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Find cheap flights from Mudanjiang to New York

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New York
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Korean Air
Overall score based on 4,932 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Loved the food and snacks!"
Cons: "Wouldn't mind slightly larger meal portions, but then again, perhaps I could use the portion control, haha"

Pros: "Korean Air is the best. Hands down."
Cons: "Movie selection was poor."

Pros: "Clean facilities and polite staff. Made the 14 hour trip much more tolerable."
Cons: "More JFK related than anything. 20 minute delay on Yvette tarmac due to gate related issues but that's not the airline's fault."

Pros: "good"
Cons: "nothing"

Cons: "High chance of getting delay, this is mostly because of the nature of Korean air."

Pros: "The comfortable aircraft and its services"

Pros: "Smooth boarding"
Cons: "Being seated in the back Luggages coming in last when my friends who travelled with us got theirs way way ahead of us"

Cons: "Delayed flight"

Pros: "Excellent movie selection."
Cons: "Food made my wife sick. Probably a bad shrimp. Passenger next to me thought I was a pillow."

Pros: "Again on board everything was wonderful. The A380 was the most comfortable plane I've ever been in. The food was delicious and the staff was pleasant and friendly."
Cons: "Due to weather we had to reroute from JFK to IAD. we waited 3 hours for our bags and then were told to get to NYC we had to pay out of pocket and would be reimbursed later. I was injured and in a wheelchair and this was not only a major inconvenience it was also poorly handled for someone who needed additional help. It was every man for himself. I was very disappointed"

Pros: "everything"
Cons: "nothing"

Pros: "very accommodating for handicap"

Pros: "I liked that the captain was very informative. We were on the plane for awhile and captain let passenger know why and when the plane was going to take off. The crew were very friendly and ready to assist."

Cons: "Crew members are fed up with arrogance. I had to beg them to get a cup of water."

Cons: "The seat is small"

Pros: "The plane was clean and the staff was great."

Pros: "The crew was so helpful and accommodating with my meal and all aspects of the flight! They were just so nice and I usually done get that with other airlines that I've flown. They were so accommodating it was my first time flying Korean air and I would definatly fly it again! You have plenty of leg room and it was just a pleasant flight!"
Cons: "I wish they had a few more updated movies and kids movies other than that no complaints"

Pros: "Excellent Service super"

Pros: "First class on Korean long haul does not disappoint!"
Cons: "Nothing not to like"

Pros: "food selection & crew courtesy"

Pros: "Service was great"
Cons: "Cleanliness - not as clean as outgoing flight"

Cons: "I can't flight. What happened?"

Pros: "Much more legroom than I've ever experienced in economy class. Also the sound system for classical music was better than I've experienced before."
Cons: "The thirteen-hour flight was tiresome -- but less so than breaking up the flight into shorter flights and layovers."

Pros: "The service provided was of a high standard. See the comments mentioned above,"
Cons: "The reading light has to be a bit more directed to the person sitting in the aisle seat."

Pros: "Food. Polite crew"
Cons: "Not enough movie options"

Pros: "It was very good and I am exciting to get back with Korean air too!"

Pros: "Great service and decent food, clean new plane!"

Pros: "Timely and professional services,well polite and corteous staff"

Cons: "Meal quality in economy is really poor, much poorer compared to four years ago, when I last flew Korean Air, and poorer than Asiana, which I flew last year. Flight attendant serving our section kept knocking into aisle seat passenger, including knocking over his coffee cup and spilling coffee all over him and the passenger next to him. Flight attendant's reaction was to panic instead of handing over napkins or paper towels - was mopping up with my napkins and tissues by the time she showed up with some paper towels. I was left with the impression that flight attendants were picked more for looks than competence. Checking in at Incheon took a very long time - they should open more counters or give warning to passengers of how long it can take."

Pros: "Just about everything"
Cons: "In priority class the space was narrow when accessing the aisle from the window seat"

Pros: "see above"
Cons: "Would love more Movie and TV options, especially light of the length of the trip"

Pros: "Service was very good"
Cons: "The food was marginal and they have a very poor selection of movies ( Korean and all other movies)"

Cons: "None"

Cons: "I bought my ticket last minute not realizing that my lay over in Korea was 12 hours I arrived in Korea at 5:30 am, stayed at the airport , slept , walked, ate, sleep patiently waited for my 1930 boarding I finally boarded and was told in their broken English that I am going to be inspected I was thoroughly searched, my pursed was inspected, my body was inspected ,the asked me to open both of my hands and they run a white strips into my palm( I'm a nurse ) and the first thing that entered my mind was they were checking me for drug screen I am very bothered with what happened , Korean airlines makes their passenger have a long lay over and at the end will be thoroughly searched because she stayed in the airport too long How is Korean airlines going to support this insult!!! Anyone tell ne"

Pros: "the food was excellent"
Cons: "I was upset with the lack of live television/satellite channels."

