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Boston (BOS)
Cali Alfonso B. Aragon Intl
Thu 8/5
Thu 8/12
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AprilBest time to beat the crowds with an average 7% drop in price.

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DecemberMost popular time to fly with an average 21% increase in price.

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$591(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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$223or less

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Airline reviews

Cons: "All good"

Pros: "Amazing crew"
Cons: "I had booked a window seat, the when I went to board, it was changed to an isle seat. I find that I dislike the sole due to the rudeness of people in general and I kept getting hit with purses and such from passing passengers."

Pros: "Easy boarding. Good entertainment. Didn’t bother me too much."
Cons: "Better good. More comfortable seats"

Pros: "Fast/ efficient"
Cons: "The little plane is always brutal. I'm not a small guy and sat next to an offensive lineman. It was tight for sure!"

Pros: "It was a smooth flight"
Cons: "More seat room"

Pros: "Comfort, efficiency and entertainment were great."
Cons: "Crew was a little sassy and sour. Maybe one gal was in a happy mood."

Cons: "Too cold"

Pros: "Helpful crew. Arrived early."
Cons: "Plane was cold. Entertainment system didn't navigate very easily and choices seemed fairly limited on this (older?) plane."

Pros: "The flight was 90 minutes late"
Cons: "On time performance"

Pros: "Very helpful flight crew."
Cons: "A little unexpectedly bumpy."

Pros: "Nice comfort plus seat. Nice host staff"
Cons: "Timeliness"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Overall was a good experience"
Cons: "My wife’s seatback entertainment kept glitching...that was frustrating and Seat wasn’t very comfortable"

Pros: "Friendly crew."
Cons: "A bit bumpy"

Pros: "Having the whole center three seats to myself. The food and beverages were really good as well."
Cons: "Both flights were significantly late to depart. Also the WiFi on the transatlantic flight was out."

Cons: "It was too cold on the feet during the night. The blanket was not enough. The food lacked good vegetables. The asparagus was too tough. If you wanted to avoid sugar, you could not eat breakfast."

Pros: "very helpful and pleasant crew. Warm wet towels are a nice touch. I like the water bottle for each passenger at the beginning of the trip."
Cons: "Slight problem at first with entertainement at my seat that did not work ,but a crew member restarted it and it worked fine after that."

Pros: "It is good to be able to go straight to Paris without connecting."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit slow."

Pros: "Quick and smooth boarding. Crew was very pleasant and welcoming. Temperature was for the most part comfortable. Quick disembarkment"
Cons: "Very tight carry on space requiring gate check. Delay leaving aircraft. Seating at gate assigned. No options. This was a short flight and I was in an exit row, making this flight comfortable"

Pros: "direct flight from IND to CDG!"

Pros: "Quick"

Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "Nice crew, clean plane"
Cons: "Stuck in hot plane for an hour because of plane traffic. Not really deltas fault but c’mon"

Pros: "The crew was awesome and helped out tremendously when anything was needed!"

Cons: "On my trip from Atlanta to Mexico City it was overbooked, they booked me on a different plane, which was 2 hrs delayed...which caused me to missed the flight from Mexico City to leon."

Pros: "The pilot was extremely informative The stewardesses were helpful It was a delayed flight and they made it relax"
Cons: "Bad weather at LGA"

Pros: "In general the crew attitude toward passengers"
Cons: "Toilets have been modified that a person could barely do his needs"

Pros: "Upgrade to ComfortPlus. Movie."

Pros: "Seat was narrow from side to side; so short from front to back that only half my thigh was supported; hard; and pitched slightly forward from uneven wear. This was an exit row, so I had legroom at least. I’m 5’4” and trim. A taller, or broader person would not fit!"

Pros: "Smooth travel and good service."
Cons: "Bad boarding area in SLC."

