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  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be November and December. The cheapest month to fly to West Virginia is August.
  • Morning departure is around 14% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
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Top airlines flying Louisville Standiford Field to West Virginia

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

American Airlines
Overall score based on 45,986 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "The crew was great and separation of passengers unless traveling together was great as well!"
Cons: "My luggage was completely soaked, ruining important paperwork, clothing and even my parking lot ticket for me to exit the parking garage. Apparently they didn’t even try to cover the passengers luggage."

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Why no service in first class?"

Pros: "I was in first class this time. The seat was comfortable for the flight of roughly 2-1/2 hours. We were served a continental breakfast that was filling and healthy with cereal, fresh fruit, Brie, soft crackers and yogurt. I'd rather have something simple but satisfying than something overcomplicated and possibly not that good. The crew was polite and efficient. I did have to use the lavatory at one point and I was happy that it was clean."
Cons: "The entertainment system was down, but it wasn't American - it was gogoflight or whatever it's called. I ended up listening to my Audible so it turned out alright, but on a 2+ hour flight, it could have been frustrating."

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "plane stated wifi available but did not work. plane was outdated also no power at seats available"

Pros: "Crew was pleasant and nice as always!"
Cons: "More room in the seat but I know that’s unrealistic."

Cons: "Lack of a crew delayed flight 4 + hours."

Pros: "Crew was nice but flight was delayed due to maintenance so I’m still stuck at the airport here and no vouchers for anything."
Cons: "Flight would’ve been on time"

Cons: "We had to wait for a flight attendant in Louisville going to Chicago, which made us a little late to OHare. Then we had to wait at OHare for another plane to leave. I ran from the one set of gates to the other, but I missed the boarding, even though the plane was still there. I was extremely disappo"

Pros: "Would’ve loved if the flight from Louisville to Charlotte weren’t delayed 2 hours for mechanical reasons!"
Cons: "The flight could’ve waited for us instead of leaving on time for Allentown!"

Pros: "The airplane was clean and spacious"
Cons: "Improve the snacks and the crew attitude"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Crew was great. Seats could be a bit wider"

Pros: "The screens allowing us and our children to be entertained in the plane."
Cons: "Not had our plane delayed for over an hour."

Pros: "The crew were very nice and helpful!"

Cons: "Beverages"

Pros: "We arrived on time"
Cons: "Didn’t do beverage service and had to sit on the tarmac for a while for a maintenance issue before take off"

Pros: "Friendly crew, excellent food options, very clean cabin."
Cons: "I had to pay for water."

Pros: "I liked the entertainment. Seats were ultimately uncomfortable. Not helped by the backs being loose."

Pros: "The whole experience was stress free and comfortable."

Cons: "The plane was so hot, by the time we landed everyone was literally dripping from sweat. It was so uncomfortable that it was cooler outside of the plane even though it was 83 degrees when we landed."

Pros: "Boarded on time. Concierge met me at baggage check to direct me to the queue I needed. (Two days ago, no concierge, and I spent 15 min in the wrong line to check a special-handling bag.)"
Cons: "25 min to get from late push-back to throttle-up. Late arrival at destination."

Pros: "Friendly CREW"
Cons: "No upgrade london - Miami"

Pros: "Love seat space in aisle 8f. I remember that is a perfect seat for persons 6'3" or better. I got a chance to nap for about 1 hour, not normal for me. Very comfortable."
Cons: "Everyone was really good"

Pros: "I liked having the built in screen on the a321. Americans streaming service has lots to offer but the built in screens have more choices. I get why they want to just offer the streaming but I appreciate all the choices! There was a group number enforcer at the gate to make boarding more organized! She was polite but told the mobs that try to use the premium line to wait their turn."
Cons: "I asked for upgrades to and from Chicago. I’m a gold member and fly for leisure fairly often. There are so many people looking for an upgrade these days that you’re rarely getting the opportunity"

Cons: "Long time sitting in the plane without any updates from the crew. Very inefficient process in re-booking passengers and switching planes. Maintenance issues are are a trend at American Airlines."

Cons: "Made us wait over 2 hours on the tarmac before take off inside the airplane."

Pros: "Very comfortable bulkhead seats on upper level. Flight attendants taking care of every need. Fantastic service, good food, great entertainment. We could ask for nothing more!"

Pros: "The crew were friendly and did their job effectively"
Cons: "Lack of seat space Planes seemed old Minimal overhead storage room—carry on fits all other airlines overhead but struggled to get bag in compartment Also, no help from crew with this Seats recline nearly into lap of person behind"

Cons: "Departed late and missed connection due to an overage of fuel. The crew took an additional 45 minutes to defuel the plane of 8000 gallons. Wth?! Have to stay overnight in Chicago now."

