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March Best time to beat the crowds with an average 8% drop in price.

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June Most popular time to fly with an average 27% increase in price.

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$662 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found tickets from Genoa to New York for the following prices or less: to New York $381 one-way - $596 round-trip
  • High season is considered to be January, February and December. The cheapest month to fly to New York is January.

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Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They cancelled my flight. I never flew home. I missed my little Sister's graduation. :o("

Cons: "The connecting flight from Atlanta to NY was rescheduled for an hour and fifteen minutes later, boarding for the delayed flight started late, closed doors were another 20 minutes late, spend another hour or so waiting for confirmations, during which no AC is on because of a malfunction on the plane with the electricity unit. Due to rough air conditions, no in-flight service, or very limited one - and all of those are fine by me, and not the airlines' fault at all. But then, during all these unexpected conditions, I can't even use the in flight entertainment system as i use Bluetooth earphones, and to get earphones I have to buy them for 2$. To earn excellent service, inspite of all the delays, AC malfunction and unpleasantness all you had to do was give those 2$ earphones for free. I have another flight with SkyTeam coming up and I do hope it won't be as unpleasant as it is a much longer flight."

Pros: "No entertainment and no food other than snacks."

Pros: "new hi speed wifi, seats"

Cons: "My flight got to New York so late!!!! I missed my international flight."

Pros: "Nice crew and good equipment"
Cons: "Bad bad food very disappointing"

Pros: "Got lucky, and got an upgrade!"
Cons: "Good staff on the plane very sweet like. Actually arrived early. Thought we would get breakfast on the flight from Madison Wisconsin to New York City."

Pros: "Everything was smooth from start to finish, and the flight landed 10 min. early! Can't ask for more!"

Cons: "lack of carry on luggage space. very tight. gate agents did not care about the customers. I had to stick my bag under the seat and only half would fit so my feet did not fit with my bag. it was a back pack. I do not prefer checking luggage since I've had so many bad experiences."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Sitting as they had to fix a broken plane. Missing my connecting flight and getting in late."

Pros: "Friendly crew"

Pros: "Small plane. Very good service. Did not suffer through the crazy multi level boarding calls that some airlines have. No super secret airline clubs that board first. Flying into the Marine terminal is the best part of the trip."
Cons: "The wifi didn't seem to work at all on the plane."

Pros: "An excellent flight"

Cons: "Delayed 2 hours. Pilot said we were about to take off, sat in plane for another hour before we even moved."

Pros: "Flight/seat, legroom uncomfortable. Idiot sitting next to me also had music loud and didn't turn it down when I asked. This was during taxing to take off. I was going to bring it to the attention of the crew after seatbelt sign was turned off, but once the flight was in the air, the noise of the plane/flight was so deafening that I could hear the music anymore, and neither would the crew if I had bought it to their attention."

Pros: "Getting to destination"
Cons: "Being delayed 3 hrs so not getting my baby to bed until 10pm"

Pros: "Son got to see the cockpit after the flight."

Cons: "Flight did not leave on time. Weather conditions were not a factor."

Cons: "They lost my duffle bag, and when they found it, my bag was in a whole different state, and once I finally received my duffle bag my items were wet and damaged."

Pros: "That the flight ran on time"
Cons: "Everything is an added charge. No food option. No TVs. No friendliness. We were consistently inconvenienced as the flight attendant was seated next to us and interrupted us consistently with no apologies."

Pros: "the staff and the drinks options, but that is normal for me, I always like the drinks."
Cons: "The seating, for some reason I kept being placed by the emergency exits, but it's okay, we didn't have to use it."

Pros: "I liked the seating pace most of all for me being 6'7""
Cons: "I didn't like the eight dollars and change for Internet for a two hour flight. Really that rate should be based on the duration of the flight. That's fair."

Pros: "Timing for connecting flights was very good, no missed connections, no long waiting times."
Cons: "On one of my flights I could not pick my seat.. .it was assign to me, at the gate."

Pros: "Because of our delayed flight, which made us miss our flight departure at our layover location, we were upgraded to Comfort+. I'm happy that it was recognized that we were going to be delayed 2 hours to our destination, and were given a more comfortable flight because of it."
Cons: "Delayed flight which caused us to miss layover flight. Delta was quick to fix the issue and upgraded our seating to Comfort+. Time lost for vacation was my only issue."

