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JetBlueOverall score based on 20579 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Jet blue flights seem generally good. Like the WiFi access to be Able to use flight time efficiently."
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Pros: "Jet blue flights seem generally good. Like the WiFi access to be Able to use flight time efficiently."
Pros: "Tv control broken with wires coming out of the arm rest in all seats of the same row."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was 6 hours late. When finally ready to go could not find crew"
Pros: "Crew was amazing. It was the pilot’s last flight before retirement, so it was fun celebrating with him and the crew. Seats were comfortable."
Pros: "Comfortable seating with lots of legroom; clean; ease of boarding and de-boarding; on time; nice variety of entertainment available ; everything was timely!"
Cons: "Some of the channels on the direct tv were not available throughout the whole flight; one flight attendant was not very friendly (she wasn’t rude either)."
Pros: "The inflight entertainment was the only great part of the trip."
Cons: "On time!!"
Cons: "On time and very comfortable"
Pros: "good snacks and this route (DCA-BOS) has the 2x2 seat configuration so no middle seats."
Cons: "I took this flight last week and this week and both weeks the flight were delayed a minimum of 1.5 hours"
Pros: "Personalized service, even in economy. Friendly faces, who seemed intent on providing the best customer service."
Cons: "Not much."
Pros: "Flight was on time, extra room seats were very comfortable."
Pros: "Crew was super nice and helpful"
Cons: "Agent at gate was hard to understand when making announcements - not due to accent or anything like that - he just spoke too quickly and directly into mic. He kept saying something about our flight moving to a different gate but it didn’t- very confusing"
Pros: "Crew was pleasant."
Pros: "Crew was informative and nice"
Cons: "Snacks"
Pros: "The crew was very good. The seat was okay."
Cons: "There was some sort of breakdown and the flight was delayed about 40 min"
Pros: "Easy check in and appreciate the family with stroller pre-boarding."
Cons: "It does not feel like more leg space than other airlines. It was ok, just given advertising would have expected more."
Pros: "Stewardess was lovely"
Cons: "Your choice of snacks are sooo unhealthy"
Pros: "Not applicable since flight changed to direct flight to FLL"
Pros: "only two flights a day both of them got delay for more than 5 hours unacceptable"
Cons: "Delayed 1.5 hours, in spite of good weather at both airports."
Pros: "I loved the snack options, the channel options, the seating arrangement, etc"
Cons: "technical difficulties made some channels blurrier than others, but I could hear just fine for the music channel"
Pros: "I was expecting cattle class legroom because of the price of the ticket. What a pleasant surprise to have room to stretch my legs."
Cons: "I really can't think of anything unpleasant about the flight."
Pros: "The most comfortable cushiony seat and lot of leg room is what I enjoyed the most on this flight"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by one hour had my pick up wait at the airport for one hour, which was not very much appreciated."
Pros: "Crew responded very well to a passenger with a medical issue."
Cons: "No captions for entertainment. Not acceptable."
Pros: "The team did their best to board the passengers and expedite cargo."
Cons: "Delay. Wasn't sure if pillows had to paid for."
Pros: "Leg room, TV, all crew"
Cons: "Tray table was dirty"
Pros: "Comfortable plane and good entertainment."
Cons: "The flight attendant wasn't really nice. She helped but seemed like was tired of people."
Pros: "The people who work were very courteous and professional. My flight was a short hop but everything went like clockwork!"
Pros: "lots of leg room. I'm 6'2" and that is rare."
Pros: "They were super attentive !"
Cons: "Seat would barely recline, and that was barely any leg room. Awful."
Pros: "Lots of legroom , free drinks, great bad of fancy chip. And importantly free carry-on and np hidden fees. Love JetBlur"
Pros: "TSA pre check!!!"
Pros: "The flight was smooth and the crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Movie selection was very slim and could not get my seat to recline."
Pros: "Ease of boarding"
Cons: "Delay in getting bag"
Pros: "Pleasant staff"
Pros: "Enjoyed adequate leg room on this flight. The Jet Blue staff at the airport and on the plane were very friendly and attentive."
Pros: "Our flight was delayed a bit but that was not a problem for us-gave us a chance to have some lunch. All of Jetblue’s Staff from the res agent at the counter, flight attendants and crew were all very professional, courteous, pleasant and helpful. Uniforms very nice. Thank you."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Free snacks Good entertainment"
Cons: "Back seat pocket was ripped out Flight was delayed 90 minutes"
Cons: "A bit of turbulence on take off , no fault of anyone except Mother Nature .. all in all a great flight !"
Cons: "It only was a stinker because 40 min delayed which made me miss my bus home , so now stuck for an hour : ( . Flight and crew were fabulous !"
Pros: "The fact that there was barely anyone on the flight"
Cons: "Turbulence"
Pros: "Quick and efficient: boarding, service, connections = as good as it gets for the money."
