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Spirit AirlinesOverall score based on 62013 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Pretty much nothin"
Cons: "Pretty much everything"
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Pros: "Pretty much nothin"
Cons: "Pretty much everything"
Cons: "It will be better to include the bags in the fly ticket for some reason. Before we checked in, a lady told us to just print the boarding pass and go inside in order for us not to miss the fly when we asked if we can have as discount because we did not know about the carry-on bags. Outside was $55 for a bags and $65 at the gate. Which is $10 more for each additional bags. This is stealing money from people and they are sending passengers away from Spirit airlines. I don't recommend to anyone. Even water, you have to pay for it."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Forget the fact that Spirit offers low cost flights and hides the fact that selecting a seat and traveling with a bag will increase that cost to a higher price than what you’d pay on a normal airline. Set aside the fact that you will be crammed into a cushion-less metal seat that neither reclines nor has a working tray table (it is a shelf that cannot hold a drink.) What’s driven me most to review this airline is the sense of unease and sheer fear we felt being told that we’d be taking off once the crew could determine if the right engine would work. After a bumpy, white-knuckler on our way down to FLL, my son and I walked off our return flight, unwilling to spend another few hours wondering if we’d make it to our destination."
Pros: "Upon checkin at the spirit counter - I was told the flight was delayed by approx. 45 min. called my son and we went for lunch this was all at 12:30 the check in - then we had gotten back early and guess what - the plane was boarding - had I not come back from lunch by 2 pm - I would have missed my flight! Also, I had a carry on bag of 18" and was told I had to check it. AND charged an additional 50. each way. AND I will not even get into the landing at LaGuardia - what a disaster that place is. I hope Elite comes back to Islip... Now, I'm supposed to fly out again on Dec. 15 - and haven't received my confirmation from Spirit as of yet!"
Cons: "They don;t even provide you with water, cheep cheep cheep cheep. And they hassle you about your carry ons - cheep cheep cheep... and the seats don;t go back - cheep cheep cheep...."
Pros: "I did not like anything. It was my worst experience ever and i lost the flight due to their lack of responsibility."
Cons: "They gave me the wrong ticket. They did not call the my name as TSA created a huge line and a lot of costumers lost their flights. When i finally entered the terminal and i went to the gate, the plane had left ahead of time, therefore i missed my flight and i had to pay a different flight with a different airline because i had to be in Manhattan, NY during the morning hours. The people at the gate did not give me a alternative even after i told them my urgency. They said you can wait here until 4 pm or take the morning flight tomorrow. This was very wrong and i want my money back."
Pros: "The quoted price for my fare was $195 RT. But, in addition, at the ticket counter, I was informed that my garment bag (one suit, two shirts, etc), would cost me $114 RT!!!!! WHAT ?? One carry on piece increased the fair by over fifty percent!!! As they say," that's a bunch of bull "!! As far as I am concerned, Spirit stole that $114 !"
Pros: "didnt like anything"
Cons: "The flight was delayed because of the weather in New York, I saw from my phone the flight was delayed so I went to airport later, when I got there the people on the counter checked me but they told me I had to get my seat inside. So I went thru tsa and got to the gate but then the stuffs on the counter told me the plane tickets were over booked and they were supposed to check me in, they had me waited there until the last one to check in to the plane, after I got seated I took around there were more than 10 empty seats in the plane which meant they lied and the stuffs were really rude ! !"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was canceled two days in a row and I was stranded in Detroit. No hotel accommodation or rebooking was provided. Worst airline by far"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "As we were landing the pilots seemed to have lost control of the plane. People were screaming. I've flown all over the world on a lot of different airlines, and this was by far the worst. The aircraft was so small and packed it felt claustrophobic! Not worth the small difference in price."
Cons: "My flight was canceled with little notice, and the only option I was given by the airline was to try and find a seat on another flight back using their website. Well, nothing was available for several days, and I couldn't afford to miss that much work. Plus, Spirit's help line was totally unavailable. I ended up booking a last minute flight with Delta. Spirit later sent me a voucher for $50, but my ticket cost more than that, plus I had purchased extra baggage. That's still a loss of roughly $70. The voucher is also only good until July, and I have no flights planned any time in the near future where I could think about using it in time. You get what you pay for, and from now on I'll just be paying more for flights with airlines I can trust."