Cons: "After being delayed without any explanation, I was told that I would not have my purchased 1st Class seat. To add to that I received no service In economy."

Pros: "I am not comfortable flying so for me, flying makes me nervous"

Pros: "Crew was wonderful - friendly and accommodating. Food excellent - very fresh. Cannot say enough kind things about the crew!!"
Cons: "Everything was excellent on this flight."

Cons: "I don't like the fact that American Airlines try to get me to put my small carry on bag below both ways in the cargo area it is against FAA to have batteries down there. I have 30,000.00 in cameras and they tried to get me to do this both times saying the bag will not fit. The Flight Attendant each time say that it fits JUST FINE! I'm going to try to avoid American Airlines as much as I can!"

Pros: "My flight wasn't completely full, so I had a row to myself. The pilot was excellent; takeoff and landing were very smooth."
Cons: "I had to gate check my luggage because of the small plane size. Had I had a shorter layover this could have caused an issue for me."

Pros: "I usually don't like or at the meal in coach, but I had a ravioli pasta dish that was great. Also the wine was a much better quality then what I have been getting on the other airlines."
Cons: "On my particular row of seats the power outlets were dead. The flight attendant tried to reset, which reset the entertainment but the outlet remained dead. Used the USB port to charge."

Pros: "Really glad this segment exists!"

Pros: "We were seated in economy but we had a pretty good flight. The only rough part was the fact that it was 10 hours of sitting, and that was due to the destination not AA's service. As someone who is used to United and Delta for flying, I felt that the service offered kinda rocked."

Cons: "crew coming in from another flight was late. Then, according to announcement our plane had been sitting 2 hours and they would have to call for power. It was already a late night flight, now delayed 1 1/2 hours leaving. The plane interior was hot, that helped with our displeasure."

Pros: "staff was amazing, entertainment great, dasani sparkling lime water tasty, very clean and reasonably comfortable"
Cons: "the breakfast was made of 90% sugar - this was very disappointing."

Pros: "Crew was friendly and efficient . Liked the option to upgrade to priority boarding, however."
Cons: "Always hard to hear what group is boarding due to poor quality of microphone at desk. Visual reader board would help."

Pros: "Pretty much on time departure and arrival. Comfortable, larger aircraft than usual."
Cons: "n/s as only a 40 minute flight"

Pros: "Everything was fine except it was inexplicably late!"
Cons: "It was over 30mins late for no reason!"

Pros: "Courteous crew, easy experience smooth "get in and get out" process"
Cons: "Flight was late due to weather but that's beyond anyone's control obviously"

Cons: "Horrible experience in the ground system, they charged me $240 for my bags and the staff are really confused."

Pros: "The crew was friendly and helpful. The flight itself was uneventful and arrived 19 minutes early. The follow flight to Toronto was about equally late, but construction and heavy traffic made it unavoidable. I saved a lot of money with the Hopper app. Flying used to be nicer, but this is what cost cutting (anywhere) results in - less service and less comfort. We get what we demand - whether we really want it or not."
Cons: "I miss the 'free' services such as food, but we all know it wasn't that great anyway."

Cons: "Boarded small plane too early Air conditioning did not work...sweated whole flight No beverage service seats too small for an adult, and I am only 5'-5""

Pros: "Everything was ok."
Cons: "I STRONGLY dislike how the airline acts as if they are the immigration and they demanded that I buy a very expensive plane ticket to show that I would be leaving Argentina within 3 months. There are so many expats in Buenos Aires and they all buy tickets in Argentina to go to Uruguay within 3 months. Upon showing the immigration of Argentina my USA passport at the entry, they have NEVER asked me for any kind of proof that I would be leaving within 3 months. At first I started to purchase a ticket to Uruguay by boat and the attendant even asked me the website of the boat because she told me that these problems come up all the time for expats going to Argentina for longer than 3 months. You are ONLY AN AIRLINE. YOU ARE NOT THE IMMIGRATION OF ARGENTINA. Having this said, I never plan to fly Avianca again."

Pros: "The boarding agent in Jacksonville, FL was a spirited, beautiful woman. She had everyone in the terminal cheer all the soldiers on our flight. And was very helpful to me getting a seat closer to the door as I was having horrible spasms in my back. She is what AMERICAN Airlines should be to all customers. Gate B47 on 9/30."

