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Low season

October Best time to beat the crowds with an average 18% drop in price.

High season

December Most popular time to fly with an average 15% increase in price.

Average price round-trip

$691 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal round-trip

$578 or less

Good deal one-way

$282 or less

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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for $282 or less one-way and $578 or less round-trip.
  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is October.

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Top 5 airlines serving Monterey Regional to Cancún

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Alaska Airlines
Overall score based on 29,202 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Entertainment options"
Cons: "Services"

Pros: "Helped with bags and quick to assist"

Pros: "Cheese tray was great, good selection of movies"
Cons: "Seats are very narrow"

Pros: "The flight itself was as expected."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 3+ hours with no reasoning shared with travelers. No compensation, complimentary beverage, etc. was provided."

Pros: "Good boarding process. Comfortable seats with good amount of legroom"

Pros: "Comfortable and pleasant service"
Cons: "Nothing a very lpleasant experience"

Pros: "Crew was pleasant and very polite. I like that one carry on was included in my ticket. Enough leg room. Love the free in flight movies! Glad I didn’t have to purchase a beverage either."
Cons: "I will never understand the way boarding works. Did going from window groups, middle seat groups to aisle seat groups not work? I hate having to squeeze through and hope I don’t knock anyone in the face with my bag. I don’t like I can’t pick my seat and that my seatbelt is a little too tight. If I get a seat in the back I’m waiting for everyone else to get on and then for them to get off the plane. I guess I’ll have to pay the $75 fee for “first class” next time since that’s the only way to update my seat. And if I have a “saver rate” ticket - I should be able to still change my flight within 24 hours. I wanted to come back a day earlier and it was the same price! But I would’ve had to cancel and repurchase for an additional $200!!!"

Pros: "Passengers were told that the chief pilot was retiring following this flight. The second pilot described his very impressive career. Prior to arrival the plane was sprayed in honor of the pilot’s retirement."

Pros: "Flight was quick and smooth"
Cons: "Airline stewards we're not very attentive"

Pros: "It was on time and fast"

Pros: "Pasco is just the best little airport! Very clean sand FASSSST security"

Pros: "first class food selection: muffins and drip coffee. and water."

Pros: "Upgraded without asking for it."

Pros: "The logo on the plane"
Cons: "No snacks , no tv . slow flight"

Cons: "Flight was delayed over an hour and even after that, there was no room for all carry-on luggage causing me another delay at SFO waiting for baggage."

Pros: "My flight was at 6:45 and so the first domestic flight out was much more crowded than I thought. People were cutting claiming they’re late. No staff other than at the entry. Voices were raised as one man refused to let two others to just cut and walk right past him."

Pros: "So much leg room!"

Pros: "Book the flight with Kayak never let us pick the seat and I’m not be able to sit with my husband! That the worse next time I’ll just book directly to the Airline website."

Pros: "Didn't utilize food or entertainment"

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "everything"

Pros: "The staff at the gate and the flights were awesome. It was my first experience on Alaska and I will definitely be ok again."
Cons: "Can't think of anything."

Cons: "The change of gate for the boarding."

Pros: "I continue to like Alaska Airlines and their accomadations."

Pros: "Everything is good. Service Excellence all around!"
Cons: "More options in snacks."

Pros: "Check in person Alaska counter went out of her way to make sure that my wife and I had seats close together so I could help her on the plane and help her get seated."
Cons: "Everything went well. I was very happy with the service and the flight."

Cons: "Too many people with large carry-ons &backpacks made getting off and on very slow"

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Horrible, confused, and very slow check-in. None of the advertised food available on flight, just a strange tasteless thing that they said was a burrito"

Cons: "delay in takeoff and general confusion of staff about what was to happen."

Pros: "Great staff, lots of leg room"
Cons: "Had to deboard the airline for 2 1/2 hrs due to issues with Seattles air traffic control connection"

Pros: "1. Boarding appeared streamlined. 2. Plugs ins for tech. 3. Coffee smelled amazing. 5. Seat size seemed larger than most airplanes."
Cons: "1. Wifi or gogo did not connect. 2. It was a tad bit cold."

Cons: "wasn't clear that flight was leaving from International terminal."

Pros: "Early departure and very early arrival"
Cons: "Sits did not recline at all on 5 hour flight. 5 hour flight with one 1 by 2 inch cookie. Glad I had my own food!"

Pros: "Everyone was so nice & accommodating. I would definitely book them again."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "I like straight flights."
Cons: "I couldn't fly the plane myself. LOL The pilot wouldn't let me."

Pros: "They provided excellent & freindly service."