Pros: "There was loads of entertainment during flight , food was great and crew was friendly."

Pros: "Food was good but breakfast omelet was barely warm."
Cons: "Need more room on such a long flight. Also, more movies and TV episodes."

Pros: "Lots of space on airbus. Great choices of entertainment though Singapore airlines has much more choices."
Cons: "I'm vegetarian/vegan so that is my only negative thing. They only had meat & seafood. Airlines should be more aware of being sustainable & food is definitely one of them."

Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Boarding and long waiting time after arriving at the airport"

Pros: "Attentive service from flight staff 2 meal service each way in economy"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Everything was good overall"
Cons: "I would like more movie and tv options"

Pros: "After requesting a special meal, the flight attendants made absolutely sure of my identity before passing the meal to me (which was GREAT!). Having the pillow, blanket and headphones ready in place when boarding was considerate of Korean Air. Of course, no matter what, having to ask people to accommodate the requests to use the lavatory got old really fast (I had a window seat) but it's what had to happen. Overall, for such a long flight, the airline is a pleasant one with which to fly."

Pros: "The take off and landing. Pilots are very good."
Cons: "The restroom lacks basic tissue and paper cups."

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The crew was very respectful and nice"
Cons: "More movie selections"

Cons: "The turbulence was terribly frightening."

Pros: "Nice crew!"
Cons: "The food is terrible. The airbus seats are hard and uncomfortable! One and half hour delay!"

Pros: "Seat spacing is actually sane - so much better than US airlines"
Cons: "turbulence"

Pros: "Courteous and attentive service. Generous with extras (e.g. wine, meals). The entertainment options (movies, TV, music) made the 13 hour flight pass quickly. I was even able to catch a few hours' of sleep thanks to the ample leg room and a seat that reclines more than 15 degrees. Finally, the fellow passengers (mostly Korean) were quiet and polite, which made the flight all the more delightful. This is definitely my goto choice for trips to Southeast Asia."

Pros: "The team was very pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "The movie selection was not the best for US movies."

Pros: "I was really impressed with the care and attention given to us by the crew. This was a very comfortable flight and I am looking forward to flying with China Southern many more times"
Cons: "There could be more diversity in the entertainment"

Pros: "I had a long layover in China, was coming from Nepal and the airline provided me with a great hotel room, transportation back and forth to the airport, even a museum pass and city tour. Wow, that's a first!"

Pros: "Smooth and uneventful trip"

Pros: "comfortable seat in biz class very welcoming and friendly cabin crew on time departure and arrival"
Cons: "food was pretty bad"

Pros: "price ticket"
Cons: "transfer plane to ter.inal raining we were bused. food plnes and lounges were mediocrek"

Pros: "Having flown internationally often, but never on China Southern, I was more than impressed and please with the complete experience."

Pros: "The ease of boarding and the room in the overhead bins."
Cons: "Broken entertainment system in seat 44E. My family didn't get to sit together for the 15+ hour flight. Then they ran out of food options before they reached us (no more omelette, only a Chinese food option)"

Pros: "Staff was friendly."
Cons: "A friend and I flew China Southern from Bali to New York. For a 15 flight, one of our TV screens was not working. Both of our luggage were left off the flight. Any money you think you save will come out the other end -- shopping for necessities when they lose your luggage. Have recommended all my friends to never fly China Southern."

Cons: "see comments above"

Pros: "The flight attendants were tentative and supportive of our needs"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 3 hours due to mechanical issues, and I had to miss my next flight. Terrible!"

Pros: "I flew China southern from New York to Guangzhou two years ago and feel they have made good overall improvements."

Cons: "Bizarre that I can't use my kindle (or others their ipad) during takeoff and landing- there isn't even any wifi, so no worries of interference. It's a totally pointless rule and left me bored for those approx 40 minutes."