Pros: "Crew that's it"
Cons: "The flight was 2 hours plus late and we couldn't get an accurate update as to when to pick up our son. We got text messages that were never updates, online your information was wrong and when we called agents had the wrong flight information. Terrible experience all around."

Cons: "The leg from Atlanta to Pointe de Pitre had no wifi or even old style entertainment. Bring a book!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Before was better no now"

Pros: "Very comfortable seat and nice boarding and exit."
Cons: "Not clear at all on what was complimentary, etc. Had a very large man next to me, practically sharing my seat so getting any needed work done was out of the question unfortunately."

Cons: "Flight attendant from IND to Minneapolis must have had a rough evening or bad morning. Service in airplane is usually poor but this one was worse. Bumping most of the passenger when passing, handing drinks behind his back, not smiling."

Pros: "No wifi couldn’t do any work"
Cons: "Was looking forward to completing some work but the wifi never came on."

Pros: "Ind-atl flight was absolutely amazing i couldn’t find really anything wrong with the flight besides spacing for seats"
Cons: "Spacing with seats"

Pros: "Loved that they had access to connecting info on board"

Pros: "The entertainment"
Cons: "We didn't get our seat assignment until we got to the gate. Attendant said it was because tickets bought too close to take off don't get to pick seats, but we bought our tickets about three weeks before. Also, my boyfriend and I sat in a full row while the row in front of us only had one person. It would've made more sense to put that person in one of our seats and us in that row to give four people more space instead of just one."

Cons: "They had a 40 seat plane that had about 15 people and they herded everyone in the rear of the cabin. All the extra comfort seats went empty. I asked and was told I had an economy ticket so there couldnt do anything."

Pros: "The costumer services."
Cons: "N\A"

Pros: "Crew was excellent"
Cons: "It was delayed"

Pros: "Nice entertainment offerings on the Indy to MSP flight"
Cons: "None."

Cons: "My original flight from IND to LGA was cancelled due to weather and I was rebooked for the next day. I was forced to spend a night in a hotel near the airport. Then my flight the next day kept being delayed, first 5 min, then 20, then 40, etc until 2.5 hrs. Since the delays kept increasing, I decided to rebook on another flight with a very tight connection in Detroit--the only other option. When my flight arrived, the other fight was already boarding and I ran to make it. Luckily I got to the gate in time, just before the door closed. The original flight ended up with a 3.5 hr delay!!! That is unacceptable."

Pros: "Loved the onboard entertainment and the flight attendants were great."
Cons: "I travelled w/ one adult and two infants internationally and could not book the infants' tickets online had to do it over the phone. When we got to the airport we had to pay $255 for 5 bags, that's almost another ticket."

Pros: "Frontline staff were nice."
Cons: "Our flight was canceled last minute. Instead of a direct flight to start vacation, we ended up with a five hour layover in Atlanta. And to top it all off, they tried to double charge us for a checked bag fee."

Pros: "Clean, modern plane, friendly crew, great service"
Cons: "I liked it all!"

Pros: "the pretzels and drinks. The flight attendant was very polite and attentive."

Pros: "The cabin and the entertainment itself was great. Thank you for providing a nice, comfortable plane to fly on..."
Cons: "I'm leaving a poor review due to unfriendly staff... The flight attendant was rude and when asked a question responded with an unwelcoming attitude."

Cons: "the seat too back"


Cons: "The crew nerds ti ve More people person, their Attitude toward the Passangers was rude in More than one time"

Cons: "Everything it’s fine"

Pros: "Punctuality and service"
Cons: "Entertainment"

Pros: "Great customer service in a timely matter."

Cons: "Never took this flight because of AirEuropa bad business conduct"

Pros: "crew member was rude"
Cons: "Being polite"

Pros: "No"
Cons: "Nothing copaairline dont let you select seats if u want to doing online they charge $30 each one"

Cons: "What the hell happen to comfortable enjoyable air travel. I guess it went down the toilet but your price keep going up"

Pros: "Kind, attentive, wonderful crew! Adjustable headrests. Decent food options throughout flight!"
Cons: "My seat did not recline since I was in front of the exit row. Looking back at the seat options this was made very clear but I missed it."