Cons: "Not only did they cancel my flight an hour before said flight, i had to wait in 3.5 hour line to reschedule. Why didn't i call to reschedule? Because there was a 2 hour wait on the phone. Once i did get through (while still standing in line) they wanted to reschedule my flight for TWO days later! So i decide to wait in line. I get to the agent and they can only reschedule me for the next day at 11am. So i missed work. As compensation they gave me a $7 voucher for lunch and breakfast to use at the airport terminal (where a bagel and coffee cost me $8.25) And apparently they had cancelled my flight due to 'crew issues' which i later found out that the flight attendants and the pilots have an on going strike. They dont offer any type of snack on the airplane, im barely 5'2 and the seat infront of me was a mere two inches away from my knees. they charge you for a carry on, and they have now made the one piece of luggage that is allowed without paying smaller, so essentially a purse. You'd be better off just paying 20/30 dollars more and fly one of the other airlines."
Pros: "Customer service manager was nice, accommodating, and provided thorough updates for the duration of our problems with the plane."
Cons: "I get you guys are bare fare, but I doubt offering ONE complimentary beverage or snack would hike up any price. Especially for long flights like mine. But you definitely have no problem with marking up your food items to get those extra dollars from your customers. Landing 3 hours after our scheduled arrival was excruciating. Would have rated you guys higher if there were any type of courtesy actions taken - such as given a complimentary item or some other small act of courtesy. Instead, crew just said we really apologize but it's not our fault. And flew to laguardia where we waited for an additional 30 minutes. Never heard anything good about Spirit from my friends, took a chance, and had a terrible experience."
Cons: "Should have a warning about how they charge for carry-on bags as that isn't a common practice at other airlines. I didn't realize this until I was at the gate and they made an announcement about it, and had to pay $65 for a carry on. They were also extremely rude. I get that the gate attendants probably get people complaining about that charge all the time and probably get tired of dealing with the complaints, but clearly that means the airline isn't being as clear as they should be. And no need to add insult to injury by being rude to me on top of charging me an unexpected (and extremely high) fee."
Cons: "I know for a fact that I will never take a spirit flight again in my life and neither should you. I was supposed to leave Fort Lauderdale on Saturday at 11:30am. The flight kept being delayed until 6:30pm when passengers were finally told that it was cancelled. The runaround that Spirit gave us was absolutely ridiculous - literally. Due to the plane still being in Fort Myers and not being at the original gate they made us change to 3 different gates -E2, E7, G10- various locations within the airport. I am talking about one side of the airport to another. Finally, at the last gate 10, the plane arrives at 1pm but there was mechanical difficulties that had to be repaired. We boarded the plane at 3pm once the plane was fixed. We sat on the plane for 45 minutes before a Rep came on the plane to ask for 4 volunteers to give up their seats. Four people leave and another group of four people board. Captain tells us that they are searching for luggage and once that's finished we will leave. An hour later, still seated in the plane the Captain apologizes and says that he will let us leave the plane to stretch our legs because Laguardia has not cleared the plane for take off. At this point it is close to 5pm. We wait another hour and half of Reps saying they don't have info because apparently now there is a weather concern in NY that is causing the delay. I immediately call my husband to ask about the weather and he tells me it was sunny, 60 degrees, and it rained for 20 minutes. I get a feeling that Spirit is about to cancel this flight and even ask the Reps- they all say no the flights not being cancelled. After another hour and half wait they make the grand announcement that the flight is cancelled. If you thought that was the worst part of my day, think again. After chaos breaks out from the passengers we are told to find customer service at gate H5. Another trek trough the airport we reach customer service who is a lone Rep with a line wrapped around the corner. After waiting another hour to speak to her, she tells me the earliest flight Spirit could put me on is Tuesday night (remember it's Saturday night). I ask if there is a way to get on to other airlines and she tells me that it isn't spirits policy to find me any flight home. They could only reimburse me and I would have to book my own flight home. I leave the line and start searching for flights and it becomes clear that flights are booked going to NY. I eventually book a flight for the next day on United that leaves out of Miami airport, connects in Chicago and lands in Newark. I took this flight that was 3 times the cost of the Spirit flight, with connections, an hour and half drive from my house just so I could end the Spirit nightmare. Moral of the Story: For your sanity, to be treated professionally with consideration to your time, take any airline other than Spirit."
