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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air India
Overall score based on 6,661 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Crew were really responsive"
Cons: "Entertainment never worked. They couldnt turn of lights due to technical problems Delayed by 2 hrs due to fuel loading issues No toilet essentials available from first hour of the flight"

Pros: "Crew was helping, leg space was good and food service was very good."

Cons: "They gave my assigned seat (unpaid though) to some one else and gave 3 separate seats in far off aisels for me and my 4 year and 9 year old kids. I had an ordeal at airport with AI staff and they didn't care, same experience with crew.Awful"

Pros: "Nothing good about the airline"
Cons: "Crew not polite or helpful. Didnt even come when pressed the call button 3 times. Arrogant air hostesses. No food available. Ran out of non veg . Gave breakfast item for dinner time( omelete and sausage ) and gave rice and okra for breakfast to my co passenger. Th food was horrible tasting. Cold and frozen croissants. Very bad food and service. Did not get a pillow. The airhostess said there were few pillows and they ran out! Also did not have headphones. . Will not travel with Air India in the future. Did not take expect my mational airlines to be this pathetic. Also was an hour late . The arm rests are worn out. Dirty seats."

Cons: "All my check-in bags were missing and they handled the complaints really bad. The flight was delayed for 3 hours and no proper communication, very pathetic experience, none of the TV's were working fine. Would not highly recommend."

Pros: "Non stop flight and lands at a good time at SFO"
Cons: "TV screens not working, crew was also not very welcoming"

Cons: "Air craft quality: terrible. Entertainment system: didn’t work (flight attendants say.. sorry not all of them work!!)."

Pros: "Comfort of non-stop flight from SFO to Delhi. Good Food."
Cons: "Poor entertainment system during the return journey."

Pros: "As I boarded Air India New Delhi to San Francisco, I felt it like a "senior citizen " flight. Most of my time went into connecting with elderly people around. Most of them were first time travelers. Curious ,anxious , innocent and slow learners ; I enjoyed helping them out with tinny tiny tech bits. The collection of Indian music , movies was good to , suiting to Indian taste ! And the food was good !"
Cons: "Boarding the Air India New Delhi to San Francisco was one of the most adventurous experience for me! The Mumbai - New Delhi journey was short and sweet ! As the connecting time was around 2 hrs , I had to rush to board the next flight. The connecting bus to the airport made me wait for a long time and I reached the gate quite late after the boarding was over! And after all this drama where I rushed and ran through ,crossing the domestic airport ; there was a long queue for general security check. I ran to the immigration , rushed through the security check. And finally reached the gate. I forgot , I am pregnant ! I was told there , I will have to shift to another seat due to "emergency" exchange reason ! Oh gosh ! I felt , I deserve a round of applause for making it there and I was offered an exchange ! It's unbelievable, but the flight got delayed by 3 hours! Yes, you read it right , by three hours ! The crew members were not that prompt and welcoming ! The flight toilets weren't sufficiently equipped with the necessities. They was no hot water flowing through many taps, seat-covers were missing, even the basic toiletries were."

Cons: "Entertainment systemwas not working through out the flight"

Cons: "They were skimpy on giving food. For 2 adults and two paid kids, they were trying to get away with 2 peanut pouches! Requested special kids meal, did not receive it. Crew could not help with frozen screen, so over 15 hours no entertainment"

Cons: "Overhead reading light and TV display were broken rendering me without entertainment for 16 hours. I couldn't event charge my electronics to use them as a flashlight to read my books as the USB chargers were broken for the whole row. I couldn't even get the attendant's attention for a while since the attendant call-button was broken. By the time she walked by next (hours later) she restarted it but it didn't fix the issue and I had no way of getting her attention again for a while. Really awful experience."

Cons: "Food was cold"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Horrible ....very poor in flight services. Outdated aircraft untrained crew .worse in flight experience I ever had .i will never ever fly again with air India .if you are thinking about booking with air India please don't. they will be named worst airlines in the world . I recently fly with air India from san francisco to delhi and back and I regret my decision .unfriendly crew and food quality is very poor they only served beverage one time in 16 hours flight. So learn from my mistake do not book with air India."

Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "Entertainment systems broken for half of passengers on board. Broken tray tables, flight attendants admitted that this is very common and passengers will have to deal with it. All they offered was logging in log book which they told no one reads. Have video and picturen proof for all of these"

Pros: "Non stop flight"
Cons: "Most of the passengers were seated separately from their families and kids. Very haphazard seat assignment. passengers were requesting each other so that they could sit with their young kids."

Pros: "NA"
Cons: "NA"

Cons: "TV did not work both ways. Poor selection of content."

Cons: "Entertainment was not working. Old plane, Bathrooms were not clean and soap dispenser was not working. I had to wait for a long time for special assistance."

Cons: "The tv was not working . No one cared to fix it. Food was okay. We asked for medicine and no one came back to give it"

Pros: "Non stop flight"
Cons: "Long lines during check in. Staff were chit chatting amongst and taking sweet time to process checking. Web checking did not work. Airline staff suggested that it was my fault that I did not know how to do web checkin and not their site. Air hostess had bad attitude too and took them 30 min to bring an extra blanket."

Pros: "Pretty comfy. Most staff is decent."
Cons: "Infotainment system is hard to use and always half broken."

Pros: "The airline hostesses did their best to meet requests. The food quality was below standard. There were no hand wipes provided for cleansing before or after mesls"
Cons: "I was pulled out of line at check in. The male employee grappled my passport and boarding pass and insisted that I follow him and check through the Indian Passport immigration line though I am an American citizen with a US passport. Then taken quite some distance to a back room where two male employees stared at me and wrote down my passport number and name in a log book. My passport and boarding pass were repeatedly taken and held without my permission. After checking thru customs, I was among the first to arrive at the designated gate 36 which was initially closed . When boarding time arrived, I was among the first on line to board. I was again pulled out of line and prevented from boarding until way past the last boarding call with no clear explanation. I am a 72 year old RN and was suffering from severe bronchitis and a head injury sustained on acsidewalk In the town of Solan while searching fur an ATM. No accommodations were provided for my age or physical condition. The unexplained, rude and cruel conduct by Air India employees constituted elder abuse. I feel an apology and a refund are the least that Air India needs to provide considering their cruel behavior. I would advise all seniors especially women to avoid flying Air India."

Pros: "Good crew"
Cons: "The flight is the oldest and dysfunctional everything that I ever flew and I have been flying almost every other month for over 10 years. Crappy entertainment option for a 17 hour flight and nothing works, food was mediocre too. They serve dinner/breakfast and alcohol based on India time and not based on your destination time which is odd because they serve you alcohol just before landing at sfo at 6:00 am. It’s outta control."

Cons: "Tv was not working. It s really old technology. Should use air freshener frequently. Can work on toilets."

Pros: "direct flight save time"
Cons: "plane condition was bad . broken seats , missing screw under seat shield . personnel entertainment system don't work , headphone jack broken. No alcoholic drinks offered. Overall very bad experience. even the toilet ran out of water and no cleaning."

Pros: "Leg space"
Cons: "Crew is not interested in visiting the cabin at all. Half of the on seat entertainment screens do not work. The selection is poor."

Cons: "The food is served buffet style. Obviously that does not keep it at the correct temperature for 25+ hours. I battled Food poisoning within hours from getting off the plane."

Pros: "Food."
Cons: "Seat F37, entertainment system was not working. I see that AirIndia being an major Indian bran don't have major regional languages ? Singapore airlines, Emirates have lot of Kannada movies, why not Air India ?"

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: " was very unhelpful"

Pros: "Food was great, entertainment decent. LONG flight but it passed by without much drama."
Cons: "Really old and dirty 777-200 LR. Seemed that the attendant call button was deliberately deactivated, and for several hours didn't see any attendants in our area. Also reading light seemed to be deactivated. Bathrooms got filthy after a while and never got cleaned (that I saw)."

Pros: "The timing and comfort is good."
Cons: "When sear assignment was done for aisle, still I was given a middle seat. Registered for non vegetarian meal but was given vegetarian"

Pros: "Only good thing about this flight is that it's not stop flight to Delhi."
Cons: "Planes on San Francisco to Delhi route are really old and smaller than most of the international flights. The interior of ppane has really old look and feel. Most of entertainment screens don't work as expected. Seat cushions are really old and worn which makes 16 hours for flight even more uncomfortable. Food is ok quality as well."

