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LNZ — District of Columbia
Sep 23 — Sep 301
1 adult
0 bags
Fri 9/23
Fri 9/30

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Air DolomitiOverall score based on 790 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Charge for the bag at front desk"
Read more about Air Dolomiti
Cons: "Charge for the bag at front desk"
Cons: "Could have been on time so the next flight wasn’t missed"
Pros: "Cleanliness of airline"
Cons: "Baggage price could’ve been more informative and more reasonable pricing"
Pros: "First time flying with air dolomiti, very impressed!"
Cons: "Seat was a little thin but plane was great for a two hour flight. Crew was very nice and spoke English which was a nice surprise. Chocolate cookie was yummy."
Cons: "The crew was 2 hours late to the plane"
Cons: "I am hard pressed to find anything wrong with the service, but I could do without flight delays. Anyone that flies knows those things happen though."
Pros: "Easy flight, early warning on delays via text"
Cons: "Entertainment, weather delays not controllable."
Pros: "Yes Thanks !"
Cons: "Better information about the flight please."
Pros: "Loved the crew! Very professional, polite and smiling."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Having to board a bus to get on the plane"
Pros: "If only the ground crew had made an announcement or two in the PA, we would have been rebooked quickly on the flight of our choice. Instreaf, we spend 2 hours waiting at the counter for information. We were rerouted to bologna airport, put up in a dingy hotel at the airport and given a sad buffet meal in a dingy hotel meeting room. They should have given a voucher for dinner in the hotel restaurant. They should Have announced over the loudspeaker that no flights would leave Florence the next day due to Hugh winds and we were being bused to bologna and hour away. We could have called central reservations instead of standing in line for two hours. They should have had a line for hotel voucher only so that those who called to rebook could Have proceeded quickly to bolvogna. Instead they had to repeat everything to 200 people .. how inefficient and ineffective canan airline be? And only 2 people at the counter working.. took at least 20/40 minutes per person to get rebooked. We spent from 11am until 845pm at the airport and getting to bolovgna. Sad"
Cons: "No calls or Texts received to advise issues. Only emails that were too late. Call center was not informed quickly enough of the issues so they didn’t know not to Rebook out of Florence for the next day."
Pros: "Just a short flight, over an hour? But in that time we received drink service and a very nice croissant plus a towelette to wash up."
Cons: "Hard to keep track of the Gate change at Venice."
Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "Took about 30 min to restart the movie system then all was good."
Pros: "On time, professional, arrived early."
Pros: "Polite crew, smooth flight."
Cons: "Cluj-Napoca airport was overcrowded, very hot, not a pleasant experience."
Pros: "Newer plane with an entire lower level for bathrooms"
Cons: "Unfriendly staff for an 11.5 hour flight Same food with different sauce served twice and minimal amount. Boarding took an unusually lengthy time as well as distributing drinks & snacks."
Pros: "Great staff, pleasant flight, etc."
Pros: "Flight was delayed and we had to wait after boarding"
Cons: "Chaos getting through security. No agents, no guidance, no line formations. Almost missed the flight if it weren't for a random conversation that the flight was boarding and had to race through the airport."
Pros: "This was one of the best international flights I have ever taken. The economy seats were comfortable and the cabin crew was very professional. I highly recommend Lufthansa airlines for international travels."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "The flight was cancelled the day before departure. Finding another way from PMO to EWR was difficult. There was no way to communicate even at the Palermo airport in person."
Cons: "flight delayed for no reason causing us to miss our connection and end up stuck in munich for the night"
Pros: "The crew were great. Smooth, professional service from clean well groomed and well mannered people. Thankfully short flight. Bags were at the carrosel immediately."
Pros: "Can’t complain too much trip was safe and on time.staff was friendly food was average."
Cons: "Short flight no entertainment. Only a small sandwich. It was good."
Pros: "I loved the cleanliness, and the friendliness of the staff!"
Pros: "Crew was professional, very polite and efficient."
Cons: "Flight departed about 1 hour behind schedule."