Pros: "punctual in taking off and landing, new planes, comfy seats in the smaller aircrafts, not cramped, I like that, friendly "cabin" crew. I like a lot."
Pros: "Service and comfort"
Pros: "non stop service"
Pros: "Everything the best!"
Cons: "Took my Mom's luggage and didn't check it through on the connecting flight. Then Said they would overnight it but didn't pay the charge for Saturday delivery. My 77 year old mother went without her things in Naples Florida after having a hurricane hit her house. I am appalled at the service."
Pros: "Leg room."
Cons: "The 2 hour plus delay in leaving due to jet blue's poor management around crew rotation."
Pros: "Good service"
Cons: "Free drinks beyond water would be noce"
Pros: "$100 credit for delayed flight."
Cons: "Flight delayed over 5 hours. Plane was a mess. Mixed responses from all JetBlue staff as to the causes of the delay from the airport staff to the customer service staff in the call center."

Terrible company

Love the crew

Pros: "The crew was amazing."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Snacks need some variety"
Pros: "Crew was exceptionally nice. Live DISH TV unexpected and appreciated."
Cons: "Flight was freezing. Crew was overly concerned about my tree nut allergy. Been flying for 40+ years and this was the first time any one has asked...appreciate it but they went overboard"
Cons: "Great"
Pros: "Great crew great pilot great entertainment"
Cons: "The way we board feels very classist."
Pros: "Good on time flight"
Pros: "Comfy"
Cons: "Seats a lil tight"
Pros: "The crew was amazing and polite."
Cons: "Nothing needed to be done"
Cons: "Not having a delayed flight."
Pros: "Crew did a great job communicating what was happening while we were delayed"
Cons: "Compensation for our time or schedule mishaps."
Pros: "Crew lady serving back of plane was very sweet and I enjoyed her serving us"
Cons: "Bathrooms were filthy, tray tables were sticky Seats were sunken in and uncomfortable Noisy air vent No entertainment system"
Pros: "The crew rocked!!!! Professional and fun. We enjoyed the music."
Cons: "WiFi didn’t work well. Still great flight."
Pros: "I like being able to charge my devices"
Cons: "Better movies"
Pros: "Yes the crew was amazing"
Cons: "Stop being LATE!!!!"
Pros: "Crew was very kind and entertainment was good when available"
Cons: "WiFi in all flights"
Cons: "The ticketing counter gave very bad guidance for when I arrived, thus refusing to allow me to check my bag. And insisting that I had to cancel my skymiles ticket and purchasing a new ticket. Show up at least 2 hours before at DCA for intl flights, employee incompetence could cost you $$$$"
Cons: "Virgin Atlantic has had better days. Living off of a long gone reputation. Great staff but old and worn out planes. Code sharing has done them no favors!"
Pros: "The flight"
Cons: "The flight"
Pros: "Baggage came quickly. Flight was on time."
Pros: "Boardin process was Ok"
Cons: "Due to several issues we were delayed in 3,5 hours"
Pros: "Arrived"
Cons: "Delta changed our seat assignment and our seats sucked"
Pros: "Easy boarding process, on-time departure and arrival and extremely comfortable!"
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "Meal was provided at no additional charge. Pilots were informative on weather conditions. Good crew service."
Pros: "Staff was friendly."
Cons: "During boarding, the sign wasn’t updated after Zone 1. I was watching the board from a distance while on the phone, waiting for Zone 4 to come up. Fortunately, I heard them say “final boarding” over the intercom; otherwise I could have missed my flight."
Cons: "Delayed flight"
Pros: "The crew were nice and friendly. The plane was new with lots of amenities"
Cons: "The new plane has NO leg room at all. It’s the worst leg room i’ve Experienced for such a large plane. I’m 6’1” and my knees would only fit if I spread my legs wide and sit back deep into the chair."
Pros: "The movies"
Cons: "We boarded late, then sat in a hot plane for an ester 30-40 mins because the route got cancelled. They wouldn’t serve us beverages while it was so hot inside. We landed over 49 mins later into Lax"
Pros: "Free movies"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Crew wasn’t very friendly"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything fuckin sucks"
Pros: "The in-flight movie was very much appreciated."
Pros: "Good in general."
Cons: "No wifi, no leg room"
Pros: "Very grateful they moved me to an earlier flight when mine was delayed due to weather. Impressed with entertainment options."
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Loud"
Pros: "Movie selection and cable channels"
Cons: "My connection was abruptly changed, it took a long time to straighten out, but they eventually did."
Cons: "The male flight attendant my section was very unpleasant to the elderly passengers in my area and just left me very uneasy about the flight"
Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "It was crowded and cramped."
Pros: "Happily, the flight was completely non-eventful."
