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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

American Airlines
Overall score based on 45,043 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "This is the second American Airlines flight we have had in less than two months where there was an issue with the plane and multiple delays lasting hours. I understand delays happen, but we've had two late evening flights turn into red-eyes while traveling with one of our children. Will not be flying American Airlines again."

Cons: "App continued to crash. Couldnt watch movies."

Pros: "The was plenty of leg room."
Cons: "One flight attendant was pretty unfriendly."

Cons: "Baggage claim was terribly slow and we were director the wrong carousel."

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "The delays due to software"

Pros: "All was good"
Cons: "Nothing to complain about."

Pros: "Entertainment options were great"
Cons: "Crew (one member in particular) was rather short and rude to passengers who may have been unaware about the device holders on the back of seats. These are new for some. Use it as a teachable moment."

Cons: "5 hour delay including multiple gate changes, being pulled off the runway and poor communication"

Cons: "I will never, ever book with Kayak again"

Pros: "Busy but kind stewardesses"
Cons: "Please offer another snack option besides carboard flavored pretzels."

Cons: "Flight was delayed for more than 4 hours with little communication from staff as to why, gate was changed to a gate across the airport."

Cons: "As usual the small plane and bare bones flight service makes for a horrible flight 3 hours late 4th flight on American that has had insane schedule problems"


Pros: "On time, not completely full, good staff at gate & on plane"
Cons: "All good."

Pros: "Boarded on time. Concierge met me at baggage check to direct me to the queue I needed. (Two days ago, no concierge, and I spent 15 min in the wrong line to check a special-handling bag.)"
Cons: "25 min to get from late push-back to throttle-up. Late arrival at destination."

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Tight seating"

Pros: "short flight, crew was nice"
Cons: "left 40 min late due to a communication error deciding what crew would work the plane. didn’t find out why the flight was delayed until airborne."

Pros: "Very comfortable, affordable, nice staff! On time. Will fly AA again."

Pros: "They refunded my ticket (although I spent over $65 on cabs to and from the airport)."
Cons: "The flight was delayed by almost two hours - I knew I was going to miss my connection before I even left my airport. They told me they could not put my family and myself in a hotel and that we would need to take another flight the next day that had ANOTHER layover."

Pros: "Smooth Travel! AA is great"
Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "The desk people were aggressively unhelpful when I asked for advice on getting a jacket back that I had left my previous flight (less than an hour earlier). They treated me with derision and ridicule because my previous flight was with a different airline, an airline that is closely enough associated with American that they booked me on an American flight. It should have been possible to at least talk to someone that could address my situation but now I'm stuck with the likely loss of something important to me and a strong dislike of American airlines. I'm probably just salty because it happened yesterday though. I'll get over the jacket eventually and probably fly with American again. But I will always resent them."

Cons: "The trip is still ongoing 6 hours after it was to have been over and we still have a couple more hours to go. I understand that things happen, but most of the problems today seem to have been preventable. First, our plane in Lihue was delayed for over 3 hours because they could not get a working fuel truck to fill the plane. Three hours? This caused us to miss our connection in LA, although just barely. We had to wait onboard so that we could use the same gate that our outgoing plane was departing from. If we had just been sent to a different gate we. Oils have made our original flight. So, they put us on a flight to Chicago because there were no more flights to Minneapolis. Then, once in Chicago the incoming plane was delayed and we sat on the tarmac for 40 minutes before deplaning. Then after an hour delay we were told the crew was on the ground and we were boarded. Sat in the plane for another hour, then we’re told we were still waiting for crew members that were delayed so we deplaned again. Another 90 minutes past and we got back on the plane and sat for another 45 minutes. We are finally pulling away from the gate. Hallelujah!"

Pros: "The touch down at MSP. Was sitting over the wing and barely felt it."
Cons: "Was told carry on needed to be checked because there wasn't any more overhead room for my 9X14X16. So then I had to dig through it at the gate to remove lithium batteries and it took an additional 20+ minutes at MSP to get to baggage claim/wait/claim bag. There was plenty of room in overhead storage for my bag."

Pros: "Crew; snacks are okay, but could be better."
Cons: "Coffee is always burnt; overhead compartments too small; too little space for legs."

Pros: "Nothing. Still waiting on New Years to see if AA get us back to MSP"

Cons: "New cheap fare is honestly offensive trash."

