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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
JetBlueOverall score based on 19761 reviews

Cons: Boarding at a tourist location is tough but cabin space is prestigious nowadays. Passengers need to be given clear guidance for carry-on baggage since it delays the onboarding process.

Cons: Los precios!

Pros: Seat was comfortable, entertainment was excellent, the inflight crew was goo
Cons: Food was terrible, there were no options. Tha airport crew was horrible, I was more than an hour in the line, what could perceive is that there is not enough personnel, also what I consider disrespectful is that although people for Puerto Rico flight was standing on the line on time, they were trying to cope with their delay on other flights, and they had all the line waiting until they finished with the other flights. THAT was absolutely disrespectful of others time, I was there carrying my carry on baggage. Abdul rely HORRIBLE. When they finally called me there was no education to say even Hello, she only spoke to me to say I had to pay for one bag, and the overweight price, I tried to explain I purchased a different fare, but she didn’t care she just kept repeating the same. Ground crew was horrible and the complete procedure is horrible, I’ve never had such experience with JetBlue. To improve you should start putting kiosks, and mobile check-in URGENTLY please

Pros: Good entertainment options, the flight tracking and personal screen great. There was good space between passengers and mask wearing was enforced.
Cons: Hand out wipes to self clean arm rests and tray tables.

Cons: Crew at the gate separated my parents from my grandmother which entered in a wheelchair. Told them they had to wait and couldn’t enter with her

Cons: In my trip from SJU to MCO before the boarding a crew member give us a package with disinfectant tissues and hand sanitizer in order to clean our space. In the flight from MCO to SJU don't do that.

Cons: Social distance . They sell a 90 % of capacity.

Pros: My flight was full of funny kids so I enjoy my flight a lot and the flight attendant was great too
Cons: Snacks we need more snacks

Pros: Only a 2hour flight
Cons: A working entertainment system.

Cons: COVID19 is over.

Pros: Yes
Cons: Everything was perfect

Pros: El vuelo fue confortable y agradable. El equipo de trabajo estuvo organizado y fueron serviciales.
Cons: El servicio es excelente, los asientos son cómodos y el vuelo estuvo sin problemas. Salimos y llegamos a la hora avisada previamente.

Cons: Food

Pros: Staff good
Cons: N/a

Pros: Flight left quick and everything was in order
Cons: Food

Pros: Crew. Friendly and helpful.
Cons: Comfortable seats

Pros: The movies on plane
Cons: Everything else- the flight was delayed 6 hours to my trip and 3 hours from my trip.

Pros: Excellent
Cons: Snacks are terrible now. Cheez Its & cookies? C’mon. I’m not 5.

Pros: Yes
Cons: Exelente

Pros: That I finally made it home after long hours waiting at the airport
Cons: No more delays.

Pros: Crew was so great

Cons: More Lego room

Pros: Crew was very polite and accommodating
Cons: Flight was delayed 4 times. We had to cancel other reservations and wasted a day traveling instead of a quick 4 hr plane ride.

Pros: We had exit rows seats that gave us extra space! The crew was very friendly even though they did not have anytime to rest, i am thankful for their services.
Cons: Seats are just uncomfortable. Headphones should be complimentary.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing else

Pros: Nothing! The flight was delayed until 10:34pm and still we did not board the plane at that time. Then when we finally board the plane a crew member Dan told me my luggage was to big which it was not, and when we landed in Puerto Rico I had to wait so long to get my luggage from the carousel.

Pros: Everything ran smooth I got my information on time and was a head of schedule and JetBlue made sure they kept me updated at all times.

Pros: Great boarding process, very personable crew and very comfortable seating even with a full booked plane.

Pros: Confort, cree,
Cons: Food and waiting time, delay

Cons: No one was sitting in the exit seats at row 10; delayed for one hour while we were in the plain with no communication or explanation from the crew.

Cons: How come none of your entertainment systems work? Also - not the day to train new personnel when you are behind. That was irresponsible and more stressful than it ever needed to be. It is completely Jet Blue's fault if people missed their connection due to your inefficiency.

Pros: La aplicación no decía el Gaste, el del papel era uno y en la pantalla otro.l y si preguntaban te fechas diferentes cosas. Para que escuches que están en la última llamada y hay que correr y cuando llegas esperar por el Gate ya que está ocupado. Más que el aire era caliente.