Cons: "The food and snack choices are quite limited."
Pros: "Customer services"
Pros: "I board sky priority or sooner so it always goes well."
Cons: "Delta could do a little more to align people behind the right zone pillars when lining up for boarding. Passengers especially those not used to flying or flying with Delta are always confused. Maybe some stripping on the floor could help or pillars at the front and midway back."
Pros: "Delta fo"
Pros: "Great service very courteous crew. Smooth takeoff and landing."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Crew was good."
Cons: "Plane was late"
Pros: "Good experience overall. Pleasant staff. Movie features were wonderful and helped pass the time."
Pros: "The service. The plane (seemed like an international plane). Food options. The service and the service. There was a problem getting on, they allowed premium members to board but when I got to the plane, I was scolded by the cleaning crew lady (maybe the Mgr) that they were not ready and that she had informed 'them' of that and that no one is allowed to board while they are cleaning."
Cons: "Your seats are too small, but we know the airline industry is not gonna do anything about it."
Pros: "Smooth price getting boarding pass and we were anytime sit together"
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "Crew was great seats like always aren’t comfy"
Cons: "Better seats"
Pros: "Flight diverted. Poor communication"
Cons: "Realistically explain options of what may happen due to weather issues"
Pros: "Crew was great. Made it to destination 39 minutes earlier than expected"
Pros: "Landed in one piece despite weather."
Cons: "WiFi was down"
Cons: "more room, better boarding procedure, on time take off"
Cons: "Too cold"
Pros: "Crew was excellent and the flight was ahead of schedule."
Pros: "Was not long enough"
Pros: "Quick flight with no delays"
Cons: "Cramped seating."
Cons: "Landing was rough."
Cons: "Wi-Fi was spotty."
Cons: "maintenance. We left late due to a maintenance issue. Once the flight attendant notification alarm went off for 15 minutes."
Cons: "Flight delayed and bot enough overhead space."
Cons: "Tecnical problems dellay no good american arlines i dont recomended"
Cons: "This flight was delayed by almost 5 hours. While I understand there are some delays sometimes, this was the ONLY flight to Greensboro out of DCA, and the times kept changing throughout the day, even though the gate agents knew that the issue was that the crew was delayed. There should be backup crew available and when there are delays, the passengers should be kept informed. There should be other flight options available when this happens. I never received an apology from anyone I encountered throughout the process, and some personnel were rude even though I was polite."
Cons: "The food choices were terrible"
Pros: "AA provided free snacks and drinks at boarding gate. Courteous staff."
Cons: "Flight was on and off regarding time of departure. Received at least three alerts that the plane was delayed 1/2 hr then on time then delayed. We had to take a bus to the plane and sat on tarmac for several minutes until our flight disembarked."
Pros: "Flt attendent was really nice, friendly, courteous"
Cons: "Flt not on time. A/C did not work properly."
Cons: "X"
Pros: "The crew was helpful and fast in turning plane over."
Cons: "Flight delayed from 1015 pm departure to 1135pm, so I had to making my arrival at 1am. Hard are the person picking me up. Despite the fact that they moved my flight they closed the Aa lounge at 10 and kick you out, even though they moved my flight"
Pros: "Smooth flight with great service."
Pros: "boarding process was efficient and the seats on this aircraft seemed a bit more comfortable"
Cons: "lack of in-seat video and no free wi-fi and no power connections"
Pros: "Vegetarian meal was actually good!"
Cons: "They didn’t give me ice cream :("
Pros: "On time, good service."
Cons: "Lost my luggage and flight delayed"
Pros: "We did eventually reach our destination safe and sound"
Cons: "In flight service on AA was very disappointing. This was a cross-country flight of 5 hours at the dinner hour. The plane was full [ as usual these days ] seat space was tight [ as usual these days ], but cabin service was practically invisible. The two stewards made one pass with the beverage cart, and that was it for the duration!! On a five hour flight!! When I went back for a beverage, the stewards were chatting at the rear compartment. This was the poorest American Airlines service that I have experienced in fifty years. I will avoid them in the future. Don"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Lost connection"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Delayed departure; plane too hot to board on time after it arrived; delayed at Akron"
Pros: "it was easy to check in and short layovers"
Cons: "planes were really old and uncomfortable, I could not sleep at all, the seats are ridiculously small and not fit for a grown up. One of the worst flights ever for sure"
Cons: "We boarded, sat on the plane for a while, backed up from the gate, then sat for a while longer. 3 hours later, we had to go back to the gate because we reached the legal limit they can hold us on the plane on the tarmac. Another hour and a half or so later, we finally took off for JFK. We missed our first connecting flight and the second connecting flight I was able to rebook."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Cannot believe how American a treated it's passengers. 3 hour delay to JFK. No apologies. Missed connection to Paris. Not any customer service agents to be found in JFK at 11:30 pm. No explanation on what next. No hotel.. Nada. I'll never travel with American again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "You make me deplane just to take my bags from me because they don't fit the plane when I just flew 4 hours across the country."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Both flights, to and from around had to go search for my baggage and on the return flight I even had to go to a different terminal. The service is unacceptable. I will never fly with AA again."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "As I boarded the plane, they were trying to get me to check my carry on item when my bag fit the dimensions. It clearly fit in the luggage sizer, but the representative was quick to want to take my bag."
