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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air Canada
Overall score based on 24,806 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "They loose my luggage!!!!!!"

Pros: "Staff put in awful position to deal with upset clients Dealt with it as best as can be expected."
Cons: "Every time we have travelled from Chicago to Toronto, the flight gets cancelled. Had to leave 0230 to get to airport only to find that flight at 0800 was cancelled. Ugh!"

Cons: "The train at Chicago airport was broken. I walked to get the next gate to the other terminal."

Cons: "The flight was delayed I had to wait for more than an hour"

Pros: "There wasn't anything that stood out that I could say I liked."
Cons: "I didn't care for the attitudes if the stage working in the Toronto airport. Things really aren't clear there for first-timers and much of the staff was acting like I should already know to do a lot of things when there weren't any clearly posted signs saying so. There is also a huge lack of organization."

Pros: "Upgraded to business class."

Pros: "I got upgraded to first class!"

Pros: "We had a very good experience with Air canada and will use Air Canada again."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delay led us to miss our connecting flight. Air Canada then lost our luggage for 6 days on our honeymoon!"

Pros: "Extremely helpful and accommodating! Thanks to all!"

Cons: "Departure was late, causing me to have to run to the next gate"

Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "I thought Comcast service was bad. This was the worst. They cancelled my flight at the last minute, then escorted all passengers out of the gate, told us to go through customs then pick up our luggage. And said we had to call to arrange another flight, but the phones just left a message saying to call back in a few days. I was stranded with no phone, no hotel, and no flight home. Three days later, I still cannot get in touch with them."

Cons: "We were walking towards our seats near the end of the aircraft when this flight attendant stopped us from loading our hand luggage in the overhead bins. She made us stuff them under the seats in front of us. There was space im the overhead bin, but there was a bunch of stuff that belonged to the cabin crew. Rude."

Cons: "See above."

Pros: "Long wait for ticketing and at customs during transfer"

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Boarding gate very small"

Pros: "Poor airline, always delayed, dreadful and unfriendly customer service. The only reason I flew with them this short trip was due to price"

Cons: "My flight was changed and I wasn't informed - I cleerly checked my information beforehand but it would be nice if flights were to change by two hours, to know in advance so arrangements could be made"

Cons: "It was so great we didn't go. Got a refund you retards"

Pros: "We were able to switch to an earlier flight. gate agent was very helpful"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was late from Barcelona to Mintreal by an hour. I needed a wheelchair - didn't show up! Then pulled a muscle trying to get through customs and they barely held my flight to Chicago. Made it, with No Help. Late into Chicago and still no wheelchair. There was no one from whom to get help. Finally a United Airlines employee took pity on me and got a wheelchair to me and got me to the flight - again, just barely. Over 20 hours in the air, no assistance and poor food. I will never fly air canada again - ever. Not worth the savings. I've spent an entire week recovering and spent the savings on physical therapy due to the damage to my legs."

Cons: "horrible"

Pros: "short trip"
Cons: "delayed but didn't update the screen as delayed even though it was delayed an hour it still said on time."

Cons: "No personal tv on an international flight. The tickets were pretty expensive, I would have expected a personal tv instead of having to use my cell phone- especially with spotty wifi. Chairs weren't very comfortable and the food was so so."

Pros: "Clean, prompt, attentive staff"

Pros: "There was nothing redeeming about this flight."
Cons: "Delay caused us to almost miss our flight to Dublin. Rude staff, and overall disappointing. I will not be flying on Air Canada again."

Cons: "Delayed"

Cons: "This is the third time that I flight with Air Canada and the third time that my flight got delayed. Never again!"

Pros: "Staff was friendly"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seating"

Pros: "Everyone I came in contact with was amazing and super helpful!"

Pros: "Staff were friendly and helpful"
Cons: "Delays leaving the gate led to longer delays taking off."

Pros: "Nothing to like about this airline. Horrible people especially in toronto, really unhelpful, extremely rude."
Cons: "Air line decided they didn't want me to take my connecting flight. Removed my luggage without consulting with me. Offered me a disgusting hotel. Forced me to pay out of pocket for food, taxis, transfers and my own hotel choice. Staff were so rude. No explanation to why they removed my bags. I made it in plenty of time for my connecting flight but airline had just decided. No staff member was interested in answering my questions or helping. They all just wanted to sod off home. they just didn't care."