Cons: The flight was delayed 6hrs 30 mins and changed departure gate twice. At no point was there a gate change announcement overhead (there were gate change announcements made for flights to Bermuda, Boston and San Francisco). During the boarding process many people stood and went in before their group was called, one agent noticed it and told the agent checking the boarding passes “all of these people are group A?” To which the other agent replied: “no, but I can’t do anything about it”. If there are group assignments, they need to honor that, as some people pay to board earlier.

Cons: They are advertising free movies and is not true, because once you're settled to watch the movie there is no headphones and If you want one they sell it, is not free.

Pros: Friendly and relaxed service, healthy and nourishing snacks, on time arrival and departure, great communication throughout. I love Jet Blue!
Cons: Everything was great!

Pros: Comfortable seat, friendly service.The flight was also delayed due to a wing that needed to be repaired before take off. Pilot apologised and stressed that safety comes first.
Cons: Flight was crowded. Some senior citizens were making "funny" jokes about the wing that was repaired. These jokes were not only not funny, they were making them at the top of their lungs as if they shouting to someone miles away. There were some passengers travelling with pre-teen children also speaking so loudly, it was more like shouting.

Cons: Fogged out of JFK had to refuel in Newark - OK - but no one refueled plan for 20min and I missed my connection.

Cons: Let me preface this by saying that prior to this experience I generally though highly of JetBlue. To change my opinion of them, JetBlue had to monumentally screw up, which they did. This was the worst experience I have had on any airline, ever. Why I am mad: - I had a 4.5 hour delay due to maintenance that caused me to miss a flight to India. The 4.5 delay was on a 50 minute flight from Portland, ME to JFK. I nearly could have driven faster than JetBlue got me to New York. - Because of my missed flight to India, I missed day 1 of a two day wedding of which I am a wedding party member - In order to get to India in time for day 2, I had to book a new flight on a different airline for an additional $1000, on top of what I paid for my original flight to India - I was originally told by JetBlue in Portland, ME that they would offer me a reimbursement for the Portland flight, a hotel in NYC, and a travel credit for the trouble. While not totally satisfying since I was still going to miss a day of the wedding, I thought this to be a fair enough offer. - However, at the JetBlue desk in JFK, they completely reversed course. I was told that all they could offer me $100 travel credit. No reimbursement for Portland flight. No compensation for the extra $1,000 flight I had to book. And best of all, no hotel in New York, I was stranded at JFK for the night. I spoke with a supervisor at the desk who repeatadely told me that JetBlue had done their job in getting me to JFK and that they were not responsible for anything after I arrived to JFK. A 4.5 hour delay on a 50 minute flight is bad. Being steadfastly unwilling to compensate for missed flights is worse. And stranding me in JFK after telling me they would offer me a hotel room is just plain unacceptable. My family will be cancelling their JetBlue credit cards and we will look elsewhere for flights in the future.

Pros: I live in Puerto Rico and because of the disaster we had very little or no communication. The airline said they left emails or called but we had no knowledge of it. But we did recieve an email to check in the day before the trip. That day we found out the flight was canceled and they couldn't find another flight to accommodate us. We almost lost our trip.
Cons: I do not understand why Jetblue wanted to help Puerto Rico if they can't help thier own customers. This reservation was done on March and so was our cruise. I really think before you asume your customer received your notice that you talk personally with them especially under this condition.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

Cons: It was cold. Regulating temperature would be nice

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: The flight was delayed, boarding was slow, you could not here the representative over the loudspeaker. Chairs were tight, very little room. They did not even give anything complimentary for the delay.

Pros: Plane was on time and all crew were very courteous.
Cons: My tv was not working properly and was unable to watch any movies.

Cons: Tv, internet did not work majority of the flight, air was not that high.

Pros: Never went on the flight.
Cons: Awful customer service

Pros: Great crew.
Cons: As always, the seats in basic economy are as small as possible without actually being standing room only. I'm 5'7" and my knees are only about an inch from the seat back in front of me.

Cons: After 1 hour, still sitting on the tarmac waiting to get to our gate.

Pros: Nothing. They lost the plane so we couldn’t even fly out
Cons: Finding the plane

Pros: Thanks for the monitors.
Cons: The crew seems tired.

Cons: Delays both in DETROIT and a huge delay in Shanghai.

Cons: DTW to FLL, plane was delayed coming from BOS to DTW 5 hours for BOS weather. The plane arrived & they announced they would turn it around ASAP. They started the boarding process & then stopped it stating that a crew member had timed out. Delayed hour to FIND one. Shortly after delayed overnight.

