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Cons: So professional during this pandemic. I felt safe the whole time. Slept like a baby, the flight was so smooth.

Cons: Mechanical issue put us out late, then weather kept us circleing for another 45 minutes. Spent the night at msp had to fly out the next day to final destination.

Pros: Slept the whole way. Served wine.

Pros: Comfort plus is a nice upgrade
Cons: Having a clear gate to take advantage of being early.

Cons: Not enough leg room. Flights are costly enough and it just seems wrong to upcharge passengers for more legroom. Legroom should be standard outside of first /business class.

Cons: Seat wasn't comfortable

Pros: Good in flight entertainment.
Cons: More refreshments for longer flights.

Cons: We had a delay to boarding due to a mechanical issue. THANK YOU for making quick turn around decisions (ie, put us on another plane at another gate) - rather than just piling on delays!

Cons: They left without us. They could have waited a few minutes knowing we were on a delayed flight but didn't. They actually left early.

Cons: Flight was cancelled and rebooking was poorly handled. Might get bumped from rebooked flight as well.

Pros: Crew was very good.
Cons: Seat assignment at gate was inconvenient b/c jt dissuades you from taking a bathroom break before the flight. They can't prefer that you go on the plane.

Pros: No delays. Easy boarding.

Pros: Clean Washroom
Cons: N A

Pros: good flight, inflight menu and movie library
Cons: rude bag drop off kiosk

Pros: Customer service on the phone.
Cons: Delays all day on delta. On my way out and on the return flight.

Pros: Everything was on time & organized
Cons: I had to download that Gogo app to watch a move. That sucked

Pros: Fly attendants were very professional
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The crew was great.
Cons: The price of my ticket

Cons: Too much delay - departure was planned on March 15 @ 7 pm and take off happened on March 16 @ 12pm - a complete failure!!!!

Pros: The seats were awful .how many can squeeze in. .horrible
Cons: Room to breathe, move a little

Pros: Crew was amazing
Cons: If you could figure out how to get online wifi...

Pros: Late as usual

Pros: Staff tried to be helpful
Cons: Silly series of events. Maintenance problem before flight left previous city, got to us and we boarded only to deplane for more repairs. Ended up with another plane, five hours later. For a 44 min flight. Would’ve been easier to drive!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The fact that I couldn't change flights on the day of travel

Pros: Excellent seat assignment good leg room plane on time staff friendly

Pros: This was my cousins first time flying and the Flight Attendants made her feel very welcomed. They all were very personable.

Cons: No Gluten free option

Pros: Delta is not a good place to be
Cons: Delta is not good on customer service

Pros: The Delta check-in at RDU was terribly understaffed with only 2 agents handling baggage drop-off for a fully booked Boeing 757. I waited over 1 hour and got to the gate at the last minute. Poorly managed! The flight crew was great though! Very attentive service even in the economy class!
Cons: The food could be better.

Pros: The flight attendants were incredible the flight was great the movies for good great for our flight

Pros: On Tim and friendly

Pros: Good flight crew
Cons: Flight was delayed with no explanation.

Pros: So many movies to watch. Keep it up!
Cons: The food was too sweet and salty.

Cons: Flight overbooked and the gate paid no attention to how many bags were being brought onboard. Was forced to check my carry on. I hope it arrived.

Pros: Flight attendants were extremely nice to my baby and me. Didn't feel rushed. Nice variety of snacks.

Pros: there was NOTHING good about the trip from nc to atl to fl!
Cons: where should i start? my flight was delayed leaving NC to ATL. after standing in line for over an hr trying to speak to someone about the issue. i was notified on my phone i could keep my current flight or rebook of course i wanted to keep my current flight since it was my birthday weekend. i then called delta (in nc) for help since they told us we wouldnt make our 1030 flight and we might have to stay in a hotel that night until we could rebook the flight. not cool! i was told by a person (in nc)about what i should do once landed in ATL. they were beyond rude. they turned their backs or gave half answers. when asked about the hotel for the night they told me they werent going to handle that and i had to pay for a hotel AFTER i was just told by a delta agent that if i had to stay overnight my hotel was going to be covered. i then again called a delta agent in ATL after being informed that my status on the stand by list wasnt activated and i had less than 10 mins to make it to the next terminal and try to get activated and i would probably not get onto that flight to leave ATL. we were told that we had to stay in the terminal that night. my whole trip could have been ruined from the start from the flight being delayed in NC to talking to rude delta agents in NC and ATL. my flight status being one thing and then finding out it was something else. i never had to deal with something like this.

Cons: All "carry-ons" were taken at the jetway, which was fine. But, when we landed, as passengers were trying to get off of the plane, the attendants were putting all of the collected luggage at the entry to the jetway. It created congestion. Then, anyone who had luggage, had to lineup against the side of the jetway, awaiting their luggage, and increasing the congestion. First, it was inconvenient. Worse, if there was any kind of emergency, I believe it would have created a unsafe environment. Very Poor Design & Process ! ! !

Pros: The courtesy of the staff and the seats in the "delta comfort" section.
Cons: Too many interruptions. i'm not sure if there is a way but there should be a way to only serve only those who are requesting service.

Pros: Everything was great. Staff were friendly and courteous, I only had one problem but even that was solved and I was taken care of.
Cons: The only thing I didn't like was that wires got crossed and now I don't have my luggage because my check in agent from the start of my journey didn't send it to the right place.

