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Turkish AirlinesOverall score based on 23300 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: The crew was great and friendly
Cons: How can you ran out of wine on a flight

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Pros: The crew was great and friendly
Cons: How can you ran out of wine on a flight

Cons: We were late, no TV screens, bad food and I can go on and on

Pros: Food was pretty good
Cons: Crew rude and disrespectful. Switched my mother’s seat without even telling a middle seat

Pros: The airplane was clean and nice The flight attendants were kind The kit (toothbrush lip balm, etc) provided was nice

Pros: The overall was a pleasant flight
Cons: It’s really difficult to figure out how to use the entertainment, specially how you can listen or watch a movie , for my parents that are not English speakers they just couldn’t use it so really boring!!!

Cons: More space and room seating

Cons: I was in economy. But the legroom was very poor. The next leg of my trip was also in economy, but was much more comfortable with seats further apart and more room under seats. So, you're taking a chance.

Pros: Good crew and friendly
Cons: Food was not good for lunch as if it was spoiled. I knew two others that did not eat I am 6.0 and seats were tight but that is common across all airlines

Pros: Nothing much what a terrible ariline
Cons: Turkish Ailines delayed by 5 hours. had a long layover fo 24 hours in Istanbul, forced to pay for my visa and was not even give a receipt by immigration. I think hey pocket the money

Pros: We were traveling with 3 kids and were 2 adults - one of our tickets needed an upgrade as the itinerary were booked separately - my mother happened to travel with us last minute to help me with the kids during travel. Other than the hefty price tag - the crew were helpful and overall the flight was nice.
Cons: Hefty upgrade price tag but a good flight otherwise

Pros: Crew.
Cons: Seats are uncomfortable, not enough leg room.

Pros: The crew is phenomenal
Cons: They had a deported person sitting next to me. The person was in jail and he showed me the court order That made me very uncomfortable.

Pros: It was on time
Cons: The seats are so crammed together and for 11 hour flight it became quite uncomfortable after a few hours

Pros: Good food, great crew. Free beer.
Cons: Too cramped. More so than other airlines, or is it just me getting older?

Pros: Perfect service. Perfect food. Best lounge. Flawless

Pros: New airplane good service good flight attendant depart on time

Pros: Standard
Cons: Seats were cramped for an international, 10 hour flight

Cons: The food was a bit tastless

Pros: Meals were delicious and Cheese sandwich and muffins were served at request after the meals were served.
Cons: Comfort of the seats.

Pros: Everything is just done way better than all the other airlines flying to Europe from America !!!

Pros: Flight attendants were friendly and made the experience more pleasurable. Food was alright, however could have been better.
Cons: Delay in departure.

Pros: Everything is included! No extra fees!

Pros: Safe arrival.
Cons: Being denied of wine drinks after 2nd tm.

Pros: I like the food and the service plus the entertainment on the Telvision
Cons: Excellent 10.0 Feb 6 2016 The service provided by the airline crew was magnificent. I enjoyed the entire flight from my departure point to the arrival point. Turkish Airline is my to go airline herein henceforth. I will implore prospective travelers to give the airline a shot (try). I can unequivocally attest that the decision to do so will not be regretted.

Pros: Food was pretty good. There was a large selection of entertainment options which was nice. Crew seemed pretty friendly. USB and plug point are extremely nice.
Cons: There isn't a lot of room in front of seats to place personal items. The cleaners did not so a good job, as trash was found in pockets.

Pros: The flight attendants were helpful and did extra to make the experience more enjoyable. They served with warm and sincere smile. Service and food were good.
Cons: Comfort seats are missed greatly. Boarding area and process should be revised/reviewed for improvement.

Pros: Crews were cooperative.

Pros: Food was good! Loved all the goodies! Crew was friendly
Cons: The airplane was way to warm, for such a long flight it should've been a better temperature inside the plane, you dont want to get all sweaty and smelly while traveling!

Pros: The boarding and the time taken was all fine.
Cons: The food was served really late because of which I got a headache.

Cons: Atl to istanbul flight seat was very close to each other, legroom problem as I tall men.

Pros: Young crew, great service, ok meals, very accomodating but it was a little warm in the cabin, the captain was great (super polite and personable)

Pros: I liked the efficient way in which we were able to board. I thought all of the flight attendants were friendly and were eager to please any requests from the passengers. The plane was clean and comfortable . I thought the handling of food and drinks was very good. The food was good and there were ample servings for inflight food. I liked the wide selection of movies to watch and I liked the way that we could see our flight from a camera under the plane. That was a first for me and I thought it was interesting to view the monitor from time to time.

Pros: First time flying with Turkish. On time, smooth takeoff/landing, top notch food, entertainment, easiest and most comfortable transatlantic flight I've ever been on. Will continue to fly Turkish every time I have the option to
Cons: Everything was top notch

Pros: Smooth ride, with no delays
Cons: Woman sitting next to me with her baby made the whole ride uncomfortable

Cons: I made it to the flight gate 15 minutes before the plane took off. The crew could not re-open the doors to let me in. I was late; this is understandable. However, after that, this was the worst customer service experience I have ever had. WHY WERE THE REST OF MY FLIGHTS CANCELLED? I paid for those, and I should have been allowed to be on those flights. WORST FLIGHT EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

Pros: Service was great. Staff was polite, and I didn't see anyone get beaten or get dragged off the plane.