Cons: "My flight was changed to later time; however I didn't receive any notification. Flight was later and didn't get seat I requested on original flight."
Pros: "The gentleman at the departure desk was first rate. Polite and accommodating he was just what you would expect from an airline. Especially American Airlines. The crew was the same and I was happy to have decided to use AA."
Cons: "The departure was delayed approximately an hour."
Cons: "Cancelled flight last minute and I was put on another flight hours later; with a 1.5 hour delay too; no credit or voucher provided"
Cons: "No entertainment, ran out of meals by the time they got to the back of the plane."
Cons: "AA was slow to act or communicate and was half hearted in their attempt to make up for the cancelled flight"
Pros: "Good flight."
Cons: "A little crowded"
Pros: "The plane was new and the leg room was worth the extra $20."
Cons: "No inflight entertainment and the seat did not recline. I guess there are pros and cons in the exit row. I also had no choice but to buy the more expensive seat since all others were taken at check-in."
Cons: "Having to check my carry on bag. Brought only a carry on to avoid baggage claim, but was forced to check it anyway. There is NO organization to the boarding process, so in the free-for-all at boarding, people in any boarding group are let through with WAY MORE than 1 carry on and 1 personal item, leaving no room for my bag and I was in group 2 (not sure how many groups there are). Horrible disorganization at boarding. Board from back to front for goodness sake...its common sense."
Pros: "All aspects of flight were perfect. Couldn't ask for anything more."
Cons: "Everything was perfect."
Pros: "Quick, efficient flight"
Cons: "Packed light with no toiletries in our carry on to avoid having to go to baggage claim. They announced anyone in groups 3 or 4 had to check their bags. We checked our bag, boarded the plane, and there was PLENTY of overhead space. Wasted 35 minutes at baggage claim."
Cons: "We were never offered our drink or snack. Then the male attendant called my wife "sir" when asking her to put up the tray table"
Pros: "The business seats were comfortable & our service excellent"
Pros: "Nothing to like"
Cons: "Everything could be better. From the boarding process to the on board service."
Cons: "6 hours of delay"
Pros: "Good flight, decent crew. Food was okay."
Cons: "My entertainment set didn't work because the headphone jack was broken so that was a major bummer."
Cons: "The food was the worst. The setup was old. The staff was indifferent"
Cons: "we had a 9 hour delay"
Cons: "Nice exp and service"
Cons: "The delay was horrible and the captain said it was because they needed extra sleep. I found this offensive as i was trying to complete a very long trip and was exhausted."
Pros: "The staff and crew were excellent"
Cons: "Legroom was far too tight, by at least an inch. Entertainment such as recent movies, available on other airlines for free, was available only for pay."
Pros: "boarding was fast, flight was on time, nice crew"
Cons: "pretty basic creature comforts, seats so so"
Pros: "We landed in NYC -- although it was first announced as Dulles."
Cons: "This flight was on Canadian Air under the auspices of United. I was not allowed into the United Club lounge despite the fact that I had business class ticket. I was informed that a business class ticket isn't sufficient for using the lounge when flying domestic. It is only good when flying international. They call that customer service. I generally avoid domestic airlines because of the customer service. The flight attendants were not happy to serve you. It's a small flight but they didn't even offer a snack -- you had to ask for it. And then they brought over a small basket with nuts, chips, candy bars, and a muffin. I took a muffin and it stuck to the roof of my mouth -- very poor quality. When I asked for a snack the flight attendant replied cocktail or soft drink never saying whether or not a snack was available.. She said this a couple of times before I could repeat that I wanted a snack to which she replied you want something to drink with that. I've been on many short flights in Asia and they will deliver a full meal and you don't have to ask for it. There was no entertainment but United did send an email explaining how I could purchase entertainment to play on my own device."
Pros: "Flight was delayed by 3 hours. Hostess was super loud repeated destination at least 100 times."
Cons: "Pilot was calm and understanding"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by five hours due to a mechanical problem with the plane. Little information was provided by United. Frustrating experience."
Pros: "The flight attendants, service and comfort were very good."
Cons: "Because of plane maintenance the flight was 4 hours late. I stood in line for two hours to get my flight changed since I missed my connection in Frankfort, and never got it changed. I got to Frankfort and stood in 3 more lines to get on standby. I’m hoping to get to Naples before the last ferry to Capri in order to make my sister’s wedding."