Cons: Delta Comfort was no where near as good as a similar class on other airlines, such as Air France or KLM.

Pros: Horrible storms kept us in the air for at least an hour past our scheduled landing time. And yet we experienced virtually no turbulence. The pilots did an excellent job of keeping us updated, kept things as smooth as possible with the bad weather and we had plenty of movies and games to choose
Cons: I was charged an extra $100 because my bag was 10lbs overweight. Where is this crazy fee communicated on their website? And why does it have to be so much? I didn't have a way to weigh our bag before we left. I had no idea it was so heavy - ridiculous price.

Pros: The seats are probably the most comfy of all the flights I’ve taken. All the crew was super nice.
Cons: On my delta app it said we’d have the TVs again but we didn’t have any this time.

Pros: Didn’t like security. They were rude
Cons: Security

Cons: If it had left on time Waited 3 hours at the airport

Pros: Flight attendants were very friendly.

Pros: Pre-Boarding was very good
Cons: Meal service and trash pickup was poor. When meals were served, within 15 minutes food tray pickup was rushed making me feel like I had to cram the food down my throat. I did not and there was no further trash pickup for several hours. I initiated the attendant lamp and no crew responded.

Cons: Worst transatlantic flight in 40 years. Filthy old seats and mine had a wet ironed stain. The seat in front of me was broken and reclined into my lap. That made the screen for entertainment unusable. The reading lights didn’t work. The toilets were a mess and never serviced.

Pros: Crew superb
Cons: Better food at a homeless shelter..ugh..

Pros: Everything

Pros: I did not like nothing
Cons: Custom took for ever they only had 2 agents working and I Missed my fight to nyc

Pros: With all the competition among airlines and the cutbacks we suffer as customers Delta manages to make you feel like you matter still. Timely boarding, actual help with finding seats making boarding efficient (not just hurrying you along), updates from the cockpit that you could hear and understand, multiple choices in snacks-one even a healthy option, staff that was friendly and interested in making it a good experience not one that seemed bothered they had to work.

Cons: Crew did not offer me/ another passenger the complimentary drink/ snack. And made a face when I asked for a drink later.

Pros: On time

Cons: A 7+ hour delay!

Cons: My flight was delayed, which would have caused me to miss my connecting flight. The customer service person was not at all helpful, and told me there were no other flights available on any airline until the next day. However, I was able to go online and book another flight immediately...which means that she was either being disingenuous or actively undermining efforts to get me home in a timely fashion. Very disappointing and as a SkyMiles member would have thought there would be some level of common courtesy dealing with a non-weather related delay that drastically impacted my travel plans.

Cons: Delay was over an hour

Pros: The seats.
Cons: In typical Delta fashion they boarded, deplane, board it again and then beat the plane. Blamed it on weather even though a full maintenance crew was beneath the plane in the entire time and, for the coup de gras moved a new flight an hour later 30 gate down. Classic Delta hopefully they'll be out of business in a year

Pros: The flight staff were very attentive and courteous. I was asleep when drinks were passed out. The stewardess went out of her way to get me a drink after I woke up.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Leg room and seats are very tight and I'm a small person.
Cons: Coach class is very crowded.

Cons: The leg from Atlanta to Pointe de Pitre had no wifi or even old style entertainment. Bring a book!

Pros: Smooth flight. On time and took me from 20 degrees to 80

Pros: It was great

Cons: the inefficiency and extra steps required to travel. Quite lacking in smooth transition between flights, significantly below expectations relative to other airlines

Pros: Good customer service

Pros: The A330 is So much better than the A320, More room, movies, games, wish the flight down was on a A330.
Cons: Nothing- plane was full and pretty quiet. Bathrooms were easily accessed

Pros: Easy boarding, Love to the sad that you were not nickeled and dimed while in flight they provided wonderful food and snacks. The crew so friendly and very hard working constantly there to please the passengers also having Free movies made the 5 and a 1/2 hour flight go very quickly. I fly across country frequently I will always fly Delta.

Pros: Movies

Pros: Someone was sitting in our sit. But put us in three sit so happy . She was so nice lady
Cons: Food

Cons: I forgot my wired ear phone so I purchased the earphone. I knew i shouldn't expected anything for $2 but really I couldn't hear anything at all to watch the movie. It's used to be free, now even paid the quality of the stuff is really suck.

