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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
JetBlueOverall score based on 19752 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: Coffee was super week No movies ORD-JFK

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Cons: Coffee was super week No movies ORD-JFK

Cons: Tv dont work in a fly of 4hr 30 min

Cons: Was 2hrs behind schedule

Pros: Free wireless
Cons: I'm not in Charlotte

Pros: Service was awesome, 100% recommended

Pros: The crew was good, and they tried to make up for the delay with a gift certificate
Cons: More than three hours of delay because there was no crew assigned to that flight

Cons: Everything could have been better. Flight delayed 3 hours due to JetBlue schedule mismanagement. No consideration for elderly when we had to change gates across airport. Poor communication on flight updates. And then as a perk to make up for delays, tried to sell us a credit card. Just Awful.

Pros: I canceled my flight over a month ago and deleted the trip in Kayak. Please update your system.

Cons: Left very late because of delayed inbound flight and need for deicing.

Pros: On time departure and arrival , best leg room ever

Pros: The rescheduling of my flight via a phone call
Cons: The delay of course

Pros: Pilot did great job at landing.
Cons: Flight was delayed without explanation and airplane was quite old.

Cons: My first flight was delayed an hour due to pilot error (we left the gate on time, but sat on the tarmac for an hour). This caused me to miss my connecting flight, which stranded me at JFK because they only had one flight per day to my destination. JetBlue's customer service told me I could not reach my destination until the next day, which was unacceptable (I had a morning interview). In fact, the only thing they said they could do was *PARTIALLY* refund my ticket, even though they stranded me in a completely different city. They also said I would "be able to" book a new flight with a different carrier, which cost roughly $400, using my own money. In the end, I spent about an hour talking with customer service until they were "nice enough" to do a partial refund with an additional credit equaling the remainder of my $400 ticket to fly with them in the future. It was still a very poor interaction with customer service.

Cons: 2 hours late!

Cons: The cabin crew was a little lacking and the captain did not mentioned that we had landed almost a full hour later than scheduled.

Pros: Pilot’s smooth take off and landing.
Cons: The weather haha.

Pros: I liked that the pilot was able to make up some time because our flight was delayed over one hour in Chicago.
Cons: The notification that the flight was boarding early. I enabled notifications and still did not receive notification that the plane was boarding.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Being delayed from 6am to 1:30pm

Pros: Flight was delayed 30 minutes at takeoff but landed when it was scheduled, so it was fine. Flight attendants didn’t make you stay in your seat, so you could use the lavatory. A fine, uneventful flight. Free WiFi. Snacks. Drinks. Fairly comfortable seats with decent legroom.
Cons: Wish the seats in front of the emergency exit reclined.

Pros: The crew was unfailing cheerful and helpful. The seats are comfortable and there’s a little more space than some airlines. The fight and particularly the landing was very smooth. Great experience!

Pros: I appreciate that they let families with strollers board after Group A, there seems to be more space than the major carriers, and the snacks are good!
Cons: My Satellite XM radio didn’t seem to be working.

Pros: Turbulence, wait time before landing and staying still for long periods on bothends

Pros: More leg room Affordable prices Snacks dunkin donut coffee Pleasant flight attendant Punctuality
Cons: Nothing

Pros: This flight is 3 + hours delayed, and I think it’s because Jet Blue didn’t have a full flight for the 8:30 am departure, this is unacceptable and I need to be compensated for my time Winston White
Cons: This flight is 3 + hours delayed, and I think it’s because Jet Blue didn’t have a full flight for the 8:30 am departure, this is unacceptable and I need to be compensated for my time Winston White

Pros: The crew talked a big game. They were ready for anything, including loss of cabin pressure, paid snacks, and even a water landing.
Cons: No water landing! I was excited to float around on a hot day, go down an awesome slide, and catch some sick waves, but come on people, we never even got a chance!

Cons: could not make it in time. Then we got on plane and pilot said it was an electrical problem on the flight but the generators were now up and at em again. Very hair raising ride for me - got in at 2:30 am with another hour to drive home - and I lost a LOT of confidence which I have always had in Jet Blue. I hope this is not the future we can expect with you

Pros: Entertainment, food, crew, and cleanliness were 100000% on point. Loved it.
Cons: Turbulence and the flight was longer than necessary because we had to go around bad weather. Not the fault of JetBlue!

Pros: Cheerful, efficient service. No hidden costs. Free gate to gate WiFi. Comfortable seats. Never flown them before and they are now at the top of my list.
Cons: Nothing yet.

Pros: Adequate leg room and ability to take a carry on we if your extra charge

Pros: Easy boarding, friendly staff, nice choice of snacks and beverages. The JetBlue app is very useful.
Cons: My in flight entertainment never worked. All I had available to look at was the JetBlue commercial channel showing me all of the entertainment I wasn’t able to watch. Not even the live view map worked. One of the attendants said something about resetting the system but I didn’t notice a change. I said something to one of the attendants a little later and she tried doing a reset again, but still no success. I could see other screens working fine and people were watching various programs while I just stared at a static map of the continental United States. Oh well, at least I was able to stream Netflix because of the free inflight WiFi.