Pros: "well, everything was fine but it was a tiny plane so there wasn't any entertainment and it was a short flight so there wasn't any food."

Cons: "No social distancing, they sell you cheap flights just to make everything an add on or extra charge. Kiosks we're having issues, employees just didn't seem to care."

Pros: "The time"

Pros: "The crew on board made the best of the situation."
Cons: "Ground staff were unhelpful or just not around at all."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Seats did not recline even a little. Not even an in flight magizine."

Pros: "The speedy flight"
Cons: "The comfort of seating is terrible"

Pros: "Check-in, baggage drop, boarding, take-off, landing, and de-boarding went very smoothly. On-time departure and arrived on cross-USA flight 35 minutes early! Great start to my Vegas trip. I didn’t buy any food. Food is not included in the ticket price. Flight crew very friendly and professional. Good landing."
Cons: "Surprised that there were no surprises to the negative side. Very good value for the price."

Pros: "They refunded my ticket."
Cons: "The delay was so long I had to frantically get a different one way ticket."

Pros: "The crew was amazing. Made the whole experience great."

Pros: "Even the cheaper seats are roomier than other budget airlines. More comfortable as well"
Cons: "Spirit charges for everything including soda"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I was charged $55:00 for a little carryon bag. The seats were extremely close.I was informed that I had to remain in my seat until someone else exited the front rest room.I enquired about those at the back and was informed that two carts were in the way. I need my $55:00 refund."

Pros: "Once you ensure you have everything pre booked and get to airport on time you should experience a no frills very satisfactory experiemce."

Pros: "Staff was very helpful and pleasant. flights we on time."
Cons: "nickel and dimed for everything from reserved seats to baggage fees, seat spacing is very tight"

Cons: "Flight attendants"

Pros: "Staff continued to be professional"
Cons: "Having to switch planes because a flight attendant went missing about a hour delay or more , also the plane was smaller which made everything more difficult and cramped."

Pros: "Flight crew is nice and pleasant."
Cons: "I was in a "BIG" seat and I honestly cannot tell you what the "BIG" upgrades were. The seats felt worse, the shortened leg room almost became unbearable. I'm not sure if this was an older spirit plane or a newer one (it was one of the yellow planes), but I was very disappointed. And, luckily I did not have to pay for this "upgrade" or I would have been left scratching my head as to what "upgrade" I'd received. For those who did pay, I felt bad, because I could not see what their $18 had bought them. On my flight to Detroit I had been on a blue and white Spirit plane and I was honestly pleasantly surprised on that one. The seats felt manageable and the leg room did not seem nearly as bad as it did on this flight. Also, we were delayed because a flight attendant was running late? Umm...can we leave him/her next time? Why is it good practice to make 50+ people run late for 1 person? Needless to say, will not be flying Spirit again."

Cons: "1. Hidden fees to choosing a seat -- $18 per flight, not cheap 2. Not able to easily check-in online. It appears that I have to sign up for some kind of account first 3. Seats do not tilt back. Very uncomfortable for coast-to-coast flights, especially redeye. 4. The return flight was delayed for 3 hours. Except for announcements from the podium, no email or text messages/updates before or during the delays."

Cons: "I've read bad reviews about Spirit airlines, but I was on a budget and decided to take my chances. It was a very small plane, which meant tight quarters during a 4.5 hour flight. I have a disability and deal with chronic pain and usually need to carefully plan out long flights so I arrive with minimal pain, but the seats were very small and moving about the back cabin was impossible. When I asked for a wheelchair I wasn't granted my request right away because I was told I didn't register online. I've always requested a wheelchair when I check in with major airlines when I arrive and have never been given a problem. Also, I didn't realize checking baggage would cost so much! No wifi available a very turbulent flight and they even charge for water. It wasn't the most horrible experience, but if we pay for a cheap ticket, expect substandard service. This will definitely will be my last time with Spirit Airlines."

Pros: "The plan was nice and clean, the crew was very nice as well"
Cons: "There is no entertainment on the plane, the seats were a little bit too small."

Cons: "There were 3 large guys sitting next to each other in the same row.I was sitting in the window seat The middle guy wanted to move to the empty seat, and was told he couldn't. he was told to sit back in his assigned seat.. We were told no one could move due to weight distribution. We never got weighed, and the weight distribution program really screwed up on this flight. Eventually the crew member let the big guy sitting in the aisle seat move to an empty seat. The middle guy moved to the aisle seat."