Cons: "Seats are not comfortable. No room at all. No service. Not even a glass of water. Most disturbing was the pilot. He made jokes about New York City that were inappropriate. For example he said "we've landed in New York." Stick em up! " this is not funny at all. In the current climate, I don't think we need any jokes about violence in New York City. New York is a wonderful city and I hope that people appreciate it. I did not find the pilots jokes funny. He also announced that he knows how to handle New Yorkers. What on earth is he talking about? We are melting pot we are city of all different kinds of people. I did not enjoy your stereotyping."
Pros: "Airline Canceled the first leg and so never got to this flight"
Cons: "Airline cancelled the flight with zero understandable cause. And now out thousands to get home a day later than planned"
Cons: "Bought a round trip to Florida from LGA and back, had to miss my first flight due to an emergency and ended up heading into Florida two days earlier than planned. The day to come back, I was dealt with in such a rude manner at the Spirit airline desk because they said since I didn't show up for my first flight they canceled my second??? Had to pay YET AGAIN for another ticket back home. I was so furious because the way I was treated, they just canceled my ticket back home even though on my phones email I had the confirmation number for my original ticket and so the amount of time that it took to get another ticket... showed up two hours early and I made it on the plane as the last passenger. Calling Spirit this week to talk about this experience and to get a partial refund one one of the tickets since I paid for 3 full tickets and actually only used two. As someone who is still in school coughing up money for another ticket is completely unfair NOR was this stated on my email ."
Cons: "Having heard about how bad spirit airline is at rhe past i decided to give it a chance thinking how bad can they be... Well its even much worse then i even thought. I have booked a flight from L.A. to NYC with connection in Chicago. It srarted with a delay of 3 hours because they didnt even had a plane. They made me pay $50 for each bag. Ones we end up getting to Chicago the connection flight was delayed in 2.5 hours. Only after waiting anorher 2.5 hours they told us that our flight was cancelled. Beaides everything rhe service was awful. We went and talk to a manager who was also very rude and unprofessional. We asked for a refund and we will book anorher flight with another company.because ill never fly spirit ever again!!! The manager offer us $120 refund for both of us while our flights cost $480 plus $100 for bagages which they didnt want to give us a refund for that.we had to leave and talked to our bank for froud by spirit airlines. Save yourself and never book with spirit again !!!!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Aside from awful seats, boarding procedures got for cattle, and Spirit's attempts to make you buy extras while booking(multiple, fervent, attenpts), they have no water on board except for purchase. I asked repeatedly for a cup of the rate substance to wash down a pill-my bag with credit cards was stashed somewhere else, the seatbelt sign was on, and I had a well deserved splitting headache. The answer was "absolutely not". Eventually-I bought a bottle for 3$.thos airline shouldn't be allowed to continue-. Also-the crew was pushing MasterCard applications-promising a certificate of 2500airmiles for completing it. The miles, are, in fact, unusable. Even if I used the card, the fees for booking with miles far exceed the price of the actual ticket."
Pros: "Super expensive extra hidden fees Not worth ir"
Cons: "Spirit has a special way of making you wish you didn't need luggage when you travel. Both going and returning there was at least a 45 minute wait for the luggage at baggage claim. That just adds the insult to the injury of paying over $40 per bag (carry on size) each way. Don't you dare bring that bag to the gate or there will be a $100 dollar charge to carry it on the plane. After paying over $480 per ticket to fly from LGA to Fort Lauderdale. So my family get away to Florida cost nearly $2000 for air fair followed by $240 for my families 3 small bags. No frills = highway robbery. Be sure to bring your own water because that isn't available (for free) either."