Cons: Every flight was 100% full. Inadequate overhead space. I felt I was being herded like cattle. It is NOT a pleasurable experience flying with Delta.

Cons: I liked it all

Pros: The boarding agents were especially helpful and friendly to my disabled wife, travelling in a wheelchair.

Cons: Seats were moved and I didn't sit with my traveling companion

Pros: Service. Sweet attendant.

Pros: The flight was quick, safe, and the crew was courteous and attentive.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Helpful crew, more food than usual, entertainment system and choices.
Cons: Didn't get meal request even though we did on flight to Europe and despite phone agent working to generate and verifying them before both flights.

Cons: Waited on tarmac at Laguardia more than 45 minutes after landing for gate to open up.

Pros: Didn't know you could get complimentary meals anymore! The movie selection was awesome too!
Cons: Why is the complimentary Wi-Fi and messaging only for T-Mobile subscribers?

Pros: Everything was smooth from start to finish, and the flight landed 10 min. early! Can't ask for more!

Cons: Ended up stuck at Laguardia for 9 hours, tried to get onto earlier flight and wasn't able to because as I arrived as the jet bridge door was closing. The delta crew was pleasant, but I sat at the terminal watching to see how quickly that plane would back out to depart.... it sat there for another 45 mins, while I sat there wishing I was on it. My later/original flight ended up being delayed multiple times (not due to weather) and given no explanation for why.

Pros: Not happy
Cons: I was given a hard time on getting my boarding pass printed. They made me waknback and forth twice to clear up this situation. Delta said I had to pay extra to cover the fare. Even the "special services" did not give any great service. Alex me think twice abotnbooking through this and delta.!

Cons: All good

Pros: Excellent service.

Pros: On time

Pros: Landing
Cons: Everything. Major delays lost vacation times

Pros: Plane wasn’t full and left and arrived early!
Cons: Offering some kind of beverage

Pros: Everything
Cons: No comments

Pros: The price.
Cons: Flight was delayed for 2 hours in Airbus 777 full of passengers. The reason was to fix some light and administrative error on a log book. This could have been prevented if they had done all of the checks beforehand. All of those passengers stuck in a plane during a pandemic. Not very smart !!!!

Pros: On time take off and the fact that we arrived alive.
Cons: Hot meals and inflight entertainment. No even drinks were served.

Pros: Great service and comfortable; well sanitized.
Cons: TV screens for movies and shows.

Cons: IFE was not streaming movies, WiFi on but not loading

Cons: Some of the crew had an attitude and the purchased WiFi did not work

Pros: Crew was snappy in getting people in plane and checking in carry ons since occupancy had been reached.
Cons: Lack of adjustable headrest on seat.

Pros: Smooth ride

Cons: Feeling of being cramped

Cons: Great flight

Pros: Crew was great!

Pros: Crew was great. Seats could be a bit wider

Pros: Crew was great. Boarding was easy.
Cons: Easier option for entertainment.

Cons: Todo bien

Pros: Checking in with my Mum who needs assistance was excellent.
Cons: Lack of Entertainment.

Cons: Flight delayed, interior of aircraft was deteriorating

Cons: Crampt space, cold cabin

Pros: None
Cons: Long delay

Pros: Service
Cons: Seats and space

Cons: Entertainment via internet could NEVER be really be done complitly. And the flight attendants did not know how to help costumers

Pros: Arrived on time despite late departure
Cons: Bumpy ride in CLT but uncontrollable

Pros: Turkey sandwich snd boarding went smoothly
Cons: There was no entertainment and since there is no WiFi for most of the flight due to being over water the flight seemed longer than what it actually was.

Cons: Poor service

Cons: Dallas to San Juan San Juan Dallas American Airlines has the worst seat of any airline flown by us fare almost 2000 dollars for round trip and the seat is small hard uncomfortable even for a short flight this is no business class!!

Pros: On time
Cons: Cold cabin

Pros: WiFi was on the flight. Free with TMobile.
Cons: Easy and fast flight

Cons: Last minute cancellation and reschedule if original flight with 20 people hounding the gate for standby status. Craziness. These last minute revisions mist stop

Pros: Direct flight
Cons: Horrible customer service, excessive baggage fees, rude counter staff, no leg room, narrow seats

Pros: Schedule was punctual. The entertainment was superb. Good crew. The overhead bins were, for some reason, larger which aided the boarding process.
Cons: I guess the lack of snack options but that is just the way it is nowadays.