Pros: "People were efficient and friendly"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Brian of the brand new air plane's staff was very friendly and attentive. The plane had that great "new plane" smell ... mmm! :)"
Cons: "Well, it's always difficult when one has to change terminals and the plane is delayed. It's even harder for those of us with mobility issues. I use a knee scooter and I was in a lot of pain by the time we finally boarded. The crew seemed just a bit confused as to what was going to happen to my scooter, although it worked out just fine. I couldn't get the in-flight wifi to work either of my two devices, nor could my seat mate. :( We were served food very late in the fight -- I had about 15 minutes to eat before the seat tray had to be put up. But worst, my flight home has been cancelled and rescheduled for a much later flight. As mobility device user, I'm limited on who can pick me up and when. This means an over two hour wait for my pick up person, which is very hard on a one-legged person. I asked Alaska if they would be willing to waive the fee for a different flight when I can get a prompt pick up person with room for my mobility device. They said they would not. I'm a little surprised, as Alaska claims to be ADA and military friendly. I'm not sure I'll fly Alaska again."

Pros: "The flight left on time."
Cons: "The flight was so full and there are no video screens on the seat backs. Our plane was 20 minutes late because the arrival gate was occupied by another plane."

Pros: "Too ezpensive"

Pros: "Crew was fine and great."
Cons: "The flight was delayed, then we had to sit on the runway after boarding for about 45 minutes before takeoff. Arrived to LA over 1.5 hours late."

Pros: "It was great. I slept nearly the entire time. No one bothered me!"

Pros: "First class upgrade"

Pros: "On time, pleasant staff on flight Airports were great -- SNA and SJC"
Cons: "Put my family in seats all over the plane. I hate that."

Pros: "The crew was very accommodating"
Cons: "Arriving so late and all the delays"

Pros: "I can't really complain. I slept, we got to our destination on time."

Pros: "Alaska was fantastic through this nightmare of a trip. They went above and beyond to try and help get us ticketed, bags retrieved when our connecting flight on a different airline was suddenly changed... to 2hrs earlier. Flight itself was great. No issues. No delays. Infact we landed 20mins earlier than expected."

Pros: "Promptness of flight"
Cons: "Cramped seating"

Pros: "The flight was very comfortable and the flight stewards were very nice."
Cons: "They ran out of the fruit and cheese snack before they got to the last few seats."

Pros: "Efficient, funny flight attendants :)"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "We sat in the plane at the terminal for half an hour before we could begin to get off the plane. I missed my connecting flight because of this."

Pros: "Colaboración del personal"
Cons: "Atrasos"

Pros: "Flight was smooth, comfortable and crew was very helpful. Captain provided updates that were very valuable to all passengers. Check in was very organized and fast."
Cons: "Hard to say, everything was fine to me"

Pros: "The efficiency and kindness of the staff made the experience. Boarding thru landing went smoothly. Onboard services were beyond those provided by U.S. carriers."
Cons: "Baggage claim was a disaster. This may have been a problem with San Francisco baggage handling. Bags were delayed by over 30 minutes during which time there was a carousel change with very little announcements."

Pros: "Everything was good"

Pros: "Great Airline, Positive customer experience!"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Crew was OK."
Cons: "Seat was dirty. Plane was old. Food was terrible and not much. Only one meal for 6.5 hour flight. Bring your own food. Or don't fly avianca."

Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Everything was perfect"

Cons: "We left 25 minutes late ...."

Pros: "service and punctuality"
Cons: "time management for connecting flights with star alliance partners. I had 1:45 min for a connecting flight to Cancun and because of immigration procedures the baggage claim took 1 hour to give me my luggage, making me miss my connection and having to spend $600 on a crappy hotel in Cancun. Very bad"

Pros: "We were well cared for on this flight. Treated like people and not cattle, a big change from other airlines."

Pros: "nothing, it's like a bus with wings."
Cons: "attention, food, entertainment."

Cons: "Boarding could be more friendly and confortable."

Cons: "There was no entertainment option. There were no screens or charging stations on the seats and my earphone plug did not work to watch the movie playing on the common screen, which was very small and hard to view."

Pros: "Air crew"
Cons: "Space between chairs"

Cons: "We waited 30 mins on the tarmac and then another 30 for baggage claim to begin. Very disorganized"

Pros: "always like Avianca! They do their best! On the other hand"
Cons: "On the other hand - we receirved a text message from you stating the flight was delayed till 12:20 which was not true as per Avianca. Then we had to wait 3hours extra for another flight. Avianca sent our bags to Perriera and we did not get our things till24 hours later."

Pros: "Todo muy bien gracias muy profecionales."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No headphones for video entertainment"

Pros: "Overall on board service on internatiinal flights on Avianca is very good. Food was good"
Cons: "Late by almost two hours due to problems on the previus flight of the plane. Boarding in Mia can improve."