Pros: "Convenient flight from Delhi to San Francisco, however our entire entertainment system was not working and the crew also misbehaved with us. I was sitting in 22H. My wife was in 22J and our other flight passenger in 22K also had issues with their system."
Cons: "Bad service, bad crew and also misbehaved with us. When we complained they said we can't do anything. It was a 16 hour non-stop flight. all systems should be checked before you leave the ground. Or you provide a capability of refunding your passengers."

Pros: "Nothing really"
Cons: "Seats malfunctioned. Food terrible. Drink selection low quality for business class. Service apathetic. Movie selection terrible. Headsets with unbearable static. Lounge dirty. For the price, you can fly Thai, Cathay or Singapore - only drawback is they require 1 stop."

Pros: "Crew inside flight was fine."
Cons: "Check-in counter crew was not friendly. Aircraft that flew from Chennai to Delhi was in bad condition. Please perform maintenance and upgrades on the aircraft."

Pros: "Priority Boarding for families, on schedule. Food ok for indians."
Cons: "Entertainmaint system does not work. To boaring to fly 15 h without that."

Pros: "The only 2 crew members that made me want to review "Excellent" instead of Poor, were inside the aircraft."
Cons: "Bullshit boarding process that left me furious! I had a family of 5 that all had seats together. I specifically requested for extra leg space chairs as I have someone in my family who is 6'+ and another member who recently had knee replacements and thus needs extra leg space to allow more knee flexibility. My seats were all good to go, and I arrived at the airport 8hrs prior to my flight and was able to check in and print boarding passes. When I was boarding the aircraft, the gentlemen crossed off my families seats and re-wrote them in PEN right at the gate. I told him I did not approve, and he said "it is to make all your members together". I had told him we were already seated together and I did not like him switching my seats last minute. Turns out when I went in the aircraft that my seats were given to other members, and my family was forced to sit in another row. The team in the aircraft called the guy from the gate and asked why this was done. He gave me all sorts of bullshit excuses, none which made sense. He said it is "Impossible" to give me my original seats back. The other issue occurred from SFO-DELHI where the crew was incredibly rude. They would walk away in the middle of someone speaking, and wouldn't stand to listen to the full request."

Pros: " issues. Excellent cabin crew!"
Cons: "Less selection on english movies.... little wider, flat business class seats like other airlines have."

Pros: "Reading material s handed out were good."
Cons: "Made to sleep most of the 16 hr flight"

Cons: "just 1 drinks service on a 16 hour long flight"

Pros: "Non stop less fly hours."
Cons: "Air hostess appearance"

Pros: "Timing - good landing time at SFO"
Cons: "Old aircraft Dis-interested flight attendants"

Pros: "Waited 1 hr. to check into my flight even though only 4 people were in front of me in line. Waited another hour after boarding time to get on the plane. Two of the bathrooms were broken on the flight, leaving only two bathrooms for the entire flight, so had to wait in a half-hour queue each time I had to use the bathroom. Seats were uncomfortable and staff was inattentive and didn't seem to care."

Pros: "It was relaxing."

Pros: "Arrived early"
Cons: "Food is terrible Beverage service was slow Garbage everywhere TV not working"

Pros: "Attentive crew. Even though the flight was delayed at Delhi airport we reached 20mins early at SFO. Flight arrived early Good food !!!"

Pros: "Decent food with vegetarian option and shortest flying time."
Cons: "Very old flight, bathroom had soap bar ( don't know who uses them), bathroom had thousands of security clearance stickers, food cart had local news papers as table top cover, rocking chair, my screen audio and control was with next seat and vice versa. The worst experience is check in process. There are 2 checkin .. one when u do flight transfer and the other before the gate.. the flight was at 2 30am and we were asked to stand in the line at 1am including old folks and family with kids. When I questioned the benefit behind the second checkin, the airport rep and security threatened to not allow me to board the flight. When I said I will take this to social media they said to have my passport marked so that I can never enter india. These folks are taking things for granted and misuse their power. I am not flying with Air India anymore."

Pros: "The food was nice"
Cons: "The entertainment system did not work The crew was very unprofessional The plane was quite old and things were falling out"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Jammu to San Francisco

Airlines flying from Jammu to San Francisco have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Jammu to San Francisco

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Jammu to San Francisco

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Jammu to San Francisco

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Jammu to San Francisco

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