Pros: "Cockpit kept us informed regarding minor maintenance delay."
Cons: "Was charged twice for one beverage. Also a receipt was not offered so this makes me think the flight attendant knew about the mistake but didn't want to address the error."


Pros: "Great staff! Friendly and kind."

Pros: "Arrived within 15 minutes of scheduled time"

Pros: "I really enjoy Delta and how they treat my service dog and I. Many other airlines are rude and uneducated, but Delta has always been on point."
Cons: "There was nothing I disliked."

Pros: "Airport staff was nice.. Boarding was good.. Flight attendants very friendly.. Smooth trip"
Cons: "Plane too small.. Nothing but one beverage given all flight"

Cons: "For some reason I could not pick a seat until I got to airport. Very stressful."

Pros: "Staff all was good."

Pros: "First On and First Off"
Cons: "The passenger in front of me reclined for the entire airborne portion of the flight. I had her seat back in my chest all evening. The darkened cabin was pitch black. Disappearing flight attendant. Broken rear bathroom. Dirty Plane"

Pros: "LaGuardia is terrible. We sat on the ground at the gate for 35 minutes after boarding because (according to captain) the ground control was not allowing plans to move. then there was a 30 minute delay for take off because of the traffic jam. If LaGuardia can't handle the traffic you should direct your clients elsewhere."

Pros: "I was assigned exit row so I had extra leg room. Flight attendants were very nice and helpful."

Pros: "The flight was great and it was 30 minutes early ! What airline actually arrives early anymore ?"

Pros: "Seats were comfortable and sizable!"
Cons: "I was seated next to an oversize woman which whom I had to share my seat with, literally speaking."

Pros: "Easy to maneuver and get seating assignments."
Cons: "People in New York not so friendly."

Pros: "The all male crew was very courteous"
Cons: "The fact that I çouldnt even watch a movie on my tablet."

Cons: "Crew very bad no food for musslem"

Pros: "The service was great, I appreciated the on flight snacks and coffee, there was actually enough space to be comfortable, the plane felt relatively new and updated, customer service over the phone was helpful (in trying to book a different flight), and I'm overall impressed with the flight."
Cons: "There was a three hour delay for my flight because of equipment issues and then the delayed Delta flight I got on standby for (as number two) was oversold. Felt like Delta was a little disorganized with this aspect."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We delplaned out on the tarmac and we're bussed to the terminal. Plane boarded very late with no explanation. Plane from n.y. to GSP was delayed multiple times. Again we deplaned on the ground and had to walk up a lot of stairs (difficult for a couple of elderly people). I will never fly delta again."

Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "Booked my flight 2 weeks in advance, purchased travel insurance in case of emergency. A family member, the person I shared custody of a child with died of liver cancer, and Delta and the insurance company refused to honor my request for refund or reschedule."

Pros: "None"
Cons: "Delta used a word "delayed" for canceling a flight. This is deceiving! Not to mention an out an hour delay and the reasons could have been easily prevented; maintenances."

Pros: "Both flights on time!"

Pros: "very poor communication to the passengers the crew left us in the dark"
Cons: "lack of communication to let us know about the delay did not give updates horrible experience missed an important meeting"

Pros: "Everything it was fast clean"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "No leg room very cramped"

Cons: "Due to the weather it was scary but the pilot was great. He got us there safe"

Cons: "Everything was excellent! I will be flying with them again!"

Pros: "aaa"
Cons: "zzz"

Pros: "Crew was excellent."

Pros: "United/ LH first called it a mechanical delay....we waited....then the weather caused this mini plane not to take off....long story short...we had to stay in a hotel...nobody gave us a voucher...our helped us with anything....very poor service"

Pros: "Staff was very courteous. Food was pretty ok and drinks were available during whole flight. Lufthansa is a good airline"

Pros: "Could not get skybridge to operate so that we could disembark. United airlines."