Pros: "Crew was ok. Seats too small"
Cons: "Better food"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Personal muy amable"
Cons: "No tienen acceso a cobijas para el aire frío"

Pros: "everything is so very good"

Pros: "Flight was on time and everything was smooth"
Cons: "Plane was a bit too small coming from tampa to panama"

Cons: "I was not able to board my connecting flight from Panama City Panama to Cali Colombia and was told there were no more available flights until the next day. I was very dissatisfied and upset and cant believe they can just bump someone out of a plane that has already paid for the flight. This is the worst experience I have had with an airline in my almost 40 years! I would like to see how we can get a credit or refund for flight!"

Pros: "Time of departure"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Food was particularly good in business class."
Cons: "Very minor point on not having an entertainment system, but the flight was short at just over 1hr. It was hard to understand some announcements over the speakers because of the sound system plus the fast talking with heavy accents"

Pros: "But... when I purchased a tkt online. For some reason the name on last ticket I purchased was on the next COPA ticket. A 300.00 purchase. Because COPA does not change ticket holders names it was a total loss. I bought the ticket for a student in Cali to come and meet me in Panama City I couldn't afford to buy a second ticket so Victor stayed home. Every other Airline charges a minimal fee to make changes on a ticket so now there is a credit at Copa Airlines for a person that will never ever use it.... such a waste of time and money. Barb Langman from Lafleche Saskatchewan Canada"

Cons: "movies?"

Pros: "Staff was very polite and courteous. Plane was comfortable."

Cons: "The food was not good and cold. there weren’t options on entertainment"

Pros: "the plane and the service"
Cons: "the airport don't have service in early morning, every store was closed"

Cons: "The pilot did a very odd and scary turn to the plane. He then raised the plane so rapidly that nobody knew what was going on. Not a word from the pilot or the crew of what had happened!!!! Extremely dissapointed!!!!"

Pros: "This announcement by the pilot at the beginning of the flight turned out to be incorrect. Despite the fact that I did online check-in at least 23 hours in advance, I was seated way at the rear of the jet. As a single woman who looks unusual because half of my hair is shorter due to recent surgery; I sincerely hope I was not seated at the back due to my appearance. The other passenger seated with me was a very kind developmentally disabled young man. The placement in row 33 +/- only emphasized the many instances of turbulence on the flight to Chicago."
Cons: "The many occasions of turbulence on this flight."

Pros: "Short flight and thankfully I slept a bit."
Cons: "The stewardesses just say in their area. Never offered extra coffee or drinks. No snacks. Food was pathetic."

Pros: "All good ! Just perfect"

Pros: "I've always had a great experience when I travel with Copa!"

Pros: "Nothing good"
Cons: "My connection flight arrive extremelly far from the bogot flight gate, very few movies, poor comfort. I wouldnt recommend copa to anyone"

Pros: "flight punctuality, food."
Cons: "No movies"

Cons: "Me.dijeron que iba a estar junto a mi acompañante y nos dieron asientos separados en ambos vuelos"

Cons: "Very limited Business Class menu. No entertainment system."

Pros: "Good service and food"
Cons: "The first crew was a little bit rough with customers. The service was good but it will be better if they were a little more friendly."

Cons: "Do to Irma in Florida I had to evacuate 2 days before my flight. I call to re schedule my flight from Tampa and they were not flexible at all charging me an ridiculous fee!!!!"

Pros: "The service, the food, the Copa Club"

Pros: "x"
Cons: "x"

Pros: "Non stop flight from Boston to Panama City. Baggage claim was quick, huge improvement from past experiences at this airport. Meal was included as well as drinks, and no carry or checked bag fees. Boarding was done quickly and efficiently."
Cons: "Will do web check in next time to avoid wait for check-in and bag drop. Bathroom condition got pretty bad mid-flight but that's not really the airlines fault as it was initially clean."

