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Top 3 airlines serving Nebraska to Guayaquil Jose Joaquin de Olmedo

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DeltaOverall score based on 29838 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: We like how delta still has the middle seat open. Makes it feel more comfortable. Also the loading the back of the plane first. Always was a smart idea, glad it’s finally happening.

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Pros: We like how delta still has the middle seat open. Makes it feel more comfortable. Also the loading the back of the plane first. Always was a smart idea, glad it’s finally happening.

Pros: Comfortable and safe flight.

Cons: The wheel to my luggage broke off in deltas care so if that could have not happened it would have been way better.

Cons: This plane was not appropriate for social distancing, I would not have booked this flight if I knew we wouldn’t be able to keep a distance from other people.

Pros: COVID safety measures
Cons: There was no in-flight entertainment via Gogo app / Delta Studio.

Pros: Flight attendants were nice
Cons: The flight didn’t leave on time because the plane wasn’t ready for takeoff (the engines had to be warmed up... WHY would that not be ready when it was time?!) so we left 30 minutes late, didn’t make up any lost time at all in the air and we ended up missing our connecting flight because of it all.

Pros: The flight was comfortable
Cons: It got delayed multiple times.

Pros: Nice smooth flight.
Cons: Tiny seats. No entertainment offered.

Cons: It was great

Cons: Passengers should have the option to ask for additional snacks.

Pros: Nothing. Delta cancelled the flight with no explanation, and ruined our last day in Omaha.
Cons: An explanation as to why the flight was cancelled, as well as help with finding alternative accommodation. We had to fly back very early via Atlanta, and spent the day in transit, which forced us to cancel a reservation in Omaha and erased our ability to enjoy the final day of activities there.

Pros: The crew where extremely friendly, helpful and visible. As the flight was being boarded the gate agent saw me with my cane and she upgraded me to a seat closer to the front of the plane without being asked. Those extra little touches are appreciated

Pros: Coming from Europe Alitalia and Delta did an EXCELLENT job at assisting the passengers get rid of their luggage just as soon as we were done going through customs... I don't usually fly on this route, but I thought it was perfect. Transfer between Delta terminal was a breeze too...
Cons: I usually don't fly from JFK. The food court was expensive (18 dollars base price from a burger seems a high even for an airport. I don't fly from NY normally - so maybe I need to tune my expectation for the locale, and it may have NOTHING to do with the airline company.

Pros: Good airframe.
Cons: 3+ hours delayed; didn't arrive until 3AM.

Pros: 36 minute flight..
Cons: Not really much you can do

Cons: Really rough landing

Pros: Not like
Cons: I have Sky Team Elite Plus Platinum but not fare anything!

Cons: Entertainment app from Go Go didn’t Work.

Pros: I had never traveled with Delta until my trip to Mexico. I was most impressed with the great service I received on my way to Mexico: from Atlanta to Guadalajara, Guadalajara to CDMX, and, at the end of my stay, from CDMX to Atlanta. I cannot say the same about the experience within Continental USA.
Cons: I perceived a negative difference in all aspects during my flight going to Mexico, from Philadelphia to Atlanta, and coming back, from Atlanta to Philadelphia.

Pros: Great. Love first class whenever price allows.

Pros: Great service

Pros: The gate agent for this flight was a terrific multi-tasker. He was the only one at the gate managing both the incoming flight and my outgoing flight and he handled everything so efficiently, and with patience for customers' questions. He represented Delta very well.

Pros: The kind bars
Cons: The crew at he gate seem to hate their job. I went to get a claim ticket for my stroller and I felt like I had asked for something wrong.

Pros: The crew was very warm and friendly.

Pros: Gate agent was fantastic! Her positive demeanor made for the delays and cancellations to not seem as much of an issue. She was extremely pleasant when explaining what was happening to flights, connections, etc. She was helpful when checking boarding passes to ensure that travellers were ok for their flight.
Cons: Again, last minute notification of delayed or cancelled flights made things somewhat worrisome. The late notification led to me missing my nest connection in Minneapolis, and having to sleep in the airport until the following morning in order to transfer my ticket to another flight leaving in the morning/afternoon/evening...very nerve-wracking to say the least.