Pros: "I Luz Myriam will give to Lufthansa 10 qualification!!! in Overall, Boarding, Crew, Food , Entertainment, but 8 about Confort"
Cons: "Just the air conditions was too cold I asked the attendant if can warm my place a little, but she told me the other passenger are warm, she doesn't take care about me, NOT COOL!!"

Cons: "Crew was not friendly or very helpful, nothing stood out. As this was the first leg of my international flight, it would have been much better I had proper food, rather than a bag of 6 pretzels, especially since I had to be at the airport three hours earlier, and I had a six hour layover in Newark."

Pros: "Economy seats are not comfortable. The seat cushions are worn out and do not provide good support for long flights."

Cons: "The whole trip was a nightmare. I go out of my way to NOT fly United, In this case Lufthansa somehow just sold the ticket and United was flying it and as usual it was horrendous. We had to be re-routed via 3 separate flights jus to make our international connection thanks to our initial flight being moved up 2 hours EARLY. They closed the door in our faces. That added 8 hours of travel time to our trip which I had booked to minimize travel time as I was traveling with pets. United is the WORST."

Pros: "Shortness of flight from Genoa to Munich"
Cons: "Layover following"

Pros: "The crew were very friendly. The plane was very clean. The service was excellent, and my husband and I were impressed by the food quality. They even hand out wet wipes for you before serving food, so you can feel clean! I felt like the seats were pretty normal in terms of size and space in economy class, but obviously, it would have been nice to have a tiny bit more space. Good entertainment options."
Cons: "nothing :)"

Pros: "leg room, entertainment, the pilot was informative throughout the flight"

Pros: "Crew was beyond standard. Very nice and friendly and always accommodating."
Cons: "They ran out of vegetarian meals."

Pros: "food was very good-no plastic flatware! crew attentive, cabin temp good, great selection of movies, hot towels perfect"
Cons: "coffee awful"

Pros: "Staff attentive. Came by very frequently."

Pros: "The flight attendants were good - they run a tight ship, both from a safety perspective and looking out for the passengers. That said, they should have allowed me to move to any open seat, except first class, to accommodate any passenger with broken equipment at the seat they selected."
Cons: "This old plane had broken seats with broken entertainment equipment. After changing seats twice, my ultimate seat still had a loud buzz in the sound system. The flight attendants should be allowed to seat an inconvenienced passenger in any open seat in the event of broken equipment. Space in the seats was ridiculously tight for a 7 hr international flight."

Pros: "No delays, overall good experience, Good food not exceptional."

Pros: "excellent. free drinks, food was delicious. attendants were wonderful."

Pros: "The interior of the plane was nice. The new-design seats, even though they were thin, were fairly comfortable."
Cons: "Way too little legroom. I expected better from Lufthansa. The United flight (767-400) I took back from Germany had at least 1.5 inches more legroom and was far more comfortable as a result. I had a good impression of Lufthansa before, but will avoid the airline now."

Pros: "Entertainment is great, although I did not use it much this flight"
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable, tighter than I remember last time I flew Luft."

Pros: "All around wonderful trip and experience starting with the flight. The pilots and crews courtesy was fabulous. I arrived ahead of schedule by more than an hour. Thank you Lufthansa! I will be flying with you again soon."
Cons: "I had no dislikes... just a grand time..."

Pros: "Traveled with my dog. They had empty row so United moved us there so dog can be comfortable under the middle seat. Staff was very nice and offered water and ice for the dog."

Cons: "to get with the bus on the airfield and walking up the stairs on the plane. People getting on the plane from the front and the back door and between the small walking ile you need to pass passengers , crazy - sounds like not organized"

Pros: "Staff were all very professional and courteous. Flight on time."
Cons: "Having to sit in last row."

Pros: "Free movie. Good take off and landing by Pilot."
Cons: "Flight attendants were professional, but discourteous. It was not Luftansa as advertised but A UNited airline Plane & crew terrible ! The flight attendants Made you feel like you couldnt ask for anything extra! (Water, juice). The meal wasn't heated all the way, breakfast snack was cold. The seats seemed extra cramped no leg room. You were literally laying on the passenger next to you! They also didnt allow people with children, babies to do advanced boarding it took up so much time! I payed for extra leg room on my return flight which was cancelled by the way due to weather then they gave upgrades to others for free..! While the return flight was delayed I was kept in airport for 8hrs before they cancelled it also unpleasant! That section of the airport had no food, all United Airlines offered us while waiting was sodas! Really? not again will i fly international with UA!"

