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FAQs for Booking Fort Lauderdale to Krakow J. Paul II Balice Flights

How long does a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Krakow J. Paul II Balice take?
An average nonstop flight takes 15h 15m, covering a distance of 5270 miles.
Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Fort Lauderdale to Krakow J. Paul II Balice?
In the past 3 days, the cheapest round-trip tickets were found on Norwegian ($586) and Air Canada ($1434)
Do I need a passport to fly between Fort Lauderdale and Krakow J. Paul II Balice?

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Fort Lauderdale
Mon, Apr 23
31h 45m
Wed, May 23
26h 40m
Trip: 31 days
7.1GoodShow reviews
Overall 7.1 Good
Based on 2331 reviews
Good 6.3

The cost of the ticket was perfect, very affordable. I didn’t have a meal included, but was surprised that I was never even offered water worth the other passengers as attendants went down the aisle. I was completely looked over.

I was VERY surprised to witness such unfriendly, mannered attendants. No smiles. No excuse mes or sorry when bumping in to someone or needing to get by. I felt like I would’ve put them out too much to ask for ANYTHING.

Good 6.0

The air quality in the plane was great.

There wasn’t enough snack options offered for purchase.

Mediocre 2.3


I have traveled with different airlines such as Delta, France and America airline to near and far places and they have all given something to eat but this one NOTHING, not even water, you had to pay for it. This airline was the worst, first they wanted to charge me for my suitcase that I was bringing in which 50 pounds were free. Another reason was because I asked an airy one if it was possible for me to change to another seat since there were manyyyy empties seats in whixh she said/meant no; but the worst thing is that i still have one more flight with this airline. Im sorry if i am been selfish but this is how i feel.

Good 6.0

Seats are too close together!

Okay 4.0

There was no communication and the whole experience was extremely disorganized. Our flight was cancelled and delayed numerous times. We were in the airport until 4 am two nights in a row.

Wed, Jun 6
15h 15m
Thu, Jun 21
17h 35m
Trip: 16 days
7.1GoodShow reviews
Overall 7.1 Good
Based on 20974 reviews
Mediocre 2.0

There is nothing to like about Air Canada anymore.. unless you happen to like the abuse and indifferent service. Employees seem disengaged.

AC used to be mindful or customers with connections. This is the reason I booked all segments with air canada. Found out the hard way it is no longer the case. Lesson learned. Missed connection and ended up on stand by for the next flight ( no more protected seats folks). Was not even refunded the money paid for seat assignment on the missed connection.

Mediocre 3.6

Our flight from Toronto to Houston was cancelled. The staff at the arrival counter was very slow and rude. We wanted to leave by the United flight which was leaving in an hour or so but the supervisor was not willing to do anything. We ordered Asian vegetarian food and it was horrible. Never again Air Canada.

Okay 4.6

The movies and entertainment offered in the screen were alright.

We were delayed over an hour because flight got in late from Halifax, I get it, stuff happens. Then once boarded we sat there for another 45 minutes. The pilot comes on over the speaker and explains we aren't leaving because the crew didn't have the proper paper work in the cabin...

Mediocre 3.3

The extra $50 seats were roomy.

Flight was delayed and no one knew why!... Plane had been sitting ready at the airport for hours. Novice flight attendants, they each picked on different things others missed just before them. No consistency, seats left reclined during takeoff and landing for example. One way there was drink service once even though it was a smooth flight and the return had drink service twice even though it was bumpier! Entertainment does NOT work on androids, it is NOT the AirCanada app they tell you to download prior to the flight, it's an file that needs to be downloaded in flight! Which means we're stuck paying for the iPad and of course only with cc because there's no wifi for debit cards.... AC needs to stop this insanely mediocre and yet expensive monopoly.

Excellent 10.0

The AC in-flight staff are always very nice. It was a pleasant flight

Fort Lauderdale to Krakow J. Paul II Balice Flight Information

Flights Arrive in Krakow J. Paul II Balice
Flights Depart from Fort Lauderdale
Flight Price $586
Distance 5270 miles
Airlines Norwegian, Air Canada
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