Pros: "Got upgraded to first class"
Cons: "Started bad with copa giving it to Avianca, and their flight dis not go out, deleyes etc."

Pros: "Personal screens and great service. Very minimal delays that were well-handled."
Cons: "Poor movie selection."

Pros: "Comfortable leg room Friendly cabin crew"
Cons: "Very limited food options, International flights have poor entertainment options Very old seats and covers gave a very dull impression"

Pros: "be more flexible with the luggage weight,"

Pros: "I liked the fact that there was variety for entertainment! There had great movies, new ones, not all airlines focus on that. Another thing was the food and drinks that the offered. They really kept passengers happy."
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Crew members were friendly."
Cons: "Delayed 3 hrs Not explanation The food was not the more appropriate for the time we left."

Pros: "Excellent service"

Pros: "The plane was very comfortable and the crew was fantastic"
Cons: "The boarding was a nightmare no gate printed on boarding pass and a gate attendant told us the wrong gate and we almost missed our flight"

Pros: "Although my flight was very short, the staff was kind and the food great! May have been one of the smoothest flight I've ever been on."

Pros: "la puntualidad y el buna atención."

Pros: "Friendly service leg room"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Fortunately in the situation described, the staff was great. It felt like every Copa attendant in IAD was there."
Cons: "At the gate there was chaos because a smaller plane came in to take us to PTY (CM357) this morning. The plane was oversold and people were standing in the aisle. It felt like anarchy."

Pros: "It's American you know what you get"
Cons: "No room as always but you have to wear a mask next to another mouth breather and they still keep it hot!"

Cons: "Everything ok"

Pros: "Efficient crew"
Cons: "Super crowded and hot"

Cons: "Flight attendants not enforcing mask rules. Unfortunately, many people on my flight seemed to think they're not concerned by the pandemic, and were keeping their noses out of their masks, or frequently removing their masks"

Pros: "Plane wasn’t full, they allowed everyone to spread out in the plane"

Pros: "They were fine. Seemed really short with a mom and her children but other than that, average."
Cons: "Well, my flight was delayed for an hour and a half and it seemed like the airlines mistake, not weather. It's going to make me over 2 his late to a concert, which is the main reason I came here. So hopefully they let me in, or I just spent $300 for nothing."

Pros: "The entire crew and the landing"

Pros: "I liked that the armrest came up and that the walkway was a bit wider than other airplanes."
Cons: "Larger seats"

Cons: "Paid for a seat with extra legroom, but passenger in next seat allowed small child to run back and forth in the legroom. Nothing was done when observed by crew"

Cons: "The flight attendant was outstanding. Flexible. Good sense of humor and very professional"

Pros: "The crew was very courteous and helpful, they seemed to have a positive attitude and worked with passengers like they really enjoyed their job."
Cons: "There was a 3 hour delay outbound and a 9 hour delay inbound. On the inbound flight I was put up in a nice hotel for the day and given a $30 meal voucher. However I missed my connecting flights and had to be put up when I got back to the States. Despite getting in at 10pm I was put on a 5am flight."

Cons: "Late. Again. For no good reason."

Cons: "Well the flight was delayed out of Indy and then due to some emergency at Ohare, we taxied for at least 30 minutes causing me to be late for my connecting flight and now I'm still here waiting for my new flight which is delayed."

Pros: "Row to myself. Big plane."
Cons: "Still need more wgroom as someone over 6 feet tall."

Pros: "Super great flight attendant in first class. Very friends and beautiful smile. Nice to see on stressful days traveling. Nice job!"

Pros: "Great service and fantastic landing!!"

Pros: "Boarding the plane was incredibly fast. As for the crew, I got an iffy energy from one of the crew members whom I felt was trying to play on my intelligence."
Cons: "I wish American offered more vegan and wheat/ gluten free options, as well as herbal tea options. I was determined to sleep during this flight, but I was hoping this plane would have the TV behind the chair. I enjoy watching the live map as we’re flying."