Pros: Seats were pretty comfortable with decent legroom.
Cons: Plane was freezing cold, but a blanket had to be purchased.

Cons: The flight was delayed and we would have missed our connection in NYC. So we had to cancel the trip.

Cons: my flight was delayed for 2 hours and there was no compensation for it

Pros: The comfort of the seats are amazing. I was able to sleep through almost all of the flight.

Cons: When I scanned my boarding pass the Jetblue staff member told me my carry on was too big and had to be checked. This was puzzling to me because I travel often and do not have a problem with that bag. As I was sitting on the plane I saw everyone's bag's were bigger especially the man next to me. His was significantly larger and he had a large duffle bag between his legs causing him to manspread into my area. and yet i was told "make sure your purse is under the seat" seriously?! What about his giant duffle bag and huge carry on roller?!

Pros: The plane had more room overall than comparable and more expensive flights from other major carriers. The crew was professional and efficient.
Cons: Food options were limited and unappealing, though pretty standard for industry. Flight was short in duration ~3 hrs, so not a real issue.. I thought that selling blankets and pillows was very cheap BUT that savings is reflected in ticket cost and a better flying environmemt and experience from start to finish.

Pros: Captain and crew
Cons: Luggage handling

Pros: The only good things about this flight were: - The crew at the gate were very friendly and attentive - We arrived safely without incident
Cons: We were delayed 2 times before boarding. We were delayed 1 more time while on the plane. The pilot told us there was equipment trouble that had been fixed, but there was paperwork to fill out and it would only be a few minutes...and then radio silence for 30 minutes before pulling back. The flight attendants rushed through the pre-flight announcents and I could only understand about 60% of it due to speed, volume and accent. Despite asking me for my drink order, it never came...and I only heard a few soda cans pop open at all. Did they just decide not to serve us? She even gave me a napkin for it. Luckily when they put the snack basket in front of me, there was a tiny bottle of water, which I grabbed...little did I know, that was all I would get. The flight attendants were just tapping in the back of the plane the rest of the flight. They didn’t even bother collecting garbage until we were on final approach. They also never did the normal checks before landing.

Cons: flight was delayed 2 hours :(

Pros: Crew was happy and friendly
Cons: Can’t think of anything

Pros: They refund me the money
Cons: I almost lost my international connection, had to pay double to get my destination on time

Pros: Ez check in with kiosk
Cons: I would like to see an organic food option, even with a fee if necessary. Recommendation, fruit like banana or apple. Certified organic.

Pros: Boarding system efficient. Lots of leg room. Choice of snacks. Good service.

Pros: Entertainment on board
Cons: My flights was delayed

Pros: Extra leg room
Cons: On both legs of our vacation, going and coming we experienced long delays , 2 hours Vhicago and 3 hours Chicago to Boston

Pros: This was my first time with JetBlue and I was pleasantly surprised with the size of the plane. It was pretty comfortable

Pros: Friendly staff and the on board entertainment and snacks
Cons: The last time I took JetBlue the flight was delayed by almost 3 hours

Pros: the plane was good!
Cons: the plane boarded late

Pros: Crew was great. Captain provided lots of updates and provided useful site information prior to landing
Cons: TV kept on blacking out

Pros: The staff is great, the seats are comfortable, and the food is good

Cons: The plane change in LA was confusing & not very clear.

Cons: connecting flight left without 1/6th of its passengers. Stuck at airport now because of Deltas laziness

Pros: The food was exceptional! I’d order it again at a restaurant if I could!
Cons: Still normal awkward/tight economy seat. It’s to be expected but the coat hook and free slippers make it better than a lot of other airlines.

Cons: Small aircraft, 2 seats on each side of the aisle, but that’s what you get when you fly short legs now.

Pros: Lift off and landing was excellent
Cons: Nothing

Pros: We arrived eventually.
Cons: Flight delayed three hours. Payed extra for an earlier flight. Very disappointing.

Pros: The only thing I liked about the experience and flight was the Delta Sky Club
Cons: Everything

Cons: More leg room and seat width. I don’t like having other passengers pressed against me.

Cons: Notes were in the computer that our flight was delayed in someone at Delta told us we had to re book because we were not 2 hours prior to our flight after arriving in a cab. Delta error. Other lady told us to run to a security and get to the gate which we did and there were notes in the system and t

Pros: Crew was very friendly. Food was excellent

Cons: The flight was delayed by six hours, for no other reason than the airline itself, not the weather. Change of planes, emergency landing back at Atlanta, changed to another plane, no flight crew for over an hour, then to top it off, the final landing was the hardest I’ve experienced.