Pros: Nice crew clean airplane
Cons: Initial flight was cancelled after 2 hours delay. My next flight was scheduled the earliest possible by AA which was 24 hours later. No transportation,hotel or miles compensation for this. I had work and responsabilities the next day. TThe scheduled trip was supposed to take off at 7:45. Boarding started late and was very slow. My bag fit the meassurements and still was forced to check it (which I did not want to do as I did not want to be waiting an hour for my bag at my arrival as I had work early the next day. In addition there was airplaine traffic as it was "rush hour" instead of flying at 7:45 we departed almost at 9pm!!!! Have to pay for food Quality of tv monitors very poor And in an uncomfortable position No movie options No wifi although stated the aircraft has Non functioning electrical plug

Pros: The pilot was a riot, the flight was on time. Again, nothing wrong, nothing special. As it should be (if only we had more leg and seat room, and I am pretty streamline).

Pros: Friendly staff. Landed early. Offered a free bag.
Cons: They moved the flight earlier, which was not fun. And, there were no entertainment centers.

Cons: Flight was good until, after arriving 30 minutes early to PWM, our plane had to wait about that much time for our gate to open. Once pulling to the gate we waited another 15 minutes for someone to figure out the walkway and open the door tom the plane-- all with no communication from the crew.

Pros: Nothing. My fight from San Juan to Miami on Friday Oct. 7 was cancelled because of hurricane Matthews, since I didnot buy a roundtrip with AA they did not reimburse or offer me a credit for my returning flight. I contacted AA in two ocassions and both times their personnel were impersonal and even rude to me with the whole situation. I ended up losing $250 because of choosing American Airlines. I will do my best to avoid traveling with American ever again, and I will spread the word, as well. I felt robbed, so unfair.
Cons: Everything

Pros: Friendly polite staff. Plane left and arrived on time.

Cons: No have owned screen TV

Cons: i decided to purchase a separate direct flight at a different time instead of changing my flight, only to be informed later when i tried to hop on the back end of my original flight, that they had canceled my ticket since i hadnt boarded on the front end of that flight. i had spoken to a customer service rep about my option before purchasing the extra ticket, and she did not mention that this would be an issue. then i had to pay extra to get back on my original flight.

Pros: Quick and easy

Pros: Even when the plane was full they managed to help passengers to get seated.
Cons: If you still flying economy class, why would you have to pay extra for exit row where the seats are the same. Only received pretzel and a cup of drink on a 3 hour flight once.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I never even made the flight because they kept jerking us around

Cons: Uncomfortable; charged $50 for checking bags only to see them checked for others for free at the gate. Seat selection on our three flights that day were ignored on 2 of tge floghts.

Cons: Terrible airport assistance, many unnecessary customs checks, uncomfortable seats, on flight bad service and late flight times.

Cons: I didn't like the American airline people who checked my bag. She threw it because I told her nothing was breakable in it.

Cons: Gg

Pros: Easy upgrade
Cons: E145 don’t have room for carry on. Instead of people having to wait at exit of plane. Tell them well a head like when booking check your bag and make that one free. It goes to the same place right?

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Not having so many delay and not seating on a plane for over an hour to take off.

Pros: Friendly crew
Cons: Leaving crying babies at home...

Cons: Again, left stranded in SC.

Cons: If this flight had been delayed to match our flight from AUS. We arrived in SJC at 1100. So a 8 hour extra time in flight was avoidable if United had waited 30 minutes.

Pros: The crew was helpful and nice.
Cons: It was delayed a lot.

Pros: It’s existance. Informative capt.
Cons: Late almost 3 hours. Sketchy bev service. 50 seat RJ.

Cons: 3 hour mechanical delay

Cons: I only made it as far as Chicago, and my bag was fairly comprehensively lost as I did so

Pros: I liked the perfect landing!!

Pros: When the lady in the gate saw me almost dying of running all over the airport with my suitcase, she was very nice and comfort me.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Just what I needed, right when nothing was working out. I had many things going on in my mind, yet nothing had to do with my flight. Everything worked out perfectly after all.
Cons: When we arrived in PR there wasn't a gate available because the one that was assigned had a broken jet bridge.


Pros: First time first class flyer. It was great!
Cons: Being separated from my wife in seating when we booked before others that we talked to!