Pros: The attention, kindness and never tiring helpful attitude of the personnel.
Cons: None of the 7 screens I ried had the audio working. I had to result to sleeping when I could have easily enjoyed 3 movies and what not. It would also be helpful to have charging outlets on long-haul/international flights.

Cons: 2 hr delay

Pros: Not applicable
Cons: The flight was delayed twelve hours and was not given any compensation even though i had to stay the night at the airport with no blanket or pillow and no freebies of any sort. The gates kept changing. I got up to move to the correct gate at least four times during the night. The next mornings flight was behind schedule as well. I want compensation for my poor delta experience.

Pros: Got me where I needed to go at the price I wanted to pay. - The gals at the ticketing desk were extremely helpful and cheerful.
Cons: Not my typical Delta experience: -Boarding for special needs was a joke. A literal ‘run-on-sentence’. No more did I get up and they went to the next group. I was almost knocked over in the rush. -The onboard staff was nice enough. However, between the two of them, one of them had a thick accent. Maybe that one shouldn’t be the one making all on board announcements… and please fix the horrendous crackles too!!! -It seemed our pilot was in training… during our short flight a series of right and left turns were made, no effort to avoid turbulence, and the landing was surprisingly hard. It felt as if my spine took a quick jab to my brain as a result! What’s up?

Pros: My comfort zone seat

Cons: I was sitting in the last row and the bathroom smell was hard to deal with.

Pros: Ontime boarding, few minutes delay made up enroute for ontime arrival.
Cons: Cabin service interrupted by turbulent weather.

Cons: Turbulence

Pros: I like the fact that I was issued a credit for my flight. It was booked in error and had to be cancelled.
Cons: I don't know how to use my credit.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Old 747 ER needs to be junked

Pros: Flights were both on time and boarded quickly. Crew was wonderful!

Pros: Everything else

Pros: flight attendants were great.
Cons: not enough leg room and space. The business class should be at the minimum for economy.

Pros: Who could ask for more?
Cons: N/A

Cons: Two overhead bins burst open during takeoff. it's pretty scared when luggage could potentially come flying at your face.

Cons: Delayed over 3 hours with no explanation from Delta or any information. Once boarding finally began, another 30 min went by before they closed the plane again without any explanation. As a connecting flight after a long international flight, it was awful. Unfriendly and impatient staff.

Pros: Clean, pretty roomy (Delta Comfort)
Cons: Couldn't get onto internet. Both my wife and I could not access internet. Might be platform thing as we have Apple devices; woman next to us seemed to have nomorobkem with PC.

Pros: Good seats.

Cons: Very obese lady in middle seat, 30 D who took more than half of my seat. Not sure how you can correct for that, but made my trip terribly agonizing.

Pros: Same
Cons: Same

Pros: I like the new equipment on ATL - ABQ in first class, comfortable with good new video. Salmon dinner was quite good as well.

Pros: Good flight and good meals

Pros: Flight was short.
Cons: Travel to Canada from the US is generally an unpleasant experience, probably because there are not many travelers. Not many connecting flights and long layovers. Plane is small, no exntertainment, no food, few beverage options.

Pros: Friendly crew. Good price. Upgraded to comfort seating without charge since I'm a Delta sky priority flier
Cons: Seats uncomfortable.

Pros: the flight transported me from PBI to NYC
Cons: Plane size small -- 2x2, vast majority of carryons were gate checked Worst of all, the gate at JFK was not in the Delta terminal. It was at Terminal 4 - the international terminal. All the way at the end. It took 20 minutes to walk to the exit of the terminal

Cons: Great flight, ontime departure and early arrival. Bags were delivered within 15 minutes of Ariosto the gate.

Pros: nice new plane, lots of room

Cons: No fuel available

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Passengers were not wearing the mask appropriately and the AA crew didn’t do anything about it. The flight was so packed that was not space for social distancing. As a healthcare professional I just feel that AA is not really concerned with doing their part to avoid the spread of the virus and minimize the number of deaths from the actual pandemic. As a professional that has been in the frontline to combat this pandemic I don’t feel safe traveling in the AA flights anymore. I don’t feel that AA cares abouymy well-being and health to keep going where is need to fight this cause. I’m sorry I’m very disappointed and frustrated after this experience.