Pros: Everyone was great!
Cons: N/A

Cons: At least one hour late

Pros: I liked the cookies and juice. The interactive screen to watch something. The cleanliness. The price. On time. The service. Thank you. The excitement of flying.

Pros: Nice Airbus plane. Due to thunderstorm in Dallas, pilot not able to leave DAL to come to fly the plane in LAX on time. We delayed around 45 minutes. Otherwise, crews were professional and efficient. Excellent movies choices.
Cons: Boarding announcement in SFO was bad. No one can hear what the agent announced. Random sequence of boarding with confusion. In LAX, we supposed to go to a different terminal by a bus. There is no guidance out of gate to assist passengers that transfer to get on the right gate on the right bus. In AUS, there is not any announcement for luggage belt. An announcement would be helpful to new arrivals to this airport.

Pros: I like the fact that entertainment and technology is always good.
Cons: Boarding is always a horrible experience. I never know what zone is boarding. Your agents at the gates are overwhelmed with so many things.

Pros: Everything.
Cons: No food or drinks

Pros: Pilot was courteous, pleasant and kept us informed of flight status.

Pros: Atlanta airport is super duper organized!!! No problem getting tons of people through passport control & customs! Lots of well English speaking guiding staff- i was delighted!
Cons: On the international aircraft, 767, the monitors were smaller and hab on the domestic flights flight, the picture was way too dark to enjoy & sound out of one earpiece only

Pros: An updated 717. A bit better
Cons: 717

Pros: The crew at the airport was very courteous and helpful.
Cons: No food; not even offered water; I asked a Delta employee about our seats and she was very unprofessional (mind you I'm traveling with kids and my boarding pass said that seats were to be assigned at the gate).

Pros: I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos, please reimburse on the credit card
Cons: I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos of the studio and musicians

Pros: Great Movie selection!

Pros: The workers.
Cons: The selection on an incorrect plane that didn't fit the docking port

Cons: They cancelled my ticket and did not inform me. Horrible exlefywith Beware of this organization

Cons: Flight delayed, nearly missed connecting flight

Pros: It was great

Pros: Crew was nice, the snack was pretty good. Good air conditioning.
Cons: Didn’t turn off overhead light. It’s usually off most of the flight.

Pros: Delta personnel were very pleasant/friendly

Pros: clean. friendly. decent snacks.
Cons: warm cabin. small seats with no head support. not enough drink cart passes.

Pros: I really enjoyed the movie selection on my personal entertainment screen. The movies were New releases and there was a good selection. Staff was also very friendly and attentive.
Cons: The cookies on the return flight with Delta were nice, but the mini meal on the flight down with Aeromexico was even better!

Pros: When deplaning in Denver, I was impressed that the captain was the staff who got behind my wheelchair and offered to push me up the walkway :)... New aircraft, kind staff, shorty flight!
Cons: Nothing disappointed, butt i didn't have any good besides pretzels.

Pros: Got there before ETA
Cons: Concourse was VERY FAR away and trains were not running☹️

Pros: Seats were comfortable. Snacks!!! Nice flight crew.
Cons: I liked everything.

Cons: Female flight attendants were rude and acted like the passengers were a bother. Tried to move to an emergency row after the doors closed, which was empty and the flight attendant refused stating we had to pay extra. NOT HAPPY

Pros: It was quick and on time relatively smooth flights with little turbulance.
Cons: Economy seats are too small you literally can't move your elbow without hitting the person next to you. And there was no point at which we weren't all touching legs.

Pros: On time departure and arrival, clean plane. Enough space for your carry on.
Cons: Despite having 15 open seats on the earlier flight, I needed to pay $75/person to take the earlier flight. I chose not to do this. Would I have loved to get home 2 hours earlier.

Pros: Food was not offered on a short flight, the one star does not mean bad. There was no other option same for entertainment

Pros: Staff were all polite
Cons: The least amount of legroom I've ever had. The most cramped I've ever been and I'm 5'2 and fly a lot. Also for a 5 hour flight, I should not have been as uncomfortable as I was. There's less cushion than before.

Cons: Delayed flight, mechanical

Pros: The flight was quick, safe, and the crew was courteous and attentive.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: The crew was very friendly and ensured you had everything to your comfort . Great selection on movies . The food and wine selection was divine. Great service

Pros: The delta connection flight waited for our flight so we were able to make our cruise :-)
Cons: The delay in the beginnning caused a bit of anxiety that we might miss our connecting flight which could've resulted in a missed cruise

Pros: Left reasonably on time, arrived a bit early, able to find overhead storage for my roll-on, even boarding in Zone 3
Cons: Very tightly packed; minimal comfort for the flight.

Pros: The crew is always great. I liked the environment was cooler. It doesn't need to be refrigerator cold but keeping things on the cooler side is helpful.
Cons: The boarding process is always horrible. Folks crowd the gate before their class is called. It creates anxiety and edginess. Never a good way to start a trip. While it always goes relatively quickly I feel it should be more organized and folks made to follow a system. Cramming right up against the ticket counter doesn't do anyone any good.