Cons: "Nothing was wrong."

Pros: "Boarding was quick, flight took off and landed close to the time it was supposed to."
Cons: "Seats could be more comfortable, first check d bag could be included instead."

Cons: "Horrible customer service I will never fly with American again"

Pros: "It was as good as one has gotten used to"
Cons: "It was only as good as one has gotten used to"

Pros: "The staff"
Cons: "The snack selection and lack of entertainment"

Pros: "I got to sneak into the economy plus seats and no one said anything."
Cons: "Flight attendants clearly did not like each other and argued constantly. Sub-par coffee (even by international standards)."

Cons: "The entertainment screens did not work in my seat and my wife's seat."

Pros: "Thanks everything was on time. Very nice cre"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "I did like that "new plane" smell. Good pretzels."
Cons: "Plane was too new; computer system hadn't been set right. Left 45 minutes late, though made up some lost time in the air. Very rude passengers (obviously not the airline's fault, I know). Everyone thinks they should be the first to get off the plane!"

Pros: "Easy boarding"
Cons: "Would you like a beverage? Not unless you asked and that was only if you could get her attention. Truly felt like a second class citizen in this fight"

Pros: "Agents were very helpful"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Quick boarding and punctuality at departure"
Cons: "Plane was not confortable"

Cons: "We arrived 30 minutes early but then we waited 30 minutes for a gate."

Pros: "Quick boarding and luggage pickup."
Cons: "Mediocre staff. In my experience United is more friendly and welcoming."

Pros: "it was easy to check in and short layovers"
Cons: "planes were really old and uncomfortable, I could not sleep at all, the seats are ridiculously small and not fit for a grown up. One of the worst flights ever for sure"

Pros: "As a fat guy, I really like these newly built AA airplanes with huge seats. Two great flight attendants, too (a rare thing this day and age). Better than average coffee for an airline."
Cons: "Terrible turbulence. I know it's not AA's fault, but still, despite how nice the plane and staff were, I was sweating bullets for two hours!"

Cons: "The space between seats are too small, and the seats do not recline enough (very uncomfortable)"

Cons: "The flight was late by 2 hours."

Pros: "Friendly flight stewardesses!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight cancelled. Thanks, Obama."

Cons: "Flight itself was good, but will never book via JustFly again. 2/3 of my flights were cancelled and I was never notified. Then I had to call to reschedule, which took almost an hour. Then they stated they would send my confirmation via email 24-48 hours. 3 days later and the confirmation still never came. SO I had to call again and wait another half hour. No point in booking through a 3rd party for that type of hassle."

Cons: "4 delays and two flight changes... I was late and it was crowded"

Cons: "Flight was late, no info why, when landed in DCA NO GATE AVAILABLE - and that is past 10 PM."

Cons: "Plane delayed, had to switch to new plane which was after two hours"

Pros: "Great service, good window seat, smooth flight"
Cons: "No music/radio at my seat"

Pros: "The flight attendants on both flights were very friendly"
Cons: "They changed my flight without telling me about it. My first flight was at 8 but my plane was late. When I went to the ticket counter they changed my flight and didn't tell me when I was getting to my destination"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "American has gone to these thin seats so that they can cram more cattle into the back. They are absolutely the most uncomfortable seats I've ever had the displeasure of being forced to sit in, and unless you're willing to pay even more for "premium" seats, you won't even have enough space to sit. I will never, never, ever give American Airlines another penny."

Pros: "The crew was good."
Cons: "Washington airport grounded our flight for no apparent reason while we were on the runway in Indy about to take off, then didn't tell us when we could expect the delay to end."

