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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

British Airways
Overall score based on 22,806 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "Left Washington two hours late. Left London on return 45 minutes late."

Pros: "The crew members were pleasant an helpful."
Cons: "The seats are very hard so I sat on the pillow provided and put something behind my back."

Pros: "Crew was helpful and polite."
Cons: "- The boarding at Heathrow gate B44 was horrendous. This is my third experience at the B gates, all terrible! The long wait to board coupled with the lack of sufficient seats for people needing assistance, topped off by cold air from the AC blasting you right in the face. - The plane at boarding time was an oven! Someone didn't want to or forgot to turn the AC on. It tool at least over an hour to make it comfortable. - The entertainment choices are very limited and the screens don't work well."

Pros: "excellent friendly crew"
Cons: "5 hours late"

Pros: "Got a baby cot, offered wine for dinner and arrived 20 mins earlier than scheduled"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "again the cabin crew were excellent and professional"

Pros: "The crew was friendly (for the most part). Left more or less on time. Food exceed my (rather low) expectations. Good flight, well above average."
Cons: "Couldn't hear the loud speaker at all in London airport. Not loud enough. Poor enunciation. The guy serving tea during the flight was pretty rude. Not of fan of that guy."

Pros: "The Heathrow staff was attentive to our needs regarding a passenger with special needs. The flight attendant crew was also totally on point throughout the flight. As we left the plane, one of the flight attendants, Simone, made a very special effort to assist us and for that I am grateful. The wheel chair attendant at Washington Dulles was also a real trooper who remained with us until all luggage was retrieved and I made my way to the Parking Garage to retrieve my car. I am totally impressed with the service and care that everyone associated with British Airways provided to make this transport effortless."

Pros: "On time, great entertainment, friendly crew, good food, complementary ice cream:)"
Cons: "Absolutely no leg room and I am regular woman passenger. It was really uncomfortable for the 2 tall young men to my left and right."

Pros: "I liked that they had a veggie option for food for dinner service."
Cons: "I didn't like the British Airways terminal at Heathrow - everything was automated. There was no human interaction and the ground staff was scarce therefore it was difficult to ask any questions."

Pros: "Quiet flight lots or spare seats - good price. Food pretty good"
Cons: "Viewing sets stowed in front of rows old and not easy to move"

Pros: "Friendly"
Cons: "Seating"

Pros: "The flight was nice, on a large aircraft with lots of entertainment options, high ceilings, and decent food."
Cons: "Due to delays on our previous flight in the two-leg journey, we missed the connection and had to be rebooked, stay overnight in London, and come home a day later than planned."

Pros: "Crew was very good and very attentive. Dinner was of good quality for airline food. Both options sounded good and the chicken curry was excelent. Flight took off late beacuse the luggage of passengers who did not make the flight had to be removed, but managed to arrive only a few minutes late."
Cons: "It was just too cramped. It didn't help the the gentleman sitting next to me was large enough to be spilling over into my seat. The seats were not very comfortable either. The movie selection was a bit disappointing compared to Iberia Airways, and the screen quality was not so great. I also didn't see usb ports to charge portable elctronics, which was disapointing."

Pros: "On flight entertainment"
Cons: "After we boarded, there was an announcement stating that there was an issue with one of the wings. So we sat for an hour and a half in an extremely warm plane while they fixed the problem."

Cons: "One hour delay due to equipment failure. they loaded us and closed the door to hit hit the "on time" mark but then made us sit on the plane for the fix. There is no way the failure was discovered after loading. Usually the seats are ok, this one was the sardine plane, very tight. We were on the bulkhead seat (more room) but the entertainment screens were all yucky."

Pros: "Great service on plane"
Cons: "A lot of stress: our 1st leg IAD to Dublin was cancelled, than we got 2 set of tickets rebooked. On the way back there was a stress since we had a "problem with the ticket" Apparently the Aer Lingus made all those mistakes. In London I was told to go to the end of line 2 times, the BA employee was olaying really weird games. Pretty annoying."

Pros: "The flight was fine..."
Cons: "But Dulles Airport needs to control the level of toxicity experienced when certain entitled passengers think they have to pack the tarmac shuttle under NO PARTICULAR AUTHORITY, shouting "MOVE BACK [YOU] PEOPLE" into the closest ear. There should be someone other than the driver on those shuttles monitoring people, since they obviously need a babysitter."

Pros: "British Airways makes you pay extra to pick your seat The alternative is to take the luck of the draw and hope you don't get the middle on the center aisle Kind of annoying"

Pros: "The flight itself went smoothly despite some windy conditions, and we were transported in one piece, without incident, from LHR to IAD. The crew members were pleasant in conversation and reasonable in frequency of food service. Once, when I pressed the attendant button, one of them came quickly to ask me what the problem was, and that kind of responsiveness is always a plus, in my opinion. The seats reclined a reasonable amount, not the mere 2-5 cm one sometimes experiences lately."
Cons: "The aircraft was aging at least a bit, and it was clear because my seat almost would not return to the upright position and stay there. Several times I tried to return it to upright as the end of the flight neared, and it would easily move but would return to reclined once I leaned back. It was as if I had been the whole time keeping my finger on the button that makes the seat movable. After I'd about given up, the seat finally stayed upright even when I put my weight back on it. My flight attendant misunderstood my drink request, but I let it go because the result was close to what I had asked for. It could have been that there was too much background noise - not sure."

Cons: "we didn't get a snack before landing we only got a drink. we were only given food at the beginning of the flight and it was an 8 hour flight. I was not able to change my flight for this trip had to do it at the counter; but the friend who i was traveling with did have the ability to do so. I went early to the airport in Johannesburg to ensure we could sit together but the workers in terminal A sent me to terminal B (even though they were closed and didn't open until 3) then i went to the ticketing desk and they said they couldn't' help me. so i ask them to call British Airways help desk (since i didn't have a phone internationally) and they said they were closed on the weekend. I wrote the gentleman's name down but i don't have it with me right now. I was finally able to get my seat changed when i checked in at 6pm; lucky there were seats available. I would say the customer service at Johannesburg airport for BA is terrible."