Pros: "Crew was friendly and provided good service."
Cons: "Seats are very small. Boarding process could be improved. Seems some people board out of sequence and it screws up the process of stowing luggage and getting to your assigned seat. These same people bring in large over sized bags that will not fit in the above compartment or underneath the seat. Charging these individuals for these violations would deter them from engaging in this behavior. You might also want to add to your instructions how to disembark the plane, some individuals think their schedule is more important and rush up the isle in front of others who are trying to get their carry on luggage from the overhead compartment. Losers!!"

Pros: "I found this flight to be very efficient and the crew very professional and friendly. After a previous 15 hour flight I was very tired and this flight was a welcome ending to my journey."

Pros: "Fairly regular updates from Captain, approx every 15-30 minutes. Flight attendants were ok, performed duties as expected. Announcements were difficult to hear over sound system. I don't know if Captain and the flight attendants were soft-spoken, or if the volume was not turned high enough, but I could hear less than have of what was said over the audio system."
Cons: "On the plane for approx six hours. Sat for two hours at the gate, then another hour on the tarmac. Would have been more bearable, but AA's seats are sooooooo close together, that there is nowhere near enough room to stretch legs when weather causes delays. AA's seats are the most uncomfortable (in regard to space and lumbar support) of the three major airlines."

Pros: "I booked a codeshare ticket through Alaska Airlines reward program. I was worried I'd be shafted when it came to seats. Not so. I had the row to myself on both flights and just 2 rows shy of first class! Very impressed."

Cons: "it was an hour late"

Pros: "Actually, I like that it was late because my first flight arrived late. The flight overall was very quick and smooth."
Cons: "The seats were covered in crumbs from the previous flight, but that's probably because of the hurry to get passengers on to the next flight because the plane was late."

Cons: "No priority boarding for people with babies and toddlers"

Pros: "The crew was awesome. We were early arriving. More leg room this flight and I loved the in-flight entertainment games. Also charged area was good for phones. Didn't like having to pay for Wi-Fi onboard."
Cons: "The crew was awesome. We were early arriving. More leg room this flight and I loved the in-flight entertainment games. Also charged area was good for phones. Didn't like having to pay for Wi-Fi onboard."

Pros: "My flight experience with Etihad Airway was fantastic. I will recommend anyone to flight with Etihad. Thank you for your great service Etihad crews. I will flight with you again soon."

Pros: "Again the wheel chair attendant was helpful, patient and considering we were not feeling well, assisted us at customs. We are seasoned travelers and this is not usually how our travels usually go. We appreciated the wheelchair services, the flight attendants."

Pros: "The in-flight snack and the flight attendants on the flight were great."
Cons: "I tried to standby for an earlier flight on a first class ticket but I was told that's almost impossible as people waiting for upgrades have priority over me, so they may be able to get me a seat but in Economy. So, AA has no problem having a First Class ticketed passenger traveling in Economy and ticketed Economy passengers flying in First Class. Well, I do have a problem with that and didn't stand for it."

Pros: "entertainment system on domestic flight is swesome"
Cons: "boarding took long time"

Pros: "Flight was smooth and landing was good"
Cons: "Having to pay for luggage under the plane. I booked my flight 3 months in advance to sit with my wife and we got switched, fortunately I asked the man next to her to trade me seats. I ve flown to Managua about 7 or 8 times with American Airlines and this was my least favorite flight. People take up the space in the overhead compartments above my seat almost all the time then there is no space for mine."

Cons: "Female attendant on 11/22 mpls>Dallas-Fort was very rude."

Cons: "3 hour delay - no compensation."

Cons: "After having my flight delayed 4 hours causing me to miss my connection, I was placed stand by on a different flight through another city so I could try and make it home on time. I was the first person in line for stand by, but the flight was full so I knew it was a long shot. Waiting at the gate, I was excited because one person didn't show and they were giving him a two minute wait time before I could board. During this wait time a woman passenger came over and said she had just been given a ticket change at the gate counter. The agent at the gate was furious because the flight was sold out and said the woman should not have received a ticket, but should have been placed on stand by. She went over and scolded the other agent for this mistake. Okay, so she should've been placed on STAND BY behind me in line. After the unprofessional arguing between the two agents, they both admitted it was a mistake and she should be second in line for stand by, BUT they did not honor this and placed her on the plane bumping me. Needless to say, I missed my connecting flight because of this and extremely inconvenienced my family and in addition had to pay an extra 75 dollars out of my pocket to keep my dogs at their kennel an extra night because I arrived home 5 hours after expected. I understand that flights end up getting delayed and the agents are doing the best they can to accommodate travelers, but admitting a mistake and not fixing it to make it right is unacceptable. I notified American Airlines of my situation and only received a form letter with enough miles to get me 1/8 of a flight. I don't even care about the miles because I don't plan to ever fly with them again, I want the money for the dog kennel I had to pay extra. I was visiting my husband who serves in the US Army causing separation from our family for long periods of time and this extra headache and expense due to the mistake of American Airlines was disheartening."