Cons: "People were NOT following instructions at boarding time... even though they were giving us instructions about who was boarding... I mentioned it to the agent when I boarded and he replied “No, that’s not true” when I was seeing who was boarding and when... if families with children were called... even single travelers were boarding the general boarding line... nobody really cared"

Cons: "- overall the communication with passengers about 2+ hour time changes on flights is very poor, they don't offer an clear explanation why"

Pros: "Last minute cancellation without any reasonable information, no respect for passengers."

Pros: "They put me on an early flight to ensure to have more time for the flight Bogota to Rio de Janeiro"
Cons: "The food"

Cons: "On Feb 26th we had a flight leaving Bogota back to NYC, and at the gate, we found out our flight would not be operated by Avianca, but by a Spanish carrier called WAMOS. Wamos airlines does not offer in-flight entertainment. It offers an app that you can download on your mobile device prior the flight, even though there are no plugs inside the plane and no fully reclining seats. This change is being caused by an ongoing strike action by some of their own pilots and this has been regarded with absolute no consideration from Avianca to its costumers. At the airport we talked to 3 different customer services employees, all giving us different versions of the story and no clear answers. One employee told us that we MAY have a possibility of reimbursement and another one that we could stay in a hotel and catch another flight the next day (which was not an option for us) There was no advance warning about this change to me (not even during check-in) Found out later some passengers gotten an email informing about this change, but not all of them. Staff didn't know anything about this flight. The gate staff only informed passengers of the change, after I complained, and kept insisting that the airplanes were the same, when clearly it was not the same quality, in amenities and service on board. There were big delays and a mess with seat assignments. Many customers traveling together with separated seats and of course, delays in departure caused by the mess that Avianca caused. Just to be clear. what Avianca is doing is stealing the money that we paid for a specific flight, to voluntary change us to a much less inferior flight, with absolutely no consideration and no compensations."

Cons: "The flight was operated by Wamos, a Spanish budget airline with an older plane that didn't have features I expected when I bought my flight with Avianca, such as in-seat entertainment, plugs for charging my my phone, and fully reclining seats. For a 5+ hour flight, this made a big difference. I was notified the day before of this change with no time to make alternate plans. I spoke to the Avianca customer service at the airport along with many other unhappy passengers, but they offered nothing to address the situation or address the difference in quality."

Cons: "Havent gotten there yet."

Pros: "The crew was great and the pilot was faster than I expected."
Cons: "Dry food & uncomfortable seat to sleep in."

Pros: "very nice experience nice flight food and beverages"

Pros: "Overall the experience was ok."
Cons: "No vegan or vegetarian food options. Very long flight and I couldn’t eat anything, me being hypoglycemic by the time I got to Bogota my glucose levels where dangerously low."

Cons: "To many hours waiting"

Pros: "Customer service is the best"
Cons: "Everything was perfect"

Pros: "Copa Airlines had good food and acceptable leg room, even in economy."
Cons: "We we're rebooked on Copa Airlines from Avianca after a delay and would have to go to Panama first, then Cancun, and arrive around 10 pm instead of 11 am. Do not fly Avianca out of JFK!"

Pros: "2 free bags in the hold if I wanted. Extremely courteous, flexible and professional air stewardesses. Comfortable seating. Very positive all-round mood from the airline. Much better than anything I've ever flown with before. I wish they would start North America to Europe runs."

Pros: "Got there earlier"
Cons: "Flight went form the 31st of October at 10 pm to the 30th at 2 am. I️ had less than 2 hours to get ready for the flight. The connection were very long as well. Had to stop in Guatemala without notice and flight was delayed from Bogota to Cartagena. Worst flight experience ever, though I’m on vacation so it’s better than Work. And we didn’t die yay"

Pros: "There was nothing to like. They cancel flights and do not let people know, delay flights, etc"
Cons: "Everything is terrible from reservations to food on board to airport staff"

Pros: "Great flight"

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Horrible"
Cons: "Horrible"

Pros: "Good airplane, friendly crew, and wuick boarding. Managed to make a very short connection between flights"
Cons: "reclines very little, and food options are limited"

Pros: "smooth transition .."
Cons: "Wished the seats has more spacing."

Pros: "They were all very nice and helpful. We received two meals and snacks. I had a blanket and pillow. Couldn't complain."
Cons: "I had requested the wheel chair service due to my bad knee. When it came to boarding everything was great but when I got off the plane, no one brought the wheel chair. I ended up having to walk and hurt my knee further. They were suppose to help with my bags but I guess that's only in the USA"

Cons: "This airline is awful. Never again."

Cons: "Smaller plane 3 seats on each side is always uncomfortable"

Pros: "The movie selection, crew very profesional, bathroom was always clean, everything move fast and on yime"

Pros: "- Modern 787 aircraft."
Cons: "- Unconfortable seats on both planes. - crew was, in general rude and unnatentive."

