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HDN — Canada
Sep 28 — Oct 51
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Top airlines flying Hayden Yampa Valley to Canada

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
American AirlinesOverall score based on 46358 reviews

Pros: Titos Vodka
Cons: If they would have put my wife and I together and not lose ALL 4 pieces of our luggage

Pros: We got to our destination.
Cons: Better social distancing standards. People are still getting sick even with the vaccine.

Cons: I missed boarding by one minute and was told there was nothing they could do. Our connecting flight landed on the other side of the airport and after literally running through DFW, we were told our flight home had already boarded, we arrived at 6:21, flight left at 6:30. American Airlines screwed us again. Just paid $300 for a rental vehicle so I could make it home.

Cons: Flight was totally full... At least everyone had a mask on American does not space seats like Delta does I will be taking Delta whenever possible

Cons: the 2 stewardesses disappeared as soon as the flight was in the air. i upgraded to business class in what was a huge waste of money. the fact that they do not make alcohol available in business class is pure laziness, and these people are loving it. keep in mind that you can have water juice and pop. i was given the water i asked for after take off, and then she promptly disappeared for the entire 3 hours. she only returned when i pushed the call button. not good.

Cons: Sat on the runway for over an hour. Lack of communication and lies..

Pros: Really friendly flight attendants

Pros: Very nice crew.. And arrived early.

Cons: The experience was excellent.

Cons: Nothing!!!

Cons: Original flight we booked would have taken us overnight. But it was canceled so we had to stay overnight in the airport

Pros: The crew was very nice and helped me with what I needed.

Cons: The seats felt like I was sitting on a concrete block. HORRIBLE!

Pros: Nice crew. Very smooth flight.

Cons: The flight was full. We waited for wheelchair assistance that never arrived until we got to the gate for boarding, after already doing a 20 minute walk to the gate. The crew was snippy and unfriendly. Two lavatories were out of order from the get-go which should have been detected before leaving.

Pros: Did good job
Cons: Bigger seats in economy

Pros: Super old plane. No entertainment except for old screens from the ceiling every six rows or so.

Pros: Everything was great on the AA flight

Pros: Consistently great crew. Food for pitchers is really good. Hummus was very tasty!
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: the movie selection was quite nice
Cons: I have to run to get my connection flight

Cons: Our wait to get to the gate was in excess of 40 minutes.

Cons: Same is last.

Cons: Our flight was overbooked and we were moved to a later flight causing a 7 hour layover and arrived at 2am the following morning.

Pros: The crew was nice and friendly. I was super tired so I slept almost the whole way through. But they still left a bottled water and snacks for me. Very thoughtful.
Cons: Everything was good, no complaints.

Cons: Always too many people.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Our connecting flight to New Orleans was cancelled and we had to rent a car or wait until the next flight out which was 5pm the next day. We opted to rent a car and Had to cancel our return flight home to be refunded. American Airlines cancelled multiple flights and were in total disarray. Still waiting to see if they will honor the refund

Pros: Boarding at Springfield was fast and simple. The check-in agent were friendly and efficient. I especially appreciated that the flight arrived early into Dallas. I had a little more time to find lunch before my next flight.
Cons: N/A

Pros: There’s no usb charger for my phone.there is no Monitor in front of me

Cons: Aircraft at least in our section was very cold the whole flight. My young son was very cold even in a sweatshirt. I was very cold in a sweater, shirt, and jeans. I asked a crew member if they might have a blanket to cover my son, he brusquely replied “No blankets, no pillows!” So we just froze for 5.5 hours.

Pros: Crew was friendly and efficient
Cons: There wasn’t any entertainment but that was ok.

Pros: It was o k.
Cons: No complain

Pros: Short flight
Cons: Attendant at gate insisted my daughter's carry-on bag get checked because he put it crooked into the sizer. When I adjusted it and showed him that it fit, he still insisted that we check it. Unpleasant way to start our trip.

Cons: Two of crew very chatty with each other on their personal lives, finances, friends and family.

Pros: Not at all
Cons: I made the reservation without knowing that Americans airlines has a boarding number 9 where you are NOT allowed any carry on. Awful lesson. You are given the worst seat and you cannot store any thing in the overhead compartment. Or there make you pay $60..

Pros: Comfortable and food was great So was the service
Cons: No complaints

Pros: Great Wifi! After reading bad reviews it was actually ok. Flew business on the A319 (single aisle plane) and it reminded me of qantas 737. I think for a short haul day flight I may just put up with economy instead for the price. Food is ok. I think with AA you have to pick your aircraft, it makes a difference what plane you fly as to what you get in business class. FA's were great. Overall I'd fly them again. Food was ok.
Cons: They asked everyone to put the window shades down but I fly window seat because I like looking out! It was a day flight too! LAX T4 lounge is being refurbished so you need to go to T5 and make sure it's not the regional lounge!