Pros: "Quick flight, faster than schedule. Flight attendant was good."
Cons: "Absolutely no leg room or arm space in the seats on US express jets. If the flight were longer than an hour it would make for an absolutely miserable experience."
Pros: "Snack menu, the plane was moderately clean compared to the last. Good communication about late flight."
Cons: "Staff was mostly rude, tired. The plane was 30 minutes late due to weather. Internet would not work, the captain kept trying to reboot it, no entertainment. An older plane in moderate disrepair. Economy seats were much more uncomfortable than American Airlines."
Pros: "On time, friendly crew."
Cons: "Even though we reserved well in advanced my wife and I got middle seats in different rows. Fortunately, we both got aisle seats (the last ones available) but of course in different rows when we signed in for our tickets."
Pros: "Got a window seat and had an amazing crew. Everything went smoothly! Dinner and breakfast served!"
Cons: "Everything was perfect!"
Pros: "Comfort was good"
Cons: "Food appeared stale at times Drinks like fruit juices were given in small amounts like a quarter cup by stewardess Appears that it was being rationed Choice and scope of movies were poor and narrow"
Cons: "Never got the chance to make it to Norfolk with United. They would not provide us a plane same day or our money back or money for the rental car we required."
Cons: "We bought this on swiss air with the terms that included free skis. When we arrived at the airport, Unites airlines informed us that skis would be $200 to check. A pretty awful surprise to start our vacation. Perhaps it should be made more clear that the operating airline’s fees with predominant - not the fees we originally agreed to at purchase. United’s planes are awfully old and small."
Cons: "First flight was delayed so we missed our flight. The least they could have done was given us a pass to the lounge to relax considering we came in on a red eye or a lunch voucher. The staff was a bit rude."
Pros: "All of it was good."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "2 short a trip to serve food"
Cons: "The prior flight was delayed because after taxing, a crew wanted to remove an uncooperative passenger and went back to the gait. Subsequently, we arrived in Washington DC with only a few minutes before our next flight Albany was scheduled to leave. Because we had to do check our carry-on bags, we were 5 minutes later to the gait where the airline refused to wait for us to board although another passenger who did not have to wait for her bag was able to board the flight Albany. We therefore had to take a shuttle to Reagan international Airport, fly on a different airline to Hartford Connecticut, rent a car and drive 2 hours to finally reach our destination in Albany."
Pros: "It was hot...the whole flight"
Cons: "Hot hot hot"
Pros: "Pilot candor"
Cons: "In flight service"
Pros: "The flight was smooth and staff was courteous."
Cons: "Temp inside plane was freezing cold. Pilot was asked 3 times to adjust. People were bundled up, hugging themselves and had blankets over their heads to try to stay warm. After third request to pilot, the temperature was set to so hot people were sweating and complaining. Typical United Airlines crew who think they are driving a cattle car"
Cons: "The flight was supposed to arrive in Greenville at 6:41 pm, we never arrived until after 11 am."
Cons: "- The flight out of IAD was overbooked and left late. - My hand luggage was taken from me with promise of delivery at final destination - Staff in EWR was unhelpful and just short of rude - My luggage did not make the connection at EWR - There was no United staff in PoS to take my report of lost luggage -"
Pros: "On time flight. And the upgrade was wonderful"
Pros: "I liked that I finally made it home despite all the drama."
Cons: "I didn't like that I booked a flight nearly 2 months ago to only find out I didn't have a seat. I do understand its legal but I don't get how you are putting customers first by causing this drama. I understand how that DR felt when your guards ripped him out of his seat. I spent nearly 3 hours trying to find babysitters and alternate rides all while the snotty lady at the desk kept saying "you may not be flying out today but I cant tell you for sure". So to insure the bottom line you overbook then bump people at your leisure? This little game effects many lives above and beyond just the passengers. I don't plan on booking with United ever again. Why would I? There are many other options that take customer service more seriously. I would love to speak to someone higher up in this organization. But, im sure that will never happen."
Pros: "Large selection of movies to keep me entertained throughout a 13 hour flight."
Cons: "The food did not sit well with me. Seats became uncomfortable after a while, made it difficult to sleep."
Pros: "The personal are very amability"
Pros: "With these short flights on small planes, the best we can ask for is an on-time departure and smooth flying - which is just what we got."
Cons: "There was a delay after boarding / door closing. We just sat at the gate without explanation so we arrived late in Boston. I assume we were held for some reason by the tower but an update from the pilot would have been nice."
Pros: "The Argentinian lady that help us at the counter. She safe us from missing the flight."
Cons: "The long waiting with customs and that the connection were too far away to drop the baggage"
Pros: "One of the friendliest and most customer friendly flights I've had in a long time."