Pros: The flight was delayed, and delayed again, and finally delayed to 18 hours after original takeoff time. I was rebooked on a flight for the following after, and that flight has been delayed twice so far. Never again will I fly Delta.
Cons: That I never made it to my destination

Cons: After checking in at a kisok I had to wait in a huge line for over 20 minutes just to drop the bag. This the second time I have had this experience with them.

Cons: Everything that could have gone wrong with my flights, went wrong. On my way from LA to Raleigh (through Atlanta), I was affected by the weather conditions at Atlanta. I understand that the weather is beyond Delta's scope of control, but customer service is not. I had to wait in line at LAX for 8 hours to even get information on what had happened, and what solutions were available. The customer service call center was collapsed, and at the airport counters at one point there was ONLY ONE DELTA REPRESENTATIVE serving a line of more than 100 upset customers. This IS Delta's fault, and it is unacceptable. This definitely was under Delta's control, but in order to save a few dollars in overtime for emergency staff Delta was willing to let its customers make terribly long lines, miss their flights, their connections and consequently their commitments. It is disappointing to observe how Delta believes that a few dollars saved on extra staff and emergency measures can offset the irreparable long term damage to its business due to upset customers. My way back from Raleigh to Los Angeles was also a disaster. Without any type of explanation and nothing more than an email announcing the change, the nonstop flight I bought was replaced by a 1-stop flight with connection in Atlanta. This was NOT THE PRODUCT I PURCHASED. There is a reason I paid a premium for a nonstop flight, and Delta did not hesitate in providing me with a less valuable product without any explanation or refund. Delta prioritizes its operational metrics - an obsession to fill and overbook its capacity - over its customers' experience, one again under the foolish belief that short term savings in any way offset the long term damage of disappointed and alienated customers. I will NEVER FLY DELTA AGAIN. I will do whatever I can to transmit my experience to everyone I know. At a time where major airline carriers are in the spotlight due to abusive practices (i.e. the United passenger case), I still find hope in knowing that alternatives such as Southwest still put their customers first, over the ethereal benefits that a few-dollar savings in operational expenses can provide.

Pros: Everything else good.
Cons: N/A

Pros: Crew was friendly and apologetic
Cons: The AC did not work and we had to get off and hang out in the jetway for probably 45 minutes. Nightmare.

Pros: Friendliness of omboard crew
Cons: Flight was more than 2 hours late

Pros: The fact that the flight was direct. Entertainment options. Availability of USB and power outlets once you upgraded to priority seating.
Cons: Flight was delayed as a result of volunteers getting off the plane due to overbooking. Their luggage had to be found and unloaded. Abusive and rude ground and security staff. On board staff was curt and was just going through the motions. Priority Seating seats were flimsy and extremely uncomfortable for a 10hr flight, even using the front seat pocket felt like you being kicked in the back. Seats reclined only 3 inches. Quality of food was pathetic. Serving trays were so small that is was impractical to eat out of them as food served barely fit in them. Toilets and sinks were clogged and dirty 1.5hrs into the flight. In short, it felt like you were traveling on a cheap bus.

Pros: The cookies on board were tasty.
Cons: There was no gate agent until another passenger went all the way to another gate to retrieve one. The flight kept getting delayed, but no one made any announcements about why or even that there was a delay. Passengers just kept noticing the time change on the flight info board. On board, if you didn't buy into Delta's classist system of paying for an "extra comfort" seat (which, by the way, is a regular seat), you were seated in a tiny shoved in extra row where even my 8 year old's knees bumped the seat in front of us while seated. I will never fly Delta again, particularly with them being one of the priciest options.

Pros: Nothing really.
Cons: Arrived at airport at 08:00a for 09:10a flight. Delay for weather, then crew rest, then cancelled ~6 hours later. All while sitting in the airport like a dope. Put on a flight with overnight in LGA, but they could not tell us if a voucher would be provided. Usual story since the govt does not mandate the airlines do better. Was not advised to try standby on other later flights, which worked. Finally landing in BOS, we sat for 45+ min waiting for a third person to flag the plan to the gate. Understand why, but really annoying after such a long day full of delays. Felt many areas could have been handled better. Each person individually tried, but in aggregate it was a mess.

Pros: The crew and everyone was very informative and helpful in keeping us informed about our delays.
Cons: Our flight was delayed 3 hrs also, my baggage was damaged.

Pros: crew
Cons: not enough food

Cons: Late boarding

Pros: Good crew.
Cons: More comfortable seating.

Pros: Comfortable seating, good food served by this airline
Cons: The woman seated next to me had the worst body odor ever and this was a 10 hour flight-nearly brought me to hurl. She was the mother of s flight attendant as well, and was constantly brought amenities from the first class cabin. Really not appropriate for the rest of us in premium economy

Cons: Not much legroom and no tv’s on a 10-hour flight

Pros: Great crew
Cons: Uncomfortable seating

Pros: Friendly crew, tried their best to accommodate
Cons: Boarding was delayed and once in the plane more delay followed. Food was pasta (again!) while entertainment was non-existent. Flight is long enough to show at least a route map.

Pros: Crew was good overall
Cons: Food was overheated and bland in taste. No on board entertainement

Pros: Food was good & they served a full meal!
Cons: Crew appeared annoyed with everyone. No entertainment provided.