Pros: Turkish airline was a nightmare with customer service!

Pros: I enjoyed my flight over from Atlanta to Istanbul. Everything was timely and clean.
Cons: I wished that I would have talked to my flight attendant about the man that sat next to me. His body odor was so hard to deal with for a 10 hour flight and his constant getting up to go use the bathroom.

Cons: Food choices should have been better...

Pros: Spacious, coffee actually tasted like coffee and not water like in other airlines. Everyone was very friendly
Cons: I brought a small suitcase and they told me I couldn't take it on the plane... when I got on the plane there was more than enough space. Everything was good afterwards. I was just hoping to not having my suitcase checked in so that I wouldn't run risk of losing it. I got my luggage from the pickup area with no problems!☺

Pros: Friendly staff good service.
Cons: The grill chicken served for dinner was cold.

Pros: Excellent price, food, staff, and accommodations! Highly recommend Turkish Airlines!!!

Pros: There were plenty of entertainment options.
Cons: The flight was cramped with no room to get comfortable. The crew was concerened with it being an overnight flight and rushed through service so that the lights could be turned off on the cabin. They ran out of a food option and forced a selection on everyone in the back of the plane. The person sitting next to me even had a dietary restriction and her meal had been given to another passenger. The boarding process was a mess without clear directions from the staff, it was a giant mob trying to force its way onto a plane.

Pros: Everything

Cons: I cannot begin to describe the plethora of issues I had with TK following the military coup. Aside from not answering emails or phones for days, even after getting in touch with someone the instructions I received were apparently only to waste my time because in the following correspondence it became clear they never intended on issuing a refund. I am a Military service member and was not authorized to take the flight I had booked, so after explaining the circumstances and submitting the requested refund! I will advise all my people to steer clear from Turkish Airlines.

Pros: Friendly crew excellent food

Pros: I liked the friendliness of the ticket person and all the flight attendants on both flights. The cabin was clean, the climate was not too hot or cold. The pilots were very good at their jobs. The food was good.
Cons: I didn't like having to disembark the plane in Istanbul while it was on the Tarmac nor get back on the plane while it was on the Tarmac.

Pros: The seats were a normal size for an international flight. Everyone got a blanket, pillow, earphones and eye mask in their seat, all of which were necessary for the 11-hour flight. There were a lot of great movies to choose from, as well!
Cons: The bathroom garbage cans got full very early on in the flight, making it uncomfortable to use them. The stewardesses were friendly, but it was difficult to understand their English and the pilot's English (and I teach ESL). They, in turn, had a difficult time understanding me when I spoke to them in very slow, clear English.

Pros: I know it has been some time for me to fly but I once did often I think your entertainment way and options were the best I have ever had the privalage to be on, It was great to fly with you.

Pros: Flight was smoothe, Crew was awesome, hotel was great.

Pros: Nice crew great sitting
Cons: Boarding has always been slow with this trip.... disorganized

Pros: I didn’t even catch this flight - the connection time was impossible causing unnecessary stress!!! Just don’t sell this ticket which such a tight connection.
Cons: Don’t sell an unrealistic connection time

Pros: Very polite and helpful crew. Nice selection of movies in-flight

Pros: Great staff and smooth on time flight
Cons: Small plane

Pros: Everything from check in to offloading went smoothly. Pretty good food and accommodating flight staff.
Cons: My row had 3 seats behing a row of 4. We were weirdly offset so I had to look to the right to see my TV. Super uncomfortable. Dont like TV much anyway. Gave up on it real quick

Cons: Great experience.

Cons: Very professional, helpful and friendly. Clean, great ride, smooth landing.

Pros: International flights are always the best! You’re treated like you’re sitting in first class!
Cons: I packed a SOLID body butter that was brand new. I thought that because it was NOT a liquid but a SOLID it would be okay. Wrong! I took every precaution and even called prior to packing. I didn’t think this would be a problem. So, out it went! My SOLID deodorant was fine, though.

Pros: excellent crew
Cons: seats could be wider and seatbealts cud be wider

Cons: 1hr 20 minutes late

Pros: Crew was amazing
Cons: Flight was delayed

Pros: Crew was very nice and attent ive
Cons: Delay cause sings uS to miSs oUr fliGh? ENT.ert.ainmrt wasn't good eitHer and way to cramped even for coach on that long of a fligh

Pros: Smooth flight. Friendly staff
Cons: Uncomfortable

Cons: Airbus was warm. There were no personal vents on the plan. Made for a very long and warm/hot flight. Other than that. The flight was good.

Cons: The connecting flight to Bremen from Munich was missed due to delayed flying from Munich. Then we had a reconnecting flight and 15 minutes prior to boarding it was cancelled. No more flights to Bremen so we then were redirected to a flight to Hamburg. We had to fly from Munich to Vienna and then from Vienna to Hamburg. The flight from Munich to Vienna was delayed by 40 minutes which made us lose the connecting flight. We had to wait until the next morning for a flight to Hamburg, where as we arrived our luggage was lost. The staff ensured us that our connecting flights were waiting for us, however the flights had left 20 minutes prior to our arrival. The staff was nice but the communication was poor.