Cons: "Overall it was a good flight, although they lost my luggage. Fortunatelly, they found it and deliver to my hotel by the next morning."

Pros: "The flight was quick and efficient. On board, I fell a sleep the minute we took off... (11PM flight)... so I can't comment on the service. But the seat, business class, was very comfortable."
Cons: "The boarding was mayhem. Since we had to take a bus out to the plane, there was no order to the boarding process."

Cons: "Un servicio terrible, desde las filas de chequeo , salimos mas de una hora tarde y media , en un avión que tuvimos que salir a la pista, para adorarlo soy una persona con discapacidad y subir y bajar esas gradas para mi fue traumático, esta gente sobreviene sus vuelos . TERRIBLE experiencia con AVIANCA"

Pros: "same comment as previous"
Cons: "same comment as previous"

Pros: "Business class. Seat was comfy. Reclined quite a bit. Food was great. Staff was not very happy or helpful tho compared to other business class flights I’ve done. Movie selection was not good at all. Very dated. 4 new releases."
Cons: "Staff was not very happy or helpful tho compared to other business class flights I’ve done. Movie selection was not good at all. Very dated. 4 new releases."

Pros: "Efficiency of process."
Cons: "Better entertainment and better food with vegetarian option."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Boarding lines are awful"

Pros: "Onntime and very goid service"
Cons: "Panamá boarding room"

Pros: "The crew it was really nice and the seat too."
Cons: "The food, I was in the las seat, and I get the last thing for food and it taste really bad, and the fact the plane don't have for charges."

Pros: "Comfy seats"
Cons: "Compliance with departure times"

Pros: "It's nice to fly a real airline. Where a bag is included, overhead bins fit standard carry ons, the seats recline, if even just a short distance."
Cons: "That omelette at 3:30 in the morning was horrible. Even the sausage link tasted odd. Not bad if the only complaint is airline food though."

Pros: "Everything was great"

Cons: "Bathroom sink in first class was inoperable"

Pros: "Yes the crew was very nice and the seat was ok..."
Cons: "Good and drink could be better but it was not bad at all.."

Cons: "Superb flight staff."

Cons: "Horrific experience. They overbooked the flight. I bought these tickets 4 months ago. We were forced to stay in Panama until abother flight the next day. We were split from our group. I called the travel agency, I called Copa airline to confirm. The both assured me I was good to go. They were both"

Pros: "No like"
Cons: "the will of the counter attendant of the chekin, he did not help me at all"

Pros: "The whole experience was great. Pleasant crew, food excellent. I will recommend this airline for future trips."
Cons: "More affordable especially because this was a last minute trip because of death in my family."

Pros: "On time always"
Cons: "I can't complete the check in online."

Pros: "The crew was great!"
Cons: "The plane for Flight 498, February 3, 2019 needs to be retired - seats falling apart, exit sign fell off during the flight."

Cons: "From LA to Santiago ok, from Santiago to LA (Panama stop) terrible. 7 hour delay and gave a $10 voucher to buy $8 bottle water, what a joke."

Pros: "My impression is the same as the flight from New York to Panama, It was Great"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "1st flight was delayed so I missed my connection. 2nd flight was delayed due to mechanical issues so I missed my second connection. I traveled for over 24hours and now that it’s 3 days later , my checked luggage has still not arrived or been found."

Pros: "the meal was nice."
Cons: "that I was crammed into a seat. I was seated in the back row and the person in front of me leaned their seat all the way back and because of my height I was literally stuck. Flight attendants wold roll eyes if I didnt understand their spanish immediately or spoke english to them."

Pros: "The flight was only an hour and a half yet we weee given a hot meal, a snack, and complimentary (alcoholic) beverages. Boarding was organized and timely, the crew was friendly. Couldn’t have asked for more. Smoothest flight experience I’ve had in a while."

Pros: "The captain seemed like a very considerate and professional woman! Props to her for giving us more info than captains usually do"

Pros: "View"
Cons: "Some food"

Cons: "Seats didn’t recline but I managed to sleep the first hour anyway"

Pros: "Food was particularly good in business class."
Cons: "Very minor point on not having an entertainment system, but the flight was short at just over 1hr. It was hard to understand some announcements over the speakers because of the sound system plus the fast talking with heavy accents"

Pros: "Great food , great service."
Cons: "Nothing everything was great."

Pros: "Best thing was comfortable seating with decent leg room as compared to many other airlines. First time with COPA; made me feel a bit better with high priced tickets."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit slow and unorganized, but no biggie."