Pros: They had aircraft flying to my destination. All other airlines were booked for the time and the destination I had in mind.
Cons: Long Delays, Over Booked Flights, Customer Service is not helpful, Wrong info delivered by Customer Service, No boarding gate info, Luggage was damaged, and I was charged a large premium with no added value. Delta sold me a 1st class flight because of their delays and overbooking their flights. This was because they could not fulfill the ticket I had. This was Delta's solution to their problem caused by them. I still have no idea why the flights were delayed. On top of all this, I overheard a walk-on pilot ask if there was room for him to catch a lift home. The flight attendant responded with "absolutely this flight is not full at all, you can sit right here". Wait I had to pay 200 bucks extra for an overbooked flight and you are having your Delta representatives say different. This was my first and last trip with Delta. I spent 1000 dollars for round trip ticket from Seattle to Spokane WA. No way is that OK or acceptable under any circumstances to treat your customers like this. The best part about all of this is, I have sent feedback and called customer service to talk to a manager to hear the blame put on back on me. Perception is reality Delta. Awful service, awful prices, awful care, awful communication, and awful value for the money.

Cons: No entertainment available at all. There were empty seats available and passenger next to me in the aisle seat was not offered to move--she fell asleep with her legs crossed and kept kicking me in the middle seat--I was traveling with the window seat passenger.

Pros: The crew was nice
Cons: I didn't like the fact that I didn't get my luggage with me when I arrived to casablanca as I lived 4 hours away from the casablanca. I have to come back the next day to get my luggage. I was very mad about I noticed one of my luggage has been damaged so now I have to buy another one because I can t use it. It was disgusting.

Pros: The flight crew was nice and polite. They served drinks and snacks in a timely manner while on the flight.
Cons: Flight was scheduled to leave early, the plane arrived, but they couldn't turn the plane around fast enough. We left the gat late, then pilot said we would still be arriving half an hour early. We arrived about 45 minutes late, and that was a problem because our connecting flight was due to depart now in 15 minutes. Lightning forced the airport to shutdown, which was great, we had a chance to catch our flight, but we were stuck in the airplane, and we couldn't get to our gate until the all-clear. I know this is not Delta's fault, but they did arrive quite late on a flight that, according to them, would be early. They also never communicated to the other flight that there were several passengers catching that connection. So by the time we had ran to catch our connection they had closed the ramp. Lightning hit again, and they shutdown the airport once again, so the airplane was still at the gate for about an hour, and they did not allow the 20+ passengers to board that plane, which was right there. So frustrating. The only thing that saved it was that our new flight was the new airbus, and although it left an hour and a half later, the comfort level was phenomenal.

Pros: Great service. On time flight.
Cons: I reserved my ticket through They auto populated my name and added my maiden name. Because that did not match my passport I was charged $50 at the counter to make the name change. Additionally this took a very long time and we almost missed our flight. I am currently fighting with the airline to get reimbursed.

Pros: Crew were very friendly and efficient. The flight was uneventful
Cons: Free drinks. More options for free snacks

Pros: Crew and staff at gate fantastic. Accommodated me sitting with partner on both legs (booked flights separately).
Cons: Flight was delayed. Always tough late at night.

Pros: All the staff from airport baggage area, boarding to during flight and then leaving were efficient and personal. Even the pilot spoke as a caring person.
Cons: Storm at Toronto arrival resulted in a long delay in being able to pick up luggage which had visibly been exposed to dirt and moisture.

Pros: Great crew and great flight

Pros: The food
Cons: The staff insisted on putting bags underneath seats for a 13 hours flight...

Pros: Nice plane, comfortable
Cons: We missed our runway and had to quickly ascend and retry. Disembarking the plane took 40 minutes due to the YYC skywalk being frozen. During this all communication with the passengers was minimal.

Pros: We got stuck in a line up to check in and the line was over 2 hours long and by the time it was our turn, it was too close to departure ( an hour to go) and they wouldn’t let us board so we didn’t get to take our flight at all.

Cons: Small plane

Cons: We wait on board so long.

Cons: Ticket was purchased and flight was immediately delayed.

Pros: The staff was really friendly and accommodating
Cons: The plane had no onboard entertainment system and most of the plane had malfunctioning power supplies for your personal device. the plan was not clean and the pilot Had a horrible landing.

Pros: - Great customer service - Positive energy - Friendly staff
Cons: - extensive delays - no leg room - crowded - no food on my flight

Pros: It wasnt bad
Cons: I didnt like that you changed my flight last minute (20 hours before flying) from WestJet to Delta. And you changed it from a flight to Toronto to a flight to Seattle. Which made it an International flight, causing me to have to be at YVR airport earlier..

Pros: Not much
Cons: The waiting area, lateness of the plane

Pros: Friendly crew

Pros: Pretzels, Biscott cookies still passed out along w free beverages. Free Entertainment on westjet wifi good too!!