Pros: "During sleeping somebody took the pillow and the blanket from the adjacent seat. Unfortunately with my amenity kit and the Bose headphone case. The kit was found later by the personnel, the case not. Not reccomemded to sleep during flight at this airline."
Pros: "Flight attendant was extraordinarily kind, especially for the couple sitting next to me with their adorable 7-week old baby."
Pros: "Meals, for a coach ticket, were surprisingly good."
Pros: "Service"
Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "Pilot was excellent, didn't even feel the wheels touch down at RDU. It was a turbulent flight with thunderstorms (barely too bumpy for drink service) but Captain made it as smooth as possible and also kept us well informed what to expect. Plane was also on time, though many flights that day were late."
Pros: "We arrived 10 minutes early which allowed me to catch connecting ground transport"
Cons: "4 hr delay on the flight, terrible experience never flying with United again."
Cons: "Flight was canceled and United offered no reasonable options for returning home that evening."
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "Plane was freezing cold. Even with numerous empty seats I was assigned a seat in the last row next to the laboratory and not permitted to change. Flight attendant had a poor attitude and was generally not helpful."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My husband, sister, brother-in-law and myself flew into STL. We thought we had booked the same flight but when we got there found out our departure flight was different. We asked about moving them to our floght but it was over booked so we asked if we could move to there flight. They had 15 open seats. They told us no. There would be a charge of 500 dollars if we wanted to change. We decided to just fly out first and meet them there. We stood by the counter to speak about meeting. As we did we could hear them telling the next couple that they would have to move to the later flight. It was a huge problem for them as they would miss there connection. We then offered again to take the later flight so they could take our place on the over booked flight and make there connection. They where unwilling. Then we get on the flight and the plane was nasty and dirty. We put out tray table down and there was drink and dirt all over it. When asked if they could be cleaned we got an attitude. They never came back to do it. Luckily I had a wet wipe to do it. The plan smelled like urine. Same was true for our return flight. The plane was very old and not taken care of. This is not the first problem is we have had with United. We will not be flying with them any longer."

I had a flight this morning on Spirit from Myrtle Beach to LaGuardia, unfortunately it never happened because the flight apparently was no longer taking check in bags. 🤔 I’ve been flying forever and that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that. Long story short, they screwed up making other reservations, offered a late night flight to Newark and I said no. We drove home. I’d rather drive 12 hours in a beat up Malibu from Hertz than ever give another penny to Spirit Airlines.

Pros: "The crew was amazing."
Cons: "Nothing that I can add at this time. It was just great!"
Pros: "No leg room. Seat handle near aisle should go up n down"
Pros: "The staff is amazing! Everyone was nice and helpful. Plane was clean. Flight was on time . Thank you!"
Pros: "There was not much to like. The flight was delayed 4 hours and we were never given an explanation why."
Cons: "The flight could have been on time."
Pros: "Big chair is always awesome"
Pros: "The steward was funny."
Cons: "Extremely long security lines made me almost miss my flight."
Pros: "The flight staff was outstandin"
Cons: "Comfert"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Why can you at least get carry on without a fee, disgraceful"
Pros: "Price"
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "Seats too close and didn’t recline"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Even with the additional padding I bring with myself, the seats were not comfortable."
Pros: "The price of the flight makes it possible for me to visit my family. Otherwise it would not happen"
Pros: "I flew with my dog (Not service. Paid for in cabin transit) and I was unexpectedly blown away that at the gate, they switched my seat to have a window seat and an available seat next to me for extra room for Snuffles. Absolutely amazing service from stewardesses and they kept checking on snuffles to see that he had water or was okay. I was surprised and very much enjoyed the flight! Even landed half an hour early!"
Cons: "The checkin luggage weight is less than other airlines, 40 lbs vs 55 usually, but be prepared to pay for everything. I mean knowing that, the flight experience was amazing otherwise"
Pros: "Nice seats"
Cons: "We waited 5 hours past are depasture time ND I'm pretty sure I just missed my connection"
Pros: "The plan was nice and clean, the crew was very nice as well"
Cons: "There is no entertainment on the plane, the seats were a little bit too small."