Pros: Flight staff, food, etc
Cons: Boarding process- see above.

Pros: Great staff, amazing experience.
Cons: No vegetarian food

Cons: Movie selection was lacking, stewardess on one leg of the trip was hard to understand

Cons: I didnt get my reserved seats, and the seats were not most comfortable compared toothed airlines.

Cons: Boarding was a mess

Cons: All flights in Frankfurt boarded via jet bridge. Flight to Greece boarded via a bus. Freezing weather in Frankfurt. Are Germans prejudiced to Greek passengers?

Pros: 1. I like the plane and the comfort of my seat. 2. I was pleased to find my luggage in Athens as Lufthansa was the only airline that in the past twice had misplaced my luggage and had to wait for one day to get them. 3. The flight arrived at the scheduled time and going through the airport , security to my connection was especially easy. 4. The sandwiches also at the airport were tasty.
Cons: 1, It isn't really a 100% complaint because I'm also responsible. As I was waiting for the dinner to be served it took more time and I felt asleep watching a bad movie, so I missed dinner when I finally woke up. This is the reason I have no opinion about the food. My sole complaint is about the general practice in all airlines that they serve first the slim minority that does not eat meat. Democracy means that the majority should be served first. Unless the airlines consider the vegetarians as some kind of sick people! 2. The crew didn't offered us enough liquids during the flight and the excuse that they didn't wish to disturb our sleep is too lame.

Cons: The flight was transferred to a smaller plane, either because there were few passengers (the first story we heard) or because of mechanical problems on the original craft (the second story). Business class was oversold as a result, and boarding was delayed for an hour while they waited for enough BC passengers to accept 800 euros for the downgrade to economy plus. They repeatedly threatened to cancel the flight rather than raise the offer. Eventually enough knuckled under and we were allowed to leave. Some no doubt missed connections because of this petty brinkmanship. The funny coda is that because the plane was so undersold, anyone in economy that wanted their own row could have one, while economy plus was packed with the embittered and downgraded.

Pros: Nothing, really; the seats—even those in business class–have a no-frills design, with hardly any recline to speak of. Okay for flights as short in duration as this one (about 50 minutes).
Cons: The delay in boarding, much of which was due to the fact that the plane wasn't ready for boarding in time because the tech service was delayed. It would seem this was at least in part something within the sphere of factors the airline is able to control. Also, there was an irritating, rumbling noise, sounding almost like an old propeller engine, during much of the plane's ascent. You'd think there would be some maintenance necessary.

Pros: Services, Food, Crew
Cons: IFE doesn't had much options.

Pros: The crew was excellent. Attentive and respectful of people (which did notified on the Lufthansa leaving US for Munich). The crew has a tough job at all hours of the day, but passengers as clients are just people cramped for 8 hrs and trying to enjoy their time as well,and this crew from Munich to US seemed to get that.
Cons: The seats in economy are extremely close (front to back) for short people leg room is fine, for general height (5'4" women; 5' 10" men) and above it is unhealthy for a 6 -8 hr flight.

Pros: Really pampered.
Cons: Baggage allowance was less.

Cons: AS ALWAYS, LEG ROOM IS an issue on international flights. Screaming children kicking my seat the whole trip makes for an uncomfortable ride. Movies were slow to load and cut off multiple times for no reason.

Pros: The service and food was excellent
Cons: The seats are too close together like most airlines but for a long flight this is very uncomfortable

Pros: The lady at the check-in at the Atlanta airport was extremely nice and extremely helpful

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The crew was very friendly
Cons: I had ordered a child meal but it was not available. Also they did not have a child pack for my son.

Pros: Everything except the entertainment
Cons: The headphone jack didn't work. It priduced some sound, so it might fool a tchnician doing a quick check. But voices and most of the sound track garbled and muted.

Pros: The main vegetarian meal (hot dinner) was fine.
Cons: The vegetarian snack was inedible. It was two stale pieces of bread with shredded carrots and cucumbers. Terrible!

Pros: Boarding and departure+arrival times were excellent. Baggage was handled well, arrived without damage. Much better marks here than AirFrance.
Cons: Food was quite poor, much worse than KLM or Delta... no match for AirFrance,thoug I'd rather get poor food and arrive on time and without getting stranded at CDG. Also, Neither on-board wifi, nor the entertainment touchscreen worked, not at all. You'd be well advised to bring your own iPad... :-))

Pros: Food was better than American or Delta.
Cons: Had a screaming baby during the whole flight. Not Lufthansa's fault though.

Pros: Surprised by so many entertainment options!

Pros: If you can afford to fly business class, it is definitely worth the extra money. The flight, the crew, the comfort we're superb!

Pros: Staff was very professional, the plain was new and clean. Food and drinks were also good.

Pros: Great crew. Comfortable seat. Decent amount of room.
Cons: There is a big problem with some of the Premium economy seats. the way the secure the seat to the floor of the plane puts a piece of metal directly under the seat in front of you so you cannot put a bag or other items easily under the seat. If you are in the middle of the row it is really a hassle to have access to your laptop.