Pros: All in the prices!!! Accesibility!!!
Cons: The prices changes too much!

Cons: Flight never happened because of hurricane yet I never got my money back. Natural disasters should qualify for a refund not a voucher.

Cons: Really awful, disorganized and unapologetic.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I'm supposed to bring a carry on with me and they don't allowed me this time. They should be strict with other passengers who bring more than a carry on. I was SO MADDD

Pros: Lady at the main customer service was trying to be very helpful..
Cons: Bording time ended at 10:00.. plane was departing at 10:15. Got there at 10:06.. the counter lady was very rude and instead of help me get to another flight or show me other options, she told me the doors was closed and that it was totally my fault I lost my flight since my prior flight got there early.. doors should be hold ten minutes after the end of the bording time. she sent me to the main customer counter..

Cons: See above.

Pros: Seat more comfortable and any entertainment.
Cons: The seat.

Pros: -United employee upgraded me to Business Class at no extra cost. She was extremely nice.
Cons: They had multiple passengers on a standby list waiting to board the already crowded flight. Plus, had numerous people without a seat assigned while offering them a $250 travel credit to get off the plane.

Pros: Friendly & informative captain & crew
Cons: Smooth flight, no complaints, A+

Pros: Great service, it had been a while since I flew with United. Impressed with the new plane.

Pros: clean; good movies
Cons: no kosher food option

Pros: Arrived early
Cons: The plane dropped during decent.

Pros: On time and comfort

Cons: My seat was the last line and it was uncomfortable.

Cons: Since united took over food court it is impossible to get breakfast. 30 minute wait at the kiosks, missing items at express, no coffee at Stromboli stand, another line to get coffee. 8:30 flight pulls out on time but doesn't leave for another 45 minutes, still posts as leaving on time.

Pros: I liked when Delta stepped up and had us booked on one of their flights within seconds, after United abandoned us at their own terminal.
Cons: Flight delayed 3 times due to maintenance, total of 5 hours. After final arrival time came and went with no plane or even announcement, I had to go back through security to front desk to find a rep and remind United that they had forgotten about us. They handed us off to the Delta counter with no apology (except the "new girl" apologized)

Pros: Not a single thing!
Cons: Arrived late

Cons: Thr boarding process was a mess, a lot of people didn't even have seats assigned.

Cons: The delays was horrible!!

Pros: The crew was nice and the area was clean.
Cons: I didn't like the fact that before boarding they offered to check peoples bags for free because so many people were trying to take ridiculous sized bags onto the plane. I always pay to check my bag . That process took for ever but we did still arrive on time.

Pros: Fast and easy boarding
Cons: No tv, no , no magazines

Pros: United personal quickly found our bag location and made the arraingement to send it to us ASAP.
Cons: The fact that the only bag we checked in with the airline did not arrived in our plane with out any warning what so ever.

Pros: nothing
Cons: it took me three days to get home. the first plane had a mechanical error. the second flight united booked me on was over booked so i didnt get a seat. the third flight they tried to send me on was also over booked. luckily someone volunteered to give up their seat.

Pros: On time, friendly crew and very reliable
Cons: Where's the food?? Gas prices have dropped significantly but all airlines still skimp on food, charge for bags and tickets are still pricey

Pros: Couldn't really figure out your Wi-Fi system so I just read a book
Cons: It's not really easy to set up your Wi-Fi system through the United app

Pros: El viaje de newark a san juan por united fue excelente. Por la linea aerea de American Airlines terriblemente FATAL. Habia un problema con el avion o la torre del vuelo miami hacia san juan PR. Nos ofrecieron estadia en un hotel supuestamente ellos corrian con los gastos ya q se atraso el vuelo y no fue culpa de ningun pasajero segun nos dijo una señorita del counter, resulta ser q el hotel fue el piso del aeropuerto de miami x 8 horas!!! Wow a la verdad q nos vieron la cara de bobos y nos cojieron de bobos tambien. Q trato mas injusto. No volveremos a viajar por AMERICAN AIRLINES asi mismo le dejaremos saber a todo el mundo el trato de esta linea con los pasajeros. Gracias a esto nos agravamos la espalda, costillas. Por culpa de ellos por tratarnos como basura. Eso no se hace!!!! Despues q estabamos sentados en el avion el piloto no llegaba y nos tuvieron q bajar del avion, esperar a que llegara otro piloto para volvernos a montar en el avion!!! Q mala coordinacion!! Esto es una falta de respeto!! Esta linea AMERICAN AIRLINES ES UNA PORQUERIA!!! No volvemos a viajar por esta linea JAMAS!!! Irresponsables!!
Cons: Nothing at all !!!! With AMERICAN AIRLINES THE WORST!!! We will NEVER travel by this linea aerea. Son una gran Porqueria!!

