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  • There are no direct flights from Louisville to Charleston. The quickest journey takes 10h 25m.

  • No, a passport isn't needed to fly from Louisville to Charleston. However, local authorities might ask for an official ID.

  • Louisville and Charleston are both served by 1 main airport. You will leave Louisville from Louisville Standiford Field and will be arriving at Charleston Yeager.

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Top airlines flying Louisville Standiford Field to Charleston Yeager

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
American AirlinesOverall score based on 46332 reviews

Pros: The crew was great and separation of passengers unless traveling together was great as well!
Cons: My luggage was completely soaked, ruining important paperwork, clothing and even my parking lot ticket for me to exit the parking garage. Apparently they didn’t even try to cover the passengers luggage.

Pros: Not much
Cons: Why no service in first class?

Pros: I was in first class this time. The seat was comfortable for the flight of roughly 2-1/2 hours. We were served a continental breakfast that was filling and healthy with cereal, fresh fruit, Brie, soft crackers and yogurt. I'd rather have something simple but satisfying than something overcomplicated and possibly not that good. The crew was polite and efficient. I did have to use the lavatory at one point and I was happy that it was clean.
Cons: The entertainment system was down, but it wasn't American - it was gogoflight or whatever it's called. I ended up listening to my Audible so it turned out alright, but on a 2+ hour flight, it could have been frustrating.

Cons: Never made it to this flight, because my previous flight was cancelled

Pros: Seats were tiny.
Cons: Had a decent flight until a rude baggage handler brining up bags to passengers in the jetway surprised me. Had a good flight until the attitude got in my face.

Cons: We had to wait for a flight attendant in Louisville going to Chicago, which made us a little late to OHare. Then we had to wait at OHare for another plane to leave. I ran from the one set of gates to the other, but I missed the boarding, even though the plane was still there. I was extremely disappo

Cons: The crew, could have paid attention to their guest. It was terrible, this flight reminds me how much I enjoy flying Southwest, instead of American Airlines. The only reason that I flew this airline, was because It was free with Points

Pros: Would’ve loved if the flight from Louisville to Charlotte weren’t delayed 2 hours for mechanical reasons!
Cons: The flight could’ve waited for us instead of leaving on time for Allentown!

Pros: Punctuality
Cons: To tell you beforehand that 35J, the seat I chose, is smaller than the rest of seats in Economy

Pros: The crew was polite and nice
Cons: The flight was 1.30 delayed and we wait in the airplane with no air conditioner, there where kids with us, no food or at least a courtesy

Cons: TSA

Cons: The on-boarding in Barcelona was a little odd. Instead of calling boarding by groups or zones it was a free for all. That could have been better organized

Cons: Beverages

Pros: Friendly crew, excellent food options, very clean cabin.
Cons: I had to pay for water.

Pros: Crew was nice and flight enjoyable

Pros: Confort and good treatment.
Cons: I didn’t have the opportunity to chiíes seats.

Pros: Great movies and food
Cons: Being delayed

Pros: I liked the entertainment. Seats were ultimately uncomfortable. Not helped by the backs being loose.

Pros: Boarding was fast because over fifty passengers were delayed checking in due to computer problems. Air conditioning was good.
Cons: Flight delayed almost two hours due to computer problems. Seat pitch (room for knees) very limited, felt like I was packed in like a sardine. Crew should have provided refreshments (not just tepid water) and snacks during the delay. Pilot announced computer problem solved and remaining passengers would be boarding in fifteen minutes which turned out to be closer to an hour.

Cons: The plane was so hot, by the time we landed everyone was literally dripping from sweat. It was so uncomfortable that it was cooler outside of the plane even though it was 83 degrees when we landed.

Cons: No WiFi on the plane. Made for a long flight with all the comforts we are used to these days. Time to upgrade that plane

Pros: Nice leg room
Cons: Doors closed early for my 6:28am flight. I couldn't fly until 1:18pm. Crew says that doors close 10 minutes before flight. The doors on the 1:18pm flight stayed open well after 1:18pm. The flight was then delayed until 1:50pm.