Pros: What more can you expect for economy travel?
Cons: Cramped seats

Cons: My luggage did not arrive on the flight from Frankfort to Athens. The Lost Luggage staff was very helpful, but the process took a long, long time. Then when my luggage arrived the next morning, no one was staffing the Gold kiosk, so it took another hour and a half to get my luggage. (We had received an email saying that the luggage would be available at 7:30; no one was there to provide it to us)

Pros: The engagement of the crew. The coffee and cake. The attendant offered to help me with my bag to the door of the aircraft. The same attendant remembered to give me coffee later and provided the stir stick just as I was able ask for one. I felt cared for.
Cons: They ran out of the protein meal selections.e.g. Chicken I think. Pasta with sauce and one small cube of cheese with a little salad does not qualify as a balanced mealThe attendant tried to make up for it by giving me more cheese blocks.

Pros: The crew was really good. The food was much better than my cross the Atlantic flight. There wasn’t any entertainment so I am not sure how to rate it.
Cons: Frankfurt airport is not very good. Why does a passenger who has cleared security in the US have to do it again in Frankfurt? It is an unnecessary requirement that causes some passengers to miss their connecting flight. I will give them a pass on clearing immigration But going thru

Pros: Polite crew
Cons: 1 hour delay again

Cons: Had to run thru airport to catch plane, thn long wait to board.

Cons: Air was stuffy.

Cons: No food or entertainment

Cons: Still in Munich.

Pros: They even filled my water bottle a couple of times in addition to numerous glasses at my seat.

Pros: Equipment, crew
Cons: The boarding of the plane was disorganized.

Cons: When I picked up my luggage one piece had a broken zipper and my belongings fell out

Pros: On time, no complaints


Pros: A male flight attendance made me feel uncomfortable. I sat in empty sit with number 3 instead of 4 and he asked me to check my number on my boarding pass. WIth an extremely directive and dictating tone in his voice he told me YOU SHOULD GO AND SIT to what your ticket says. It is VERY important to be sited, although the seats are available you should be sited where your boarding pass directs you to be.
Cons: I realized that some people of their crew are extremely insane! I have never had an issue like this, with DELTA or AIR FRANCE, or KLM, or NORWEGIAN, or SAS If it was only one persona that I had to deal with, which it was on my flight from NY to Munich I would say , it was coincidence . One person is not a statistical point and accuse the whole Company. But this was repeated on my second flight from Munich to Athens. Then I said, this is not coincidence, it is a pattern that is repeated and not professional . NEVER AGAIN WITH LUFTHANSA is my decision and my recommendation.

Pros: High quality service, attentive flight attendances, as always on Lufthansa.

Cons: Wheelchair assistance did not arrive at gate.

Cons: They don’t have order while boarding No space for the carry on- they didn’t ask to check them for free.

Cons: All flights in Frankfurt boarded via jet bridge. Flight to Greece boarded via a bus. Freezing weather in Frankfurt. Are Germans prejudiced to Greek passengers?

Pros: The crew was more helpful than the transatlantic flight.
Cons: My seat. It was right behind the first class and as the crew rushed to serve them, they threw the separating curtain at my face as I was sitting on the corridor. It was so frequent I couldn't sleep and the passanger did the same.

Cons: Missed my connection due to airline delay and was put on a flight 12 hours later

Pros: On all my flights everything was on time and ready to go. Crew was super helpful and friendly. Ready great service and constant visual of crew for us if we needed them. Was not expecting to be fed sooo much on my flights which was awesome! Seats were comfortable, pillow and blanket were a nice accommodation as well! The entertainment was awesome - made 8 hours quickly disappear! Will definitely fly with Lufthansa again when I go overseas!

Pros: Flight attendants we good
Cons: Business class seats were just regular seats without a 3rd person. Legroom bad and seats narrow. Not good value b

Cons: Smaller plain

Pros: Very helpful and nice cabin crew, very tasty food! And comfortable sitting. Would recommend to a friend.
Cons: That damn crying kid behind me that kept kicking my chair and crying the whole 8 hours.

Pros: Same as above.
Cons: Same as above.

Pros: This is the first time I actually enjoyed a meal on a flight. It was ravioli in tomato sauce, just perfect! Superfriendly cabin crew

Pros: Crew was great and helpful. Flight was half empty so it was comfortable.
Cons: The plane was not very clean.

Cons: Vegetarian meal choice not offered

Pros: Comortable seats, great service, combined with good food and entertainment made for an enjoyable flight
Cons: The boarding process was poorly executed

Cons: A man next to me took a picture of me when he thought I was asleep.

Cons: Food was awful. Looked like something you would find in prison. My second leg did not even have vegan options for me, as I ordered online weeks ago. I was so hungry after almost 14 hours of flying plus a 12-hour layover. I am not impressed with this airline.

Pros: I really enjoyed my flight with Lufthansa. My gluten free meals were very good and the service was excellent!
Cons: It would be nice to be able to reserve seats ahead of time without charge

Pros: Comfortable seats.
Cons: Boarding was like a "free-for-all", the gate agents exerted NO control at all. The departure was delayed about 15 minutes (no big thing" but then we sat in our seats for an additional 45-50 minutes for a total of more than an hour!. This after an 11+ hour first leg.