Pros: Everything was perfect, the crew was fantastic
Cons: Maybe a bit of food.

Pros: That I got a refund, although that should be a given
Cons: Had to purchase new flight day of, as I was told of flight cancellation 5 hours before leaving to the airport. I then had to spend $500 on a new flight, and one of the connections refused to let me on the plane. Stil not home.

Cons: Canceled flight, booked me an impossible connection, put on stayby when I get the tickets months in advance. Offered no vouchers and made me fly out on a diffrent day. Hs aircraft delays on all flights

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Never flying United again. On my way to the airport in Portland I got a text from United that my flight to Newark had been cancelled and there was no way to fly me out of Portland to San Diego that day. My sister had to drive me to Boston so I could catch a flight to San Francisco, which took 6.5 hours because it flew over most of Canada for some reason AND had three babies that cried from start to finish. Oh and because I was a late addition, I had a middle seat. The second I turned my phone on after we landed I had another yet another text from United saying that my connection to San Diego had been delayed three hours and wouldn't take off until 11:15 pm.

Pros: Very organized . On time

Pros: The United App is a must. Having so many movie and tv options made the flight breeze by.
Cons: The cabin was so uncomfortably hot. After passing by a second time with the drink cart, there was still another two hours left on our 4.5 hour flight. I hit the button to request a flight attendant, and after 15 minutes, one finally answered. I asked for water, and they stood over me while I drank it so they could trash the cup.

Pros: Good trip
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The crew kept us feeling comfortable
Cons: Hated the security check in on the airport because of their lack of staff also hatted the flight we were delayed 3 hours

Cons: They did not have TV and no wifi it was terrible. They only gave me a cup of soda nos even a potato chips which other airline do give.

Cons: Not only did we sit on the plane for over an hour before taking off, but on an over four hour flight I was refused water towards the end. When I asked for more than one glass I was rudely told and I quote, "you know what? No. We have other passengers who may want water." Are you kidding me? I sat down feeling scolded and like I asked for something ridiculous. We landed after 2am and most of the passengers were sleeping and I doubt anyone asked for more water since I didn't see the flight attendant move again. Perhaps she was upset that I interrupted her from reading her paper? Extremely displeased with my experience. I

Cons: Exelente

Cons: More Comfortable seats

Cons: Everything

Pros: It was ok, one gets what one pays and I understand that.
Cons: Some padding on the chairs would have been welcome.

Pros: Check in was

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Smoother ride to location

Cons: Nothing because everything is good.

Pros: En realidad nada porque desde los empleados hasta las azafatas del avión brindan muy pésimo servicio
Cons: Todo Check in Empleados Meriendas Entretenimiento

Cons: Frontier is usually good, not this flight. Dirty and packed full, not clean at all.

Cons: Covid prevention methods need to be fixed ASAP, I don't trust Frontier with my health safety. Everyone was cramped in the plane and there was not any space betweem seats like other airlines. The app did not work to pay for carryon and I had to pay $60 in the front desk.

Pros: That was fun
Cons: The food in the airplane

Pros: The crew of the flight was good but the seat are no comfortable.
Cons: Comfortable seats.

Pros: Everything was perfect flight on time the baggage very fast and the flight was just 3:30 minutes smoother than u can ask!

Pros: Once again everyone was so wonderful and helpful
Cons: Lower luggage cost. I spent $110 additional on this trip since since I wasn't well informed (my fault)

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Staff crabage

Pros: Fast easy boarding, friendly helpful staff
Cons: There was more kids sitting on their parents lap than I’ve ever seen before and it made a very chaotic noisy flight

Pros: The crew was great, the prices fantastic and everything whet extremely well. We even arrived in Denver early. The flight crew did a great job of keeping turbulence down despite some conditions that were less than easy to navigate. For a no frills flight, this was fine.
Cons: I miss the frills although they have them available all at a cost during and before the flight. If you need all the frills I would probably go to a more comfortable venue. If you bring your drink and snack and don't mind not choosing your seat, etc., this will work just fine.