Pros: "Would prefer if kayak would be more transparent about the actual cost of baggage fees."
Pros: "Board flight. Fly to destination. I love the no frills, low luggage, easy on and easy off of this airline. My biggest feeling of stress on flights is the drink service. The cart is always blocking the bathroom, you are thinking of what free beverage you want the entire first hour, you spill some of it, then you have trash for the second hour of the flight. It's literally the worst part of flying other than the endless fear of death and facing your mortality with every hint of turbulence. This airline and others like it are amazing. No stress of awkwardly bothering your aisle mates with getting in and out when they just got a comp. cola. and you feel like you have to wait until they're done before you can go to the bathroom. Half the anxiety of flying is alleviated for me personally. Love this airline."
Cons: "Luggage limit 40 lbs instead of 50 lbs like every other airline, so they can charge you $30 dollars more for your luggage when you get to the gate. The flight was oversold, they had people on standby. $5 for half a cup of soda or juice, they don't even give you your whole can. Plane was freezing, people were wearing their polar fleece. On top of that, they announce an advertisement for their credit card aboard, with a whole plane of captive listeners forced to hear. Awful customer service, no phone number to call, will never fly spirit again If I can ever help it!!!"
Cons: "The flight is advertised as low priced, but at the cost of checking a small carry on for $50 each way. For $100 more for ticket we could've flown JetBlue with amenities like water and coffee and attentive professional flight attendants. The plane was extremely loud, and sounded as if the panels could be ripped right off during landing and takeoff. We shouldve just packed a backpack. I don't think I would ever fly this airline again because the overall feeling was that the equipment was rickety and unsafe. I guess Ive just become accustomed to professionalism and service on other airlines."
Cons: "We ended up having to cancel our flight due to Hurricane Matthew. The airline refused to give us a reimbursement for the ticket even though we bought insurance thru your company. I spent hours on the phone with both spirit and your company and still nothing was resolved. Now have an insurance claim hoping to get my money back as we would never use spirit for any other flight besides the one that we were planning to take as it's the only direct flight to Myrtle Beach. You also have to pay for seat assignment and baggage, and that's including a carry on. It's ridiculous."
Cons: "I did not go due to the hurricane. I was supposed to visit with family. They had no power and it would have been very difficult given the conditions. The airline gave me a credit. Many refunded people. It didn't seem safe to me and I was very anxious. All I could get was a credit. Very disappointing given the circumstances."
Cons: "Ticket price was cheap but they charge for every little thing including where you wanted sit in the plane, I'm not talking about first class . Crew was excellent, I felt like if I needed to use the bathroom they were going to charge me for toilet paper and the water to wash my hands... Don't know if I'll use Sprit airline again."
Pros: "It's cheap-ish."
Cons: "I won't bother telling you all the things you know about Spirit but that you think might be tolerable in exchange for cheap airfare: seats that don't recline, a charge for a carry-on bag, a charge to print a boarding pass, a charge for soda and snacks. All of that I'm used to, as is anyone who flies Spirit. You want basic amenities, fly Delta. You want cheap, fly Spirit. But something new and remarkably unwelcome happened on this flight: we arrived at the airport an hour before our 6am flight and were told when we tried to check in that we were too late and the flight was closed. I explained that we already had booked a flight--I wasn't asking to buy a new ticket. She said she understood, but we'd never clear security in time (there was no line) and that our bags probably wouldn't arrive at our destination because we were "so late." We had no bags. I said we needed to get home. They said, "You're supposed to be here 2 hours early." That rule is a bit like the speed limit--no one actually follows it to the T. There's a range of appropriate (say, less than 2 but more than 1 hour) and inappropriate (say, 15 minutes before your flight). When you're flying at 6am and you know there won't be a line, you don't really arrive that early. Anyway, they called a supervisor who said to let us board. And then there was a mechanical problem with this plane that was so intent on leaving ASAP that we weren't going to be allowed to board a full hour in advance. And the flight was an hour delayed, meaning I guess we really did arrive 2 hours in advance. Dump Spirit. It is never, ever worth it."