Pros: "Despite weather travel delayed I was taken care of very well. Comfortable seats. More leg room. Friendly, calm crew."
Cons: "We were not given the option to change our flight out from Chicago when we knew we wouldn't make the connection in Montreal due to weather."

Cons: "The departure time for the flight was 6:00am and there was no one in the check in counter until 4:15am. There was a long queue for the check in. Not a pleasant waiting time for the check in"

Cons: "The engine was making an unusually loud whirring sound. Felt concerned that the plane was not fit to fly."

Pros: "The plane was delayed and I had a short layover so I was maybe not going to make it to my next flight so they transferred me to another airline and was upgraded to first class for free!"
Cons: "I disliked that my flight was originally at 4 pm and the one that I was changed to didn't leave until 8 pm"

Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "Delays"

Pros: "The food was very good, and the alcohol was free even the second time around which i liked"

Cons: "Not enough time to go through customs. Missed connection."

Cons: "Deplaning and entering the terminal was delayed substantially."

Pros: "Very friendly crew. Smooth flight."
Cons: "No entertainment. Great person sat next to me."

Pros: "This is awful flight coz I brought it from kayak"
Cons: "Flight delayed due to plane defect. Stayed in plane for more than 5 hours. Baggage lost. Never made it on time"

Cons: "No free alcohol. Lights didn't turn off ever so I could get some sleep."

Pros: "the crew was great, food was alright, and overall I enjoyed my flight"
Cons: "the only entertainment was able to connect to apple products or a renatble iPad. I don't have an apple product so that was a bit annoying"

Pros: "The crew on the flight was nice, and the entertainment was good."
Cons: "Our first Air Canada flight was 2hr delayed due to mechanical error. After a 2hr delay, we finally flew for 1hr, had awful turbulence on the way down, and got to Toronto only to find out there was no customer service desk. We missed our connection with Luftanza and had to fly Air Canada again. First off, we couldn't get on another flight until the next morning. Then the desk never called the hotel they gave us the voucher for, so when we showed up at midnight the hotel was fully booked and had no room for us. We had to fly into Heathrow instead of Gatwick (final destination was Brighton for an international conference). We missed the entire first day of the meeting and had to rent a car for 65 pounds each to take us to Brighton from Heathrow, finally arriving at our hotel by midnight. The customer service was non-existent for Air Canada. We literally are going to have to email them."

Pros: "How quick it waz"
Cons: "How close the seats were"

Pros: "I liked the way they handled the rain delay. Although inconvenient, they were transparent with the process"
Cons: "The lack of certainty whether we were removed or stilling our connecting flight to delay."

Pros: "On board service Comfortable seating and space On time dep. & arrival"
Cons: "None"

Cons: "Long delay because the catering company forgot to replenish the aircraft."

Cons: "Even for business class there is no TV screen on each seat. Just one small TV screen on the ceiling for a few rows to share. It would be much better with TV screen on each seat. I was sitting in the first row business class and the air hostess skipped me and didn’t give me a slipper. She gave me a used slipper at the end only without a packet. This is unprofessional to treat a business class passenger"

Pros: "Crew was great and was happy to get gluten free food i could eat"
Cons: "Not lose my bags :("

Pros: "Seats was ok not very comfortable . They don’t understand English . Before food served there is announcement for apologies for not choice. I ask her about food , what is this she said I don’t know. They don’t know what they are serving. It taste was horrible. That was the desert with food."
Cons: "They have to learn English and serve the better quality of food."

Pros: "I didn’t even get the reminding email for my flight, I missed the flight, my fault , but feel cold without reminding email and also, I hit a button just want to see the details about flight insurance, it showed purchase successfully! No confirm remind? Whyyyyyyyyy~~~~~"
Cons: "Who knows"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They should improve connections"

Cons: "After I checked in found out the boarding pass is not my name !! Went back got the right one & also changed luggage tags (2) , but the luggage’s missing, tidy is day 3 ! Still hoping...."