Pros: Appreciated the opportunity to upgrade at a reasonable price because the flight was so full
Cons: The "Miami based" crew were a little abrasive

Pros: The entertainment options was awesome used the on board wifi and the flight cruised by
Cons: Boarding and deplaning is always such a hassle

Pros: The crew was very helpful.
Cons: Sears are pretty tiny for comfort

Pros: Crew
Cons: Seats small

Pros: The crew was great!

Pros: Crew, seats, and smoothness of ride.
Cons: You have to pay for seats to sit with your travel partner.

Pros: good luggage space overhead - accommodate wheelie vertically like books. each seat had indiv tv screen, recent movies, usb charger, 3 prong charger.

Pros: Crew was very nice
Cons: Better plane, better notice on delays, not only to weather

Cons: Red-booked from cancelled flight. On this leg they neglected to give me a boarding pass on app and gate agent was irtitated that I didnt have one. On flight; fidgety person in front of mr was in annoyingly squeaky chair. I was told I could not switch seats because of weight balance (I'm 135 lbs).

Pros: Delayed 4 hours. Strung along the entire time. Awful experience. Inability to get hotel.

Pros: Food
Cons: They didn’t turn on the AC. Terrible service

Pros: It was actually a little early and that was nice.
Cons: Not much room.

Cons: It was great, but returning home was bad

Pros: Nothing
Cons: More than 24 passengers on the flight from LAX to Chicago lost their connection to Venice After we landed in Chicago with 2 hours delays we all run to catch our flight to Venice and we got there 5 minutes after the flight was supposed to leave but was still there instead but we were denied access and send back to customer service

Pros: Easy boarding crew were friendly food was hot
Cons: Seating was a pain to try and get 2 seats together even though I booked it months in advance very noisy rude people couldn't sleep on a supposed overnight am exhausted

Pros: My flight was delayed and expected to delay further and the attendants put me on another flight to get there before my connecting flight.
Cons: My bags never made it and when I arrived, I was told that one of my bags was still at my departure airport and the other wasn’t scanned.

Pros: I am handicapped so I was concerned about my walker and ability to use stairs etc. The crew on the plant and boarding area couldn’t have been more helpful. I was impressed by the comfortable seats and friendly stewardesses. After the plane landed the first officer went to get my walker so I didn’t have to wait.
Cons: LAX

Pros: We left on time and the crew was very polite and helpful.
Cons: Seats very uncomfortable. They would not recline at all. I was not looking to lay down but sitting straight up for 2 hours made it very uncomfortable. But, I guess since you added the extra seats, there is not enough room for anything. I am only 5'7" and feel sorry for those people who are much taller.

Cons: Took off 40 min late without explanation

Pros: The boarding was efficient. The service was fine. The pilot was informative.

Pros: Flight on time
Cons: No power outlets our video screens at seats. No food served on 4 hour flight.

Cons: A passenger caused a delay in security, and as I'm rushing for the gate, the agent closed the door and told me I couldn't board. She then marked me as a no-show, while she was standing right next front of her. I had to spend the next 4 hrs on the phone, trying to get my tickets sorted out. Then, upon arriving at Heathrow,... No luggage. They told me it was still in Chicago. Upon finally receiving my bags, I find them full of sawdust and sand, and several items damaged. I will NEVER fly American Airlines again, and I will highly recommend to my friends and family to avoid them like them plague. Horrible service! Nothing but a run-around and not once did the agents apologise, even after admitting that my problems on this journey were due to a mistake made by one of their agents.

Cons: Was unable to get our bags for over 45min following the flight, due to the fact that there was no one working at any of the counters.

Cons: There was only a shared screen. And the AA Entertainment app didn't work

Pros: Made it safely.
Cons: Getting my phone blown up all day about delays on my two flights. Then sitting on the tarmac in the plane while the ground crew moved equipment around. Were they surprised a plane was coming in?

Pros: IFE very good
Cons: No legroom

Cons: American changed our seats at the last minute, placing us in much worse locations than we had booked, and splitting my partner and I apart. We are platinum members, but that didn’t seem to help us in any way.