Pros: "More spacious seating."
Cons: "All ofd the overhead bin carry on luggage left no room atg all by the time we boarded So hence the leg room was very crowded. When will the airlines stop the ridiculous over use and abuse of carry on unchecked bags?"

Cons: "It's getting progressively pricier with all kinds of added fees and the seats and spaces smaller. It's rediculous..."

Pros: "The crew's response was better than expected."
Cons: "Snacks were a bit too expensive."

Pros: "Flight was on time, and arrived about 1/2 hour early into MPS!!"

Pros: "Love the new entertainment on your own phone"
Cons: "Boarding took forever due to people's luggage in the overhead."

Pros: "Fast flight"

Pros: "Uneventful, except for a malfunctioning getaway in MSP which caused a very brief delay."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The fact that every time I fly with spirit, it seems to be late. They don't pass information along to let people know what's going on and why it's being delayed. Very poor customer service and overall product."

Pros: "Direct flight."
Cons: "Seats: even the expensive ones, don't recline. very uncomfortable. Departure was over an hour late. Crew was rude and dismissive. My feeling is that it was reflective of the culture they have at Spirit."

Cons: "I was told to take all of the stickers off my bag before checking it in or the bag would be lost. I took the stickers off the back for the first time in 5 years of global travel and for the first time, the bag was lost for 3 days. I personally think the person checking in my bag did not like me and intentionally lost my bag. We will never no. As a result I had to purchase $341.86 worth of safety equipment so I could start the job I was on. I never received a refund for my baggage fee. I was not reimbursed for my time and money spend to cover the losses after the airlines failure. I would fly the airline again as long as I was not checking bags."

Pros: "We did opt for extra leg room with an added charge."

Pros: "*Low Fare *New Airplane *Fun Crew/Great attitude *On time"
Cons: "*Seats didn't recline much at all *Im 5'7" and my knees were close to touching the seat in front of me"

Cons: "Be careful flying with Spirit. Their policy is that you pay a very small base rate, with no frills whatsoever. The seats don't even recline at all. Baggage fees (even when paid online ahead of time) are very costly. You don't even get in-flight water for free. I can't tell you how many customers were upset any complaining about various aspects of the surprise costs associated with this airline; I'd imagine all over the country every day Spirit is causing frustration to hundreds or thousands of people. Would not recommend."

Pros: "Staff"

Pros: "Flight delayed but handled it well. Preflight communications were excellent from spirit and from kayak."
Cons: "Crew seemed unexcied, not engaged."

Pros: "The plane looked brand new! Plenty of room! Friendly staff! We could even understand and hear the safety instructions! (Yes, even after flying several times I still pay attention to them.)"

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Not the best experience. Your airline is awful!"

Pros: "Love the price, and the no-frills, low cost approach. I can easily pack a minimal amount of stuff and be satisfied with bringing my own water bottle and pretzels to save $100. As long as you are aware of the policies before you book, I think everything is fine. Those that seem most upset with Spirit Airlines are those who were unaware their luggage policy and end up paying exorbitant rates at the gate..."
Cons: "This airplane seemed much tighter than the other Spirit flight I took. I dropped something on the floor by my feet, and the space in front of me was so narrow that I couldn't even reach down to grab the item without bending sideways, practically laying down in my neighbor's lap. So, the flight wasn't super comfortable with no room to move my legs, but then, I have long legs and I am never comfortable on an airplane."

Cons: "The chaos of the delay and the woman getting arrested. Leg room is very tight."

Cons: "need more padding on the seats, had numb butt"

Pros: "Humor of crew."
Cons: "Cramped space."

Pros: "Great flight"
Cons: "$3.00 for water Really!!!"

Pros: "I'd heard horror stories about flying with Spirit but my first trip went off without a hitch. I'll be using them again."