Pros: The crew was great, the chairs are uncomfortable.
Cons: For the price it’s great.

Cons: For the price, you cannot go wrong. Would recommend and travel again with this airline.

Cons: People should be restrained from jamming entrance to aircraft BEFORE their zone is called.

Cons: Never happened, the flight was cancelled and never rebooked.

Cons: The flight was delayed, it was a mess.

Cons: Boarding

Pros: Great flught for the price.
Cons: Can’t complain.

Cons: Good

Cons: Free water

Cons: Tremenda porquería horrendo

Pros: Crew was amazing, I love that they had tablets to take the order instead of driving the cart up and down the aisle.
Cons: Paid fifty dollars for more leg room and it basically felt like basic seats that I’ve flown with such as spirit and American Airlines

Pros: Yes
Cons: Food

Pros: Nonstop, pricing was great
Cons: Free stuff, seats and baggage. Maybe a real tray table instead of the shelf.

Cons: Everything was good. It’s was a nice travel... safety and puntual. I like that... the only things I think they may could be better is the airplane seat. And they don’t have television.

Pros: Me cobraron por bulto de mano lo que lo encuentro inlógico porque con ese bulto viaje a Philadelphia y al volver me vienen a cobrar $60 no tiene sentido
Cons: Como comenté anterior Me cobraron por bulto de mano lo que lo encuentro inlógico porque con ese bulto viaje a Philadelphia y al volver me vienen a cobrar $60 no tiene sentido deben mejorar y no cojer a la gente de boba eso no se hace primera y última vez que viajo por Frontier

Pros: Great economical way to get there!

Pros: On time, new comfortable plane.
Cons: Entertainment?

Pros: No issues

Pros: Price
Cons: Hardest most uncomfortable seats, ever!

Pros: SEAT was comfortable
Cons: Service

Pros: Price on the flight to ket
Cons: Sits are really uncomfortable, staff wasn't courteous and boarding process was a mess

Pros: Estaba todo bien.
Cons: Pero no me gusto q havia mucha turbulencia. Y mis photos queria esplotar.

Cons: delay . delay delay . a 9:30 am flight was delayed until 9 pm. I opted to cancel and get refund. person helping at check in desk left in middle of handling my request and said next person would be along soon to finish. Said I had been refunded but was in Q for receipt. I asked for my luggage and it took numerous trips to desk to ask where it was and finally 2 . 1/2 hour later I got my luggage but no receipt. It was chaos in departure terminal of people trying to rebook or refund

Cons: The crew were not welcoming or friendly. One of them (blond, curly hair) was mean and disrespectful to everyone. She had an attitude all the time. Just the opposite of my flight from SJU to ATL. Other than that, the flight was on time, etc.

Pros: Good

Cons: Flight attendants inattentive and forgetful.

Pros: AFlight was fast and crew was accomdating.
Cons: I did not like the fact that I was padded down not once but twice at the age of 69 almost 70. Really did not know I was a threat to the airlines. I'm staying with my daughter at Ft.Bragg.

Pros: The first
Cons: This flight was canceled at the last minute and all passengers were told they needed to find another flight because the airline didn’t have any to rebook them on. Passengers had to pay out of pocket for new flights. Frontier said they would reimburse but I haven’t seen anything yet.

Pros: We had an uneventful flight
Cons: Didn’t depart until 1055 pm. One hour later than scheduled

Pros: Not applicable.
Cons: Due to mechanical error, the flight was delayed, we missed our connecting flights, and customer service was rude. With all the added fees, my total flight round trip came out to $502.90, so the options given to me as partial refunds did NOT make sense ($180 if I refunded my entire return flight, which is way less than half my overall cost, or per customer service at my connecting location, “you’d be lucky if you got $80”, which is way less than a quarter of the overall cost). My connection was at Denver and my final destination was Seattle. My options were to fly to Portland, OR and figure out the rest on my own, at my cost. Or book the next flight to Seattle, which was 24 hours later. I got a voucher for up to $150 for hotel, but absolutely no assistance finding and booking a hotel, especially since they were sold out (I was looking for hotels just past midnight) or cost over twice the voucher. Am NOT flying Frontier again and I have shared my experience with friends, family, and co-workers and have strongly advised against this airline.

Cons: Las 2 horas de retraso del vuelo.

Cons: The seats are very uncomfortable

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