Pros: "I had just suffered multiple breaks in my arm/shoulder and was returning to the States. I was in considerable pain and flying alone - this was the first flight out I could get. Everyone was AMAZING. From helping to rearrange seats, other passengers, and even upgrade to maximize comfort and minimize more damage to my arm to helping open any food packages so that I could eat with medication and checking in on me frequently, I couldn't have asked for better attention given the situation. I hadn't heard of this airline before but now highly recommend - they were amazing through two flight legs, two different airline crews, and 3 airports. Cannot thank the crew enough for their attention and care during a very difficult time. I am a frequent traveler and this is the best customer experience I've ever had."
Cons: "Nothing, they were amazing."

Pros: "Punctual departure and arrival. Cabin crew was very attentive. Plenty of movie and entertainment choices."
Cons: "Limited food options - only pork in my section. No soap in bathroom. Limited leg room."

Pros: "I liked the extra leg room that I received with the upgraded seat due to my Skymiles affiliation. The crew far exceeded any American airliner. Food was good. Wasn't my favorite but it was a good meal considering what you would receive on other Airliners."
Cons: "My entertainment earphones jack was broken leaving me to play around with the earphone to get them to hear the audio of the entertainment that I was watching...until I moved my arm at which time I had to star the playing process all over again."

Pros: "Lacking internet connection, current movies and palatable food, the 5 and 15 hour flights were brutal as a passenger."

Cons: "TV screen was broken and looked really bad."

Pros: "Food not good"

Pros: "Contact with the crew"
Cons: "One passenger claimed "he was not well" The procedure took 2 hours of the lives of 300 people. Impossible. The passenger looked okay, may be he had a phobia or may be he just wanted to get a better seat, which in the end he did. I did not have enough space in my seat 38A because the neighbor leaned constantly over to me. I moved away to a seat where there was no movie."

Pros: "I was worried about such a long night flight with an airline that I wasn't familiar with but they were extremely polite and helpful, the seats were comfortable and a great entertainment selection. To everyone who complained about the food... It was not bad, actually better than most airplane food I have had. And I didn't hear a single person have anything negative to say about it as they polished everything off!"

Pros: "- Nice modern 777. - Modern touch screen entertainment displays in each headrest. Movie choices were good. -Polite flight attendants that spoke good English."
Cons: "-Poor job ensuring passengers followed announcements and safety requirements. -Limited meal choices with poor quality ingredients. -Poor hub city. Guangzhou is not a great place to have a long layover."

Pros: "see above."
Cons: "n / a"

Pros: "The flight attendents were helpful when a few of us passengers required different seats due to varying circumstances. Even I had changed my seat once because two seats became available next to me and the seat I was in was quite crowded because of a very large passenger next to me. So I switched my seat. Later, the flight attendent asked me to go back to my original seat because they wanted to give those two seats to someone else who was also having an issue. Even though I didn't want to, the flight attendant was very kind and patient and considerate. It ended up being fixed well to the satisfaction of all passengers by a bit more switching around, and all were accomodated."

Pros: "Food was good. Attendants were very pleasant and helpful. They kept us hydrated. Plane was spacious. Comfortable. Would use this airline again. Take off and landing was perfect!!!!!"

Pros: "The leg room compared to economy seats on other airlines is noticeably roomier. Abundant pillows and blankets. Entertainment was good."
Cons: "But I speak for my neighbor, whose touch screen would not respond to touch, either finger or frustrated forehead smack. Fifteen hours is too long to go without some access to distracting material. Granted there was a language barrier between us, but he shared his first language with the flight crew. His seat was 43J on flight CZ 399 from Guangzhou to JFK departing November 24, 2016 at 1:50 AM. Get on it!"

Cons: "Didn't even get to take this flight due to the airline moving departure forward FOUR HOURS and NEVER INFORMING US. Most miserable travel experience I've ever had."

Cons: "Lots of pork and beef"

Pros: "Price, service and personal attitudes of the crewmembers."
Cons: "Less online services available."

Pros: "The inflight crew was accommodating and friendly. If I were to chose this airline again I would take a shorter layover"
Cons: "I had a 13 hour layover in Guangzhou and was told a voucher was offered for a hotel and a meal. I figured with this layover I could possibly see the city while I waited but a damper was put in those plans. It took me 3 hours to figure out how to acquire the voucher due to not having any assistance from the staff or them not speaking English. The airline basically chose the hotel for me because it would have been another hour wait if I decided to change the hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel I met another passenger that had been in the city for 2 days back and forth to the airport because her connecting flight was late to Guangzhou and the airline had no space on the other flights. The wifi connection at the airport was poor and I was unable to use the food voucher at the time I arrived as it could only be used for breakfast. Their is no wifi offered on flight and the food was okay."