Pros: I was rescheduled on another flight improperly
Cons: Flight did not take off staff was rude unhelpful I won't use them again

Pros: TV & movie selection, food and drinks were great! staff was friendly and there seemed to be a bit more room between seats!

Pros: Good entertainment options and nice choice of movies and TV. Complimentary drinks are good and service is frequent.
Cons: Difficulty with Lufthansa's website made it so that I could only complete check in for one person in our party. When we arrived at the airport and they printed boarding passes, the Lufthansa agent re-assigned seats without asking or telling me and gave us all middle seats. Very poor form. Food was either average or bad, depending on what was served. Boarding is unorganized, with people lining up over an hour prior to boarding and almost completely ignoring their boarding groups.

Pros: Lufthansa does travel in Europe very well. Boarding process was easy, overhead storage was great, Flight arrived early.
Cons: Seats in business class are rather smallish, and the legroom is not great either. If you pay extra for business, you should get extra.

Pros: Extra leg room in the emergency exit area was great for a tall person. Good food.
Cons: Boarding was chaotic and they switched the gates. The flight was overbooked. No entertainment offered.

Pros: It departed and arrived on time. The boarding process was very efficient thanks to Frankfurt's automated ticked checking gates.
Cons: No in flight entertainment.

Cons: Too hot and stuffy. No air.

Pros: Seats were very comfortable. Plane interior was in new condition, including electronic window shade tinting.
Cons: Staff was not particularly warm or attentive. Was never offered more to drink, and after asking for more wine was ignored.

Pros: The crew is excellent but the seats are not comfortable enough. There should be a way to balance money and comfort,not just placing people in seats they do not fit into
Cons: Nothing,just the seats. Cleanliness was perfect

Pros: Food was great, enjoyed watching videos, staff very profession and friendly.
Cons: Boarding was delayed and prolonged My Baggage was not transferred and was not available when I arrived in Dulles.

Pros: Reclinable seats.
Cons: The food!! The lights could be dimmed as it was a night flight.

Cons: Don’t be late

Pros: Food and service
Cons: Working wifi would be good. Better A/C. More comfortable seats

Pros: Slow service.
Cons: Better communication!

Pros: Seats super comfy. Ended up with 3 seats to myself that formed a bed for the lap Uk to NZ. Very nice!

Pros: Nice staff and no delay
Cons: Instead of crisps maybe a bit of cheese or crackers

Pros: The friendliness of the crew

Pros: the drinks
Cons: seat reservation. having to pay for luggage....

Pros: Crew was very engaging and service was good.
Cons: My seat was horrible. Right at the door, crammed, and no place to store my carry-on luggage.

Cons: Delays, took my hand luggage into the hold,

Pros: Crew was great and professional.
Cons: Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. There were no charging ports.

Pros: Nothing!
Cons: We were told they were holding our flight, we ran 3 terminals and they’d already left.

Pros: It was all fine
Cons: Really was unsure of why I had to purchase a ticket as I was able to pick my own on the way to Billund

Pros: Overall KLM experience is good
Cons: Food quality was mediocre for a business class flight.

Pros: Seat space a bit tight . I should have upgraded to more leg room . Next time!

Pros: The flight was smooth, the service was friendly, and the food with plentiful.
Cons: Too much activity in the cabin during the flight.

Pros: The crew were amazing and the flight was very smooth.
Cons: Keep up the good work

Pros: Once aboard the plane, all went well and I experienced excellent service from the cabin attendants.
Cons: The flight was delayed (again!) for some 40 minutes and I was worried that I would miss my connection flight in Atlanata. Fortunately the pilot made up for the delay (probably costing the airline thousands in fuel). It seems these days that every KLM flight I take is delayed. This stretch goes back to 2015! Yet KLM prides itself as being punctual. Not the KLM that I have been flying!

Pros: They considered my reguest of vegiterian food.
Cons: I have no complaints.

Pros: Economy comfort was very nice, food decent, plenty of toilets to avoid overcrowding, and good entertainment selection.

Pros: Friendly hostesses
Cons: Flight was delayed 3 hours

Pros: Great service

Pros: Efficient crew
Cons: Long, slow line at check in. Not many new movies or tv shows

Pros: I bought the Airport tickets for my Russian friend. However customs would not allow her to board the plane unfortunately. That's not Kayaks fault. I would definitely book with Kayak again. Many thanks.

Pros: The seats seemed to have more space on this plane which was nice.
Cons: It felt strange that the crew members completely skipped over me when serving lunch and drinks. At least something as basic as water should be given to all passengers.

Pros: Seats were comfortable and there was enough room for hand baggage. I slept during the flight so do not have opinion on entertainment.
Cons: Not able to charge my digital devices. When serving beverages and food, the same flight attendant missed me a few times. That was annoying but other attendants were very nice.

Cons: Nothing good to say about this flight. The plane was old with no entertainment. The sits where very compact and not comfortable at all. The food was a sweet bread and water. The flight attendants were rushing and will take a while if you needed anything. I felt like I was taking a bus with graffiti all over the place.

Cons: Our total flight time was about 17 hours - MAD- AMS-LAX. My husband and I both have an internationally approved carry on luggages with us. When we checked in - they asked us to both check in our carry on luggage. The reason why is because they said they don’t think they have enough space for our carry ons. I told the crew member checking us in that other people that was checking in with the same hand carry size luggage with us had no problems taking it with them. For being about to be on a 17 HOUR FLIGHT we should be ALLOWED to have our carry ons with us! We take carry ons for that reason! I had to argue and prove my case to the crew member to atleast keep 1 carry on with us. I thought that was an UNACCEPTABLE reason for us to check in a carry on luggage when we had a 17 hour travel time ahead of us. Not a happy costumer here.