Pros: Orderly boarding process...On time departure, on time arrival..

Cons: Kiosk sign-in tried to sell several upgrades prior to issuing boarding pass. Very irritating! Seating was very cramped

Pros: Their Miami weather recovery of service during stressful & tragic times.

Pros: Food and a/c
Cons: Two hours delay.

Pros: Crew was exceptional (as usual), everything ran smoothly and on time.
Cons: It doesn't make sense to board from the front of the plane backward. I know this is not an AA thing, but a way to make customers paying more feel more special by having the privilege of sitting on the plane longer...but it's really silly.

Pros: This wasn't a British Airlines flight! We ended up being on a crappy, ancient American Airlines flight instead of the BA flight we had booked. It is very duplicitous to purchase a ticket for an airline with a great reputation and end up on a genuinely lousy flight on a totally different airline (especially one like American, that I would never book!).

Pros: I loved the Movies that I could watch, Charger plug ins as well as the service. No extra hassel.
Cons: Everything was fine. The flight was on time and I made it home safely.

Pros: Tons of entertainment options, friendly crew, flight was on time
Cons: My seat was not clean

Pros: it was on time and the flight was without incident
Cons: the food was terrible, even by airplane standards no personal entertainment system

Pros: Nice people good plane ride -- no problems.

Pros: It was all was

Cons: The delay with American flights in LAX were frustrating to deal with after several hours of traveling prior.

Pros: Terrible

Pros: Crew friendly
Cons: Had to pay for bags No snacks No entertainment system

Pros: The crew were helpful and as I have a disability they gave me a chair with moreegroom and closer to the exit.
Cons: It took a long time before they offered beverages, we were in the air for more than 1.5 hours before they came by to offer drinks

Pros: Plane was clean boarding was fine.

Pros: The first leg of trip had a newer aircraft......potentially due to the "mechanical delay" that started the fiasco.
Cons: I don't usually do reviews, but this experience has prompted me too. I usually pick American over other airlines even if the price is slightly higher but after this last fiasco I doubt I will fly with them again. From the start of the trip there was a delay. I was told that I would have to stay in a hotel in Charlotte because I would miss my connecting flight. I agreed and waited for my flight that was nearly 2 hours late. I arrived in Charlotte and retrieved my bag as instructed and went to the counter. The lady then stated that it was probably best if I tried to get on the last remaining flight even though it showed sold out because "there have been delays all day and plenty of people have been missing their connecting flights". So I rechecked my bag and headed to the game. This flight was delayed, as it was the last for the night, so that all the connecting flights could be made. Okay, that is fair enough....even though I didn't get to board and now I no longer had my bag as this is now on the plane. 30 minutes after the plane left I finally get my voucher for motel along with a $12 voucher for food that can only be used in the terminal restaurants......which are now closed for the night. After 30 minutes of trying to contact the hotel for shuttle information I was advised that they were no longer taking airline vouchers. I , again, approached the ticket counter and I was advised that I "would just have to wait because there are no rooms in the system at this time." And none of this instruction seemed professional or accommodating. After another hour I was approached that now there are no other options in their system for accommodations and I would have to pursue options on my own. So......the higher priced one way ticket just became $100 more at no fault of my own.

Pros: Better than I thought it would be.

Pros: The crew was fantastic as always and put people at ease even in the midst of a pandemic.

Pros: Not much
Cons: Small seat for first class; no inflight entertainment; terrible meal; lost baggage.

Cons: The plane was not stocked appropriately- ran out of mist drinks.

Cons: Nothing

Cons: The lady at the boarding gate at newark airport was extremely unpolite and with a very law service attitude

Pros: My original flight and rebooked flight were both canceled, then this flight was delayed. Even with the extra time, we still sat on the runway because paperwork wasn't in order. It was just a mess.
Cons: I had to rebook my own flight and considering the plane was already delayed, it should have departed as soon as we left the gate.

Pros: Our crew was good but everything else was awful. A 1/12 hour flight ended up with us on board for 6 hours.
Cons: Mechanical problems.... crew out of hours.... you name it .... it happened on my flight!