Cons: "The food is pretty bad, stale not flavorful or interesting at all"

Pros: "I liked how accommodating the staff was with seating for my family, as I was traveling with two young children and we weren't seated together. There was more leg room than most other domestic air travel companies I have been on. There was no upgrade charge for every little thing, such as blankets, pillows, etc. We were fed on each flight, and alcoholic beverages were at no additional charge. The exit tax to leave Costa Rica was included in our ticket, which I was not aware of until I was leaving the country. (nice surprise). Over all, most other airline companies in the USA have made changes that improve their bottom line, but they have completely ruined any favorable aspect of traveling with their airline (American Airlines, Frontier, Southwest, Delta, etc). Copa has done a great job of providing great service and cost for travelers. Please do not change your business strategy by removing some of the above mentioned benefits I enjoyed in order to improve your profit margin. It is refreshing to know there are still air carriers out there that retain the service that is hoped for by most travelers. Also, Roxana and her entire flight crew were outstanding. Thank you , I will fly with you anytime I have the chance."

Pros: "The airline itself was great with their service. I always use Kayak to book my flights."
Cons: "I was denied entry into Panama through immigration because of a past criminal record. I was detained for 9 hours with no food, water, or access to my belongings. I was unaware of what was happening, as I haven't had a criminal history for many years and wasn't informed upon purchasing this ticket that this would be a problem. I was sent back to San Francisco. This has interfered with other travel plans and tickets that have already been purchased once I reached my final destination of Bogota, Columbia. I need to reach Quito, Ecuador by March 21st and I'm now back in San Francisco extremely disappointed."

Pros: "Business Class service in Economy! Free checked luggage. Warm meals for dinner. Sandwiches for Breakfast and Lunch. You can even choose different options: Vegan, Gluten free or Kosher. ALL drink options ...., even ALCOHOL !"
Cons: "No individual Screens in seats. Could not replace with my own due to No power for my devices"

Pros: "Price, service, food, entertainment, easy layover"
Cons: "Seats are not very comfortable, but it was fine."

Cons: "I don't like how they change from 70lb to 50lb"

Pros: "Good flight. Friendly crew, left on time, arrived a few minutes early."

Pros: "It was nice and fast."
Cons: "Seating."

Pros: "Food was pretty good, drinks (beer/wine, soft drinks) were free (hate being nickel and dimed) and staff were sufficiently bilingual (and didn't have an attitude if you weren't speaking Copa's language, Spanish)."
Cons: "No WiFi on either of my flights, centralized movie (i.e. screen above the seats) without an in-seat selection."

Pros: "Food"

Pros: "No delays on departure. Smooth boarding process"

Cons: "We did NOT had assigned seats on the Panama-Cancun flight and those were given 5 mins prior to boarding and spread all over the plane. Not good at all."

Cons: "The flight was overbooked from Panama to Lima, so they leaved us for another day, and we missed the flight from Lima to Cuzco as well as the tour of tomorrrow morning to Machu Pichu, more than 1200 dollars of lost and for sure no responsability from Copa."

Cons: "It didnt have enough entertainment it needs more options pf movies I didn't like I couldn't seat with my grandchild we were separated"

Pros: "Friendly crew, good food."
Cons: "Cheap earphones provide very bad quality of sound. I barely could hear anything. I had to use my personal earphones."

Pros: "On time..."

Pros: "la puntualidad y el buna atención."

Cons: "No water, zero information, and lots of wasted time."

Cons: "The departure was delayed, but we arrived at the time that was scheduled in New Yotk."

Pros: "The service overall is great. The airplane is comfortable. Airport in Panama has very good service. I would take Copa again."
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Leg room, food, screens"
Cons: "Food was gross"

Cons: "Last minute gate change"

Pros: "Plane was very new and clean. Love the individual TV units on the back of chairs"

Cons: "Beverages fir 1st class"

Cons: "Sat on the runway for over an hour. Lack of communication and lies.."

Cons: "Individual TVs, perhaps"

Pros: "second flight was delayed about 30 minutes"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight status"

Cons: "Bring back the individual TV's"

Pros: "Crew was fantastic but seats lack padding which agrivated my tailbone."
Cons: "A second beverage service would have nice."

Pros: "The cabin crew"
Cons: "The gate agents were utterly rude and unprofessional. If you’re going to be so negative why work in customer service ?!?"

Pros: "as expected"

Cons: "Flight delayed 1h30, no food or beverage served!"

Pros: "Pilot made up time from Montrose to Dallas. 737 is more comfortable than some of the planes in use currently."

Cons: "1 hour delay boarding then another hour waiting for a Pilot!?"

Pros: "On time departure and arrival."
Cons: "Hard landing!"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Boarding system, come located entertainment o/b, non existan food/snacks"

Pros: "A comedy of errors that really wasn't funny. My poor elderly parents are exhausted by what should have been an easy non-stop flight in good weather."
Cons: "The service and equipment problems."