Pros: The crew were hardworking, responsive, conscientious and friendly
Cons: Really poor entertainment choices esp compared to my inbound AirFrance flight. Boarding was pretty disorganized and late.

Pros: Nice flight, nice crew, and a nice experience.

Pros: Boarding was quick, Flight on time....just a regular service and plane
Cons: Terminal 3 Manchester is not worth staying longer then necessary, loud music, crowded....old

Pros: All cabin crew were courteous. Refreshments were light. Check stuff were helpful, they did devise that the flight was full and due to space hand luggage would prefer to be put in hold free of charge. We did not have any problem with this. Plane was clean.
Cons: Service was a little slow going through the gate, it seemed to take a while for everyone to get on board.

Pros: Crew were friendly. Flight was comforyable smooth and on time. Nice snack.

Pros: Good flights. Good prices.

Pros: My bagage broke
Cons: I paid extra fee for extra bagage which was tv and i paid insurance my tv broke and no one responces for it

Cons: Flight way delayed 3 hours. Staff gave no information and wouldn't help rebook us onto other flights. They gave us food vouchers 2 minutes before we finally boarded, so we couldn't use them. The food on the plane had spoiled so we were all starving on the flight, and we all missed our connections. Horrible experience and wouldn't fly with KLM again.

Pros: Cabin crew very pleasant
Cons: Lost our bags, little sympathy from staff

Pros: The very dirty plane was cleaned at Dar-es-salaam and became less dirty. The pilot kept us updated periodically through the flight. The flight attendants were very pleasant.
Cons: The plane was very dirty when we landed in Dar-es-salaam. The plane did get cleaned a little bit in Dar-es-salaam however I was still missing a pillow and blanket which I had to actively seek out. Seating was not very comfortable as there was a box attached to the leg of the seat in front of me, making it necessary to keep my feet at an uncomfortable angle through the long flight. I did not enjoy the food.

Cons: Not only was there free food but they tried to sell you a bunch of stuff. Not a moments piece.

Pros: Catering is ok
Cons: Seats comfort really old school

Pros: Flight was efficient enough and staff were friendly.
Cons: It was delayed quite a bit and more on-time updates would have been appeciated.

Pros: The staff and crew
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Night flight so no entertainment allowed sleeping
Cons: Kosher food could be improved

Pros: Flight attendants were friendly, but they only had limited resources to work with.
Cons: Worst aircraft I have been on in years. No wifi or entertainment, no power outlets, only bad wine/beer for a 3+ hour flight is mediocre at best...

Pros: It was a short flight so it was O.K.
Cons: Boarding was odd. Go to airport early and counters were not open, did on line check in so was able to avoid the self check in at airport. Also self check in luggage seems confusing with no ground crew to help. It didn't affect me but lots of confused passenger.

Pros: Wonderful

Pros: Much more civilised for the same cost (or less) as the budget carriers. Proper food and drinks included as is the norm with international flights even though it's a very short haul.
Cons: The stinky guy behind me, but that's not the airline's fault.

Pros: The crew was very attentive.
Cons: The seats are tight and uncomfortable. Emirates and Singapore airlines have much more space in economy class. They also have better food. The worst new development is that you have to pay an additional charge if you want to sit together. That is pretty ridiculous for an international flight AND when you have a small child with you. I can see doing that on Ryan air, but that is pretty low for a Scandinavian airline. Scandinavians have a very strong sense of family.

Cons: Seat was terribl, space tiny, no legroom no air movement, hot the entire trip,

Pros: The seat was not as cramped as the Greenland Airways flight preceeding this.
Cons: Not having additional fees for baggage. Please disclose that as part of the ticketing.

Cons: The back of the plane was significantly warmer than the rest of the plane. Very little leg room.

Pros: Good service from flight deck and cabin crew. Clean and comfortable
Cons: Take-off was nearly an hour late. No complimentary food and coffee was instant and very average.

Pros: Didn't seem to take long. Crew was friendly. Landing was great.
Cons: I assumed we got a meal, but perhaps I'm mistaken there.

Pros: food wqs decent entertainment options were also good.
Cons: nothing to complain about except leg space

Pros: The airplane clean ,Food good etc.

Pros: Quick
Cons: Basic travel, if you’re in the US, similar to what you’d find on Southwest. Bare bones but it’ll get you there.

Cons: We had to leave the airplane and board another one due to technical issues. This is the second time that that happens to me with SAS.

Cons: 40 minute delay No food on a three-hour flight, first European airline to implement the same policy that US airlines have used for domestic US flights

Pros: Crew Flight delayed. Said 30. Actual 1 hour
Cons: Kayak sold me a one way usd 500 ticket and did not give me the option to add the luggage. Had to pay 60 eur in the airport. Is probably better to buy in the airline directly

Pros: The only thing that saved the flight was a good crew and decent food.
Cons: My husband uses a wheel chair and a delightful attendant wheeled him and about 20 other passengers to a very well equipped handicap area. There we all stayed until finally we demanded that we be taken to our flight which was supposed to leave in about 10 minutes. When we boarded the plane all the other passengers were already there and I was the last one on. All the overhead bins were taken and I had to put my carry-on under the seat which left me with almost no leg room. By the time we arrived in SFO my thighs and back hurt so much that I was worried maybe I would require medical attention. Which fortunately was not the case. It was luck that I had a bag that would actually fit under the seat.