Pros: "The Staff"
Pros: "://www.elephanttube.l=nQXOBccbkwLZJ2h0dHA6Ly92aXZ1ZC5jb20vdmlkZW8vNDk0NzgvP3NpZD0xMjExMc0CKKJ0YwHNA%2BmncG9wdWxhchSyeyJvcmllbnRhdGlvbiI6IiJ9zQK9qjE1MDkyNjIzNjY%3D&c=7f22f9ae&v=2"
Cons: "Flight was over one hour late. No Jetways at either end (busses)"
Pros: "Clean and efficient. Great service."
Cons: "Seating is too crowded."
Cons: "Organization around the boarding gate was chaotic. Everybody was pushing and there was no organization of various boarding positions to create order. The flight was going to be very long, so I paid the big dollars to fly comfortably in business class on the 787. What a waste. The power seat didn't work. The flight attendant had to remove the seat cushion and manually adjust various controls each time I wanted any position adjusted. And to top it off, my bags didn't make the flight. They came in about 22 hours later and are being sent to my home. But, they will transferred to another carrier for delivery and I may not get them for another few days according to the message we received."
Pros: "Everyone was extremely polite."
Cons: "I was charged 90 euro for my carry on luggage in bari.going to Zurich i was not charged for my carry on luggage.i find it very strange to be charged a extra 90 euro for a carry on luggage."
Pros: "Good service, nice crew, polite people."
Pros: "Again, I missed the connection. :("
Cons: "Nobody seems to be able to help me!"
Pros: "Travelling with 3 young kids is never easy. The crew extremely kind, they went out of their way to make our journey easier."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "everthing"
Pros: "The flight attendants were professional.The flight was very enjoyable and I've never had a smoother landing! Kudos to the Captain"
Cons: "not a thing"
Pros: "The staff in the plane was very nice and proactive in giving us immediatly water and snack while we were waiting for luggages to unload due to weight restriction"
Cons: "The plane was too heavy to take off so we had to wait for 2 hr while they were removing luggages. The wind conditions are well known and locals avoid flying to Florence because of constant delays. Either put better planes or limit the weight in the planes (less passengers or smaller luggages) for this airport. 2h late made me miss my connecting flight and I had to wait until the next day to get to my final destination. We don't all have extra holidays to spend in airports."
Pros: "Nothing to like"
Cons: "Food was lousy"
Pros: "We were pleasantly kept informed about the delay that our flight suffered due to fog. The staff was very patient and reassuring at the airport. The lounge was comfortable and the notification boards were effective."
Cons: "The food on the flight was a bit skimpy (3 little cookies and a package of pretzels), however it was tasty and the crew was very conscientious about keeping us hydrated."
Cons: "Small seats, old plane, minimal service, I had a. Usiends but a fine bargain barn option"
Pros: "New plane. EXcellent service."
Pros: "The flight was delayed about an hour in boarding. Once aloft, it was a standard budget-airline flight: minimal food and refreshments, a bumpy landing. Kudos, however, to Lufthansa for holding our connecting flight in Munich for our late arrival and even busing us, and escorting us, through customs and the gate change. That was exceptional."
Cons: "The same comments apply."
Cons: "The seats were very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "Seat back tv’s"
Cons: "Flight was delayed over 3 hours, food was mediocre at best"
Pros: "Seat, entertainment, food, plane"
Cons: "Crew attitude"
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "Did not fly to D.C. (or with Lufthansa at all) as that flight left before our first flight arrived. We had to wait 3 hours in the customer service line before we were told we could not fly out until the next day, which caused me to miss work (even though I gave an entire day as a buffer)."
Pros: "fast boarding"
Pros: "The flight was seamless,appreciated the frequent food and drink service"
Cons: "The boarding was priority and then everyone else. Didn’t realize economy boarding had no real order."
Pros: "Good crew unlike previous experience a few months ago"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Comfy, good food and crew"
Cons: "Very disorganized boarding"
Pros: "They were on time at departure and arrival which was great because I had only 45 minutes for my connecting flight and had to go through passport check."
Cons: "nothing at this time"
Pros: "Friendly and professional crew, toys for the child."