Cons: "Delay"

Pros: "Good connection time. Not too long, not too short. Just fine."

Pros: "Good food, relatively comfortable for a 13 hour flight"
Cons: "The entertainment system was modern, but not that many good, English-language movie or TV options. I found it difficult to get wine and black tea (they served green) - both of which are essentials for a long-haul flight. Flight was a little late. The security lines for transfers at the Beijing airport is a complete mess, which was the most stressful part of the trip."

Cons: "Air China practices very democratic way (in a bad eay) of boarding the plane, without distinguishing the 1st class, busineas class, and Star Alliance members from the rest of the passengers. The food is abit overly simple, in spite of the short flight - a sendwich wrapped in an alu-foil... And it was crazy cold in the cabin."

Pros: "New York to Beijing plane was new."
Cons: "Not have salt pepper tooth pick.Halfway of plane juice finish. In this long flight no have snacks"

Pros: "Food was tasty. Service was good, flight was on time and took a long time to land in Beijing."
Cons: "Ran out of food options pretty early in the service"

Pros: "Kayak messages about the gate number, delay, and so on all went into my spam folder and found them later after the flight"

Cons: "I’ve never been on a long haul flight and perspired through my short the entire 14 hours. Hot and stuffy... not great!"

Pros: "I actually liked the pork noodle dish. It was a little Greeley but just what I wanted"
Cons: "The staff is young, they try hard but they don’t have the grace that more experienced international crews will display. There video display interface was confusing for someone e who doesn’t read chinese simplified characters. I had to ask how to turn on the overhead light."

Pros: "They tried their best to accomodate but didn't do much to make everyone feel treated well."
Cons: "Flight changed three times with different times. In the end we were delayed for 5 hours and missed connecting flights. They offered a $15 food voucher and forced people to sleep together in a hotel room since they refused to let people who came alone have their own room. They rebooked and made it a complete waste of a vacation day while we wait to board a new flight in the middle of the afternoon."

Cons: "Their seat arrangement. I feel a little more like being in the coach"

Pros: "Roomy and comfortable seats, excellent customer service in the air. Highly recommend business class and will definitely be flying Hainan again"

Pros: "Free upgrade to business class"

Cons: "Seat is small and uncomfortable, airline attendants are rude, most movies are in chinese and no english subtitle"

Pros: "The flight crew was great. Very pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "They lost my luggage. Also the plane left Seoul almost an hour late. The plane itself was very old, so no electronic devices of any kind were allowed, some of the seat controls didnt work, and there were no private video screens. And this was in business class."

Cons: "Nobody was even at the counter? Only a sign saying the flight was cancelled. Worst experience at the airport I've ever had."

Pros: "Blankets and a pillow were provided"
Cons: "No entertainment."

Cons: "We arrived half an hour late to Beijing and had a connecting flight to Helsinki, the crew didn't help me at all to go out faster or to know how to get to my next flight."

Pros: "Flight departed at 7.55 am, was about 2 hours - no real breakfast was served, just a roll and a muffin."

Cons: "Terrible flight. Crew was rude. Food was terrible. Seat back entertainment was broken, and they don't allow any electronics on for any reason."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Smelled. Terrible food. Poor customer service. Rude to foreigners."

Pros: "The blankets they give you are quite soft and the food isn’t too bad."
Cons: "Another flight we’ve had with air China that ran late (3 of 4 flights we had on our trip, all air China, were late). The cabin temperature is a bit warmer than most airlines."

Pros: "It was an experience..."
Cons: "The shuttle to the plane took a good 20 min."

Cons: "disappointed with the airports"

Cons: "The food and drinks are limited from all flights. Due to the limitation on the carry-on luggage, I had to place my camera batteries and other stuffs to the check-in luggage at the check in counter in Washington DC. The Chinese custom in Beijing took them all. They are normally just take the battery charger, but not the camera batteries. These are expensive items and not conviniece at all to customer."