Pros: "Smooth and easy. Cheap fare, no frills"
Cons: "Lots of sales attempts"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing flight was cancelled and they didn't even give a solution had to stay an extra day and pay for my own hotel."
Cons: "When I got my new flight it had two stops before reaching my final destination. The second stop flight was cancelled again and I had to be placed on another flight with JetBlue and pay for my luggage again:"

Pros: "Only if they had little tv's this would be the cheapest best plane ride ever"
Cons: "That you had to but food and no entertainment that would be better"

Cons: "Flight back home was delayed."

Pros: "The staff was far from. animatronic, very friendly, and the seats where far better than any other plane I've been on. Overall awesome experience."
Cons: "I didn't find anything wrong with my flight this time. Good work!"

Cons: "Incometence I didn't like the incompetence of the ground crew in fort lauderdale had to pay for a 22 lb. Suitcase coming and going, having to pay for two nights in a hotel because of Spirits screwup. The attitude of the ground crew in fort lauderdale is appealing! Never again will I fly this airline. Ron Hawley."

Pros: "Not much. The price was cheap and thr actual fligjt was good"
Cons: "Flight originally delayed 1 hr. Boarded and the. Delayed another hr. The gate area was seperate from the actual airport. No seats available, no restaurants, no bars to spend the time. Baggage is expensive"

Pros: "Plenty of time to nap. In a uncomfortable chair"
Cons: "Same"

Cons: "Felt like a scheme airline. Lots of onboard advertising and arm twisting to get people to sign up for their deals. $55 carry on. All snacks/drinks cost $ Attendants are young, just getting started, which is fine, everyone needs a place to start, but it felt a bit too loose and unprofessional. I found out I'm a snob and that buying last minute plane tickets based on up front price alone can be a mistake. Spirit is Fine Print airline."

Cons: "It's better to add some blankets when we feel cold in the plane."

Pros: "I like the low cost. It was about as comfortable as a bus but I was on it for less time."
Cons: "Seats are kind of narrow. I don't like that you have to pay a lot of money to bring carry on luggage."

Pros: "Nothing"

Pros: "I will never fly spirit again. I wasn't a huge fan to begin with but I was supposed to be in Detroit Tuesday at 8:15 and it's Thursday and my 'new' flight x2 leaves at 6:30 pm... the staff isn't helpful more based on training and red tape as compared to their intellect."

Pros: "the price the fact that many lights cancelled to Chicago and you didn't"
Cons: "the delays that they would not announce until 5 min before boarding, on BOTocccasions. \I had to be getttinggg ready for work by the time I got home. such a bummer. wish hey were more honest about delays."

Cons: "The seats were horrible, they didn't move at all and so tight. The plane was freezing. And with the cheaper price, the fees for luggage and food I lost that deal. I could have paid a higher price and rode on a much more comfortable flight. And in terms of paying for luggage, I have never seen an airline that charges for overhead carry too! That's so crazy!!"

Cons: "No leg room A rude millenial behind me was playing his Ipad without headphones on my 6am early flight out to Los Angeles. When he refused to turn it off or put on headphones I summoned the Flight attendant. The flight attendant asked him if he wanted to move (which he refused) and, instead, I was forced to move. How about enforcing common courtesy to all on the plane. My return flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours with no notice on the monitors, no email update and numerous unannounced gate changes."

Cons: "Do not fly this airline ever!! My flight closed the door early and I missed my flight. The gate attendants told me that because it was a half full flight they boarded and closed the door sooner bc it was the last flight of the night and they wanted to go home. I am livid"

Pros: "Very unhappy w service & flight"
Cons: "Very rude service & seats were very uncomfortable. Seems like they didn't care. Will never fly w this airline again unless changes are made. Very unfortunate."

Pros: "Employees are rude and krast. You guys Nicole and dime the hell out of everybody. I almost missed my flight this morning because they neglect to tell us the gate had changed."

Cons: "Cramped seating, no free checked luggage. Result us that overall cost is same as major carriers with less service and comfort."

Cons: "6 hour delay Flight attendants were rude and yelled at two passengers Bathroom on plane was not working After such a long delay offered no free snacks or accomodations Ran out of alcohol then somehow they brought some for a passenger who was extra rowdy and complained Offered some of us flight changes to stay longer and denied others - discriminatory behavior Never taking Spirit again"

Cons: "Check in staff was very unprofessional. 3 delays!"

