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Pros: "Wow! That sums it up. Premium coach was like first class on some other airlines. This is by far the best airline I've ever flown."
Cons: "The website doesn't work very well. It's also difficult to navigate."

Pros: "ANA was awesome as usual."
Cons: "The flight with United Airlines was horrible. The seats were small... leg room not the best. The flight attendants were terrible. I called 3 times to get headphones and they never came to give me any. The food was dry and we were only fed twice. I’m vegan/vegetarian so there wasn’t any options."

Cons: "You could have given me a refund or credit for a flight I told you 3 months ago I had to change. I won’t use kayak again."

Pros: "the food was god. the crew was very accommodating"

Cons: "12:05 am flight back to Lax is good because you can sleep a little then be awake for a good period of time before and after landing which helps promote getting back to normal sooner. Flight got a little chilly whole is was sleeping but otherwise a very good flight."

Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Good"

Pros: "The crew was amazing! The food was really great! And the entertainment was fantastic! I would absolutely fly with them again the next time I book a trip."

Cons: "Good"

Pros: "Crew - excellent service orientation"
Cons: "No storage space for small personal items like phone, magazine etc International Food choice very limited size of seats small"

Cons: "Purchased tickets through Kayak on ANA with confirmation. Bumped to United after confirmation. Although I realize both companies are Star Alliance, the bait & switch is unacceptable & I would NOT have purchased these tickets for United. Flight had much more turbulence than my experience on ANA which is why I refuse to fly any other airlines. Will recommend against Kayak to everyone I know."

Cons: "Seats are a little narrow near the window."

Pros: "Crew were very hospitable"

Pros: "The stewardesses were kind and courteous, attending to every need with a smile."
Cons: "Not vegan/vegetarian options for meals. Also if you are able to upgrade from economy seating, do so! Your legs will thank you for it. L"

Pros: "Crew was fantastic. Really polite and attentive. Liked that they offered liquids throughout the flight to keep us hydrated. Good experience overall."
Cons: "Entertainment - didn't have to many movies I liked. Food was just ok. I enjoyed the soy sauce beef and rice the most."

Cons: "Couldn’t print or get boarding pass for this connecting flight which was a bit annoying. Other than that, everything was amazing"

Pros: "- Friendly staff. - Excellent service and boarding easiness. - Kayak's excellent price."
Cons: "- Entertainment had limited movies. - Food could have more selection for business class. - Loung in Japan is not the greatest and overcrowded. - Boarding from Japan to KUL was very poor specially in packing people like sardine in the shuttle."

Pros: "Great service, great flight"
Cons: "Warm not much as."

Cons: "The business lounge in honolulu"

Pros: "very clean over a 9 hr flight , great seat and flight attendant"

Cons: "It was too hot in the plane. The plane lacked individual cooling control. We mentioned how warm it was to the flight attendant. It did cool down momentarily, but remained uncomfortably hot the remainder of the flight."

Pros: "As my other flights with them, the crew is so friendly, the planes are nice and pretty good movie selection. Also nicely organized and they apologized profusely for the hour delay. I wish all of the American airline companies would learn from them! Great beverage service too, even when people are sleeping they quietly come around for us who are awake."
Cons: "The food for vegetarians is not very good. But they feed you a lot and you won't go hungry!"

Pros: "Friendly staff. English language not too much of an issue. Ample personal space in economy class compared to other carriers."
Cons: "Asian Vegetarian meal not very good. Seems like whichever company they use to buy the food makes a half hearted effort in their selections for the food tray. If you're going to put a couple small pieces of lettuce and a cherry tomato into an already small container and call it salad, why bother? The rest of the meal wasn't pleasing either. The fruit was nearly frozen it was so cold. The entree had a few different things but still a weird combination of veggies."

Pros: "Great"
Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "Nice once I got on the plane"
Cons: "Having to wait an extra 7 hrs because of a delay on top of the 3hrs I came early to the airport. Didn't even get an email notifying me that the flight was delayed. Wasted my vacation time by a whole day"

Cons: ""

Pros: "Food and service was excellent."
Cons: "Seats in economy were narrower than other airlines."

Cons: "seat labeling not clear"

Pros: "Everything was fantastic (except that I didn’t watch or listen to any of the entertainment"

Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "Food needs improvement"

Pros: "Flight was good"
Cons: "Signage at Honolulu airport is unclear - -difficult to navigate TSA check, find connecting gate"

Cons: "The weather made the approach at Narita really bumpy, not anyone's fault. I thought the pilot did a very good job landing."