Pros: The food
Cons: There’s no WiFi

Cons: Made us wait over 2 hours on the tarmac before take off inside the airplane.

Pros: We arrived safely The seats were comfortable We were on time
Cons: 1) American's boarding process seems to be driven by ticket price and nothing else. Every other airline I've been with boards families with small children first. It lets those families and get on board and get setup so that they don't block aisle access for everyone else. American seems to board based on how expensive your ticket was. So, the aisles get blocked and boarding takes forever. 2) The cabin crew gave pretty apathetic service. When our baby threw up on us, they just told us to go clean ourselves up in the bathrooms. They gave us a can of soda water to help clean up, but that was about it. 3) When my wife asked if the bread was dairy free (for our baby with a dairy allergy), the staff's response was to turn to another staff member and ask them, "Do you want to go back and research that?" In the end they just told us they didn't have time to look it up.

Pros: The crew were friendly and did their job effectively
Cons: Lack of seat space Planes seemed old Minimal overhead storage room—carry on fits all other airlines overhead but struggled to get bag in compartment Also, no help from crew with this Seats recline nearly into lap of person behind

Pros: Crew was great. All flights and connections on time and easy.
Cons: Food - better to stick with basics in coach. Entertainment - too conservative boring.

Cons: Took off late

Cons: Departed late and missed connection due to an overage of fuel. The crew took an additional 45 minutes to defuel the plane of 8000 gallons. Wth?! Have to stay overnight in Chicago now.

Cons: After being delayed without any explanation, I was told that I would not have my purchased 1st Class seat. To add to that I received no service In economy.

Cons: They ran out of choices.

Cons: I don't like the fact that American Airlines try to get me to put my small carry on bag below both ways in the cargo area it is against FAA to have batteries down there. I have 30,000.00 in cameras and they tried to get me to do this both times saying the bag will not fit. The Flight Attendant each time say that it fits JUST FINE! I'm going to try to avoid American Airlines as much as I can!

Pros: My flight wasn't completely full, so I had a row to myself. The pilot was excellent; takeoff and landing were very smooth.
Cons: I had to gate check my luggage because of the small plane size. Had I had a shorter layover this could have caused an issue for me.

Cons: crew coming in from another flight was late. Then, according to announcement our plane had been sitting 2 hours and they would have to call for power. It was already a late night flight, now delayed 1 1/2 hours leaving. The plane interior was hot, that helped with our displeasure.

Pros: Quick boarding to make up for a late flight arrival.

Pros: I liked the ease of the gate for the airplane.
Cons: There was no entertainment. The airline did not offer a complimentary headphones, and failr sure the wifi was not even working. Also was not that big of a fan with the extra long layover. Was not a fan of the extra time in the holding pattern above Indianapolis, nor the extra time 150 feet from the gate after we landed.

Pros: Everything was fine except it was inexplicably late!
Cons: It was over 30mins late for no reason!

Pros: Courteous crew, easy experience smooth "get in and get out" process
Cons: Flight was late due to weather but that's beyond anyone's control obviously

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The flight attendants were Garbade

Pros: finally made it to our destination
Cons: our flight was delayed 3 hours, they finally changed planes, and the one we took for a trans-Atlantic flight was cramped, poor service on the plane, all-in-all an uncomfortable flight - I've had much better on other carriers, and won't be likely to use American Airlines again :(

Cons: Plane got cancelled. Missed my other flight. Spending $100 more that was unnecessary

Pros: The plane was a newer Boeing 738 plane and has AC power outlet at every seat. However I was not able to use their in-flight movie channel on my tablet since there were too many users.
Cons: I am an Executive Platinum member and normally should get a meal even in economy. It was not offered on this flight. The crew didn't have a friendly attitude.

Pros: More improved than the last trip I took with AA to Denver. Efficient boarding.

