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Air Canada
Overall score based on 24,793 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "I liked the 2-3-2 seat configuration so my husband and I could sit in a 2 seat row without being crowded in with anyone else. Those seats are tight!"
Cons: "Everything could have been better. Boarding was terrible. Apparently the Air Canada devices did not work at this gate? Because boarding was so delayed, we lost our spot to depart. We were stuck on the tarmac for an hour. The seats were too crammed together and very uncomfortable for a 4+ hour flight. Food service did come through, but they were out of most things. It’s advertised you can buy a meal/snack/drink combo but the drinks did not come through at the same time and that was a mess. There didn’t seem to be any air vents above the seats so the flight was very stuffy. We will never fly Rouge again."

Pros: "There's nothing to like about Air Canada's Rouge service!"
Cons: "Seat comfort."

Cons: "Way to small seating area"

Pros: "Time!! All was on time! And arrived early !!"
Cons: "Pre-selection of seats,"

Pros: "There was a particularly great flight attendant. I wish I got her name but she was really helpful and pleasant."
Cons: "The crackers that came with my cheese plate meal were rancid."

Pros: "Clean plane"
Cons: "No charging docks"

Pros: "I appreciated for free Molson Canadian."

Pros: "Direct flight"
Cons: "The seats were tired and worn out. I could literally feel the metal bar in my back. They moved the magazines up to above the tray table and took the extra inch out. If there is an accident we are all going to eat magazines. I would rather deal with TSA than Air Canada"

Pros: "Air Canada Rouge is a great airline. Would 100% fly again and will try to fly every time with Air Canada."
Cons: "n/a"

Cons: "Video not working"

Pros: "Clear and stress free check in."
Cons: "Everything was on point nothing to report."

Pros: "Being the first passengers to exit the cabin after a 5 and a half hour flight is definitely a perk, as well as getting one's luggage (a priority tag is attached to them) immediately upon getting to the carousel, an other. Leg room and more space is also great."
Cons: "The only board menu was not exhaustive, considering one pays over $500 USD to move up to business class."

Cons: "I'm kind of tall so leg room always seems scarce."

Pros: "The staff and crew were just amazing, I traveled with my 83 yr old mom who's in a wheelchair and the staff was with us from arrival to boarding and once boarded, the air crew was helpful and checking up on her often during the flight. The plane was full load of people so it was really hot but the crew came by often with water refill. A lady besides me was coughing a lot and sure enough the stewardess came by with water and to ask if anything she could do without having been summoned. We rented tablets to see movies and I'm not very technological but the stewardess was very patient with me and took time to help me set up and she showed me how to go about in your application. The flights to and from Las Vegas were perfect and all thanks to the wonderful crew you have, even the pilot was standing at the entrance to greet us when we boarded which was great as I got to see who I was entrusting my life to during this 4h38 min flight, quite reassuring. Anyways, UA, Transat and AA take a back seat to Air Canada any day of the week!"
Cons: "the heat was real bad, even with he little air vents on the ceiling, it was still really hot. the leg room was cramped but it felt like the seats were a little roomier than my last flights with Transat, UA and AA but that could be my imagination."

Pros: "Customer service was great"

Cons: "third time flying with air Canada rouge to vegas and its the same story every time. They never check and everyone brings in 3,4 carry on so they don't have to pay the 25 dollar fee. Then there's no room and flight is delayed because of that."

Pros: "It flew from point a to b safely"
Cons: "Last time I saw a similar cabin was when I was 10! I'm 37 now. The overhead baggage bins were made for small bags from a different century. seats were grey....grey. In flight entertainment was by app...that you have to download first, I should have known beforehand. Food was little munchies. Seemed like an old and tired airline"

Cons: "My flight was delayed and cancelled for 23 hours. The people working for Air Canada in LAS were rude and condisending. At the time of writing this, I haven't heard anything back from Air Canada on how they plan to reimburse me for the food, and travel to and from the to and from the Airport. Don't fly Air Canada! Hitch hike, it's more dependable than that trash airline"

Pros: "NIGHTMARE! We were not able to travel due to my wife's illness the nite before we were to depart."
Cons: "I didn't like that Air Canada didn't give us a voucher to use within the next year due to the illness. She has had tests since we have been home and her doctor told us we made a good decision not to travel. She documented that for us as well. She wrote a note to help us recover our air fee or at least get a voucher...hoping they will change their mind."