Pros: "Plane is clean. Well kept"
Cons: "Wifi. It terrible"

Pros: "Timeliness and friendly staff. Arrived before scheduled time..."

Cons: "After getting us lined up for boarding we were told to wait due to maintenance."

Pros: "Arrived safely."
Cons: "Noisy children."

Pros: "Arrived early in CUN!"
Cons: "Food selection"

Pros: "Everything went smoothly. Standard flight and good landing. On time."
Cons: "Need more space in coach."

Pros: "quick flight"
Cons: "seats are very cramped"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Nisy airplane and hard seats."

Pros: "The actual flight itself was fine and the inflight entertainment provided good entertainment."
Cons: "From the begining the trip was plagued by delays. I was supposed to leave Monterey at 0600, we didnt leave until 0630. Then my Phoenix flight was delayed by two hours that caused me to shift flights in Charlotte because i would miss my connection. Lastly, they had to change a break on the plane leaving Charlotte so instead of getting home at 7 like i was supposed to, i got into Norfolk at 1139 pm."

Pros: "The Monterrey airport is very comfortable and fast. The trip was pleasant. The staff very attentive."
Cons: "On this trip I wanted to see snow and I did not see it."

Cons: "Late leaving Monterey. Other than that, fine trip"

Cons: "Very narrow seats"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Lost luggage for more than 18 hours. Poor costumer service by baggage assistance: Too many issues to even mention it. Arrived in Cancun w/o luggages and connection to Cuba with another airline and no luggages for 2 weeks."

Cons: "I didn't have enough time and had to rush to get to me connecting flight. It scared me that I might not make it to the terminal and gate in time. thanks!!"

Pros: "Pleasant crew and flight was comfortable"
Cons: "Plane was a half hour late and had to run to catch our connecting flight"

Pros: "The crew and flight was great."

Cons: "Airline throughout mentioned connecting flight passengers are okay as the flight will land almost at the scheduled arrival time but once onboard bluntly announced that we don't have further information. This is cheating"

Pros: "Everyone was very helpful."

Pros: "In general it was fine"
Cons: "The flight was not cheap and when I went to select my seat, it revealed that to not sit in the middle row would cost me an extra $60 each way. A bit much on the misc charges folks."

Cons: "I am million miler in Korean air. It's a seven star airlines"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Aircraft old, crew with bad manners, uncomfortable seats with almost no reclining, little food with poor choices especially for breakfast, entertainment extremely poor."

Pros: "The gentlemen from the wheelchair service who was there to pick us up when we arrived in Heathrow went above and beyond his duties. Instead of passing us over to another wheelchair attendant as we needed to switch terminals, he stayed with us thru the terminal change until we were on the airplane. We needed to get our boarding passes at Heathrow from a different airline and he helped us with this. Kudos to him!! The attendants on this flight were very helpful when my husband was having a diabetic reaction and I was vomiting form air motion sickness. We were a mess!! However the flight attendants were sure we had a wheelchair in Chicago and helped us with our bags as we were exiting the plane. Nice Job"

Pros: "Premium space"

Pros: "Del"
Cons: "Delayed an hour. Don't think I've had a single American flight on time. No food or movies on international flight. No blankets or pillows."

Pros: "Quickly boarding, crew was extremely polite"
Cons: "No kosher food on board"

Pros: "Top notch airline - staff is personable & comfortable seating"

Pros: "Price. That's it."
Cons: "We sat in Orlando waiting to take off - delayed for OVER 30 minutes because ---> the catering truck failed to show up. The captain aired his frustration of the catering crew. Supposed to arrive in Philly approximately 2:24pm - we didn't arrive until 3:03pm. Baggage took another 20-30 minutes. All American emoloyees looked tired. Not one smile either to Orlando or from Orlando. (Oh yeah - we were late taking off to start my vacation from Philly because a crew failed to arrive to "start the engines of the aircraft," per captain's announcement. The entire aircraft boarded and sat, again, for 30 minutes without any air conditioning or air flow in the cabin.) Blah experience. Blah employees. And two different captains announced the reasons for delay with an "annoyed tone.""

Cons: "No entertainment. There wasn't even a drop down screen for a movie."

Pros: "It was very smooth once we were able to take off!"
Cons: "We were delayed in the plane almost an hour with no cool air. They had technical problems."

Pros: "Cindy seats. Lots of leg room. No problem finding space in the overhead bin. Friendly flight attendants."

Pros: "The food was good for airline food. The exit rows do give you more leg room."
Cons: "However if you sit in an exit row or directly in front of one you cannot recline your seat. This is a big deal if it is an overnight flight like the one I had because it makes it very difficult to sleep."