Cons: "Was supposed to arrive in New York Monday evening. My flight was cancelled once I got to Detroit because of weather over New York. The staff was blatantly rude and unhelpful. They also told me I wouldn't be able to get another flight to New York until the following Thursday. They didnt offered any vouchers for food or hotel. I eventually I had to rent a van with four strangers and drive 11 hours at 11:45 pm to avoid paying what would have easily been a thousand dollars in hotel fares and food for 3 days. They also told me they would refund part of my flight cost when I was in like for two hours, then denied saying that on the phone later that day."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I arrived at O'Hare and my flight was cancelled. I had to book another flight for the next day ($480+) and a hotel room for the night ($200+) ALL AT MY EXPENSE. The Spirit representatives said that someone from Spirit would contact me in a few days to reimburse me for the flight from O'Hare to NYC, but as of a week, no one has. I have very little faith that anyone ever will or that I will be reimbursed for the flight that was cancelled. I intend to report Spirit to the NYS Attorney General's Office. Everything was bad, since I had to spend close to $700 of my own money to get back home. VERY VERY BAD."
Pros: "I tried to check in online and by phone They require for me to register but it was difficult to figure out how and time consuming So my son called but they said cant do it by phone,.At no time either on the website or on phone were we made aware of bag fees and that if you wait to check them in the fees are exorbitant. was not aware of their bag fees policies. I expected to pay at most 25 dollars for an extra bag, I came with 2 bags and no carry on, They wanted to charge 108 dollars for 2 bags Absurd especially as they failed to inform me either at time of ticketing or at time of attempted check in. I never flew this airline before and my son who booked the flight for me did not either, I had to throw one bag away No frills No smiles from employees The agent who was checking me in seemed to be the only one who cared The supervisor was unhelpful and cold and very adamant that I don't at the full fee even though there was never a prior attempt by the airline to inform me of their extortionist bag fee policy!"
Pros: "The cost of airfare was good but also competitive with other airlines like American and United. I chose Spirit Air because the flight worked with my schedule."
Cons: "I missed my flight along with others because of a delay going through the TSA security check. Arrived at the gate 14 minutes prior to departure. An international traveler with a small child was waiting to board as well. The CSA had just walked down the jetway and was suppose to return. Four minutes later the flight pushed out of the gate, departing 10 minutes early. The staff knew of the TSA delay. If I had made my flight it would have cost me an additional $100 dollars to check my carry on suite case that I have been flying with for the past two years on other airlines without any fee. Spirit Air requires you to have a smaller carry on suitcase than the rest of the industry. So my $96 dollar fare would now be $196. American Air was also offering a deal at the time for $91, but the time did not work with my schedule. Spirit Air is not a deal. If you check your carry on suitcase on line it will cost you $45. If you check your bag at the gate it will cost you $65. If you check your bag while boarding it will cost you $100. Traveller beware!"
Pros: "Nothing except the price of the airfare."
Cons: "The entire trip from beginning to end was the worst experience ever. If you absolutely have to take this airline, be sure to look up baggage information before traveling. I spent over $130 before even getting through security just on luggage. Our flight was delayed due to no air conditioning on the plane but they later said it was due to traffic control so that they wouldn't have to compensate us. All in all I was not able to catch a flight until eight hours later. Trying to get compensation and sort out our flight arrangements after being delayed was the worst experience as well. The airport supervisor/Spirit airline supervisor was not even able to help us, they ended up calling airport security and police due to the rowdiness of people not getting any help. Not only was it difficult getting help at the airport but going to the last resort of calling the airline was no better. Every representative barely spoke English and would not put a supervisor on the phone. I called three times in a matter of the eight hours and still was not able to speak to a supervisor nor a US representative. I will never fly with them again and I suggest the same for everyone else. I really hope our reviews from that day is widely broadcasted, and taken into consideration. SpirtAirlines, FortLauderdale departure."