Pros: "The duration of the flight"
Cons: "The staff was rude and inattentive, horrible experience."

Pros: "On time flight . Flight attendants are polite"
Cons: "None"

Cons: "It was a much older plane than I'm used to, and a really long flight to have no entertainment options. Seats were more cramped than normal, and even numbered weird, it took me some time to find my seat. Overhead storage was very difficult to get into."

Pros: "Nithing"
Cons: "6 hour flight delay missed a whole day of vacation when we called customer service we were redirected to a adult sex hotline by your staff all we got was a 10 dollar voucher for our trouble never flying air Canada again"

Pros: "On time and efficient"
Cons: "To pay American dollars for baggage on AC coming back to CANADA or to pay AT ALL for a bag"

Cons: "The type of planes they use "Rouge" are too small, even for business class passengers. Seating & legroom is like upgraded economy, not business."

Pros: "Did have a safe flight."
Cons: "reading lights not working over seat. asked for a wine....went to washroom...gone only a couple of min. When she finlally walked by she said she brought it but I was not there. Re ordered but she never came back with any but walked by me a few times. not a snack of anything on a 4 hour flight. only if you paid."

Pros: "We been flying discount airlines out of Bellingham for the last few years. How ever with the exchange rate now we decided to fly Air Canada this time. OMG what a difrence great seats more room and great service"

Pros: "Convenient times and pricing."
Cons: "Seat spacing and amount of space for carry-on luggage is not enough."

Cons: "No complimentary snacks"

Cons: "Due to icy weather we missed our flight from Montreal to Las Vegas Wed Jan 4. Could they not have waited for the delayed flight from Ottawa to facilitate this connection? Many people had to wait overnight in the plastic airport chairs until the next flight at 8am Thurs Jan 5th. At that late hour could not the lights be slightly dimmed, the heavy beat pop music loop discontinued, and a dispensary machine with water, coffee or tea be in the departure area? There was none and the other shops had closed. It was overly bright, noisy and impossible to stretch out on the seats with rigid dividers."

Pros: "Old plane, high changing fees. Air Canada sucks"

Cons: "Poor boarding by zone number which all customers just block the lineup old plane outbound"

Pros: "On time Courteous Good service Decent business class seats"
Cons: "Bit of vibration on the front wheels on take off rough landing, similar vibrations Mediocre lounge (by United in Las Vegas airport)"

Pros: "Liked having the seat next to me empty on the fight back."
Cons: "I did not like paying for picking my seat. Back in the day if you booked your ticket you got to pick your seat, like first come first serve, without paying for it. Now, if you want to guarantee a window seat you have to pay for it. I only did it because my mom advised me to. And I did so because I always listen and respect her advice. It made for a good experience because i like looking out the window. However,I did not appreciate having to pay for it. I believe that since we incur a plethora of microcharges for everything on the plane ticket that it should include picking your own seat without a separate charge. It is likely a matter of time before we will be charged extra for salt on our pretzels."

Cons: "Leg room is insanely tight. Sure i'm 6ft but this is the first time I felt my legs were swollen when I finally stood up to deplane."