Pros: On Time, Friendly,well maintained equipment
Cons: No free drinks inner Europe...except water

Pros: Alot of room for legs, good hp service
Cons: No snack with beverage before dinner, no choice of food , On connecting flight Kopenhagen-Krakow only Coffee/tea, no snack again, for passenger going over see very poor !!!!

Pros: The crew is great. Did everything within their abilities to be comfortable
Cons: The cabin was too warm for the duration of the flight. The movie content wasn't that great. Also, the headphone jack on my seat was temperamental and I lost sound quite a bit. I wish they had more vegetables in their dish

Cons: Expensive rates on luggage

Pros: i ended up missing the flight, due to car accident which involved injuries.

Pros: The plane from SFO to Coppenhaggen was modern and clean. The flight crew was friendly and efficient. I would fly with them again.
Cons: The seat was not well padded for the bottom.@9 m

Pros: Scandinavian hospitality showed through all the way. Kind, sharp, attractive staff, prompt service.
Cons: Space is always going to be something I don't like. Meanwhile most of the plane in 1st class sits wide open. Expand business class.

Pros: Pros: -Good food -Good entertainment -Attentive staff
Cons: Cons: -Uncomfortable seats ( I took the free seat and didn't upgrade) -Poor air circulation ( I hardly felt any AC) -Lack of overall plane space

Cons: The flight was cancelled.

Cons: They should really let you know ahead of time that certain seats (like the ones in front of the emergency exit--not at the emergency exit) dont recline. The passenger in front of me reclined her chair all the way back and seeing as I couldnt recline my seat I had very little space and found the three hour flight extremely unpleasant.

Pros: Flight crew was curtious
Cons: I was seated in the emergency row and clearly had a cast on my right arm at check in and I was seated next to my travel companion. Required to move which was aggreivating.

Cons: There was no food so can't give food any stars

Pros: nothing.
Cons: I hated flying on easyjet, there was NOTHING easy about it. hidden fees, horrible service, and flight delays. I am never flying with them again

Pros: The flight crews were great. The entertainment on the long flight was good. The food was abundant.
Cons: While in Stockholm we had a flight delay and multiple gate changes. The lack of communication was frustrating. The food was too spicy for my taste as well as my 2 yr olds. No options were offered on the menu.

Pros: Fast flight, drank some coffee.
Cons: It was a quick flight, nothing much to say.

Pros: Nice guy behind the counter.
Cons: At self check-in, we received a message that we had been placed on standby and that our seats were no longer guaranteed (for the SECOND time this trip with no explanation despite our having purchased our tickets quite some time ago). We were directed to the gate for questions. No one manned the gate until right before boarding. We spent the entire time in a panic trying to figure out how else we could get to our destination in time for a wedding. When we finally talked to someone at the counter, he said this was just normal procedure to be able to shuffle seats. This is not normal. I have flown with many airlines, and I cannot imagine it is ever "normal" policy to tell people they have been downgraded to standby until just before the flight. So much anxiety. Also, the flight was delayed, and the crew had no communication about gates or any other information (within their OWN AIRLINE) for those with connecting flights.

Cons: Cheap airline, entertainment system failure, paying for soft drinks?????? Food was an absolute disaster on one flight and no food service at all on the second flight. Abysmal service on both legs. Call for further details.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Tried THREE hours to get a phone picked up to cancel my flight the day before this scheduled flight. My friends booked with Expedia the exact itinerary and were able to reach a human and we're told that SAS always reimburses for cancellations. I finally emailed vayamas/kayak to cancel and 5 days later received a reply that there was no cancellation refund. Apparently Kayak provides a no communication/no refund policy. My travel companion had the opposite experience with Expedia.

Cons: This flight never happened

Pros: The movies.
Cons: My selected seat was broken and I was moved to a seat directly on the side of the toilet. Not nice!

Cons: The seat next to me was open and they moved someone over next to me.

Pros: This was one of the best airlines we've flown. Great food, plenty of room, friendly stewardesses and good service overall. We will definitely try to book with SAS again.
Cons: Nothing. There was nothing to not like. In fact they fed us too much!

Cons: Older plane with no entertainment

Pros: The crew was friendly. There were many empty seats so I had a row to myself.
Cons: Being jolted by turbulence and turbulence while landing. Boarding in Thessaloniki was a little uncomfortable as we had to stand in a hot bus with no circulation on the tarmac while waiting for all passengers to board.

Cons: When trying to board in Copenhagen there were some mishaps, but these were mainly caused by people ignoring signs along the way. They did not offer any complimentary snacks at all. Only one drink

Pros: Super Ontime

Pros: Had to pay USD 75/bag which was not clear when I booked the ticket. You have to inform the customer about these rukes.

Pros: The gate agent in Athens was helpful
Cons: We wanted to check bags and we needed to have our docs checked before we could get a boarding pass for the last leg of the flight. No one was available around the self service kiosks and the line to drop bags or get any service didn't move for 40 minutes. We finally went to the gate. In Copenhagen we had a delay and no one would even talk to us except to say " you are booked in tourist class so I can't help You". They do an excellent job of avoiding any contact with their customers. I fly almost every week for business and have never had this bad of service.