Pros: "Crew was friendly and polite"
Cons: "Chairs weren't confortable and They didn't give us any snacks or drinks for free"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "I got into he line 70 minutes before my flight, which was considered a "late check in" and the line was so long I missed my flight! The next flight to my destination was 12 hours later, so I said I would have to purchase another ticket with a different carrier. The cashier informed me I would get refunded for the missed flight. Flash forward to my return flight, they canceled it! The cashier never noted that we even spoke, and it is procedure to cancel the rest of the booking if a customer doesn't get onto a flight. It was a complete nightmare. I had to purchase another ticket home and the kicker: no refund for either flight that I didnt even go on. You get what you pay for. Spend more and go with a larger carrier. I've always had good experiences with Southwest."
Cons: "We planned a vacation to New York City from Sunday to Wednesday. Both the New York and return flights were cancelled. Efforts to reschedule were handled obviously by call operators in India, who apparantly read from scripts. We were refunded our money, but wound up spending more due to train and rental car expenses, not to mention the stress involved in having to make last-minute travel arrangements. I understand things happen and the ultimate goal is safety, but I would never recommend Spirit due to their poor communication and inability to offer reasonable solutions in the face of cancellations."
Pros: "The only good thing I can say is that we were on time."
Cons: "Unfortunately my flight with Spirit was one of the most inconvenient unpleasant and most disappointing flight experiences I have ever had. Before I bought the ticket I made sure that my carry on bag fits the requirements for the free personal item carry on. I get to the airport and apparently my bag was one inch too big because the handle was sticking out of the grey line an inch and I had to go back to the baggage drop off and pay for an extra carry on bag. Since a carry on bag is more expensive than an actually checked suitcase, I obviously checked my bag. Where do you pay more for carry on's than checked in luggages? Either way needles to say I could have packed an actually suitcase in the first place since I ended up checking my bag. Finally on the plane the crew was very unfriendly and unprofessional. They chit chatted and were busy fixing their hair, while passangers boarded. Didn't look right or left to say hi and greet people. As I made my way all the way to the back where I was sitting I have noticed that the aircraft was covered in bread crumbles and cookies on the floor and seats from the flight before. I cleaned my seat and sat down. Security instructions... nobody cared that the window shields had to be open for take off and landing nore that passengers were having tabletts and purses on their laps. The backrests weren't in an upright position at all. Next thing the pilot did not really speak that great of an english so that the flight attendant had to repeat what he said in order for us to understand it. She announced that all drinks need to be paid for including water coffee and tea. Wow... what an amazing flight. Never again, and I can definitely not recommand this airline to anyone else. Tickets are not cheaper than others the airport is very inconvenient and you have to pay seperatly for everything else which makes it more and more expensive and in the end you don't save at all but actually pay way more than jetblue for example for a poor service and dirty planes. I am evry disapointed well, rather furious I paid so much money and had to check in a personal item that is supposed to be free online."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing. Would never fly with Spirit ever again."
Cons: "Make sure you realize that unlike literally every other airline, Spirit charges you $30 to bring a carry on if you pay in advance online, $55 if you end up paying at check in at the airport, and $100 if you do so at the gate. Carry on, not checked luggage. Every other airline will not charge you for it. If you want to pick your seat, or keep your family together on a flight, you have to pay extra, whereas every other airline, it's pretty much free. Because of this I was placed next to a 12 year old girl by herself in the very back row, thankfully the crew had enough sense to make sure to not let a grown stranger be in this position and moved me to a different seat, but had they allowed free seat choices, she could have sat next to her family and there would never be an issue. If you want a beverage on the flight and didn't pick up your own ahead of time, it will run you $3 while every other airline will give it to you as a complimentary service - meaning no charge. Their website touts that you're saving money on the flight cost by them charging these excessive fees, but I literally only saved $10 from the next highest flight price, ultimately running me $45 extra. Terrible business model."