Cons: "Unhelpful crew,dreadful status updates about our delay, not enough food on board for everybody"

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Ridiculously little room on rouge flights. Sad. Choice of movies not on offer mediocre. Everything else ok"

Pros: "Boarding process was efficient"
Cons: "Entertainment system options did not feature a lot of new content"

Cons: "The check in counter was a mess. Though we had checked in online, it still took forever to check in at the counter as the machines could not print out the bag tags, then there was another line up for dropping off the bags. Those machines also could not read foreign passports though Canadian ones were fine. So we had to wait for our friends who were from overseas. The stewardess doing the announcements went so fast you could not hear her except for a few words, and she had a very strong French accent so it sounded like she was speaking in French all the time. But at least she was better than the pilot, whom we could not hear at all. The only word we heard was "cloudy"."

Cons: "Confort de merde"

Pros: "Service was good"
Cons: "There was 3 hour delay on the first flight, that made me miss my connecting flight then they booked another flight which was not a direct flight but with an additional stop. I reached Toronto 7 hours later than my original landing time"

Cons: "Plane was 3 hours late. 10$ meal voucher was all I was given. Had to run to make my connection to europe. Causing lost luggage for 3 days."

Pros: "I was asleep for most of the flight so at least it was comfortable."
Cons: "First, the departure gate was changed without any announcements, and I only noticed it because I stopped to look at and read it off one of the airport's electronic boards. Then, after I arrive at the (new) gate about 20 minutes later, they announce that the flight was to depart at the original gate, which turns out to be a mistake. Very disorganized..."

Pros: "and I'm average height (5'10"). Flight boarded early and we were airborne by scheduled take off time. Fortunately, we checked at scheduled boarding time and made last call. Crew was friendly. Movies were OK. Mostly old hat. Bring your own I-pod. They only come around once with beverages so you have to ask."
Cons: "See above."

Pros: "Curtous and competent crew. Good Price Direct Flight"
Cons: "Very little perks on the flight. Flight right at dinner time and no food provided (Need to be purchased on-board. Not all choices were available). Entertainment system required to provide our own devices, but it was not possible to plug in to recharge (5 hour flight!)."

Cons: "Service is absolutely poor. Pathetic. I asked to take away my cup of water. They said we will be back. That point did not arrive till the flight landed."

Pros: "The crew nice and accommodating; the food for business class was good. There was no food for economy. The seats were comfortable. It was an overall good flight."

Pros: "Big and spacious plane, plenty of room although room for carry on bags was limited."
Cons: "It took a long time for the plane to take off and we didn't have much communication as to why this was happening."

Pros: "Flight left within a hour of schedule time. I did get one warm diet coke with no ice."
Cons: "Having taken over 100 flights, I've noticed things have progressively gotten less and less *okay*. While nothing eventful happened this flight, I felt all the small touches I've come to know about Air Canada are gone. I felt less like a person and more like cattle on this flight then ever before."

Cons: "Better food choices for Business Class passengers"

Cons: "food, though i liked breakfast (dim sum and fruits including guava)"

Pros: "Trip from JFK to Wuhan was a pleasure unfortunately flying to China has great problems if you are Transit passenger as Iowa's continuing to Bangkok Bangkok"

Pros: "Overall good"
Cons: "A"

Pros: "Crew very helpful in helping me make my connection in Guangzhou when our flight was late."
Cons: "Dingy waiting area separated from terminal. Boarding is random once it starts. Food was like 1980s airplane food."

Pros: "The crew was ok but the seat was not so good, the toilets are clean. The workers on check in were nice"

Cons: "The crew is very nice and my Premium economy seat was great."

Cons: "Crew service is excellent. Flight was fast without any delay in take off in Guangzhou Airport. Food in Business Class is pedestrian."

Pros: "The crew was good and spoke reasonable English."
Cons: "We boarded the plane on time and left the gate then waited for 40 minutes after the scheduled departure time to take off. There were no individual entertainment screens."

Pros: "Very clean, new plane, excellent boarding and flight. Great entertainment options."

Cons: "The staff just took my husband and my passports while we have layover at wuhan. The Wuhan airport has nothing. The person who took our passports kinda detian us in the airport!! Is this legal? They also delayed our layover from 3hrs to 13hours layover in Wuhan airport! Nothing right about this!"