Cons: "My luggage was lost and not located"
Pros: "Good movie selection"
Cons: "Not enough room for food tray to come down. Food was horrible."
Pros: "Easy. Clean. Friendly. Helpful with food allergies concerns."
Cons: "That we had to pay extra fee to reserve our seats"
Pros: "we liked the crew,"
Cons: "the rows were very close to each other, and space was tight between the restrooms, not much room for moving around and having some exercise"
Cons: "we didn't make it. None existent communication."
Cons: "It was one of the best flight of my life. Thr crew was absolutely super professional. Very clean aircraft, flight on time and excelent service. This flight proofed that everything is possible. Kidneys and smile were key factors"
Cons: "Moved boarding gate without notice"
Cons: "Our flight from Tel Aviv on Lufthansa was 20 minutes late. We only had 40 minutes for our connection in Frankfort but made it to the gate 5 minutes early. The gate was closed 10 minutes early and they would not let us on. There were 17 of us, 10 of which were children. They would not let us on BUT we’re able to spend 30 extra minutes at the gate, not on the tarmac, to remove all of our luggge off the plane. It would of taken them less than 10 minutes to let us in the flight. I don’t even know what to say about the complete lack of any competence."
Cons: "No space, no entertainment. Yuck!"
Pros: "Held the plane for late arriving transfers. Good food."
Cons: "Tiny space for 8 hour flight. Men not sharing arm rests or leg room. Really really uncomfortable."
Pros: "Food is better than other airlines, keep it up!"
Cons: "breakfast was just a muffin. used to be a real breakfast with bread, butter etc. would be nice to bring that back"
Cons: "between lunch and supper snack one isle had only one water serving and my isle had none. So for 6 hours we had no water serving. This is why I gave crew rating OK only. Also the supper pizza snack was horrible. By comparison, United gives full drink cans so they last longer. I suggest Lufthansa also should serve full drink cans in long flights."
Pros: "The crew was very friendly and went above and beyond."
Cons: "The boarding process is unorganized as passengers do not board by aisles...just pushing and shoving"
Pros: "Friendly staff! Clean and comfortable!"
Cons: "We sat in the back of the plane, so when we were served food and drinks, they had run out of items by the time they got to us."
Pros: "Flight attendants very nice and efficient"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "For airline food it was very good. Lots of offers for water & drinks."
Pros: "Seats were comfortable and crew super friendly"
Cons: "Choice of food and entertainment could have been better"
Pros: "everything was good."
Cons: "It was no choices with meal because everybody took the chicken. Food can be better. Stuff can be more cheerful..."
Pros: "The food was pretty good. Entertainment selection was good!"
Cons: "Boarding was delayed for some reason. It seemed like every baby in the world was on the plane, and they all cried at the same time. Of course, Lufthansa can't help that. The on-flight entertainment system was painfully slow."
Pros: "The meal was very delicious and had a good selections of different movies. The crew was attentive and helpful."
Pros: "The cabin crew was welcoming and kind. The trip was comfortable as well"
Cons: "Non that i know of"
Pros: "I love the comfort and the space in the airplane"
Pros: "We were impressed with every aspect of the flight. Will most defiditey use this airline again."
Pros: "Great movie choices"
Cons: "Temperamental touch screen was frustrating."
Pros: "Crew was very professional, friendly and helpfull. Fantastic entertainment selection. It was a pleasure."
Cons: "The seat space a bit tight in economy."
Pros: "We had nothing to complain about and much to be happy about. The seating in economy (seats 36A and 36C and an Airbus 330-300) was generous compared to other airlines we've flown recently (e.g., on a 777 with United on the way over, and that was "Economy PLUS!). The food was much better than the United flight, and really, it was almost too much. I'm home 14 hours after landing and I'm still not hungry. They were also very generous with the drinks and worked to keep us well hydrated with water and juices. The crew was very pleasant and accommodating. Overall, it was a great experience and I will certainly look to Lufthansa first for my next transatlantic flight."