Pros: "Timely departure and early arrival"
Cons: "Fees on fees on fees - the flight was not inexpensive enough to justify paying for a carry on. Arguably my fault for not researching the airline to know about the fees, but at no point during my flight purchase process was I notified about the way Spirit airlines functions (i.e. you should only fly if you plan to bring nothing). But fine, after I realized the joke was on me, the process of updating my baggage status was a nightmare. And THEN...I called to add my TSA pre-check status, which the customer service rep took "and added" over the phone only to find our at the airport that "Spirit airlines doesn't do TSA pre-check." Overall just a frustrating and stressful experience."
Cons: "Extra charges for bags was ridiculous and no complimentry snacks at least."
Pros: "I am happy that the gate attendant called out my name before closing the door!"
Cons: "Because my flight was booked through Kayak, I DID NOT know about the many fees until the night before. I should have been able to get all the information days/weeks earlier. I paid $50 extra for a $75 flight - which was extra bad for me because I chose to take a 6 hour greyhound from St Louis to Chicago, instead of flying directly from STL to NYC. So, for just a bit more, my 12 hour travel day would have been reduced to 3 hours. The airplane was dirty and I swear to God, there was duct tape on the engine casing."
Cons: "Never flew, they overbooked then downsized the plane, so was bumped onto jetblue. A lot of work to get home!"
Cons: "I booked a roundtrip flight between NY and Detroit, intending to leave last Saturday morning and return on Sunday evening. I received a confirmation email from Kayak saying that my return flight was on the same day. I checked online at Spirit to see that my return flight was indeed at the correct time I intended (Sunday evening). However, I kept getting flight confirmation emails from Kayak saying my return flight was on Saturday. I tried calling Spirit and Kayak to get this fixed - as it made me worried I didn't have the right flight booked - and could not get any help. I was able to talk with someone about the return flight mixup, but they just promised me a new confirmation email with correct flight times - I never received this email or any relief that my flights were booked properly until I actually got to the airport. That was immensely frustrating and I spent way too much time on hold trying to sort this out."
Pros: "Boarding was fast"
Cons: "The seats were horrible!!"
Cons: "The airlines lied outright to passengers regarding the reason for the 4 hour delay. Reported a ground delay to Laguardia because of ice and snow. It was 43 degrees in NYC!!!! When I pointed that I ought the agent just shrugged. When pressed repeatedly after several hours by various passengers they admitted it was a Spirit Air systems failure. The gate agents were less than helpful and were down right rude when multiple sought information regarding the delay. ( We boarded, pushed off the gate, sat on the tarmac, then were brought back and allowed to leave the plane and wait at the gate) I will never fly with then again."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "At 8;30 AM on Monday January 18, we received an e-mail informing us that our flight to NYC will be on time. When we got to the Ft Lauderdale airport at 9:30 we were told that the flight was cancelled. After waiting over 3 hours on a line we were told that they could not assist us with getting any other flight to NYC before Wednesday or with any other carrier. Wednesday was the day I was scheduled to return to Florida. I missed a very important meeting in NY. An extremely disappointing experience Gabriel"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "1. Having to pay exorbinantly for 2nd on board item 2. Having to pay for water!! That's borderline inhuman 3. Seats very very uncomfortable, not adjustible 4. No entertainmbe, TV, radio, musi, NOTHING 5. Excessively long time to de-plane 6. Inadequate toilet faxcilities 7. Seat space very insufficient. We are not chickens or turkeys being penned in a cage. Do you think we are?"
Cons: "I would not recommend spirit airlines. You have to pay for everything including a cup of water. Even your seats you had to pay for I thought that would be included with the purchase price. The seats on the aircraft didn't recline so I don't know why anyone would pay for a seat. The flight attendants seemed miserable I would be to if I worked for spirit. The boarding process was utter chaos. For some reason you have to pay for a carry on bag I'm not exactly sure why any other airline I have been on allows one carry on for free. I will never buy a flight with spirit airlines ever again."

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12h 16mLBE-LGA
1 stopSpirit Airlines
7h 41mLGA-LBE

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1 stopSpirit Airlines
12h 00mLBE-LGA

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Latrobe - New York Flights


Latrobe (LBE)United States


New York (LGA)United States

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