Pros: "It was a pleasant flight, everyone was friendly and helpful. I would recommend this airline."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I was unable to make the flight to Tampa or Atlanta due to a family emergency. I called customer service several times on 9/14 to try to change and later to cancel my flight and was told that I would be charged $100 to cancel (which was more than the ticket) plus a cancellation fee of $17.99 x 2 (1 cancellation charge for each leg of the flight) and thus my cost to cancel again was more than the ticket so to the cover the cost they would also take away from the $40 (each way) which I had paid to check my bag. The customer service rep told me that this would result in a $40 credit toward another flight should I choose to book one on their airline (which I will not) but that the credit would only be good for 90 days. In other words, everything was non-refundable. Clearly the Spirit Airlines business model is a set up to rip people off. I was told by the customer service rep (somewhere in the Philippines) that I would receive a confirmation email with a cancellation number but I never did despite the fact that I verified the email address that they had on hand. I did not fly this airline and now I never will. EVER. I would rather pay more for my flight."

Pros: "I did not like one single thing."
Cons: "Where do I begin with what I did not like? I actually considered NOT responding or offering feedback because I do not believe SPIRIT will make ANY changes. 1. Are you kidding me? Cats getting loose in the cabin; yapping dogs barking throughout the flight? How does this serve your PAX? Especially a late night flight when pax are sleeping and others have cat allergies? Your FAs who are primarily available for safety is looking under seats with a flashlight to find the escapee-cat! 2. Cabin temperature so cold my seat mate and myself could not get comfortable. I asked the FA if she could adjust it to something warmer and she said "sure" but again it was so cold several pax were reaching for their bags and taking out whatever clothing could help them stay warm. 3. Food? What food? Paying $4 and $6 for snacks! Pure and simple price gouging. Shame on you. 4. Paid ahead for two bags. Ended up needing to check only one bag and the ticket agent assured me there was nothing she could do to refund the additional (unneeded) fee for a second bag I did not need to check. Really? I am sure if I owed SPIRIT even ten cents you'd come after me for it. 5. Overheard FA talk about the pilots on a flight she had worked over the 4th of July allowing the FAs to sit in the cockpit during a flight and watch the fireworks. Reallly? On a part 135 flight with a full cabin of pax? 6. Heard same FA talking about being relegated to reserve lines out of LAS and how unhappy she was about the inability to bid a line. Seriously? Where on earth is your employee's sense of professionalism? 7. Older male FA working the flight in the front section and handling "food" while coughing and hacking and blowing his nose throughout the flight. NOT once did he wash his hands. NOT once. I find this especially lacking in decorum since he was handling food and in close proximity with pax. My family and I log hundreds of thousands of miles flying each year. I will never fly SPIRIT again. Never."

Pros: "got to pick the seats"
Cons: "Well let's see, no music. You have to bring your own device. No headphones, you have to bring those too. No pillows, you have to bring those as well. And for icing on the cake, the plane was 4 hrs late. Didn't even get off the ground until 1am. Basically you're paying for an airplane to take you from A to B, nothing more. And your luggage, which by the way your fees for baggage are outrageous. I would not recommend spirit to anyone, waste of money."

Pros: "There was nothing about this airline, the plane or the crew that was in the least bit decent."
Cons: "Airline was overpriced, plane was an embarrassment. I've been on jump planes and cargo planes that were more comfortable. The crew was extremely rude. They lied to the entire plane and treated everyone on board the extreme disrespect. I will do everything in my power never to fly spirit again"

Cons: "Thefact that my baggage wasn't included in original ticket purchase. I had to pay $52 extra for my bag. Thats expensive."

Pros: "Crew was polite and friendly"
Cons: "Delayed nearly 3 hours because plane did not have pilot. Seems there could have been other solutions to this issue. Not a fan of the business practices of Spirit Airlines either."

Pros: "Less than 3 hours to get from Fort Lauderdale to NYC. Quick."
Cons: "Their website sucks! Wasn't able to check in through my phone so I tried on my laptop and nothing! Wasted times so we decided to check in at the airport. I'm assuming no one was able to check in on their website because the line to check in was insane. We tried the kiosk to save time but that delayed us so much. Their baggage price is also sad, how can you charge so much for a carry on and one check in bag! When we finally got on board, their crew was so unprofessional it was a joke. It had to be a joke. Nothing that they did was done its class and even forgot to shut an overhead door during takeoff. The landing scared me to death, it was so bumpy, I wasnt surprised to have an awful flight end with an awful landing. I will never fly Spirit again"

Cons: "Spirit website is horrible and so is the customer service"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Louisville to West Virginia

Airlines flying from Louisville to West Virginia have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Louisville to West Virginia

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Louisville to West Virginia

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Louisville to West Virginia

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Louisville to West Virginia

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