Pros: Flt on time. Arrived on time
Cons: A young child screemed constantly. Not sure how you would address. Have had kids so been there

Pros: The crew was very accommodating. We were delayed at the gate one hour and the captain allowed us to deboard which was nice.
Cons: The food was not great- a very plain pasta for dinner and a muffin top and yogurt for breakfast. I thinking was an older plane because there were no individual screens and no place to plug in devices. They played Pirates of the Caribbean on small overhead monitors.

Cons: Flight attendants seemed inconvenienced by simple requests like a drink or headphones. The food was downright terrible! Overall rudeness! They lost one of our two bags that we checked in together. When they finally found it 36 hours later, the process to get the bag was horrific!

Pros: Smooth flight and on time.
Cons: Small plane. Even small carry-ons had to be gate checked

Pros: I like quick flight,
Cons: The delay but hey that's how it goes.

Cons: Food was the worst of any plane I've ever taken

Pros: All connections-smooth

Pros: Crew was very professional
Cons: My flight was delayed 5 hours

Pros: Offer to send the carry on for free at the gate.
Cons: Have to pay for check in bag. Used to be free!!!

Pros: Flights were on time. Airport was clean.

Pros: Nice airplane, it appeared pretty new. Everything was clean.
Cons: My screen was out so I didn't get to use the new technology. I could see other people using it for maps and stuff. It looks neat.

Pros: Everything was great. Slept the entire flight.

Cons: There was an incident on plane between passenger and flight attendant, where a drink was spilled on me and ruined my dress and shoes.

Pros: I was on a flight that lasted over two hours without being offered any beverage service.
Cons: I needed water to stay hydrated.

Pros: Crew was great
Cons: Nothing. Experience was awesome

Pros: It was meh....
Cons: I got no notification that the flight was going to be 1 hour earlier

Cons: An out delayed with one update from the pilot. Sitting on the tarmac with no AC for an hour.

Pros: Airplanes, entertainment, boarding, check in
Cons: Food, conections

Pros: Boarding was fast
Cons: Long takeoff and seats were to close

Cons: We didn’t have food on our flight, but ordered it at a cost. We didn’t get the food or pay for it.

Cons: Champagne or sparkling wine served.

Pros: My economy plus seat was good (once I finally got it) and for all the hassle they did free tv for the whole plane. THey found a new plane FAST!
Cons: They changed gates last minute - plane was in for maintenance and slight delay - then cancelled that plane - did the series of 15 minute additional delays. They found a new plane - changed the gates (big distance) again - and 'the computer' had reseated 1/2 the plane. DISTASTER to fix.

Cons: crew at the airport and on the plane, not very helpful

Pros: Selection of films and TV
Cons: Late boarding, but no apology. Drinks service, but no snacks

Pros: Flight attendants were competent
Cons: The drinks for purchase were absorbant

Pros: I made it home alive
Cons: Well constancy gate changes in the airport to getting on a hot plane with no air going, then to waiting an hour for the plane to start because of the power cable (still with no air) crew didn’t give us any update from the very first one, all of a sudden we are moving, but only shortly because then we waited another 30 minutes to actually take off. Once in the air it took forever to get water, just pretzels for snacks and a horrible attitude by the staff. DO NOT DLY WITH THEM.

Cons: Movie kept crashing and I had to restart the app

Pros: Smooth, plenty empty seats, good food, excellent entertainment, friendly staff
Cons: A bit chilly

Cons: Flight left 5 hours hate which included 2+ hours on tarmac being fed nonsensical updates by pilot. Planes entertainment system wasn't operational

Pros: Good Movie Selection, food was descent, no screaming children,
Cons: Layover in Frankfurt too long; Unable to sleep on flight, nearby windows were open creating too much light, seating a bit too close to relax.

Pros: Pushed out on time and made it home early
Cons: Flight attendants were non existent. 2 water services in a 4 hour flight is ridiculous.

Pros: Gates for connecting were close and even with delay, I made it on time.
Cons: Flight delay, that made the short connection even shorter

Cons: The United Boarding Agent repeatedly warned about the "SMALL" carry on compartments on the CJR aircraft and literally insisted we tag our carry ons to be set aside on boarding even though we knew they fitted OK. AS A RESULT when we got to Calgary we had to wait at the over size luggage racks for our carry ons to be delivered instead of them being set up for us as we left the aircraft which is normal!! Very frustrating!!

Pros: It was quiet, staff were chearful!
Cons: A little cramped in the middle.

Cons: Tv didn't work no entertainment options on personal device

Pros: Overbooked the first flight which was a bit nerve wracking. Luckily got a seat. Seats are a bit small and the food was as expected.
Cons: Overbooked flight.

Pros: The crew was working efficient and tried to respond to request
Cons: The plane was freezing cold. I came prepared but had to hunker down under blankets even though I had two shirts and a jacket on. This is not acceptable for any flight or airline. I caught a cold on my return trip due to this. I'm disappointed as it seemed like a newer plane. The stewardess acknowledged this but was unable to get our section to warm up. Everyone in my area of the plane was Ice cold.

Pros: Rebooked me a nonstop flight to my destination!
Cons: Delays. O'Hare. United. Storms and air traffic control. Looking all across the board, it didn't look like anyone was leaving Chicago anytime soon.