Pros: Excellent all round. Good price. Nice seats. Excellent staff. Good boarding and disembarking. Highly recommended.
Cons: It does not have free food and entertainment, but for the price this is acceptable.

Pros: First flight got cancelled. Mind you it was a 830am flight so I left to the airport at 5am. The moved me to 10am flight, then I get to the gate and get notified that I was put on the 1145 flight. The longest day for me in a long time for travel.

Pros: Took way way to long

Pros: Crew did a good job, even with the long delays.
Cons: Plane was almost 2 hours late getting to LA. Started with the crew needing to clear customs in Vancouver. Delayed by 30 minutes....then the crew preboarded a sick lady and her travel companion. At some point crew decided she should not fly to LA, but the ladies wouldn’t get off plane! 45 minutes later and 4 RCMP show up to escort them off plane. Then we didn’t have any ground crew to get us off loading ramp. Finally got away 90 minutes or more after scheduled departure. Circled LA a few times before getting to land.... long flight with long delays!

Pros: Nice seat mates. Very good baby with attentive parents nearby.

Pros: Great legroom. Rare intodays airplane flight
Cons: No food for long haul flight

Pros: Everything went smoothly. Flight on time.

Pros: It was good no complaints about the crew or flight
Cons: The snack they give is pretzels or two tiny cookies and the tv didn't work for most of the flight I know this isn't really something they should be criticized for but that's all I had to complain about

Pros: Very spacious. Not an overfull flight Seems like they offer a lot

Pros: The flight was on time both boarding and landing. My checked baggage was there when we arrived at the baggage spot. This was the best part.

Cons: Food and entertainment are not options on this short flight.

Pros: Korean air is very efficient.
Cons: We had to rent a car to get to Ottawa because West Jet had cancelled all their flights due to weather. All Air Canada flights were operating. We waited in line for 2 hours at the airport for West Jet to tell us that we needed to call them regarding a refund. We called them and were on hold for an hour and 45 minutes. Then we were told we had to call the travel agent...we on hold for 2 hours. We then called Korean air and they told us they couldn’t contact West Jet-no one knew what the value of the flight from Toronto to Ottawa was. We were only provided with a refund of $4 (for the taxes) when it cost us $280 to rent a car to get to Ottawa. I will never book a flight with West Jet again.

Pros: Arrived early
Cons: Seating in the back

Cons: Didn't happen flight was cancelled and had to fly all over Canada to get home

Pros: Our flight boarded on time, flew on time, with great crew service.
Cons: Landing was delayed by weather and we circled for 45 minutes after a speedy, early flight.

Pros: I liked how quickly the flight was. I believe they actually made better time than what was originally estimated. I was also able to get my checked luggage as soon as I got to the carousel.

Pros: Our flight from Australia was delayed, resulting in our missing our connecting Westjet flight. Not only did Westjet get us on the next available flight, but the staff were friendly and very helpful. They made it seem like it was no problem at all, even though we were on the cheapest fare.

Cons: Every leg of our trip with Westjet was late, VERY late - to the point we missed our connection. Rough landings. Crew was subpar. Will fly another carrier next time.

Cons: Our hour-long flight home from Toronto to Ottawa was delayed by two days. WestJet provided a hotel voucher and food vouchers for one day but refused to refund us for a car rental that would get us home in time. While we made our own way home, we were emailed to say that our flight home was delayed twice more.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Delays

Cons: uncomfortable seat- no padding

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything! Staff were horrible

Pros: Was first on and got a seat in front on the aisle.
Cons: The seat was a little tight.

Pros: Crew was very entertaining.
Cons: Not enough space. On long flights (over 3 hours) a hot meal that you don't have to pay extra for would be nice. No tv's which is boring

Pros: Nothing good to say about this air line. Las 4 flight have been late..,,,,,,,,,

Pros: Great service. Friendly. Connections are well timed so you dont have to wait long to transfer.

Pros: Crew was very nice and welcoming.

Cons: 1.2 hr Late departure. Everything else OK.

Pros: No Comments.
Cons: The Female Stewardesses either conveniently did not see me sitting in the middle row seats, or perhaps had other alternative means. I felt totally and absolutely ignored, particularly when Meals and Beverages were being served.

Cons: Flight was late which got us running for our next connection in Toronto.

Pros: Nothing to like
Cons: Being taking advantage of

Pros: Bell's live TV is probably the best feature!

Cons: Lack of access to entertainment without having our own personal device to view and having to download an app to be able to view entertainment

Pros: Staff were good and flight was uneventful. Movie selection was pretty decent.
Cons: Paying to be in first row of plane means you get to sit and watch everyone line up for the washroom. They stand in front of you in your space, they jostle you as they stand beside you. There are only cold food choices and they could use some work.

Cons: Terrible logistics. Stuck on tarmac because they couldn’t clear the previous plane out of the gate. Fellow passengers missed their connecting flights.