Cons: Boarded small plane too early Air conditioning did not work...sweated whole flight No beverage service seats too small for an adult, and I am only 5'-5"

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I reserved an exit seat , it is not comfortable at all . there is no space to keep my stuff in cabinet , my lagguge late in Chicago there is no entirtenment

Pros: I liked that the flight was basically on time, boarding was a breeze, and the staff was professional, friendly, and helpful.
Cons: The seats! They were very uncomfortable. They were more comfortable than United, but less comfortable than JetBlue.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Rude staff sarcastic

Pros: On time.

Pros: Good crew
Cons: No wifi

Cons: The WiFi did not work the entire flight (4 hours from Chicago to Seattle) and despite passengers inquiring multiple times, we were never informed whether to expect it to start working or not. Streaming TV was also poor quality on the United app.

Pros: The crew was friendly and helpful.
Cons: I have no complaints!

Pros: Crew amazing, smooth flight and on-time
Cons: Legroom and the fact that there is even s lower version of economy now! Yikes

Pros: Crew seemed experienced and professional.
Cons: Aisle seats have smaller under-the-seat storage space than other seats. The transition from a First Class to Economy was abrupt and kinda depressing.

Pros: On time departure & arrival

Pros: Pleasant flight crew and comfy seats, even in coach.

Pros: Smooth flight. On time

Pros: They did allow myself and children to board earlier 5/4.

Pros: Jet Plane
Cons: No entertainment. No charging point for personal device in today's age. Seats that can't get any smaller, yet, still does. Seats that barely recline and yet have to be brought upright during take-off and landing. Maybe common theme between airlines, but, it stands out. Salty pretzels probably the poorest choice for free handout snacks. No choice of course.

Cons: The pilot is inexperienced and did not aware early landing more than 30 mins would be undesirable as the assigned gate is still occupied by another plane. Therefore, we were forced to taxi around leading to excessive delay more than 20mins caausing a lot of conencting passengers had to run. The pilot should be retrained

Pros: Legitimately, nothing was liked.
Cons: My plane broke, worked multiple mechanicals, returned to the gate, my severely delayed departure caused all my connections to be missed thus creating more compounded issues. HUGE HUGE headache. Almost forgot, I'm still missing my luggage 2 whole days later.

Pros: The space on the plane, we left on timeand arrived early and I was able to sit by myself.
Cons: One of the stewardesses spoke very harshly to me. I felt very embarrassed and offended.

Pros: At least UA rebooked me next day no charge.
Cons: Had to cancel trip until next day due to initial flight so delayed I would have missed connection in Denver. Since UA claimed was weather related, I woulda been responsible for hotel.

Cons: Plane hot and crowded

Cons: The delay!!!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Cancelled the flight two hours before departure. Weren't apologetic.

Cons: Had to pay for entertainment. This was my 50th flight this year and first time any airline has no free entertainment. Probably will boycott united on future flights

Pros: Didn't crash
Cons: Get my to my destination on time. I missed my connection and will be 5 hours late to my destination, missing most of Father's Day

Pros: Polite and friendly staff.

Pros: Seats.
Cons: Sat in the middle of two people who took up part of my seat too.

Pros: Short flight.... no food or ENT. But quick easy and pretty on time. Thx.

Pros: I overslept my flight and United was able to find the next available flight into Denver which helped me tremendously. The guy on the phone was very pleasant and helped so much.
Cons: Boarding was disorganized and hard to understand. Flight was delayed because of paperwork that wasn't signed, which caused me to miss my connecting flight.

Pros: There is no food essentially. No entertainment unless you have your own electronic hand-held device.
Cons: See above.

Cons: The plane wasn't very clean. And I might have liked another option besides a weird trail mix for a snack.

Cons: It was freezing on the plane.

Cons: Seats are too close.

Pros: The Embraer ERJ-170 has comfortable seats!

Cons: More leg room

Cons: It was delayed a day

Cons: There was a delay with the flight. I wish there had been earlier communication about what was going on, i.e. Why it was delayed, how long will the delay be.