Pros: "Love the friendly staff, highly interesting entertainment and comfortable seating options."

Pros: "honestly? nothing."
Cons: "3 hours late. it was operated by united airlines, it was the first and last time that I flew them, worst of the worst!"

Pros: "Friendly staff and nice people incl Kay! She was so helpful to me as I'm traveling internationally with 2 kids under 2"
Cons: "Comfort is horrible if your not in comfort rows with extra room. The food is ok but the staff were so consistent and offered food and drinks. The airline should allow pass gets with kid/kids to get on plane earlier not with reg bording passengers. It's horrible how rude people are and impatient!! This would hwlp"

Cons: "Pilot did not yet to avoid turbulences, which were pretty bad. They also lost my luggage which arrived after three days."

Pros: "Everything was very nice. Flight was on time. The staff was nice. Food was good. Seats could have more space. But overall was great."

Pros: "Comfortable and convenient"

Pros: "Being assigned seat only ten minutes before take off is not ideal"

Pros: "Great service and good very friendly"

Pros: "We came with a baby and were assigned a bassinet seat. The service was great. The food was excellent. The seats were comfortable."

Pros: "The crew were nice. They tried to make everyone happy even though the flight was fully booked."
Cons: "My seat was terrible ( middle all the way in the back and the people next to me occupied both my armrests so i had almost no room to stretch so couldn't relax or sleep at all)) and the food was gross i got food poisoning from the last snack ( turkey sandwich ) and they didn't have any ginger ale."

Pros: "I was not worse than other airlines."
Cons: "It was not better than other airlines."

Pros: "Flight took off a couple of hours late due to problems in Frankfurt airport but everyone worked to help us with connecting flights."

Pros: "Got us there"
Cons: "United"

Pros: "Significantly more room, width and leg room, with footrests, business class wide arm rests, courtesy kit (socks, mask, toothbrush)... Great entertainment system and large screen. Beats the heck out of united and american!"

Pros: "Everyone was very helpful"
Cons: "First flight was canceled. We were rerouted through to Philadelphia to London to Frankfurt and on to Salzburg. Luggage lost in London still waiting on that."

Cons: "Excellent"

Cons: "The seats werent very comfortable and there was a BIG language barrier with the crew."

Cons: "I booked the flight through Kayak - that in turn went through Airfare,com. I thought the flight was with Lufthansa - but it turned out to be with United for the return trip...trouble was no one told United until I checked in at the desk. I could not even check in on line. I spent a lot of time before hand - trying to get it sorted, In the end they said just show up and it will all be ok! Not a good experience."

Pros: "That we had a selection of movies to watch."
Cons: "Got stuck in the last row in the middle of the plane. They ran out of turkey for dinner and got stuck with awful pasta. They should leave that to Italian chefs to make. I am glad I packed some snacks so that I could have something to eat besides the roll, dessert and small salad. The seats didn't recline fully like the seats in front of us so we were really cramped. They also skipped my husband when they came around with the drinks... we had to hit the call button. I will book my next trip with another airline."

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Lufthansa canceled without warning and offered zero options. They even turned off their phones to the entire public. Will never fly Lufthansa again. Ever."

Pros: "THE WOMAN AT THE BAGGAGE TRANSFER DESK WHO FOUND MY PHONE AND WAITED FOR ME AT MY GATE FOR 30 MINUTES TO RETURN MY PHONE. SHE WAS THE BEST!! The inflight entertainment. The pilot making up time for the one hour delay in takeoff for fog."
Cons: "The plane is old and in need of replacement or total interior redo. The walk to the gate from the terminal is forever and once you are arrive there isn't anything to do but wait. The crew was OK but nothing more than doing the basics. While steerage is not expected to be comfortable a redo or new plane would make it better."

Pros: "Variety of Movies"
Cons: "parallel boarding of business and economy class, poor entertainment system quality. Functionality limited and even after 2 times rebooting no big improvement."