Cons: "They were not ready at all"
Cons: "I had a prepaid direct flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis leaving at 10:40 a.m. Showed up at 10:05 & was told that I missed my flight. I said "but my flight doesn't leave until 10:40." They said: "yes, but your check-in time is 45 minutes before the plane departs". I said: "but no one told me this." They said: "It's on our website." That's terrible customer service in my book & a con on unsuspecting consumers. There should be a class action lawsuit on disclosures like that. Another couple ahead of me in line had the exact same thing happen to them! I booked another flight on Southwest Airlines without incident but have apparently lost my prepaid fare to fly on Spirit Airliner. They offered to fly me out the next day for a $99 rebooking fee but that cost almost as much as flying Southwest plus I would have to book a hotel or wait overnight. Terrible experience. Never again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything that Spirit has done has been mediocre. I bought a ticket for my employee to fly to New Orleans and he showed up at the kiosk 40 minutes before the flight and was not able to get on so I had to pay $15 to reschedule for today and he showed up at the same time and still they said that their computers were down and they couldn't check anybody in and there's multiple people angry that they're boarding passes want working and so now we have to figure out how he can get to New Orleans and actually make it there. It'll be three days of not being able to get there because of spirits unethical and subpar customer service. I will never choose to fly Spirit again after this"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Nicole at Spirit corp who reversed the charge."
Cons: "Kayak didn't mention the luggage charge at all. Then Spirit didn't send me the required email though I called twice so by the time I got it the charge was fifty BOTH WAYS. I got that reveresed by corporate but the ticket counter people were AWFUL and uncaring and not just to me. Everyone in line was saying they would never use Spirit again. One woman was charged eight dollars to get a seat next to her toddler! Awful gouging airline. It costs one hundred dollars if you don't know and bring a suitcase to the plane without paying days before!"
Pros: "Super nice staff"
Cons: "My TSA was not on my ticket"
Pros: "Absolutely no problemsuch with the flight!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "This isn't a good price after they charge you for carry on bags and seats (carry on bags are $45 each way), do not choose Spirit. The seats were thin and hard on the back side, so the child kicking my seat nonstop was especially annoying due to the poor seat construction. Boarding and getting off the plane took a lifetime. No wifi. Won't fly spirit again."
Pros: "I liked the way it flights and landing but I can't accept we need to buy even a bottle of water."
Pros: "Sucker u with low fares and then rape u on baggage fees. Also as u see in other travelers reviews looks like they are constantly having delays. Next time I will just stick with Southwest"
Pros: "Pretty miserable flying experience."
Pros: "The rumors are true. Spirit is ONLY cheap if you are flying by yourself with NO bags. I paid almost double to sit next to my fiancée and check my bags (1 each)."
Cons: "Same as before"
Pros: "NOTHING! I guess it's good that it didn't crash."
Cons: "Of course they get you with the best flight price but then add 35 (each way!) for luggage fee (that's a carry on!) and a few to have seat (like you could just stand as an option?!) it is NOT a better price at all. Leg room is less too (unless you pay for more). Nope! Never again."
Pros: "7 AM flights are miserable, but the crew from FLL to BWI was amazing. They kept us laughing and made the trip great. Early arrival is always a plus."
Cons: "Food is very limited for those with nut allergies."
Pros: "Departure and Arrival time was terrific!"
Cons: "The comfort of the seats was terrible."
Pros: "Na"
Cons: "Na"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by nearly 2 hours. No drink service offered"
Pros: "Leaving orlando to Atlantic city was smooth! Great flight nice and easy"
Cons: "Leaving Atlantic city to Orlando was horriable and left me and my girlfriend unhappy.. Showed up 50min- an hour before flight waiting in line with only 2 people checking in flights being next in line after waiting 20-25 min to go to the fest with now only 25 min left until flight departure the worker told my gf she couldn't check her bag for under the plane cause we weren't up to the fest within 45 min of departure and said we could t bring it as a carry on... She told us we can throw out her bag full of clothes or had to pay a reschedule fee off $100 not sure if that was per ticket and wasn't till the next day when we both had to be to work in the morning.. Not to mention the 4 hour car ride to get there.. So needless to say we threw her bag out and some of my belongings squeezing as much of her stuff in my bag and throwing out clothes shoes suitcase etc.. Should offer a mailing option for situations like this especially when they were not staffed enough.."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "To refuse a cup of water (free of charge) to a caughing child 33,000 feet in the air? Really?! Cheap? Greedy? Illegal? It will prob. be jet blue next time."
Cons: "Above."
Cons: "in the future, i'd prefer to pay a more expensive flat rate with a more known airline than gamble on a cheap fare thinking that i'm saving money. i think i ended up paying more in the end for a sub par operation. i won't be recommending it."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Online it said $0 for carry on. Upon arrival we were told if carry on went in overhead storage it was an additional $50, free was only if you could fit it under your seat. Then the flight attendants served a 20 year old 4 alcohol drinks and cut him off after he became intoxicated and belligerent, stating openly that he wasn't even 21 years old and was going home after 5 years incarceration!"
Pros: "The staff was pleasant"
Cons: "The seats didn't recline. This made it the most uncomfortable two hrs I have ever had on a flight. Constant delays. At first I couldn't believe how cheap I got the flight. Then I realized why. They nickel and dime you to death. $55 for a check in? Absolutely crazy!!!"