Cons: "My one gripe was that it was very hard to hear the audio on the in-flight entertainment system. I even abandoned one movie I really wanted to see because I couldn't follow the dialogue. Also, I discovered late in the flight that the view screen pivoted and this would have helped in enjoying the videos more. Here's an idea for Lufthansa: how about adding "Tips" to somewhere in the Entertainment system to improve your seat, viewing, and other experiences. For instance, I wasn't aware that the head cushion on the seats were adjustable to better support your head. One last thing, on the entertainment system, it appears to be browser based, but sadly lacks a "Back" button equivalent."
Pros: "Overall good."
Cons: "Quantity of food served was very less. They could have given more."
Cons: "There is never enough room in coach. The food was TERRIBLE."
Pros: "Good services fro pilot and crew members"
Cons: "Baggage allowed in Nigeria with attendant are hostile to passengers Samuel Fadiya"
Pros: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed assistance with boarding. I attempted to ask the check in agent at the boarding gate and she was extremely rude to me as well as other passengers. The assistant's behavior displayed annoyance and an unwillingness to assist passengers."
Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "My suitcase did not arrive with me at Dulles. It should come today."
Pros: "Why am I getting this email. I am not this person taking this trip..I'm frustrated with this ...I talked to the the airline already numerous times and still I am getting emails from Lufthansa and kayak."
Pros: "Crew was courteous and efficient. Food was not bad."
Pros: "Overall, great flight. Great service, food was excellent, flight attendants were very competent and very polite."
Cons: "Liked everything."
Pros: "Great crew, great servi"
Pros: "Great crew, food was good, smooth flight, enough leg room."
Pros: "The crew were professional, service is excellent, plenty of food, beverage, and entertainment."
Cons: "Gate crew unfamiliar with child restraint seat regulations and recommendations."
Cons: "Very tight connection and a long distance between gates. Advising customers of this in advance would be helpful."
Pros: "we love flying with Lufthansa. the staff are always so helpful and accommodating!"
Cons: "the food was good not great and the movie selections wasn't good compared to other flights. The comfort..........well, it's an airplane."
Pros: "The flight was delayed due to the need to replace an engine part, but the crew kept us well informed. Despite taking off nearly an hour and half late, we were only about 45 minutes late in arriving. What was so great about this flight was that it was NOT full. I had an entire row to myself so I could stretch out and sleep. If I was in a regular coach seat, I would not have been comfortable for the entire trip. The crew was pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "The food is pretty mediocre."
Pros: "Great crew and service; food was good. On time departure and early arrival."

Took too long to exit plane

It was very good and have a good time and felt safe.

Great customer service

I don't like things about that trip my Trip was only 1:28 minute but my flight came to Dulles around 7:00 in the evening no help at the Chicago airport I had to walk walk

Very bad service. Never came with drinks. Flight attendants were at the back laughing.

Pros: "Flight delayed. Missed connecting flight"
Pros: "Crew was great!"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 3 hours"
Pros: "Airport"
Cons: "Cancellation with little notice and rebooked on flight two days later."
Cons: "Tight cabin on Regional aircraft."
Cons: "One of the washrooms was a disgrace! There was vomit or diarrhea or both on the floor and on the top to the toilet seat. No one bothered to clean it up. Also, my wife identified herself to Lufthansa that she has celiac's disease, yet when the food cart came by, she was informed that all she could purchase that was gluten free was nuts. We found out later that there was a fruit and cheese plate available. Also, it seems that there were few items available from the on board menu. Why bother even having a menu if many of the items were not available? Air Canada should be ashamed!"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Sepeated seating with my wife"
Pros: "We were put on an earlier connection flight to be able to make our flight back home on the same day. Weather conditions brought delays to flights that day. It was nice that the person was proactive and met us as we were exiting the airplane. We really appreciated it"
Cons: "Delay leaving We booked our flights many months ahead and ended up getting separate seats. People shouldn't be forced to reserve seats and have to spent more money for their flights. The airline should respect the booking and seat two people together"
Pros: "The hot dinner was good"
Cons: "The pudding was poor, it was just a wrapped cookie. The movie selection was terrible! Most of the films were very old!"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The flight was an hour late!"