Pros: "Everyone was friendly, the flights were on time, the food was great."
Cons: "There was very little leg room and few entertainment choices."

Cons: "The crew at the boarding were extremely unpleasant. The all process of the boarding was ridiculous. The crew was disorganized and it felt like they didn't know what to do with the passengers that came from a layover. The all experience was truly insulting, the crew laughed at as for misunderstanding what she said. I sincerely hope no one would go to the same experience we did."

Pros: "Getting off the plane."
Cons: "The flight did not have enough immigration forms for all the guests. The wifi did not work. The seats were uncomfortable and small. The plane emitted a deafening high-pitched whistle for about 10 minutes at a certain altitude. The plane wreaked of nauseating jet fuel as we waiting on the Tarmac. The flight crew at the gate was rude and inattentive."

Pros: "Honestly - nothing!"
Cons: "Old 767 with very tight seating configuration made it impossible to et comfortable. The crew seemed generally pissed, especially outbound from RDU. Food was awful! Pretty much a Greyhound bus ride to London and back."

Pros: "Whole trip to Cancun without wifi"
Cons: "The seats are more crammed side to side and frontto back than EVER. No room to crack open a laptop.... iPad yes but not a keyboard."

Pros: "The flight was on time and we had room in the overhead bins. Flight attendants were nice and helpful."
Cons: "The entertainment options were lacking- I had seen most of the movies. I didn't pay for the food but it looked average. Beverage service was slow and trying to get additional drinks was near impossoble."

Pros: "poor service, rude flight attendants, no leg room, dirty plane..."
Cons: "poor service, rude flight attendants, no leg room, dirty plane..."

Cons: "no food service. Entertainment is limited."

Cons: "... before takeoff necessitated return to gate from runway for technical inspection and approval before flight. That, plus de-icing, put us about one hour behind on departure."

Pros: "Happy with everything!! Upgraded to business class-from boarding, breakfast, blanket and exiting the plane-all was well:)"

Pros: "Legroom coffee and snacks"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Recline was broken. Wi-Fi did not work. Sadly disappointed. Will go back to fly with Americanairlines ."

Cons: "Because we missed our connecting flight with United, we had to fly American from Dallas to Cancun."

Pros: "being my first time flying international everything went smooth. The staff was very helpful."
Cons: "This flight went smooth, I was very pleased with it."

Cons: "Seats uncomfortable, crew rude to other passengers"

Pros: "Boarding was organized and prompt. Crew was fantastic."
Cons: "Flight was to short."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The seats were super close , I felt like a sardine . My legs were cramped and it hurts so bad. The WiFi didn’t work as good as it was supposed to. They gave us a little bag of mixed snacks as if we were toddlers. $425 spent on a flight to be treated like that ? Never again"

Pros: "No delays. No problems"
Cons: "There should be more free food."

Pros: "My phone worked well for the movie"
Cons: "My husbands phone did not work for the movies"

Cons: "THe sits where very uncomfortable."

Cons: "Late departure"

Pros: "Very informative about the flight."
Cons: "For entertainment you have to pay other airline like Jet blue and Delta doesn't. Food a little snack for a baby. I ask for water three times only water the flight attended always forget. It wasn't good flight."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I'm still at the airport !!!"

Pros: "The attendants were absolutely wonderful and made our flight tolerable. Thank you again to the crew for working so hard and making our flight so much easier."
Cons: "Lack of communication - after we had checked in at the airport (under 2 hours before our international flight time) we were notified that our flight was delayed by an hour and 45 minutes. After waiting about 4 hours everyone started lining up in their respective rows and that's when the terminal United employees decided to inform us all that all passengers need to get in line at the desk first in order to get their passports inspected and get an approval stamp before lining up. Could have easily been done in the hour and 45 minutes of delay time we had. It's now 11:30 am, 2 hours past the original flight time and 15 minutes past the original delayed time, and we were all still in our respective lines to board the plane. The delay was due to the catering cart that had not yet arrived. So we were all waiting for about 30 minutes in line just to board the plane. During this time United decided to promote their Entertainment onboard and alcohol available for purchase once we are airborn. Finally when we were on board and about to be airborn is when the first apology was heard from the crew. This could have been managed much more effectively and professionally."

Pros: "The food was and entertainment was good. They had direct tv in every seat and I was able to watch a good show."
Cons: "The flight was delayed a few hours and they ran out of drinks."

Pros: "Will probably not a se UA for another flight"

Cons: "we had to pay to watch any channel."

Pros: "No hassles. perfect flight for a great vacation."

Pros: "Early arrival"
Cons: "No free snacks"

Pros: "The flight was late and I missed My connection flight because of it. Unbelievable and unreliable flight and a horrible start for a vacation. SO sorry I took United!!"