Pros: "Professionalism of staff"
Cons: "Boarding system"

Pros: "Free drinks!"
Cons: "No new movies!~"

Cons: "Flight was delayed for 1.5 hours"

Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice"
Cons: "The seat rows are too close together. When the woman in front of me reclined her seat she was basically in my lap- not how I wanted to spend 7 hours. I finally had to put my knees against her seat to keep her from reclining. It took a lot of effort to cross/uncross my legs in the limited space. I'm only 5'4" 118lbs - I can't imagine how anyone bigger than me feels when they have to fly in the same situation."

Cons: "Not loaded by rows, not organized."

Cons: "Cramped seating."

Cons: "person in seat reclined and their seat hit my knees and was uncomfortable"

Pros: "Crew was okay. Boarding was okay."
Cons: "Food was not great. Snack was a candy bar? No other options in back of the plane. Entertainment cut out and the system was difficult to operate and movie variety was not wonderful."

Pros: "We flew on an enormous double-decker Airbus that was equipped with an entertainment system that offered dozens of movies, TV shows, and other entertainment to keep the entire family occupied for the length of the flight. We could also charge our phones and other electronic devices from our seats. The flight attendants were all very nice and the food was fine. The distance between the rows in coach was comfortable, even for a 6' tall person. It was a great flight!"
Cons: "One of our bags did not make the connecting flight from Rome but it was delivered to our house the next day, so in the end it was fine!"

Pros: "Archibald Elba"

Pros: "The BA crew were great."
Cons: "I paid $ 2,100 for a IAD-LHR-NCE return, on short notice, in high season which I think is very expensive; a family emergency left me with no choice other than a cheaper Turkish Airlines alternative through Isranbul which, given recent events, I thought to be unwise. My main complaint is with economy seating which I find very uncomfortable."

Pros: "The flight crew were all very courteous and helpful throughout the entire flight. They made the entire trip as comfortable as possible."

Pros: "SAS"
Cons: "Old, hot, electronics not working well. Needed resets and seat changes"

Cons: "The plane was parked not at the terminal, but far away. The one hour delay occurs because of 300 passenger transportation from and to the plane. This delay could be avoided if terminal services were more responsible. I always thought that the United provides the worst food in economy class. It appeared that BA food is even worse. The entertainment software was obsolete and delivered an image of a very bad quality."

Cons: "The food expired the day we were on the flight- I ate the chicken salad sandwich and I was sick on the flight and the rest of the evening home. My sister who are the same sandwich was sick also."

Pros: "The crew was excellent!"

Cons: "The arrangements by Kayak did not allow me to make my connections on time. I missed the connection from Heathrow to Manchester. And only made the connection from Manchester to Heathrow because I was escorted in a wheelchair."

Pros: "The plane was clean, the flight was smooth, and the staff was friendly."
Cons: "Too little leg room and too little incline in Economy seats. Food mediocre."

Cons: "My flight was delayed at the last minute and had to sit in the Heathrow Airport for 4-5 hours and remain seated another 7-8 hours once finally boarding at another gate opposite other end of airport. Upon arrival to Dulles International and clearing customs/immigrations and finally making it out to claim my baggage my luggage was deemed lost and never made the flight to Dulles. To this day, I still do not have my luggage with my belongings containing Rx, clothing, shoes, souvineers, etc. Needless to say, I am very upset let alone extremely inconvienced."

Pros: "Entertainment and crew were good"
Cons: "We booked our flight three months ago and my friend was bumped from the flight since they overbooked. They were still selling tickets up until the flight. They didn't ask for volunteers but somehow picked her. When I asked if I could stay with her, I was told that I would have to buy a new ticket for the other flight. Also they were very rude while explaining it. Not impressed. Also the flight was delayed because they didn't start boarding on time and then we sat on the runway for about 30 min."

Pros: "Comfort, excellent customer service and care. Everyone smiled way to goo"

Pros: "Good movie selection, food tasted alright."
Cons: "My entertainment screen was malfunctioning, the crew was somewhat robotic and not very accomodating, and the large snack was served right before landing--so we had to wolf down the food and it made me feel sick to my stomach."

Pros: "One of the crew members, a flight attendant, was really a blessing in the way she cared for the passengers and had such a sunny and sweet smile and personality toward everyone she served. Was really thankful she was on our flight."

Pros: "Excellent staff; great meal; nice variety of entertainment."

Pros: "The crew was excellent and the seating was comfortable."
Cons: "For a large part of the flight the in-seat entertainment didn't work, making for a poor experience for the first half of the flight. The crew was eventually able to get the entertainment working again so kudos to them for that."

Pros: "The flight got us home"
Cons: "American Airlines, which ran the flight as B.A.'s partner, didn't give any reason for the on-ground delay, and acted as if we all should have expected to be an hour and a half late leaving the terminal. They offered very little information and didn't really care that we were so late leaving."

Pros: "I took an earlier flight from Washington Dulles and it was very cramped. This Air Bus was much more comfortable. The seat was softer, and wider."
Cons: "However, the rude person in front of me put his seat all the way back from the beginning of the flight and it was VERY tight. I was hoping he would out it back up a little, but to no avail. I don't think the seat needed to be back so far. Maybe it should be mentioned in the videos we see at the beginning of the flight?"

Pros: "Flight was on time , the service was excellent . I enjoyed the flight ."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Livingstone to Washington

Airlines flying from Livingstone to Washington have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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