Pros: on time, many toilet rooms available. not too much noises from other passengers.
Cons: Boarding system was quite chaotic and unclear. Food was horrible. Premium Economy Class seat was just similar to economy class. Sound system with provided earphones don't work well.

Pros: The fight left on time and got us to Frankfurt

Pros: Premium economy seats, also premium economy is located very well in front of the plane.
Cons: Food quality was aweful. Not sure why Lufthansa can't train the catering in Shanghai better. Worst vegetarian food ever.

Cons: 1 After long stand the line when i want to check in my Luggage i got shocking news According to checkin counter lady said Flight delay more than 2hours and can be 3hours no body knows how long will be delay, she recommended me to go from San Francisco to san jose airport to get another flight. it's time Enough she said , that time about 1pm, i am lucky that i arrived SF airport 3hours in advance so that i could manage to catch up another flight at the san jose airport, i had to go san jose airport from San Francisco by Taxi and the cost was 170usd because driver says over 50mils far a way i need to pay 50% more, i have a alot import meeting in germany, meeting schedule could be mess i was really shocking, how can i get back Taxi fee usd170??? 2. regards to Crew., one Passenger was collecting his handy carry luggage at Cabinet and he forgot to close Cabinet cover after he collected and it was opened that time one flight crew passing by to final check up before landing but don't see that cabinet door open, so one of passenger talk to her to close the Cabinet door, also handy carry luggage after used the passenger should Keep Under the chair for safety but even passenger keept (put) in her beside empty seat, the Crew don't say anything, it was many people keept in next empty seat area. According to rull must keep it under seat, but crew don't say anything I was very very surprised. it's very Dangerous to everybody people may hurt , i was very Scared and nervous. 3. in the dark room passenger can't see or feels that behind them whether crew come or not (passing by or not) Crew passing by and hit passenger but without saying sorry and just go a way. it's impossible... 4. i was standing at Exit door and look at the outside but same time crew came and said to me not friendly and without smile "Excuse me" and i go a way, i saw she crew want to put something inside at dress room. what i want to say the crew could be more nice and smiley face to passenger or could be nice can be wait 5 seconds but was really the way of tone is Racist, this is what i felt, really bad.

Pros: flight was cancelled
Cons: flight was cancelled a few hours before with no explanation!

Pros: One crew refused to give food although there was
Cons: 4 drunk passengers made flight unbearable

Cons: Flight was canceled. They packed us on another one 3 hours later. Crying babies, bad food and uncomfortable, squishy seats made the flight unpleasant.

Cons: Cabin was cold the entire flight, the blanket was not enough.

Cons: my flight was cancelled and it was very difficult to get to where i needed to go. the flight i evaluated was from zurich to geneva.

Pros: Friendly crew, great access to a variety refreshments, robust entertainment library.
Cons: No suggestions.

Pros: Overall a nice and good flight
Cons: Just a detail, my “head holder” (not too sure how it is called) would not hold in position. Also, staff was a bit slow to come after being called, I had to go and ask for water by myself at some point since no one was coming after 15minites of waiting...

Pros: Pumpkin soup instead of a heavy entree was welcome and tasty. Breakfast yogurt portion was generous, the granola less so. Accompaniments were good. Butter was not ice cold, thank goodness.
Cons: Inbelievably chaotic boarding process for Kili to Dar leg. No boarding lanes so had to fight through the crowd. Was able to observe cleaning process at Dar stop, which was cursory and am sure there was no cleaning of seats of those who boarded at Kili.

Pros: Perfect
Cons: Nothing. Flight was amazing

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Transavia does not serve anything complementary, not even water. A flight between two countries that is five hours long must be better than this. I was not aware of Transavia doing that before I booked. I will never fly with them again

Pros: The pilot and the crews were helpful about the transit. Pilot make up a lot of time.
Cons: Flight was delayed, had to run to my next connection flight.

Cons: Boarding was chaotic & therefore delayed take off a little Receiving luggage was slow -@ 35 minutes from landing to luggage claim, so actual arrival was considerably later for those meeting me

Cons: KLM crew exceed our expectations

Cons: Travelled business class and was ace experience

Cons: 1. In Flight Entertainment 2. Controlled In Flight Temperature

Pros: Friendly crew, upgraded seat was worthwhile
Cons: More snacks in between meals,

Pros: The crew
Cons: Seat comfort

Cons: We were changed from KLM to Airiltalia without any information sent so only because I tried to check in did I find out the flight on KLM was cancelled and we were changed to Airitalia. The Airitalia flight was very mediocre.

Cons: I called for a crew member 5 times and waited 25 minutes for anyone to help me with just some water. I had to get up and go to the very back of the plane to ask for some water. The plane was hot and no air to be found. This was all after we had to get back off the plane before takeoff. It was terrib

Pros: Everything was good except for the entertainment consul for one of our seats.
Cons: One of our entertainment consuls had to be rebooted 4 times and still didn’t work. We gave up asking.

Pros: Crew's hospitality, good music, good destination material, terminal info, good system overall
Cons: Less legroom, storage space, bad food, few movie options.

Pros: Smooth flight.
Cons: Seat a little cramped.

Pros: Boarding agent extra effort to improve my seating!
Cons: Food amount less than expected.

