
Cons: "The asian mix cracker pak was horrible. Seats cramped and uncomfortable. Plane loud inside and cold."

Pros: "Na"
Cons: "Flight delayed 11 hrs, they could not offer me an alternative to get me to my event in time so after five hours at the airport I had to return home. Their offer was "maybe" a refund and a $10 food credit. Out $500+ lost in hotel fees at my destination- which most importantly, was my ten year grad school reunion!"

Pros: "That i made it home"
Cons: "This flight is always late. And the original arrival time is late to start with."

Cons: "I was forced to rent a van with other people booked on a 9:40 PM flight from Newark to Hartford because one and 1/2 hours after the flight should have left we didn't know if it would leave in 1 and 1/2 hours or be cancelled United was trying new software or something that Sunday night and hundreds of flights were affected."

Pros: "Too many delays to be able to take the flight."

Pros: "Overhead bin space"
Cons: "5 able-bodied pax's allowed pre-board privilege because they were traveling with a single wheelchair pax was ridiculous. No signage on seat of where to locate power charge."

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "having to sit in an aircraft for more than 2 and a half hours after push back from the gate and unable to take-off due to a computer problem at their Chicago headquarters. If the captain knew about the problem, he should not have let passengers board so early. This flight was operated by United Airlines so Lufthansa should not get any blame for this."

Pros: "Very comfortable and flight was on time. Flight attendants were friendly and polite."
Cons: "The fact that you had to pay for one check in luggage"

Cons: "Consistency of United entertainment. 2 flights, bring your own device, 1 flight free access and 1 flight buy access. I'm"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delayed, food was horrible i have seafood allergy and theres no other choice. It took a while to dock. Everything was horrible."

Pros: "Our flight went smoothly and we left on time. The crew was friendly and we had no delays this time around."
Cons: "The boarding took a long time and the coffee on the flight is the worst I've ever head. I feel like United gives the bare minimum when it comes to the customers and doesn't really make an effort to do more than that."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I'm still at the airport !!!"

Pros: "Friendly flight attendants, helpful staff at the ticket counter."
Cons: "Unable to check into both legs of my flight even though Air Canada used United for the first leg."

Pros: "Early"

Pros: "The staff tried hard to be nice and we got to San Fran safe."
Cons: "The flight being delayed and my liggage getting lost."

Cons: "I was thoroughly disappointed when I realized that I had to pay to get any type of entertainment on the in-flight screen. That feels like zero effort on the part of the airline to make my flight enjoyable."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. I had a very tight schedule to visit my friends in canada. What was supposed to be a quick flight turned into almost 24 hours of travel and ariving 12 hours late. I was lucky to have 3 days in with my friends now i only have 2. Not to mention what was supposed to be an inexpensive trip turned i to an expensive one when you are forced to eat airport food after being constantly re routed. I bought my ticket based on ariving to ottawa in the morning this however was not the case. I will be seeking a refund."

Pros: "Flight cancelled"
Cons: "Flight cancelled. Had to wait 30 minutes to speak to United service rep to rebook to Boston. No other Manchester flights. Forced to check carry ons. There were 10 terminals for service reps and only five reps. Line was very long and reps were in no hurry to assist. Not a pleasant experience. They should pay us a cancellation fee like they charge us when we cancel. Incurred additional expense getting to Manchester, NH. Not happy with United."

Pros: "We were tossed into the last row; I had no leg room and was constantly being bumped by people using the rest rooms. As a result it was a sleepless flight."

Pros: "Okay crew."
Cons: "Cramped, uncomfortable seating. Departure time and gate changes."

Cons: "The plane was very tight, no leg room. I felt as though I was sitting with the couple in the seat above me."

Cons: "When attempting to leave Newark and fly to Berlin with my husband and children, we were informed that my husband could not travel because his passport was about to expire the week after we returned home. It had to be valid for 3 months prior to our return. So, I went to Berlin with my children and my husband met us 3 days later! I was heartbroken. Since back I have told many people and only a handful of people actually know this. As a customer service, ALL companies that have any connection with airlines and travel should put this information on their website. The airline casually said, "this happens often". It should NEVER happen!"

Pros: "Staff excellent"
Cons: "Everything else, space restrictive"

Pros: "The stewardess was personable. The staff at the United Club reception desk, helped with a seating problem on my return trip."
Cons: "The climate of both planes was not great. It may have to do with the age of the plane."

Pros: "Flight was uneventful. Went smoothly."
Cons: "Seating wa very cramped. Long legged people were shoving their knees into my husband's back and I was unable to stretch my legs. Also, there was not a free gluten free snack available."

Cons: "Flight was delayed which would cause me to miss my connecting flight. The agent on the phone changed my itinerary but sent me to the wrong airport. By the time I got there, there wasn't any other flights that I could take so I ended up having to take a connecting flight the next day. I wanted a hotel voucher but was sent running around to no avail. There was no compensation of any sort and the agents were helpless"

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