Pros: "whem I arrived on the aircraft I requests two business class seats which was available and we got it, two other passengers came requesting up grades to business class and was told that no seats are available. This was when boarding was complete."
Cons: "When the aircraft took off, I saw air hostess taking turns to sleep in business class seats that was available. Their was three seats available which was kept back for the air hostess to use personally and passengers were refuse the up grade."

Pros: "I liked the foot rest, pillow, blanket and head rest. The entertainment had a great variety of movies, which I enjoyed."
Cons: "The boarding could've been more organized. I only ate one meal out of the three that were served and the noodles were bland. The TV's should have a brightness option."

Pros: "Crew was friendly."
Cons: "Online check in is not possible when not booking directly with airline. Airline does not have kiosks for expedited airport check-in when not documenting luggage. Seats are the most uncomfortable I have flown in, which is specially important on 13h+ flights. Personal electronic devices were not allowed anytime during the flight. Food was below air carrier average."

Pros: "Great airline . Super nice staff they had English speaking flight attendants unlike other Chinese airlines I've dealt with. Excellent service!"
Cons: "Everything was great"

Pros: "Best seat I have ever had"
Cons: "I could not check in for any of my flights on line. And was not even able to get boarding passes for my second and third flight when I checked in for my first flight. I had to check in at each destination to get my next boarding pass."

Pros: "direct flight from NYC to Guangzhou"
Cons: "difficult to select seat"

Pros: "The food was good, good choices in movies and comfortable but take your eye pillow and earplugs to sleep because the lights on the cabin will come on when serving food and wake you if you are sleeping."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Kinda rude flight atendants, poor food and warm beer And no alchoohol,"

Pros: "The flight boarded early and left on time. The entertainment provided was good."
Cons: "There was hardly any service from the in-flight crew. I've had shorter flights where the crew comes regularly with water, at least. This crew did the least possible, it was worse than flying in the US on an American airline."

Cons: "They kept one of our luggages back in China... 'Security' reasons. They took my shells I picked from the beach. Who does that???!"

Pros: "I was bumped from economy to business class. This was a unique experience in which I got to travel as a VIP. Economy class with China Southern is better than domestic U.S. carriers, but business class was something else."

Cons: "I did not have a complete ticket until approximately 24-hours before departure and only after I called literally for weeks, and then finally told them I wanted to cancel. Then all legs of the trip were suddenly booked, but seats were not confirmed. I was charged a $450 cancellation fee despite the fact that they did not do their job because I was unable to trust anything they were doing, and subsequently booked my flight direct through Delta. Please keep in mind I purchased the ticket on July 3, 2016 and was unable to provide me a complete ticket until the night of August 16, 2016 with a August 17, 2016 departure date to China! I can honestly say this was the worst travel booking experience I've ever had."

Pros: "I liked that although I didn't request special meal via phone, some fight attendants tried to accommodate me. Others were not having me. I liked that I could look at detailed maps of the flight route. There were excellent movies to watch to kill the long frigging flight."
Cons: "The seat space was limited. Some fight attendants seemed off or in bad mood."

Pros: "Service, transit hotel"

Pros: "Same as above"
Cons: "Same as above"

Pros: "Few people know you have the option to upgrade with China Southern airline onboard. You can get a much more comfortable seat (premium economy) for 150 to 250 dollars. It's totally worth it for long international flights to China!"

Cons: "The android systems used for media and games kept freezing and rebooting."

Pros: "The staff was friendly and attentive."
Cons: "The plane was filthy. The pillow they gave me was gray for example. I had to wipe everything down first. The biggest surprise was that there was no internet on any of the four flights I took with this carrier. It's 2016 how do you not have internet available? I would not fly this airline again until they can compete with Western airlines."

Pros: "On-time flight. Served food was okay. Entertainment syatem was above average. Flight attendants were nice and attentive. My entertainment console was not working and they lent me a tablet as a replacement."
Cons: "Not the airline fault but some passengers acted selfishly and not thinking about other passengers."