Cons: Flight canceled, poor communication from the airline to the passengers. Møre than 5 hrs delay

Cons: old screens and entertainment system leg room to small

Pros: Crew where awesone and the choice of entertainment was fantastic
Cons: Seats way to close together

Pros: Employees were very friendly
Cons: The seats were very small

Cons: Our lougage did not arrive

Pros: Face recognition was amazing
Cons: Too hot on plane

Pros: Staff very pleasant
Cons: Evening snack was not the greatest breakfast was pretty food

Pros: kLM staff was great.

Cons: Flight was cancelled.

Pros: Able to fly direct to ansterdam
Cons: Have to lay over on the way back. More expensive than other airlines.

Pros: Crew
Cons: N/a

Cons: We did not get two of baggage at the destination.

Cons: ... ear plugs, masks, good food or even picking seats? I remember when it was all complementary and standard on overnight flights. Oh, and the vegetarian breakfast was unfortunately poor as well. I know you can do better, because you used to.

Pros: Sandwich was incredibly tasty (although not much filling)
Cons: 2 hours on the tarmac delayed with no explanation. Uncomfortable seats, no leg room. Poor management of seating, there was enough empty seats to have groups together but they were split up. Drinks served from a communal bottle in a polystyrene cup.

Cons: Food

Cons: Crowded seating, wake-up for breakfast service two hours before arrival

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

Cons: Tiny old cramped plane.

Pros: Got to Amsterdam on time and everything was great including the staff

Pros: Cabin Crew was awesome.
Cons: Entertainment System was not working and no Non-veg food option in flight.

Cons: old plane, tight and uncomfortable

Cons: OLD plane without comfort or entertainment

Pros: Loved the service...everything was excellent
Cons: The bus class seat was a bit narrow at the feet

Pros: Boarding/unboarding
Cons: Didn't allow my carry on. Said too big. Same bag was on earlier connecting flight on much smaller plane. Also on flight on Southwest week prior. But larger intercontinental flight wouldn't allow it.

Pros: Eveything is well arranged
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Priority boarding was appreciated and the flights were on time. Service was fine. Schipol was good.

Pros: Easy airport business

Pros: The crew were lovely and welcoming. We was given snacks and drinks on the flight which was great. Take off was a bit delayed but boarding was smooth. Couldn't complain about the comfort as was only just over an hours flight.

Pros: Crew service
Cons: Flight delayed.

Pros: It's the best flight I could get for such a low price. But don't expect to to get the best and newest planes around but it's still overall a good experience.
Cons: Quite bummed the plane didn't have wifi / USB

Pros: Overall, good flight

Pros: Entertainment, cabin crew great.
Cons: Seat layout may now be standard but is still cramped.

Cons: A good team. They all made good efforts. Just fine

Pros: Food service was very good - and the crew kept going even after we hit turbulence. I'd already been served, but I know from past experience with other airlines that there's nothing worse than smelling the hot food and being told that service is being discontinued,,,,while you're now hungry
Cons: Lisbon airport was stressful, perhaps more guidance before releasing us into the melee. I found an Air Portugal email about Lisbon Airport just now

Cons: The flight was delayed. Food is miserable.

Cons: Transfer time in Lisbon

Cons: More organized boarding process

Cons: We booked business class. JFK to LIS very nice. Seats were very comfortable and reclined flat. More leg room than in other business class seats. What they called business from LIS to Rome was just regular uncomfortable across economy seats with no one in the middle seat.

Cons: Waiting in many lines, waiting on and taking bus to plane on tarmac, climbing stairs with luggage in hot sun.

Pros: Only the on board crew lived up to Tap's normal standard
Cons: Boarding chaotic in Copenhagen. Food very poor this time

Pros: Yes
Cons: Was exelent

Pros: The Tap flight was an hour late causing me to miss my connecting flight with Tap and my car rental. Attendant NO help. Sent me wrong place!!.
Cons: Better flight attendants who know how to help. Never TAP again!!

Cons: Not missing our connection due to delays.

Pros: The food and service during the flight was great. Enjoyed the meals and they offered drinks frequently. Complementary wine is also a big plus compared to other airlines.
Cons: The luggage situation. We were very annoyed that we didn’t get a carry on bag and had to pay $92 each for every checked bag. I travel frequently and have never experienced this with another airline.

Cons: Milan airport closed and flight diverted. Horrible experience

Pros: Nothing went wrong so it is good enough for me

Cons: Food was terrible especially breakfast

Pros: Friendly staff
Cons: One of my checked bags never arrived. It has been a week and I still don't have my bag.

Cons: Stuardes don't have a sense of what costumer service is.. 6 hour flights and their plain aren't equipt with monitors to watch and entertain yourself Thank God I understood portugués but their translation to English was poor Food was not amazing I've been traveling since I was 6yrs old and I never felt so strongly about an airline... Not even easy jet

Pros: Excelent fly! No deley! Excelent crew! Good food!

Pros: Good service, nice meal.
Cons: No USB ports or movie choices. Entertainment screen very small.

Pros: was a direct flight
Cons: we were made to exit down a slepery stairs and pack ourselves like sadines on a bus to the terminal..not good!

Pros: All good. No complaints.
Cons: $40 charge for carry on.