Pros: United’s crew were the sweetest. They knew I looked so tired, they took care of me and everyone on board!

Pros: Arrived a few minutes later than scheduled but no fatalities or interruptions.

Cons: Flight was cancelled due to weather. Earlier flight delayed twice for take off.

Cons: United's In-flight entertainment did not work.

Cons: That I could only have one carry on an my purse was considered two, really and it was a small purse.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I got dumped the day before I was supposed to fly to see my girlfriend. There was nothing I could do about taking the flight anyway. Because I needed fly as cheep as possible, I used you to book my flight. I tried to get a refund, but found out with fees it was going to cost more than I paid for the ticket.

Cons: Flight was delayed 2hrs

Pros: They loaded the plane quickly.
Cons: They don't enforce the carryon bag size. Overhead bins filled with large bags.

Pros: good flight
Cons: no entertainment

Pros: Plane was on time and even landed early
Cons: The gentleman sitting next to me held his duffle bag on his lap the whole flight. Take off and landing included. Take off I thought no big deal, but when it was time to land the flight attendant actually looked right at him and said nothing.. When I put my tray down, there was sugar and coffee stains on it. Luckily, I had a wet wipe to wipe it off. The attendants were not very friendly and I was disappointed with them. It just seemed like they were in a hurry. Note this was my flight from Omaha to Chicago. NOT the connecting flight Ord-DCA.

Pros: It was a typical flight.
Cons: The screen/ video entertainment system was broken and the flight attendant was rude about it.

Cons: Lack of space in economy....might as well box each one of us up and stick us in the cargo hold.

Pros: My flight was changed several times and I almost missed my connection flight international departure. But a lady at 800 customer service took care of everything. Local United personnel at Omaha airport is lack of customer service and handling knowledge.
Cons: 800 number

Pros: Everyone was very pleasant, flight was on time.
Cons: Tight seating.

Pros: The plane didn't crash
Cons: You pay for everything- including wi fi. Cheapest, saddest flights I've ever had. Never again flying United.

Pros: All perfect! Amazing how much nicer flight staff was!!

Pros: Short flight
Cons: Why do all the employees at United try to make you feel like your "putting them out" whenever you ask them anything. I have never experienced how an entire company can walk around with a chip on their shoulder. No life-threatening we are done.

Pros: Boarded on time
Cons: Late to mke!

Cons: I never made it to Helena. Flight was delayed 2 hours so I missed my connection and had to fly to an alternate airport and buy myself a rental car and hotel room.

Pros: Nothing really.
Cons: The fact that my bag got sent to LAX.

Pros: Absolutely nothing.
Cons: Boarded plane with my 8 week old baby. After getting settled had to deplane due to mechanical issues. Then I stalled feeding as he has to nurse during takeoff to relieve pressure. Airline kept slightly postponing it so wasn't comfortable nursing as I needed him to eat during takeoff. But no realistic time was ever given. Eventually they cancelled flight and they rebooked next day. Then united realized they would have to give travel vouchers / hotel if flight was cancelled so they re labeled it "delayed" to avoid putting everyone up in a hotel. 13.5 hrs of a delay overnight is not a delay and deserves better treatment! To add insult to injury, my GATE checked stroller took 45 min to come up to the top of the jetway. 45 minutes! I had to ask 4 times with a screaming 8 week old with nowhere to set him! The kind girl kept paging down to them but nobody would bring it up. It was absolutely horrible. Then today at check-in they couldn't figure out how to print the infant boarding pass which ultimately took 30-40 min of the lady trying to no avail. I arrived 1 hr 10 min early to my flight and nearly missed it due to United. The issues with printing my "infant voucher" caused me to have to run through the airport and frantically collapse stroller to make on time. With zero sleep thanks to the debacle the night before. Beyond disappointed and believe should be compensated for this experience.

Pros: United wide body jet was roomy and comfortable. Even sitting in the middle seat between two strangers was not awkward or uncomfortable Easy boarding and helpful attendants on board.

Cons: Checkin process was poor - unable to use kiosks; required personnel to check in. Customer rep was alone and line was long. Poor process and lots of angry customers

Cons: Wifi didn't work

Pros: Everyone was beyond helpful and wonderfully nice.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: A 4 hour flight & we got a repulsive wafer cookie and one, just one drink. No one ever came around to offer another beverage. The flight attendants were rude & spent the majority of the flight hanging out in the back gossiping.