Cons: Canceled flight caused me to remain in a hotel for another day. Confusing check in. No one to help. Machines broken. Unable to disembark from the plane. Bad logistics all the way around.

Cons: Same old tiny uncomfortable commuter jet.

Cons: Poor planning caused us to sit on the ramp an hour and a half for a gate to open up.

Pros: Timelness
Cons: More leg room

Cons: When the delayed flight landed, the crew should help expedite those connecting to other flights. They should announce our connecting gates so that we don’t have to look it up.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Handicap issues. We were exiting on the tarmac in Charlotte- all crew left us on the plane waiting for assistance to get off. Finally when someone showed they would not come up the ramo to get my Mom. I backed her down myself while 5 bewildered airport workers looked confused.

Cons: 2 hour delays on both flights of a round trip

Cons: 4 hour plane availability delay - of course planned on weather but not planning

Pros: You got us there safely.
Cons: Not sure who is at fault for running out of de-ice solution, but keeping us sitting on the tarmac without air ventilation for almost 3 hours... with only an apology and a last minute glass of water? that was terrible customer service.

Pros: Flight left St. Louis on time,
Cons: My connecting flight was cancelled while I was in the air. Customer service was SWAMPED with cancellations with only a handful of staff to help. My plane was a mechanical cancellation so I received a food and hotel voucher. Trying to get another flight from LaGuardia to YYZ was horrible.

Pros: Flight did not take place because of cancelled return flight. the whole itinerary was cancelled.
Cons: because of cancelled flight I had to schedule a new itinerary directly through American Airlines. The cost increased from $947.50 to $1,873 plus airport parking for 17 days.

Pros: One flight attendant was very nice and petsonable.
Cons: Already checked in and then flight canceled 10 hours before departure. Paid for preferred seating but rebooked on smaller aircraft full and had to sit in last row. Not happy and arrived 2 hours latet than original flight. Tried to explain this at gate to American employee but she told me to sit down until name was called. Probably could have had better seats earlier if she could have listened to my issue but she wouldn't listen to me. Didn't even have the chance to tell her what had happened.

Pros: A cheap option to upgrade to 1st was offered that ended up being a net 0 cost upgrade for me so I took it. Comfortable on an old (but oh so nice) aircraft.
Cons: Arrived 30 minutes early to the airport but then had to sit at a remote pad so that we ended up being 5 minutes late to the gate. A short transfer was made even more difficult, and a massive waste if time and fuel sitting and waiting. Figure out your gates early and better, and move around if needed. At the very least, bring up some stairs and buses to get passengers to the terminal and then tow the aircraft in when you have a gate available.

Pros: I fflew Delta last Nov. Had meals movies dinner inks etc. American I am serv d beverages no meals and no movies. Getting ridiculous

Pros: Great seats in first class
Cons: N/a

Pros: Crew was good
Cons: Baggage took 40+ mins unacceptable

Pros: We got to our destination safely, and American provided us with extra legroom seats.
Cons: Service was curt and there was only phone-based entertainment.

Pros: Fast

Pros: The crew was great
Cons: The seats were not comfortable and boarding was a pain. Not sure why you wouldn’t want to board from the back to front. Weather grounded us at our loading airport so we were stuck with the option of staying the flight or going in the lobby.

Pros: The pilot was great. Avoided turbulence and arrived about 20min early. Easy to find seat and stow bag. Smooth takeoff and landing.
Cons: Alaska airlines was who I thought I was riding with but the itinerary changed past min. Gate change and the airline itself was changed. Really confusing since I printed my boarding pass the night before.

Pros: Everything went smoothly.

Cons: Flight connections time was not enough for mam with infant.we missed the flight should better set up that kind of big airport

Pros: To be fair. The flight is only 50 minutes. By th time you get a drink it's time to land. It is completely unfair to the staff to have to do that. A flight like that. Have a box with a snack and some coolers that have 5 different beverages. I wouldn't even sell booze. I person can hold out for a flight that shot to get one on the connection or in the terminal.
Cons: It's always a cramped flight. Nothing to be done except use a bigger, more spacious plane. The good thing is it's the fastest way to get to Chicago from where I lived it would take 6hrs by car.

Pros: Mostly friendly staff and quick flight time.
Cons: Only half the plane got snacks and drinks. Additionally, I was forced to check my bag, which is a pretty big deal because I was connecting to an international flight and was unable to retrieve my prescriptions in all the rush to check my bag.

Pros: I was so happy I could check in online and boarding was a breeze. I actually got to sit by the window when my original seat was in the middle. So nice of the ladies to suggest it to me.
Cons: No complaints

Cons: The video monitor for my seat was broken. So, low entertainment score.