Cons: Without notice, we were put on “standby” line, all of the workers told us all of the flights for the remainder of the day and that we could wait by the gate all day or just “take a taxi” from Lisbon to Porto.... a 3 hour ride. Ridiculous! We finally begged our way into being squeezed into a flight to Porto. But of course our bags didn’t make it with us and they could not locate where they were or track what time they would get to Porto... we sat at the airport for hours waiting for our bag until they finally offered to deliver them at a later time, which we are still waiting. We missed a full day of our vacation to Portugal because of this situation and are still hoping that our bags will make it to our destination...

Pros: I got to Rio de Janeiro on time
Cons: cramped seats, minimal water offered by crew on 9.5 hour flight. I also found the extra charge to reserve a seat on this flight a serious affront to economic sensibility

Pros: There was good variety of films and food was decent.
Cons: (1) TAP has terrible customer service and support. Was told on check-in that flight did not include checked luggage which is bizzare/unreal for an international flight especially since I also paid to upgrade my ticket. Even in explaining to me the person on the phone was rude. This was very disappointing as I had such an amazing trip to end on this sour note. (2) The boarding process took forever. They made us line up about 45 minutes before we actually boarded. So we were all standing around as opposed to being seated in waiting area. We did not board until after our take-off time. (3) Seats were really tight, uncomfortable and don't recline much.

Pros: Absolutely nothing!!!
Cons: Everything but specially the fact that there was no Business class but tickets Were sold and in the end not even assigned seats. No previous info or whatsoever ... this company is becoming worst than a low cost ... well much worst !!!

Cons: They were lying about a supposed compensation for denied boarding which was supposed to be handed out in Lisbon. I didn't expect this behavior from grown up people, and such a company in Europe. TAP should be excluded from star alliance.

Cons: Rock hard seats. Surly stewardess. Mediocre to poor food.

Pros: the crew
Cons: the flight hours.

Pros: Cute meal already waiting for us at the seat when boarded

Cons: Our flight was DCA to Boston then to Lisbon, with similar return. Our return flight into Boston arrived early enough to allow us to get an earlier flight home but TAP customer service wasn't open until after the earlier flight departed. Also, Jet Blue, the domestic carrier, could not change our flight because it was booked through TAP.

Pros: The crew was great and very kind; the pilot informed us a couple of times of where we were and how long to the destination; we arrived 10 minutes ahed of time! A perfect flight!

Pros: Crew and food Were ok.
Cons: The whole flight, TAP decided to use low cost aircrafts to do long distance flights ..... very poor. Far too much Discomfort no entertainment at all.

Pros: The food and air conditioning
Cons: I purposely got a seat in the front row for extra leg room next to my two friends whose tickets I paid for. The TV in my seat was broken and I therefore could not at all watch TV unless I moved to another seat. I ended up not being able to sit with my friends for the entire seven-hour flight. The flight was delayed multiple times. The first time it was delayed because they were doing an extra security search by hand in the Gated area awaiting to board the plane. I have never seen this in my life and it was definitely started. Then we were on board the plane for almost an hour before they made an announcement that they found a broken part on the plane and had to switch planes. It was all very fishy. Quite frankly that I want my money back.

Pros: None
Cons: Late 45 min only one attendan hence no services of any kind and no chance for real safety in case of emergency Same on TAP

Pros: Great service on board, very attentive crew. Great food (Yes, it was good), modern aircraft.
Cons: The boarding process at Terminal could be easier and simpler. They told us to set up lines way before the actual call.

Cons: Having to wait 3 hours in Lisbon airport after airline failed to hold our ny flight leg. Needed to stay overnight and be rebooked. Customer service lines in Lisbon worst I have seen in over 30 years of flying

Pros: Successfully landed
Cons: 2.5 hours in line to check in with the one agent working if you were not a gold whatever member. The same agent was at the gate taking tickets loading a single bus up at a time while everybody waited for the same bus to return to be reloaded. Ended up leaving an hour late due to being unable to load people on the plane, then a ground crew issue with loading bags extended the delay. No food service and voucher was given to cafeteria on exact opposite side and floor of airport. only reason we were able to use was because of the huge delays and problems trying to load the airplane. After the safety demonstration the flight attendants went to rear of plane and sat down in their jump seats for rest of flight. People were approaching them asking for water otherwise they ignored us. After landing stairs were used at rear of plane and door was opened. As we were two rows from the rear my girlfriend asked the male attendant 4 times if we were allowed to use the rear stairs as we were bus loading anyways, he never answered, looked at or acknowledged her speaking to him, he just stood at rear of the aisle ( 3.5 feet away) adjusting his tie and flattening his jacket sleeves. Was very awkward.

Pros: Food was excellent, and the cabin crew extremely nice and attentive. Amenities kit was adorable too!
Cons: We were in first class, and no On Demand IFE!!! You do have a personal screen in the seatback, but they only play continual loop movies. For us, we started with one movie, but then due to technical difficulties, the crew had to reboot the entire system. So once it was back up and running, they switched the movie. And even that one didn't play through....apparently, at some point they determine its "bedtime" and turn off the IFE!! Crazy in this day and age!!! Also, the plane is old and REALLY worn. Lots of dirt, tired seats, yucky bathrooms, etc. This plane needs an overhaul!! No storage anywhere in the seats either, which was shocking. And the angle lay flat seats are certainly fantastic in comparison to Coach seats, but still hard to sleep and get comfortable.