Pros: "They actually feed you good food and the crew's service is very fast. In-flight entertainment was wonderful."

Pros: "The goose dinner was good. Tthe attendants brought plenty of water throughout the flight"
Cons: "The announcements were hard to understand."

Cons: "KLM lost my suitcase and did not deliver it until three days later... They refused to compensate me for having delivered the bag with broken articles inside (A pair of Rayban Wayfarers!)"

Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Nothing. Flight was amazing"

Pros: "The plane size & comfort was excellent. The staff were very friendly"
Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "Bigger seats the new ones are way to narrow"

Pros: "A flight was delayed due to weather conditions and we had to sit in the plane for almost an hour, BUT information sharing from the Capitan was sufficient and on-time. Very good job from pilots. Leg room in economy - I was positively surprised, very decent leg room! Thank you for providing it."
Cons: "I flew economy and all was good and appropriate to the level."

Pros: "Great atmosphere, crew was excellent!"
Cons: "I’m 6’5”, so legroom can always be a complaint, but this wasn’t too bad. The plane appeared to be fairly old and didn’t have WiFi. Entertainment also was on an older screen which was navigated by using an old in-seat phone."

Pros: "Flight and the crew!"
Cons: "Staff at the airport pushing you to upgrade to first class but not making it clear only the first trip from Athens to Amsterdam which the first class uses same uncomfortable seats as the economy to pay extra 130 euros ridiculous airfrance stuff! I should have flown all the way to NYC first class!!!"


Pros: "Service and crew amazing friendly and went out of the way to Make u feel special even the pilots gave updates thru out the flight"
Cons: "Not being to help on the ground in Copenhagen with delta issues"

Cons: "Crew members in Amsterdam were very rude and disrespectful"

Cons: "Fix the damn KIOSKS at Vienna!"

Pros: "Service is awesome. Food is great."
Cons: "People with short connection are affected by the 15 to 25 minutes delay."

Pros: "Good for both."
Cons: "Bigger seats."

Pros: "Crew were friendly and helpful. Moved me up front in the plane so I could make my connection."
Cons: "Not having to walk outside in Edinbur4gh to board the flight."

Pros: "Amazing crew"

Cons: "Larger meals."

Pros: "Good food, friendly service"
Cons: "More trash pickup; only one round of beverage service"

Pros: "Time was excellent even considering a connection delay they had. Very polite crew members. Good entertainment options."
Cons: "Cabin was crowded. Leg room was scarce, short seating space. Almost no room for sleeping if you're not a frequent economy traveler."

Pros: "Smooth flight."
Cons: "Seat a little cramped."

Cons: "Poor food, flight attend and finally baggage missing. Overall experience is extremely bad."

Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Leg room"

Pros: "Face recognition was amazing"
Cons: "Too hot on plane"

Pros: "Everything was clean and well organized."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours."

Pros: "The flight to Gdansk took off and arrived on-time and the staff were professional."
Cons: "The flight to Amsterdam from Gdansk was late and I had to RUN to the connecting gate. 50 minutes is NOT ENOUGH time to go through passport control."

Pros: "Comfort was better than on the previous Dash-8. Food was OK."
Cons: "Despised the cold temperature and cold draft in world business even with all vents shut off...gave me a head cold. Boarding was disorganized. There was no sense of direction; ergo, everyone was jumping in."

Pros: "More than adequate room, And very good service from a very professional staff. Head and shoulders abovevany American carrier, and several European lines I have flown."
Cons: "Can't think of anything."

Cons: "Flight was cancelled."

Cons: "Boarding was confusing and disorganized"

Pros: "Great"
Cons: "Great"

Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Food and one bathroom out of service makes an awful flight"

Pros: "Nice flight, nice crew, and a nice experience."

Pros: "Premium economy service was good."
Cons: "Inexplicably, our preassigned seats were changed at checkin and we were put in bulkhead. This particular Boeing aircraft is pretty poorly designed. Especially the bulkhead in premium economy."