Pros: "The crew on board the air craft was great"
Cons: "The Indianapolis to JFK trip was the first of three legs. My bags were only checked to JFK. I have a badly broken ankle and needed a wheel chair. I could not manage my luggage and crutches. It forced me to take a taxi to the international terminal, then ask strangers for help with my luggage once I got there. I am extraordinarily displeased!!!! I will not fly American again."

Pros: "Easy boarding, im about 6'3 so i was a bit uncomfortable being in the middle seat (not airlines fault) overall good first experience."
Cons: "Would have liked to be able to sit by my spouse being my first time on an airplane. Wasnt an option?"

Pros: "As always, the staff was courteous and efficient. I never have any problems when I fly American Airlines. I often book my flights specifically for American Airlines when I can."

Pros: "Made it to LGA"
Cons: "Didn't make it home"

Pros: "Fast entry... Great crew"
Cons: "Entertainment"

Pros: "Crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Seats just a little bigger."

Cons: "Didn’t get to go"

Cons: "Flight was 4 hours late!! Just showing up on time would have made it better."

Pros: "Terrible gate crew, very aggressive and rude for no reason whatsoever. Delayed boarding and takeoff on 4 flights in a row, uncomfortable seats and dirty everything. I will never ever fly Spirit again."
Cons: "Almost everything."

Pros: "The chicks were hot"
Cons: "Seats don’t recline and you have to pay for water"

Pros: "Elizabeth made the flight completely enjoyable and was extermely friendly, funny, professional and just a pleasure to be around and because of her and the other members will share this story as well as happily fly spirit airlines again anytime. Thank you for employing her and please hire more like her! Also the attendants at the gate were accommodating with my bag issue and I appreciated it very much"

Pros: "The crew had smiled and were pleasant"

Cons: "You have to pay for everything. No leg room"

Pros: "Crew was nice. I liked the price of the ticket and the size of the free personal item."
Cons: "Delayed 4 hours, which put us leaving Las Vegas at 3:00 am and arriving in Oakland at 4:16. They gave us a meal voucher at 2:30am, which is only good for 24 hours. Most of the place are closed."

Pros: "Ab-so-lute-ly nothing. i would have been better off ripping up my money and throwing it in the air like confetti."
Cons: "i didn’t like getting email after email announcing one, two, three hour delays. i eventually died of old age waiting for imaginary flight that never left. you can find my dusty skeleton in Orlando airport, clutching a stale pretzel near auntie annie’s"

Pros: "Excellent explanation of safety procedures, hilarious"
Cons: "Small back corner seat"

Pros: "Pilots did their job well. Smooth and safe flight."
Cons: "The flight attendants were extremely rude. When boarding I simply asked a lady and her granddaughter if they would be willing to trade seats due to my girlfriends anxiety during flights I wanted to be next to her. Immediately the flight attendant jumps on me saying "oh not this morning, not doing musical chairs today." I wasn't demanding anything simply asking a question to comfort a person uncomfortable with flying. Throughout the flight the crew was extremely loud, I was in the very last row of the seating, as the flight went on they were almost at a yelling level telling each other stories. Also my girlfriend over-heard some very rude comments from the flight attendants when I got up to go to the bathroom. Will not fly Spirit again."

Pros: "Nothing I guess I arrived alive"
Cons: "Crew member was late so they held the plane to they got there making me miss all my contingency flights and having to wait over 12 hours to catch another flight"

Pros: "Flights arrived early"

Pros: "The flight crew was very friendly. The plane looked like new and was clean."
Cons: "The seating was a bit cramped, the little kids behind me were kicking the seat the whole trip, and all snacks and beverages were purchase only."

Pros: "Cheap flight, direct no layover from LAX to MSP, no delay and prompt boarding etc. Crew was fine"
Cons: "$45 carryon luggage fee PER FLIGHT.. Wow. Felt like a robbery in broad daylight. And you had to pay even just for water on the flight..."

