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Low season

AprilBest time to beat the crowds with an average 8% drop in price.

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DecemberMost popular time to fly with an average 27% increase in price.

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$602(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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$390or less

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$267or less

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What is KAYAK's "flexible dates" feature and why should I care when looking for a flight from Indiana to Fuzhou?

Top airline flying Indiana to Fuzhou

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

China Eastern
Overall score based on 6,663 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "Food is too salty, can’t even eat ."

Pros: "Overall, flight, crews, services, airplanes were better than expected"

Pros: "The crew was very nice and helpful"
Cons: "Flight hub tried to sell me a Visa to go to Bangkok! Since you are in the travel business I would have thought that they would know that citizens of the USA do not need a visa to go to Thailand! The email your partner company sent me was strongly adamant that I needed a visa before being allowed to travel! I knew better that this was a scare tactic to make money! But many people probably wouldn’t know. I’m surprised that Kayak would be apart of something like this! Hmmm!"

Cons: "Can make the food and tea more hot ? Shanghai to Hong Kong meal is goood"

Pros: "Seat was good and crew was ok as well."
Cons: "There is bolloywood movies at all, should consider."

Pros: "Crew is nice and helpful."
Cons: "Seats are distinctly too small in both directions."

Pros: "Good selection of movies and comfortable plane"
Cons: "You need to offer vegetarian/vegan options"

Pros: "Plane was good (Economy class)"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Return trip meal was significantly better than on the outbound leg."
Cons: "Substantial condensation poured on me while taking off. The flight attendant wiped the surfaces, but seemed less concerned about me."

Pros: "Flight was quick"
Cons: "Chairs were small and uncomfortable."

Pros: "Left the airport on time, arrived on time, good flight, good service onboard."

Pros: "The direct flight to SH was good , that was about it"
Cons: "Entertainment weak not much selection. Food terrible , drink selection terrible, snacks terrible , seats were not comfortable also"

Pros: "I got the seat all the way in the back i prefer those because it sits 2 and you are only sitting next to one person. Tv had more than 2 dozen movies options and several games to choose from. They provided a pillow and blanket along with headphones for tv. Crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Food, but its airplane food and can not except to much unless your sitting first class."

Pros: "Left on time and arrived on time"
Cons: "Long lines at immigration and security. Crowded and uncomfortable lounge. Had to walk up the stairs to board the plane, which was parked far from the gate."

Pros: "Staff were nice until Shanghai."
Cons: "They didn't seem to want to help the disabled unless you were from China. Rude to foreigners."

Pros: "Put a water bottle in my seat for when a wake up."
Cons: "They got confused with my middle name and I had some trouble checking in."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Turbulence most of the time Crew not courteous"

Pros: "Crew was friendly"

Pros: "Overall I didn’t like the flight"
Cons: "Food,customer service,comfort and entertainment"

Cons: "This was terrible.. Coming home, they would not let me on the plane from Bangkok to San Francisco.. No reason given.. Was there in plenty of time, the agent was a jerk and would not let me board.. I had to buy another ticket.. On Philippine Airlines. I will never book with you again unless you all make it up to me.. This was terrible ."

Pros: "Very helpful and courteous air crew"
Cons: "Everything was good and for a short flight Like this the crew made it very comfortable"

Pros: "Everything but the seat"
Cons: "The seat didn’t recline. Very uncomfortable especially on a late night flight"

Cons: "NONE"

Pros: "The staff were professional and courteous; we took off close to on time. The airline got us into a very nice new hotel to overnight before our next China Eastern flight."
Cons: "The security at Urumqi (URC) airport was over the top and we almost missed our flight. Unfortunately, they seated our family in four different areas of the plane."

Pros: "The flights were relatively on time."
Cons: "Service was poor. Food was really bad. No real choices. Only wine or beer. Nothing stronger. Could not get much service I will avoid this airline in the future"

Pros: "Crew was nice. Boarded on time. Great pilot to get us through the foggy weather"
Cons: "The food is nasty"

Pros: "Nothing. Acted like it was their first week as an airline."
Cons: "Priority service was not. Forgot to get wheelchair ordered, so we were late from lounge to gate. Priority not... last to be off at destination. No jetways either at Shanghai or LAX. Got bussed from what seemed 30 miles away. Meals were not as ordered. Bottom line-when you pay triple for business class service, you should get it!"

Pros: "Good customer service and on time flights"
Cons: "Maybe more food options"

Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "Food options not available. No entertainment."

Pros: "Seat were comfortable and boarding was done quickly."
Cons: "They make you take off your headphones and secure all electronic devices before taking off and landing. Even if you are using the headphones for noise reduction they make you take them off until the plane is in the air for 15 minutes. Cellphones in airplane mode cannot be used during the flight at all. Entertainment was lacking tremendously!"

Pros: "Staff was great, Restroom was clean"
Cons: "Food was sparse and only had Chinese food, no western options. Food menu on the screen was unavailable. Entertainment was weak."

Pros: "Never taken"
Cons: ".."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Rude flight attendants that don't speak good English, food is horrible, they need better options, did not accommodate my peanut allergy"

Cons: "This airline had horrible delays with no updates, I was stuck at a layover for four additional hours than scheduled- this is unacceptable service."

Pros: "The price was phenomenal. Seats were comfortable. Timeliness was good."
Cons: "Limited English movie choices. Limited English of crew."