Pros: The flight attendants are super duper nice. Like so nice. Too nice.
Cons: The chairs will make your butt go numb after awhile. It's inevitable. The snacks are god awful packaged poison BUT the beverage selection is vast which it pretty dope.

Cons: The seats on the 737 are uncomfortable.

Pros: Quick and easy boarding, friendly staff, On time/early to arrival
Cons: Not a lot of space for passengers- even someone small like me at 5'2 and 120 lbs. Flight was also a bit turbulent

Pros: I like the many options that I had to choose from for my filghts
Cons: That I could get my seat assignment when I place the reservation

Cons: No

Pros: The United staff I interacted with were some of the friendliest people I'd worked with all day.
Cons: Our first flight was delayed, which meant we'd miss our connecting flight. We were moved to a flight that would leave us in the airport for 8 hours. I called and someone got my onto an earlier flight, but when we showed up at the gate, we found out she hadn't finished the transaction and now there weren't enough seats for us. We were supposed to land in RIC by 2, but by the time we got a flight (which was again delayed), it was almost 10pm. The only helpful person I dealt with was John, who took my call to get us on another flight.

Pros: Our flight was on time. Economy plus seats were roomy. Also, we had gate checked car seats and the pilots waited to ensure that they were delivered before de planing.
Cons: My only complaint was that there was no food for sale. We had 2 hungry kids and we only got some free pretzels and a drink. It would have been nice if there was a snacks to purchase.

Pros: View out the window

Cons: Delayed at Chicago for 8 hours before they canceled the flight. It was beautiful & Sunny in both Chicago (depart) & Omaha (arrive) all day. The flight was most likely canceled because of an incoming flight that never arrived. Stayed at hotel on my own dime after wasting an entire day. Completely unacceptable and will never use airline for this route again.

Pros: Smooth boarding. Friendly crew. Got us there on time, despite a late start That included a gate change.
Cons: Was asked to check my carry on bag, because the flight was full. Meaning they sold the seat I purchased for my wife (who was unable to make the flight). I did so, but when I looked in the overhead bin after the flight, it was empty. When we arrived in Denver, I waited at the baggage carousel, watched everyone pick up there bags, until there were only 5 or 6 bags going around. I then went to a counter behind the carousel and asked about my bag. I was only then told that my bag had been there the whole time I was waiting.

Pros: The crew members were friendly and efficient.

Pros: I always appreciate a nice smooth landing.
Cons: The caramel wafer served with the beverage in flight.

Pros: Just noticed survey on my flight from Omaha to Chicago. Sadly I woke up to find that that flight was cancelled and I had to reschedule and flown to Denver instead.
Cons: The stewardess wasn't the least bit helpful. I did not see any friendliness on her part to anyway. It was like she had to do the job but didn't like being there. So very weird. My original flight to Milwaukee with stop in Chicago was cancelled. This was a flight that took me to Denver and then Milwaukee. Therefore cold for over two hours. Not a good experience with United.

Pros: On time
Cons: The older female attendant was extremely rude . Noted her inability to communicate with an obvious mentally challenge teenager. This attenders needs to retire she appears to be very tired of her job giving United a very poor image.

Pros: Even though we left almost 30 minutes behind schedule on a hour and a half flight, the pilot made up the time in the air and we touched down 2 minutes ahead of our original time. I know a bunch of people had connecting flights and we're very happy.
Cons: Departure was delayed for unknown reason, first flight of the day and the plane was sitting at the gate 2 hours prior to it's scheduled departure time.

Pros: It was ok
Cons: Not being in first class

Pros: Hassle free booking(no hidden fees) comfortable seats which for me being 6foot6 isn't always the case. And the free selection on the united airlines app was an awesome bonus

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Nebraska to Guayaquil

Airlines flying from Nebraska to Guayaquil have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Nebraska to Guayaquil

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Nebraska to Guayaquil

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Nebraska to Guayaquil

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Nebraska to Guayaquil

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Nebraska to Guayaquil

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