Pros: "Witnessed one rude irate customer, he handled himself professionally ! This particular gate representative should get more than a pat on the back."

Cons: "that the seats didnt recline"

Pros: "The steward announcer almost did a stand up routine while relaying information, which was unexpected and hilarious. It was a pleasant and comfortable flight all around."
Cons: "Nothing to complain about here!"

Cons: "Spirit airline unfortunately does not know what customer service means... Check in staff rolls their eyes, refuse to help and gets upset when asked questions. Then they say "it's more important to get the plane taken care of then deal with the bags"... Back story, almost 2 hours waiting for my checked bag... Every time we asked someone for info or help they took off and hid. The manager was not helpful and there customer service call in line was rude, and can't get anyone to call back. This coming from a person who believes in killing with kindness.... If u need help/info u better be nice. I approach in a very kind understanding fashion and still treated like I'm a horrible person who doesn't matter. I'd rather pay a little extra money for a plane ticket and be treated like a person."

Pros: "I liked the seats that wouldn't fold down. Everyone has the same seats."
Cons: "Didn't like the food offered. Won't like the baggage charge if I found out about when I arrived at the airport. It is impossible to navigate their website."

Pros: "NOTHING!"
Cons: "The flight was 4 hours late. The customer service was terrible. When we landed in Minneapolis, we had to sit ANOTHER 30 MINUTES on the tarmac because there NO GATES AVAILABLE. I WILL NEVER FLY SPIRIT AGAIN>"

Pros: "The price."
Cons: "No problems."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Extra cost for luggage and bigger backpacks"

Cons: "That my seat was given to a child traveling without an adult without anyone letting me know, until I got to my seat and questioned it. I understand this happens, but I think I should have been told prior to boarding and being confronted with the situation."

Cons: "My flight was delayed due to weather. They didn't notify anyone there was any sort of delay until after the flight was supposed to depart. Then they announced the flight Cancelled shortly after. There was no staff at any of the desks to help people rebook flights so we were all just standing there wondering what to do. Finally one lady came and had to help two flights worth of people rebook. Was in line for almost an hour. When I returned the next day they made me repay for all my overweight checked bags."

Cons: "Spirit never got us to Minneapolis. United did the next day. I can't believe they can stay in business."

Pros: "Very uncomfortable, seats did not go back and the attendance were very bad. Glad I only booked a one way."
Cons: "The flight attendance were very bad not friendly at all, but the worst was baggage claims. I've been flying for over 50 years and I've never ever had to wait that long for a bag. It took almost 1 hour for the first bag to come down, we were all very mad. I missed my ride and had to cab it, Never again I herd story's not to fly spirit now I know why!!!"

Pros: "Love that seats don't recline so the person ahead of me couldn't thrust it back in my face. The plane was clean and friendly staff. Also like that they didn't serve everybody free drinks and clog up the aisles for a 2 hour flight. Plus we got a great deal and got all our stuff in small bags so no extra fees."
Cons: "All good except for flight out delay and delay on tarmac. Didn't know if it was Spirit's fault or the weather or airports? Flight home was smooth and on time. I have heard stories about Spirit , this was my first time on them and I would use them again especially for the deal."

Pros: "I liked the ticket price and the fun advertising, so I thought I would try Spirit Airlines."
Cons: "I didn't like that the carry-on was $55 and the seats were uncomfortable,"

Pros: "On time, clean craft, friendly crew members"
Cons: "Unable to check in online without long "membership" process. Very frustrating when working from an iphone and want to be quick about it. Baggage fees are ridiculous."

Pros: "Cheap On time No issues with boarding"
Cons: "Extra costs - I understand the concept of bare fare so I wasn't mad about that, but the fact that it costs $10 to check in at the airport blows my mind. The other thing that is ridiculous in my opinion is the cost of the carry on bag. 100$ at the gate. Plane was dirty. There were crumbs on my seat and it was dirty."

Pros: "The flight was fine - on time and it went to the right place"
Cons: "I arrived at the airport 2 hours early and still raced to board the plane. Spirit had three different lines to check in, get a bag tag, and drop bags. It was ridiculous."

Cons: "Unfortunately, I should have asked around in advance: everything is add-on in cost, so there are prices for an additional carry-on and a steep price for checked luggage. Beverages and the like are also an extra charge, as is choosing your own seat (which, if you are traveling with a family, is just ridiculous). The seating is hugely tight (if you want to pick your seats, it's $10 for each and $25 for any imaginably decent leg room--I say this as a very short person; anyone of average height would be miserable)."

Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Solicitation for credit card"

Pros: "Flight was 4 1/2 hours late. Seats don't recline, but otherwise would have been comfortable. No drinks, snack or anything. Do not recommend."

Cons: "Everything but especially the flight attendants who spent most of the flight in a very loud conversation in the back"

Pros: "Nothing! !!"

Pros: "I'd like to thank Joni in customer service/baggage claim in MSP for locating and calling me about my son's lost iPad, as he left it on the flight in the seat back. She was fantastic!"
Cons: "I booked through Kayak, so I didn't know there would be extra charges for checking bags or carry-ons. Flight was delayed 20-30 min. Limited legroom for me (I'm 6'2''). Staff was courteous and flight went smoothly otherwise, I would fly Spirit again."

Pros: "Smooth landing."
Cons: "Seats uncomfortable. Pay extra for everything. Costs more than other airlines when paying for what you get with other airlines. Price is low to lure you but lots of hidden costs."

Cons: "It was a complete JOKE! Spirit was delayed from Minneapolis to Phoenix because the Pilot over slept? Really? Delayed for 3 hours and that is unacceptable! From Phoenix to Minneapolis it was delayed 30 minutes and I missed my shuttle from Minneapolis to Eau Claire! I will NEVER fly Spirit again."

Cons: "Engine Trouble, delayed 3 hours. Crying babies with negligent and uncaring parents, who neither even attempted to hush the kids, infront and directly next to us."

Cons: "They wanted to charge $55 per carry-on, even for a small one and my laptop bag for each leg if the trip! That's $220! I will never fly with them again!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "All of it. Flight was cancelled after delaying it 3 times.. No communication from staff members on any of the delays or cancellation. Cancellation took place at 12:30 am. My first and last time with spirit airlines."

Pros: "Best price (as long as you can live out of a back-pack or similarly small sized bag for the duration of your trip). I was only going away for 2 nights and so was able to do it. If I had to pay the luggage fees, this would NOT have been the best price."
Cons: "Seats are incredibly small and uncomfortable (I felt like the right side of my seat was just metal with the covering and zero seat cushion to it)! You are allowed one personal item about the size of a backpack or large purse, BUT you MAY NOT carry a personal item and your purse or a personal item and a laptop. So if you cant stand the tiny seating with no leg room (my limit is about 90 minutes) AND you can carry EVERYTHING you need in a backpack or large purse, this is the way to go. Don't think you will get a traditional carry-on bag onto this plane for free! Traditional carry-on bags are too large!"

Cons: "uncormfortable seating"

Pros: "I thought the crew was alright, though not outstanding. Everything else was terrible."
Cons: "I had so many delays. The first flight was delayed two hours, because of mechanical problems. On my way back we were delayed for half an hour originally, which then turned into three hours. It totally messed with my travel schedule and will never use Spirit again. I understand that it is less expensive, and am 100% fine with not having typical amenities, but I would not expect to lose 5 hours of my life because they can't get it together."

Pros: "- They were so kind as to offer us "complimentary water" for our inconvenience which was a result of them not properly checking their equipment"
Cons: "- Upon arriving at the gate, the flight was listed as going to Denver instead of Minneapolis. There was no representative to ask about this discrepancy. Additionally, when I talked to customer support, they offered no help and had no idea what was actually happening so they made up a lie instead. - As it turns out, our flight was delayed, multiple times... with only one notification of those delays posted - The pilot for our flight was missing, however, the pilots for the flight after were both at the gate - When the pilot arrived, the flight attendants were missing - Just before entering the runway, we stopped and were informed there was an issue with the engine - This issue resulted in an hour delay with no air circulation to cool the cabin, resulting in 85 degrees of discomfort, lasting for over an hour - When the flight finally took off, the flight attendants did not bother to check that everyone was buckled, or that carry on items were stowed away - If you need more reasons why not to fly Spirit, please read more reviews"


Pros: "Direct flight!"
Cons: "I did not like that EVERYTHING costs xtra. It caught me of guard & I was not prepared. I get the xtra luggage cost, but EVERYTHING? Seats don't recline. I felt squished."

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Managua to Minnesota

Airlines flying from Managua to Minnesota have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Managua to Minnesota

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Managua to Minnesota

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Managua to Minnesota

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Managua to Minnesota

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