Pros: "Boarding was quick, Flight on time....just a regular service and plane"
Cons: "Terminal 3 Manchester is not worth staying longer then necessary, loud music, crowded....old"

Pros: "Pleasant flight"

Cons: "Bag was lost"

Pros: "Airlines issue"
Cons: "Profiling certain customers"

Pros: "Pretty basic one hour flight so there's not much to complain about or praise about. I got some sleep which was good."
Cons: "The crew had their general Dutch aloofness on form. Chatted to one of the stewardesses in Dutch up until she saw I had a British passport then she decided she could only speak English to me."

Pros: "Flight crew was pleasant and attentive. Seats were comfortable for economy as well. We were allowed to check in extra baggage for free at check in which really helped since we would be catching a connecting flight in Amsterdam"

Pros: "That we didn’t crash"
Cons: "Everything! The crew was rude, no entertainment whatsoever, late boarding, late departure and bad experience with the check in process both in app and on website."

Pros: "Everything - Checkin, crew, food, entertainment"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "That we didn't crash"
Cons: "Being delayed and missing my connecting flight. No entertainment onboard (for hours and hours)."

Cons: "Service"

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Klm flight has very congested seating Getting information about eticket was pain"

Pros: "Efficiency and speed of boarding was acceptable. I have no complaints about that aspect. The Comfort+ seats were worth the upgrade, pretty comfortable and reasonable legroom unless you have a big carry on stowed under the seat in front of you."
Cons: "The first announcement they made to all of us in the economy section was thay they did not have any headphones for anyone but business class. I was told when I booked the seat that the headphones would be complementary. So I did not bother to bring any assuming they were going to keep their word; I figure I'd make it work and watch a movie without sound. If that isn't bad enough midway through my nine hour flight my monitor went out and would not turn back on."

Pros: "The staff and crew"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "KLM fed a sandwich even though the flight was only 2 hours. The crew was pleasant. Getting through the Amsterdam airport to catch a connecting flight with only an hour to do so was no big deal. Airport staff was pleasant and helpful."

Pros: "I have no complaints about the air crew. They where pleasant and attentive. Plenty of free entertainment. The food was good."
Cons: "my only complaint is the USB ports didn't work on any of the chairs that me and my family where assigned to."

Pros: "Flight unpleasant. Ground staff in Marseiile great but gate crew didn't control carry on baggage and many of us could not use overhead bins because of passengers who stowed more than one and often oversized suitcases above, so we and many others had to place carry on suitcases under seat. Attendant on plane totally unhelpful and could have rearranged a few bags to make room but preferred to stay in back of plane and talk. To be fair, rest of flight was pleasant although late due in part to boarding issues."
Cons: "Carry on baggage issues and storage on plane. One aloof and unhelpful member of flight crew."

Pros: "Quick and efficient flight. Crew very organized. Great language skills"

Cons: "Flight was delayed 4 hours. was not able to make connecting flight in Amsterdam. No flights from Amsterdam to final destination in the US. Lost one full day. Had to stay overnight. What a cluster mess. Will never fly with KLM airlines and would not recommend. Will spend a little extra money and fly on other airlines......very poor, disorganized, and horrendous flight experience. Buyer beware."

Pros: "The crew was nice!"
Cons: "Just a small plane, subject to turbulence. Not much that can be done, though if they ever redo the seats for a little more cushioning, that would be nice."

Pros: "Everything fine"
Cons: "No complaints"

Pros: "The flight attendant was super awesome. She was personable and had a great attitude. I didnt get her name, but she was by far the best! Blonde lady, smelled wonderful, very refreshing and funny conversation...(Ua1412 to LaGuardia) yeah yeah! Amazing!"
Cons: "I wanted the salami and cheese crackers but the flight wasn’t given any, so I chose the veggie smash/pita bread/quinoa/almond thing. Not too bad, but definitely no match for salami and cheese crackers. You know?"

Pros: "Nothing. I didn't take the flight."
Cons: "They didn't get me to New York. Our original aircraft was stolen to use for another flight. So we needed to wait for another plane that wasn't due until 90 minutes after our scheduled departure. This second plane had maintainence issues. After 4 hours waiting I got on a Delta flight."