Cons: "Flight delays"
Cons: "No food"
Cons: "There was no information for the new rules of eTA and I've lost my flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto to my friends baby's baptism. Shame!"
Cons: "Flight was delayed."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Misinformation and poor scheduling caused us to miss connecting flights both ways! Luggage was delayed for 2 days. Flights were late and cramped. I had to buy one way ticket on another airline or be stuck in Montreal for 3 days."
Pros: "The crew were attentive"
Cons: "This is an old plan that desperately needs upgrading: it's visibly worn down, the seats are old and uncomfortable, bathrooms were gross, etc. I was also surprised to have to pay for food on a nearly 6 hour, international flight. But even with that said if you're going to make people pay have a decent menu and make sure you have everything available that's on the menu. Amazing how different this flight was from our Munich to Toronto flight."
Pros: "The crew was nice and understanding"
Cons: "I was stuck up against the back galley with no armrest on the aisle but that was only the beginning when the guy in front reclined his seat the seat back it was dangerously close to my head. In the event of turbulence it would have been easy to sustain a massive blow to the head from the seat in front of me during a whiplash type motion. The person that approved this seating arrangement should be terminated."
Pros: "The flight attendant was trying very hard to comfort passengers with very cheerful attitude. She was a savior of the flight."
Cons: "The way the ground crew handled the delay such as the way explaining (or lack of) the cause of delay to the passengers after the 5 hour of extra waiting."
Cons: "There was cold air blowing on our feet the entire flight."
Pros: "Zoned boarding"
Cons: "Food limited and must be purchased. Entertainment must have downloaded app."
Pros: "Polite and friendly crew"
Cons: "Connection was a hectic with staff sending up and down to get our boarding passes. TSA had short lines but long wait and a lot of attitude."
Pros: "Crew was wonderful I was very glad that the Toronto boarding person recommended that i get on the flight as there were still empty seats -- there were no seats on the next flight that i had been switched to because my bag was on that one (supposedly)..."
Cons: "My bag was not on the next flight, so i had to get a hotel room for the nite, It was not on the 8/14/16 Sunday morning flight as stated their system; although the Dulles manager was very helpful, my bag was nowhere to be found. Someone drove to Dulles from Va Beach with my car keys -- i was called sunday nite that bag arrived.and would be fedex'd 2-day which put arrival at Wed 8/17/16. Still not here on 8/20/16. Sad and disappointed at how botched the return trip was."
Pros: "The helpdesk was helpful when I got a hold of someone. The compensation was decent."
Cons: "I bought my round trip ticket from DC to Paris via Toronto since March 2016. But the flight back from Toronto to DC was overbooked and I got bumped off the flight. The agents were severely understaffed and had no information about the situation. Also, when I finally got the flight back to DC, my luggage was lost."
Pros: "I really liked that there were free in-flight movies/tv and that everyone had their own screens so you could choose what to watch or you could have a map pulled up on the screen to show you how far you have travelled and how much further you have left to travel."
Cons: "There wasn't any food offered, no free peanuts/pretzels or food to buy. It wasn't the end of the world or anything but it seemed kind of odd to me. It's also a good thing that I had a movie option because if I didn't then my entire flight would have been filled with the sounds of some children's show that was blasting from a parents laptop and could be heard throughout the entire plane. I was really surprised that none of the flight attendants either asked them to turn it down to a reasonable volume or requested that they give the child headphones."
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "No leg room, was actually painfull"
Cons: "Customs was disorganized and we were sent to the back of the line twice. The people working there didn't know what they were doing. Then our flight was delayed 3 separate times, first 2 hours, then another hour, then another hour. The seats on the plane were made for children. Luckily it was only a 1 1/2 hour flight."
Pros: "Tickets are cheap"
Cons: "Poor food, rude crews, small seats"
Cons: "Terrible all around. About 10 total delays and one on flight delay totalling 7 hours. No information except lies was given the whole time."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Lost bag"
Cons: "Having to pay for wifi onboard is silly."