Pros: "boarding was good staff was nice`"
Cons: "food sucked ' lack of legroom"

Pros: "Nothing was really likeable, just sub par."
Cons: "The flight attendants rolled eyes at us because we needed a pen to fill out the deceleration form. I had dropped mine somewhere under the seat so I figured it was no big deal to borrow a pen. Instead she rolled her eyes at me, threw her hands at us and signed very loudly. It was embarrassing to say the least. If I had known this was going to be a big deal I would of asked passengers if I could borrow their pen. Additionally, we were ignored when they were offering water to passengers. No one made eye contact with us. We felt very discrimated against as we were the only Individuals of inifian decient. Majority of the passengers were Asian, and they weren't treated the way we were. Never again will I take this airline again, or tell me family or friends to. I've never felt so unwelcome. I've taken this airline before to Asia but this will definitely be the last."

Pros: "The crew on the plane was very nice"
Cons: "Was delayed 5 hours"

Pros: "7 repeated announcements of delay. Flight was supposed to leave at 415 pm, but did not until 9:20 pm. Light rain, no ATC delay in Shanghai, Waiting area is away from the main corridor, with no restaurants and toilets, so it's a hassle climing up and down the stairs."

Pros: "That I got to Thailand safely"
Cons: "I got to Thailand safely when, it was time for me to board my flight back to United States your ticket agent denied me access on the plane. even though I sat in front of her for four hours ahead of time when it was time for me to check in at the ticket agency she told me that I was not allowed on your plane and then gave me a number that didn't even work she told me it was for the embassy which it was not it was a fake number and when I came back to the table to talk to her she walked away and someone else came to the kiosk and they acted like they did not know what I was talking about so I am very upset and I would like my money back for return flight for ticket of the amount for the flight from Thailand to the states .... I had to purchase another ticket with a different company and when I told them what happened, They told me that she cannot deny me access without a probable calls and if so for any reason she would have to let me know why am not allowed on the plane. Now this young lady was very nasty to me she gave me a fake number she walked off on me I was hurt along and terrified because I did not know how I was going to get home I had to call 30 of my friends for them to send me money . And a PayPal account in order for me to get up $800 to get a one-way ticket home so I would like my money back and if I do not get it I will sue you for it because I still have to information. And if you do not know who was at the kiosk at the time of 2016 April 25 you should look at your recordings because I'm the only black guy on the plane and the only black guy in line so it is not hard to miss me so once you figure out what has happened I will like to know if I do not hear anything within the next 30 days I will be subject to issue a lawsuit ."

Pros: "Caniin crew was pleasant although I can't understand why windows are shuttered for the whole flight. I felt like I was breaking rules opening my window."
Cons: "Not sure why we were boarded when we sat for 2 hours on the Tarmac. Adding 2 more hours on an already long and cramped flight was not pleasant. This happened on my initial flight out of Shanghai as well."

Pros: "The plane eventually arrived at the destination so that was a plus."
Cons: "This airline is stuck in the past. They have antiquated rules, terrible food, uncomfortable seats. Drinks are only served during the drink service. Don't expect to have a jetbridge to the plane, you will most likely be packed into a bus and driven to the plane. There is effectively no in flight entertainment. Want to watch a movie on your iPhone? Nope, banned also. (Tell the staff it's an iTouch and you can avoid that problem.) Can confidently say I will never fly China Eastern again."

Pros: "The best part of this airline was the price. In that way this was a great airline."
Cons: "The airline was a pain. You literally had to have your phone off the entire time, not airplane mode, but off. There were movies but not a lot. They did not have and kiosks to avoid the check baggage line. The food made multiple people sick and the chairs were not comfortable"

Cons: "The airline denied me travel using mil orders and ID back to the states. Something any other airline allows. The staff was rude, and needless to say they would not refund me the ticket. They did the same to several military members traveling home for the holidays. Left us all stranded at the airport. Ended up buying a flight with another airline which had no issues."

Pros: "Not much to like"
Cons: "Long, confusing boarding process. Always get bused to the airplane instead of direct walk way. Unfriendly attendants. The foods are terrible. Essentially no entertainment system. Just a boring mediocre airline that I will try my best to avoid in the future. By the way, transiting process in any Chinese airport is a nightmare."

Pros: "Staff was friendly good price"
Cons: "Quality was very minimal for such a long flight"

Pros: "crew was pleasant enough"
Cons: "Our vegetarian meals were the blandest most difficult to eat meals ever. Movie selection was poor and hadn't rotated in over a month. Our flight was delayed 2 hours, which we got to sit on the plane to endure. Food was not compensated for the delay and we got very hungry mid flight. Our vegetarian meals were the blandest most difficult to eat meals ever. Movie selection was poor and hadn't rotated in over a month. I simply do not understand why you must dump all of your water before getting on the flight. I felt extremely dehydrated for the majority of the flight as water was not distributed enough. I actually got a terrible head ache mid flight due to dehydration. Some people took up entire 4 seat rows to lay down while other people were crammed together. I found this extremely unfair considering how ill i felt and how I would have loved to lay down or at least spread out a little bit."

Pros: "After losing booked business class seat, the crew did the best the could to make up for the inconvenience."
Cons: "I booked a Business Class seat but when I arrived to check in I was informed that they changed equipment and I now had a Economy Class seat at the back of the plane. Completely unacceptable even with their promised refund (which I doubt I will receive without a great deal of time invested between this site and the airline), and compensation given at the airport."

Pros: "Nothing unexpected. The flight was pretty much on time although of course most delays are not due to the airline. I've flown many times with China Eastern and I like it."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Indiana to Fuzhou

Airlines flying from Indiana to Fuzhou have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Indiana to Fuzhou

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Indiana to Fuzhou

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Indiana to Fuzhou

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Indiana to Fuzhou

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