Pros: - The option to watch TV - The leg room
Cons: - No food options provided

Pros: The crew was friendly, and overall flight was good
Cons: Half way through the movie I bought to watch on my screen there was an announcement made by the captain and when my movie came on the sound wouldn't work, the flight attendant just said sometimes that happens and I could try to ask for a refund.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: My flight got hit with a fuel tankard and I had to stay in a hotel for the night. I didn't get to fly home that night and it messed up my entire schedule for the weekend.

Pros: The seats were comfortable and spacious place were awesome :) The snack was very good, the best I had so far while flying. Service was great :)
Cons: I didn't like that because I was 4th group to get in the plane, all the space above my seat was full and I had to go put my carry-on quite further down. It didn't cause me any problem because my connection flight had a long layover, but if had not been, I could have been late.

Pros: More legroom than previous flight on B737.
Cons: Why would you pay to watch anything? We don't care for Direct TV. Just give us something to watch w/o paying.

Pros: I was very nervous, but the flight attendant made me feel at ease.

Pros: On time!
Cons: Old plane- lots of noises/raddles. Flight attendant not especially friendly, but that's ok? Wish United went direct from Louisville to Ft Myers. Need to add trip to Frequent Flyer Account

Pros: The plane didn't crash
Cons: I was originally scheduled to fly to Cleveland from LGA at 8:30PM. At 12:30PM I got a text from United informing me that my flight had been cancelled. My only rebooking option on the same day was a 9:45PM flight out of Newark. Newark is significantly farther away from my apartment (2 hours vs. 30 minutes) but I took it because it was my only option. After a 2+ hour trip to Newark and going through a disastrous check-in process I found out my flight was delayed until 10:30, then 11, then 11:41. Hardly any real announcements were made until the end when the gate agent stopped hiding. No apologies were made and wasn't even offered water for the inconvenience.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Held up at check in because of understaffing. Long TSA line. When we finally got to gate wouldn't let us board. Then agent was extremely rude about putting us on a different flight. Have always flown Delta and am sorry I ever strayed. It will never happen again.

Pros: That I finally got there a day later. I only had carry on bags, so they weren't lost.
Cons: At OHare the gate agent sent me to the wrong gate and plane for my flight. I did not arrive Thursday at 8:30 pm as scheduled. Customer service put me on "red eye" to Dulles for the next flight to Charleston, without motel or meal vouchers. I couldnt sleep on the benches there due to asthma and diabetic issues. I arrived Friday 2:30 pm 17 hours late. Dulles overnight cleaning staff helped more than agents at OHare.

Pros: service was great

Cons: That I was charged for the flight again or they wouldn't let me on the plane

Pros: The hostess was entertaining
Cons: The plane was dirty and delayed

Cons: There was no air circulating on the plane the entire flight. The plane was over 90 degrees when we got on. Everyone on the flight asked for the air to be on and we were told it was. No air was coming out of the vents. Horrible flight.

Pros: Wifi
Cons: Snacks

Pros: Crew was friendly
Cons: A lot of turbulence for the 1st hour of flight

Pros: The piolets and staff were kimd
Cons: The airline kept delaying and canceling the flights with little to no notification, resulting in people missing work, connecting flights, and other important situations. there weren't many employees working at the airport to assist the people who were in unfortunate situations involving the flight, including myself. Overall it was a poor experience flying with United airlines, but that won't stop me from future planning.

Pros: It was a pleasant surprise to find out I had a choice of movies to watch on my iPhone. Be sure to install the United Airlines App so that you can take advantage of this service.
Cons: We were among the last 10 people to board and with the small plane size we had to gate check bags, but not a big deal.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Louisville to Charleston

Airlines flying from Louisville to Charleston have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Louisville to Charleston

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Louisville to Charleston

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Louisville to Charleston

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Louisville to Charleston

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Louisville to Charleston

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