Pros: "Great service, excellent and curteous. Clean cabin"
Cons: "Food can be improved, economy seats are tight. Movie selection not as vast as SQ and Cathay."


Pros: "Again, the flight attendants were kind and tried to be very helpful."
Cons: "The entertainment system was difficult to figure out and maneuver around and it seemed like the choices of movies were all sad."

Pros: "It was an awesome flight, very nice and great service,"

Cons: "Hdhdhd"

Pros: "Light food but breakfast could have been more substantial only one chicken sausage?"
Cons: "Turbulence Lack of privacy with seating Lighting from other monitors disturbs someone trying to sleep"

Cons: "Boarding bridge was not available at Narita airport. Stairs (trap) to ground were tough for my mother who has bad legs."

Pros: "highly efficient processes on ground (Narita airport), clean and enough space in airplane, exteremely supportive and polite staff"
Cons: "nothing"

Pros: "In-flight service from staff was excellent as always, food is good but not outstanding (but let's be clear this was economy class), movie selection is good."
Cons: "From Japan to other places they're always organised, but boarding in London was a little chaotic which is a common problem for ANA flights in other countries *to* Japan - they hadn't set up signs properly or made clear announcements for families with children, First Class, Business class boarding etc. The First Class/Diamond status queue (not for me!) was actually set up in front of a supporting pillar, basic organisational things like that. On balance though, still a top-class airline."

Pros: "The plane was new and the seats recline quite a bit. The movie selection was solid (though disorganized)."
Cons: "The food service was a plastic bag of goodies (bag of chips, water bottle, toblerone, kit kat, pastry) - what?! The turbulence announcement was made once in english and japanese by the auto-plane service followed by the crew announcing it again in both English and Japanese. The same was done with the duty free. The plane pressure also felt very strong and cause discomfort for the wife. The movie selection was solid (but badly organized) and the TV show selection wasn't terrible. It should all be better. Come on ANA! Contact me for recommendations."

Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice on this modern 787. It was a pleasant easy flight."

Pros: "Compared to different american airlines, this flight was great. Decent meals, decent movies, all around good."

Pros: "Great star wars vessel. Very attentive staffs and flight attendants."

Pros: "Good service."
Cons: "Flight was congested."

Pros: "n/a"
Cons: "The captain failed to update the passengers and crew of significant change in flight path and delay. The flight flew off course for almost 30 minutes, while the flight attendants required everyone to remain seated due to supposed turbulence. We felt no turbulence for almost 25 mins. No update was given to passengers while we flew far off course. I motioned to the flight attendant, who was seated due to turbulence warning, to ask why we were off-course, but she could not get up. Many passengers were pointing to the flight path animation, to point out that we were flying straight north, instead of southeast. The flight attendant then called the captain for an update, and then the captain finally made an announcement about weather delays around shanghai."

Pros: "Food is delicious and Crew are friendly."
Cons: "Transit hours at Narita were too long. Connecting flight was on the next day and need Visa to go out of the airport as the connecting area is not open 24 hours."

Pros: "very attentive crew, plane was well cared for, food was mediocre."
Cons: "food was barely passable. awful landing."

Pros: "Best flight I've ever had"

Pros: "The crew were very pleasant"
Cons: "The flight was very smooth"

Pros: "options for vegetarians"
Cons: "the food, there was no vegetarian option. The first plane was very small and uncomfortable but the return was good."

Pros: "Excellent seats! Friendly flight attendant and lots of snacks plus a gift bag."
Cons: "A little bumpy"

Pros: "For some reason the plane was swapped to the newer models so some of our group got upgraded to extra comfort since extra is given to rows 11-21 on the new planes. Row 13 was non existent anymore to make room for the lie flats so gave my in laws the extra comfort we had in row 14 and upgraded our flights to business class. Totally worth it and paid just $370 to upgrade since we got credit for the amount we paid for extra comfort ($495 - $125 credit). On a 10 hour flight it made a huge difference since we got to stretch out, nap and enjoy amazing food while being ultra comfy! I would recommend on the longer flights for sure and when you upgrade w/in 24 hours its way cheaper than the $2500+ cost that it normally would be."
Cons: "The iPads they give in Biz class are great for viewing but there was definitely less movie choices than in the main cabin. Probably only a handful of new releases versus what the main cabin had. Made a diff since i didn't want to watch Harry Potter 1-7 and it was a 4 movie long flight! Still not bad but would have loved to see all the same titles on the iPad for us to view."