Pros: "flight was cancelled. No options given, nor information about reimbursement given"

Cons: "since this portion of my flight was cancelled by air china they tried to book me on the next day but my husband decided to come meet me in beijing after getting me a hotel and driver to pick me up the night that i was stranded. i told air china not to book me on the flight the following morning that i wasn't going to take it. they never did that and ended up cancelling the entire remaining flights on air china. this was the worst experience with an airline i've ever experienced."

Pros: "Airplane was good"
Cons: "Food was not good at all and quality was poor No snacks provided in between meals. Sitting in the plane at tarmac without any reason. No reason to board if crew knew about this in advance. The crew incharge of us did not have proper training to deal with family with small children."

Cons: "Boarding was delayed multiple times and not properly done Food and Entertainment was worst. I travel 2nd time with Air China. This I feel like traveling with local Chinese service not like international service"

Cons: "delay for 4 hours from JFK to peking, then we missed connecting flight. We can't find our luggage and services is horrible."

Pros: "I hate that u connect me with poi t to point airline that i ly allows for a one check in bag"
Cons: "I ended removing ine of my two check in bag as Myabmar Bational Airline from Yangon to Bangkok only allow one check in bag. Poor connection on your end"

Pros: "Foot rest in coach. attentive service."
Cons: "The flight attendants' English could have been better. Could have had more English language entertainment on their IFE. The audio jack kept on going in and out."

Pros: "The plane was comfortable, The foot rest in coach was nice to have. The service was professional, pleasant and stress free. i would fly them again."

Cons: "I had a coonecting flight to Panama City -- the flight was delayed 1 hour and 30 minutes out of Beijing. I missed the connection flight. It was my son's graduation and no one did anything to help until AFTER I missed the flight."

Pros: "For $250 less than Cathay and China Southern, the price was very good. Nothing fancy but it got the job done reasonably. There were about 40 empty seats. I was on the window seat. There was a lady on the isle seat. The middle seat was empty so it gave us some room to stretch. Food was basic but was sufficient. Wine for dinner but not breakfast. Restroom was spacious and clean. Landing was perfect. Luggage went to carousel before I got there. Very fast. Very good value."
Cons: "There were a few passengers in a tour group constantly broadcast their conversations to the entire cabinet. Maybe they were very excited about the trip but they did not have to wake up other people and ruin their moods. This is probably not the airline's fault but it went to the overall experiences."

Pros: "one flight the attendant thanked me for being gold The agents at red house for gold members in Shenzhen were amazingly helpful in getting me a flight in time to connect when mine was badly delayed, really helpful"

Pros: "Delays everywhere, made no attempt to help until we had already missed our connecting flight."

Cons: "The seats uncomfortable and the crew was not attentive enough. Only offered me a beverage twice in 13 hours."

Pros: "70% of the entertainment is in Chinese so be prepared with your own stuff. Food was not awful, but not great. Comfort and leg room above average."

Cons: "Chep ticket did not send us any information for the flight .we need to check the flight detail from Google .others did send us the information one day before about the confirm flight and the terminal infor ."

Pros: "The plane that WE EVENTUALLY got on was modern and nice. The entertainment system worked mostly (even though the selection was lacking)."
Cons: "Every flight was late. The staff was unprofessional and not at all helpful to my friend who was traveling with a broken leg. We needed a wheel chair for him so we could race to our connection in Beijing.... they wouldn't give us one and kept bickering amongst themselves, so he had to walk on his crutches all the way to the gate... only to find out they changed the gate because our plane was broken. Only they didn't tell us that, they just kept saying... "you can't board". I could go on and on but I am still too exhausted from the experience."

Pros: "Food terrible, baggage was damaged after flight. Security checks in Beijing are hell for a family. Entertainment system worst ever seen as a lot in Chinese. They re-use blankets! Otherwise ok."

Cons: "The lack of follow up and follow through support on lost baggage. 2 lost baggages."

Cons: "Rude staff at PEK. Very unhelpful in dealing with a missed connection."

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Illinois to Xi'an

Airlines flying from Illinois to Xi'an have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Illinois to Xi'an

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Illinois to Xi'an

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Illinois to Xi'an

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Illinois to Xi'an

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