Pros: Everything was good
Cons: I enjoyed flying with tap

Pros: Crew very helpful and friendly
Cons: Slow boarding; food

Pros: Courteous, professional flight attendants
Cons: small, uncomfortable seats, too little space to work on laptop

Pros: Crew did a good job of keeping their cool when my flight was canceled and merged with another. After 4 hours of delay because the Pope was traveling to the same place we were and having to hand out all new boarding passes to confused and anxious passengers, the crew were always friendly and helpful.

Pros: Food and attention
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Crew was pleasant
Cons: Uncomfortable seats. No high headrest for a quickie nap. Non organized boarding from bus to tarmac which left me having to put my personal belongings 22 rows BEHIND me!

Pros: Crew were friendly, and the food and wine were good.
Cons: Almost not enough leg room to fit in the seat, boarding was a confusing process on both legs.

Pros: Nice Crow, no delay and Good food
Cons: More or less seat

Pros: Very punctual departure !

Pros: Everything was perfect. More than I expected and would certainly fly with them again.

Cons: Intraregional flights are always a let down

Pros: The inflight entertainment
Cons: The crew was rude, the airplane was late boarding, late leaving and late landing because their boarding process is insanely stupid (everyone just rush the plane with no order). No notification on late timing.

Pros: Empty middle seat so more room.

Pros: Ease of travel
Cons: The food was horrible on the plane

Pros: Entertainment and comfortable seats
Cons: They could have given us some snacks or something

Cons: Crew could be friendlier.

Pros: there was high wind warnings and we had so much turbulence even a few seconds before the landing but the flight crew landed us safely regardless. hats off to them!

Cons: I will never forget Turkish airlines again. They stole our money. We were at our flight on time but they wouldn't let us board. They then said we were no shows and cancelled all our remaining flights with no refund. This ended up costing us around $3000. We don't have this kind of money and I don't know how we will pay rent next month.

Pros: Great attitude of the crew & staff! Similar feel to SW personable ,professional people.
Cons: Thrifty Canucks are cheap on the snacks, both size & quality, but then it's a two-hour-nap-flight so no big deal

Pros: I arrived safely
Cons: I didn't appreciate losing my luggage as I came to Canada for a wedding and I didn't have access to my things. The flight was direct so I don't understand why my luggage was lost.

Pros: Every thing
Cons: Everything was amazing

Pros: It was quite and smooth
Cons: I have never been so hot on a plane. Even with the air blowing on me I was sweating! It was crazy hot!

Cons: Flight was delayed 33hrs and no accommodations were provided to us; no vouchers nothing! They didn’t even have a rep at their desk at the airport to answer any questions; just a sign with a number to call.

Pros: They got us late to Toronto with my little child and I decided to spend the night in TO. My child has fallen asleep and there ha No way we could make the connection no matter how much I rushed.
Cons: Small aircraft last min bags check in etc. delayed flights Ground staff in Atlanta is good but in Toronto: very rude

Pros: We arrived alive.
Cons: The water lines on the plane froze. The flights were delayed, but the staff still made us que up and stand in line for two hours.

Pros: The young competent Air Canada staff at the gate and her supervisor were kind enough to give me the last seat for the 11:45 am flight to Toronto on Dec 18th, 2017. After more than 24 hours stranded in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport due to power outage on Dec 17th, 2017, I was so relieved as I sat on my seat, when an air hostess asked if I would like a seat in business class. She said they randomly upgrade passengers to business class when seats are available. So it all ended well, I got home to Toronto safely in (business) class. Thank you Air Canada !
Cons: There were no Air Canada personnel to help us, inside the international terminal during the power outage at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport on Dec 17th 2017. It would have really helped, even if only one personnel showed up at the gate to provide support and some reassurance.

Pros: on time, easy to board
Cons: no snacks at all . would appreciate some peanuts with my drink or something.

Cons: Was forced to check my carry on bag, even though it was the proper size and weight.

Pros: I got upgraded to business. I was very happy, because my day in Atlanta was exhausting, and that made the whole thing excellent. Harry Giles

Cons: third time flying with air Canada rouge to vegas and its the same story every time. They never check and everyone brings in 3,4 carry on so they don't have to pay the 25 dollar fee. Then there's no room and flight is delayed because of that.

Pros: Everything went smoothly & everyone was helpful
Cons: Nothing every thing went well

Pros: Had a great experience on Air Canada. Would not hesitate to use again.

Pros: The boarding was smooth. The attendant at the checking was very friendly and courteous, the website information on the luggage weight was incorrectly worded and we had to transfer some of the clothing to a carrying on bag. The wheelchair attendant was very friendly and courteous she made my mother feel relaxed since it was her first time traveling alone as a disabled person.
Cons: A snack should have been served. Only juices were served. An announcement should have been made for layover passengers to purchase food at the airport if they are unable to purchase on board with a card.

Pros: Boarding was very well-organised ands clearly explained.
Cons: USB socket broken and non-functioning. Plastic fork snapped and shed tines. A truly ghastly movie selection.