Pros: "3 free meals."
Cons: "Flight attendants are dry and dismissive."

Pros: "I'm happy that CZ retains 777-300ER economy seating 3x3x3. This makes for confortable seating and space on a long haul flight. I ordered special meals and they always get it right."
Cons: "It would be nice if inflight floated more frequently during these long flights. I'm disappointed that there is not more control during main cabin boarding. They have the stancions and signage available to help avoid the crush and provide some order with groups by row numbers and enforcing it."

Pros: "China Southern has an excellent and attentive staff, very friendly and responsive. The boarding process is smooth with very little complications. In the course of 20 hours they served two full meals with sandwiches for snacks. These were decent meals as far as I am concerned."
Cons: "Guangzhou to Toronto, the cabin was a little warm for my liking, I don't think it ever got below 25°c in there, for me it made it a bit difficult to sleep. This was not the case on my flight from Toronto to Guangzhou so maybe this was just an isolated case."

Cons: "One of my 2 check-in bags is not with me on the same flight. Although it was delivered to me next day, it still caused me some inconvenience."

Cons: "China Southern caters almost exclusively to the Chinese market and, essentially, operates like a gigantic bus for Chinese tourists making their way across the seas. At least 95% of the passengers were Chinese. Why does that matter? U.S. customer service is entirely absent. That means, things that you take for granted, like selecting your seat and getting your boarding pass on-line, is unavailable. Their website, such is it is, simply is not developed to the levels one would expect. We were unable to select our seats, get seats together, check on the status of the flight, check-in on-line, or get a boarding pass in advance. We essentially paid huge $$$ to a company then crossed our fingers that our reservation would be honored when we got to the airport. VERY STRESSFUL"

Cons: "We had no option available for food. They only had fish. The crew has difficulty communicating in English which makes even a small request stressful."

Pros: "good service"

Pros: "I had the chance to chose my meal in advance, the food was great"

Pros: "There was nothing particularly remarkable"
Cons: "I wished that the TV screens were positioned such that the screens were clearly visible from all seats."

Cons: "No entertainment, not even an English language newspaper. Delayed boarding and departure, as usual."

Pros: "It wasn’t a difficult flight"
Cons: "Wish there would’ve been inflight entertainment"

Pros: "Service Crew superior performance to passengers. Very attentive."
Cons: "I had one luggage which was long delayed in coming out of the airport luggage arrival carousel even if I am a Business Class passenger"

Pros: "The flight and crew itself was fine, the problem was with China Southern once you got off the plane."
Cons: "This is a big airport for transit passengers. Even if you had a boarding pass for your connecting flight, you needed to get in line to get another one. That took an hour and a half. If you needed a transit visa because of a long layover (China Southern offers accommodation) you needed to go through a second procedure which was arbitrary and chaotic and took hours. I got my transit visa in 2 1/ 2 hours (4 hours after getting off plane). In another hour I was at the very nice hotel provided. China Southern staff had assured me I didn't need to get to the airport particularly early, but the hotel staff required I leave 3 1/2 hours before my flight. With a 15 hour layover I was able to get 3 hours sleep. I saw people who had been in the transit visa area for up to 7 hours. Nothing else about these flights mattered at that point."

Pros: "The special services for handicapped passengers"
Cons: "Poor tv screens and programs"

Pros: "Pleasant staff. Comfortable bed and blanket"
Cons: "Very dated movie selection. Limited alcohol."

Pros: "The flight attendants are great, and doing their best in a broken system..."
Cons: "The airline is always late, and you will consistently miss connecting flights. They will do nothing to accommodate you, while you wait for the next flight. They've lost my luggage on 30% of my flights with them."

Pros: "Business class & price"
Cons: "Service for food. Our whole section was not served dessert."