Pros: The crew were very nice and we had a safe flight.
Cons: The seats were very hard and uncomfortable! Customers should bring a pillow.

Cons: Didn't like having to buy food on an international flight.

Pros: No problems smooth as honey.

Pros: On-time departure and courteous crew. Smooth flying on this leg of our trip.
Cons: I don't have any major complaints about this flight.

Cons: 1hr 10min. Delay on the tarmak. Late into Calgary.

Pros: The boarding process went well.
Cons: The plane clearly had not been cleaned, not even superficially. There were stains and crumbs on the tray, there was garbage in the small seat pocket and the seat was damp. Very unpleasant.

Pros: Being able to watch a movie on the screen in the seatback in front of me rather than on my phone.
Cons: I had to go to the airport early & my bags therefore ended up on the wrong flight most likely because someone didn't actually read the tags fully. I was going Hayden-Chicago-Pgh & my bags went Hayden-Denver-Pgh. I'm fairly short & very skinny yet I felt a bit cramped.

Cons: Flight Attendant was REALLY late. We had to delay boarding to wait for her. 15 minutes. then it took longer to wait for gate check -- green tag bag - than if I had checked the bag. when we finally got the gate check bags and headed through customs the checked bags were all on the carousel. And I have Nexus. So Customs was 3 minutes. NOT a good process. Figure it out YYC international terminal!!!

Pros: Nice seats - and some room to move and relax.
Cons: Being an Air Canada customer and having bought an Air Canada ticket - I do expect that either the entertainment will be free on my iPad or included - particularly when I have to PAY to get a decent seat. It isn't right that entertainment isn't included for the extra price!

Cons: Seats are so narrow and uncomfortable. And we never pushed pack on time for all my flights

Pros: It got me home.
Cons: It was just a flight.

Cons: Entertainment is very expensive... no distractions from that end for my work though...silver lining I guess. Internet is similarly very expensive

Cons: Put on stand-by despite booking flight months ahead of time, just because we did not check in 24 hours ahead of time.

Pros: Good in-flight entertainment using the app. Decent staff overall.
Cons: On our booking through Kayak, this was only listedas an Air canada flight, however, when I couldn't check in online and phoned Air canada (which took 30min), they said it was operated by United and had to check in on Why was there. o mention of this?? It took me phoning to find out what airline I was flying with! Also, a United staff person told us we didn't need to touch our bags in calgary en route tonour final Saskatoon destination, which was wrong.

Cons: Not like Air Canada ... I can tell the staff are tired of their jobs. Entertainment you needed to pay for. Really bare bones

Pros: Co passengers friendliness
Cons: The tiny cup with more ice than refreshment. Small bottles of water would be great - less likely to spill over in bad weather and thirst would also be quenched. Lack of luggage space for those of us with the correct allowance hand luggage instead of all the extra large pieces because people don't want to go to baggage claims or pay for baggage. Truly their suitcase not paid for is the same as mine paid for. Difference is the inconvenience of having to keep my hand luggage at my feet because of the larger pieces filled by passengers in group 1, 2, and 3 over my designated seat area.

Cons: With maintenance delays, I wouldn't make any connections.

Pros: Nothing

Pros: We arrived safely along with our baggage.
Cons: Major weather issues so delayed boarding and flight. That's understandable, but poor, often rude, gate operations. Often no, inaccurate, or misleading information. They seemed confused, as if this were the first time event.

Pros: Boarding was organized. Crew was great.

Cons: Flight left 13 hours behind schedule. No hotel room provided.

Pros: The flight is on time.

Cons: I wouldn't know since I wasn't on it and I'm still in the airport waiting for my flight. I have to try to get comfortable on the floor right now.

Pros: Nice new plane
Cons: 2 hour delay due to a name discrepancy on a passenger. Not fair to keep everyone waiting for one person

Cons: Dulles International Airport on a beautiful June 3, 2016. Flight was from Dulles to Hartford and due to depart at 12:30 pm. 12:30 pm - Notified flight delayed an hour or so because they didn't have a flight attendant for the flight. 2:00 pm - Notified flight delayed because Flight Attendant was found but on way. 4:00 pm - Notified the Flight attendant would not be able to make it, but they were looking for another one. 6:00 pm - Notified a Flight Attendant was found and was on a plane that was inbound and would be landing any minute. Notified plane with Flight Attendant arrived at gate and they would be there any minute and we could begin boarding. 6:45 pm - Flight was CANCELLED!!!!! I could go on about how I was rebooked on an 11:00 pm flight on American Airlines out of Reagan, my checked bag was not returned to me and I was told it was on another plane United plane that would beat me to Hartford, they shuttled me to Reagan. I got to Hartford and my bag was not there......SURPRISE!! This was ridiculous and thank god I was traveling alone and had time. I felt bad for the families with small children who had to suffer through this stupidity.

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Airlines flying from Hayden to Canada have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Hayden to Canada

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Hayden to Canada

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Hayden to Canada

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Hayden to Canada

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