Cons: We missed the connection and they rescheduled us on another connecting flight with further delays. This airline doesn't seem to care about their customers.

Cons: After a 9 hour flight from Chicago to Stockholm I had to fly to Athens in an old type airplane , no entertainment, no TV & I had to pay for the food and the drinks. Very disappointing !

Pros: Being on time
Cons: Jetlag from the previous flight, please do something about it, just kidding...

Cons: No food, no entertainment. Bring a book.

Pros: Food was good.
Cons: Had to pee.

Pros: Everything was great, food, blanket & pillow, movies, friendly service.
Cons: The 3 hour delay for landing. Had a 2 hour drive home from the airport, hard to stay awake. So tired for work the next morning.

Pros: Reasonably on time
Cons: No entertainment at all, no food at all, unless you are willing to pay 10 euros for a sad looking sandwich. You got water or coffe, or you overpaid. And it's not like they're giving the seats away!

Pros: Everything was smooth

Cons: Delay for 2 hours, without anny compesation

Pros: Crew was ok and the seat was a bit uncomfortable. I am over 6 feet so I always have a bit of a problem with the seat
Cons: Seat

Pros: safe trip
Cons: no entertainment, no food, would like to be aware no food

Cons: Plugs to charge devices

Cons: No meals served, and no beverages, unless you are willing to pay inflated prices for garbage. They will give you tap water if you ask, and that's that. I still find this approach despicable and unnecessarily stingy, especially since this is BA, not a lowcost.

Cons: We had to beg for one cup of water on a 3 & 1/2 flight. Very poor customer service.

Cons: Checking, boarding and overall experience

Pros: Crew members were all very nice
Cons: Long delays

Cons: Best flight and touch down ever.

Cons: The entertainment is missing

Pros: Comfortable, good service and on time
Cons: N/A

Cons: Flight were delayed abnd canceled

Cons: You have to pay for food, snacks and water on this flight. there were no complimentary snacks or drinks given.

Pros: To be honest, I liked that some of the flight attendants were friendly. Honestly, all but Nicola were nice and friendly. Nicola was the only rude one. So rude that I took note of her name for such a review like this :). I also liked that we got to our destination safely.
Cons: Flight was delayed almost 3 hours total. The first 45 minutes we were in the airport and they said they were delayed because of an engineering issue which was fine. They then stated that they resolved it and had us board the plane.... ten minutes later the pilot states that the same engineering issue is still being worked on and it'll be about another ten minutes. Well... TWO HOURS after being trapped on the plane and told repeatedly "it'll be another 10-15 minutes" ,we finally took off. The food was subpar, most of the airline staff was polite save for one gentleman at the gate who made a sarcastic comment to me about them trying to board quickly when I couldn't find my passport (after making us wait 45 minutes... then another 2 hours... yeah board quickly for what?). And the flight attendant Nicola was incredibly rude and appeared to condescend to some passengers in various ways. That 3 hour delay ended up costing me my connecting flight and I was booked on an overcrowded flight leaving 4 hours later and that was also delayed almost another hour (surprise!). My first day of vacation, I basically lost my whole first day as I arrived 8 hours after I was meant to because of delays by B.A.

Cons: Still waiting to get out of London... so not good.

Pros: Boarding was fast.
Cons: Not even a complimentary cup of coffee or tea, just tap water.

Cons: The equipment was old and didn't seem to be well maintained. And they did not offer even a glass of water on a 3 and a half hour flight. Even water was on sale!

Cons: Flight delayed

Cons: Plane smelled bad. Had to pay for food. Not even water was included. Inside the plane is worn and needs upgrades.

Pros: Too many delays

Pros: Timely
Cons: Frumpy and unkempt crew. No longer offer complimentary coffee or anything. You must pay for everything. Had to give my carryon bag even though there was lots of room inside the plane

Pros: it got there
Cons: how it got there

Pros: Somehow we board first than everyone else. It left and arrived on time. Friendly service.

Cons: food was not offered you had pay. to eat which in my opinion is not proper at least a sandwich should be offered,

Pros: More modern plane.
Cons: No snacks, no food, 1 drink. Aegaen airlines gave good from Spain to Athens and back, for a lot less ticket flight.

Pros: I liked your entertainment , movies, series lots to choose from.
Cons: Your crew was horrible, I had assistance but they seemed bothered in helping me to help me get to my seat... I pity those who might assistance with that crew on future flights... Hopefully they will get the nicer crew from NY to London they were amazing.

Pros: The staff in airplane was okay
Cons: The boarding staff are very rude

Cons: Flight was changed and I had to wait 8 hours for the connection.

Cons: Didn't know catering was on sale

Cons: No free food. No movie, no usb

Pros: Great Crew, fast boarding, very accommodating

Pros: Excellent service and the crew was very friendly

Pros: Terminal 5
Cons: Disgusted that they wanted to charger £11 pp to change seat at check-in 24hrs prior to the flight!

Pros: The crew was nice.
Cons: Is this really the British Airways business class within Europe? What a disappointment. Felt like I was in economy except the only difference was I got my drink served in glass rather than plastic. Why don't you get some tips from Emirates considering from Abu Dhabi to Doha you had 10"+ tvs infront of you, tons of leg room and actually good food offerings.