Cons: "I still don’t have my luggage and I’m coming home. Awful"

Pros: "China Southern is very welcoming, calming music and lavender diffuser on boarding. Very good customer service, always offering water and drinks."

Pros: "Seats are comfortable . Food is okay. Staff are very nice. Good value for money."
Cons: "We had an hour stop over in Colombo and they made us wait on the place for the entire time. Exhausting and awful to be honest"

Pros: "Great customer service and aimed to please!"
Cons: "The food... however the crew tried to please with what they had available."

Pros: "Food was delicious!"

Cons: "Cell phones prohibited for the ENTIRETY of this 12-hour flight, not just takeoff and landing"


Cons: "The food was very Chinese which makes sense it just wasn't to my taste."

Cons: "my flight was late so i missed my connecting flight. we sat in the plane for over three hours before departing. they didnt serve drinks with the meal. we were told we would get room service at the hotel. they provided fried ramen, boiled cabbage and hard boiled eggs. anything more we had to pay for. fried ramen and hard boiled eggs were also in the breakfast boxes, probably the leftovers."

Cons: "It should be zero stars. We never made this flight because of excessive delays. We also had to wait more than 2 days for the next available flight. The airline tried to put us in a very dirty and dumpy hotel 35 minutes away from the airport. We paid out of our own pocket for a hotel at the airport. Worst 15 hours of airline experience I've ever had."

Pros: "Courteous staff and punctuality of the flight."
Cons: "Entertainment system was not working in our seat. The vegetarian food not available unless booked in advance."

Pros: "Keep us well fed, drinks, onboard entertainment was ok, lots of movies, free pillow, blanket, and my overnight flight was provided with ear plugs, eyemask and toothbrush."
Cons: "Unable to use mobile phone on airplane mode or laptop computer at any point of the flight. Windows HAD to be down the entire flight. Also one leg of the flight l was unable to bring extra water l purchased in the airport onto the plane."

Pros: "I've flown China Southern several times before and like the airline. Legroom is good, so is the service and the movie selection."
Cons: "The food was okay but for our western taste doesn't deserve an 'excellent' rating ...and on other long distance flights the crew comes around to serve water or Oj, or they give you a water bottle. None of this happened on this flight...while the crew was still friendly and helpful, it could have been better service, sorry! The seats also seemed a litter harder than on previous flights, not 100% sure if it was the case or if it was just my own impression, LOL."

Pros: "Efficient crew."
Cons: "Chaos at gate. Use English for announcements as well. Delays."

Cons: "We couldn't land in Kunming so we arrived with 6.5 hours delay"

Pros: "new planes on departing."
Cons: "no english.bad customer service.delayed flights worst nightmare.will never fly again."

Pros: "Normally China southern flights are far from being particularly good. But this plane would compete favorably with airlines known for its comfort such as Japan Airlines, and Turkish Airlines."

Pros: "This was my first time using the China southern airline and it was better than I was expecting. The food was good, and the I was kind of surprised that they have so many movies. I usually prefer to sleep because of lack of entertainment but this time I watched 4 movies on the way to SFO. I had a layover in China for 14 hours and I thought I was gonna stay in the airport but they arranged me a free hotel. They didn't mention in the email but I could rest well and they even had a shuttle bus to the airport in the morning. It was a great experience."
Cons: "In my opinion, they should smile more when they talk. It might be because I don't understand the language but they looked pretty scary to me. I just felt that way. But not all of the crews are like that."

Pros: "dream liner is smooth...and no fat flight attendants"

Pros: "These jerks simply cancel a flight and offer zero help"

Pros: "Everything!!! Great crew and great staff."

Pros: "Control of my own movies."
Cons: "He very was only ok. I felt like I couldn't have enough water to drink."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Nevada to Qingdao

Airlines flying from Nevada to Qingdao have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Nevada to Qingdao

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Nevada to Qingdao

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Nevada to Qingdao

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Nevada to Qingdao

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