Pros: "My legs were very uncomfortable to sit"
Cons: "seats were too close"

Cons: "Many delays. Uncomfortable seats. No outlets on that particular plane."

Cons: "Both flights were delayed, and was charged a $200 oversized baggage fee for a bag that actually isn't oversized according to the measurements on the United website"

Pros: "People were polite."
Cons: "I got my flight switched earlier. Paid $57 for it. Then this flight got delayed almost 2 hours so I ended up in NYC at the same time and it threw off my whole work day."

Cons: "Comfort, service.., terrible'"

Pros: "They let people get on with oversize bags when sequence 4&5 get on there's no room left"

Pros: "The comfy seats"
Cons: "The fact that I had to pay to watch tv. Maybe people should have to pay for movies, but not for watching tv. Flights and till we takeoff can take a while. It would be nice to have some free entertainment. The plane was very hot when we were boarding."

Cons: "Everything! Even worse than my previous flight. Delays were inexcusable, staff ridiculously unfriendly and just bad attitudes all round. Very unpleasant experience, won't be using this airline ever again."

Pros: "It was also 2 hours late."
Cons: "The crew was very rude and argued with me for not saying thank you to him after he gave me water. I had actually said Thank you but he didn't hear it. I don't mind saying it again."

Pros: "The flight was smooth for such a small jet and the attendant was so pleasant and kind. I was very pleased with the experience over all."
Cons: "It was just a personal preference. The snack was an Asian mix and it was something I didn't care for but honestly it hardly impacted the experience at all."

Pros: "I liked the free entertainment I could watch on my iPad."
Cons: "We were delayed over an hour going to NYC and were delayed 3.5 hours going back to Chicago. Terrible and exhausting."

Cons: "There was confusion on where to go check luggage and what duty free items could be carried on board."

Cons: "Old plane. An almost two hour delay taking off once we had boarded the plane. Terrible in flight entertainment options. 30 minutes straight of turbulence just before and while landing."

Pros: "Communicated things as they unfolded"
Cons: "The air traffic control issues on both ends of the flight...we had to divert to a different airport, and there was only one option for transportation and a long line to figure it out, so since it was so late, I gave up and ended up paying a hefty cab fee. The airline should have been ready with cards or info about how to get reimbursed, considering everyone's unique travel situations. Simply a shuttle back to Kahaurdia was not helpful..."

Pros: "The flight was short"
Cons: "The flight was short so no entertainment was needed. After the nightmarish flight I had just endured it felt like first class accommodations."

Cons: "Many hours of delays from and to.."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "United changed my flight 3 times, due to "traffic control", then I almost missed my flight altogether because the last update they sent me was incorrect. Luckily I showed up to the check in desk early, or what I thought was early, they were at final boarding and almost didn't let me on the flight. The crew was helpful but indignate. Flight 1968, no Bueno."

Pros: "I like the way the crew was very professional with the rude, obnoxious man sitting next to me. Not once did anyone lose their cool with him."
Cons: "The rude man sitting next to me. He was just so obnoxious and acted entitled as if he owned the flight."

Cons: "The flight No one knew what was going on. My bag made it in earlier than I did. Everyone I talked to was unhelpful. Staff was not able to deliver my bag overnight. Had to go back to the airport. Cannot stress enough that no one knew what was going on."

Pros: "I got stuck in security but the United staff waited for me to board. I am grateful they went the extra mile because I chose to fly that day in order to make it to an important event."

Cons: "When i originally boarded the flight i notices that the person next to me was an obese person that was taking over half of my seat when i went to the flight attendant and informed her she said she might not be able to do anything cause the flight was full. When door was about to close i noticed an empty seat and took. The thing that upset me is if there not been an empty seat i would have had to seat in a seat where there was no space and still would have paid the same as a person that is taking part of my seat and the flight attendant didbt even seem to care."

Cons: "The economy seats are obnoxiously small."

Cons: "My flight we canceled to LGA due to "weather". Every other airline had flights going to New York on schedule. To me, the reason was unbelievable. I was moved to a flight 12 hours later, at 540am. Not only was my flight time changed but I was now flying into a completely different airport. I had to stay in a hotel and pay $70 because United doesn't pay for a hotel if the cancellation is due to weather. I am outraged by this sudden change in plans. I will never fly United again and I will spread the word to everyone I know."