Pros: "The crew, from pilots to attendants, was extremely professional and pleasant. The airline did an excellent job turning what could've been a nightmare situation to a minor delay. Providing snacks and dinner vouchers while we waited for a new plane was a nice touch. But too many mechanical and/or electrical issues with this airline."
Cons: "Too many mechanical and/or electrical issues. Maintenance not up to par perhaps? Flight was delayed 2.5 hrs due to computer issues on the flight to Hawaii. Then had to suffer through an emergency landing due to hydraulic failure on the flight back to New York. Was not a fun experience watching the fuel being dumped into the ocean for an hour."

Pros: "Crew and food we good luckily was on a flight that wasn't packed with riders"
Cons: "Kiosk system was poor and hard to understand then had to go way down outside to drop of bags then go back to where we were to go to security very confusing needs to be a smoother process also luggage tagging was confusing and a little different than others airlines fortunately someone helped us out"

Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice and polite but not as attentive as normal."
Cons: "Food was not worthy of first class, the chairs were old and should recline more for a 10 hr flight if it's not going to lay flat. Not sure if legal prevents it from reclining more."

Pros: "Entertainment available."
Cons: "Seats recline into your lap. Very bad... Flight was way too hot, temperature wise, and no personal Air fans."

Pros: "Nothing was enjoyable the staff was rude and of zero help. the entire experience affirmed our decision to never use hawaiian airlines again."
Cons: "Everything..."

Pros: "great movie selection well fed"
Cons: "unfriendly crew to locals but they were very friendly to the japanese passengers. we felt ignored. i called for assistant and didnt get answered for 30mins. when she came to assist she didnt even bother listening to my request and assumed i just wanted sprite. i was nauseated and i wanted sprite n crackers but she only came back with sprite after 10mins. overall in short crew member in this flight needs to have their aloha spirit n be friendly not moody!!!"

Pros: "The crew was fantastic!"
Cons: "My suitcase was sent to wrong airport in Japan"

Cons: "Boarding was the usual slow line of people trying to stuff their bags in the overheads -- not much they can do to improve that I guess. Disembarking seemed to take longer than usual. Didn't open the door right away."

Pros: "Boarding was not announced per zone. Zone 1 and 2 were boarded and then 3-5 all at once creating a huge line. Rated 1 on food and entertainment as short duration of flight didn't include either of those."

Pros: "The courteous flight attendance."
Cons: "Food wasn't great but okay. At least they offered a meal which is nice on such a long flight."

Pros: "Crew was great. Left you alone if you wanted to sleep. Flight was uneventful and that's good."
Cons: "No wifi in the airport or on the plane?! So on a 6+ hour flight no entertainment unless you rent a $15 dollar tablet."

Pros: "The seats were amazing... very comfortable."
Cons: "The flight attendants were unfriendly, cold, and seemed very annoyed. The entertainment was VERY pricey - that was an unwelcome surprise for such a long flight. I would rather bring my own food and be able to distract myself with a series of complimentary movies."

Pros: "Relaxing music on the plane, extremely friendly staff, efficient, and comfortable. The comfort level was basic - not a super updated aircraft - but overall a great flight experience."
Cons: "Everything was great. Aircraft wasn't super updated but no problem!"

Cons: "I was unable to select a seat within the 24 hour window prior to departure, other than paying an $80 upcharge for an aisle seat. On the phone the day prior to departure, I was told by the HA agent that "the airport controilled seat assignments" at that timne so she could not help me get a seat, and that the extra charge option on the website was the only choice I had. This process struck me as bizarre/dishonest. I will not be back unless I can select a seat prior to booking."

Pros: "Great service... good meal... and free wine! Yeeeew!"

Pros: "I liked that they serve meal in a short intrastate flights.Service was wonderful."
Cons: "screaming and unruly kids and their parents who think it's cute that they act so totally out of control."

Pros: "Hawaiian airlines is the best airline!"

Pros: "No food and uncomfortable flight"
Cons: "The flight with Jet blue to Los Angelos was so uncomfortable"

Pros: "My kids liked the cup of noodle served on the plane!"
Cons: "We flew on Hawaiian almost 3 weeks before from Asia to Hawaii. We were surprised that most of the movies and tv viewing were exactly the same. I wish you would have had more Korean movies and tv shows. The seats are too close together for any real comfort."