Cons: "Everything from customer service to flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "7 hour delay combined with the most rude airline staff I have ever met."
Cons: "Again, more delays."
Pros: "This flight left without us due to delayed arrival on Air Canada flight from Seoul to Toronto. The positive was that it was one Air Canada flight I didn't get on."
Cons: "Due to lack of available options to get to ANY DC area airport before the evening the day after we were supposed to arrive, I accepted going to Philadelphia. That flight was also delayed. From there I rented a car and got home at 3 a.m. instead of 9:45 p.m., about when we would have gotten home on the original flight. If we had waited for the next available flight to the DC area, it would have arrived some time after 2:48 p.m. the day after we were supposed to arrive. I know this because I was told this was the fastest route to DC--before the same Air Canada agent then told me that it was no longer available. A dreadful experience."
Pros: "It was a quick flight."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The departure postponed several times. The comfort in those parts of Toronto and Dulles airport which us Canada express is absent at all. There are no even seats enough for all passengers."
Pros: "My Flight was canceled without us getting any notification and causing major delays and headaches with NO offer for compensation to help e.g. with a $70 taxi we had to incur to get from DCA to IAD. Poor service"
Pros: "The crew got us out of Toronto very quickly"
Cons: "The incredibly small overhead bins"
Pros: "no entertainment or food. drink service got to back of the airplane about 5 minutes before beginning descent. Problems though were all before getting on the plane. Will not fly through Pearson again."
Cons: "After 12-hour flight from Tokyo, found flight to Dulles cancelled, with no adequate passenger assistance. Few staff to deal with issues and no familiarity with DC airports, IT support for the few staff available was poor. At re-booked flight gate, the area service desk unattended for an hour; finally found a helpful ground crew who said they are on break and got staff to service the desk, albeit grudgingly. Several flights delayed, in the horrible Gates F-84-99 area; confusion reigned supreme. Staff needs to understand that Dulles is way west of DC and BWI is way NE, so getting re-routed from Dulles to BWI is MAJOR change in ground transportation options and distances. Also need to update IT programming so staff can use it easily without long waits and calls for help. and some air conditioning in the F 84-90 gates area would be nice. Horrible situation--not enough seating, only service in whole area is one bagel shop."
Cons: "This plane was very late! I understand this happens a lot."
Pros: "The flight left on time, and arrived on time."
Cons: "While seating in the seats I booked months in advance, my partner and I were presumptively requested to change seats to accommodate a 5 year old and their parent. What frustrated me was the negligence displayed by the flight attendants who didn't ask if my partner and I were traveling together to accommodate a passenger who clearly booked at the gate. Although it was not ideal for the attendants, flight attendants should always as if folks are traveling together "before" assuming a passenger is okay with relocating from their loved ones. It display respects for everyone flying."
Cons: "Delayed for almost 2 hours but keep saying just 50 minutes late"
Cons: "The baggage checkin was awful. The boarding check in was awful. The security check in was awful. The customs check in was awful. Understaffed and inefficient. The baggage conveyor backed up. The same staff that checked in our baggage was the same person who then ran upstairs to check us in at gate and it was all hand done and not computer scanned. No check in kiosks to make ticket checkin faster. Lines were all backed up and I barely made flight and my connection. Many either missed flights it connection or plane was held up to get people to flights. The lady at customs check in was good trying to handle the back ups but the shrine was severely backed up and understaffed. The pilots made good time and handle the turbulence well. Staff on board did well with timing of food and drinks Entertainment on board was awful. Didn't find out until on board on 8 hour international flight that needed an iPad with downloaded app for entertainment and therefore I had three kids that had nothing to do. Never did I have such an issue with an international flight that was so poorly managed. So disappointed."
Cons: "We were told to check in via the electronic procedure and wait for our name to be listed on a board.. After waiting an hour and a half we were finally directed to the United counter and were able to complete the transfer and go to the gate."
Pros: "On time. Very friendly crew."
Cons: "I'm 6'3" and I was quote cramped. Smaller people it won't matter as much."

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