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Juneau International to Gustavus Arpt Flight Information

Avg. Flight Duration 0h 30m
Flights Arrive in Gustavus Arpt
Flights Depart from Juneau International
Flight Price $240
Distance 41 miles
Airlines Alaska Airlines

FAQs for Booking Juneau International to Gustavus Arpt Flights

How long does a flight from Juneau International to Gustavus Arpt take?
An average nonstop flight takes 0h 35m, covering a distance of 41 miles.
How many flights are there between Juneau International and Gustavus Arpt?
There are 70 (nonstop) flights between Juneau International and Gustavus Arpt per week, averaging 10 per day.
Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Juneau International to Gustavus Arpt?
In the past 3 days, the cheapest round-trip tickets were found on Alaska Airlines ($240)
Do I need a passport to fly between Juneau International and Gustavus Arpt?
Which airlines fly most frequently between Juneau International and Gustavus Arpt?
Air Excursions (9 times daily), Alaska Airlines (1 times daily) are the most frequent flyers on this route.

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Sat, Aug 18
Juneau International
Gustavus Arpt
0h 35m
Tue, Aug 21
Gustavus Arpt
Juneau International
0h 25m
Trip: 4 days
2.0MediocreShow reviews
Overall 2.0 Mediocre
Based on 1 reviews
Excellent 10.0

The festive yet relaxing lighting during boatding, the great in flight movies, the friendly helpful staff, our generous legroom, the comfier than usual seats, the food ordering system.

The food quality could be improved with some more organic options.

Good 6.3

The flight crew was friendly

The flight was 1.5 hours late, the airport was full of people waiting for their flight. There’re no seating available at the gate, we have sit further away and that makes it hard to hear any announcement regarding the status of our flight.

Mediocre 2.0

Had to deplane cause your pilot exceeded his flying hours. Can be easily avoided if you have better management and not cutting things so close.

Excellent 10.0

The fight was clean, the sit was great,we boarded on time and arrived on time.


Mediocre 2.0

Flight from PHL to PORTLAND delayed 3.5 hrs due to weather... ok that’s a safety thing. But then the pilots couldn’t fly us to Portland due to shift restrictions. Told us they had to stop in BOISE for fresh pilots and no one was leaving the plane. Got there and they made everyone get off the plane and take their belongings with them. Meanwhile since we already missed our connecting flight from Portland to Bellingham they rescheduled us from Portland to SEATTLE to Bellingham later that night but while stopped in Boise we managed to get on a flight directly to Seattle and our son picked us up there instead of Bellingham. We were told our checked bags would go to their tagged destination so we drove to Bellingham to collect them. Not so. Luggage is missing.

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