Cons: "No UBS charger on the plane!!!!!. I I cannot believe it . Not even in business class. Boarding always sucks. Wwhen will they ever learn that people can comfortably wait in the waiting area instead of being stacked up in front of the plane waiting for others to put their luggage away? It's ridiculous."

Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "What are they charging for, I fail to grasp, No help in check in, pay for every bag you check in, pay for seat if you choose yr own, overpriced tickets, no meals, cramped seating. Worst airlines in the world."

Pros: "It was good , on time and quick destinations"
Cons: "Could be free wifi"

Pros: "Food, atmosphere, people!"
Cons: "Nothing not to like!"

Pros: "I like that my flight arrive on time. I mist say before a time and that was really good. I like almost everything about it."

Pros: "Again very skilled pilot in windy weather"
Cons: "Had to stand on bridge in crazy cold weather to pick up plane side check in. Just unfortunate"

Pros: "The flight attendants were professional and friendly."

Pros: "Every one was friendly. The plane was clean"

Pros: "The Crew was wonderful, warm and engaging. Made my fiancé and I feel comfortable."
Cons: "The inflight entertainment kept cutting out on me, I was watching a movie and never got to see the end because of connectivity issues."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I have an 8 yr old boy & he & I were seated apart. The flight was packed, then we were seated together but there were 2 pairs including us that had duplicate seats. Needless to say the flight was delayed because the grumpy stewards couldn't fix the situation. The door was reopened so that the fate agent could finally resolve things. Stressful before a very turbulent flight, not fun, I'll never fly United again."

Cons: "Stop with the united airlines video. I bought the in-flight tv package but the in-flight United Airlines video, not the mandatory safety video, caused me to miss the end of my game. I don't care about seeing a commercial I'm already a customer."

Cons: "-Flight was 2 hours delayed getting to the gate because they kept saying they were "bringing it from the hangar." Does it really take 2 hours to bring a plane from the hangar? And why didn't they bring it before our scheduled departure? -Flight was then delayed another 1.5 hours because the fueler put too much fuel on the plane so we had to wait for them to send out another fueler to take fuel off. -Meanwhile, I was late for work and almost got fired because of this mistake. -They then proceeded to put my luggage on the wrong airplane so once we landed I had to wait another 1-2 hours for my luggage to arrive. -Meanwhile, all gate attendants had terrible attitudes when dealing with customer. I will never fly United again."

Cons: "Over 2 hour delay that started with maintenance again (this happened on 2 of 3 flights for this trip), that further delayed with the plane being late and de-icing for the weather. No in-flight entertainment and smaller seating than jet blue, yikes."

Pros: "Plane was sub-standard. Bad lavatory. Stewardesses gave wrong info about arrival terminal Only small toilet in rear of plane. No toilet in front Very bad experience"

Cons: "The turbulence was nuts, crew was rough, food was none!"

Cons: "Flight got delayed twice because they could not find a crew member/pilot. This was extremely unprofessional and I ended up having to get a flight with american airlines instead and they were awesome. Will never fly with united airlines ever again."

Pros: "Airline staff were friendly. Flight to O'Hare arrived late but what can u do? On flight to laguadia , I got no snacks and no soft drinks. economy class was like a sardine can"

Pros: "The service was quick by flight attendants, 5 minutes in the air we were served immediately. Then people were sleeping and relaxing. Thank you"

Pros: "On time. Clean equipment."
Cons: "Small seats."

Pros: "The pilot flew fast once we were actually in the air."
Cons: "First, the ol' Bait n Switch on my actual seat selection. "Sir, when you buy a ticket, purchase the "request" for a window seat." Was what I was told at the podium. So middle seat it was. Then there was a 3.5 hour delay... we taxied on the runway for 2 hours before taking off. Yep, another day on United."

Pros: "On time arrival and departure"
Cons: "Boarding process awkward. I liked the 5 lanes, but once on the plane it took a long time for people to load their carry-ons. I was seated in an aisle and was in boarding group 2......??"

Cons: "Delayed flight"

Pros: "Nice"

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