Pros: everything was on tyime

Pros: On time take off

Cons: Flight was late, got a message from Kayak that it was delayed 3 hours...thank goodness I happened to check again, because then it was only delayed for 41 mins, then it gave me an update that it was only 21 mins delayed, then went back to 41! Pretty inconvenient, and it would have been nice to get a text, not just some silent pop up

Cons: Delayed a total of four hous!

Cons: good

Pros: Flight was on time, staff was friendly and boarding was organized.
Cons: I'm a small person (5'-2", 105lbs) and I didn't have room to breathe in that tiny little seat.

Pros: Smooth - trouble free - calm process

Pros: Arrived to the airport well ahead of time and encountered lines so long that we were not able to make our flight. Only 2 attendants working and so many people had to be rebooked we didn't get another flight for 3 days. Did I mention I was traveling with a baby?

Pros: On time arrival
Cons: Everything else

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The storage are very small, by the time i boarded everything was full. I had to hand carry bags and i had to put it in front of me which is a very small space already, on top of that i had the window sit so i had no space to move. it was very uncomfortable, and flight was delayed. We sat there for an hour before taking off but i understand its due to the weather but it was my worst plane ride not worth 300dollars. I will not ride american airline again.

Pros: JAL is customer oriented and it's always a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, though the return trip is also JAL, the cabin crew isn't.

Cons: Only suggestion would be to make the connection process a little easier. If the passenger doesn't speak English, the fact you need to print the international ticket in Miami, then re-enter at checkpoint might create confusion.

Pros: The flight attendants were great and very friendly!
Cons: The wifi wasn't very good so I couldn't access the in flight entertainment I also had my own snacks so I didn't buy any food

Pros: Have a great trip without any problems.

Pros: Boarding was good, Good flight , good service , plane was small for the distance with limited space for movement ,

Cons: Got to charlotte with 80 minutes to connect. Sat on the tarmac for 60 waiting for a gate. Missed connection by <5 minutes. Thanks, AA!

Pros: Non stop
Cons: Airline

Cons: Boarding took forever, the flight was over 2 hours late which caused me to miss my connecting flight and my military orders were not honored - I still had to pay extra to take all my gear back to my duty station. Never had that issue with any other American airline.

Pros: Crew was fine even when we had to sit on the ground for 1 1/2 hours for a repair.
Cons: American Airlines didn't honor my choice of seats.

Cons: No food or beverages for me. I slept comfortably on my flight

Pros: You provide me with the best ticket prices and to me that was the the most important part of of the trip thx
Cons: The airlines charging for your luggage

Pros: One I love free sodies and two I love free sodies with a smile. I definitely got both with this flight crew.
Cons: Not enough sodies and I couldn't smell my own farts.

Pros: First flight from STL to ORD was amazing. I was upgraded to 1st class...not sure why. Robert was a fantastic flight attendant.
Cons: There was a delay on my second flight from ord to gsp bc there was some type of miscommunication/altercation with some passengers not wearing masks. I have been traveling since 11 am and it was annoying to have to wait another hour.

Cons: The internet connection was terrible i was not able to see anything that was being offered

Pros: Friendly service
Cons: Cramped seating in basic economy, the upgrade seating wasn’t much better

Cons: No Wi-Fi and no food

Pros: Flight left on time. There was plenty of room. Nice staff.
Cons: It was very cold on the plane because the valve for the heat was frozen.

Pros: Very good service

Pros: The boarding was quick due to the size of the plane/amount of people. The flight was short- less than 50 minutes.
Cons: It was a 2x2 charter flight with very tight seating. There were some seating issues, and the attendant was a little rude about them to some customers.

Pros: Quick boarding, departed on time, arrived early, good cabin communication
Cons: This is a very cramped commuter jet, just one flight attendant to serve entire plane, she came by once for drinks but not a second time

Pros: Crew was extremely friendly.
Cons: Temperature was way too warm.

Pros: Fast boarding.
Cons: The flight was half empty and when I tried to move a row ahead of me (from economy to economy plus), the flight attendance rudely told me I had to move back to my seat since the economy plus seat was $70 more. However, a reasonable airline would upgrade their customers to first or economy plus to not only appease their customers but to fill some empty seats. Therefore, I had to spend the entirety of my redeye flights crammed next to someone while I was looking at an almost empty economy plus section. Also, we boarded earlier than expected but we spend an extra hour on the flight waiting to take off. I would not have minded boarding early if we had taken off early, but we took off an hour later.

Pros: Newer plane
Cons: Claustrophobic seating

Pros: He was the epitome of the Friendly Skies. Chatted with whom wished to chat was quite near those that wanted to snooze on this early morning flight.

Pros: Boarding and flight went smoothly and on time. Too short for food or entertainment

Pros: The crew on the plane was nice and helpful.
Cons: I understand pretzels for the most part are allergy friendly however I have a gluten intolerance so I couldn’t have them and i couldn’t download the United app because there wasn’t WiFi available anywhere in the terminal and there weren’t any charging stations.