Cons: Same as above.

Cons: We booked online with a major travel booking site and got Much chaper seats than aa offered. However, they wouldnt assign us a seat until at the airport; what a hassle.

Pros: Heathrow is huge and our gate changed during the last hour with out announcement until 35 minutes before the flight. There was a 2nd flight flying at the same time from a different gate with the same flight # with simply an A added which was very confusing.
Cons: Absolutely no food and we were charged for a soda... seriously? It took the WIFI 5 minutes to process the 1.75 sale. Are you kidding BA? Flight attend were indifferent to passengers and actually held their chlorine with the foolish shopping cart when we tried to make it to the rest room. Unpleasant at best. Oh, and there was no entertainment at all on the 767 we had unless you count the magazine. Sorry BA, you have some work to do.

Cons: Checking into Heathrow was interesting because they have automated systems to bag drop. I always like talking to a person which I could have done but was unaware. I had printed my boarding passes which then was sent to the automated line. That being said I had an issue with my carry on it was a literally too big because of the handle sticking out. So I had to check it. One of the women there was kind and sent met back to the British Airways check in section again to check it. She said don't worry it'll be free. So I went to the assigned line and a woman stopped me and told me I needed to stand with the rest of the people in the checked baggage line not the hand baggage line. I said I was sent to this line. She said well you're going to have to pay if it is too big. I said I was sent to this line because I was told it would be free to check it. Her attitude/tone was rude. Which for me was not ok. I had just landed in Heathrow from Newark and was starting jet lag, plus I literally was able to carry on my bag at Newark. Same company! I was trying my best to be kind but she just kept insisting that I was going to pay for the bag. I then stated that I already had paid for the bag! As I had paid for 4 and only checked 3! So if necessary this would be the 4th bag. Now I would not have had to do this if British Airways had allowed me to tack on my Athens trip to my Heathrow trip. When I found out they could do that they said it would be an extra $1025 to do so. I told them that I would just go through customs and get my bags and put them on the Athens flight. Of course I get to the counter and the woman there was wonderful and told me not to worry that it would be taken care of. So thank you to the woman who diverged a ridiculous argument over the handle not fitting in the cage. Moving forward boarding was interesting as I have never ridden in a train that takes you to the plane on the tarmac. It was a little long and VERY hot as they fill them to the brim and it was a good 10 min ride with people packed like sardines. When we got to the plane boarding was quick and efficient. The seating in that plane was very much like a spirit flight for close to 4 hours. There was a lot of turbulence and the landing was a little hard but that's to be expected in planes.

Pros: Efficient and on time
Cons: Movie started too late so there wasn't time to finish

Pros: Comfortable seats
Cons: Delayed flight. Only accept credit cards on board.

Pros: The payment system was down so it was painful and slow

Pros: the plane was comfortable even when full, although there are only two toilets for over 200 people in coach which makes it difficult sometimes
Cons: I used to live in London in the past, and commute with BA routinely, without any considerable issues. With this in mind, I booked this flight through the american site as I now live in the US. Big mistake. Even though I'm still a BA member and I checked in 24 hours prior to departure on the minute, I had no way of choosing a seat, in fact I had to pay to change my assigned emergency exit aisle seat. Secondly, there was a 5,5 hour delay, due to fog, which affected BA but not Easyjet or Aegean flying the same route at the same time, leaving me looking at all the other passengers taking off while I waited at the airport without any notice from my company. This resulted in me getting a debilitating migraine, for which I had to request painkillers on the plane. For anyone who hasn't done this before, despite how helpful the staff are, there's always "procedure" to be followed and papers to be signed before obtaining tylenol. Finally, when I contacted BA customer service to request a refund for this trip, considering if I had booked with any other airline I wouldn't have gone through all that, I was told it was my fault for not carrying painkillers and they "absolutely do not reimburse" such situations involving the weather. All in all, this was the last BA flight I will ever book and I am happy to go back to the US where customer service has an actual meaning and passenger wellbeing is always a priority.

Pros: Food options were great! Very good value
Cons: Boarding was delayed and unstructured

Pros: Again, very impressed with British Airwasy in every capacity.

Pros: Easy flight to Athens
Cons: Rude agents on the ground in London were very unprofessional making comments about American travelers.

Pros: new Airbus with awesome entertainment

Pros: Nothing
Cons: after 8 hours of delay after delay. Flight was cancelled. No flights available to New Orleans until the next day at 4pm. Had to be at work for payroll responsibliity. People counting on me for their paid. Hope I find another airline to make it home. Slept in airport with on place to go or eat

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight delayed multiple hours. Sat on Tarmac for 2 hours. Baggage lost for two days. Worst experience flying ever.

Pros: I actually slept the whole way.

Pros: Flight attendant was very pleasant. Flight was less than an hour so no food or entertainment. Arrived on time.
Cons: My London to Charlotte flight arrived early, customs and immigration were fast. I was not allowed to change my flight to JAX to an earlier one so I had a 4 hour layover. I had not been issued a boarding pass in LHR and when I got one in Charlotte I was seated in the very back seat next to the WC. I booked this flight in February so was displeased that I had such a bad seat, also that I could have had a seat on the earlier flight. Something about BA and AA partnering makes it difficult and it should be easier.

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