Pros: "The price and everyone gets their own TVs."
Cons: "They are completely unorganized. You cannot log into their website from the United States to pick your seats because their website is degraded. There is only one phone number and it is in China. Furthermore, expect to wait 30+ minutes for someone to answer the phone. If they do, it will be very static and they don't speak English barely at all. Expect layovers in China (we had two layovers in China on our flight from Tokyo to NYC). There was mass confusion with Chinese immigration workers because they didn't speak English and understand we were simply transiting (for which no visa is required). For the love of God, PRINT YOUR ITINERARY AND BRING IT WITH YOU WHILE YOU TRAVEL. It's the only thing that got us through immigration. We had to recheck our bags and go through immigration and customs several times on our way from Tokyo to NYC. The food is barely edible. And worst of all, you are joined by very pushy and rude Chinese people who spit and hack up their phlegm the entire time. Expect to hear those gross hacking noises from all around the plane. Lucky me, I was seated right next to the leader of the hacking pack. I had to beg a flight attendant to find me a new seat. I would have upgraded to premium economy (as I did for my outbound flight) but they don't let you do it at check-in. Unless you can access the Chinese version of the website, they make you wait until you get on the plane, at which point almost all the premium economy seats are taken (they were in my case)."

Pros: "Very friendly services and on time flight"
Cons: "Need better entertainment system and movie options"

Pros: "great crew"
Cons: "asiana air gives a small flight package with slippers, toothpaste and toothbrush. while i find this extremely wasteful, i really needed toothpaste to brush my teeth but didnt have any. aside from that i felt that the seats were less comfortable and smushed together compared to other flights."

Cons: "Making the flight. Air China and the Beijing Airport made it very difficult for everyone on a variety of flights to get to their destinations."

Pros: "Nothing..missed both connections, air china staff were not anywhere in beijing..i was told counter was closed at 10pm and to call a lical reservation number to reschedule my flight for the next day? Seriously..i paid 5k for this bags were checked in to my final destination but at the third destination i was told there was no transfer service ( at guangzhou) snd that i needed to claim it and check it back in even though i cleared immigration at one speaks english and will send you in circles around beijing airport..bad bad bad"
Cons: "See above"

Cons: "they lost our baggage"

Pros: "If you want to have a pleasant trip to a city that is not Beijing, use another airline. Young people from Beijing are extremely cranky and unfriendly, especial when you get kids with you."

Pros: "The staff was well mannered and did their job well. The price was good so I wasn't expecting the best...`"
Cons: "The seats.They felt a little claustrophobic and the headrest pushed out so far that my head was down to an uncomfortable level.I know they offer better prices by getting more people on board, but the small seat space and laughable incline made the long journey a bit more uncomfortable than it should have been."

Cons: "No luggage for , 5h delay and a cancellation. Customer service awful"

Pros: "Nice plane. Appreciated priority boarding for my son and me. Also lost my phone right before boarding and someone was sent to look for it."
Cons: "Some members of crew were very helpful while others were straight up rude when I asked for assistance."

Cons: "Great"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "The staff was always rude, no matter which flight I was on."

Pros: "The flight was smooth"
Cons: "The God was meh I would have enjoyed more authentic Chinese food but it was hot so that's a positive"

Pros: "The best part about Air China was the low price. Everything went smoothly. We were late departing so I missed my connecting flight to Japan. I had a 16 hour lay over. I recommend paying more attention to the total hours. I mistook 9pm for 9 am ! The airport in Beijing was a fine place to read.."
Cons: "The flight was totally booked - the plane was full. 90% of the movies offered were Chinese in origin."

Pros: "The in-flight crew was amazing for a 13 hour flight they stayed very upbeat. I would fly this airline again because of them. It was also fun to practice my Chinese with them."

Pros: "Delays everywhere, made no attempt to help until we had already missed our connecting flight."

Cons: "The seats uncomfortable and the crew was not attentive enough. Only offered me a beverage twice in 13 hours."

Pros: "Good legs room."
Cons: "As above , didn't know the seats and can't check-in."

Pros: "Its a nightmare!!!"

Cons: "They serve the same food for both meals, and on all other flights. I got sick of chicken and rice, pork and rice, and noodles. The seats are the most uncomfortable I've dealt with on an international flight. And my luggage didn't make the connection for my Beijing-NY flight, so I had to deal with lost luggage after waiting at the baggage claim for a long time. Luckily, I live in NY and could have my luggage delivered later that night. Other people were not so lucky and were told FedEx would get it to them 4 days later. However, having said all that, I feel like you get what you pay for, and I got an incredible deal on this round-trip flight."