Pros: My wife was happy
Cons: Fixing my own supper

Pros: That I didn't have to walk to Fargo. I wasn't dragged off a plane.
Cons: 3 flights to Fargo were cancelled. I was told I would not get to Fargo until 32 hours after my original time I was suppose to land in Fargo. After spending a fair amount of time on the phone with customer service I was able to get me on a Flight to Minneapolis that did not arrive till 1:30am then had to take a rental car to drive 3.5 hours to make it to my destination. I was not compensated for any of this. My return flight from Fargo to St. Louis was also Delayed. Both from Fargo and from Chicago. I have never experienced such poor scheduling from an airline or as many delays or cancelled flights in just a few day period.

Cons: Never on time

Pros: Smooth and positive communication.

Pros: Seats felt roomy, in comparison to many other regional planes.
Cons: Vinyl seats made my back really sweaty on a relatively short flight.

Pros: Everything was smooth

Pros: I managed not to use toilet.
Cons: An epic storm (April 27-May 4) caused my bicycle tour across MO to flood out during our trip. Rescheduling my flight back to CA cost &230..same price as RT. Gouging people leaving a massive flood! The governor of MO declared a State of Emergency yet my trip cancellation insurance didn't cover what was clearly beyond my control. I'm left with some hard feelings.

Pros: Crew members were awesome and very attentive both at the airport and on board.

Pros: smooth flight, good service
Cons: hold up to board family with 2 much luggage, overhead bins 2 small

Pros: Professional staff, landed safely, the NY skyline is gorgeous
Cons: Had to get on a later flight, TSA sucks as usual, I'm too tall for that plane

Pros: Fast
Cons: Small plane

Pros: Download the United app, it makes the flight better.
Cons: Na

Pros: For the most part the ride was nice.
Cons: Seats were so small

Pros: Because of a 10 minute fix, we had to wait an additional 40 minutes for paperwork. I missed my connecting flight because of this.

Cons: My friends dad passed away and was unable to get money back to go to his funeral. Plane was a small express plane which was never mentioned. Had to check bag because overhead bins were too small. No wifi. Dad and Kid took my assigned seat.

Pros: Friendly few, clean plane, and on time
Cons: It was way too hot on the plane. I understand it's hard to find a happy medium with people on temperature but this flight was too warm, especially with people traveling with winter wear on.

Pros: Legroom was a bit tight.

Pros: I'm always comfortable when riding UA. The staff is professional and helpful!

Pros: Easy

Pros: Both flights left on time and arrived at least 20 minutes early. My bag arrived at the baggage claim ten minutes after I arrived, and all went very well. I'm grateful.
Cons: All was perfect

Pros: The service was prompt and professional. The plane on this trip was clean and in good repair. The snack was simple and tasty. It was a pleasure flying United.
Cons: The first flight from St. Louis to Chicago was very small. While I don't have concerns about flying in a small plane, I can imagine those nervous about air travel would feel concerned with the size of the aircraft.

Pros: Good communication and helpful.
Cons: Delays

Pros: The boarding process went smoothly and was on schedule.
Cons: Overhead compartment filled up and it was hard funding space for my bag.

Cons: Massive delays on both flights out of O'Hare... No leg room....

Pros: Everything was great on the flight- we even got a snack ( stroopwafel cookie reminiscent of when I lived in Amsterdam ) and a drink. I haven't flown united in a while and was pleasantly surprised.
Cons: Nothing but my flights were short ( under 1 hours)

Cons: Completely missed meeting due to 6 changes made during flight - Ask for a refund of some sort and non was given - not even air-miles or ticket recognition. Customer service from United was almost non existent. Will not be flying with united ever again.

Pros: Good
Cons: Good

Cons: Little more time between flights would be nice

Cons: Luggage compartment too small even for a rolling laptop bag

Cons: Flight was cancelled. I am still stranded and was given no accommodations so had to pay for a hotel in addition to costing me a full day's wages in missed work. The United staff I spoke with by phone and in person were neither helpful not pleasant. I will go out of my way to never fly United again.

Pros: The crew. Short and sweet flight.
Cons: Small seats. Bad coffee.

Pros: Good service
Cons: Delay in air

Pros: New (to me) lime sparkling soda And a cookie too! Seemed to be a little more seat and leg room.
Cons: I only wish your branded credit card did not cost$95.00 after first year.

Pros: we were 10 minutes early to the gate
Cons: super cramped quarters, like touching legs to the next person the whole squirmy flight close... the plane was made for little people.

Pros: Rain delayed our take off but most of the time was made up. No complaints!
Cons: Forced to check our carry on suitcase even though there was plenty of room above the seats.

Pros: They got me on a flight home that night
Cons: I had to wait 4 hours in the St. Louis airport and 4 hours in the Dallas airport. Was a very long day!!!! I do not like to fly American Airlines and that was the only flight that was available. The plains are small and cabin pressure always hurts my ears.

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Heightened sanitation

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Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Illinois to Providenciales

Pre-flight testing

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