Pros: Long dealy, bad customer service
Cons: Long delay, changed gate 4 times, worst service

Pros: The rest
Cons: My carryon luggage is lost

Pros: Nothing! I was treated like garbage.
Cons: Nothing! They treated me like garbage; the plane never left; I went on an inferiors third class airline from First with now refund; and they lost all of my luggage for over a week! I looked like a fool to my clients and peers!

Cons: All flights were delayed. makes for a problem to connect to the next flight.

Pros: Crew were very nice, and seats had plenty of room

Pros: Seats were fairly comfortable. Tv choices were excellent- made the time pass much more quickly.
Cons: No snacks provided, just options for sale. Those looked interesting though.

Cons: They lost my luggage on the way from Atlanta to North Bay. This was a expensive hunting trip that was planned in January with no return on the deposit. I got my bags on the day I was scheduled to leave. They had no way to track my bag and offered me $50. I had over $7000 of gear in the bag and I lost my $2600 deposit for the hunt. Not to mention the time a way from work where I just sat around in the bush doing nothing. On the way home, they lost my bag again. No one ever came to customer service desk and I had to call a number to India who was zero help. Terrible experience. Never fly Air Canada!!!!!

Pros: I was very impressed today when one of the airline stewardess went back into the Terminal waiting area to get a passenger's phone charge she left behind. We were all seated when the passenger noticed she had forgotten it and to her credit she walked back to the front of the plane to ask about retrieving the charge. She was particularly concerned because she had just bought it. She came back to her seat and was told they would see what they could do. To our surprise after the doors were closed, the stewardess came back to hand the passenger her charger. She was very grateful! Well done Air Canada.

Pros: The flight attendants wet very nice and accommodating
Cons: The clerk helping with the boarding passes was very rude.

Pros: Service... comfortable sits
Cons: Delay in flight , long queue at Toronoto airport

Pros: Friendly staff every step of the way. Were always there and were always mindfu of your space.
Cons: The woman that I was dealing with before the trip even began was incredibly rude and condescending! Talking down to me the entire time and didn't experience any patience whatsoever. She seeed to not know what she was doing whatsoever and was not helpful in the slightest. This is the woman in the desk leaving Edmonton heading to Calgary

Pros: Affordable fares
Cons: They ran out of the food, and many people were left with no choice for dinner. Food was just okay. Crews weren't very helpful when boarding. It was hard to find a spot for my carry on luggage. I waited for someone to come over and help me find the spot, but no luck.

Pros: The flight attendant were good and professional.
Cons: There was an overbooking, so I gave up my place for someone else to travel in exchange of compensation. The flight back to Toronto from Atlanta was delayed by 2 hours and a half, which put me in risk to miss my connection flight. The plane was small and there was not enough space for mid size people.

Pros: That there was no delays or anything, at any point, very easy.
Cons: N/A

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Spent extra 12 hours at the airport

Pros: the staff was wonderful
Cons: no entertainment on flight 10 hours bored to death

Cons: I had my checked baggage held up in Calgary for one day. Then on the way back it was held up again in Calgary. This time it took 6 days,and no one could tell me where it was. It will be my first and last Air Canada flight.

Pros: Video monitor did not work on ATL YYZ leg

Pros: nothing
Cons: at atlanta airport i was refused to board the flight because it was aircanada and i wasnt told anything about that infact i had to pay 130$ extra for rebooking my ticket wihout any reason and the airline person didnt talk properly it wasnt my fault that i was given a air canada flight i booked a turkish airline flight,infact i had to wait at the airport for like 24 hours!contact me back asap this is the worst ever experience i have had with you!i have been booking with you guys for a long time.i hope to hear from you soon!

Cons: Small child violently kicked me seat the entire flight. I asked the parent (politely) to ask his son to stop but he didnt think he should have to. (They also thought it was fine for their toddler daugther to crawl into another sleeping passengers lap during flight. The crew was no help. I get that kids are kids but this was excessive. A crying baby would have been a welcone change. I think the crew should have stepped in.

Pros: The take-off and landing were smooth, the airline and passengers were very classy and the flight attendants spoke both perfect English and French. Overall I enjoyed it very much. I flew home on West Jet and did not care for that one bit. Thank you Christine Tekela

Cons: 11 hour flight with no feasible entertainment options.

Pros: Crew was very nice
Cons: n/a

Pros: Decent video selection, staff was pleasant.
Cons: Maintenance issues rendered all three of my flights delayed on my trip back from Japan. Last delay was 3 hours behind :( Food selection was subpar even for airline food.

Pros: Crew and newness of plain
Cons: Food options and quality

Pros: Quietness of the airplane
Cons: The seat back was not comfortable for my back.

Pros: The ticket agent in Cincinnati was courteous and informative. Very helpful

Pros: That the plane didn't crash.
Cons: When I flew to Toronto the plane left 15 mins late but arrived an hour an twenty min late. No turbulence or trouble, just late. I stepped off that plane to my connector to Paris when boarding was suppose to start but that plane was on an hour delay. The food is just horrible, anyone who has flown knows this, and on both flights first class was the only priority. They got to everyone else when it was convenient. This was my first time flying with Air Canada and will certainly be my last. I'll happily pay a little more for the other airlines. So if you fly with them, good luck to you.

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