Pros: "Price for round trip was less than $150"
Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything, flight was cheap but then the stolen items from my luggage nullified any discounted ticket price. Never will I fly spirit again."
Cons: "I bought two seats next to each other for myself and my daughter and when I boarded here were two people in our seats. Another mother and daughter that the flight attendant told me wanted to sit together. The only remaining seats were middle seats in different rows and one of those was next to a mother with an infant. My daughter was the older than the other daughter so we had to sit separately. So what's the point of buying seats?? Sounds like a scam to me."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "I became sick with a highly contagious bacterial infection the day before my flight! I called Spirit to try to book a flight on a later date when I was well! No way no how! I guess Spirit would have rather I fly infecting many people. Instead of working with me! Sad Airline first and last attempt to fly this Airline!"
Pros: "Missed an important life event bc of the 1 hour delay which they did not advertise ahead of time online or in an email update! I still arrived at my gate with 5 min to spare and they said the plane departed a few min before the posted time, ergo I had missed it by 90 seconds. they routed me to Dallas and I got in 3 hours after I was supposed to. Not dependable!"
Cons: "1 hour delayed and missed my Connecting flight! It was uncomfortable, seats don't recline, tray tables useless for working on a laptop"
Pros: "flight delayed, seats unbelievably uncomfortable, crew members chattering about nonsense as I tried to doze off in the incredibly uncomfortable seats, no free water much less coffee, pre-flight email about printing my boarding pass did not arrive, airport kiosk about their unbelievably restrictive baggage policy confusing--I could go on and on. Must remember never to book on Sprint again. Sucked, sucked, sucked and sucked."
Cons: "flight delayed, seats unbelievably uncomfortable, crew members chattering incessantly about nonsense as I tried to doze off in the incredibly uncomfortable seats, about fifteen reminders inflight about airline policies that I understood the first fourteen times, no free water much less coffee, pre-flight email about printing my boarding pass did not arrive, airport kiosk about their unbelievably restrictive baggage policy confusing--I could go on and on. Must remember never to book on Sprint again. Sucked, sucked, sucked and sucked."
Pros: "From the time I got in line to checking in and board everyone was pleasant and willing to answer all my questions"
Cons: "Only thing I didnt like was some children kicking the back of my seat in flight"
Cons: "My flight was cancelled last minute, less than 6 hours before takeoff. I had already checked in! Thank goodness I checked the flight status later too. I had to scramble to make other flight arrangements. There were NO spirit flights until the next morning so I went with another carrier. Two hours before the would-be takeoff I get a call from some guy at Spirit. Wow thanks for the heads up, buddy. So timely. I am STILL trying to get my refund/travel voucher from spirit. It is impossible to do off their website because the flight status is 'closed.' Their 'customer service department' is a joke. Expect wait times up to, probably exceeding 1hr when you call. Good grief I thought I was saving money but it's worth the $50 saved to preserve your sanity and fly with a better carrier. One that cancels reasonably ahead of time and promptly notifies you."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I found out my flight was delayed two hours but decided to go to the airport at the appropriate time anyway. It was just a girls weekend so I wasn't in any major rush to get there. As my shuttle is taking me to the airport, I look again to find that my flight has officially went from taking off at 9:14pm to taking off at 12:12pm. When I got to the airport, it was 7pm so I would have to wait for 5 hours. I went to the Spirit counter and asked what time my flight was leaving. The man at the counter says "9:15" so I responded with "okay great so there's no delay then??" He said "yeah there's just a short delay you won't even know" I showed him my phone and asked is 12:12am the time were supposed to leave? And he said "yes". Well, then I was fuming because this customer "support" person completely lied to me. Another quite rude lady said there was absolutely nothing they could do for me and shooed me away. I was also told it was because their technology wasn't reaching flight control. I went to my gate anyway and noticed that the spirit section was completely packed-I'm assuming this issue backed up many flights. After an hour of waiting, they announced that the delay may be even longer. I immediately left because at that point I wouldn't get into my destination until 4am which wasn't worth my short visit to where I was going. Later on in the night, I looked at my phone to see what happened-it ended up being cancelled!!!! What a joke! Bad customer service, bad fees, bad way of handling their flight situations!!! Never again."
Pros: "The fares were very reasonable. and the plane was clean."
Cons: "After we were in our seats, before takeoff a very large woman moved into the aisle seat. She was extremely rude. She did not fasten her seatbelt for takeoff and landing and hid it with a jacket across her lap . She wouldnt get up so we could use the restroom, but turned sideways but she was so large we had to practically climb over her to get out. We asked her to give her trash to the flight attendant and she became abusive and threatened to slap our faces and started with very rude comments and racial slurs. I know she did not have a ticket for the seat she was in. She make our trip terrible and no flight attendant ever said a word to her . I wish I has filed a complaint against her."

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