Pros: "Crew was a bit nicer."
Cons: "China security was ridiculous but cant necessarily blame the airline. Bought water in the airport past security but was made to throw it out in a secondary check at the gate. Food was awful"

Cons: "After missing our connecting flight from Beijing to JFK by about 5 minutes because of delays in Phuket, we had to wait in the dismal BKK airport for 5 hours. Our flight was then delayed again and we proceeded to sit on the tarmac for another 2 hours, prior to a 14 hour flight. What a miserable experience that I wish I could zap from my brain. Additionally, they basically serve mystery meat. Truly embarrassing for Airchina to accept this abysmal level of quality in the overall experience of flying with them from top to bottom. I'm in awe at how a company could be so BAD at their job. Truly baffling. I will NEVER fly Airchina again it was that horrific of an experience."

Pros: "overall experience was excellent, would book a flight with air china again, as well as recommend!"

Pros: "Crew members are very nice and kind"
Cons: "But it takes more just being nice to be a good service. I always flight business and occasionally first class within the Star Alliance system. I'm a Chinese and I love my people. By still keeping my Chinese citizenship after 27 years living in US may show that. But I have to say my dear Chinese crew members always miss some details on service. For instance, this time on my way back to JFK, they woke us up five hours before landing to serve us the light meal, that other Star Alliance airlines usually do around two hours ahead of landing. I took Air China four times in the past 10 months and they always did the same thing, even though I specifically requested that don't wake me up if I'm sleeping. They turned on the cabin lights and talked with passengers next to me very loud. I hope it's not the case that they serve the light meal so early in order to get their jobs done earlier ahead of landing. Other Star Alliance airlines never do this kind of thing."

Cons: "Delayed for a long time."

Cons: "Getting in contact with Air China for seat assignments was like pulling teeth. They also wake you up every 3-4 hours for drink services and food. The food is nasty, if your sleeping they should let you sleep instead of waking you up."

Pros: "Airfare was a good price."
Cons: "Departure from Newark was 1.5 hours late because of a lame reason, the luggage couldn't be loaded on the plane in a timely manner. When I arrived at Beijing, they encouraged me to run to my connecting flight, even gave me a sticker and had people directing me, but it all seemed like for nothing as I wasn't even fast tracked through security. Not only did I sprint a mile across the terminal for no reason as the flight departed when I arrived at the gate, they couldn't even properly direct me where to get a new ticket for the next flight. About 100 people missed the flight so I don't know why they didn't hold the connecting flight as it was the last one of the day. Very poor service and organization the entire length of the trip. The flight the next day was late as well!"

Pros: "Cheap ticket"
Cons: "On the way from Auckland to Beijing, our flight was diverted to Hangzhou. Air China gave no communication why and when we would be able to leave the tarmac so we waited on the tarmac for 6+ hours. The pilots and flight attendants barely spoke English so they were not able to communicate the reason for our cancellation nor what they would do to provide other options for our connection flights. I missed my flight to the US due to this cancellation without reimbursement from Air China."

Pros: "Food was good."
Cons: "My seat 46D was broke and it took several conversations with crew members during 6 hours before they finally moved me to an other seat."

Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "They lost my bag it had all my souvenirs from my Japan trip"

Pros: "The crew was friendly and served us on three different occasions : Drinks , Dinner and another meal before landing ."
Cons: "For the most part it was a great experience , not much I can really complain about ."

Pros: "Food was pretty good. 2meals and a snack. Would be better with more variety for snack options."
Cons: "More snack options - I can't eat mayonnaise and all their sandwiches had that. Also my flight was supposed to have WiFi and charging outlets-had neither"

Pros: "The crew was very nice and responsive to flyers. Enjoyed the free beer."
Cons: "For a nearly 15 hour flight, there wasn't nearly enough for me to watch on their in-flight entertainment. They had only a handful of American movies, and everything else was Chinese. I get it, it's Air China. But you don't see Japan Airlines putting 90% Japanese movies on their flights. Food was no good. You're much better off trying to eat at the airport and bring whatever food you can on board."