Pros: "I liked the in flight entertainment option through the United app. Nice staff and waffle cookies were way better than peanuts."

Cons: "Unfortunately I am writing this letter to express my concerns and frustrations toward your stewardess on flight 1050, they were aggressive and condescending. A customer ask if they were serving drinks the male stewardess waved his hand and seemed quite annoyed and stated " mam what do you want to drink". In addition he would walk down the aisle and give you three wafer cookies , I'm wondering why three???? That's because he wanted me to pass them down as if I was in an assembly line rather than handing each customer a cookie. He walked through the aisle with water and never asked if anyone if they would like water. It was almost like he was annoyed at everyone in sight . I have never experienced such behavior on flight. I flew Unites AIrlines plenty of times and NEVER experienced this. The other customers in my row expressed their frustration with the unkindness of treatment during the flight. I understand it's a very hectic weekend with the holiday but there was absolutely no reason to experience such behavior. My party will not be looking forward to using united again!"

Pros: "Delta airline"
Cons: "floght delay ; at least 3 times for me!"

Cons: "The visitor documents could have been passed out sooner. We didn't babe much time before landing to complete and instructions were not very clear."

Pros: "The crew was wonderful. We accidentally left our Camera on the plane and didn't realize it until we got to our hotel. They had found it and returned it directly to our hotel. They saved our honeymoon."
Cons: "We had checked in early and selected seats together because this trip was our honeymoon. We or an alert saying our plane was changed as well as our seats and we were seated on OPPOSITE SIDES of the plane. We were then charged over $200 in order to sit next to each other. I even called United directly and they said there was nothing they could do. That's pretty inexcusable and ridiculous. If the customer service representatives are not Empowered enough to rectify such an egregious inconvenience, then why do they exist?"

Pros: "On time Skilled pilots Smooth landing Accommodating staff Pleasant"
Cons: "Turbulence"

Pros: "Majority of flight staff were rude and unhelpful. Gate changed 3 times, one gate being a literal half mile walk from the other. No in flight entertainment on board."
Cons: "Majority of flight staff were rude and unhelpful. Gate changed 3 times, one gate being a literal half mile walk from the other. No in flight entertainment on board. Have taken this route at least 6 other times with other airlines. Will never flight United again."

Cons: "There was no entertainment, no more food left when they got to my seat and the seats were really small"

Pros: "Timeliness and orderliness"

Cons: "Overall becoming frustrated with paying airline inflated seat prices not reflecting current fuel prices, smaller space, fees for every little extra, no food even for international flight, not enough overhead storage even for one per seat, switching of payed for Isle seat to middle at last minute, not a clean flight_ trash in seat pocket when I boarded and overall feeling of just being a revenue stream and not a person."

Pros: "The interior of the plane was updated and modern."
Cons: "We had a 6+ hour flight and nothing worked. No tv, no wifi, and no service."

Pros: "I love how amazing the crew & especially the pilot handled An unexpected emergency stop during the take off. A+++ I felt comfortable and not stressed with what was being done to work things out. A huge thanks to them !!!!!"
Cons: "How shitty some of the passengers were to the crew and what was happening ."

Pros: "Everything was great"

Pros: "Can't beat a direct flight from Houston to sunny Mexico!"

Cons: "They over booked the flight. And it was jumping all the time. The worst flight ever!!"

Pros: "Price of tckt"
Cons: "Departing 30min late and arriving 45min late to final destination"

Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "Having enough time to eat at Pappadeaux"
Cons: "My seats felt smaller than they used to. More in each others' space."

Pros: "Crew was nice and courteous and attentful"
Cons: "Flight left late and seats did not lean back"

Pros: "I made it to Cancun."
Cons: "When I got to the gate in Chicago I asked if my seat could be moved next to my friend. The attendant said she would only be able to move me closer and the issued another ticket to me. It ended up being a different persons name from mine. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to board because big her mistake."

Pros: "I liked that, even we departure a little late, the plane made it in time to Cancun. The plane was clean. They had all the variety of drinks."
Cons: "One of the flight attendant was not friendly at all. After we left there was plenty of room on the plane, and I told her that one of my leg was not good and if I could move to a better seat and she said no, IF I want to change the seat I have to pay. The entertainment system was not working at all."

Pros: "Clean, quiet, more leg room than American, comfortable cabin temperature. Great crew."
Cons: "No inflight entertainment, purchase-only snacks, no seat-back displays or USB ports (the aircraft did have a 110V power outlet between the seats for a charger). Expensive wifi available."

Pros: "Every flight was late or canceled. Employes don't care about their job or customers"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Very rude flight attendants and incompetent."

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