Cons: "No vegetarian meals! Why?? One flight attendant was not friendly (a Japanese national). I know not every one has a good day, but she could have been a little nicer to the passengers. Thank you."

Cons: "Good"

Cons: "3 hour delay meant no train was given a voucher that didn't cover the fare I would have plane leave Hawaii earlier so 300people are left to sleep in the terminal until train runs again"

Pros: "Our area had a small child who had just come off a flight from Australia to Hawaii and was screeching (not screaming). The attendant was able to help the mom with her and was very understanding and patient. Her compassion helped the rest of the passengers deal with the deafening noise."
Cons: "Mediocre food. Overcooked chicken and veggies. The usual."

Pros: "More leg room."

Pros: "Smooth flight, with premium video somehow! No delays. Good array of movies, new and old."
Cons: "1 food 'option' of "sweet and sour bits of stuff with rice." Felt like public school cafeteria at best. Also not enough of it for a 6 hour flight (and I'm a skinny guy). Knee room in economy is killer for us tall guys (6'3). Swear it gets smaller every year."

Pros: "Hawaiian fruit drink. Nice movie selection on Ipad. Nice staff. enough space eg empty seat next to me."
Cons: "Would be nice not to pay so much for Ipads to watch movies, shows. Nicer to have free screens on seats in front. No fault of the airline but there were really long lines at the airport to get through security."

Pros: "Boarding was quick and easy."
Cons: "Seas are horribly cramped making for a very uncomfortable red eye experiences. Cabin crew were police but nowhere near friendly."

Pros: "The staff and supper was great. We arrived earlier than expected also."

Pros: "nothing much to say for a 45 minute glight"
Cons: "not much (see above)"

Cons: "No vegetarian option for food!!"

Cons: "The food was not the best but at least it was free! One of the best airlines I've flown."

Pros: "I was vert pleased with the service and the comfort of my seat,"

Pros: "There just seemed to be very little leg room for anyone who is average sized. The seats are kid and petite adequate but not the average height person. The seat cushion was also lacking for a 6 hour flight. Overall the flight was great and the service was excellent."
Cons: "Not enough leg room."

Pros: "Everyone was really friendly and helpful through out the whole flight and while in the airport also. I will definitely fly Hawaiian again."

Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "I liked everything"

Pros: "Great staff, on-time schedule."
Cons: "Cabin was freezing cold with constant cold breeze blowing on me. Everyone around me concurred that it was freezing. On United, my trip to Tokyo was very comfortable and warm. Food was much better. I try to avoid flying Hawaiian Airlines when possible."

Pros: "inflight service consistent good. my top favorite airline."

Pros: "I always love flying Hawaiian, nice planes, nice flight Attendants, they are always on time or early. Their food and beverage service is great too!!!! It's always a pleasure to fly with them. I make multiple trips per year."

Cons: "There was no vegetarian option on this flight for the meal, very disappointing. Other Hawaiian flights I've been on have all had one."

Pros: "Good customer service. Very peaceful environment"

Pros: "The Self Check-in computer terminal would recognize my credit card or my confirmation number. So I had to wait in line 20 minutes st the customer service desk. The staff person said the same problem was happening more frequently. And, I have a Hawaiian Air frequent flyer account. I bought my ticket through KAYAK, maybe that was the problem. Hawaiian Air planes are newer and quieter than Alaska Air. And there serve a real meal for free. They have more leg room too. I like Hawaiian a lot."

Cons: "Six non stop crying kids from Hawaii to seattle. That's all I have 5o say. Unreal."

Cons: "Flight was delayed for 2 hrs. Due to mechinal problems"

Pros: "I'm really glad I used Kayak, it was very easy to use the app, it quickly guided me through the fields, booked my flight and excepted my payment the first try"

Pros: "the overall ambiance and the cheerfulness of the flight attendants made returning back to the grind easier, and meal service made the flight seem to go faster even though I didn't want to leave paradise. Seemed like more leg room in coach. Maybe because it was a 767."
Cons: "n/a"

Pros: "I liked the awesome customer service that was given by all the workers there the landing I hardly felt and I've been flying since I was 6 and this was the easiest flight that I have ever been on and I would like to say thanks"

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