Pros: "Good service, price"
Cons: "Very sick person next to me coughing who gave me a cold. :("

Cons: "Check- in clerk was not very helpful"

Pros: "Loved the price. The seat back entertainement was good. They had a good selection of movies, shows, music and games."
Cons: "The seat back entertainment touch screens aren't the best quality and would freeze a lot. Even though there was a good selection of entertainment, it wasn't really enough for stuff for round trip (13+ hrs x 2). I would recommend a few more movies. The food was okay, but not great. They came around with carts with drinks but would only pour about 4oz at a time and maybe came 5 times. Not enough for a 13 hour flight. Also, Chinese got preferential treatment for sure, and rude to Americans. Had a connecting flight which we were late so tried to get a flight attendant help us off first. Nope, just said there wasn't enough time and we would miss it and would have to get a flight the next day. Thankfully there were enough people taking the connecting flight they delayed it and we made it, but they do not care..."

Cons: "Entertainment system stopped working, all available movies were at least 6-7 years old, food was terrible."

Cons: "No food for purchase. Rude service, lots of rules on board. Small movie selection."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight crew seemed to be a bit racist. I'm American, they're all Chinese. They skipped me while serving food and beverage, skipped me while collecting garbage, and would not come when I asked for help. I finally was able to get some food when the kind man next to me noticed what was going on and spoke up about it. In contrast, 5!3 man on the other side of me kept elbowing me periodically throughout the flight, and placing his feet in front of my chair directly where mine should go. This was extremely annoying on a 13 hour flight. I will never fly with air china again."

Pros: "Quick boarding, good service from flight crew"
Cons: "Limited entertainment offerings, quality of food can be improved."

Pros: "As the standard for the Asian airlines, the service was impeccable, the flight attendants were on call, and did their very best to make sure everyone was satisfied What really impressed me, before the flight and during check-in, my friends of 4 were all placed as close together while still upgrading our seats. I'm pretty sure we just asked if upgrades were available and the guy at the counter gave them to all four of us complementary. Outstanding way to get return customers. ."
Cons: "The food was par, it wasn't bad by any means, it just looks too much out of a box, however, I will not complain as the flight price, quality and service were beyond expected."

Cons: "When I received my laguages after 2 days from the airport my stuffs were missing. Who'll be responsible for this ???????? Highly disappointed with the service by air China. We spent our money to travel in your airlines. We gain noting lose our time , things which were in the laguage , plans got ruined. I'm sorry to say this I'm never ever gonna choose air China or never gonna recommend air China to my family and friends. Disappointed with air China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Pros: "Flight itself was good. Comfy business class seat, good food, cabin attendants good. On 777, try and get middle seat so no one needs to climb over someone else to go to the toilet if there seat mate is sleeping."
Cons: "Air China's customer support in English is abysmal. You'll need a Chinese speaking friend and patience if their flights are delayed."

Pros: "The flight was on time."
Cons: "I was in a window seat and I could only rest one leg at the leg rest in front of the seat. I was with my girlfriend and she was seating in the middle instead of the window seat and the flight attendant told us that we should not switch seats. The food was okay."

Cons: "Seats were terrible, food even worse."

Pros: "Entertainment and drink selection was decent. Plane was pretty new with large personal monitors and usb charger"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for 3hours. Boarding process was a nightmare. there no was line, people were pushing and was almost like a herd of cows just trying to squeeze through the gate asap. Staff did not do anything about this and just watched. Food was terrible, my salad was defrosted which meand the vegetable was wet and soggy. Although the planes were new, the seats were verr narrow"

Pros: "Boarding was smooth and there was no flight delay in all legs of the journey. The price is the cheapest I have ever paid for for the same destination. And I was surprised to find online entertainment even though I could care less about the qualities of the available movies."
Cons: "The food. I am comparing it to Singapore Airlines, which I used to fly with to the same destination every year. I suppose they are not comparable given the huge price difference. The crew. Again, I am comparing it with SQ. They are quite brusqe, not as attentive, and not as pleasant."

Pros: "The slippers"

Pros: "The crew was friendly and attentive for the most part. Although they did keep mistaking my ipod for a phone and was told multiple times to shut it off. They were just doing their jobs."
Cons: "The choice of movies could have been better and the food was not the best. No vegetarian options offered."

Pros: "Good price."
Cons: "Very hard to change seat. No one seemed to have "access" to change my flight, not weeks before, not the day of, not at checkin and not at the ticket counter. No phones allowed ON during flight. Not just airplane mode. No phones on allowed? Weird."

Cons: "The flight was late. The crew was rude and yelled at everyone in Chinese. They crew gave very small amounts of water (servings the size of a shot glass) and were rude when you asked for more water."

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