Cons: "The seats are not very comfortable"

Cons: "3.5 hour delay on a 6:30am flight got three hours of sleep just to get up and sit at the airport for 4 hours. Flight attendants were rude and unapologetic about the delay"

Pros: "Plane was on time."
Cons: "Not enough space in the cabin, no room for legs, hard to maneuver while standing up or sitting down. Indifferent flight attendants.Even for water passangers are charged."

Cons: "The delays were terrible. There was never an explanation. The crew were not rude, but they were not friendly. They were standoffish and unhelpful."

Pros: "The staff was nice."
Cons: "Hard to check in and navigate website. Flight was delayed for 1:45 min"

Cons: "Horrible!!!!!!!! Flight delayed and stuck on the airplane for 30 min"

Cons: "Security line moved very, very slowly."

Pros: "Frequent cancellations with no alternative carrier arrangements, you are on your own to get to your destination and lose your money- no refunds, EVER"
Cons: "Cancelled flights, nickel and dime customers- STAY AWAY"

Cons: "Not only did they cancel my flight an hour before said flight, i had to wait in 3.5 hour line to reschedule. Why didn't i call to reschedule? Because there was a 2 hour wait on the phone. Once i did get through (while still standing in line) they wanted to reschedule my flight for TWO days later! So i decide to wait in line. I get to the agent and they can only reschedule me for the next day at 11am. So i missed work. As compensation they gave me a $7 voucher for lunch and breakfast to use at the airport terminal (where a bagel and coffee cost me $8.25) And apparently they had cancelled my flight due to 'crew issues' which i later found out that the flight attendants and the pilots have an on going strike. They dont offer any type of snack on the airplane, im barely 5'2 and the seat infront of me was a mere two inches away from my knees. they charge you for a carry on, and they have now made the one piece of luggage that is allowed without paying smaller, so essentially a purse. You'd be better off just paying 20/30 dollars more and fly one of the other airlines."

Pros: "Airfare cost"
Cons: "Flight 2 hrs late last min notice"

Pros: "One of the flight attendants was really good to us families. I noticed 4 other families would ask her for help instead of the other attendants. She was understanding and willing to help."
Cons: "The other half were impatient and disrespectful of my family and I. Most of the flight attendants I interacted with on this flight rolled their eyes and some of the passenger's requests. I felt like most of the time, they were telling us what we weren't allowed to do. Additionally, I lost my stroller today. It has been found only because I kept my tags from the stroller. It is making its way back across the country now but I had to carry my baby and bags across the entire airport because I didn't have a stroller. Didn't"

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "Small plane and it smelled bad. Baggage was way overpriced."

Pros: "Nothing, rude angry attendants. Overcharged for luggage. Next flight will be with southwest"
Cons: "Everything. Never again!!!"

Cons: "Out flight was cancelled due to poor weather in Newark. Spirit wasn't at fault for the bad weather, but they left us high and dry in the aftermath. They gave us no help or information how to rebook, and chaos broke out as a couple hundred confused passengers scrambled to find temporary accommodations. My family ended up staying overnight in the Orlando Hyatt airport hotel, and booking a flight the next day at expensive last-minute rates. We ended up paying $340 for the hotel, and $2500 for the flights, for a total additional expense of $2840.Because Spirit refunded us $1200 for the cancelled flights, we ended up losing "only" $1640 to get home, with no help from Spirit to mitigate our loss or even to advise us what to do. This is not how an airline, even a low-cost airline, should treat its passengers. I heard many passengers, in the scrum of confusion after the cancellation, vowing that they'd never fly Spirit again, and it's hard to argue with them."

Pros: "Boarding went fine"

Pros: "It was a direct flight."
Cons: "Once the back up crewman arrived they then made us wait more than an hour in the plane for approval to take off and for fuel numbers when they EASILY could have done.ALL.that while.waiting for the crewman to arrive. We were 2 hours late getting to.Philly."

Cons: "Checking my bag took over 40 mins and there were only 3 people ahead of me. Plus I'd already checked in."

Cons: "After a long delay, delayed longer because of some broken component"

Cons: "I want everyone to know that spirt airlines are crooks"

Pros: "Direct flight, big seat in front row and no drama."
Cons: "Checking bag in morning took a long time."

Pros: "Airline price is very good."
Cons: "Fixed seats, add on costs."

Pros: "Great announcement from the entire flight crew, including the cockpit. The comfort is lacking as is the staffing of the ticket counter and gate. But once you're on the flight, you're good!"
Cons: "Not sure if airport staff is contracted, but their quality is poor and doesn't reflect the brand well."

Pros: "QUick boarding and take off. Everything on time. Crew was helpful and polite"
Cons: "No Tv/movies. No complimentary food or beverages."

Cons: "Always delayed flights and overbooked"

Pros: "None"
Cons: "The reason for the 0 score is my first flight on August 14 2016 flight 781 got canceled witch made me and my lady miss our cruise departure time with carnival cruise lines being stranded in Baltimore for 3 days until I could get family to rent me car so we could drive 12 hours all the way back to Georgia because your flight attendant said we could not exchange our flight tickets to go to Georgia that we could only fly to our original destination Orlando but like I explained to them that our boat already left and that we just wanted to go home and to top it off when I talked to the flight associates they told all of the passengers that the plain has been having a shaking problem for quite a while and it has been reported a couple of times and when the maintenance people where out looking at the plane August 14 2016 flight 781 that they could not figure out what was wrong with it that they didn't see anything but since it has been reported before multiple times that now the plane had to be shut down and closer inspected so not only did We get stranded in another state for a couple of days I lost money on my cruise that I never got to go on that was planned for 6 months but I lost out on about $1400 dollars on the cruise and plain tickets due to your company poor maintenance on your plains I will never book with your company again and believe me nobody I know will either and I will be filling a claim to get my money back for missing this flight August 18 2016 Flight 676"

Pros: "Crew was friendly and funny and both flights were on time! Great experience!!"

Cons: "Very rude altercation between the flight attendant and a passenger.....he was trying to pay for a water and the woman was so rude, that ANOTHER flight attendant had to come smooth the entire thing over. Awful awful awful - from beginning to middle to end."

Pros: "Nothing i can really say"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled took over 10 hrs to notify everyone that was waiting to board. I missed work thanks to Spirit and all you can offer is $50 to book with you guys again. No thanks!"

Pros: "Flight was delayed, expensive extra charges, cramped seating, unprofessional gate personnel, shabby gate area, etc."
Cons: "It got me there."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I was sitting on the back, the crew spent the whole flight chating on the back very loud, i was very tired trying to rest, besides me there were other travelers that seem to be bothered too, we look back at the crew giving a mad look on our faces so that they quiet down a little but they didnt give a f..... This was my first and last time I travel with spirit, the worse airline i've thavel with so far....."

Pros: "I didn't like anything"

Pros: "The flight attendants, the plane, the prompt arrival, my upgraded seat ($35)."
Cons: "Costs for luggage, cost for boarding pass at the terminal, cost for water, coffee, snack on plane, cost to up grade seat. After booking my flight I was bombarded with all the different costs to get to my destination. This stressed me out to no end."

Pros: "Nothing. Wish I could comment positively on the pricing, but after being nickeled and dimed to death, that's off the table."
Cons: "Departing flight was an hour late and returning flight was over an hour late. My flight was only 45 minutes, so I could deal with the cramped seating. On a longer flight they would be untenable. The attendants were not the least bit helpful or friendly. At the risk of sounding shallow, their appearance was slovenly."

Pros: "Easy to board and unboard"
Cons: "seat selection is very confusing. seems like you have to buy your seat. but you do not. CONFUSING"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Indiana to Cali

Airlines flying from Indiana to Cali have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Indiana to Cali

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Indiana to Cali

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Indiana to Cali

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Indiana to Cali

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